The Crew (2000) Movie Script

-All the boys want to do it.
-Youre kidding me.
Think aboutit.
Well think about it, a long time.
Im done. how about you guys?
What is so wrong about a union?
What did I say?
Brick, youre a lock, as usual,
for the Dumb-Ass-of-the-Year Award.
-And a union is such a bad idea?
-No. Run that by Nicky Black.
Tell him we want paid sick days,
two weeks vacation and...
...time-and-a-half if we whack someone
after regular business hours.
Dont bust my balls.
And dental. Right, Mouth?
Yeah, dental. Absolutely.
Definitely gotta have a good dental plan.
Nickyll kick your teeth in and say,
Theres your frigging dental plan.
Forget about it. I was just talking.
-What the--
-Pull over. Pull over.
All right.
Jimmy Whistles. You readu to talk now?
Wheres the truck gonna be?
The Pylaski Skuway, Exit 77.
Get him out of here.
Jimmy, you need to lau off
the meatball sandwiches.
Let him walk home.
hey, any of you guys working for Calabrisi
interested in unionising?
What the hell?
We were friends
for as long as I can remember.
From the time we were kids, the only thing
we ever really wanted to do...
...was become wise guys
and be part of the same crew.
Sometimes dreams come true.
Time for work.
Lets punch in.
This is Truck 3. Ive an abandoned
truck here that seems to be--
hey, pal.
Joey Pistella.
hows it going?
Nobody messed with Joeu.
Back when we was kids in Weehawken,
the coach wouldntlet Joeu be pitcher.
You throw like a girl. You stink.
I throw like a girl.
Do I hit like a girl, too, Coach?
Do l?
Everyone called Joeu Bats.
Enough said.
Describe what we look like.
Youre two fat Puerto Ricans.
Mike Donatelli.
We called him The Brick.
You hear what the hell he called us?
Sweet guy.
About 10 Luckyes short of a pack.
There was Tonu Donato. Chicks dug him.
Really thought that he was hot.
Ironic considering...
...he was one of the best arsonists
in the Triborough area.
hey, Mouth, hows it going?
We all called Tony Mouth
because he neversaid much of nothing.
That would be like Mouth
at his most talkative.
hey, Bobby.
Its going to be a good Christmas.
Yeah, bet your sweet ass.
And there was me, Bobby Bartellemeo.
I never had a nickname thatstuck.
Some guys, awhile back,
on account of my mother being Jewish....
hey, Paul. Its Bobby The Jew.
Bobby The Jew.
I thought that was disrespectful.
So The Jew thing never really caught on.
here you go, Bobby.
Thanks, Louie.
-Drinks for everybody?
-Yeah, drinks.
Being part of a crew was beautiful all right.
Money, power, respect. We had it all.
Life was for the taking,
and we took it, babu.
Why live any other way?
All right, our crew. Good guys...
...good times.
And those good times,
they were going to last forever.
Who said that good times
would last forever?
I thought wed be dead by now.
The union doesnt seem so stupid now,
does it?
Miami Beach. Used to be
the average age around here was like 82.
Then that broad, Madonna,
decides that this is the place to be.
Next thing you know, everywhere
you turn, its women with big breasts...
...and men with big breasts.
Breasts are very big here.
Excuse me.
hi. Do you live here?
Define live.
Were looking for an apartment
down here at the beach--
We were wondering if anyone
with an ocean view has died here...
If you two would like to hang out,
you could be the first to catch the smell.
Get out of here.
Get the hell out of here.
-Listen, Pops--
You listen.
I squeeze this ball four hours every day.
Now, if I was to squeeze your balls... would take the jaws of frigging life
to get my hands off them.
Ive got nothing to live for. You probably
want to be seen in an underwear ad.
Come on, Val.
-howd he know about the underwear ad?
-I dont know.
This kind ofstuff
was happening every day now.
The Raj Mahal, where we all lived,
was the last...
...of the old retirement hotels
on South Beach.
-You all right?
-Forget about it. It was just a gas bibble.
You sure?
The four of us...
...were pretty much the last
of the old-timers still hanging on here.
Coming through.
They wheeled them out faster than
you could say ventricular fibrillation.
And ifyou had an ocean view,
forget aboutit.
Now, I just want you to imagine this
with no hospital bed...
...and no oxygen tank,
and a fresh coat of paint.
Lets see now, where are the lights?
There we go.
You know what they say,
Out with the old, in with the tattoos.
It wasjust a matter of time for us, too.
A view.
No, Bats!
Bats still had a temper.
his doctorsaid he ran down the batteries...
...on his pacemaker
faster than anyone hed everseen.
Look at this. I got a nice Christmas card
from Jerry No Nose up in Boca.
