The Cup (2011) Movie Script

Ladies and gentlemen, those
were the words of Mark Twain
over images filmed for the
Lumire brothers in 1896...
only ten months
after they invented the cinecamera.
The Melbourne Cup
still astonishes people.
It is still the race that stops
a nation,
and for that matter,
the entire racing world.
But you can't have a horserace
without jockeys...
men and women who,
despite the dangers,
dedicate their lives to keeping
this great sport alive and well.
So, back to business.
Jockey of the year,
and winner of
the Scobie Breasley Medal for 2002 is...
..for a record fourth time -
Damien Oliver.
He's out by two lengths.
Holds 'em at bay.
And Mr Murphy takes out the
Guineas for Damien Oliver.
Fields Of Omagh fighting back
with Magical Miss. Yes! Omagh!
Toledo's the leader in the
Newmarket. And Toledo!
Toledo for Damien Oliver.
Fubu on the run on the inside.
Umrun, Mr Murphy charge.
Mr Murphy!
Oh, he's done it again.
Viscount coming at her.
Sunline in front.
Northerly on the outside
going at Sunline.
They got very tight,
but Northerly
wins the Cox Plate!
I'd like to call on
one of Western Australia's
leading jockeys,
Damien's brother, Jason,
to make the presentation.
- Jason.
- Thanks, mate.
And they said
he'd never make it, hey?
Well, I did at least.
(Scattered laughter)
I was the one out there
riding professionally.
I was the one following
in our dad's footsteps.
And right in the middle
of my dream run,
my little brother races past
and leaves me in his dust.
Lately, he's been leaving
a few other people
in his dust as well.
But, Dame, my boy,
well done, mate.
We're all very proud of you.
I'd like to thank the judges,
my beautiful girlfriend, Trish.
No need to tell me
I'm batting above my average.
(Audience chuckles)
My good mate and manager
Neil Pinner. Good on ya, Pins.
And to Lee Freedman,
the best trainer in the country.
At least in his opinion.
(Audience laughs)
- Hey!
- And to my wonderful family.
Especially my mum and my nan,
watching this back in the west.
Mum, this is for you.
You too, Dad.
(Cheering and applause)
Ladies and gentlemen,
top jockey
and it's already gone
to his head.
Not happy with any of our horses
for this year's Melbourne Cup,
Damien is going to ride
for the enemy.
Hey, excuse me.
Since when, Dame?
Well, Lee hasn't got
a horse running
and there's nothing much else
about, so...
Suddenly an offer came out of
the blue that I couldn't refuse.
(Audience murmurs)
Don't tell me
the Irish wizard Dermot Weld?
MAN: What about riding
an Aussie horse, Damien?
I wouldn't go so far
as to call my little brother
a dirty rotten traitor,
but there are some amongst us
who would consider Ireland's
foremost trainer just...
Well, you know.
(Clock strikes the hour)
Where's Vinnie?
Dress To Thrill? Media Puzzle?
His people skills are
a little lacking, are they not?
I suppose it's understandable.
How about I take him out today?
Oh, thanks, Dave.
Hey. Easy now, big fella. Easy.
That's it.
That's it. Steady now.
Time to go out
to the gallops, boy.
You wouldn't want to be left
behind now, would you?
Claire, have you something
to tell us?
It's Media Puzzle.
He's playing up again.
As a herding animal,
a horse is a creature of habit,
particularly so in the case
of thoroughbreds training
for the track.
For, as we all know,
particularly those in my employ
as long as Mr Phillips,
any deviation
in a horse's training
will have a significant impact
on its performance.
Surely we all know that.
We also know that runners
sired by Theatrical tend
to have a bit of a temper,
and this one's no exception.
Off you go.
Evolving Tactics.
Refuse To Bend.
Lovely, Dermot. Just lovely.
Two of your best, Michael.
Both in superb condition.
Dress To Thrill.
Top Of The Morning.
And who might
the third horse be?
Well, the important thing
is he's not one of yours.
With the money I pay you,
I certainly hope not.
Vinnie Roe. Media Puzzle.
I hear you're taking Vinnie
to Australia.
Actually, Michael,
I'm taking both.
Media Puzzle?
I thought we decided he was
headed for the knackery.
It's taken him 18 months
to get his nerve back,
but believe me, it's back.
He's flying.
Remember the English St Leger?
A good fourth.
Plenty in the tank.
I'm telling you,
with the right jockey,
Media Puzzle could
win the Melbourne Cup.
- Proud of you, mate.
- Thanks, Jase.
You don't really mind me
riding for Dermot, do you?
Nah, maybe not. Which one of his
horses will you get to ride?
- Don't know yet.
- It's a bit of a blind date.
The way I see it,
anything Dermot brings out
is going to be pretty good.
The rest is up to me.
Yeah, there's no doubt
the bloke's clever.
All I'm saying
is watch your back.
The man's full of bullshit.
Over there it's called
Oh, is it? Well, it still
smells like crap over here.
Oh, he's OK.
You know, I rode for him
in Ireland a few years back.
There was an awful lot of chat,
but his horses were great.
Anyway, wouldn't be an issue
if you got a starter, would it?
Might be time to hit the track.
Work him over. Six evens.
Home four. You too, Marty.
- What do you reckon?
- Yep. He'll do.
(Aeroplane landing)
it's Don Eduardo
and Carnegie Express
locked together.
Damien Oliver drives Don Eduardo
away and he's home,
ahead of Carnegie Express
and Pentastic.
Damien Oliver on Don Eduardo
wins the second...
MAN: Qantas 47,
contact Sydney departures...
RACE CALLER: Now riding
in the Gooree colours,
for the second time
this afternoon
Damien Oliver heads out,
chasing a rare double, winners
in two cities just hours apart.
Oliver has control of the race
on Chong Tong.
He's out by a couple of lengths.
He's got it well won.
Damien, straight
from Randwick to Flemington,
makes it a twin-city double.
Told you.
Thank you.
NEWSREADER: In local news,
the Australian Democrats
could be without a new deputy
leader until mid-November,
after none of the...
Someone could do with
an early night.
Um... Yeah, I'd love to.
Unfortunately, the Eagles
are playing North at the Dome
and Jason's flying back
especially, which is terrible,
because I hate football.
- Sure.
- Mwah!
- He's crazy. You both are.
- Runs in the family. Love you.
- Love you.
- Go, Eagles!
CROWD: Eagles! Eagles!
(Crowd roars)
JASON: Go, Kerr! Go!
DAMIEN: Come on, Kerr! Come on!
Daniel Kerr down towards the 50.
Archer makes the decision,
comes to him.
BOTH: Oh...
And pass to Priddis. Tackled by
Sinclair. Oh, wonderful by Judd.
- Go, Juddy! Go, Juddy!
- Oh, Juddy. Come on, Juddy!
JASON: Come on, Juddy!
DAMIEN: To Lynch! Goes to Lynch!
The long bomb for the game!
Oh, he's hit the post!
ALL: Oh...
Scores are tied up. 102 apiece.
The Kangaroos and the Eagles.
Jason McCartney brings it back
for North Melbourne.
DAMIEN: Go, Cuz. Go, Cuzza!
JASON: Go Cuz! Look, look!
BOTH: Yes!
JASON: Go! Go!
JASON: Yes, pass!
For the long kick forward
to the full-forward zone.
CROWD: Oh...
JASON: Would somebody, anybody,
please stop McCartney?
He's murdering us!
Back come the West Coast Eagles.
Short one finds Hansen
on the lead.
JASON: Go, Juddy! Go, Juddy!
BOTH: Juddy! Come on! Go!
