The Culling (2015) Movie Script

[growling, cackling]
[rock music playing]
Would I lie for Would I lie
for Would I lie for you
Tell your mother One
another 50 miles Of love
[music continues]
[garbled groaning]
[garbled voice speaking]
[child's voice laughing]
[garbled voice speaking]
[voices chanting]
[child laughing]
[faint music playing]
I'm sorry, I know I'm late.
I had to change.
All right, I'll see you
in a second.
Bye, Gary.
Hey, can you hear me'?
You better
watch your step, Dotty.
[chuckles] It's Emily.
[deep sigh] Oh, hi.
What's going on'?
What's going on is you
just got out of surgery
and you need to be
in bed, honey.
I'd love to go to bed with you.
Shall we, then'?
Let's go.
We shall.
Let's do it.
Hold onto your knickers.
[music playing on radio]
Hm, what is taking so long?
I need another nitro blast.
You just had one.
Yeah, well, maybe
I need one more, baby.
Can't you just like, buy them in
bulk, so we don't have to do this'?
You did this
on the palooza trip, too.
This coming from the guy who had to pee
five minutes after getting into the car.
Yeah, dude. Why don't you take a
piss before we leave, you know?
I have a small bladder.
That's not the only thing that's small.
How do you know that'?
Your momma told me.
That's what I thought.
She has herpes.
You're screwed.
And the winner.
Hey, um, what's the deal'? You and
Emily getting back together or what'?
I don't know. I think we're
just figuring stuff out.
Oh, there she is.
[car horn hunks] Hey.
(Sean) Hey, over here.
Come on, let's go.
Here, let me get that.
Hi, I missed you.
Oh, my God, you look so good.
Let's go, let's go.
[upbeat music playing]
It aim'! Nobody's business
Who I see Or what I'm doing
You're in my mind
You're in my heart
I love you All night long
I love you for the things
That you do
Watch me fly Until I fall
Don't Bring me down
Feeling all right
But don? Bring me down
Ah, no,
not right now. Later.
But this is some of the best stuff.
No cough.
I'm good.
Dude, I just got out of rehab,
and we're going
to South by Southwest.
Exactly. You just
got out of rehab.
No, come on. Don't be like that.
Take a hit.
Here, Hank, you go.
I'll have some later.
That's stupid. You do it. Here.
One-night stand.
A midget or a troll'?
Okay, so you're saying
with your mom or your sister'?
(An) Oh!
That's not funny, man.
What if I told mom
you said that'?
Hank, this one is for you.
(Tyler) There you go, baby.
Who would you rather,
Bieber or The Big O'?
It's too late,
it already happened.
The Bieb and I tag-teamed The O
last weekend after his concert.
It was great. (Sean) I saw that.
It was a good show.
It was great.
It was probably the best
one she's ever had.
Mile-high club,
or in an elevator?
She'd rather go down than up.
[all gasp] Really?
And that's
your boyfriend, right'?
That's your boyfriend.
You're so sweet.
[upbeat rock music playing]
[no audible dialog]
Say hello To the new boy
Supernatural spawn
Of class and glamour
Oh the look in his eyes
Don't he slay 'em
With chic?
Baby, I miss you.
I wish you were here.
Hank misses you.
Say hi, Tyler.
( Tyler) Hey,
Hey. (Sean) Hi, Kate.
Okay, guys, my blood sugar is
dropping, so I need to eat, stat.
No, let's just power through.
Have a protein bar.
I don't want a protein bar.
I want real food.
(Hank) Ugh.
Well, I mean, anybody else hungry?
No, not really.
Yes, really, extremely.
(Amanda) Yes.
All right, fine. Look, the next place
to eat is 43 miles away, you know?
It's kind of a big detour. That's right.
Forty-five minutes.
Finally. I got to piss.
(Hank) lam freaking hungry.
Hurry, we've got
to get to the show.
(Amanda) Oh, no, no, no.
You're not closed, are you?
Sorry, hon. No, can we just get
something to eat just really quick?
No one here.
Cash register's closed.
Which way y'all headed?
We're going west.
Next place is about 18 miles.
It's a fast food place, though,
with lots of processed food.
