The Crooked Way (1949) Movie Script

This is the Letterman General Hosiptal
at San Francisco, California.
For those outside these gates the
war is over, a thing of the past.
For those behind these gates there's a
grim, hard, bitter fight still going on.
Take one case, the case
of Eddie Rice, age 33.
Enlisted from Los Angeles, 1943.
Holder of the Silver Star, but today...
A name and date number, a medical file.
For five years a chart on a hospital bed.
A victim of amnesia.
A mind with a blocked out past.
Where were you born, Eddie?
Who are your parents?
Any brothers? Sisters?
Where did you go to school?
What's your trade? Profession?
Are you rich?
Got a girl?
I don't know.
I don't know!
I can't remember.
I just can't remember, doctor.
You had me open. What did you quit for?
-We did the best we could, Eddie.
It'll just have to stay there.
Is that final?
-Unless you want your name on a headstone.
That shrapnel's too deep in your brain.
Scar tissue has grown all around it.
Believe me, we tried.
-Yeah, I guess you did.
Where do I go from here?
-Eddie, there are two kinds of amnesia:
psychological and organic.
The psychological form is temporary, but
it can be cured through psychotherapy.
Yours is organic, it's permanent.
That piece of steel in your brain
has blocked out your memory.
Which doesn't leave me much
of a future, does it?
Of course it does, physically
you're normal and healthy.
You've received the maximum
medical benefits
You've completed training courses that make
you fit to hold down a job and face life.
With no address, no next
of kin, nothing.
Enlisted from Los Angeles...
Intelligence ran that down
for us, remember?
Oh sure, there were a lot of
people named Rice there...
but not this Eddie Rice.
But, Army Intelligence didn't mow
Los Angeles lawns as a kid, Eddie.
They didn't trade at the corner market.
They didn't work with people in a factory,
in an office, as you might have done.
If you went down there...and ran
into somebody who knew you,
just one person...
If I ran into just one person
who knew me.
One guy...
Who would come up to me and say:
"Eddie Rice."
"How have you been?"
"Where have you been?"
That's it, Eddie.
And then, they'd tell me about
someone else I used to know.
And, I'd meet somebody else.
And another...
And another...
Sure, it scares you to go out into
a world you don't remember...
but you're here now.
It'll be a new life.
A new start.
Find yourself a place to live.
Get yourself a job.
Get going.
Get going, Eddie!
You know, it's a small world, Eddie.
We came down here to pick
up a little of one thing,
and we ran into a little of another!
-A lot of us thought you were dead.
Yes, and...those that didn't hoped you
were. What are you doing in town?
I'm just in from San Francisco.
I didn't ask you that.
-He asked you what you were doing in town.
I cam here to look up some...people.
Funny, I...I had a feeling that was it.
Anderson one of them?
I think you're lying, Eddie. I don't think you
were gonna look up Anderson at all.
Barrett, do you think he was gonna
look up Anderson? -No, Joe.
Not Anderson.
-I'll tell you what...
I got a car and nothing
to do for a while...
Let's go see Anderson together.
Any objections?
No objections.
Stick around, Kelly may still show.
Let's go.
'Honorable discharge of Edward Rice.'
What's the gimmick?
If you'd put away your blackjacks
long enough
maybe I could get it through
your heads that...
I don't know what you're talking about.
You got yourself a sense
of humor, Eddie.
You think you come back here with
a dumb look and a Silver Star...
That changes a no good heel?
-But, I'm trying to tell you that...
You don't have to tell us
anything about yourself.
We got it all down in black and white.
Read it, Riccardi.
We didn't dream it up.
Possession of a weapon
with intent to kill.
Suspicion of murder.
Eddie Riccardi.
That's not me, it can't be.
It only looks like me!
I better get out of here!
I've got to get out!
Five years ago we hustled you out of town,
for good. Now what are you here for?
You've got to play ball.
You need time. You need more
time to find out about yourself.
Riccardi's just playing dumb, Captain.
Put him in the lockup.
I'm finding about these...
discharge papers.
If they're phonies, we'll pin a
real one on him.
Just a minute, Lieutenant.