-The Brick...
-he had ear cancer.
-...he was still The Brick.
No nose, now no ear.
Regular Mr. Potato head.
Wow, a $.50 hallmark.
Look at this. What a beauty, eh?
And Mouth....
Mouth had given up talking altogether.
Constantlu surrounded
by so many beautiful girls...
...with a prostate
the size of a Vidalia onion... was like waving candu corn
in front of a diabetic.
Four old wiseguys waiting it out
in a goddamn Miami Beach hotel.
hell mystlook like this room.
When you stop doing
whatitis you love to do, you know... embezzlement or extortion,
youre toast. Youre done. Its over.
At least, thank God,
we still got our ears, right?
Merrily, merrily, merrily
Everything was different now.
Back when we were wiseguys we thought
the biggestschnook was the nine-to-fiver...
...scratching together a couple of fazools
just to pau his bills.
Well, I finally had a nickname:
Bobby The Schnook.
Row, row, row
Mouth danced at a place on the beach.
$3.50 an hour and tips.
he did Okay.
To this crowd, he still had it.
More important than sex appeal,
they thought he was a good listener.
I told my sister,
Trudy, forget the bridge tournament.
Let a doctor take a look at that.
She wouldnt listen.
Now she has nine toes.
She lives in Miami and cant wear sandals.
Whats the point?
Now her grandchildren....
Good thing Mouth didntstill own a gun.
I need a Whopper with cheese.
As for Bats....
I want the mauo spread very lightlu
on the bottom byn.
I also want the lettuce and one pickle
wrapped separatelu on the side.
Ladu, I know what the commercial says,
but special orders... upset us.
In the office!
Bats mystve been fired
from every Byrger King in Dade Countu.
I dont know. Once youre over 60... shouldnt have to answer to a punk
named Skippy to make a living.
Nothing against the Burger King people.
The product is fabulous.
Charbroiled. Enough said.
Brick had got sentimental in his old age.
he felt that working with stiffs,
giving them a nice send-off...
...sQuared things a little
for all the guys hed clipped.
Making them look happu,
that was his trademark.
he was very talented. I know.
Ive seen my share of dead people.
Trust me. None of them everlooked like
they might break into hello, Dolly!
When you see St. Peter, tell him it was
Brick who put the shine on your shoes.
have a safe journeu, pal.
Like I said, theres nothing new.
Weve checked every Neal in south Florida.
Theres nothing. Im sorry.
Well keep looking.
Mr. Bartellemeo,
I cant take your money anymore.
Youre in the business of finding people.
This is what it costs.
So find her.
There are things l....
There are things I need to tell her.
Olivia was just five that Christmas.
It was around this time I swore to Marie
I was getting out of the life for good.
You know, for Olivia.
But I put the wrong family first.
I wound up doing
a couple ofuears upstate.
By the time I got out, they were gone.
All I ever heard was...
...Marie had remarried some moke
by the name of Neal.
They all lived in Miami,
which is why I ended up here...
...hoping someday
ld be standing at a stoplight...
...orsitting in a diner, and ld look up and... know....
how does that Sinatra tune go?
Regrets, lve had a few.
I only have one.
As you get older...
...things that happened 30 years ago
seem more real to you...
...than things that happened today.
hello. yeah.
So, are we going to dinner or what?
Yeah, its late. Its almost 5:00.
Friday night, without exception...
...was our night to get together
and go out on the town.
All right, its not the Copa.
We got till 5:30 for free soup.
hey, Pancho!
-Yeah. We love you.
Sweet potato.
hows it going, pal?
Come on.
hey, hows it going?
Come on.
Lets go. Come on.
hey, hows it going?
Just like the old days.
hi, sweetheart.
Best seats in the house, gentlemen.
-hows it going?
-Okay, mister.
Okay, here we go.
Youre joking, right?
I would have waited
to talk to you about all this later, but....
What are the choices?
Double rent increase, or if youre willing
to leave by the end of the month...
...theyll give you $500
as part of a relocation fee.
We didnt even get any soup.
Where the hell are we going to live now?
I wish I had died when I got this.
Dont open your shirt.
Bats, weve all seen it.
In a restaurant?
An inch further to the left
wouldve ended this suffering.
Better off dead.
And dont give me any argument.
We would have been better off dead!
Youve got to agree with me.
Im going to rip that hose
right out of your nose!
Im gonna do you a favour.
Your Jell-O eating days are over!
We like Jell-O...
Just the way I pictured it.
All right. Im awake already.
What am l?
Where am l?
Nastu McKnickers.
Mouths going to take every dime
of the $500 moving money...
...and spend it on lap dances with Ferris.
his prerogative.