JASON: Juddy! Come on, Juddy!
CROWD: Oh...
(Crowd roars)
The West Coast Eagles have
won it in the dying seconds.
What a remarkable game
of football.
- Yeah!
- What did I tell you?
Fifty bucks says
we win the flag.
Come on, let's head down
the rooms and see the boys.
- Sorry, buddy. In a rush.
- Hey! Who have we got here?
One of your biggest fans,
Mr Oliver. My grandson.
- Go ahead. Say g'day, son.
- G-'day, mate.
Grandad's back's
a little bit more welcoming.
(All chuckle)
Ah. Jason Oliver.
- A man who knows his racing.
- Better yet, a West Australian.
JASON: Nice.
I saw your father win
the Perth Cup.
And your grandfather win the
Kalgoorlie back in '65, yeah.
A bit before your time,
of course.
If you wouldn't mind a picture
with this fellow.
DAMIEN: Not at all. Here we go.
JASON: Sure.
- Would mean a lot to us.
DAMIEN: Mate, big smile.
..and Pugin continues in front,
being followed by Ballingarry
and Vinnie Roe.
Warrsan and Millenary are next,
and then Queens Wharf,
Couple of lengths
to Sadlers Wings.
Half a mile to go as they make
the entrance to the straight
in the Jefferson Smurf it
Memorial Irish St Leger...
Steady, Pat. Don't get boxed in.
Then comes Margarula,
Queen's Wharf, Sadlers Wings.
They turn their heads for home.
Pugin still in front
of Ballingarry.
Vinnie Roe towards
the outside in third.
- Now.
- Millenary 4 and Warrsan 5.
Passing the turn now,
and Pugin's...
He's going to do it, Dermot!
Vinnie Roe, last year's winner,
making ground now towards
the final furlong.
And Vinnie Roe clinging
to the front...
He's yours, Pugin. Take him!
They're inside the last 200.
- It's Vinnie Roe in front...
- Bring him home, lad.
CALLER:..Balingarry and Warrsan
going up towards the line.
Vinnie Roe wins
back-to-back Legers
for Pat Smullen
and Dermot Weld.
Second Pugin,
Balingarry and Warrsan.
(Horse neighs, applause)
What's next? Will Vinnie go to
Paris? Will he run in the Arc?
We'll just take our breath
and admire ourselves first
for winning the St Leger - for
the second time, I might add.
Were you worried, Dermot,
at the halfway mark,
given Vinnie's slow start?
Now, now, Sean - thought you'd
know they don't give ribbons out
for which horse is in what place
at the halfway mark.
At the Curragh, Sean,
as pretty much everywhere else.
What matters is how they finish.
Dermot, is there any truth
in the rumour
you're taking Media Puzzle
to Australia with Vinnie?
There is. It's more company
for Vinnie.
They're stablemates -
great friends.
But he hasn't won anything
in years.
This is true. Not like
our Vinnie. (Laughs)
Oh, you champ. How'd he pull up?
If he had his way,
he'd run in the next race.
Couldn't ask
for a better ride, Pat.
Couldn't have asked
for a better horse.
Australia? Is Vinnie good enough
to take them on
in the Melbourne Cup?
Ah, I wouldn't say that.
He's good enough to win it.
(Both chuckle)
This way, gentlemen.
This way, please.
# Middle-Eastern-themed music.
- As-Salamu Alaykum.
- Wa Alaykum-us-Salam, Emir.
(Both speak Arabic)
(Laughs) You know, I had a rag
doll in better shape than you.
Who are you calling
in bad shape? (Grunts)
Nah, they're just
a few reminders.
It's my CV. Oaks Day '95,
Melbourne. Broken collarbone.
Perth '91- broken wrist.
Perth '88- ankle.
You sound almost proud of them.
Nah, I'm just happy
to have survived.
How can you avoid it?
Sometimes you can't.
Sometimes you can.
- Just part of the business.
- Hmm.
Sometimes I wonder
if it's all worth it.
It is.
- And so are you.
- (Laughs) Don't.
# TAXIRIDE: Get Set.
Good morning.
First three even.
Gallop home for last two.
# Get set, everybody
# Get set
# We're on our way to meet you
# On our way
# Too late, everybody
# Too late
# We're on our way to nowhere...
# On our way... #
# And I will be there
# Kick out your seat
Let's elevate
# Hold on to what you know
is gonna break
# A roller-coaster ride
inside your mind
# Is what you need
to terrify you
# Don't you know, baby
# Get set, everybody
# Get set
# We're on our way
# On our way
# To meet you... I
I'll make it even easier
for you.
We go straight to the clubhouse
and you two start buying drinks.
We won't waste more time
watching your brother
three-putt this shot.
'Cause let's face it - Tiger
Woods couldn't make this putt.
JASON: No-one could sink
this putt
with all the racket
you're making.
JASON: It's perfect, my boy.
DAMIEN: Get over there.
LEE: No. Way too fast.
DAMIEN: Get over there.
JASON: The Brothers Oliver
snatch victory
with the last shot of the match!
- JASON: Oh, whoa, oh, oh.
- (Lee chuckles)
LEE: Missed it! Bad luck.
Oh, no!
JASON: My boy! (Laughs)
NEIL: He didn't, did he?
JASON: Oh, yes, he did.
Oh, yes, he did.
(Damien laughs)
Oh, yes!
It's not the prettiest shot,
but I'll take what I can get.
You're doing that already,
aren't you, with that Irishman?
Ah, here we go.
Who's one of the best trainers
in the world,
and that's good for Ollie.
It's good for Damien, is it?
You're his manager -
you should know better.
The only one it's ever good
for is Dermot Weld.
Vinnie Roe's won every
stakes race in Europe.
Don't think for a moment
you're even going to get
to sit on that horse.
Dermot's got Pat Smullen
for Vinnie.
- No, for you he's got...
- Media Puzzle. I know.
The owners want me
to ride Vinnie Roe.
I've even spoken to Dermot.
He's fixed on me
riding Media Puzzle.
That horse is a dog.
If Dermot's bringing him out,
he's no slouch.
That horse sat out all of
last year with a broken pelvis!
He hasn't even qualified,
has he?
We're gonna qualify him
at Geelong.
You hope.
Does he always get this mad
when he has to buy the beers?
No, no. He gets this mad because
he always has to buy the beers.
I mean, for all we know,
Media Puzzle will break down
as soon as he arrives.
And suddenly Australia's
top jockey
doesn't have a ride in the Cup.
Yeah, but see,
that's not the point.
You've got to be clear, Dave.
You can't be behind-the-door
with these people.
I know, boss. I understand.
No, that's it.
You don't understand.
You're not asking somebody
to part with 30,000 euro
to bring a horse
halfway round the globe.
He's not doing it because
he believes in the horse.
He's doing it because
he believes in us.
You damn well better make sure
his faith is justified.
- It will be.
- I hope so.
I really do, Dave. You know?
I'm relying on you now
to communicate exactly...
not approximately...
exactly my instructions
to the handlers and jockeys.
Let them know who's boss.
Until I get there,
you're my eyes and ears.
I need to know everything,
absolutely everything now.
- Is that clear?
- Everything.
OK. You have a flight to catch.
See you in Australia.
(Horse neighs)
- Now, you take care down there.
- Of course.
Do watch out
for those Australian women.
Look at your brother Niall.
He went for three weeks.
- We haven't seen him since.
- They did offer him a good job.
Ha! So he says. You just make
sure they don't offer you one.
My job's here with you
That's the way I like it
I hope so.
(Airport announcer
speaks Arabic)
Qantas 7 Melbourne ground.
Taxi freight bay 4.