But y'all have a good night.
(Tyler) Thank you, Mildred.
But we wanted your chicken
"Fred" steak. Bye.
[all chatter]
I need your help.
Well, I have a protein
shake you could have.
A fresh salt malt'? Or you could
eat one of Tyler's bars'?
You're so disgusting.
Oh, come on.
I love you.
I love your face.
(Emily) I love you.
[child sobbing]
Let's go and get some food.
Where's your mommy and daddy?
I don't know.
I can't find my grandpa.
Is he here?
I don't know.
I want to go home, but it's too
far to walk all by myself.
(Emily) It's okay, sweetheart.
What's your name?
Hi, Lucy. I'm Emily. Hi.
( Tyler) We should
find her grandpa.
Yeah, we're going to find
your grandpa right now.
Why don't we call your
mommy and daddy? Okay.
What's your phone number?
I don't know. They just
got a new cell phone.
Why don't we just
call the police?
Yeah, we got to get
out of here, you guys.
Either way, we'd still have
to wait for her.
Well, let's drop her at the nearest
precinct and be done with it, then.
You're not going to have kids
with this guy, are you'?
Look, I'm just saying, we don't need to
be dealing with a little girl right now.
With all the abductions
and paranoia and everything,
I'm just saying, someone could
get the wrong idea, right'?
I just want to go home.
Can you take me home?
Where do you live?
What's your doll's name'?
That's a nice name.
She loves me.
How far do you live out here?
It's not far.
Just take a left.
( Tyler) Right here?
Where, right here?
Right there.
Right here'?
Yes, right there.
You're so pretty.
You're the one that's pretty.
Shh, Jade's talking.
Jade thinks you're pretty, too.
Man, this road sucks.
Is that your house?
Oh, cool.
Right there.
This place is creepy.
I don't like it.
Is that another one of your
fortune teller's visions?
This is cool.
I'll be right back.
Hey, you want me
to come with you'?
I got it, thanks.
Come on, Lucy.
"You want me
to come with you?"
You're so p-whipped.
[demonic whisper]
Come in.
Are your parents home?
They're probably
just out looking for me.
Hello? Do you want
to see my room'?
Come on.
[ominous music playing]
[growling continues]
What happened to your dolls'?
I found them like this.
Let's, um, let's go
wait for your parents.
She'll be fine, man.
We're not going to leave her.
Well, we can't stay here.
(Tyler) Hey, Em's right.
We can't just leave her here.
She's a kid.
We got to at least wait
until her parents show up.
Are you looking
to adopt, Tyler, or what'?
Yeah, besides, we're
missing the Chili Peppers.
Hey, where you going?
It's my playtime now.
All right, but don't go
too far away, okay'?
( Tyler) Lucy, Lucy,
come here, come here.
Hi, Mommy.
Oh, my God.
I was so worried about you.
It's okay, Mommy.
Who are you'?
"Um, well, we"
Wait, what are you doing
at my house?
Hey, take it easy, okay'?
We found your daughter...
You're at my house
with my daughter,
and I don't know
who the hell you are.
All right, whoa, chill.
Who are you'?
Hey, pal, try to see it from my
wife's perspective, all right'?
Our daughter disappears, and then she
shows up with a bunch of strangers.
Fine, whatever.
(Emily) Look, we stopped
at Chapman's Cafe
and, I mean, we found
her in the parking lot.
The parking...
Actually, she kind of found us.
(Wayne) What are you
guys doing nut here?
We're on our way to South by Southwest.
And we should go.
Um, wait, wait.
Look, I'm sorry I...
It's just, it's our daughter.
She means the world to us.
We understand.
(Wayne) She's not going to be staying
with her grandfather anymore.
Thank you
for bringing her back.
Of course.
We're just happy she's okay.
(Val) I'm Val.
By the way, this is, um,
this is my husband, Wayne.
(Val) So, sweet pea,
what do you say we go in the house
and get ready for bed, okay'?
Bye, Lucy.
So, how was the food at Chapman's?
It was closed.
Oh, yeah'?
You guys hungry?
I'm about to get my steak on.
Mm, I love steak.
Inch thick,
grass-fed porterhouse.