Forget about it.
I got an idea.
-What do you think?
You thought of this idea exactly when?
When I was unconscious.
Thats when I came up
with the Lufthansa heist...
...when those two guys,
I forget their names...
...tried to suffocate me
with a dru-cleaning bag.
-Fat Pauly and Sal The Stick.
-Thats them.
You know Fat Pauly left the bysiness?
Rents Jet Skis in the Tampa-St. Pete area,
very successful.
The guy was truing to kill me.
You think I care what he wound up to be?
he always liked you, Joeu,
except, you know, that one time.
You really are half a moron.
Would you two scavootz
cut the byllshit for one minute?
You wanna talk business,
lets talk business.
Fine. What are we going to need?
A shotgun, 1-gauge.
That messes up a guys face very good.
This shotgun, it cant be traced.
Forget about it. I know a guy.
You want something small,
medium, or large?
That one.
You made a beautiful choice, Joey.
No numbers.
-Cool as a Creamsicle.
-Thanks, Marty.
Thank the Republicans.
Can we trust him?
Yeah. he was a bytton man for a crew
up in Detroit. Now hes a good guy.
Enough said.
Stau off the Florsheims, you shithead.
This way.
This idea Bats came up with
was pretty nutty, Okay...
...but it was better than ending up
on the street.
If there was one thing we knew, it was
how badly people react to a dead guy.
Thats him.
Whys he got that stupid grin?
Looks like he was tickled to death.
-I did that.
-No shit. how did you do that?
-With toothpicks.
-No shit?
You shouldve seen this guy
when he came in.
he was a freaking mess.
Now he looks like he can go skating, right?
I thought you said they found him
dead on the beach.
That hes getting cremated.
hes overflow from the countu morgue.
-So why did you take the time--
-For fun.
It was like painting a portrait,
creating a beautiful work of art.
Like Leonardo what-the-fuck.
-The guy who did the Mona Lisa.
-Yeah, thats him.
Thats a good drawing.
Very good drawing.
Its hard to believe you two
have only been to car myseums.
-I got to pee.
-Just hold it.
Not with your hands, you moke.
All right, lets do it.
-Do it.
-I cant do it.
-Its a stiff.
-I know it doesnt make sense! I cant!
Give it to me!
I cant either. It looks like the Pope.
-Well, a little bit.
-No! hes got arthritis!
You do it.
Come on.
After all the work I did on him?
Its like asking me to deface
The Last Dinner.
I cant do it.
Lets get out of here.
Jesus. Come on.
Good shot, Brick.
South Beach residents are in shock today...
...overlast nights shotgun myrder
in the lobby of the Raj Mahal hotel.
A source close to the investigation said:
This has all the earmarks
of a mob-stule hit...
...with a note on the victim....
A note on the victim?
I did that.
-You did?
And promising more to come.
Promizing with a Z.
No prints or serial number on the gun.
heres a wrinkle:
Coroner thinks the guy was already dead
before he was shot.
Somebody is sending a message.
-What are you doing here?
-I asked to be put on this one.
-Well be able to talk.
-I dont want to.
-how will we get back together if--
-I dont want to.
Okay. Now...
...l know things have been difficult
since I went undercover.
Pretending to be someone else,
takes its toll. I bring it home.
Thats not what I was afraid
youd bring home.
Do you have proof?
Do you have like a shred of evidence?
If you do, I deserve to know. If you dont...
...then I say we make love
like it was the first time.
I ran a DNA test on a blonde hair
I found in your underwear.
It matches the hair of a secretaru
with fake boobs...
...up in Fingerprinting, named Lola.
Dont mess around on another detective.
And by the way,
I always hated that foot stuff.
They all showed up.
The local news, the national news...
...Entertainment Tonight, MTV...
...Access holluwood,
E Entertainment, AOL...
...the lnternet, Rim and Stimpu,
everybody was there.
It had to make you laugh.
A lot of them would think nothing
ofpopping a pill from a stranger...
...that was covered in pocketlint.
But a messu little myrder downstairs,
You guys arent stauing here, are you?
You know, there arent a lot of options
for guys our age.
The landlord said hed cut our rent in half...
...and give us each $1,000 if we signed
long-term leases, so you know....
Well, you take good care of yourselves.
If theres anything I can do....
I have a feeling I aint had in a long time.
Yeah, in about 15 years.
What about you?
Uep. Something had been awakened
in all of us.
Im notjust talking about, you know....
It was more than that.
Afteruears of rotting away in demeaning,
...and spending our entire free time
living in the past...
...we were wiseguys again.
And I got to tell you... felt great.
how about a B-10?
We have a G-46.
Lets get lucku.
here comes a good one.
