The Crime (2022) Movie Script

-I'm drowning, Granddad!
Good morning.
-Did Hussein come?
-I'll see.
-Good morning, Doctor.
-Good morning.
-How is Mr. Adel?
-He asked me about Hussein.
-What did you say?
-I said I'll see.
-Good. You go.
Hello. Good morning.
I think you must come and see Adel.
Your visit is important and it matters.
You haven't visited in years.
Even when you would come,
you stand behind the glass looking in.
Like illusions that pass.
To the point that I don't know
who is real or an illusion.
Who are you imagining?
Doesn't matter.
What matters is that you're here.
But I'm sure you didn't come on your own.
Your aunt told you to see your dad
before he dies, right?
-You must be clairvoyant.
-Don't be surprised.
A long hospital stay
can make one see
and feel all sorts of things.
You did this to yourself.
Never mind. Let's talk about what matters.
Did you go to El Quseir?
Has work resumed?
The war is over
and I have served my sentences.
-You have no problem.
-And the community we live in?
People judge without knowing the truth.
You're a curse.
You destroyed everyone. Especially me.
I did all of this for you.
To keep you.
That's only in your head.
Your imagination.
-Because you're--
But, if this crazy person hadn't done that
wouldn't the outcome be far worse?
Worse than a word from a silly man
or a petty woman?
Look at yourself.
You're an engineer.
And you have a son.
A son that will inherit us
and continue everything we did.
What inheritance?
I don't want anything to do with you.
It's not up to you.
Your name
and your grandfathers' name
will be with you forever, regardless.
Take what they carved out
and built for you and your grandchildren.
Discard what they couldn't do.
-What are you pointing at?
-The past that you must know.
I'm inside you, Adel. I won't leave you.
Sometimes we think
we're holding all the strings.
As if life is a puppet.
A puppet we move as we wish.
Hey, Mister!
Are you okay?
He's still alive. Call him an ambulance.
-Did you hit him?
-I swear, I didn't hit him.
He flipped over on his own.
Here's the man's ID.
We found it in his pocket.
Adel Adham Hussein Al-Nadouri.
-Who's that?
-Hussein Al-Nadouri's grandson.
He was a petroleum engineer.
He was the design manager
at a phosphate plant before the war.
His grandfather had a very large agency,
here in El Quseir.
They serviced the phosphate plant,
ships, spare parts, and boats.
Everyone here knows him.
-Who is this?
-Abdul Aziz. He works with us.
He's been in El Quseir for 30 years,
so he knows a lot.
Well, look, Abdul Aziz,
I want you by my side all the time.
But, there's something you must know.
I don't like chatterboxes.
Only speak when I ask you to, okay?
-No, that's difficult, sir.
There could be something important
you don't ask about,
so I have to tell you, as I'm an expert.
What's this?
-He's like that. Accept him as is.
-Exactly, sir.
don't speak until I ask you to.
As you wish, sir.
How's it going, doctor?
His condition is stable.
Just a few bruises and minor bumps.
I hope he'll be awake by morning.
-Unfortunately, we had to tie his hands.
He has seizures and scratches himself.
Scratches himself.
-We'll come tomorrow to see what he says.
-Let's go. Calm down, Abdul Aziz.
-After you.
-Sir! Calm down, sir!
-Get away from me!
-Get away from me.
-You're fine.
Calm down, sir. Don't be scared.
Calm down. You're fine.
Nadia. Where's Nadia?
Who's Nadia, sir? Calm down.
-What am I doing here?
-Please calm down.
Why have you tied me up? Untie me!
Untie me!
-Untie me!
-Untie me!
I've untied you, sir.
What's that? A hallucination?
No, it's a demon.
Your mother's demon.
Welcome back, sir. Oh God, What happened?
-Who are you?
-Tawfiq, at your service.
The new guard for the closed-up
government buildings. I just arrived.
-I'm in the booth there.
-Where's Atta?
God bless your health, he retired.
-Yes, this is the number.
-You have a call from El Quseir.
El Quseir?
-Yes, Ola.
What's up? Are you okay?
I'm fine, don't worry.
How can I not worry
when you call at this hour?
-Are you okay?
-I had an accident.
Accident? What accident?
-I'm coming to you.
-Don't worry, Ola. I'm fine.
Why did you go to El Quseir, Adel?
Aren't you on vacation from the company?
Listen, is Hussein okay?
He insisted on sleeping in your old room.
I want you to take him and go to my house.
Take care of him.
Don't leave him, Ola, please.
Why? Isn't Nadia at home?
She's not!
I'm out of medication.
All great anger
starts off small.
It grows inside of us
and if it grows beyond the allowed limit,
it will take over.
And control you.
My mother's betrayal to my father
that I witnessed when I was young,
kept chasing me as though
I was the criminal who had sinned.
Where did your mom go, Adel?
Did the police find her?
They say she ran away after
she and her lover killed your father.
Answer us, boy!
What's this? Are you crying?
That's what happened, Granddad.
Was I wrong?
Did you come from Cairo
to tell me this story?
My dad told me, "If someone wrongs you,
say 'God forgive you'."
-God will judge them.
God will judge everybody,
but that's in the afterlife.
Some people must be judged on Earth first
before being judged up above.
And the one doing the judging
must be strong.
Because no one respects the weak.
No, I don't understand.
-I can't swim!
-Hit hard with your hands!
-I'm drowning, Granddad!
Swim! No one will get you out.
Hit with your hands!
Help me, Granddad!
-Don't leave me. No--
-Hit, boy!
Enough. Get up.
Get up.
Get up. Come.
Come here.
Don't cry.
Life Look at me.
Life is like the sea,
if you don't hit it hard and float up,
it'll take you down and drown you.
Understand now?
That's my grandfather,
Hajj Hussein Al-Nadouri.
Everything I built will be yours.
Whose words were a path I had to take.
Like fate.
If I went against it, I'd be burned alive.
Listen, boy.
Never wait for your opponent.
Because he who waits and hesitates dies.
Don't stutter!
Repeat after me,
"I won't let anyone beat me and hurt me."
-I won't let anyone beat me and hurt me.
I won't let anyone beat me and hurt me.
I won't let anyone beat and hurt me.
-I won't let anyone beat me and hurt me.
-I won't let anyone beat me and hurt me.