I guess, maybe I didn't want the army
to know about Eddie...Riccardi.
The only friends I have
know me as Eddie Rice.
I'd like to keep it that way.
That's probably the first honest
thing you've ever said.
Pick up your things.
Be Eddie Rice in some other
town, but not here.
Now, we can't hold you, step
out of line once and we step on you.
Notice anything different
about him, Williams?
Nothing! If Riccardi stays in town
there's gonna be trouble.
I don't know. He had a strange
look about him.
Send to Washington for a complete
report on Edward Rice.
That Silver Star, you really
do something to get one.
Yeah, buy it in a pawn
shop for two bits.
Nina, my sweet!
My beautiful, lovely...
All right, Nick! Let's keep
it all business.
Who is it this time?
-Petey. Suspicion of robbery.
Get him out before they start
shifting him around. -Petey?
He wouldn't steal his own shadow.
That was William's gag to get
him out of the way.
I wouldn't know. Bail's $1000.
That's the whole trouble these days.
Alexander, he unhappy?
Nick. Keep your mind on your business.
Let Vince worry about his, huh?
Sure, beautiful Sure.
Forget I mentioned it.
Take my advice, you leave town.
I've got things to do.
Adios, boy! You're on your own.
Kelly never showed.
We'll hear from him.
One of the usual fronts?
You have a lot of Jane Does, Nick.
Use one of them.
Of course, there's a big difference
between the Florida oranges
and the California oranges.
At least that's what the Chamber
of Commerce in Florida says.
And the Chamber of Commerce
in California says...
Orange juice, please.
-Yes, ma'am.
I thought it was you from
across the street.
Is that the only thing
you've got to say?
Well, there's a lot more
I could say, but...
but you...
Let's see...
Nacy Morgan?
Nora Murphy?
No, you don't look like Nora Murphy.
-What'd you come back for, Eddie?
A man has a right to come
home, hasn't he?
My car is across the street,
I'll take you there.
Vince know you're back?
Should he?
You oughta know.
Thanks for the lift.
Coming in?
Who said this was the end of the road?
Who's complaining? Not me.
Checking in?
I don't know yet.
Edward Rice...San Francisco.
I'll throw the stuff in the room and
be right back. -If you say so.
Hello? hello, this is Nina.
I want to talk to Vince.
He's busy.
Not too busy for what
I've got to tell him.
He's not here.
Look, let's not keep where he is a
secret it might upset your whole future.
Put me through to him!
You talk too much.
Another treatment, Kelly?
Any second...breaks, Vince?
I'm easy to do business with.
If you talk...
you live.
All i want to hear is your
angle with Joe Williams.
Give him a cigarette, Danny.
It'll relax him.
I'm...trusting you, Vince.
Sure. Sure, Kelly.
I told you we'd turn you loose.
You understand how I...
How a guy feels when he's been
kicked out of the organization?
I know...
I shouldn't of been a sucker and
told Williams about the...
...about the silver dollar.
-Forget that.
What did you tell him about this?
Nothing much, really.
-What did you tell him, Kelly?
Really, Vince...
Nothing important.
a little of this and...
that about the...
about the slot machines and...
and the take. But, I...
I phonied the figures.
Honest I did.
-These figures aren't phoney.
Where'd you get 'em?
Snatched them out of your safe, Vince.
Williams is waiting for 'em.
He was going to bundle me out of town,
bring me back for the trial.
But, I was gonna duck.
They never would of found me.
That's the truth, Vince!
Hello, Nina.
You sure it's him?
-I was with him!
First I saw him outside police
headquarters talking to Joe Williams,
then I drove him to the Cortez.
He cked in under the name
of Eddie Rice, room 304.
You still want to take that trip, Kelly?
You don't have to worry about me, Vince.
Big mouth Kelly.
You think what he's got
may be contagious?
What's your opinion, Don?
-Very, definitely.
What can I do?
The consultation's in agreement.
You're dead!
Oh, and Kelly...
When you get to where you're going,
have 'em give you a nice, even burn.
Don't let them just fry you on one side.
I'm sorry to bother you again, but..
has there been any sign of the girl yet?