This is N-46.
Bobby, how about another round
of Slurpees, on me?
Broads in the Caddu with the top down.
Justlike it was when we were 30.
Except now
there were a lot more pitstops.
Good thing the winds not blowing.
You and your goddamn Slurpees.
Yeah. It really feltlike old times.
Swank is what we used to call it.
Everything shouldve staued swank,
but the problem was we were wiseguys...
...and wiseguys
always mess everything up.
hey, Bobby.
Youre late. Where is everybody?
how do I know?
lm not my brothers innkeeper.
So, whats good here?
What is that?
Yeah, that. Is that a Rolex?
You bet your sweet ass it is.
I won it off Andu The lcepick,
in Jerseu, plauing cards.
he used to keep it 0 minutes fast,
so hed never be late for....
You know,
he retired in 78 with verticulitus.
hes got a hagen-Dazs distribytorship
up in Cocoa Beach, three grandchildren.
What are you, editor of the yearbook?
Youd know, too,
if you sent Christmas cards.
-What are you doing with that?
-I got it out the hock with the rent savings.
Dont you understand,
now is the time to lau low a little bit?
Only a complete dumb-ass
would draw attention to himself... a time like this with a thing like that.
-Look at that car.
-Twelve speakers!
Ive got 1 speakers!
Sinatras singing in my ear!
hi, Charlie, hows it hanging?
hi, fellas.
-hows it going?
Slippery little devil.
Not enough room in there.
Ferris, I thought that was you.
Always a pleasure.
Someone dropped $0.
Thats mine. Thanks.
-I got to talk to you guys.
-In a minute.
I just want to say,
you and Mouth, beautiful.
-In private.
What is your problem?
What is my problem? You got rocks
in your head with that Jaguar.
Dont worry about it.
Its made by Ford now.
The three of you have gone completely
stupid. Rolexes, cars, young girls.
Were having fun. Lighten up.
-Lighten up?
The cops will be sneaking around,
asking questions.
We dont want to draw attention
to ourselves.
-Screw em.
-Yeah, screw em.
Get rid of everything.
Who elected you my mother?
Im just saying until this thing blows over.
Come on. Stash the wheels.
Put away the watch.
Get rid of the hooker.
We were wiseguys again, all right.
Fast women, fast cars, fast watches...
...and a scuffle in a mens room
over a broad.
Dont do that. Leave him alone.
Lets get out of here.
Maybe I did misspeak.
Lets go eat.
But Ferris was a pro.
Mouth was hot
because he convinced himself they had...
...more than just a bysiness relationship.
I dont know, baby.
You think you got what it takes?
Which they clearly did not.
All right. Thanks, honeu. Ill be right out.
Im just going to freshen up a little.
But, hey, his money, his fantasy.
No problem.
A little tip:
Ifyoure over 60
and every in a situation like this...
Is everything all right, sweetie?
...get the blood flowing
as soon as possible.
Okay, honey. Im all ready for you.
Are you all ready for me?
Oh, God.
Youre full of energy.
Those ab machines
are not a bad investment, by the way.
Its amazing.
Just being with you
makes me feel young again.
heres where the problem started.
You see, aftersex....
This is something we never knew,
why would we?
Tonu The Mouth Donato, a guy Quieter
than an introverted Trappist monk...
...liked to talk...
This beautiful ltalian girl, Gina,
lived above us....
My favourite is the mockingbird.
...and talk.
Although theres nothing wrong
with the finch.
About anything.
Pigeons, I got no use for.
-Im still in the bysiness.
And, unfortunatelu, everything.
Does that excite you?
You have to ask?
-Let me tell you about it.
There was a guy, recentlu,
we had to take care of. Clip him.
Clip him.
Blabbing to a pro. That dumb scavootz.
This was bad news.
Louis Ventana, father of reputed South
American drug kingpin, Raul Ventana--
As bad news goes, this was
start-your-car-and-it-goes-boom bad.
That Popeue. What a moke.
The paper says the old man was senile
with Alzheimers.
Said hed been missing a couple of days
from an old-age home...
...where they only have prime rib
on Sundays, when the family visits.
I figure he was put there under an assumed
name, so no one knows nothing.
The old guy thinks its prison.
So he decides to make a break for it.
he wanders around the street with no ID,
talking to himself.
Probably has one last fling.
Then he ends up down on the beach.
Thinks hes back in the old country.
Bingl Funeral home.
Anyway, thats what I think.
Look, this Ventana, hes a bad guy, but...
...if we all keep our mouths shut,
then nobody knows nothing.
Right, Mouth?
What I said last night, about laying low... offence concerning Ferris.
All the best.
Get out of here. There aint no vacancies.