-What, sir?
We're not good enough
to meet in your office
so you meet us in this desolate place.
It's okay, only because your grandfather
was a man who has honored us all.
I came today
to give you a piece of advice.
Tell me.
The one who takes more than his right
loses everything.
-Even his right.
-Yes, but it's my right.
No! It's my right!
And I'll distribute the next shipment!
The deal's that we distribute, not
that you take it and throw us what's left.
-Listen, son!
Listen, son!
Shawqi Faghoora doesn't come to
a lunatic like you to be given orders!
On the ground! Put your weapons down!
Lower your weapons or I blow his brains!
Don't think I'm can't shoot.
I'm just reminding you. On your knees.
-Get down!
-Yes, sir!
Just like in my grandfather's days.
When he'd make you kneel.
If you ever think of insulting me again,
I'll blow your brains out.
-Get lost!
-Yes, sir.
Go! Why are you standing there? Go!
-You want to say something?
-Another time, sir.
Excuse me, Mr. Adel,
you know that Shawqi is a troublemaker.
What just happened won't go unnoticed.
My grandfather would always say, the wolf
you know would howl at you, at the most.
As he knows you can hurt him.
But the wolf you don't know,
will be fearless
and devour you.
-Can I help you?
-I'd like to meet Mr. Adel.
-Was it scheduled?
Mr. Adel only meets people by appointment.
Yes, you're right.
Okay, just tell him
Amgad Al-Husseini wanted to meet you.
Colonel Amgad Al-Husseini,
Detective Inspector.
-One moment, I'll tell him!
-No. Where are you going?
I don't have an appointment.
No, sir,
does the government need appointments?
You know, Abdul Aziz?
This is the main feature that made me
want to join the Police Academy.
That you can meet anyone at any time.
By the way, sir,
he left us waiting and went to ask.
By the way,
you're so annoying, Abdul Aziz.
-Didn't that what happened?
-Just don't say it to my face!
Be quiet.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
Colonel Amgad Al-Husseini,
Detective Inspector.
Hello, sir.
Sorry I'm late, I was out on an errand.
Not at all.
I'm sorry I came without an appointment.
I went to the hospital to close the report
and found that you had left.
It's just a routine, you know.
How do you take coffee?
Extra sugar.
But, I'd like water first, please.
-Coffee and water. Quick.
Come in.
The place is amazing.
Coming in from outside, it's wonderful.
I adore ancient places that are
full of history. They're something
Wow! What a beautiful picture.
-Is that you?
-And, who's that man?
-It's my grandfather.
Have a seat, sir.
My dad's dad. He raised me and my sister.
After he died, I took over the company.
It's clear business is going well
these days, despite the war.
Are boats still passing through? I just
moved here, so I'm trying to understand.
Honestly, there aren't many boats
but we can't lay off the workers.
My grandfather's will.
Distribution to the phosphate plant
keeps us going.
That's very good of you.
How did the accident happen?
The truck driver is still with us
and is suffering.
It was raining
and I couldn't control the steering wheel.
The car slid and overturned.
You're right.
The roads are bad,
especially in this weather.
Your coffee.
I don't drink coffee.
It makes me too focused
and I don't need that.
Why did you leave the hospital suddenly
despite your injury?
I felt stifled.
Hospital stays bother me.
And, who's Nadia?
The nurse said you were screaming for her.
Nadia's my wife.
The accident confused me,
I thought she was with me.
Did you check? Is she okay?
Yes, she's fine.
She's with her father in Cairo.
Would you like some fenugreek tea?
No, thank you.
With your permission, I'll call Abdul Aziz
to open a report and ask a few questions.
-Then what did we just do?
-Just a chat. We were chatting together.
Abdul Aziz!
Permission to enter.
Why permission?
Did you come in while I'm showering? Sit.
I beg your pardon.
Open a record, son!
Welcome back, sir.
I was waiting for you
so I could clean the apartment.
I'm your servant.
Before Atta left he explained everything.
-Go clean.
-Yes, sir.
-Listen. What's your name?
-Yes, sir?
Your servant, Tawfiq, sir.
Only downstairs.
-Nobody goes upstairs except me.
-Yes, sir.
Don't go upstairs, Tawfiq. Understood?
Understood, sir. As you wish.
Go ahead.
Where's the money?
Watch out, Adel,
marriage isn't a game.
Don't marry a woman
to sleep with her on your bed.
Marry a woman who takes care of you
and your home and your children.
Adel, don't
ever marry a woman like your mother.
Something inside of me pushed me
to choose a woman like my mother.
She was pure evil.
Wanna dance?
I wanna dance.
I should've gone far away from her.
But, I got closer
and closer
I was dazzled
I like you.
You like me too, right?
Yes, I like you.
Shall we get married?
Get married?
Bizarre, right?
I ran to marry her.
Her dad
Her dad kept looking me up and down.
But, it was done.
As long as Nadia agrees,
has to listen.
You didn't ask
why she married you that way?
I didn't ask.
It's like I'm repeating the past.
Like the hero in old Greek shows
pushing himself to his demise.
we need more candles. We're out.
Welcome, Adoul.
We were never friends, Ramzy.
Or have you forgotten?
I haven't forgotten, Nadia.
We're not the first to split up
and marry other people.
Anyway, I forgive you.
You know why?
Because I still love you.
You don't love anyone,
all that bothers you is that I left you.
Are you insane?
I've come to you and you reject me.
I found candles, Adel.
-I love my wife, Nadia.
-And I don't get rejected, Ramzy.
I kept quiet for you, Hussein.
But, Nadia doesn't keep quiet.
I can't believe what you're doing.
Let go of me!
What? What happened?
That lunatic was hugging
and kissing me in the dark.
I can't believe you did that.
Shame on you!
-Take your wife and leave, Ramzy.
-Take your wife and leave.
Come on, guys. Cut the cake, Ola.
Where's the music, guys? Music!
Mr. Adel!
What's this?
Why are you here?
I saw you floating in the water,
you were drowning, sir!
-What do you mean, idiot? I was swimming.
-You were drowning, sir.
Get out of my face! Get lost!
You didn't need to come all this way.
Ola is the reason you came all this way.
Your sister did what was necessary.
She just woke me up very early.
But, she's an angel. I envy you.
Is there something between you?