Uh, yeah, I mean, I think we
really should be hitting the road.
Don't listen to him.
He only thinks about himself.
South by Southwest.
Me and Val's been
there three times.
It's great music. You
ever been there before?
Uh, yeah, I've been once.
Are you 420 friendly?
Psst, you kidding?
That's like his area code.
Look, I apologize for
my wife, but, you know,
we all have moms, right'?
(All) Yeah.
(Wayne) Anyone want a beer?
Yes. (Emily) A
beer sounds great.
Besides, a little bit of buddyness
never hurt anyone either.
All right. So, you've
really been three times'?
(Emily) So, how did you
guys end up out here?
(Wayne) Well, we, uh, we owned
a day-care center in the city.
We were doing pretty good, we
were making some good money,
and providing a great service
for the community. And...
One night, someone decided to
set the whole place up on fire.
Yeah, our whole life burned to
the ground, just like that.
The world's a crazy place.
It sure is.
We wanted to start over,
and her father lives out here.
You know, and we
didn't want Lucy exposed
to all the funky stuff
going down in the city.
That's a song.
That last part you just said about the
funky stuff in the city, that's a song.
[laughs] It must have
been in my subconscious.
Anyway, that's how
we wound up here.
Well, I like it.
I like you two.
You know?
I like how you're out here,
living off the land.
Hey, I think he's kind
of cute for an older guy.
(Sean) I mean, you get it.
You don't have to deal
with any of those, uh,
dickheads in the city.
Some different idiot
around every comer, right?
Emily, I love your bag.
Oh, gosh, thank you.
Where did you get it'?
it was a gift.
Well, it's very stylish.
(Emily) Thank you.
So, I saw all the toys
out in the front.
Are guys still running
a day care'?
Yeah, sometimes.
I mean, you know, Wayne takes
the odd job here and there,
and we just do whatever we
need to to get by, you know.
[eerie growling]
( Tyler) Man, these
bugs are crazy, man.
How can you get used to this?
[Lucy's voice]
Don't be mad at me.
You can? Run away
without legs.
Besides, I would find you.
Ah, well.
I guess she's awake.
I'll be right back. Can I get
anyone anything while I'm up'?
How about another six pack'?
Can't get it yourself?
Didn't you just ask if you
could get anything for us'?
Yes, no, of course.
Of course, babe.
Can I get anyone else
anything while I'm up'?
Actually, I could use
another Bud.
Do you need any help
in the kitchen?
No, I got it.
Please. You're our guests.
I'll be right back.
(Tyler) Come on, dude, sit.
Careful, brother.
Wasted much'?
Here, you obviously
need more of this.
Now what are you still
doing awake, huh'?
My dolls were fighting.
Well, Mommy is here now,
so everything's
going to be just fine.
[Lucy's voice] ls the nice
girl going to stay with us?
(Val) Maybe.
[Lucy's voice] I wish she would.
She's so nice.
And pretty.
Well, it is way past
your bedtime,
and it is time for you
to go to sleep, little one.
I'll tuck you in.
I think she likes you.
I love you.
Hove you, too.
(Tyler) But no, listen, okay?
Back to what I was saying,
there's this show.
No, it's a TV show, okay'?
These people, they're like...
[eerie growling]
What was that'?
Speaking of which,
no, they do these crazy things
where on this TV show
they go to these haunted places and
they prove that spirits exist.
That haunted show is a joke.
You're such a turd.
Not that show again.
(Ty/er) The TV show.
You watch that, do you'?
(Emily) Yeah, he does. You do.
He does. I've... No I've only
seen it a few times, so.
That's a lie. He watches
it all the time.
( Tyler) Nu, you watch
it all the time.
(Emily) I mean,
there's just no limit
to what these reality shows
are going to exploit.
I mean, people shouldn't
mess with the occult.
No, no.
She's right.
'Cause it's real.
I've seen it.
The whole
dark spirit world is no joke.
Oooh! It shouldn't
be messed with.
(Tyler) This is exactly
what I've been saying.
Is that how you wound up
in the loony bin'?
She was in rehab, ass-wipe.
You know?
You know that.
I'm sorry.
There's a big difference, babe.
Don't listen to them. Okay.