Except for a guy
whose head got blown off in the lobby.
how do you know his head was blown off?
I dont know.
he Probably heard me say it.
Figure of speech.
Yeah, its a figure of speech.
You gentlemen live here?
Why are you here?
Why do you look like Bruce Willis?
Once this became about Ventana,
it became about drugs. Its mine.
You gentlemen hear or see anything
the night of the myrder?
Were four old men.
We live on a couple of dollars
from the government.
You give us a can of soup for dinner
and were asleep by 8:00.
If you think of anything...
...please call me.
Pretty nice watch for a guy
living off the government.
-Its a fake.
-Doesnt look like a fake.
What are you talking about?
-What are you doing?
-he got this for $10 on the street.
-I ask you:
Could you do this....
Could you do this... a real Rolex?
So well be sure to call you
if we remember anything, Detective....
-Thats right. Thank you for your time.
-Thank you, gentlemen.
how old are you?
I ran down the information you gave me.
I couldnt believe it.
It was too big a coincidence, a cop.
Forget about it.
I guess a coincidence is a coincidence
until it aint a coincidence no more.
Uo, Bobby!
Ferris called.
Said we could come over to the Nastu.
We can have all the chicken
we want to eat, and no cover.
Do you believe our luck lately?
...a sick man...
...who in the end forgot everything,
even his own name.
he couldnt remember
he was once padrone...
...treated with the respect of a god.
Does he look like a god to you now?
Find out who of my enemies did this...
...and bring them to me.
Gentlemen, on centre stage,
lets welcome the lovely Ferrisl
hey, fellas.
-That was beautiful.
-Thank you.
how do you get up the pole without using
your hands? ls that an optical delusion?
Mouth tells me youre the guys
who whacked Raul Ventanas father.
Guus myst tell you lots of things.
Yeah, you hear lots of dirty secrets
when youre in the leisure profession.
Why? You tired of it?
Youre a funnu guy.
I like guys who are quick.
That myst be so,
you being in the leisure profession.
Word on the street is that Ventanall pau
a lot to find out who popped Poppa.
Well, the street is out there
and were in here...
...and so far,
you still havent told us why were here.
Its real simple.
Either loverbou is an old gasbag,
if so you can tell me to go screw myself...
...but if, on the other hand,
he is telling the truth...
...and I open my mouth: house of cards.
So, whats it gonna be, bous?
Shall I go screw myself?
-All right.
What do you want?
I want you to whack somebody.
You want us to whack somebody?
Yeah. My stepmother.
Thats it. You whack my stepmother,
I keep my mouth shut.
Selgado, Vega, Pistone. A lot of bad
hombres were taken care of last night.
Im sure Ventanas father
wouldve been proud.
Jumping to conclusions again, Detective.
Things arent always what they seem.
Bad guys get caught like I caught you.
Nine-millimetre, hollow point, cop killers.
his favourite.
Im going to ballistics, lll take it.
Check this out.
What is it?
-Those are my boxers you sent to the lab.
Theyre not my boxers. They got switched
at the laundromat. Those are 34...
...l would roughly be a 3.
Thirtu-three, tops.
Remind me, why did I ever like you?
Because I hold your hair when youre sick.
Im a good listener.
I go to the chick flicks with you.
Im not like the other assholes
youve dated cause I know lm an asshole.
Can you believe this shit?
Whack your own mother.
Its family. Its a disgrace.
You know whose mother is still alive?
Frankie The Rash Decuellos mym, lrene.
-Get out of here.
-I swear to God.
I got a beautiful hand-engraved invitation
to her 100th birthday.
I think Frankie did it up cause there was
a lot of dry, dead skin in the envelope.
Shut up.
here we go.
-Thats her.
-Not bad.
how much do you think
that shit Ferris will get for this?
Millions, I guess. Look at that place.
Bobby, are we really going to whack her?
Im open to suggestions.
Got any ideas, Mouth?
Youre awful quiet for a guy
who likes to blab so much.
he ought to do something about it.
he made the mistake.
Why dont you whack her, Mouth?
Forget about it.
Nobodys gonna whack nobody.
We couldnt even shoot a dead guy.
Weve got to think of an idea
to get us out of this mess.
I got an idea.
Actuallu, its more of a notion.
Its more of a concept, actuallu.
Goddamn it! Son of a bitch!
-I just tapped him.
I got an idea.
-You wanna go for Slurpees later?
-Keep it down.
Like I said,
youre welcome to fill out an application.
I think were looking for someone
more my age, who can handle a situation.
-You understand?
-Too bad.
I think ld look great in that outfit.
Mind if I fill it out anyway?
I cant breathe!
Who are you?
Now. Good. Perfect.
My father...
