The Crew (2008) Movie Script

Rats, put the fucking gun down,
will you?
Here we go, boys. Keep it up.
Go, go, go, go, go!
Open the door! Open the door or
I'll blow your fucking head right off!
- Down! Down!
- Fuck off.
Shut that fucker up
and get him on the fucking floor.
Liar! Come on!
Are you fucking joking?
It's a fucking dud.
Fuck's sake. It's a fucking dud!
Steady, let's fucking go.
Let's go. Let's get the fuck out
of here. You're a fucking arsehole!
96,7 news,
The mutilated remains
of a man have been found...
The body
of a Liverpool businessman...
The body has been
identified as Leo Murphy,
...also known
as Leo the Pig,
He is believed to have had ties
with Liverpool's gangland,
You're paying that lot, aren't you?
What is the point?
- They didn't know it was empty.
- I'm serious.
So am I.
That lot do not give a fuck about you!
Let me tell you what happens
if I don't pay that lot.
That lot take on their own jobs,
that lot fuck it up and the shit
lands on my doorstep again!
Doing it this way
guarantees that doesn't happen.
Where are you going? Keith is expecting
you to be over there later on.
- Keith will get his money, Debs.
- What, all of it?
- No, not all of it. He'll have to wait.
- What do you mean, have to wait?
- Dad.
- Doesn't...
Can I go to work with you?
- Because my mate...
- Can you...
- Get your bag.
- My mate, Ben Milton.
He goes to work with his dad.
Come here. You're never
going to go to work with me.
- Why?
- You're too clever for my line of work.
- Ben...
- No. Shh, shh.
That's why I send you
to that big, posh private school.
You got your lunch? Come on, tiger.
- Sweetie.
- Bye.
- Morning, gorgeous.
- Morning.
- Hey, Pam.
- Ged.
- Hi.
- Hey. You OK?
I'm fine. I'm fine.
Let's put the sparkle
back in those eyes.
What? Pam, do you know what time it is?
Are you and mum going to get divorced?
- Where have you heard that?
- Well, you don't like each other.
You're always arguing.
Stevie, me and your mum love each other.
People fight all the time.
It doesn't mean they're gonna split up.
It's all right, though. I mean, I know
loads of parents who have split up.
Well, we're not.
- There you go.
- Thanks, Dad.
No problem.
I'm late.
- See you, Dad.
- See you, son.
Francis, what now?
Leo did what he did and he took
his chances. Look what happened.
I'll do the wake.
All right, I'll see you then.
Stay out the way till Moby turns up.
Then come in.
Get rid of that fucking lot, as well.
All right, lads.
Richie, stay out the way.
- All right, lads.
- All right.
- Lads.
- All right.
- It's a piece of shit anyway.
- Yeah, tell me about it.
All right, lads. Phones. Come on.
Come on. Stop fucking about.
Ooh! Ooh!
You dirty bitch.
- You looked at that brochure yet?
- Yeah.
- And?
- And what?
Are we going
the full horse and carriage?
- Well, how much is it?
- I've told you.
Well, tell us again.
Fully monty, white ponies, white trap,
footmen in full livery, the whole works,
plus a contribution to the church,
hall, food...
- How much?
- It's your son's first communion.
I'm just asking
where I need to be on it.
The way your side drinks,
we're talking ten.
Ten grand?
Oh, Anthony. Think on it, though.
It'll be a day to remember.
A day we'll never forget.
All right, fuck it.
Tell the priest I'll be in to sort it.
He'll be here in a minute.
So you'd best pop your knob
back in your pants, you dirty bastard!
What's happening, Mobe, lad?
Hey, Mobe.
- Heard the news, lad?
- What?
You know Leo the Pig?
He's been done in, hasn't he?
They fucking ripped
the fat cunt to bits, mate.
- When did this happen?
- Last night, it was.
See you later, Mo.
Jimmy, pint for Mobes.
- Boys.
- Mobes.
- So what's it like?
- It's flash.
- Is it?
- Yeah.
Phone, Moby, lad.
- What's this I'm hearing about Leo?
- Anyone know who done it?
- Serbs.
- Russians.
Be them or that Kosovan firm.
Fucking animals.
Don't know what this city's coming to.
Don't know where you stand no more.
Whoever done fat Leo
must have been fucking nuts.
Or out to make a point.
You don't leave a body
out in the fucking open.
- Yeah?
- It's Paul.
- Which Paul, soft lad?
- Paul the Hom. For Ratter.
Rats, you expecting some homo?
- Homo.
- Let him in, George.
Didn't know you had a date.
Come in, then.
- Rats, I just need a word.
- We were just talking about Leo.
Yeah, I heard. Nasty stuff.
- Mind you...
- What you having, lad?
- Brandy and diet.
- Mind you what?
- Well, it's just, who's gonna step up?
- What do you mean?
Leo had a big operation,
didn't he?
It leaves a fucking big hole
in terms of trade,
What the fuck are you talking about?
Alls I'm saying...
is a firm, the Brennans,
in this city is well respected.
Am I right? And yous are already
like that with Franner.
- Our Gerard's like that with Franner.
- Look, alls I'm saying is if we...
If Gerard's all right with it and that.
But if a firm like yourselves
was to step up to the plate...
Are you with me, boys?
- What kind of dough we talking about?
- You fucking serious?
We're talking about taking over Leo
the Pig's whole fucking thingio here.