And that's why people
shouldn't do drugs.
It weakens their defenses.
It's true. That's why I
stopped doing the hard stuff.
(Sean) Yeah, and hey, besides,
everybody knows that all of
that stuff from those shows
is like totally made up anyway.
Which is why they're stupid,
kinda like Tyler.
You're a dumb-ass, Sean.
Okay, I've only...
I haven't seen the show
every week, all right'?
I've only seen it
maybe three times.
The world is going
to hell in a hand basket,
and my man sees it that way.
What is wrong with that'?
There you go. At least
someone's got my back.
Thanks, bro.
I stand corrected.
(Val) More beer.
Oh, how is she'?
Is she okay'? (Val)
Oh, she's fine.
She's just playing
with her dailies.
(Hank) Thank you so much.
Yeah, I don't think we should leave
her with her grandfather anymore.
I think he's too old.
Let's not talk
about that now, okay'?
Why not'?
'Cause it's not appropriate.
Well, it's not like
it's a secret.
Drop it.
Let's not do this now, yeah'?
[strange growling]
What was that'?
Came from the barn.
Do you guys have animals?
Probably just some critter.
Are you sure that there's
no one in there'?
Oh, no, no.
It's nothing.
Look, I'm going to go put
another log on the fire.
(Sean) Need any help?
No, I'm fine, thank you.
Need any help getting any wood?
I'm good.
(Hank) Shut up, Sean.
(Wayne) She's really
good with the ax.
You going to spark
that thing or what'?
You going to spark that?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
You know, we have an extra
room, inflatable mattress.
You guys are more
than welcome to stay.
What the hell happened?
Oh, oh, God. What the
hell did you do?
Oh, my God, the ax slipped.
Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my God, slipped.
Well, why don't you watch
what the hell you're doing?
I think she out herself.
Take it easy on her, okay'?
She out her leg pretty bad.
Pal, don't tell me
how to act with my wife.
Sorry, she out her leg
pretty bad.
I'm such an idiot.
Okay, there's blood
everywhere. Um...
Okay, I think you've got
to go to the hospital.
Do you have a first aid kit'?
I can prep this wound.
How do you know
how to do that'?
I'm in school to be
a physician's assistant.
[cries out] Sorry, sorry.
There's a first aid kit
above the refrigerator.
Baby, I'm sorry,
I have no idea it was...
Come here. Let's get
you inside, okay'?
I-I-I-I got her, I got her,
I got her, I got her.
Get out of here.
I gather.
Okay, sorry.
Is Mommy okay? She just
has a little booboo
and we have to get her
to the doctor's.
Okay. All right'? Let's go.
Easy, easy, easy,
easy, easy. Easy.
[groans] Sorry.
How far
to the hospital are we'?
Ugh, about an hour and a half.
(Lucy) I don't want to go.
Get in the truck
with your mother.
I don't like the hospital.
Can I stay home with Emily'?
I don't mind if,
you know, if it helps.
You sure'?
All right.
[Val groans]
Hi, Mummy.
Hi, sweet pea.
Are you okay'?
Yeah, I think so.
Hey, look,
I'm really sorry about this.
I know this is probably
ruining your trip.
Don't apologize. I mean,
it was an accident.
Mommy's fine.
I have to tell you something.
What is it, munchkin'?
It's a secret.
[cries out]
Okay, okay.
All right.
Take care of her.
Come on, Luce.
You'll be all right.
"(Emily) " After several days,
King Duck came over
to play with them.
"Everyone cheered
and Joey and his new pup Fin
"made friends
with all the ducks.
"And the ducks invited them
to their secret hideout.
And they were
all friends forever."
Will you read it
to me once more'?
All right, but then
you got to go to bed.
From the top.
"Joey's first day. "
[Announcer 1] Down to the ten.
Looks like touchdown.
[Announcer 2] Well, that
was an incredible play.
I have to tell you, Danny,
you know, this has been
a great game.
I mean, I know it-it's been
a little bit of a blowout
Dude, what are you doing?
We were watching that.
I hate watching sports.
So what'? We don't come in
there and change it on you.
We've been sitting here for
like 20 minutes watching this,
and you just come in and
change the channel?