...would have been proud.
I wish he knew.
he knows, Raul. he knows.
The important thing is lve avenged
his death and my enemies are no more.
No one can touch me now.
Druglords house?
Someones still out to get Ventana.
Probably a new guy, fresh off the boat,
who saw Scarface too many times...
...whacks daddu, byrns down the house,
let Ventana know hes taking over.
Deli diva next door is
the unfortunate victim of byrning embers.
In real estate, theres only one rule:
location, location, location.
She bought in the wrong location.
-That simple?
-That simple.
-I dont think so.
-Why not?
-Theres evidence missing.
The shell casings at the crime scene,
at Calle Real.
Theyre not here.
Theyre not accounted for.
Neal here.
Ues, he is. Just a minute please.
Its for you, hans Rolfmyller,
a Porsche dealer.
Thats something lm working on.
Yeah, cars for guys with small penises.
hans. Yeah, lll be in touch.
Dont ever call me here again.
We need to talk, so be cool.
We were hired to kill you.
We thought about it... be nice.
Careful with that goddamn tape.
I just had my nose done.
Who hired you?
Your stepdayghter.
Just shoot me. But not in the face, Okay?
Thank God her father is dead.
This would have killed him.
Never get between a father and dayghter.
Its a very tricky thing.
She always hated me.
The wicked stepmother.
Its ingrained from all those
goddamn Bavarian fairytales.
The Brothers Grimm, you know?
Two Nazi ganefs.
Oi, gevaldl
My left arm is all tingle-la-schmyntzed.
Id give my kingdom for half of a Valium.
So tell me,
what is that no-good-nik doing now?
For five years,
weve just sent money to PO Boxes.
Shes a stripper.
A stripper!
Ballet since she was six years old,
so she could pirouette to show her pupkis?
Ive seen you before.
Where do I know you from?
I dont know. Nowhere.
Youre Pepper, right?
For the best deli this side of Brooklyn...
...come to Sol and Peppers,
at 1520 Collins Avenue.
Lean corned beef? We gotit.
Juicu pastrami? You got to ask?
Kreplach, knishes. Me ken lecken di finger!
So, come. Visit us. Please
I got a second wife to support.
Slice the lox, Sol. I want to go shopping.
Slice the lox, Sol. I want to go shopping.
Thats it.
Youre Pepper from Sol and Peppers!
I cant tell you how much we love
that place, especiallu the garlic pickles.
Its always so nice to hear that.
And your free soup!
Shes Pepper from Sol and Peppers!
Who gives a shit? Shut up!
My consolidations about Sol.
Its just over a uear now.
Too much corned beef, eh?
What are you going to do?
You know who your neighbour is?
Raul Ventana.
Cocaine druglord.
A druglord?
hell be out as soon as I let the Standards
and Architectural Committee know.
hes already out. his house byrned down
when we torched yours.
You torched my house?
We had to do it,
to make it look like an accident.
Oh, my God!
My house was going to be featured
in house and Gardens!
You can still be in Gardens.
-Did I just--
-The television.
I like to keep the volume up
because of my....
Did you see the papers today?
-Did you see the paper?
You mean about the thing?
Yeah, lve seen that.
Bou, somebody really hates that guy.
Are you sure you dont remember anything
about the other night?
You could be in a lot of danger.
I dont think youre telling me everything.
You have your mothers eyes.
That was a question.
-Do you have your mothers eyes?
-Do you think I could come in for a talk?
No. Maybe another time.
The place is a real mess. Leftover deli.
Okay. Another time.
You take care of yourself, Okay?
Theres something that I wanted to....
You take care of yourself.
Dr. Ward?
Are you sure about this?
Quite sure.
Sometimes things fall into a greu area.
Then sometimes, like this,
its an absolute certainty.
This was taken from the skeletal remains
on the bed.
We know this much....
She was Asian.
If the arson attempt was for Ventana,
why was there a fake skeleton next door?
And where the hell is Pepper Lowenstein?
None of this adds up,
and uet somehow it seems connected.
Ill tell you one thing for sure.
Whoevers behind it has thought
this whole thing through methodicallu.
I went to the Raj this morning.
One of the old guys
said something strange.
Its nothing specific.
Its more a feeling I got.
-You think they know something?
-What are you doing?
-You seem tense. Come on.
-Stop it.
-You used to love this.
I used to love Bananarama, too,
but I got over it.
We make a great team. What?
Your hands are on me,
and youre checking out every girl here.
You cant even look me in the eye
when you talk to me.
Itll take some time, but let me prove
lm not the guy you think I am.
Youll give yourself a stroke.
Thanks for the drink.
-Youre going?
-Ues, lm leaving.
hi. You seem tense.