Godolphin, continue taxi
Melbourne freight bay 5.
PILOT: Godolphin -
freight bay 5.
Ha! Niall!
- Thanks.
- Hey, brother.
- How are you?
- Could be a whole lot worse.
- How's the flight?
- Good. Long.
- It's good to see you.
- You too.
TV ANCHOR: Melbourne Airport's
freight terminal
was alive with activity,
as the first group of
international runners
for this year's Melbourne Cup
touched down in planes
from Europe and the Middle-East.
REPORTER:..three horses
from Sheikh Mohammed's.
Godolphin Stables in Dubai,
English stayer Jardines Lookout,
along with the highly fancied
Vinnie Roe
and stablemate Media Puzzle,
were amongst the group
that arrived from Europe.
Donna Demaio. Melbourne Airport.
What's that?
That would be Henry, Jardines
Lookout's little friend.
Apparently, they're inseparable.
Even sleep together.
- How very British.
- (Laughs)
- (Media Puzzle snorts)
- Whoa. Whoa!
That's one toey horse.
- Jet lag?
- Oh, I wish.
Oh, good tucker and a warm stall
will soon settle him.
You think so?
This, of course, is the
legendary trainer Bart Cummings,
11-time winner of the
Melbourne Cup, and, Bart,
how do you think Miss Meliss
will race against these
international entries?
Uh... Bit early.
Only just arrived.
The Dermot Welds
and the Sheikh Mohammeds
make our greatest race
even greater.
Got to be good for business.
But how do you rate
their chances, Bart?
Well, they should do well. We
treat 'em like bloody royalty.
Give them their
own bloody track.
You got to remember -
anything can happen.
It's the Melbourne Cup.
(Horses nickering and neighing)
(Media Puzzle snorts)
- Morning, boys.
- Yeah, g'day, Damien.
Nice to see you, Damien.
- (Media Puzzle snorts)
- Whoa, Puzzle. Steady now.
G'day, Dave.
Welcome back to Melbourne.
Damien. Good to see you again.
No prize for guessing
who this is.
- Yeah, I heard he had attitude.
- One thing he's not short on.
Yeah, I don't mind that.
Guess you didn't come here
for the scenery, did you, mate?
Good boy. That's a fella.
How did he go on the trip?
Oh, he did fine. Vinnie Roe,
now, not so handsome...
needs a few more days.
But this one, he's jumping
out of his skin, as you can see.
More than ready
for a decent blow, I'd say.
Come on, big fella.
Let's see what you got. Come on.
Come on!
One can't help wondering what
the ghost of the mighty Phar Lap
would make
of the foreign invasion
and the frenzy surrounding
the Cup.
Perhaps it's not so different
from the days
when he was the toast
of the nation.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
Thirteenth Beach,
famous in surfing circles,
is trainer George Hanlon's
secret weapon
for Mr Prudent
in the Melbourne Cup.
Oh, I don't know about that.
We're always down here.
The girls like it and it makes
a change for the horses too.
And what about Mr Prudent?
(Chuckles) He's too tactful
to say,
but I think
he likes the bikinis.
- Felt alright.
NIALL: I'd say you're on target.
Better be. If we don't qualify
at Geelong, we're doomed.
The wrath of God is as nothing
to when Dermot is roused.
(Door closes)
Hey, Dame. How was it?
Yeah. Alright.
We interrupt this program
with more breaking news
from Bali.
Oh, my God. Bali.
TV ANCHOR:..subsequent fireball
had levelled an entire block.
People are burnt everywhere.
There's people dead.
There's everything.
(Man shouting)
I just don't believe
what happened here tonight.
Anyway, ground zero.
REPORTER: In Denpasar Hospital,
many of those
fortunate enough to survive
were grieving for those who died
in the bomb blast.
Lost my girlfriend, parents.
REPORTERS: Dozens of Australians
are among the hundreds
feared dead.
Panic-stricken families
are inundating
the Australian embassy
in Jakarta
for any word on loved ones
in Bali.
Yeah, I would be too.
(Report continues)
Time, gentlemen, please.
Your mounts await.
(Trumpet fanfare,
horses neighing)
JASON: Good, thanks.
RACE CALLER: Jockeys about
to be legged up for race 6.
Lady Avonlea well in the
markets. So too Kazz B.
Along with Cossack Angel
and Picture Skew.
About to head out
at Belmont for race 6.
RACE CALLER:..Miss Domani
last one to move into line.
Last horseriders.
And they're just about to do
the Belmont, race 6. Good line.
The outer range underway quickly
with Kazz B
and also Lady Avonlea.
Rose Of Oakford racing,
handy ride by Cossack Angel.
(Hoofs drown speech)
Kazz B going for the lead.
From the outside, Our Doreen.
It's Cossack Angel,
followed by Miss Domani,
approaching the turn.
Kazz just in front as Jason
Oliver pulls towards the outside
on Lady Avonlea.
Here she comes on the outside.
Our Doreen.
But Jason Oliver has handled
the field on Lady Avonlea.
Ran from the behind
and has got up to win.
Lady Avonlea.
Perfect ride by J Oliver.
Got up to win from Kazz B.
And Our Doreen makes a third.
TV ANCHOR: Despite burns
to over 50% of his body,
the North Melbourne star
helped friends escape
from the burning bar,
to await evacuation
by the Australian Air Force.
On two occasions, McCartney...
Me and Jason
were in that game last month.
TV ANCHOR:..he insisted
someone else go in his place.
Now, Jason McCartney is back in
Australia fighting for his life.
How could anyone be so brave
in the middle of that inferno?
The man's a star.
(Phone rings)
G'day, Jase. Nice win, my boy.
How about McCartney?
Paddy's Bar.
Wasn't that near where you
and Trish stayed last year?
Yeah, yeah. It's a great spot.
Was there every night.
Hey, listen, Dame, I just want
to speak to you about tomorrow.
Now, I know a lot's changed
since my days in Geelong,
but I'll bet you my bottom
dollar that last turn hasn't.
Far as I know.
See, the thing is,
if you're not up front with
the leaders on that last turn,
you might as well ride him
straight back to the stalls.
- What, is that it?
- Yeah, that's it.
'Cause if you blow it, you'll
be making 5% of bugger all,
watching the Cup from an
armchair like the rest of us.
CALLER: Candidates are parading
now for the big one today,
the Geelong Cup runners
in the mounting yard
for the 2002 Geelong Cup.
And jockeys are about to mount
up. We have 2 riding changes...
(Media Puzzle squeals, snorts)
He's not short on spirit-
that's for sure.
Has he got anything left?
At least you know
he's got plenty of kick in him.
You'll need it when you make
your move on the home straight.
- No way.
- What?
- This is my home track.
- And?
If Damien waits till the home
straight to make his move,
he'll be looking at a wall
of ten horses wide.
I've seen it too many times.
That's the short straight.
If a hole doesn't open on the
rail, he'll have to swing wide,
and, by then, it's too late.
Well, you know, that mightn't be
the way Dermot sees it.
If it's any consolation, my
brother raced here a fair bit.
He says the same thing. do realise
what you'd be asking of me.
Mm. That I do, brother.
To go against Dermot's orders.
Just a whisker.
- If I alter his instructions...
- And do anything but win...
Mate, you'd be fired?
That wouldn't be very Irish,
Damien. Far too merciful.
(Phone rings)
That'll be him.
Look, Dermot will keep him on.
I've no doubt about that.
I also know for the rest of his
days, Dermot will have him
with the worst horses
at every two-bit pitch-and-toss
meeting in Ireland.
In the dead of winter.
DAVE: Guess what.