All right, fine.
[Announcer 1] Really came to play.
Thank you.
Wand you know,
ifs an eliminator, and...
Damn it.
I got no service in the sticks.
Dude, you should ignore her.
It makes them want you more.
You really think so?
Oh, for sure.
You're such a jackass.
What, me'?
That's not how it works.
Come on.
It worked with you, didn't it'?
(Hank) Isn't there anyone who
has a phone out here though?
I looked around, there's no
phone in the whole house.
"When the rain stopped, he found
himself outside a storefront.
"A happy puppy
was there to greet him.
'What's you name?
He asked."
Do you have any more weed?
Let's go outside.
Are you coughing?
It doesn't happen that often.
[Announcer 1] Jackie
hands it off to Jackson.
Oh, what a block.
With the block
he's at the 25, the 35.
I'm really glad that you
could make it tonight, baby.
When she out herself,
I saw like a spirit
or something.
The woman's got bad energy.
Could we just not talk
about that right now, please?
It's real.
How are your parents'?
Yeah, I hear you.
Why didn't you come
visit me in rehab?
Come on, baby, we've talked
about this, you know?
I was just really busy with
school, you know, and work.
It's like having two jobs.
Could make it up to you.
No, I don't want to do this.
I don't want to do this again.
(Emily) "And they were
looking for a home. "
Come on, get in there. Lie down.
I'm not tired.
I want to go outside
and play with my friends.
What friends? The ones
Mommy and Daddy watch.
They're not here right now.
But Mommy and Daddy
will get them for me.
It's late.
Will you press play
on my CD player?
It has the happy song
that makes me sleep.
Good night.
[song with harmonica
and banjo plays]
[voice whispering]
[wood creaking]
[children laughing]
[Announcer 1]
Hands the ball to Jackson,
but he cuts around Torino.
Where's Sean and Amanda?
Uh, hey.
They went outside.
Do we have to watch
sports all night'?
Actually, I got to go outside
'cause I got to get
something from the car.
Uh, you want to come
with me, Hank'?
I'm through, Kenny.
I'm through wasting my life
trying to change you.
I'm leaving this town for good.
This is not cool.
No, I don't like this.
I can't deal with this.
I can't.
(Tyler) What happened?
That table just moved.
(Hank) Are you kidding?
Wha-Wha-What's up'?
No, this is...
You guys don't get it.
This is not a joke.
This place is messed up.
It's kinda cool.
No, it's not cool.
We need to get out of here.
Uh, it just moved again.
Oh, you...
That get you off, Hank, huh'?
That was so funny.
You should've seen the look on her face.
No, screw you, guys.
Stop, she didn't like that.
Oh, come on, Amanda.
You guys are stupid. Come here.
Whatever, man,
that was awesome.
I know that stuff
freaks you out.
They're idiots.
Pretty much, yeah.
I'm going to go back out there.
I'll see you in a minute'?
[distorted shouting]
( Tyler) Anyway,
about what happened.
I'm really sorry.
I was drunk.
And I really want
to make it up to you.
I should've been there for you.
It's fine. Forget it.
It's whatever.
No, no, I mean, is there anything
I can do to make it right'?
Tyler, you gave me this,
and you really mean
something to me,
and I just really want to go there
with you, but it's got to be right.
I know.
I understand.
(Emily) What was that?
That was weird.
You okay?
That sound.
Oh, that sound is so bad.
That sound is going
to kill us all.
You know what'?
Screw you, Sean.
Screw me'?
Em, you should be
screwing Tyler.
Hey, you know what, Sean'?
Don't even cross that line.
Oh, really?
You know what'? You want to get
yourself beat up, pretty boy, huh'?
No, I'm going to beat
you up, and it's going
to be so easy 'cause
you're such a pussy.
It's a taste
of your own medicine, dude.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
You guys are a bunch of turds.
You think this is so funny.
[humming rumbling]
That sound.
It's Amanda.
Amanda, come on.
We've had enough.
On TV'?
Where is she'?
Well, let's go check.
[knocks on door] Amanda?
I need to check on Lucy, too.
Where is she'?
Oh, my God,
she has to be in here.
Well, I hope so.