I wish. She brought you this medication.
As if I wouldn't come after your accident?
I'm fine.
You look like you had an accident, not me.
-Don't worry about it.
-Your uncle, Hisham, was lost.
He used drugs and drank,
as if he was punishing himself.
Where's Nadia?
I don't know.
-What do you mean?
-I mean, I don't know.
Nadia got me into a huge dilemma.
Nobody can get me out of it except her.
I didn't betray you.
You know it's Nadia's fault.
I don't care.
My agreement was with you.
What's his relation to Nadia?
It's a man I used to deal with.
-He would get me-- Yes.
I was the supply director in our company.
He proposed that I hide drugs
in the company's merchandise from abroad.
I could pay my debts and make a profit.
It worked, we did some transfers.
But, last time
-The stuff isn't here.
What do you mean?
You're asking me? Where are the drugs?
Everybody hide!
all of you, come out now.
I know you're here.
-What are you doing here?
-Who's this?
This gangster vibe is very nice.
Who's this?
I'm the director of the company that
smuggles your drugs in our imported goods.
And, his sister.
You told her about the stuff?
I swear I didn't tell her a thing!
I have your stuff.
If you want it, pay the price.
Why do I pay?
Your brother will pay with his life.
If you want to kill him, go ahead.
I don't care.
Are you crazy? What're you doing?
-Let go of me!
you have one last chance.
Return my drugs,
or I won't let you live another day.
Is that man linked to
Nadia's disappearance?
I don't know.
What are you?
What do you want from me?
Leave me alone!
What's wrong, Adel? I heard you scream.
A nightmare.
Shall I bring you some water or whiskey?
Good night, Hisham.
Good night.
You have a candle? I fear the dark.
Thank you. Good night.
You left the candle on the floor?
Shouldn't you be careful?
You could burn down the whole apartment.
Go to sleep, Hisham.
The manager wants you.
Yes, Mokhtar?
That's enough, Abdul Aziz.
Go and close the door after you.
What made you come looking for her here?
We looked all over Cairo for her.
There's been no trace
of her for four days.
When we heard from Adel's sister
that he had an accident,
we called to check on him and Nadia.
He said she hadn't traveled with him
and he knew nothing about her.
The information I have is that
Nadia is with you in Cairo.
According to her husband, Adel.
Adel is a liar and is not a normal person.
He could even be behind her disappearance.
Why would you say that?
He always fights with her
and gives her trouble.
I warned him before.
Mr. Ibrahim, these are family problems,
it won't go as far as
disappearance and kidnapping.
What remains is for you to say rape.
My daughter, Nadia, calls me every day.
She said "The day I don't call you, you'll
know that Adel did something to me".
I officially accuse him.
Please, summon him and interrogate him.
I believe General Mokhtar said that
you will do what's necessary.
Yes. General Mokhtar said that
I will do what's necessary.
Where'd you hide my daughter? Talk!
I am just as worried about her as you are.
Where's this worry of yours?
You probably killed her.
Mr. Ibrahim. No.
-We didn't come to fight.
-He knows where she is.
I don't know anything.
Mr. Adel, when I asked about your wife,
why did you tell me she was at her dad's?
That's what I thought.
Why didn't you call to check?
She always goes to her father's
when she's angry.
When I call,
she makes him say she's not there.
Although I know she's there.
So, I don't bother calling.
He's in front of you. Ask him.
It's true, she refuses to speak to him.
But this time,
she didn't come to our house.
When did you last see her?
About five days ago.
She said she'd go to the chalet.
I came to make amends and didn't find her,
so I presumed she was at her dad's.
Why did you fight?
Ordinary problems, like any couple.
Don't you fight with your wife?
We actually fought just this morning.
But, she's still here,
she didn't disappear.
Why are you so worried?
It's not her first time.
Does she usually disappear?
Every now and then.
Nobody knows where she is,
but she tells me where she is.
Does she have close friends?
She has friends.
Some I know, others I don't.
Don't know them?
We didn't find anything.
Mr. Ibrahim.
We searched this place and the company
and searched the whole area
and found nothing.
But we won't give up. I'll instruct the
admin in Cairo to do the investigations.
I want you two to sit together quietly,
maybe you'll find where she went.
Everyone hates each other in that family.
-Like my mom's family.
-What did you say?
-My mom's family hate each other.
What does your mom's family
have to do with the case?
Your mom's family isn't even part of this.
-Don't drive me crazy, Abdul Aziz!
-Sorry, sir. Forget it.
-Who's this?
-Tawfiq. Guard of the phosphate company.
Not now. Later. Go.
What money are you asking about?
Your daughter got me into it
and you're responsible.
Didn't you fire me
and give her the company?
How will you run a company, you druggie?
-You're worthless compared to Nadia.
-Enough, Ibrahim. Calm down.
I told you a hundred times
not to interfere.
Go. Wait for me in the car. Go!
Where is the other guy?
What do you want?
Don't think that what you said
to the officer will fool me.
If my daughter's hurt, I won't let you go.
Understood? I will destroy your life.
I won't rest until you hang.
And as of today,
I'm taking Hussein to live with me.
-Take who?
Take Hussein?
-Who will let you do that?
-Do you think you can stop me?
Hussein cannot be left to live with you.
Because you could hurt him,
just as you must have done to his mother.
I have connections
and you know their positions very well.
Whether you like it or not,
Hussein will live with me.
I will put you in prison, Adel.
Mr. Amgad.
Operations. Mr. Amgad.
Start the report.
A terrible accident resulted in
two burnt bodies on the desert road.
Oh God.
Nobody touches anything until I arrive.
Yes, sir.
I swear, sir, it's not my fault.
I was driving on my lane,
and I saw two cars coming towards me.
One of them swerved to the other
and got in my way, sir.
What were you saying?
Sir, I swear I was going down the road
and all of a sudden--
Not from the start, just the last part.
Two cars were coming toward me,
they almost collided and hit me.
This car seems to belong to
Nadia's parents, God bless their souls.
How do you know?
I noticed the license plate at Adel's.
The number is distinctive. Four fives.
Mr. Amgad, if this man is being honest,
and one car had hit another on purpose,
that's a crime.
We'll see.
What'd you see, Tawfiq?
The master got in the car
and his wife was with him.
-Who left after them?