He wants you to fall off the
pace as soon as possible
and don't make a move
until the home straight.
RACE CALLER: Jockeys are up.
Field's about to parade now,
ladies and gentlemen.
Cyclades, the top-placed
from New Zealand...
So, what's it gonna be?
We really going
with Dermot's instructions?
(Chuckles) Good on you, mate.
Now we're playing Aussie Rules.
(Phone rings)
- Yep?
- We're ready to race.
And Damien understands
our strategy?
One hundred per cent.
CALLER: Old Tawny
into the outside gate.
We're set for a start.
They've jumped at a good line.
National Treasure came out
quickly on the inside...
Clean break.
We're in good shape.
Is he falling off the pace?
Not yet. They're coming down the
straight for the first time.
Then comes next Media Puzzle,
over on the outside...
DERMOT: He was supposed to fall
off the pace at the very start.
- You told him that, right?
- I swear to God.
They're into the first turn.
- How far has he fallen back?
- He's...
- ..fifth or sixth.
- Oh, God damn it!
He's not happy.
I'll get you a job over here.
Honest, boss - I did tell Damien
your instructions
were to drop back
as quickly as he could.
He'll drop back alright, yeah.
As soon as he sees
the finish line.
Come on, big fella.
CALLER: L'Avenir in front,
leading by eight lengths
to Lightuma.
Two lengths third is Freegold,
followed by Southern Crown.
One and a half Requiem. Two away
then was Media Puzzle...
Tell me I didn't just hear that.
Unfortunately, you did.
David, didn't I tell you
how difficult it is
to convince an owner
to bring a horse
halfway around the world?
- But, Dermot...
- I told you!
It's not the money. It's the
confidence, in me! In you. six or seven
lengths to Lightuma.
Two away, third Freegold,
Southern Crown,
then Media Puzzle
one and a half from the back
followed by Piachay,
and L'Avenir...
NIALL: He's there. He's there!
- He could be.
Now they jam up,
followed by Media Puzzle...
Media Puzzle's battling
for first!
Forlorna making a run with
Piachay. And further back...
He's taken the lead!
He's pulling away!
And it's Media Puzzle...
Come on!
Piachay's starting
to give chase.
Come on, Damien! Come on!
Yes! He's flying down
the straight!
(Muffled) He's gonna win it
for us! Yes!
- Piachay, Southern Crown...
- Yes!
Old Tawny from back...
(Both cheer)
- But it's Media Puzzle...
- You're in the Cup, my boy.
Media Puzzle wins
by three lengths.
Oh, Damien, you little champion!
DAVE: Did you hear that?
A new track record!
Confidence, Dave.
Like I said, it's all about
I just hope those Irish
appreciate what they've got.
Well done, mate.
Couldn't have done it
without you, Jase.
Your tip made
all the difference.
Looks like you owe me
that bottom dollar.
(Chuckles) It's yours, my boy.
Jason, Dave again.
He's going in.
High spirits in the Irish camp,
following Media Puzzle's
runaway victory.
Next week's Melbourne Cup was
shaping up as a two-horse race
between Weld's Vinnie Roe
and Pugin,
the standard bearer of Sheikh
Mohammed's Godolphin Stables.
But now the Irish Wizard
may well have the upper hand,
as he readies not one
but two formidable entries
for next week's Cup.
REPORTER: But nothing
can detract
from the horrors of Bali.
All Australia is in mourning.
Melbourne's Spring Street
was awash with flowers.
They may not have known
the Bali victims,
but for many Australians
there is a deep connection...
the fact that so many died
so close to home.
May I remind you all
this is a barrier trial?
Now, it might sound odd,
but the point of this exercise
is to get horses that have never
been near a starting gate
and to actually get them
inside one.
When that happens,
if that happens,
we might even show 'em
how to start.
Easy, easy, easy, easy...
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Last horse in.
33-year-old male jockey.
Horse came down on him.
Unresponsive at scene.
Vitals unstable.
Andy, you're on
airway breathing
Elly, you take circulation.
And call the CT scanner
and tell him we'll be down soon.
We started two 16-gauge IVs
with saline,
but we were unable
to intubate him
in the field due
to his unstable neck.
Right. Transferring on three.
One, two, three.
He arrived 30 minutes ago. The
best doctors are working on him.
This way.
Just through here.
Here. Let me take your bag.
But surely... If he's breathing?
Mrs Oliver, these machines
can keep his body alive,
but his spirit's
already left us.
Oh, such a brave boy
you are, Damien.
Such brave boys.
So, Doctor,
what's that in English?
Can we just pull
over here, mate?
You right?
Yeah, I'm OK.
I just need a second.
OFFICER: Excuse us. Thank you.
How's your brother doing?
Will he be able to ride again?
Oh, Dame.
Mum, come here, come here,
come here. It's OK.
It's OK, alright?
They're doing everything
they can. Alright?
They're pretty clever
these days.
(Cardiac monitor beeps,
ventilator pumps)
TV ANCHOR: Today's accident
must be devastating
for Pat Oliver, Damien's mother.
Her husband, Ray,
one of Western Australia's
most popular jockeys,
suffered an horrific fall
27 years ago.
Rushed to hospital, Ray Oliver
never regained consciousness
and died shortly after, leaving
Pat the widowed mother of Jason,
then five,
and three-year-old Damien.
Today's events will undoubtedly
have a dramatic effect
on next week's Melbourne Cup,
where Damien Oliver has
been booked to ride Media Puzzle
for Irish trainer Dermot Weld.
It's hard to believe
it won't affect him.
Oh, it will affect him.
There's a family history.
It's all very sad.
So, what are you going to do?
Cup's only seven days away.
(Phone rings)
OK, put him through.
Well, you can tell your readers
that I've been waiting
for the best part of a decade
for next Tuesday,
but that right now
that poor, grieving family
is my only priority.
No, I have not.
Damien Oliver has been
hand-picked for this ride
and I have total
and absolute confidence in him.
These procedures have been known
to work in some cases.
However, with the failure
of the third attempt,
I'm terribly sorry, but we have
to accept the inevitable.
Would it be alright if they had
some time alone with him?
Yes, of course. Nurse?
Thanks, mate.
I'll be outside.
(Sobs) Jason.
They wouldn't let me in.
It's crazy.
I've been out of town for work.
How is he?
You want to come with me.
I don't know
how to tell you this...
(Weeps) No...
I don't know how much of this
you're going to get...
..but I couldn't have wished
for a better brother.
And I forgive you for smashing
my nose with that cricket ball
when we were little.
I'm sorry for all the dirty
tricks I played on you.
I even forgive you
for laughing your head off
when I fell
in my first Melbourne Cup.
Took a few years, but... even I can see
the funny side.
Don't worry about Mum and Nan.
And I'll see that Jenny's OK.
Just make sure
you do the right thing up there.
And remember that you'll be
riding with me always.
PAT: I thought about not
letting them race.
But as I watched them grow up,
all they wanted to do
was be like you.
How could anyone stop two boys
so determined to be
like their father?
Now, I have no-one left
to turn to.
I'm about to lose our Jason.
And you're the only one
that can help.
(Cardiac monitor beeps)
PAT: I raised him on my own.
Now it's your turn, Ray...
(Beeping changes pitch) love him...
..and to look after him.
(Beeping changes pitch)
(Pat weeps)
Ladies and gentlemen...
..Jason Oliver has
passed away peacefully tonight.
His mother, Pat, and brother,
Damien, would like to thank
the people of Australia
for their prayers
and kind wishes
at this terrible time.
As you can imagine,
Jason's death is a tragic loss
to the family.
Now, I know you've all got
a job to do,
but right now Damien
has made no decision
regarding next week's Cup.