She wouldn't go off
into the night.
I don't know.
Hey, real quick.
What are you doing?
I wanted to give you a kiss.
Now is not the time.
(Hank) Guys? You guys okay?
(Sean) Amanda.
Baby, are you in there'?
I can't find Lucy.
We need you guys to help us.
You know what'? To hell with
this little girl, okay'?
Look, it's not about just you and Amanda.
Don't be so selfish.
Okay, please. Enough of
your little jabs, Em.
That's enough, Sean.
We're going outside right now
to look for Lucy, all right'?
Amanda might even be out there.
[sighs] Fine.
Lucy, where are you'?
Look, we got to find her.
(Sean) Well, why, huh?
I mean, she runs off
in the middle of the night.
You know, this little... girl
is becoming kind
of a nightmare, all right'?
We're going to find her.
You know, she kept talking about
wanting to play with her friends.
Come on, you little...
[Lucy's bedtime song plays]
Come on, come on.
(Emily) Hank, Hank?
Come on, you little...
[cries out]
(Sean) We have to go.
I saw something.
We've got to get out of here.
Wait, what did you see'?
I don't know.
I mean, I don't know.
It's out there, it's here or something.
We got to go.
But you say you saw something.
Well, what did you see'?
Yeah, what do you think I'm lying
to you, man, or something, huh?
It's a... It's a figure
or a man or...
I don't know but it came at me.
It like charged me.
I don't know, I'm leaving.
Are you guys coming or what'?
Well, we have Lucy here and we told
her parents that we would watch her.
To hell with her. She goes running
off in the middle of the night?
Well, good. She can stay, okay'?
I'm not sticking around.
So, we're just going
to leave a little girl here'?
You know what'?
Yeah, Em, we are.
I'm going to get Amanda.
Such a creep.
He's scared.
Grow some stones.
Amanda, baby'?
Baby, come on,
I know you're in there.
Come on baby,
we got to go home.
Come on, Amanda.
Come on, we got to go.
Baby, what's wrong?
Answer me.
Hey, hey, hey, hey-.
Look at me. Look
at me, answer me.
You guys!
Answer me.
He), Open your eyes.
She won't answer me,
I don't know.
Look at me, look at me.
What did you give her'? I
didn't give her anything, Em.
She didn't get this way
from smoking pot.
Her heart rate is too low.
(Tyler) What's wrong with her?
I don't know.
Come on, get up.
Come here. I don't know.
Just get back for a second.
Check her purse. See if
there's anything in there.
What are those'?
What the hell is that?
It's like a painkiller.
It's given to cancer patients.
Who are they prescribed to'?
Wayne Collins.
See, I told you,
she found them here, okay?
Look, we got to get her to a hospital.
Yeah, let's go.
I'll stay with you, all right'?
Come an.
Come on, stay with me.
Get the door, get the door.
Watch her head.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Easy, easy.
God, I don't believe it.
How could she do this'?
Chill, man. She's going to be fine.
You don't tell me to chill, okay'?
My girlfriend just overdosed.
Hey, be careful, all right'?
Call me when you get
to the hospital.
All right. Thanks, man.
Is it a right'?
She'll be fine, fine.
Were we supposed to take a
right back there or a left'?
I don't even know where we are.
[gasps coughing]
Baby, hold on.
Baby, just hold on back there, okay'?
Watch out!
Okay, okay, aka)-
Amanda, are you okay'?
I don't know.
What happened?
Can you get out of the car'?
What happened?
Please. Okay, don't look
at him, don't look at him.
Oh, my God, Sean! Don't look
at him, don't look at him.
Don't look at him.
Look at me. Look at me.
Can you get out of the car?
I know what's going on. Listen, I
need you to go back to the house
and tell them that we need help,
tell them that I'm stuck.
No, no,
they're doing this to us.
It's jumping from one of
them to the next. It's...
Listen to me, this is not time
for one of your drug-induced
visions, okay'?
No, it's real.
I saw it.
Please, just pay attention.
Focus. I need you to
go back to the house
and tell them
that we got into a wreck
and that Sean is dead
and that I need help.
You can do this.
Go back. Go, go.