Don't you believe in knocking on doors?
Who are you? What do you want?
So, that's where you've been hold up...
Eddie Rice!
No wonder I couldn't get a line on you.
Are you back sightseeing?
Mr Rice?
This supposed to be a free country?
Free town?
Open to anyone?
Not with me in it.
You didn't waste much time
picking up with the cops.
Why should it worry you about
me talking to Williams?
You've got me confused, Eddie.
Only a sucker would walk back in
town after the deal you pulled.
Some things a fella has to...
find out for himself.
Not about you and me.
I've been saving this for five years.
Everyone in life has his bible,
this is mine.
I take it out and read it every day. I read
it to remind me of a guy I grew up with.
Got shoved around with.
We used to take a lot of raps together.
Some people would call a guy
like that a...a loyal friend.
He was.
Until he turned into a dirty stool pigeon,
and let me take the rap for him!
My good friend who sold me out
to a cop named Joe Williams!
Don't mess up his face too much.
I ought to kill you, Eddie.
But, you're not worth taking
another rap for!
In 24 hours...disappear!
Otherwise, I might be tempted
to change my mind!
Give him some air!
Why didn't the girl come back?
What did she know about me?
Why did she bring me here?
Why didn't Vince kill me?
Maybe I deserved it.
Maybe Dr Kemble ought to know?
I better tell him.
I better call him.
I better...
I want to put through a call, person
to person. Dr Kemble...
Letterman Genral Hospital,
San Francisco.
Thank you.
Hello, Dr Kemble?
When do you expect him back?
Not till tomorrow?
Never mind, I'll see him personally.
Forget about Union Station.
Take me to 7 Braxton Avenue.
Wait for me.
Thanks a lot Lou, for driving me home.
Just a minute, darling.
I'll walk to the door with you.
It's early, Nina. A little drink for
a nightcap won't hurt you.
That's what you think.
You could make me forget that
thousand I dropped tonight, Nina.
I can forget a lot of things, Lou.
You, for instance.
Good night.
-Just a minute, baby.
I'd like a little receipt
for that grand.
That's better.
That's your receipt. Good night.
Now listen...
Go ahead.
Take a good look.
If you came to tell me how Vince welcomed
you back, you've said it. So, goodbye!
I want to know what you had
to do with my life.
And this.
December the 24th,
Ah, that was a lovely Christmas.
One I'll never forget.
Only one of your presents!
Sure, I told Vince Alexander
you're back. I work for him.
This clipping...
Why couldn't you testify at the trial?
-Oh, no routines, I've heard them all.
Listen to me!
I'm just out of an army hospital
with a piece of steel in my head
and no memory to go with it.
I'm here to find out about myself and
I'm getting answers the hard way!
I don't know you, Vince Alexander...
or anybody called Eddie Riccardi!
All I know is one person, Eddie Rice! Me!
You're the last person I can turn to.
Please believe me.
Help me.
That's a very touching speech.
You lost your memory.
You don't know why I couldn't
testify at the trial.
You've forgotten how you used me to
make sure Vince would go to prison
so you'd be set free.
But, if you're back to your old tricks
again I've got sad news for you,
I tore up your raincheck
three years ago.
I'm not your wife anymore.
Now to the station?
-Back to the hotel.
You act like a cop that just
lost a conviction?
Maybe I have, take a look at these.
Fresh out of the photo lab.
Sharks don't talk, the
fingerprints spell Kelly.
The Coroner said he was dead two
hours before he hit the water.
Too bad. With the information
Kelly had for us
we could have put Vince
away for a long stretch.
What's eating you, Joe?
I was a smart cop.
I put Petey away to get him off of
Kelly's tail, and this is what happens.
I feel like I killed Kelly.
Riccardi...think he's tied up in it?
Walking back into town that day
could tie him up in anything.
Is the case my baby?
-All yours.
Now what?
I figure we shouldn't keep
it a secret from Vince.
Only six days in the week now, huh?
How do you like that, the card
must have fell out.
It was there yesterday. Nick...
Who's Jane Doe?
Please, Lieutenant. I don't look
at their birth certificate.