-A young man, but I don't know his name.
I told you that he is my wife's brother.
His name is Hisham.
I saw them on the way
and drove past them in my car.
Did Adel go out that night?
I don't want to lie, sir. After they left,
I went to bed immediately.
I didn't go out, I stayed at home.
Come with me because we need to check
your car and Mr. Hisham's.
There is no evidence on their cars
that they were involved in an accident.
Has Nadia not turned up?
She hasn't, sir.
There's clearly a crime.
And, I will find out who did it.
I have my doubts but I'm missing evidence.
Listen, Mr. Ibrahim has connections
with people in high places.
Meaning we can't close the case like this.
Don't forget that Ibrahim accused Adel of
his daughter's disappearance or murder.
You must bring him in and press him.
You were reckless, that you left him
before investigating him well.
Hello! What's this?
Why are you so heavy?
What's this strength? Let me see.
-What are these muscles? Here?
-Here too.
What's this? Do you lift weights?
-Two weights.
-Two weights?
So strong! How are your studies?
-He's very smart.
-Very smart. Oh my!
-I'll make lunch before I go to hospital.
-Are you traveling again tomorrow?
-Who said that?
I'm staying with you. Friday, we'll go to
the cinema, the club, wherever you like.
I wanted to travel with you.
You will, be patient.
The mid-year break is almost here.
-Where's Mom?
-Mom? She's traveling.
Adel, Colonel Amgad Al-Husseini
wants you outside.
Go to your room. Come on.
Good evening.
Of course, I apologize
for coming directly to your house.
But I need to talk to you
before I return to El Quseir.
-May I?
-Of course.
My son just asked me about his mom.
I didn't know what to say to him. Come in.
The house's design is great.
Is it your taste or your wife's?
This is a picture of the missus.
She's clearly a strong character.
You can see clearly.
Not really.
It's a great house.
What's this? A bar?
Chivas, Baileys, Grand Marnier.
-You want a glass?
No, thank you. I don't drink.
That car is very nice.
-Whose car is that?
-It's Nadia's.
How did she go out without it?
Or did someone pass by her?
-She has other cars. Have a seat.
I'll get to the point.
In fact, we did some investigations
and asked friends,
and we noticed that Nadia
used to go to a lot of late night places.
Nightclubs and discos.
And she always had with her
Of course, I apologize for talking about
such personal matters.
But this is for the greater good
and to get to the truth.
I would like to ask you a question.
Were the problems between you two
because of these issues?
Or because of bigger issues?
Go ahead.
Mr. Adel, I'm done talking,
you can answer my questions.
Mr. Adel!
Mr. Adel.
Do you hear me?
Mr. Adel, why aren't you answering me?
Mr. Adel!
You said you'll drink whiskey?
-I said thank you, I don't drink alcohol.
-I do.
What's going on?
Why did you visit me?
Sorry, it's been a long day.
I still have a lot to do.
I was asking you if the problems
between you two
I'm sorry to ask.
relate to your wife's reputation
and loyalty to you?
Got it.
You mean to say she cheated on me,
I hit her and she fled?
Or she cheated on me
so I killed her and hid her body?
I'm talking about all possible reasons
for her disappearance.
Those two possibilities
are actually very high,
and we can't rule out any possibility.
Looks like you wanna leave.
We're not done talking.
But I won't keep you.
I want you to tell
those doing the investigation
that the law, to my knowledge,
isn't based on possibilities.
I don't wanna hear these accusations,
they hurt me
and harm me.
And could reach those closest to me,
my son.
Thank you for coming.
I want to make it clear
that my goal is to seek the truth.
Not to shame or tarnish your reputation.
You should know,
I was ordered to bring you in
and pressure you.
But I don't like doing that
and hope we don't resort to it.
Thank you for coming.
It was a pleasure.
Colonel Amgad
is not like any traditional officer.
He appears to not understand anything,
but he understands everything.
He gets to the root.
So, he's a danger to me.
I can't reveal my patient's mental state.
That's neither legal nor ethical.
I can't say a word
without a formal prosecution
or court interrogation.
Of course, I understand that,
I want his best interest.
Because he wasn't normal
when I talked to him.
His looks, facial expressions and silence.
Unfortunately, I can't speak.
I want to consult you about something.
One of my mother's relatives,
his mom's lover killed his dad
in front of him as a child.
In this case, when he grows up,
could that trauma be a motive for murder?
Like killing his wife? Especially since
she's a traitor like his mom.
Ask your relative
to book an appointment with us.
I'll ask him.
And then you'll say,
"I can't talk as it's confidential"?
Of course.
It was a pleasure.
But, just so you know,
I also maintain confidentiality.
I don't just say anything.
What brought Colonel Amgad here?
He was asking about Adel.
What did you say?
Do you think Adel could have killed Nadia?
Don't worry, Ola, I didn't kill her.
-Where did she go then?
I don't know. She's evil and many people
hate her. Most of all, her brother.
Adel, my dear, I'm afraid for you.
You're not just my brother,
but like a dad to me.
You did a lot for me when I was young.
Let me help you now.
Whatever happens,
I wouldn't hesitate to cover up for you.
Never mind about me.
Have you decided?
To be honest, Dr. Shukri is a gentleman.
There's a nice feeling between us.
Well, if you agree, I agree.
I trust your heart and mind.
I fear we'll be apart after I marry.
I have nobody else
to teach Hussein how to live.
You're his real mother
who will raise him without a complex.
Without a past that will haunt him.
The corpse we want you to identify
was found by some fishermen
in a net near the coast.
We thought we'd bring it here first
for you to identify it.
-I can't identify it. I can't.
-Wait, Hisham.
Don't you have her photos?
The state of a corpse that's been
in the water for a while is rough.
It's hard to identity. You know her well,
so your judgment will be more accurate.
-I can't.
-Come with us, sir.
-I can't.
Endure it a little. Go ahead.
Come in.
-It's Nadia!
-How? We haven't seen anything yet!
Show her face, please, doctor.
-She looks like her.
-It's not her.
The corpse is mutilated, Mr. Adel,
how can you be sure it's not her?
It's my wife,
I know her better than anyone.
Understood. Go ahead.
How are you, Nadia?
So you didn't kill Mom?
I wanted to.
-I couldn't.
-Why did you do that to her?
I'll tell you everything.