[crying hysterically]
[Hank groans]
Come on.
Okay, okay.
(Hank) Lucy,
You hear that'?
(Hank) Guys, guys, guys, Sh
What happened? (Hank)
Where's Amanda?
What'? I don't...
You tell me.
My leg was jammed and I
couldn't get out of the car.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Stop, slow down. What'?
What are you talking about?
What happened?
Guys, we drove off the road.
Sean is dead.
Guys, Sean's dead.
(Tyler) What? He's dead.
No, what do you mean Sean's dead'?
I mean he's dead. He's gone.
I'm sorry, all right'? I'm sorry, guys.
I'm just a little...
Okay, we hit a tree,
there's a dead branch
that went right through the
windshield and right through Sean.
Right frigging through him.
And, like, guys,
it looked like Lucy.
It looked like Lucy, or somebody
was in the middle of that road.
Sean swerves to miss
her, hit the tree,
Amanda's in the back babbling about
one of her drug-induced visions,
and I can't get my leg
out of the car,
so I send her back here
to tell you guys what happened.
What do you mean'?
Then, guys,
I swear to God there
was someone out there.
There was some
horrible thing out there,
and it is not messing around,
and neither am I.
I'm not kidding.
Where is Amanda?
She'll be here any minute.
We got to go.
We got to get
the hell out of here.
We don't need
the gun, all right'?
Hank, no, put the gun dawn. No.
Put the gun down.
No, I need it, huh'?
Okay, well, give me the gun.
I know how to use them, okay'?
I don't want anything to happen.
You don't want anything to happen?
Dude, it's already
happened, okay'?
And it's not going to happen to me.
Sean's dead.
There's some freak out there making
noises, screwing with our heads.
No way, man. Give me the
damn gun right now, Hank.
It's empty-
That sound,
what the hell is that'?
Tyler, what is that, man?
I don't know.
But why don't you go sit down
for a second, all right'?
We're going to figure this out.
No, I'm serious.
Gad, we 're going to die, man.
What, you don't believe me'?
[growling] ( Tyler) Did
you guys hear that?
Maybe it was Amanda.
Who's there, huh'?
Is that you, Amanda?
What is going on'?
Hey, who's there, huh'?
Is that you, Amanda?
Give me the gun.
Stop grabbing for the gun,
do you understand me'?
Don't frigging tell me what to do.
Lam not going to...
You, sit down, okay'? We're going
to figure this out together.
Got it'?
[Lucy's bedtime song playing]
Dude, what is that, man'?
What are we doing, man'?
(Tyler) Anybody out there'?
[Lucy's bedtime song playing]
[music stops]
(Emily) What'?
Dude, what the hell are you doing, man'?
Amanda or Lucy could have been there.
I'm sorry. I freaked. I just...
Do not do that again. Okay, okay, man.
I'm sorry.
Back up.
There's something
out there, okay'?
We're going to get out of here, all right'?
We're going to.
[banging on door]
(Hank) Just shoo f if.
Who are you, huh'?
What do you want'?
I got a gun. Identify
yourself or I will shoot you.
Do you understand?
I will shoot you.
(Hank) Stop talking. Shoot.
[Amanda screaming]
Okay, guys, you better
get out of here
because there's no telling
what this thing's
going to do when I
shoot it, all right'?
What are you doing?
Oh, God, Hank.
Oh, gosh. Oh, my God,
dude, I'm so sorry.
Whoa, am I shot'? Am I shot'?
(Tyler) What did / do?
If we can get you up, let's
get you up right now, okay?
Yeah, okay.
No, no, no, no.
I don't think I can.
( Tyler) Try not to move.
You're going to be all right.
I'm going to get you some help. Dude,
I got you, bro. What'? Wait, no.
What are you doing? I'm going
to get Hank some help.
No you're not.
You're not going outside.
Do you even know what's out there'?
I don't care what's out there.
I do.
You're not going out there.
Tyler, let go of me.
No, I'm not.
Let me go.
No, you're staying right... No, you're not
going... I'm going to do whatever I want.
Fine, all right'?
But look at me. You got
to keep your cool, okay'?
'Cause we're in this
together from here on out.
Do you understand me'?