Lots of people don't use
their right names.
With me, a buck is a buck.
I don't ask questions.
Before I'm through, Nick...
you'll be answering a few.
It's gettin' so you can't tail a guy anymore
without having the cops jump on ya.
This town's goin' to the dogs.
Samson and me...
-Petey! Get that cat off the desk!
I was just saying, Samson and
me could stand a vacation.
You want us to blow town?
-That's just what I don't want.
Coke will set you up, and stay quiet!
Well, sure Vince, sure.
Anything you say.
Hello, Danny.
Come in. Come in, Joe.
Pull up a chair and rest your feet.
I hear you've had a busy day.
I figured you would.
I was saving you for last.
Should I...
relax or call in my lawyer?
That depends on how nervous you are.
I was always thought nervous
guys bit their nails?
Now, let me see...
Nick was a little bit hazy about
who Jane Doe was.
I thought you might be able to tell me.
Never heard of the girl.
Then there's Petey.
And how certain people got know where
and just when to bail him out.
Now...nobody knows anything.
But, we'll find him.
We;ve got all exits out of town plugged.
And I got a hunch he'll
be real cooperative.
You see...
I don't think he knows
anything about this.
He's gone and gotten himself killed.
Just like Kelly...
You never know what he'll do next.
That goes for a lot of guys.
Take you and...
Then again, take Eddie Riccardi...
You boys forgive and forget,
and back in business again.
You and Riccardi got a lot in common,
why don't you ask him?
At the moment, you're number one.
And, it won't be any...manslaughter
charge and out in two years.
I put you away this time...
it'll be for keeps.
You got all the answers figured
out, haven't you?
I might have, sooner than you think.
So sorry!
Me, I never had a complaint.
You call my old boss.
He'll tell you my bringing in 500
a night at the gambling tables
was a small bag of tell.
Oh, Mr Alexander! I just came in looking
for a job and I was telling Ms Martin...
Get rid of her.
Vince, we need some new talent...
-Okay! Okay! Come back at eight tonight.
She'll tell you what to do.
-Oh, gee! Thanks!
You know Eddie's still in town?
Been around to see you?
Late last night.
Did he tell ya I gave him
24 hours to get out?
Well, I changed my mind.
I want him to stay.
I want you to make sure he does stay.
My job's to work the tables
for you here, Vince, and...
I don't even mind setups like the one with
Petey or...other deals like that, but...
Stay out of my personal life!
Listen you...
When Eddie dropped you, who picked
you up and gave you your health?
Who gave you your job?
Everything you got?
Vince Alexander!
I won't do it, Vince.
Forget Eddie.
When I get through with him.
But, now you're gonna meet him.
And, I want you to make sure
he does stay in town.
What'll it be?
Did five years make you
forget that easily?
I told five years you
can forget a lot of things.
Something for the lady?
-Rob Roy, please.
The same.
What made you change your mind
about seeing me again?
You know, finding out I was married
to you kind of threw me.
It was even something the boys at
the hospital used to rib me about.
They had me fixed up with a
wife and four or five kids.
They didn't know how close the
gag came to being true.
You still don't believe me, do you?
Maybe this'll convince you it was Eddie
Rice that rang your doorbell last night.
Call Dr Kemble at Letterman's
Hospital in San Francisco.
He'll tell you the whole story.
Tha cigarette case...
Doesn't it mean anything to you?
Should it?
Suppose I did believe you, then what?
Then, I'd try and make you forget that
Eddie Riccardi was ever in your life.
You think you can do that?
Eddie Rice can.
Eddie, leave town.
Now you're talking like Vince.
-Maybe I was yesterday.
Don't ask me why, but go.
-Nina, I don't frighten easily.
You can take that message back to Vince.
Tell him I'm staying!
That's what he wants you to do. That's
why I'm here, to keep you from leaving.
I'd hate to disappoint him then.
Eddie, don't be stubborn, I know Vince.
He doesn't do anything without a reason.
Neither do I.
Stay then! Get yourself beaten up again,
or killed. Do anything you want.
-Very interesting.
Scotch over water.
Lose something, Charlie?