His family
is his highest priority.
So, I would ask of you -
all of you...
..please respect their privacy.
Thank you very much.
- Dermot, a few questions?
- Any decision on Damien Oliver?
Yeah, what's happening
with Damien?
Gentlemen, as you know, I've
been in the air almost a day,
so I'll be of no value
until I talk with my team, OK?
Is it true the ride's off?
You're saying you have no idea
if Damien will ride in the Cup?
Covey! Hello again. How are you?
Looking as fit as ever.
Oh, thanks, Dermot.
Can I ask if you're going
to change.
Media Puzzle's tactics
for the Cup?
Your race plan worked
brilliantly at Geelong.
- Mm-hm.
- But the Cup's a longer race.
Covey, if I was to tell you how
I was going to beat the field,
they'd use it against me,
wouldn't they?
Dermot, some of the other
jockeys you are considering?
There are none.
Come on. Dermot Weld
always has a backup plan.
When will you speak
to Damien?
Let's get one thing straight.
We're talking about
a grieving family,
one that has suffered
a tragic loss.
The Melbourne Cup -
it's only a horserace.
(Chuckles) Crafty dog.
Damien Oliver will remain
as our jockey
until he notifies us otherwise.
- And pigs might y.
- But the decision is Damien's.
And no matter what choice
he makes,
everyone in my organisation
stands behind him, and supports
him and his family 100%.
OK, thanks.
He's right.
Melbourne Cups
don't mean a thing.
I'd give it all away
just to have Jase back.
Dame, you know I'd never ask you
to give it up.
I know what it means.
And despite everything that
this family's gone through,
I'd never ask that.
I would.
I wouldn't ask, actually -
I'd demand. It's gotta stop.
When will it be time to pull the
plug? When they're all gone?
Come on, Jen.
This is what we do.
What you do is compete
in the most dangerous sport
in the world,
and it's killing you.
Yeah, we know it's dangerous.
That's part of it.
Look, I'm sure it's terrific fun
hanging onto half a tonne
of wound-up horseflesh.
The cheering crowds,
the huge buzz when you win.
Who worries about the risks?
Yeah, there's a bit of that.
Your dad. Now Jason.
When is it going
to be your turn?
You know, every time Jason
raced, I was a mess.
It will be even worse for you
now that Damien's
the only one left.
When is it going to be Trish's
turn to play the stoic widow?
What's wrong with you?
Don't you even care?
His track work's much better.
Hasn't touched
his feed today, though.
Didn't fancy your muesli this
morning, Vinnie? Let's see.
Well. I'm not surprised.
Presentation. (Sniffs) Mmm!
Much nicer.
(Mobile rings)
Listen, how are you?
I'm terribly sorry.
Thanks for giving us a call.
We thought we might've lost you.
I'm not so sure you haven't.
Look, I'll be back in Melbourne
tonight. Got a lot to sort out.
Could you give me
some more time?
As much as you need.
That's great. Thanks.
Listen, this is your call, OK?
I'm not going to hold you
to anything.
Big maniac of a horse
will miss you. We all will.
You've got something
very special, Damien.
But your heart has got
to be in it, you know?
So, like I say, it's your call.
You only need to look at Pugin
to realise why Frankie Dettori
is regarded as one of the
world's greatest jockeys.
Dettori, who only arrived
in Melbourne yesterday,
is best remembered
for that magnificent seven...
that glorious afternoon
at Royal Ascot
when he won every race
on the card.
Tony Jones. National Nine News.
It's like some family curse.
First Dad, now Jase.
I know you don't believe that.
What would happen to you
if I went as well?
- Damien!
- I could. Easy.
And they say stuff happens
in threes.
Yeah? Well, I'm prepared
to take my chances.
Yeah, well, maybe Jenny's right.
Why don't I just chuck it in
while I'm still in one piece?
At least then
I wouldn't have to...
..get up at 4am
every bloody day.
Starve myself half to death
every bloody day.
Work my guts out every day.
For what?
For a start,
it's in your blood.
You also happen to be
one of the best.
I don't think you'd forgive
yourself if you didn't ride.
I'm not so sure.
If the spark's gone,
what's the point?
Maybe the spark's
just dimmed a little.
It would be amazing
if it hasn't.
I've seen blokes
on top of their game.
Everything's a breeze -
they can't do anything wrong.
Amazing moves.
Right on the money every time,
no matter what.
It's like they're blessed.
And then, for some reason,
they just lose it.
No matter how hard they try...
or maybe because
they try too hard...
they never get it back.
Never ever.
What if that's happened to me?
If I've lost my confidence,
I'll be a danger to myself
and everyone else.
You haven't.
You're not falling apart,
and your family's not cursed.
What you have lost
is your amazing best mate
of a brother.
I can only imagine
how dreadful that must feel,
but I know
you'll get through it.
Take your time.
Any word from Damien?
Not yet.
Five days.
Five days till the big day.
And we've lost our jockey.
Or perhaps worse,
we're carrying one
who's so grief-stricken
he doesn't know
whether he's coming or going.
Damien has an amazing affinity
with this fellow.
Even if we got
a top replacement,
I'm not sure
we'd be any better off.
Remember '93, Dave? Vintage
Crop, what we were up against?
Well, we showed them then,
and we'll show them again.
We've got two brave horses,
and they know it.
When this race turns for home,
they'll be in the thick of it.
I know that.
I also know
this is one very special horse.
The Irish Wizard.
Ah, Saeed.
- Good to see you.
- You too, my friend.
Thanks. From what the boys tell
me, your trio's in fine form.
Well, they should know.
How are yours?
You're saying you don't know?
You tell me.
What about Damien?
That's something we don't know.
Nothing to worry yourself about.
- Trish?
- Hi, Lee.
- How are you?
- Yeah, I'm good.
Glad you could make it.
Looking well.
Yeah. That's what
a week away from riding can do.
You know what they say about
getting back in the saddle.
Hey, listen.
This is Trish's idea.
I really don't know. I'm not
sure I can even get on a horse.
No. We'll take this
one step at a time, OK?
You sleep in tomorrow.
Things will look a lot better
in the morning.
We'll get you a good breakfast,
get you saddled up,
then I'll teach you a thing
or two about riding a horse.
(Damien laughs)
Hey. Hey. That's a boy.
See, that didn't hurt, did it?
Feels surprisingly good,
then this isn't Media Puzzle.
So far so good.
Looks as fit as a fiddle.
No doubt about his ability.
Looked good. How did it feel?
Yeah, OK. I'm not really sure.
It's not just the Cup. I've got
12 rides booked before then.
I just can't stand the idea
of going out there
not doing my best,
and people still cheering me on
for the wrong reasons.
Look, Dame, I just want you
to know I'm here for you.
I love you, and I'll support
whatever you decide to do.
What do you reckon, Pins?
Ollie, you just have
to ask yourself,
what would Jase want you to do?
Hey, shh.
Hey. Hey...
Come here, come here. Shh.
What do you reckon, big fella?
What, you think
I've given up on you?
No way, mate. We'll show 'em.
Jase wouldn't want us sitting
around on our arses sulking,
that's for sure.
Made your mind up?
Haven't we?
And Hydrometer
is joined by Davidoff.
Damien Oliver going for
two straight derbies,
but there are
challengers galore.
Here comes Diamond Jake
down the outside,
and Helenus is coming on.
Go, Ollie!
Down 150m to go.
Hydrometer kicking well.
Helenus is coming after him.
Ain't Here is joining in.
And Davidoff...
Come on, Damien!
(Crowd cheering)
Helenus coming at him. Helenus,
Hydrometer, they hit the line.