There's a town about 20 miles back from
here, all right'? I'm going to walk.
There's got to be a house
that's closer, okay'?
'Cause Hank needs a medevac.
That's the first thing
we have to do.
Yeah, yeah.
Hello, guys'?
I'm bleeding, man.
Can you please, like... I'm
going to get you out of here.
Well, hurry up and get out.
Okay, well, can you just
hurry up and leave?
Look at me. You do not go
outside, no matter what.
Do you understand?
I love you.
Um, I'll be back.
[voices whispering]
[children laughing]
Lucy, what are you doing?
Is that you'?
Who's there'?
I got a gun.
You're so stupid.
[echoing] You're so stupid.
Hank, wake up.
Stay with me.
Hank, you got
to stay awake, okay'?
You're going to be okay.
Look at me, look at me.
Hank, you're going to be okay.
Try and keep awake.
Come on,
you're going to be fine.
I'm going to look
for some medical supplies.
(Amanda) Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
[sobbing] Oh, my God.
[screaming] Help me!
Okay, where is it'?
Oh, I saw it.
[children chanting] [growling]
(Amanda) Help me.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, help me.
I got you.
Help me, Tyler.
Will you pull me up'?
Come on.
Pull me!
I got you, I got you.
(Val) We wanted to use her.
We wanted to use all of you.
Hey, Hank?
I don't know
what happened to Tyler,
but I think our best bet is for me to
go and try and find some help, okay'?
Are you sure'?
Because I'll stay with you.
No, yeah. Yeah, just do it.
I'm good.
Most people never figure out
what's going on.
Can I have my knife,
baby cakes?
Here you go, bun-bun.
[groans] [moans]
Good job, baby.
Stop, stop.
(Wayne) What's going on?
We need help.
Sean's dead.
We have to go to the police.
That's exactly
what we're going to do.
(Emily) I'm so glad
you guys found me.
Oh, me, too.
(Val) LUCY, honey?
Hey, can you hear me'?
What happened to him'?
Tyler accidentally shot him.
He's dead.
He's gone.
(Val) Oh, honey, I'm so sorry.
I got to get some help.
I'll get my wallet.
Yeah, hurry up, babe.
Oh, sweetie.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's all going to be fine.
My flesh, they
shall not perish.
You'll seek vengeance.
I don't know
what's happening to us.
Sean's dead,
Hank's dead.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
This was kind
of my idea, this trip.
We got to get out of here.
God, I just feel like...
like this is just a bad dream.
But it's real.
Oh, no, it's fine.
Come here.
Lucy was right.
You have
the most beautiful eyes.
What are you doing?
Let's go.
No, you listen to me.
My daughter is missing.
Someone's been killed
in my house.
My house.
I think we have a lot
to figure out, all right'?
Yeah, I'm just...
I'm just a little scared.
I'm freaked out.
It's all right
to be freaked out.
You just got to try
and remain calm.
Everything's going to work out.
It's going to be fine.
Get off of me.
No, no, no.
Good job, baby.
It's all right.
Oh, God, I love this purse.
It's one of my favorites.
You think she's out?
I don? Know.
Little bitch
might be faking it.
Get off me.
Let me go.
Get a rope.
Help me.
Calm down.
Somebody help me.
Calm down.
Calm down.
I'm going to get you
out of here.
(Wayne) Always masterful.
He does it different
every time.
Has he shown himself to you'?
Sometimes he does,
and sometimes he doesn't.
He first appeared to me
the night of the fire.
My business burned.
Lucy was dropped in the flames.
He gave me the option
to save her,
but then I would have to build
an army of children.
He chose me,
just like he's chosen you.
All those children
are his.
I've created them
with different women.
In different shapes,
in different sizes.
And he has told me
that you are special.
The sun will darken.
The moon will not give light.
The stars,
they'll fall from the sky.
And the third part
of man will be slain.
They shall set the fire
upon Magog,
but he will not perish.
And the fire shall be set upon
Magog but he shall not perish.
He shall seek vengeance.
There will be a great culling.
A culling of mankind, and he shall
reign for a thousand years.
And we shall be with him.
[children chanting]
[engine faltering]
[children chanting]
[electric guitar music playing]