We're talking fucking Brewster's, boys.
You fucking owe me, Jimmy, and it's
gonna have to be a very fucking big one
to make up for that shambles yesterday!
I have heard something.
I've been told
there's a fuck-off shipment
of them Sony PlayStations going out,
you know, the new sort.
- Worth what?
- I don't know.
- How many?
- Three shipments.
They've got, like, 20, 30,000 on each.
- So it's a lot, you know what I mean?
- When?
I don't know. Nothing's been confirmed.
They probably don't know themselves yet.
OK. As soon as you hear anything else,
you let me know, do you understand?
And don't fuck me about this time.
Ged, if I sort this,
that's it, we're suare, I'm out.
All right, Ged, please? Is that a deal?
If it's as big as you're saying it is,
then maybe.
Now fuck off.
- What do you reckon?
- I don't buy that. Gerard won't buy it.
- You know what he's like with drugs,
- It goes beyond drugs,
Think of the bigger fucking picture,
will you? Listen...
If it's good enough for Franner, then
it should be good enough for him.
- I was just telling the boys...
- Wait over there.
- Just need a second and that.
- All right, Ged.
- Boss.
- You've heard, right?
Yeah. Franner called this morning.
What are you doing bringing no-marks in?
He's not a no-mark. Paul's a good lad.
Anyway, I thought you might be open
to something new,
seeing as the old game's
so fucking reliable.
You fucking ungrateful bastard.
Look, Ged...
You don't even know
what the lad wants to tell you.
Please, don't make a cunt out of us, eh?
Just listen to what he's got to say.
What's the worst can happen?
Two minutes.
Well, as yous all know,
that fat fella went yesterday.
There's fuck all
the other fella can do in there.
And the new fella, the young lad, well,
he's done one to Marbella, hasn't he?
- Anyone fucking following this?
- Hang on, Ged. You're gonna like this.
- We're talking Brewster's.
- I hope that's all we're talking.
That's the thing, you see, Ged.
The game's wide open.
And it needs someone to step in.
Not just any cunt, no.
- It needs someone known...
- Shut the fuck up. What've I told you?
Just hear the lad out.
Things have changed in that game.
It's a fucking global enterprise.
A what?! A fucking...
A fucking global what? Fuck off!
You haven't heard the fucking numbers!
Look, it's 20 times
on every key you bring in.
I can hook us up with at least
20 dealers. That's 20 times, Ged.
Shut the fuck up!
I'll give you numbers.
I'll give you fucking numbers.
25 fucking years.
Does that ring a bell with you?
25 fucking years. That's what you'll get
if you mess with this shit.
Or worse still, you'll end up cut
to fucking ribbons like fat fucking Leo.
Now, you listen to me, gobshite.
There is no fucking me and you!
Fuck off, scum!
The likes of you do not hook up
the likes of me with no fucking cunts!
George, will yous keep the dogs
out the bar, please?
Do you wanna tell me
what the fuck that was all about?
I am fucking disappointed in you, lad.
- What the fuck was all that about?
- He's a fucking dinosaur.
Trying to do him a favour,
put work his fucking way!
I know. Forget about it.
You're doing it.
You've got the car, the lifestyle.
You've got your own fucking crew. Every
cunt round here's talking about Ratter.
If we're taking over Leo's patch,
we'd better make sure the buyers
are all right with us supplying them.
The main one's that Scottish cunt,
Matty. We'll see him first.
We go straight to him,
he's gonna think it's a bit convenient.
Plus we need someone
to front us the money.
- Who?
- I reckon the Serbs.
If we can get them
to front us the money,
then we'll be sorted
on our deal with the Irish.
What, you can't do the full 50?
A little business deal
didn't quite go to plan recently.
- I see.
- You will get your money, Keith.
Just not today.
Ged, I hope you don't mind
me asking, but...
are you sure you can get
the rest of the investment?
I'm sure one of the other guys
wouldn't hesitate
to step in and take some of your stake
and downsize yours, if it would help.
I'm in for 250,000, Keith.
250,000 is what you're gonna get.
Good man.
I'd hate to see you
miss out on this one, Ged.
Good man.
Should have seen them all before.
Every cunt wondering who done Leo in.
Wankers haven't got a clue.
Richie reckons that some smackheads
are putting it about
that they might know what happened.
Like what?
That they just might have seen
something that happened.
That they saw us kill Leo.
Well, we can't have that, can we?
Sure they're definitely up there?
Yeah. We've been watching them.
- They reckon they saw something?
- They fucking know it was us.
Remember, lads, in and out, and don't
leave a fucking thing behind, yeah?
Fucking smackheads.
- Who is it?
- It's pest control from the council.
- Can you open up, please?
- What do you want, though?
We just want to have a look inside.
If you open the door, please.
It's not really raining now.
- Sony PlayStations.
- The new ones?
That's Fritzy's
communion pressie sorted.
Oh, and listen, knobheads,
don't forget the 20th, eh?
Why? What's happening, Mobes?
The communion, dickhead.
You'd all better show up.
- When is it?
- The 20th.
What day are we talking, Ged?
Could go any day.
Stand by your phones, yeah?
You listening to me, John Paul?
This could go any day. You with me?
So just lay low, yeah?
Moby, stay out of town.
I mean it. Just keep your head down.
Just until this is sorted. Then we can
all do what the fuck we want then.
It's a big one, this, lads.