Photo finish.
Helenus or Hydrometer.
Ain't Here has run third.
And then Maskerado,
Diamond Jake, Davidoff.
Damien gave him every chance,
but he weakens out late.
Rubitano has the flat side
well beaten.
Oh, he's in front overall.
And it's the Newmarket winner,
Rubitano, who scores,
Intelligent Star second,
Cosmic Strike third.
Damien Oliver on Chong Tong -
never a hope.
Do you think
he made the right decision?
By the grace of God.
- Good one, mate.
- Good on you, mate.
CALLER: And he soon after
took the lead.
Lord Volksraad has a real fight
on his hands.
Delago Brom coming home
the better on the outside.
And it's Delago Brom
who beats Lord Volksraad.
Charlie Bub third.
And Ollie on True Glo, back at
the tail. It's just not his day.
Excuse me.
That's seven losses
on seven top horses.
He couldn't even get a place.
DERMOT: All very true.
SMURFIT: Surely enough's enough.
We have to replace him.
Not necessarily.
He's actually riding very well.
SMURFIT: All I know
is he's not winning.
I put a lot of money
into this venture already.
I'm the owner and I say he goes.
Well, I'm the trainer
and I say he stays.
The man and the horse
are champions.
That has to add up to something.
Both with huge problems.
We don't know if the horse
will go the distance.
The jockey's paralysed
with grief.
DERMOT: He's still
our best option.
SMURFIT: Dermot, I've always
backed your decisions.
Are you sure
we shouldn't reconsider?
Yes, I am. Don't forget Geelong.
He's not the same man
who won at Geelong.
I believe he's the only man
to ride that horse in the Cup.
And if it means risking
the copious amounts of money
you've given me to prove it,
I'm prepared to do that.
LEE: Whole day was one big blur,
wasn't it?
I've had better.
Nice to win the ones
he hasn't won. You know?
(Reporters chuckle)
There's not many, you know?
I mean, nothing compares with
the Melbourne Cup, you know?
It's a breed of horse race
that has no equal,
which is why, of course,
it attracts the very best.
Australia has more race
courses than Ireland, England,
United States and Canada
combined, you know?
I mean, that's a fact.
It makes it pretty special,
doesn't it? Thanks.
Hello, Bart.
Ladies and gentlemen, would you
take your seats, please?
- We all here?
- Everyone except Damien.
Well, he's entitled to run late.
Seven rides is a big day
for anyone.
And in case you don't know it,
they were damn fine rides.
Just wasn't his day.
Ladies and gentlemen,
good evening,
and welcome to the barrier draw
for the running
of the 2002 Melbourne Cup.
And the first to draw tonight
is the trainer of the top weight
in Vinnie Roe...
Mr Dermot Weld.
The luck of the Irish, as Vinnie
Roe comes out at barrier No.7.
- Good one, mate.
- That's great.
And now it's time
for the Cups king himself...
11-time Melbourne Cup-winning
trainer Bart Cummings,
who'll do the honours
for Miss Meliss.
Oh, I know that look.
I've seen that before.
Not on you, though.
On your brother.
The day I had to let him go.
So, anyway, I'm sacking Jason,
I'm sending him back to Perth,
and you know what he does?
He's a cheeky bugger.
He asks me for a favour.
Now, most guys will ask
for a bit of extra pocket money
or others will beg for a second
chance - but not Jason.
He tells me about his younger
brother, just starting out.
You couldn't have been 16,
but even then Jason knew
that you were going to be
a better jockey than him...
or your father
or your grandfather...
better than they
ever dreamed of being.
You know what he told me?
He said, 'One day,
my brother will be a champion.'.
Well, that day, my friend,
was today.
- Lee...
- Don't take my word for it.
You ask anybody
in these stands today.
And I'll tell you,
as one horseman to another,
that sometimes being a champion
isn't about winning.
It's about gutsing it out.
It's about what you did today.
Saeed bin Suroor
will now choose
for the Godolphin's
third entry, Pugin.
Better choose me a good one!
Need I mention it, that Frankie
Dettori is riding Pugin.
Not this one. No.
Not this one. That's...
No. One. That's the one.
That's the one.
And Pugin will start
from barrier 15.
Thank you. Thank you.
Well, who will do the honours
for Media Puzzle, Mr Weld?
Your turn.
Don't do this to me.
Pick him a nice one.
You pay me to look after your
horses, not choose their gates.
David, today you'll do both.
Excuse me.
It looks like travelling foreman
for the Weld stable,
Dave Phillips, has that honour.
And Media Puzzle has drawn
barrier 3.
(Audience murmurs)
So I tell him...
I say, 'You know, you'd better
get me a good one or else.'.
And look at it.
But you never cross an Italian.
I mean, even the small ones
like me. (Laughs)
People say that closer to
the rails is better, but...
I mean, you know this track.
It's 1,000m straight
from the gate.
So, starting at 23, 24,
you know,
it's not the end of the world.
That's what they say, though
I know where I'd rather be.
You did good, mate.
Much obliged.
Damien, I don't know how to...
Last year, Niall and I,
well, our sister died.
No warning. Never sick.
Just gone.
What that's done to our family,
maybe you can understand.
So, when Dermot told me we were
coming back to Australia,
I decided to devote
all my efforts, all my energies,
to winning the Cup for Veronica.
If you like,
to honour her memory.
That good gate I got you
wasn't just the luck
of the draw, you know?
Someone I love dearly helped me
to do what I couldn't do myself,
which is why, on Tuesday,
when you race for the Cup,
I don't believe
you'll be riding alone.
You two have been making
race plans without me again?
It worked at Geelong.
Are you OK?
You've been to Ireland, Damien.
You know, the rare sunny day
always punctures
a long stretch of damp
and darkness.
I know, on Tuesday,
you're the one who can get
the most out of my horse.
I've seen how he responds
to you.
Between the two of you,
you can do it.
Thanks, Dermot.
Welcome back to
The Coodabeen Champions.
This Cup eve edition,
we start to put together
this jigsaw puzzle
that is this year's
Melbourne Cup.
It's interesting you talk
puzzle, Richo, because
I have not deviated
from backing Media Puzzle.
I've supported it right through.
Saw it win at Geelong.
- Spoke to Damien afterward.
- What did he say?
- Can't tell you that.
- Then, why tell us?
- Well, I can't.
- Should've spoken to Dermot.
Well, I've spoken to him too.
I went out to the airport,
saw him on arrival.
- Me and Dermot are like that.
- Well, what did he say?
'Can you take my bags
up to room 732, laddie?'.
Whatever he told you,
he'd do the opposite.
For goodness sake, spit it out.
What did he tell you?
- Well, I can't tell you.
BOTH: Why not?
Because the laws of libel
prevent me.
ALL: Oh.
Not surprised to find you here.
Nor you.
It's never easy.
I'll never forget
the first time.
- '93?
- Yeah.
Real or imaginary problems?
All anyone remembers
is that we won.
They don't realise that anything
that could go wrong with
that horse did go wrong.
How wrong?
Vintage Crop
had an inflamed sacroiliac.
He won a two-miler
with a bad back?
And ulcers.
And he hadn't travelled well.
Getting him to the starting gate
was a victory in itself.
And still, after all that,
every time I come back
to race for the Cup,
they treat me like
I'm a cat burglar.
(Chuckles) I know what you mean.
Remember Phar Lap? Years ago?
One of the greatest.
Right up there with
Seabiscuit, Secretariat.
Didn't know how to lose.
Everybody knows about Phar Lap.
Yeah, but not the politics.
His owner
was a working-class trainer.
Wrong side of the tracks,
you know?