Tell Nina Martin, Eddie wants to see her.
-Eddie who?
Just Eddie.
Wait here.
What'll I need?
A thousand might bring you luck.
-A thousand?
Give me a thousand.
A character called Eddie's outside,
wants to see you.
Eddie here?
Get rid of him!
That's not what Vince had in mind.
All right, come on.
All bets down.
It's a nice layout. Vince ought to be
able to pick up some fast money.
You're crazy to come walking in here.
Maybe I'm just hard to convince.
My dressing room is back there.
I'll be back before the
wheel stops turning.
Okay, thanks.
So, she wanted to get rid of him.
I wonder if that dame is trying
to pull a double cross.
Get down to the Golden Horn and pick up
Eddie Riccardi, you'll find him with Nina.
Just him?
Just him.
I'll get around to her later.
I started to leave...
but I kept thinking about
everything you told me.
If I'd of left I'd been all the
things you said I was.
So, I'm staying.
And, I'm taking you out of here.
We could have a decent life together.
You got it all figured out.
Well, you're not taking me anywhere.
You pushed me into this life and I like it.
I'm top bait around here steering nice,
fat, pigeons to the gambling table.
I'm one of Vince's kind now and I'm keeping
my life and my job just the way they are.
No matter what I have to do!
Come on.
Now, how about some champagne?
Excuse me for a minute, honey.
I forgot I got to call my wife.
Williams, Homicide.
Yeah, Barnes.
Thanks a lot!
What's exciting?
I said, what's exciting? Or, don't
you want to wake me up?
Barnes casing the Golden Horn for vice
intel, tells me Riccardi just walked in.
Trouble maybe?
I could think of plenty of reasons why
there might be for Eddie Rice.
You'll hear from me later.
How you coming with that
Kelly report, Ben?
Just finishing up for you.
-Okay, I'll wait.
Somebody must've believed in that
old gag about an apple a day.
Yeah, but they didn't know it would pin
a murder on them. -Quite an appetite.
Psychological, it creates
a false hunger.
Well, here you are, Joe.
I can go home now.
Thanks a lot, Ben. See you tomorrow.
-Okay, see ya tomorrow.
I'm interested in Eddie Riccardi,
not in what's going on in there.
We don't know from Riccardi.
-I do, open up.
Place your bets, folks. Place your
bets. Bet high/low...odd or even.
Miss Martin? Williams, Homicide.
May I come in please?
Come in.
Eddie was just picked up by Danny.
-Where'd he take him?
You'll hear from me later.
You know, Williams?
I'm not used to cops with insomnia.
What's on your mind?
-It won't take long.
Danny picked up Eddie Riccardi.
Where are they?
You're in an awful rut.
Always asking questions.
All right...let's start over.
Eddie was at the Golden Horn
with Nina Martin.
Suddenly, he wasn't there anymore.
So...I don't mind waiting.
While we kill a little time...
This might interest you.
And, after we pick up Riccardi...
we're going down to police headquarters.
You're gonna have a manicure...on me.
You know, you're gonna look awful
silly when I get through with you.
If I'm wrong...I'll apologize.
Say hello, nothing more.
Vince, we're at the shop. Do we
stay or bring Riccardi up there?
Tell him you'll be down.
Okay, Coke...
Bring him up here.
What do you want now?
Just when he was coming up
in the department.
Car 9-4
9-4 to Control-4.
Clear Frequency-4, this is an emergency.
Control-4 to 94, go ahead.
Car 94 to Control-4
Notify the Homicide Bureau, we have found
the body of Lt Williams in his car.
At Sepulveda and Sunset.
Give you a lift, son?
Thanks, I had a little accident
back up a side road.
I have to go to town, get a tow car.
-Anybody killed?
No luck at all tonight.
Hop in.
Bet you thought I wouldn't stop
to pick you up, didn't you?
I didn't know.
It's late.
That's why I fooled you. Have me orders.
Pick up anybody, anytime.
Green Acres Morticians policy.
Live today...maybe a customer tomorrow.
Pays off too.
Most people remember the nice things
you do for them while they're living.