I followed her like you asked me to,
she went out with a guy
then went to his house.
I'll send you the pictures.
Could that man have been wrong?
-He sent me photos of your mom, she
Don't finish.
Oh my God. Are you still awake?
Don't say you're worried.
I'm not worried about you.
Looks like you'll drag me
into tales and riddles.
Can we postpone talking till the morning?
Bear it for now and I promise
there'll be no more riddles after tonight.
But none of this, "Where have you been?
Who with? Why are you late?" and so on.
That's another topic.
The night before our wedding,
the night you told me
you rode a lot of horses as a child
and lost your virginity
You believed that?
I made myself believe you.
But it's a blatant lie.
You know?
It's the only lie I could justify for you.
I told you the past is over,
but not the future.
What's ahead will count.
I forgave you once and twice
and ten times.
What do you want from me now?
Are you cheating on me?
It's cheating if we're in love.
Let's not fool ourselves.
If you don't like it, divorce me.
How will you justify it?
What will you say?
What will you tell your son
when he asks you if you're a cheat?
I'll say I found out that you're crazy.
Crazy people
belong in a mental institution.
I'll be issued a divorce.
I'll be the victim who endured a lunatic.
You're the one who's sick
and enjoy hurting those closest to you.
-Me and your brother.
-What you're saying is made up.
I'm telling the truth. The first to know
will be your son, Hussein.
Wait. Where are you going?
Hussein isn't here. I sent him to Ola's.
He has seen enough filth from you.
Okay then.
Did you empty the house
because you planned to kill me?
Go ahead. Kill me.
But you're a coward.
You couldn't do that.
And I won't insist on a divorce.
One day, you'll find me
in another man's arms.
I'll do exactly
what your mom did to your dad.
Go to sleep, Adel.
I will do to you
what my grandfather did to my mother.
The punishment fits the crime.
Hey you!
You tired yourself and me, and tied me up
and put me in the trunk of the car,
and brought me all the way out here
just to kill me?
It's simpler than that.
You could have poisoned me
in my sleep or shot me.
No. I'll do to you exactly
what my grandfather did to my mother.
And when you go down to her, you
can recall your dirty memories together.
Recall them in hell.
You think I'll let you go
when you kill me?
I'll stay inside you.
Inside you.
And in your imagination,
just like your mother.
And neither of us will leave you. Ever.
Then I remembered you.
I said you couldn't live without me.
If I divorced your mother,
her bad reputation
and debauchery would've followed you
and dragged you down.
And if I killed her,
people would've called me a murderer.
Then my reputation
would have dragged you down.
What do you want from me?
This is my favorite look of you.
When you're screaming.
Helpless. You don't know what to do.
For the first time,
Nadia is helpless
and doesn't know what to do.
It's a miracle.
What should I do, Adel?
What do you want me to do? Tell me.
What should Nadia do?
This requires thought.
Would you like to talk here or upstairs?
Whatever you want.
I'd do anything to get out of here.
You're releasing me, right?
Release you? I'm just trying the key.
-I hate you!
-That's nothing new.
-You're an idiot! And crazy!
-That's not new either.
By the way,
Crazy Adel
had gone away,
but you brought him back again.
I wish you'd be a man for once,
not a coward.
If you're a real man, kill me.
I will make you see death every day
as it passes in front of you.
To remind you of your malice.
And that you must pay
for all your actions.
Don't leave me here!
No. I will not die here!
Who is it?
You know what, Nadia?
I have always asked myself,
what turns a person into a devil?
A selfish, deluded and arrogant person?
Some people have justification,
others are made that way.
Tell me,
what turned you into the devil
who torments everybody around her?
Tell me, and if I'm convinced
by your justifications, I'll release you.
I'm listening.
What should I say?
What should I say, you lunatic?
You clearly don't want to go.
Calm down and talk. Try.
I suggest you start from your childhood.
It all starts in childhood, right?
This is your only way to get out.
Remember my father
mistreating and insulting my mother?
Or how weak and submissive she was?
Or my brother's privileges and rights
because he was a man?
I never felt like this was my life.
I'd see her oppressed and alone.
I stopped feeling sorry for her.
I felt that it would be my fate
if I didn't change my reality.
I realized I could change
by having my dad on my side.
I began to do the plan.
I always sided with my dad over my mom.
I cared for him.
Showed him how well I work.
But that wasn't enough.
It wasn't enough
for me to control everything.
I'm very sorry.
you don't have to justify anything.
I understand and appreciate your need.
Mom has become neglectful
and distant and doesn't understand you.
You have the right to do this and more.
It's a secret.
I will never tell anyone anything. Never.
Excuse me.
I checked the accounts and found
a lot of money wasn't recorded.
I mean profits.
They could accuse you of embezzlement.
But I can hide the profits
and make them untraceable.
I'll do it.
I humiliated him. And I kept his secrets.
I became the cover
over all of his whims and actions.
I'd even suggest women
to satisfy his desires.
But it still wasn't enough.
I was Nadia, Hisham's sister,
at home and at work.
I didn't allow it.
I had to be the main one.
I didn't care who came after me.
I knew Hisham did drugs.
You scared me. I thought you were Dad.
Good morning, Hashoum.
Good morning. Sorry, Nana.
You know I need this in the morning.
-Did Dad come?
-No, not yet. You can completely relax.
-Do you want anything?
-Thank you.
Dad, I want you for a moment.
What's up, Nana? Do you wanna try?
-You scumbag addict!
Sniffing cocaine?
-Listen, Dad.
-No scandals.
-Listen to what?
-The main thing is the company's interest.
I've controlled them ever since.
I direct everyone as I wish.
And you had to marry someone
you could control.
At home like your mom
and you like your dad
with his tyranny and immorality.
I told you everything. Let me go.
I'll forget you ever did anything.
I did do something. I put everyone at ease
and recorded everything you said.
When your son grows up
and asks and finds out,
he'll say, "You shouldn't lock her,
you should kill her".
Really? Record this, too.
I never loved you.
I was with you to make someone jealous.
Ramzy. Remember him?
Two packs of cigarettes, Ahmed.
Make that three, please.
-Shame on you.
-No, sir
Don't worry. Thank you.
Come, Tawfiq.
What's this coincidence?
To be honest, it's no coincidence.