His other owner
was an American Jew.
In those days,
it was a little bit too much
for the old boys
who controlled racing,
so they weighed him down
so heavily, he couldn't win.
1931 Cup,
Phar Lap carried 15kg more than
Vinnie's top weight tomorrow.
- Fifteen kilos?
- Yep.
I guess we're a little bit like
Phar Lap's connections, Saeed.
They want us here.
They want the prestige we bring.
But they definitely
don't want us to win.
It's more than just a prize
to them. It's who they are.
Come to these shores
to race for the Cup,
you're up against
more than 20 trainers.
You're up against
the whole of Australia.
(Door opens)
There's someone to see you.
Hey, g'day.
You're not lost, are you?
Nah. I just thought I'd drop in.
I'm a big fan,
even though you play for North.
You almost knocked us
out of the finals.
I was there at the game
with my brother.
Yeah, I heard about
the accident.
I'm really sorry, mate.
The only good thing
is it happened so fast,
he never knew what hit him.
But, hey, I'm here to see you.
Mate, that Bali business -
you were amazing.
No. I didn't really have time
to think, you know?
Chaos all around.
Like a game of footy, really.
Yeah, but... Pulling people out?
Diving back in for more?
Anyone would have done the same.
I just knew I had to keep going.
TV ANCHOR: With the October 12
Bali bombings,
Australians were shaken...
Hey. How did you go?
Yeah. It was good.
This came from your mum.
'Dame, you'll be needing these.
Love, Mum.'.
Oh, wow. That's pretty special.
Come here.
# TOPLOADER: Time Of My Life.
Welcome to famous Flemington,
where we await an international
audience of around 700 million
as 170 countries and territories
marvel at the race
that stops this nation.
# Sitting in the summer sun
Biding my time
# Waiting for the demons
to go away
# No-one knows when they come
or when they're gonna go away
# As long as they do
we're OK
# Yes, we're alright
# 'Cause I had the time
of my life... #
I'll take $50 on the nose
for Miss Meliss.
Give me $100 each way on Pugin
and $5 on Damien.
Should have a couple
on Dame too.
Yeah. Reckon
he could use a break.
# Yeah, yeah
# Ooh
# Yeah, yeah
# It's alright
# Yeah
# It's alright
It's alright #
..but it's Toast of the Coast.
Oliver's kicked him forward from
an outside gate and has the lead
but Tarcoola Diamond's
coming at him...
Tight on Damien, and take 6.
CALLER:..a length in front
of Toast Of The Coast,
who can't go on.
It's You is flashing home. But
it's Tarcoola Diamond who wins.
It's You got up for second.
Joy Of Flight third.
Ollie's Toast Of The Coast
dropped out late in the race.
And then Shot At The Title
and Pomme De Here.
Then followed by Light Of Day
and It's Fuji Beauty.
And Damien Oliver's
terrible run continues.
His fifth ride today,
finishing in fourth place.
In all 12 races
on well-fancied mounts
since his return on Derby Day,
Damien Oliver has finished
no better than fourth.
Unusually, he's spent
more time than normal for him
on rides towards the rear
of the field.
Our hearts go out
to this champion.
You realise
this is Damien's 13th ride
and - believe it or not-
his 13th Melbourne Cup.
It makes you think, doesn't it?
I'd say anything would help.
Next up, the event
we've all been waiting for...
the running
of the 142nd Melbourne Cup.
So, we're there in Paris
and Marienbard is...
Oh, he's going really excellent.
The Arc is almost mine. But it's
still a long way to the finish.
And here comes Sulamani on the
outside. He finds another kick.
And I'm searching for the line,
you know?
'Where is the line? Where is
the line? Where is the line?'.
And I... I tell you it later.
Bit of a rough one, eh, Ollie?
Anyway, glad you made it.
It wouldn't be the same
without you.
Cheers, Macca.
FRANKIE: Come on.
I show you the way home, huh?
Riders, please.
Gentlemen, I don't need to tell
you that this is a big race.
The stakes are high.
Prize money of $4 million.
But that doesn't mean
that the usual rules don't apply
and you can get away
with anything silly.
There will be no leniency
for careless riding.
Penalties will be severe.
Now, as you know,
the object is to ensure a fair
go for all riders and horses,
which in turn means a fair go
for punters all over the world.
You all know the rules
and we're relying on you to do
the right thing.
So, good luck to you all.
And safe riding.
ALL: Thank you, sir.
- Damien.
- G'day, Pat.
I've been wanting
to talk with you.
It's as simple as this - the Cup
is won or lost in the turns.
No, I mean about
what happened last week.
We race differently
to you guys in Europe.
There the tracks are wider.
Things develop more slowly.
Here, you make your move
in the straight,
watch your back in the turns.
- Got it?
- I have, Damien. Thanks.
Good. Because once things start
to bunch up, the gloves are off.
There's nothing us Aussie boys
love more
than a bit of rough and tumble.
- (Chuckles)
- Good luck.
SPORTSCASTER: It's as busy
as Bourke Street here,
and there's a hive of activity
here in the mounting yard...
colour and, as I said,
a lot of nervous tension.
There still is, of course,
the big question mark
how a lot of the international
horses may handle this track
that we've got here today.
The toppy, Vinnie Roe,
and what an exciting horse.
He came across here...
Thank you, gentlemen!
Mount up, please!
..The stable, that wouldn't be
in the same event as he...
he has got so much ability
and he's such a better horse.
But bottom line is he still has
to carry the top weight of 59.
He's got Patrick Smullen
on board.
The interesting runner
is Media Puzzle,
the second
of Dermot Weld's chances.
Boy, didn't he win that
Geelong Cup with authority?
He broke the track record.
With Damien Oliver on board,
wouldn't we love a win
from Ollie and Media Puzzle?
SPORTSCASTER: Any minute now
they'll be making their way
to the start.
Here, love.
Park yourself on that.
Will the European invaders
steal the Cup,
or can the legendary trainers...
Go on - help yourselves.
And imagine the scenes
should champion jockey
Damien Oliver salute.
They're heading for the track,
and take...10.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the Victoria Racing Club
the 142nd running of the
Tooheys New Melbourne Cup.
The field is being led out
by Vinnie Roe,
prepared by Dermot Weld,
ridden by Patrick Smullen.
Comes across
as Europe's champion stayer.
No.1 is Vinnie Roe.
Vinnie Roe at $5.50. Who wants
him now? Place your bets here.
Here you go. $20 to win.
Media Puzzle.
Vinnie Roe will start favourite
in this year's Melbourne Cup,
and a firm favourite, too,
at $5.50.
There's been very good
late support for Pugin.
He's firmed in
from $10 to $8.50.
And also Beekeeper,
who has firmed from $10 to $9.
RACE CALLER: No.9- Pugin.
Ridden by Frankie Dettori.
In a blaze of sunshine,
the horses take to the track.
Could this be Godolphin's year?
There are many who think so.
No.14- Media Puzzle!
Damien Oliver!
(Cheering and applause)
You show 'em, mate.
Show 'em what we're made of.
Fifteen - Mr Prudent.
Corey Brown.
BOTH: Oops.
DERMOT: Sorry.
- I demand a stewards' inquiry.
- (Chuckles)
When my horses win,
it will be done in a manner
completely free of controversy.
- Good luck, Saeed.
- Good luck to you, Dermot Weld.
But this time I think
you need it more than Godolphin.
- Has it started?
- No, no. Not yet.
- You haven't missed a thing.
- Hello.
(Gasps) Is that Veronica?
Oh, yeah, it is.
She'd have loved this.