We sure don't get any complaints about our
service from them after they're dead.
Their family, that is.
That accident hurt you any?
Got a match?
-Sure do.
Police, ambulance and everything.
I wonder if I'm losing any customers?
Finished with Joe's stuff yet?
-Still working on it.
It's too bad...
Joe's wife sure liked him
in that suit too.
Any line on Riccardi yet?
-Nothing, Captain.
Keep trying, he's the last one who
might of seen Joe. -Okay.
Eddie Riccardi.
Guess Williams was right after all.
Riccardi or Rice.
A Silver Star and a dumb look doesn't
change a no good heel.
Attention all units!
Attention all units!
Be on the lookout for the following
described suspect, wanted for murder:
Eddie Riccardi, alias Eddie Rice,
White male, American,
Age 33, 6 foot 2.
190 lbs...
Dark brown...
You phone the cops and do 'em a favor,
where to find a dead cop and the guy
that did it, and what happens...
The first stop is Nina Martin's.
I want Eddie before the cops get him.
Then they can have him for a present.
And alive!
-Shut up!
Get those lights out!
Eddie, what happened?
You certainly did a neat job
of tying me into a murder.
Joe Williams was killed tonight.
-I don't know.
The last thing I remember was being slugged
over the head at Vince Alexander's.
I know you think that...
-I haven't got time to think!
All I want is a few bucks, your car and
you in my sight till I get out of here!
Eddie, you've got to believe me!
Like you believed me?
Give me the keys!
Eddie! This is why I turned on you
tonight, to get you away from Vince.
The keys are in the car, you go,
I'll try to stall them off.
And get a bullet in the back of my head?
Oh, Eddie! You've got to trust me,
it's your only chance.
The garage.
This is where you get out. -Go to the
police, Eddie. Before it's too late.
With my fingerprints all over the
gun and all over Williams car?
I wouldn't last long enough to walk
to the nearest police station.
If I did what could I tell them?
Now out!
You want me to go home and wait
for Vince to come back again?
That's something Eddie Riccardo would
tell me to do, not Eddie Rice.
All right.
Keep your lights off and
the motor running.
Well, now you've got a gun! What next?
I didn't ask for any killings,
so I'm in the middle.
But, I'm not going to be a clay
pigeon for Vince Alexander.
You can't prove anything dead.
That would make Vince very happy,
something I wouldn't want to let happen.
Is there any place we could go, someone
you can trust to put us up for the night?
I need time.
Maybe there is.
It's a long chance, but...
You don't think you're going to
get away with this, do you?
We're staying here till tomorrow.
Stay away from that phone!
If it rings, let it keep ringing!
Get rid of anybody who comes to
the door, I'll be right behind you
in case you give the wrong answers.
What about the girl's place?
-There and gone.
Get a teletype out on her car immediately,
have it re-broadcast every half hour.
I want roadblocks at all these points.
I want the airport, the railroad station,
all the bus terminals put
under a 24 surveillance.
I want every hotel and
flophouse notified.
They're in this town somewhere
and they're not getting out.
One other thing...
We picked up Riccardi's fingerprints on
that gun shop. He's got a gun now.
Don't give him a chance to use it!
All right, start moving.
The police tightened its dragnet
about the city today.
Riccardi escaped just as the police
were ready to close in on him
after they received an
anonymous phone call
which led them to discover the murdered
body of one of their men today.
Every available man...
We'll wait till it's dark
and get out of here.
You couldn't arrange to
drop dead before then?
Hazel, you've got to believe us.
Eddie didn't do it!
He should still drop dead.
Get me a couple of clean towels.
It's pretty bad.
I'll have you out of here in a minute,
we'll find a doctor. -Go to the police.
Eddie, go to the police.
Your car in the garage?
Where are your keys?
-In my purse.
Take care of her.
I'll have the doctor come right
in the moment he returns.
Light me a cigarette.
You're far away.
How far?
Five years.
A lifetime.
Beyond that, a blank.
Me too, Eddie.
Only, it's been a different
kind of a blank.
It's being pushed back
to Eddie Riccardi.
The whole past that keeps me
from being like other people.