More than make up
for that shambles the other day.
How big, Ged?
How big, boss?
Big. Very big.
Give me a minute.
- Hiya. Good to see you. How are you?
- Hello.
I invited Pam over
when we were having a drink last night.
- This is for you.
- Thank you.
We're on our way to a charity do
at the Royal Liverpool.
Do you play golf?
Fucking dirty bastard!
It's good for the roses, I hear.
Listen, help yourself
to whatever you fancy, yeah?
- Thanks.
- Back in a minute. Debs.
- Hi.
- Hi. I'm Marie.
- Pamela.
- Keith. Nice to meet you. Hi.
- Can I get yous a drink?
- Sure.
- What are they doing here?
- What is your problem?
- I'm talking business with the boys.
- They won't be staying long.
Then you can carry on
talking business with the boys.
I wish you would talk to me
before inviting whoever you want.
What? Ged,
I have not invited whoever I want.
I invited Pam and Keith because
they are friends of ours, real friends.
They are not freeloaders
who just constantly take from you.
When was the last time that that lot
ever offered to do anything for you?
So what's the story, morning glory?
- We live down the road. Neighbours.
- Nice.
- You?
- I'm just sort of a brother of our Ged.
You see that guy there, Moby? Moby!
He's a cousin.
Big piece of shit, but he's a cousin.
That's the boys. That's my nephew.
I'm better looking than all these
fuckers, wouldn't you say so, love?
- I wouldn't know.
- You with him?
- Yeah.
- It's a shame.
- Not for me.
- How d'you know our Ged, then?
Just a little business opportunity
we've been putting together.
- Like what?
- Ask him.
- You've met my baby brother.
- That's right. Fucking hell.
I am a brother, aren't I?
Am I half a brother or the full brother?
Or was I adopted? Sometimes it's hard to
fucking remember who I'm supposed to be.
- Why don't you go and play, John Paul?
- What?
We're just chatting.
These are your new friends.
We're talking about
your little business opportunity.
I'm your brother
and these are your friends.
You're doing business with them.
So what's the fucking problem?
- Get the fuck off.
- All right.
Just having a fucking chat.
What's the fucking problem?
Fucking big brothers, eh?
Always telling you what to fucking do.
I'll see you later, love.
- Come on, lad.
- Get the fuck off. Get off!
I'm all right. Come and play
with your Uncle Ratter, eh? Come on.
- Sorry about that.
- It's no problem.
- Don't worry.
- We should get going.
- Absolutely.
- Thanks for coming.
No problem.
- Oh, are you going?
- Yeah, afraid we have to go.
Thanks for inviting us.
We're having a little drinks party
tomorrow night at our house.
We'd love you to come.
For a few of our major investors.
- We'll be there. Thank you.
- Yeah? Six?
- OK, six.
- Bye.
Come on, Ged.
Stevie. Stevie.
Eh, how the fuck is it OK for you to be
out doing deals behind our backs?
We can't do fuck all without you.
How the fuck does that happen?
- Because I pay you, that's how.
- Pay us?! Pay us?!
You give us fuck all.
Your jobs are worth shit.
That's if they fucking happen.
We could all be earning a fortune.
Get the fuck off me. Get the fuck
off me. You're as bad as him.
It's a shithouse firm.
All of you know it's fucking shit.
Hang around with your poncy mate.
Let somebody else have a go.
- Take it easy.
- Ged, I mean it.
Trying to be the big fucking "I am".
You've forgotten who you are, mate.
You're a fucking fraud!
Fucking cunts, all of you!
So what I reckon is that we have
the same deal as what you had with Leo.
There's no need to get
into renegotiating and all that shite.
But there's certainly...
There's certainly room for expansion.
Oh, for fuck's sake, mate.
What the fuck?
Look, you were a valued customer.
I wanna make sure that stays in place.
Fucking cunt.
I hear that most people think that Porky
getting done in is down to me.
It's just fucking rumours, mate.
But that's why I think it's wise
if you keep things the way they are.
If you were to start dealing direct,
it might not look so good.
Beat it.
I'm going.
- Oh, darling!
- Ah, my darling!
It's well known that your firm
should have been much bigger by now.
But you're not, are you?
Because of our Ged.
You've had the mockers put on a lot of
your operations. It's the same for me.
So what I'm proposing
is we do a little business ourselves.
Who knows what might happen?
- You like it, Moby?
- Get 'em out. Come on. Get 'em out.
- Moby.
- Listen, how you doing, man?
- It's about your bill.
- Oh, yeah.
- It's getting way out of hand.
- I don't get you.
You owe us 900.
- Jeez. Oh, really?
- Yes, really.
The Brennans getting involved
in the drugs game?
Not exactly, no.
Let's just say that I'm branching out
into more diverse areas of business.
And on that note, seeing as this will be
our first venture together,
I'm gonna have to ask for the money
up front, just to get things moving.
- Why would I agree to that?
- You haven't got a fucking choice!
Eh, eh.
Who's the bitch?
Fucking keep it down, lad.
Let me do the talking.
[speak Serbian]
I can see you've got your hands full,
so why don't I give you some more time
to think about it?
I don't need more time.
The answer is no.
- Cunt!
- Just take it easy, lad, will you, eh?
He'll come round. Come on.
I need you to get the Irishman
on the phone for us.
All right, boys.
- What are you doing here?
- What do you think?