You came to see me because you missed me?
If I told you I missed you, I'd be a liar
and would go to hell.
I came specially for you, Tawfiq.
See how special you are?
I'm still lying. You're not special to me.
-Is something wrong, sir?
-Listen, Tawfiq.
Do you remember any new information
about Nadia's disappearance
and her parents' accident?
I told you everything, sir.
I believe you, but sometimes
one suddenly forgets and remembers things.
Yes, but I don't remember anything, sir.
You don't remember?
No problem.
Some people have a poor memory.
I have a very good suggestion.
What if you spent two days with us
at the station?
We have clever ways to restore the memory.
You will love it.
But not today, I'll give you a day or so,
and you might remember.
And if you remember anything, tell me.
-Yes, sir.
-Goodbye, Tawfiq.
-Here you go.
-That's your pack, sir.
I don't smoke. Should I lie?
Come on, Abdul Aziz.
-The cigarettes, sir.
-Thank you.
Will you spend your time just
smoking and drinking coffee,
smoking and coffee? You must take care.
You're so intrusive.
If I was intrusive, sir,
I'd have said what I saw.
What did you see, Tawfiq?
I saw you get in the car
and follow her parents who were here,
who had an accident.
But when the officer asked me,
I said you didn't go out and I was asleep.
I lied for you, but that's okay.
I didn't tell him about the blood
I saw on the door.
So they won't suspect you.
I'll keep your secret.
Keep my secret.
You want to cover up for me, Tawfiq?
How does that help you?
You want money to keep my secret.
You understand, sir. You know that
life is difficult and wages are low.
What I'm asking from you
is a drop in the sea of your wealth.
Forget about that, Tawfiq.
Tell me, when you were cleaning,
did you obey my order and not go upstairs?
Of course, sir.
But what does that have to do with it?
-Lemon juice.
Make me a lemon juice.
Lemon juice with mint, sir.
-What brought you here, you lunatic?
Look ahead.
Yes, transfer the call.
-What's wrong, Tawfiq? What do you want?
-Mr. Amgad.
I remembered something I want to tell you
about Mr. Adel.
So my conscience is clear.
I was sure you'd remember, Tawfiq.
Where are you? Come to my office now.
What do you mean? Where should we meet?
Okay. Agreed. Goodbye.
Ola, I need to spend two days
in the hospital.
-What's wrong, Adel? Are you okay?
-My nerves are frayed.
I always feel nervous.
More so after Nadia left.
Okay. Try to calm down.
We all know that Nadia's crazy.
I'm sure she'll turn up.
Wait for me here.
I'll go and speak to Dr. Shukri.
I'm sure he'll agree.
You know I can't make decisions
about your condition.
-Don't worry.
I'm tired and will rest a little.
I don't want calls or visits
until I call you.
Thank you.
-Hello, sir.
-What's this?
-What's this strange place?
-Pardon me, sir.
I don't anyone to know I met you.
-Okay. Give me your information.
-I have information about Mr. Adel.
-I must tell you to clear my conscience.
-I told you, I'm all ears.
Mr. Adel What's that?
Who are you?
What'd you say to him?
I was gonna tell him you're innocent
and not a criminal.
Give me the officer's gun.
I did what was required, as agreed,
and brought him here.
You did do what was required of you.
-I will do what is required of me.
-What's this, sir?
Why do you have a gun?
You blackmailed me before
and it seems that you intend to repeat it.
It was a mistake and won't happen again.
Tell me, Tawfiq,
when I asked if you went upstairs,
what did you say?
That I didn't.
I swear I didn't go upstairs.
You swear?
Both closet doors were open,
there was no wind.
You closed them, right?
You're a liar, Tawfiq,
I couldn't let you live.
I can't take risks.
By the way, I like you.
You are diligent and loyal to your job.
But stay away.
Please, stay away from me.
Dr. Shukri,
I can't live with people
or the ghosts that haunt me
wanting to hurt me.
I know it doesn't make sense
but it's the truth. Please resolve this.
Adel, we spoke a lot
about the things you see and hear.
-We agreed it's just in your imagination.
And this wound
and the scratches on my chest?
It's possible you unconsciously
injured yourself at a different time.
Like the bathroom mirror you broke.
Your mind linked the injury
to your hallucinations.
I know you won't believe me.
-Are you taking the medication?
It's useless and makes me tired.
Let's change it.
But you shouldn't stop taking it.
It's the solution.
Along with these sessions
which you must keep.
The only explanation
is that you killed Tawfiq.
You had a fight, he hit you on the head,
so you shot him and you passed out.
That's not true, sir.
Why would I argue with a simple guard?
He called me and said he had information
about Adel and the accident.
Did you have a permit?
Was your immediate superior aware
that you went to see a witness in a case
in a place like that?
Why didn't you take anyone?
My focus wasn't on who would accompany me.
My focus is on a murder
and kidnapping case.
Say that during the interrogation.
Please, sir. The inspection report
proved there were many footprints
at the crime scene.
Which indicates there were many parties.
Also, the forensic lab report confirms
the bullet was fired with the left hand.
So whoever shot was left-handed
and I'm right-handed.
I am the victim, not the criminal.
If you can justify any crime
you committed,
what about hurting the officer?
Hurt him?
I just bothered him.
I made him focus on something bigger.
Any evidence I left that night
was so it be told
that there's more than one party
at a crime scene.
What are you, exactly?
Come in.
I'm done, sir.
Can I help with anything before I leave?
Thank you, Abdul Aziz.
You know, sir, you're the best detective
I've ever worked with.
I have half a sandwich that I don't want.
Will you have it?
-Half a sandwich and you don't want it?
Go home, Abdul Aziz.
As you wish, sir.
-Abdul Aziz.
-Yes, sir.
-Thank you.
-At your service, sir.
Adel told me
to watch you while he's away.
Do you work with Adel?
Does he deal drugs?
It was inherited from the old man.
Also, I don't have to talk to you.
I brought food. My work's done.
-What do you want?
I have a lot of money.
I know that.
-Especially after your inheritance.
Did he not tell you that
your parents died in an accident?
-God bless their souls.
-What do you want now?
-That means I have more money.
How about a million?
-What for?
-To get me out of here.
-You'll pay me a million pounds for that?
-And the drugs you took from me?
-I'll tell you where they are.