SPORTSCASTER: Have the local
battlers got enough in the tank
to foil
the international raiders?
Miss Meliss could be
the dark horse of the field
and she's trained
by Cups king Bart...
Bit more right. Bit more.
Getting there. Yeah,
that's good. It's good.
OK, fellas, lucky dip. Go.
MAN: I got Media Puzzle!
MAN 2: What have you got, mate?
(Men chat and chuckle)
COMMENTATOR:..but he says
it's anybody's race.
Other experts say it's
between Dermot Weld's entries
and the highly credentialed
Both have performed well
in lead-up events
and they look in great shape.
(Sheep bleat)
Sevens or eights on Pugin.
Eights - that's value.
Eights on Pugin.
And seven on Media Puzzle.
Come on, who wants Damien?
- Sounds good.
- Ten, Vinnie. Give me 20.
Twenty on Vinnie Roe. No
worries. What else have you got?
- Twenty on Damien.
- Twenty on Damien. Very good.
(Speaks French)
OK, riders, time to go.
Starter's calling them up now
for the Tooheys
New Melbourne Cup.
The field is getting set.
It's English raider
Jardines Lookout
coming to a gate
near the outside.
The Saab winner, Requiem,
comes in.
Rain Gauge and Mr Prudent
just in.
Just another day at the beach,
mate. You'll be just fine.
Damien Oliver brings
Media Puzzle in.
And Vinnie Roe,
the horse who's been backed into
favouritism on track, comes up.
Easy, there. That's right.
Patrick Smullen and Dermot Weld.
- Now here's Sandmason coming...
- Righto, Cathy. Close race 7.
The field is nearly ready.
Pugin is coming into a place
next to Rain Gauge.
And they're just about ready.
(Horse shrieks)
to get over the front
of the barrier stalls there,
Helene Vitality.
It's alright, mate. He's just
trying to get the jump on us.
RACE CALLER: Helene Vitality
settles. Starter to the ladder.
And they're about to go.
Alright, buddy.
This one's for Jase.
Racing. Helene Vitality
a little slow.
Distinctly Secret got out
quickly. So did Prized Gem.
Thong Classic near the outside.
Victory Smile and Daliapour
into stride fast.
Vinnie Roe's getting across
to be just behind
the leading bunch,
Media Puzzle ahead of him.
Settling down now.
Racing up on the 2,800m mark.
Daliapour on the inside and
Victory Smile are the leaders.
Wider out, Sandmason going on.
Requiem just inside him.
And then followed by Hatha Anna
on the improve on the outside.
Damien has Media Puzzle
behind the speed,
closely followed by Cyclades.
Pugin's going up wide, too,
around County Tyrone,
and then followed by Vinnie Roe.
Helene Vitality from the
outside, and then Pentastic,
Distinctly Secret, Mr Prudent...
(Hoofs thundering)
Media Puzzle's in good shape.
So is Vinnie. And everyone else.
Then Rain Gauge and Freemason
three lengths away.
Out of the straight.
Sandmason may claim the Cup.
A length and a half clear.
Hatha Anna second.
Pugin next, travelling three
deep. Damien has Media Puzzle...
(Hoofs thundering)
DERMOT: It's almost time.
- Time for what?
For Godolphins
to show their hand.
And Godolphins on the move.
Sandmason led narrowly.
Hatha Anna's up to second now.
Dettori has Pugin
just behind them.
Vinnie Roe is making a move.
Media Puzzle next,
with Victory Smile
on his inside, about midfield.
Then followed by Pentastic,
Thong Classic.
Jardines Lookout is well back
and so is Hail.
(Thundering hoofs)
Beekeeper's covering some ground
and so too Mr Prudent,
but Damien Oliver's giving
Media Puzzle a charmed run
in behind the pace,
which was set by Sandmason.
Come on, big fella. Come on!
(Thundering hoofs)
..a fast-run Melbourne Cup.
Pugin is third.
Will one of them go after him?
Not Damien or our Pat.
Those two know better than
to go chasing rabbits.
They've been warned.
..Followed by Pentastic.
Distinctly Secret, Mr Prudent,
County Tyrone,
then followed by Media Puzzle
outside Victory Smile,
and then Thong Classic.
Hatha Anna has dashed
to the front now
for Godolphin by three.
In second placing Sandmason,
then Pugin.
Then Beekeeper.
He's followed by Pentastic.
Vinnie Roe's gone up to fourth,
followed by Daliapour,
as they come to the home turn.
Let's see what he's got, Pat.
Media Puzzle's working into it
for Ollie.
- Yes! Yes!
- ..and Beekeeper's coming.
They're followed by Mr Prudent
as they twist the corner.
Now, boys, now!
And now Media Puzzle.
Damien's winding him up.
Media Puzzle and Vinnie Roe
neck and neck.
Come on there, boys!
You're both in it!
The two great Irish gallopers
are coming.
But so too wide out now
Beekeeper and Mr Prudent.
One of them's going to do it!
Still there's nothing
between them! What a finish!
Passing the 350.
Damien Oliver sends Media Puzzle
to the lead,
ahead of Vinnie Roe,
who can't find.
Back behind them -
Beekeeper and Mr Prudent.
But Damien Oliver,
riding with
the spirit of Jason...
BOTH: Oh! Oh! Oh!
I think he's got the Cup won.
(Loud cheering)
Yes! Come on!
BOTH: Yes! Yes! Yes!
..But it's Media Puzzle clear,
and Media Puzzle!
Damien and Dermot have done it.
(Crowd roars)
Oh! Magnificent, Dermot!
Yeah! Good boy!
My boy! Yes!
Victory Smile. Helene Vitality.
Pugin and Hatha Anna
at the tail, with Sandmason.
And Requiem is one of the last.
It will be the most
emotion-charged Melbourne Cup
reception in history.
Damien Oliver has done it.
The riders in the stand were
with him every step of the way.
ALL: Yes!
Sometimes I think
you're the devil himself!
Good on you, mate.
Good on you. Eh?
For Damien! For us!
For everyone!
Yeah, I know, I know.
Media Puzzle!
Who would have thought it?
I thought the turns
were supposed to be
the key to winning this race.
Australia's top jockey
once told me so.
But today, I lost it
on the straight.
- Way to bring him home, matey.
- Thanks, Pat.
- Magnifico, Damien.
- Hey.
No-one could beat
you today, huh?
The saints, I think,
they would not allow it.
Thanks, Frankie.
Hey. Another 20 yards,
you would have had me.
- Not with him riding with you.
- Good on you, mate. Cheers.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I don't think there's ever been
a more popular Melbourne Cup
No.14, Media Puzzle,
ridden by Damien Oliver.
# Majestic music.
Everyone at Flemington
was riding with you, Damien.
A supercharged ride.
And the Irish wizard,
Dermot Weld,
has rewritten the record books
yet again.
Bloody rogue.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome
back to the winners enclosure.
A more popular
Melbourne Cup winner,
I don't think we've ever seen.
Media Puzzle, Damien Oliver
and Dermot Weld.
DAMIEN: Thanks.
- (Laughs)
# Triumphant music.
Ladies and gentlemen,
it's my greatest pleasure
at these awards to say
that this was a very special day for me
when I saw my two brave horses
turn for home
upsides of the Melbourne Cup.
That's what you dream about.
And I was so proud of Media Puzzle.
He got a wonderful ride
from Damien Oliver.
Vinnie Roe ran a superb race,
but it was Media Puzzle's day today.
To all the people out there in the crowd,
you've been a wonderful support
through the last two days,
through this trying time.
And my brother, Jason,
I know you're up there, mate.
And I couldn't have done it
without you, buddy,
so this one's for you.