Jorge and Escobar.
I couldnt trust them anymore, so...
...take a long look.
If you lose my trust...
...this is your fate.
Who tied that knot?
It was me. I tied the knot.
You cant tie a knot?
See, this is why everything is so....
It all starts with a knot!
Do you know what I am?
A clich.
The Latin mob boss.
Do you know what happens to clichs?
Put your hand down, Miguel.
They die,
only to be replaced by something new.
I have more securitu around me
than the president of the United States!
And still!
This shipment...
...myu importante.
Whoevers after me knows of the shipment
and thinks he can take it from me.
That is why I want extra men on the dock
to help unload.
In the meantime...
...$100,000... the man who brings me the head...
...of whoevers doing this to me.
What is it, Miguel?
The actual head?
I just dont want no confusion later.
Anything, Miguel.
Bring me anything.
I mean the guy was already dead.
I told Pepper everything.
We were in this together.
She was Okay.
Turns outshe was from Jerseu, too.
Enough said.
Nicest hostage I ever met, bar none.
Id always hoped shed show up one day,
and knock on my door, looking for me.
I just didnt think it would be
on suspicion of murder.
No wonder youve been so depressed.
A cop?
You myst be so ashamed.
Two things I want to say.
One: I want to thank you guys
for not killing me.
I mean it from the bottom of my heart.
And B: Bobby,
I think you should call Olivia.
-Forget it.
-Shes your dayghter.
-Forget it.
-Shell understand.
Children are a blessing.
Or they try and kill you, one of the two.
Anthonu Donato, Joseph Pistella,
Michael Donatelli, Robert Bartellemeo.
You look tense.
Dont even go there.
Those files you wanted
have been reclassified sensitive.
-By who?
-Your partner Steve. Under his control.
Can you find out where he went, please?
Do you want to run that by me again?
The skeleton in your stepmothers bed,
not your stepmother.
Are you sure?
I mean she was always dieting and shit.
Were sure.
All right. Then who was it in the bed?
And where is my stepmother?
I cant give you any details now, because....
have I met you before?
I dont think so.
Really? lm telling you, I never forget a--
So, thank you for your time,
Miss Lowenstein.
As soon as we know something.
All right, thank you, Detective...
Im following that lead, Chief.
You mau also want to check
on the old guys who live at the Raj Mahal.
They mau know something.
Okay. Knock it off with that chief shit.
Crack-peddling, big-daddu freak machine.
how about that?
Ues, its very important
that she gets the message.
So, please tell Detective Neal
when she comes back... call Bobby at the Raj Mahal hotel.
I need to talk to her. Thank you.
You did real good, mister.
You are a mensch.
Monday is alternate parking.
-Can you still hot-wire a car?
-Can the Pope dance?
Can the Pope dance?
I love to dance.
Sol couldnt dance. he had varicose veins
like a turnpike waitress.
-Mouth can dance.
-he can?
he won a cup at Asbyru Park
for the rhumba.
So thats true: tall, dark and very quiet.
Id be delighted.
Like old times, Mouth.
Forget about it.
Its Okay. I hit mainly rug.
What the hell?
Get your hands off me!
Step away from her.
Get in here. Drag him in here. Lets go!
Easy as pizza pie.
Great job, Chef Bouar-dumb-ass.
All right, its been a while.
They grabbed them
when I was taking a leak. Its Ventana!
Somebody better start talking,
or lll make shit rain down on all of you!
All of you will know what it is
to stand in the middle of a shit hurricane...
...until someone begins telling me
what I want to know!
So, who wants to start?
Come on, Mrs. Bojangles.
Okay, lets go, Captain Kangaroo.
yes, you.
Attaboy, Captain.
Come on.
-Attaboy, viejo.
Goddamn it!
he works for us?
Baby, come on.
Baby, you--
Come on.
-Still like my foot, honeu?
-Get him out of here.
I think you broke my rib.
Keep quiet.
You know, if you had trusted me a little
none of this would have happened!
Lets begin from the beginning.
Let me think.
-I cant think of nothing.
-No. Really?
hes always bysting my balls.
Bobby, dont worry about it.
Well think of something.
Well get them out of there.
Wait. Remember when Tommy Shakes
got nailed by the Gambino bous?
howd we get him out?
In pieces. They blew up his car.
No, youre confusing him with Tommy hat,
which was all that was left.
Tommy Shakes is up in Lauderdale.
Why dont we have a wiseguy reunion,
class of 65?
Funny you should say that.
Nothing funny about it.
We have to come up with an idea. We--
Bobby, he insults me all the time.
It dont mean nothing.
Jesus, Bobby.
I got an idea.
Frankie Rash!
This is he.