Didn't think it was your scene,
especially you.
We've gotta get off,
so we'll see you later.
Lads, listen, say fuck all, eh?
You know what Ged's like.
Yeah, don't worry about it. We were
never here, mate. Enjoy yourself.
I've got it all in here.
There's three trucks going out, a week
apart. The best one to hit is the third.
If the first two go without incident,
believe me, the third one'll be easy.
I'll bung Terry the usual
to make sure I'm on the third truck.
Now, all the trucks on this run
are fitted with GPS.
At the most you have ten minutes
with the truck being static
before the office puts in a call
to see what's going on.
Right, I'll take you through the route.
Now, as always, there's no guarantee
that won't change.
They could alter the route.
Why? Don't they trust you lot?
What else?
Hang onto this.
Take those as well, will you?
Looking sharp.
You looking at me, you piece of shit?
Come on, you fucking pig.
Go on, dance, monkey!
John Paul.
- Thanks for agreeing to see us.
- I was on my way to Manchester anyway.
- I know, but you're busy, so...
- Think you might be able to do this?
I know I can.
- Is your brother in?
- No.
- What does Franner say?
- I'm seeing him later.
- You haven't cleared this with him?
- He'll be sound.
Don't talk to me
until you've been to Franner.
Hang on. Hang on.
Look, it'll be sound. We go way back.
- Speak to him first.
- He knows what I'm doing.
Look, you're a difficult man
to get hold of, aren't you?
I had to take my opportunity to get you.
If you are fucking me about,
I will fucking kill you, OK?
Sound, yeah.
Are you familiar with the system?
- So you'll know it's always cash.
- No problem. Have you got a date yet?
- 20th. Any problems with that?
- No, it's sound. Couldn't be better.
- You're a man in the know, are you?
- I keep my ear to the ground.
Good. Good.
Me also.
You wouldn't happen to know anything
about who took Leo out, would you?
Rumours. I'll find out, though.
We'll be in touch.
What the fuck have you been doing?
- Come on. What did he say?
- Fuck all, really.
It's safe. Just got to work out
how to get the money.
- How are we gonna do that?
- Lepi.
- He told us to fuck off.
- I'll change his mind.
- He's a fucking prick.
- Shut the fuck up!
You're always so fucking negative.
What's wrong with you?
Paul. Listen, mate, Paul,
just fucking...
I need to chill out, yeah?
Look, we're gonna make him an offer
he can't refuse.
Right, lad?
Come on.
So it's on?
It's fucking on, man.
We're gonna sort him out.
- We're gonna be rich!
- We're gonna be fucking rich, kid.
Sue. Sticky Sue.
Sticky Sue.
Yeah, I'm looking at you
on the internet.
Fucking right.
What, now? All right, yeah. I'm coming.
Yeah, I'll be on my way.
Hi, Moby.
There you are!
Send her, then. And get that
fucking blond lad now, soft shite.
Filthy fat bitch.
- You're gonna get some of me.
- I'm gonna get all of you.
Tell them about
when you met Bill Clinton.
Moby, you dirty boy.
Get up. In the middle.
Now dance.
Go on! Fucking dance!
No kissing. No kissing.
Dirty, filthy pig.
You fucking fat bitch.
- You're gonna get it.
- Go on, then.
It was his car. Bill Clinton's car.
Bill Clinton. I mean, come on.
Come on, fat arse. Grab his arse.
Arse. Nice arse.
Stick your finger in her cunt.
You fucking like it, you.
And you now. Grab his fucking cock.
Grab his cock.
Grab his fucking cock.
You want some of this?
That's it.
You defer the tax on the properties
for at least five years.
Just buy the right asset
at the right time and sell it on.
Some smackheads are putting it about
they might know what happened,
You wouldn't happen to know...
- You wanna fucking help?
- All right, all right, all right.
Fuck off!
- Dirty little fucking smackhead.
- You fucker.
Get the fuck out!
Get out, you dirty fucking cunt!
You! Get out! Now!
- Do you wanna dance?
- No, you're all right, darling.
I'm fucked. I'm having a quiet one.
Hey. Go dance. Go dance.
- What the fuck do you want?
- You know what the fuck I want.
I'm only having a beer. Cheeky cunt.
I want it dealing with now.
Really? Hello.
When all this has calmed down,
why don't we go away?
Hm? Somewhere else.
Just me, you and the boy.
Spend some time together.
- Turn it off. Ged.
- Sorry.
Now, then.
Keep him there.
I've gotta go.
Debs, it's Moby, OK?
Look, I'm sorry.
- Not yet. The night is young.
- I'm sorry. You throw a great party.
- Here's to many more, yeah?
- Definitely. Sure you gotta go?
- Got to.
- What's so important?
Stick around. Have another few drinks.
The night is young.
See you later, mate.
They're a great couple, those two.
God, they're so boring downstairs.
I know.
Do you think they're gonna come up?
You're so beautiful.
I love you.
Stop whingeing, Mobes.
Need to fucking clean it.
Fuck's sake, Gerard.
Look at me. You OK?
I'm fucking telling you.
Fucking Lepi's crew.
What did I tell you?
900 quid.
He's done this for 900 quid?
It's not about his tab, is it?
This was for your benefit.
If it was Lepi's crew
that done Leo the Pig and now this...
Fucking pigs.
I need you to do a straightener for me.
- Not gonna give you any trouble, is he?