But if you kill Adel,
I'll give you anything.
And your brother?
He knows what's between us.
We'll get rid of him too,
and split the inheritance.
What do you think? Do you agree?
I get half the inheritance and the drugs
for killing your husband and brother?
-You deserve to be burned not hanged.
-What are you saying?
You're right, Mr. Adel.
Do you think you can buy anyone
with your money?
-You bastard criminals.
-Bye, you scum.
You seem annoyed.
Shall I play some music for you to relax?
Go to hell!
Take this. Keep these tapes with you.
We're done with the family problems.
-We have to focus on work.
-What do you want from me? All is well.
I helped you get Hisham, right?
We had many shipments
before he was found out.
It's good that you know what she's like.
Get rid of her now or leave her.
No, not yet.
Her time hasn't come yet.
Listen to me, Adel.
You're not just my boss's son,
you're like a son to me.
I saw you grow up into a gentleman.
Not everything
your grandfather said was right.
You must overcome some things
to carry on with your life.
-It's too late for that, Hamdan.
Let's talk about the now.
Your absence at the operations lately,
made the traders talk.
They say I'm working behind your back.
This time, the foreigner insists that
you attend the handover in person.
Or the operation will be canceled
and go to Shawqi.
It seems the peace process is going ahead.
Borders will open
and business will be back.
This will be the last operation.
When the borders open, things will ease.
The demand for drugs might increase?
This is the last operation.
Wipe Hisham from your head completely.
Hear and obey, sir.
Adel was in the hospital during the crime.
He went in the day before and hadn't left.
Raafat, I'm sure he is behind all of this.
That man is extremely clever.
But he's crazy and not normal.
You said that yourself.
I know. I know he's crazy.
He stared at me
for an hour without talking.
It's clear that his family history
is the cause of all this.
His treacherous wife
made him even crazier.
Can we let him go?
Can we let him go? Answer me.
Did I say anything?
We can't let a lunatic go free.
Either he is hospitalized for treatment,
or tied up and thrown in prison.
Or should we let him go free?
Let him
kill people as he wants? Can we let him?
-Mr. Amgad.
-What do you want?
-You want me to let him go?
A drug delivery was reported anonymously.
-Everything's here, sir.
-Thank you, Robert.
I appreciate you not going with Shawqi.
But isn't it a shame to give up the trade
your grandfather built over the years?
I didn't intend to give it to my son.
The drug business was just temporary
during the war.
Now the war is over,
we'll resume our original work.
The police are on the way, boss!
Shoot them. Disable them. Let's go!
The shooter must be covering the main men.
Raafat, go from behind
and bring him alive by any means.
I'll cover you.
How are you, Mr. Adel?
What's up?
I was hoping to come visit you alone,
but was ordered not to go without troops.
Come in.
Where were you today?
At the chalet.
Why ask?
I was at a drug seizure and
one of the perpetrators came to this area.
Did you come to check on me
or do you suspect me, as usual?
You know my boss gave me one last chance.
And he gave me orders
to close any cases related to you.
Nadia's disappearance
is no longer a disappearance then.
We can say that she didn't
want to live with her husband,
so she ran away
because she loves someone else.
Of course, I'm sorry to say such a thing.
Forgive me.
-What else?
-Her parents' accident
wasn't a murder, it was fate.
Tawfiq's killer is also unknown.
But you proved that
you were in the hospital then.
It's driving me crazy.
But you don't believe that?
You have a lump in your chest.
And you came to test me
because you suspect me. Right?
-What will we do then?
With all the evidence of my innocence?
That's what bothers me.
That the evidence is all too perfect.
What will we do?
Tell me, Mr. Amgad.
Did you
-go to see my doctor?
-Yes, I did indeed.
-You think I'm crazy?
-Not at all.
Be careful, if I'm crazy,
I can do whatever I like.
A crazy person is exempt.
Mr. Amgad, I want to talk to you
-off the record.
-Sorry, my English is weak.
Meaning, to talk between you and me.
I got it. Leave us alone for a minute.
Go ahead. Take your time.
You wasted time,
and upset your bosses.
Don't forget you're lucky.
Very lucky. You know why?
The evidence and footprints
at the crime scene
prove there was a third party.
A third party that wants to help you
and prove your innocence.
Without which,
you'd be in prison accused of murder.
Fate proved your innocence.
What do we do about it?
Thank it,
and thank God.
And forget everything and go home happy.
Or do you want to anger fate? Don't
you dare anger fate.
If somebody died or was kidnapped,
that's his punishment
and God's justice on Earth!
Granddad told me that.
Neither of you have the right to take
God's authority on Earth!
It's not your right to decide the future
and who deserves to live or die!
Calm down, officer.
Remind me,
is it not your right to rule,
control and punish?
It's my legitimate right,
and is accepted by the entire society!
Otherwise, it would be a jungle.
You only say that
because you're a cop.
You're wrong.
Before I became an cop,
my mother taught me that.
She was a great woman.
Unlike other mothers you know so well.
Handcuff this man.
Abdul Aziz, write this down.
"The accused Adel Hussein Al-Nadouri
will be imprisoned,
until given to the prosecution."
And by the way, this is on the record.
His bosses will hold him accountable.
There's no evidence,
and the accusation is baseless.
We could say that the case is closed.
Thank you.
Wake up, Nadia.
You haven't eaten.
You're going to die if you don't eat.
Adel, forgive me.
Forgive me.
I might have made a mistake.
No, I did make a mistake.
I wronged you and was very cruel to you.
You have the right to do anything
to get revenge on me.
I'm sorry.
I won't ask your forgiveness for my sake
but for Hussein's sake.
Let's forget the past and start over.
That can be possible, for Hussein's sake.
I'm sure he wants his mom who misses him.
For my sake, Adel.
I don't deserve it, so for Hussein's sake.
Please, Adel.
Let's forget the past and start over.
Forgive me.
Get off me!
Is there no one in this wretched place?
I saw you come in here.
You won't leave here, you know why?
Because you're stupid!
Didn't you want us to make amends?
You wretched, despicable lunatic!
I'm gonna cut off your dirty tongue.
You think you can escape from me.
I will bury you here!
You need to know why I did this.
Is she dead or alive?
She's alive.
Shame! If you want to kill her, do it.
It makes no difference to me.