Frankie The Rash.
Jimmy Messino.
Louie Thumbs. Its The Brick.
-Billu The Chin.
We bysted Bricks balls for 20 years
about those Christmas cards.
hello, lrene.
No one was bysting his balls now.
Fat Paulus.
Thats adorable.
Not too many broads. You know.
This will go quicker
if you could just hold still.
An emergencu.
Yeah, this is Jerry.
hey, Brick, talk to me.
Down the line, till someone starts talking.
I start here.
Leave her alone.
Ill tell you what you want to know.
I did it.
-Ill shoot you right now just for luing!
-No, please stop. Dont.
Listen, two things.
One: I never ever complained
when you had all those loud parties.
And B: he didnt kill anyone.
All he did was save my life.
-My stepdayghter here tried to kill me.
-Sorry, I said.
-No! Dont! Shes my mother!
Im sorry, Mym.
I dont know what got into me.
Im worthless. Im just--
-Youre not worthless.
-Ues, I am!
No, youre not, you are so sweet.
Shut up!
This isnt Jennu-fricking-Jones!
Whats wrong with you?
-he says hes coming back to kill us.
-Dont worry.
Oh, my God.
I have an hispanic housekeeper
I love like a sister.
I love everything Spanish.
I love the cha-cha!
We got family in there.
Lets go.
Take one and pass it back.
I want them back when youre done.
Theyre loaners.
Carnival Cruise Line?
Find out what this is.
Were the Knights of Columbys.
Weve paid to go to Bimini.
Were looking for Pier 19.
This is Pier 19, right?
-I dont think so.
-Whats going on?
We want to go on a cruise.
Get rid of them!
My luggage!
My heart!
Surprise-o, you rat bastards.
You move and theyre guacamole.
Stop, stop.
I think this is how Mouth used to do it.
Yeah! Thats the way Mouth used to do it.
No pushing. Everyone act nice.
Oh, shit!
-Are you Okay?
Sons of bitches.
Who are those guys?
This reminds me of Jerseu City, 196.
how are you doing, sweetheart?
Who are you?
Id like to know that, too. Who are you?
Drop the gun.
Let her go.
Drop the gun.
Drop it! Drop it!
Who are you?
You want to know who I am?
Im her father, asshole.
Who were those guys? No, really.
Raul went down for a long, long time.
Thats all I want to know.
Who were they? Tell me! I want to know!
Screw him. I always hated drugs.
The cops said the street value of the stuff
on Rauls boat was $40 million.
Olivia got all the credit for the collar,
seeing how her old partner, Steve...
...wasntsticking around
for a pat on the back.
Its not everyday
you get to put a cheating boyfriend away.
Thats got to feel good.
And the topper was,
cocaine wasnt the only thing on that boat.
There were more than 5,000 boxes
of Cuban cigars...
...on one of the trucks that we took.
-Small, medium or large?
-Give me one of each!
Street value:
enough for a down paument on the Raj.
We were propertu ownersl
We made it into a kind of retirement home
for old wiseguys down on theirluck.
You know, wed been there,
so why not share the wealth?
Our Wednesday nightpotluck dinners...
...were better than any ltalian restaurant
in the city.
Mouth and Pepper, forget aboutit.
Mouths first marriage, by the way.
he said hed never feltlike this
until he met Pepper.
he even told her about Ferris.
Peppersaid she didnt care about
what happened before they met.
hell of a broad.
Peppers stepdayghter, Maureen,
thats right, Maureen... a second chance.
Pepper took her to some head doctors,
who said she had issues from childhood.
She seems better.
There you go, Benny.
Thanks, hon. Always a pleasure
doing bysiness with you.
Everyone Okay? hows your meat, Joeu?
Okay, so shes still working
on some issues.
Want some tongue with that?
I did that.
Thats a good drawing.
Thats a very good drawing.
I couldnt believe she came.
She never told anyone
how we were involved in this mess.
I wish I knew what I couldve told her
to make things Okay between us...
...but I didnt know what that was.
Would I change the past?
Yeah. But I couldnt.
Do I know now life isnt worth much
ifyou let down your family?
Yeah. Bytitsjustso many words.
Thirtu years.
Maybe theres nothing you can say
to make up for 30 years.
Forget about it.
Thats beautiful.
Mouths got Pepper. Bobbys got Olivia.
I guess you and me
have got each other, right?
A fortune-teller once told me the love
of my life wouldve dark, curlu hair.
I just didnt know
it would be on your knuckles.
Speaking of knuckles,
Jimmy Fingers says hello.
Do you ever stop?
he wrote me a card,
bragging all about his kid.
Who cares?
his sons some big bookie up in Orlando.
Shut up.