- Is he fuck!
Fucking have the bastard, Mobes.
Fucking have him.
Good lad.
I'll go and see Lepi in the morning, OK?
Moby, on the head. Go on, lad.
- Fucking state of that.
- Fucking hell.
Cheeky bastards.
Half time, boys.
A few surprises for them.
Let me tell you about those Serbs.
They would be fucking unstoppable
if they could just get fucking started.
We're not gonna let that happen.
It's being dealt with,
so I don't wanna hear another word.
I'm having a straightener.
- Fucking shut up, will you?
- Can we get on with why we're here?
We're going to fat Leo's fucking wake
tonight, may he rest in fucking hell.
You know who's gonna be there.
Fucking eyes and ears.
- Know anything about Leo?
- Franner. I bet he knows about it.
You happy about that? I'm not.
- I don't know nothing about him.
- You must know something.
I've got a fucking reputation.
I'm gonna restore that reputation.
- What are you doing?
- George is gonna start us off.
That's for your time.
It's for your time.
We'll have the two Jimmys fencing,
as per usual.
Good lad. You'll go far.
You fucking won't.
Lucas, Walker, Bailey, Rats, on the MP5.
Why did you not break his fucking jaw?
There's a GPS tracker we need to lose.
- What do you know about Leo?
- What about him?
- What, you've heard nothing?
- What's going round, like.
That it was the Serbs.
What about the smackheads
that got carved up?
- Smackheads?
- Don't be cheeky, dickhead.
- What about some smackheads?
- What, you've heard nothing about 'em.
Fuck all. Have yous heard
anything about some smackheads?
Fucking heard about no smackheads.
We'll be in touch.
John Paul, can I have a word, please?
I've gotta go somewhere, mate.
I just wanna talk to you
about the other day, at the barbecue.
Don't worry about it.
But I do worry about it.
I worry for you.
Anyway, I'm sorry.
I was out of order. I've been a bit
stressed lately with this and that.
Forget about it. It's cool.
This will be big, John Paul.
You will be sorted then.
Do you understand?
Trust me.
I know. Yeah.
Love ya.
John Paul.
Fancy a pint or something?
Do I fancy a pint or something?
I've gotta fucking see Lepi, haven't I?
Remember? Soft arse.
- Well, do you want backup?
- No, I don't fucking want backup.
Do you want it to kick off
there and then?
Go home, Moby. Take a nap.
I'll see you at the wake.
And you are not fucking drinking.
You're going on fucking Rola Cola.
- Here to see Lepi.
- Who are you?
- Ratter.
- Ratter?
- Yes, Ratter.
- Ratter.
Come here, mate. Come here.
Ratter. Ratter.
Ratter to see Lepi. Get that
in your head and fucking tell him.
- What do you want?
- I wanna see fucking Lepi.
- Now get on there.
- Lepi?
What do you want? I'm fucking busy.
I know, but you're gonna
wanna hear this.
Not you.
What do I want to hear? What?
I'm gonna give you something
that's gonna make you a lot of dough.
It's a job. A fucking big job.
I'm gonna give you everything, details,
plans, routes, times, everything.
- I'm gonna do that for you as a favour.
- A favour. Very generous.
Not really. This is business.
And I want us to continue
where you and Leo left off.
- That way, we can help each other out.
- Go on.
The best part of this deal is
you get something
I know you really fucking want.
And what is that, huh? What?
Ged Brennan.
I thought that might get your attention.
Who are you?
You can have him
and his whole fucking crew.
You take them out and we'll control
the whole fucking game.
All I want is the money up front
for the trucks.
Lepi, there's someone at the door
to see you.
- Who is it?
- Ged Brennan.
We have an interesting situation
developing here, ladies and gentlemen.
I assume your brother
doesn't know you're here
offering his head on a plate to me?
What the fuck's he doing here?
He must have followed us.
Take it fucking easy!
- What can I do you for?
- I think you fucking know why I'm here.
- We have to get off.
- They'll fucking sort it.
Have you got a back door?
Fucking blah, blah, blah.
Yeah, very fucking romantic.
You finished now?
I need you to calm the fuck down.
There's only two ways
this can go now, Lepi.
We either have an all-out fucking war
or we find a nice quiet spot
so that my cousin Moby
- and that fucking shithouse...
- Fuck you!
So that my cousin Moby and that
fucking shithouse can have a one-on-one.
- The choice is yours.
- One-on-one, huh?
It's called a straightener. It's what
we fucking do in this city, Lepi.
Although it's probably a bit too
fucking civilised for the likes of you!
Like a duel, huh? How suave.
Be there tomorrow morning, 8am.
No crew. No fucking tools.
- No problem.
- You'd fucking hope so, wouldn't you?
All fucking Brennans are fucking crazy!
- 900! You do this to me for 900!
- Have we... Lepi, have we got a...
Have we got a fucking...
Have we got a fucking deal?!
- Don't you fucking touch me.
- The meeting is over.
- I need to speak to Lepi now.
- Motherfucker.
I'm not going out the front.
Where's the fucking back door?
The meeting's over.
Get the fuck out of here.
Just fucking... Fuck off!
- All right.
- Gerard.
- Your dad sends his regards.
- Does he, now?
You should go and see him.
- I don't think so.
- How's tricks?
Can't complain, Francis. How about you?
Yeah, not too bad. Heard you had
a bit of trouble with a blag.