I'll be upstairs.
Close the door properly.
Sometimes one has a lot inside to say
but when he talks, nothing comes out.
I think that applies to us both now.
Let's close the door on our past,
like we closed the door on Nadia.
Let's look ahead.
In fact, I came today to tell you
that I'm going to rehab.
I can't stand myself anymore.
Here is a power of attorney
for you to run the company.
And you, Adel? What do you plan to do?
I plan to take care of Hussein.
I'll be his father and mother.
He's on vacation soon,
he can stay with me.
Where? Won't he feel
his mom's presence in the basement?
What mother?
If I get the feeling
that you're even thinking about it
-I'll kill you.
-Come on.
I'll kill you.
I don't know anyone called Nadia.
-Is this real or a nightmare?
-No, it's real.
And I brought someone you know very well.
But he gave us a hard time
before giving you up.
You're not a man.
I didn't do anything.
What about the drugs we found
in your warehouse?
Take him.
Take it easy, man.
Raafat, check the evidence log yourself.
I don't want any mistakes.
-Yes, sir.
-Pay attention.
What's this?
Hamdan with Hajj Hussein Al-Nadouri.
That's probably Adel when he was young.
I know that, Abdul Aziz.
I saw this picture before in Adel's office
but it didn't have Hamdan.
That means there's a relationship
between Adel and Hamdan and drug dealing.
Not necessarily.
Go away, Abdul Aziz.
I don't want to see you again.
-Yes, sir.
We found quarter-inch tapes.
I heard part of it but you must hear it.
Hamdan? Do you work with Adel?
Does Adel deal drugs?
Do you think you can buy anyone
with your money?
I never loved you.
I was with you to make someone jealous.
Ramzy. Remember him?
Those tapes were the only link
between me and what happened.
And I was charged.
Thank you very much for coming, Mr. Amgad.
How is he doing now?
You're the only one who gets through
to him and he improves for a while.
Even if it's a big shock to him,
at least it's not fantasies or illusions.
Is he still in the same room?
The same room.
Go ahead and I'll join you.
-Thank you.
-Excuse me.
Come in.
Mr. Amgad,
who arrested me and put me in prison.
I just came to check on you.
You came because my sister Ola
told you to visit me.
She thinks you bring back
my memories of the past,
of the reality that I never forgot.
Mr. Amgad visited us at the chalet
during your mid-year break.
Do you remember?
I remember.
Those were the best days ever.
When I saw your smile and told you
the same things my grandfather told me.
All this will be yours, Hussein.
Whatever we can't fix together,
you will finish after me.
And after the recordings I found
in Hamdan's apartment,
I came to arrest you that night.
Do you remember what happened
before I arrived?
Adel, son of Al-Nadouri!
It's payback time.
Shawqi came to take what's his.
I'll shoot you a thousand times
for the bullet you fired on me.
What's wrong, Dad?
Don't worry. They're bad people.
I'll get rid of them.
I want you to stay inside
and don't leave until I'm back.
Don't be afraid.
Don't leave until I'm back.
Help! Help, I'm here!
Come on, blow up the place!
I'll kill you, Faghoora!
Blow up the place!
Help! Hel--
Get back!
It's the police!
Stay right there! Don't move!
Mr. Adel.
How are you, Mr. Amgad?
My son, Hussein.
Hussein! Have you met Hussein before?
You haven't met him before. Hussein.
get up and say hi to the police officer.
He's fine. He's just
He's sleeping.
Hussein's sleeping. Hussein.
-Wake up, Hussein.
-Mr. Adel, come with me.
Hussein is my life.
There's nothing to say.
Mr. Adel.
I'm sorry.
I didn't come here
to remind you of your painful past.
I came to ask you to forgive.
So that God,
who holds the keys to Heaven and Earth,
who is more merciful to us than ourselves,
may forgive you.
Then, you'll be at ease.
you can't let the fire
that engulfed everything around you
devour what's left of you.
Didn't you say this to me
when you came before?
-I said it many times.
-Did it make a difference?
Are you real
or an illusion nagging in my ears?
What should I do to prove to you
that I'm real and in front of you?
-Will you let this man mess with you?
He's a coward.
-He can't do anything.
-I'm not a coward. This is all your fault.
Mr. Adel, calm down. What's wrong?
I told you not to marry
someone like your mother.
I never loved you. You're weak.
-Is it real or an illusion?
-There's no love between us.
I never loved you.
There's no love between us.
I told you not to let anyone
beat you and hurt you.
You'll never escape me.
You killed me.
-I won't leave you
-I told you only the strong survive.
It's cheating if we're in love.
I'll do what your mom did to your dad.
I want nothing to do with you.
I wish you'd be a man for once.
If you're a real man, kill me.
-I told you not to let anyone hurt you.
-I won't leave you.
I will kill you all.
All of you!
Wake up, Adel.
What happened?
He was hallucinating that he was talking
to people and suddenly lost consciousness.
Good. His pulse is very good.
Are you well?
Dr. Ahmed made a huge effort
to revive you.
Who is Dr. Ahmed?
-This is Hussein, my son.
-No, I'm not Hussein. I'm Dr. Ahmed.
I told you not to get worked up,
it's not good.
-Excuse me.
That's Hussein, my son.
-Adel, that is Dr. Ahmed.
-Calm down, Mr. Adel.
-Calm down.
Dr. Ahmed's an internal medicine
and cardiology specialist.
He has looked after you for a while.
Your mind's making you think it's Hussein.
Trust me, my dear, I'm not lying to you.
These are all illusions and fantasies.
I believe you. It's Dr. Ahmed.
I have a session.
I'll finish it and come back to you.
I'm glad you're safe.
Was the bullet also an illusion?
-What bullet?
-I was just imagining it?
Yes, you were imagining it.
Can you imagine when you're leaving?
I'm leaving now.
Mr. Amgad.
Won't you say bye to Hussein?
Goodbye, Hussein.
Do you think he's being honest?
isn't just what we see with our eyes,
it's in our hearts.
Until the last day in my life,
you'll always be my son,
who's here and lives with me.
My son,
who I'd do anything for, right or wrong.
What matters is I keep you
and never believe what people say.
Because their eyes lie
and have no mercy.
Where are you going?
Mr. Amgad is a danger to us.
I have to kill him.