Now all that's left is
wondering what it would be like if there
had only been an Eddie Rice.
If I'd of just met you
for the first time.
Eddie Rice can have that.
Oh, you're...good, Eddie.
You're good.
You've taken away the hate in me.
Destroyed it.
You're...good, Eddie.
When a baby wants to be born,
hours don't matter!
7 poundsd 7ounces...a boy.
Doctor, her shoulder...
I can't treat gun wounds.
She'll have to go to the police
emergency hospital.
I don't think so.
I'm sorry, but I've got to report
this to the police.
That report to the police...
It'll wait.
If you want to pull that
trigger, go ahead.
Police headquarters, please.
Put that gun away! I said I was
going to call the police.
Police headquarters?
This is Dr Stacey, 93 Chestnut Street.
Send an ambulance and a squad car.
How bad is it?
She'll be all right.
You'd better leave.
Eddie, I'm scared...I'm scared...
-Take it easy, you'll be all right.
Not for me, for you.
I'm leaving you for a little while.
I've got an idea, it might work.
Something very important.
You knew all about me. The people
I used to know, the places I went.
Think for me, go back five years.
Who was there? Just one person.
Give me the answers, quick!
What you say is my only chance,
the only chance I've got.
The only one left is...Petey.
He can't be trusted with Vince.
Where will I find him?
-Not him, he's... -Tell me!
Two, three places on Main Street.
Fourth and Main...
And after Nina ran in front of him,
Coke never had a chance.
That Eddie sure didn't miss.
Coke took three, went right through
his breakfast, lunch and supper.
Anybody come around, ask any questions?
None I couldn't answer, Vince.
-Get back down and keep him company.
But...but, the police?
-That's exactly what I want!
Tell him how Riccardi broke into your
apartment, found Coke there
pulled his gun and fired. Now do
what I told you, just that!
All right, Vince.
-Take her back!
Eddie's got to find a doctor somewhere.
And, if he does what I think, he'll...
dump the girl...and start looking
for a hidewaway.
Get going!
Spread the news I got a personal
interest in Eddie Riccardi.
I don't want anything to happen
to him...until I get there.
Unless the cops get him first.
You through with him, Doc?
-Yup. He was a fine specimen.
Would have had a long life
if this hadn't happened.
I'll send you my report in the morning.
I'm sure you don't mind coming
downtown, Miss Downs?
Well, I...
-I thought not.
What'd you find?
-It was them all right.
Riccardi left the doctor's office
about 30 minutes ago
Notify Communications? -They're blanketing
the whole area. -The girl?
County Jail Hospital. Still out, whether
she's playing it safe or just not talking.
Keep Melon there, the minute she comes
out, I want to know. -Any ideas?
Lots! We need Riccardi to
explain some of them.
If he lives that long.
Hello. I'm looking for Petey,
have you seen him?
Do you know where to find him?
Nina said three or four places,
I must have hit twenty.
And every answer the same.
The shake of their head,
a frightened face.
They knew where I could find what I was
looking for, but they wouldn't talk.
They were scared.
But, Vince! Appreciate the fact
that at least I called you.
I let him stay, it's another rap.
Another rap, I get life! You've
got to appreciate that!
And I'd appreciate it if you'd
tell me where to find Petey.
Right now!
Sure, Eddie.
Ocean Boulevard and 25th.
Who's there? Who is it?
Eddie Riccardi.
Oh, Eddie boy. Every cop in the
city is out gunning for you!
Maybe you don't care if you live...
I got a few more years left!
Open the door, Petey.
You're dead if you don't.
All right, Eddie.
You didn't think I'd leave you out
there in the cold, did you Eddie?
Five years, no see! But, you sure got
a hot fire burning under you, huh?
You need a pal, a friend.
Sure, I need a friend, Petey.
Look, old friend... Will you...will
you put that mouthpiece away?
Somehow I...I still believe they go off!
And, Samson my cat, you remember my cat?
He's not feeling too good again.
You stay careful and
nothing will happen.
Oh sure. Sure, Eddie. You're
talking to Petey, remember?
Any objections to my moving in with you?