Yeah, it was nothing, really, mate.
Right. Let's have a proper drink
and a chat later.
- That'd be nice.
- Thanks for coming.
I'd just like to thank yous all
for coming here today
and for helping make it a nice day
for Leo's family.
We all know Leo was no angel,
but he wasn't a bad man.
He had respect. He was loyal.
Honest. Old school.
He was a fucking good businessman.
Made me a lot of money, didn't he?
You see, the problem is,
these young crews today,
they've got no respect.
They think the flash cars
and the fancy clothes
make them real men.
And when I catch who's done this,
and I will fucking catch them...
...then we'll see who the real men are.
Now, if you'd all like to stand
and raise your glasses.
And join me in a toast.
- To Leo.
- To Leo.
Safe journey.
There's a little bit of
adult entertainment for you here, boys.
So enjoy yourselves.
Feel free to tip the girls.
You all know where the slots are.
Here's your drinks.
Don't give him a drink, all right?
- Not for him. No drinks for him.
- I've only had one beer.
You've got a straightener
in the morning, soft shite.
- You're making a cunt out of me.
- You're all right.
- I'll not have a drink.
- You're fucking right.
So do me a favour. Fuck off home! Now!
You'll thank me in the morning
when you're not nursing a hangover.
I'll pick you up at seven o'clock. Maybe
next time you'll fucking listen to me!
Do you wanna take his place?
All right, Moby.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I spoke to the Irishman about the thing.
- Two whiskies, Joe.
- Coming up, Franner.
- You heard anything about Leo?
- Serbs. That's all I've heard.
- That's what we got told.
- That's why I wanna make this tender.
Big step up for you, lad.
- I'm good for it.
- Leo had a good network.
Solid custom guaranteed.
Whoever takes it on has gotta be able to
maintain that. Think you can handle it?
- Sorted.
- Should have come to me first.
The normal scheme of things,
that's exactly what I would have done.
Things are not normal, Franner.
I had to move quick on this.
I take it your Gerard
knows fuck all about this.
I'd like to keep it like that.
It's not his scene.
He's got his own things happening.
I just wanted to get myself set up,
have my own little thing going.
You good for the money?
Don't fuck them boys about.
It's sweet.
All right.
Keep in touch.
Come on.
- You are one dirty bastard.
- More right.
More right.
Whoa. Back up.
Back. Whoa, whoa.
OK. Go.
- Push.
- I'm pushing, you dirty fuck.
It's coming.
I see it.
Look at me.
Good night, was it?
Wanna tell me about it?
- No.
- No.
You ever thought
of doing anything different?
You know, if we didn't do what we do.
What do you mean?
I don't know, Moby. Just...
A business or something.
Something different.
There has to be something different.
Years ago
I thought of getting a pet shop.
Exotic pets, snakes, iguanas,
that sort of thing.
- You in a shop?
- Yeah.
Why? What's wrong with that?
- So what stopped you?
- I don't know.
Things come up. You get sidetracked.
Years go by and then it's too late.
Do you regret that?
I sometimes think about it.
Well, it's not too late, you know.
Yeah. Maybe. Why?
After this next job, I'm out.
- I've got the fear.
- Come on.
I keep feeling my luck's running out,
and if it does... I can't do the time.
Not with my little one.
Kid needs a father.
Your Fitzy's getting to that age.
Don't you feel the same way?
- I've never really thought about it.
- You should.
Aren't you tired?
Constantly pulling blags
and knocking skulls together.
I quite like it, actually,
especially the last bit.
- Morning!
- Here we go.
You think about it.
Now go and knock his fucking head off.
Shall we get on with it, then?
- Let's go.
- Let's go!
I'm so tired.
You know after you left the other night?
I lay there for hours.
- Really?
- I kept thinking about you.
Yeah. Me too.
Thanks for everything, Pam.
I'm having the most amazing time.
- You're welcome.
- You've been brilliant.
I'll pop round as soon as I can.
No problem. Bye.
- Nice to see you ladies working hard.
- Darling. Join us for breakfast.
I'd love to, but I just dropped in
to see Ged. Is he around?
He left early this morning.
I've been told that we'll be signing
for the land tomorrow.
- Four o'clock at our house.
- Brilliant.
Everything's been approved, so we're on.
It's just today is the final chance
to get everyone's commitment.
- Sorry, Debs.
- Oh, no, listen. I'll give him a call.
- I'm sure he won't be long.
- I need to get going.
It's no problem.
Ged, can you call me, please?
It's gone to voice mail.
Oh, bollocks. Um... I'm not sure
I'm going to be able to get back.
What time does the money
have to be in by?
- Noon.
- Can't you pay Ged's part now?
- He'll pay you later.
- It's a lot of money.
Keith, don't be so rude.
Ged's got the money.
- Debs, I'm really sorry.
- Hang on. How much is outstanding?
- 140,000. But we can take care of it.
- No, stay... Wait there.
Fucking cunt!
Moby. Moby.
I think the lad's had enough.
This ends now.
I think you know what I mean.
82... Come on, lad. 83...
84... Go on.
Keep going, lad. Keep going.
Yeah. Lepi?
Your proposition regarding your brother?
You have yourself a deal, matey.
We're on. We're fucking on, lad.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Deb, are you OK? Are you OK?
- Debbie, are you OK? Are you OK?
- What?
- Where is the fucking money, Debbie?!
- What?
- Where is the fucking money, Debbie?
- I gave it to Keith.
- Keith came round here for it?
- For the land sale.
He had to get the money today.
- So why didn't you call me?
- I did. You didn't answer the phone.
How much did you give him?
It wasn't all there.
- Some in the safe and I had some...
- How much?!
Don't worry about it.
I'll make up the rest.
Thank you, darling.
Tell Ged he can pay me back
when he's got it.
- Are you drunk?
- What?
We have been celebrating.
Is it because I gave it to him?
Ged, get off!
- Phone Pamela.
- I'm not phoning Pamela.
- Stop panicking. Everything is fine.
- I'm going round there.
- What for?
- Because I wanna see him!
OK, let me have a shower.
I'm coming with you.
I'm going now, Debbie.
All right, lads?
Richie. You wanted to see me.
His sister's been seeing one of them
fucking Lepi's boys, hasn't she?
Told him they're planning on robbing
thousands of them new PlayStations.
Well, the Brennans
have planned the same job.
It's gonna fucking kick off
big time, kidda.
- You want a ton for that?
- Yeah, of course.
Why would she say that?
I'll be in touch.
Keep your eye on him.
Are you all right?
You have got to be fucking kidding me.
Vamos a uedar aqui in casa
por un poco de tiempo.
Check it out with him.
Tell him to stop dicking me around.
Y, Monica, estaremos aqui esta noche.
Hang on a second. Monica.
Monica, get me a beer or something.
Yeah, I need you to do something for me.
Yeah. Cayman Islands account.
I need you to transfer
the money for me. Yeah.
It's 003-795-160.
No, it went like a dream.
Don't worry about it. Don't worry about
it. I left them a bottle of champagne.
I'll catch you later. I'm a happy man.
Are you?
- I love you.
- I love you too.
See you. Congratulations.
- See you later.
- Bye.
- We should celebrate.
- Definitely.
I don't fucking believe this.
I must be losing my fucking touch.
What a fucking mess.
But they were our friends.
Excuse me?
Friends? They weren't our friends.
They were never our fucking friends.
- They've been planning this for months.
- God.
I just can't believe
she'd do this to me.
What the fuck is that supposed to mean?
What the fuck are you talking...?
What the fuck are you talk...?
Oh, you... Look at me!
Look at me! Look at me.
Look at your husband. Look at me.
Mm? Open your eyes, Debbie.
Fucking open your eyes.
Little fucking pretty cokehead,
was she, eh?
Little fucking pretty cokehead?
Reeled you in, didn't she?
Well, she fucking
ripped you off, Debbie!
- They've fucked off with the money!
- No! She wouldn't do it to me!
She wouldn't do it to me!
Jimmy? I'm coming over
to your place right now.
No, right fucking now, Jimmy!
- What's up?
- Get in.
There's a change of plan.
We're doing the first truck.
What? That's in two days' time.
It's too soon. Anyway, I'm not driving
that one. I'm driving the third...
Jimmy, we're doing
the first fucking truck.
You make sure you're fucking driving it.
Ged, it's gonna cost you.
Fucking say that to me again.
Tell me you're not fucking
taking the piss!
- All right.
- You're getting enough out of this.
Just fucking make sure
you're on that fucking truck!
Go on, fuck off!
Fucking... prepared, and we're now
doing it on the 20th. OK?
Does it have to be that day?
Can't we do the second one?
Anthony, I'll get you back in time
for your communion. Stop worrying.
- You're late.
- What's the panic?
Changed the date, lad.
We're doing the first one on the 20th.
- Same day as the communion.
- He says we'll be finished before that.
Since when do you give a fuck
about a communion?
- 20th a problem for you?
- No, it's sound.
It's not a problem, Ged.
- Are you up for going to the communion?
- Course I am.
What, now?
Well, yeah. I'm kind of in the middle
of something. Can't it wait?
- What are you wearing?
- A suit, I think.
George, I'll see you later.
Right, guys, see yous all on the 20th.
- Get a good rest, eh?
- So that's it?
I was fucking called here for that?
Are we finished?
- He's changed the plans?
- Don't worry about that.
Tell Lepi it's the same job,
details, route, just a different date.
Got you.
Don't make it sound as if it's anything
to panic about. Don't flap.
Flap? What do you mean? I don't flap.
- What the fuck are you doing now?
- I don't fucking flap!
For fuck's sake, Paul!
Get out the car.
You get in the car.
Just get out the car, will you?
- A picture.
- Please, no!
- Richie, you piece of shit. Smile.
- You fucking cunt!
- Did you get that?
- Yeah, got that one.
All right, lads.
Get me down. Please.
No, please, no more.
Tell him. Tell him what you told me.
Tell him. Tell him, Richie. Tell him.
- Fucking...
- Francis.
Fucking take him down, will you?
- Tell him.
- Ratter.
- Who?
- It was Ratter.
- Fucking hell.
- Tell him. Tell him.
Tell him what you told me.
- Who?
- Ratter.
Who?! Who told you?
Who told you?
Ratter! Fucking Ratter!
Ratter told me.
- What did he tell you to do?
- To kill Leo.
- What?
- To kill Leo.
Just shut him up now.
- Kill Leo!
- Shut him up now.
- Fucking why?
- To take over his patch.
Ratter told us to do it.
- That's enough now.
- What the fuck are you doing?
Shut the boy up. You know
I've got fuck all to do with this.