I'll be gone, tomorrow or the next day.
Oh, me? Turn away practically,
my own flesh and blood?
Relax, Eddie.
There you are, Eddie. Nothing's
too good for you.
How about some food, Petey?
I haven't eaten all night.
You haven't changed a bit.
Always hungry!
Still tied up with Vince?
I do a little private eyeing on the side.
A job here, a job there.
Nothing big.
I'll telephone.
Hello, friend? Petey! I got
a special customer.
Yeah. Yeah, an old one.
How about sending something over?
He's tired and hungry.
A pot of coffee and a sandwich.
Egg salad combination.
Yeah. Yeah, that's right.
You got it.
You see, Eddie? Everything's
just like old times.
If you say so, Petey.
I'm gettin' kinda sleepy.
You just make yourself at home,
food will be along pretty soon.
Vince has gotten to be a big
man the last five years.
I'm really gettin' pretty tired, friend.
Why don't you bring me
up to date, Petey?
I'm really awful tired, friend!
How long will it take Vince to get here?
Eddie...Eddie, embarrass me.
I'll kill you if you don't give
it to me straight, Petey!
Eddie...Eddie, don't talk like that.
Samson's sick!
I'm telling you, Eddie!
-What are you telling me? How long?
Five minutes? Ten? Fifteen minutes?
Twenty minutes?
About...about fifteen minutes, Eddie.
Vince puts you on the spot!
He's that way with all the boys!
Blow Eddie! Take me with you.
You and me was always friends!
You just stay in front of me and keep your
mouth shut and you won't get into trouble.
Sure, Eddie! You got nothing
to worry about from me.
Just stay my friend, Petey.
-Yeah, Eddie.
You're retired, you can go home now.
Your friend want a ride?
-Not tonight.
This will get you a thousand.
Come on, Petey.
Take care of Petey.
Let's get out of here!
Go ahead, Petey.
Thanks, Eddie.
They're coming!
Can you hear me?
We can make a break.
Cover for each other.
I got a place.
You and me, Eddie.
We'll start up again.
Just like old times.
I got money, Eddie.
Big money!
Samson! Samson!
Petey! Come back!
Samson, baby. Samson.
Riccardi! Alexander!
We'll give you three minutes to come out.
We're gonna start counting.
At the end of three minutes if you're
not out, we're coming to get you!
This is your last chance, Eddie.
There's just you and me left now.
No deal, Vince.
I know you killed Joe Williams.
No deals.
We want you, Riccardi..
Alive, Alexander!
If you're in there and not wounded,
bring Riccardi out.
You, Riccardi! If you're alone, come
out with your hands in the air!
Here's when you and I part company.
You're gonna get paid off in full.
Thanks for bringing him out, Vince.
Now, drop your gun.
I said drop your gun, Vince!
Eddie will take what I
got first, Anderson!
All police officers hold your fire!
Don't be crazy, Alexander.
There have been enough people killed.
Give yourself up.
No bargains, Anderson!
You want Riccardi alive...
I want out!
What guarantee have I got that
you won't kill Riccardi?
You don't!
-Be sensible, Alexander.
If we let you out now,
we'll get you later.
You'll be dead before morning.
You got 30 seconds to make
up your mind, Anderson!
I go...
or Riccardi gets it in the back!
Sat down, Eddie! Don't move!
Is he dead?
He will be if we don't get
him to a hospital.
That taxi driver must have really
gotten to you in a hurry.
He did, asking for a $1000 reward.
And all the questions you want to ask...
I called Dr Kemble from San Francisco.
We knew Vince killed Jow Williams,
we found his blood on Joe's clothing.
It matched up with our
lab files, yours didn't.
And, Hazel told us the truth about Coke.
Now, just get well. We'll finish
our business later.
She's the waiting room.
You shouldn't kiss a guy like
that when he's sick in bed.
Well, I've been waiting outside all the
time. They wouldn't tell me anything.
I was afraid...
It's all right.
We'll go away.
We'll find that...crazy world of yours.
There's only one thing...
You'll always be...
Eddie Rice.
For the rest of my life.
I have the doc's word for him.
Come here.