- Do I?
- Yes, you fucking do.
You see, he would have had
to have had the nod from you, Francis.
You fucking did,
cos I watched you do it.
Tell me you fucking gave him the nod.
You gave him the nod.
Yeah, to take over Leo's patch,
but not to fucking kill him.
I can't believe you'd do that to me!
I can't fucking believe you're making
little land deals behind my back
without cutting me in on it.
But we do things, Gerard.
It's what we do.
All right.
This... This PlayStation thing.
- You're gonna have to drop it.
- Fucking no chance.
I'm fucking doing it.
I fucking am. I'm doing it, Franner.
I've heard the Serbs
are gonna be involved.
Be a fucking blood bath.
You wanna watch yourself.
That is a fucking chance I'm gonna take.
Understand me?
Because I'm fucking doing that job.
Besides, that little fucking land deal
has gone fucking tits up.
Fucked off with my money.
Are you telling me you got shafted?
Yeah. I'm losing my fucking touch.
- Who was it?
- Slick little fucker.
Called himself Keith Thompson.
Fucking little husband and wife team.
I checked him out. He seemed kosher.
I fucking hold my hands up.
They fucking took me for a ride.
That is why I am fucking doing this job!
Do you fucking understand me?!
I fucking need it!
Don't fuck... Don't fucking stop me!
- Gerard...
- Don't fucking stop me.
I'm not asking.
I'm telling you. For your own good.
You're not doing it.
Maybe you're right.
See? Wasn't that hard, was it?
Are you your brother's keeper?
Don't worry about your kid.
I'll take care of that. For you.
You just clean this mess up.
Fuck off.
Please don't. Please.
- See you, Richie.
- Just get me down. Please.
Please, Ged. Please.
- Shh.
- Please. Please.
Close your eyes.
Close your eyes. Close your eyes.
Shh, shh, shh.
Shh. Richie.
- Close your eyes.
- Please.
- Ged, please.
- Close your fucking eyes!
- Don't be late for that service, you.
- I'll be there.
We've fucking done it. We've done it!
After this,
no one will be fucking with us.
We're fucking gonna be untouchable.
It's just the fucking start, mate.
We'll be making much bigger fucking
deals than this, I promise you, lad.
Come on!
Listen, I'm gonna have to go, mate.
See you later. All right?
Oi, Jimmy.
You have to finish that before you get
in. There's no food or drink allowed.
- It's the rules.
- Jimmy! Jimmy! You haven't signed.
Oh, shit.
- Sorry, mate.
- OK, don't worry about it.
- All right. Don't panic.
- Yeah, all right.
- Ged.
- All right, boss.
All right.
Everyone's here,
but I can't fucking get hold of Rats.
He's not coming.
Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!
It's gonna be
the year of the fucking Rat, mate.
And the year of the fucking Hom.
Gerard? Gerard fucking who?
Shut the fuck up, will you, Paul, lad?
Fuck's sake.
- Can I have some more?
- Easy with that!
Checking in. One, two. Hear me?
All good this end.
Richie, it's Paul.
Get back to me, you little prick.
What's the story with Rats,
then, George? Why isn't he here?
Rats isn't coming. Simple as that.
End of story. So just forget
about the fucker, will you?
- The fucker should be here.
- Well, he's not, is he?
So just fucking shut up, will you?!
This isn't like Ged. Last-minute job.
Well, sometimes
plans have gotta change, haven't they?
That way, you stay ahead of the game,
don't you?
- If this is a dud, we're off.
- Fucking behave, will you?!
If Ged says it's gonna be a big one,
it's gonna be fucking big, all right?!
Eh, Tony, what if
these fucking Brennans show up, mate?
Fuck them. They won't turn up.
Don't worry about them.
We'll have to go right through
these cunts if theys turn up.
Shut the fuck up. Let's get this job
done and get the fuck out of here.
You've forgotten who you are.
Trying to be the big fucking "I am".
- I will catch them.
- Fucking Ratter!
Trust me.
- Here we go, gents.
- 60 seconds to go.
Get out! Get the fuck out!
Fucking get out! Come on!
Ten minutes, boys! Ten minutes!
- What the fuck are you doing?
- Just in case.
Are you fucking stupid? It's Franner.
You can't carry a gun. Put it back.
I fucking mean it, lad. Put it back.
Fuck's sake.
What's got into you?
Now, look, let me do the talking.
Ahoy, shipmates.
All right, Franner. Didn't expect to see
you here, but it's always a pleasure.
- You have the cash, I presume?
- Yeah, it's all there.
And... Where are the goods?
There's a bit of a problem
on that score, boys.
Yeah, we've had a few developments
concerning a fat friend of ours.
Franner, mate, I can explain this.
We go fucking way back, don't we, now?
All right, go on.
- What else?
- We're running the old decoy system.
So they send out a dummy truck
on a different route.
I'm the dummy truck. The dummy truck.
I want all the information
on that decoy truck. All the routes.
What's the point?
They're all empty, aren't they?
- Just get it.
- Fucking hell.
Here you are. That's for your trouble.
- Make sure you drop them two far out.
- Not a bother.
See you later.
All right. So? How'd you get on?
What, totally empty?
I tried. I'll drive myself.
I've got a nice new car there.
See you in a bit.
Make it look good, eh?
I already have, Jimmy.
I already have.
So you've had a good day?
Got something for you.
Take care.