The Current War (2017) Movie Script

I hope you brought your checkbook.
(WOMEN) The air brakes are paying for the latest obsession of George.
By changing the size of the pipes, you can move the 20 km gas.
TO?? how to shoot a gun.
TO?? a good or bad thing, Mrs. Westinghouse?
- How's your daughter, Gladys? - Oh, very well, thank you.
He knew a financier.
- The dress is decorating delicious. - It took two years ...
I read in The World that the electrical system of Mr. Edison
It is considerably more economical gas. This keeps you awake at night?
There is always more to see.
Mr. and Mrs. Worthington,
Mr. Manesberg, Doctor and Mrs. Burton,
Reverend Vincent, Mr. McCoy,
Mr. Faulk, Miss Faulk, enjoy the evening.
Edison says that in a few months will illuminate the world.
TO?? amazing, but it will take ten years to put it into practice.
The newspapers I describe it as if it were something different.
A miracle.
As if we begin to Ievitare the ground.
I'd love to meet him. You can think about you?
- It's been several years. - A dinner.
Quiet. Elegant. Pragmatics.
Edison hates tie their shoes, let alone participate in a social event.
Maybe you're right.
But I myself try it.
Something fascinating?
Mr. Pennoyer found a deal for a building in Newport.
The mother of Mrs. Abernathy is deceased,
and, apparently, Edison believes that it will be never more night.
- Are you happy to know the President? - Yes.
Do not say anything on the JP Morgan nose.
- What's her nose? - Anything.
- What's her nose? - It's huge.
TO?? like they took a hammer and had they thrown in his face.
- I thought you already got the money. - Only half.
- Morgan know you'll be there too? - invest, as always.
- you expect dinner with Westinghouse. - Thing?
Dinner with Westinghouse. On the way back.
(CHILD) Why stables are red?
- Maybe see them better when it snows. - Why red paint costs less.
Morgan will want to know the practicality of your system.
(CHILD) have the money.
Enough for two buildings in Manhattan?
- Yes. - Fantastic!
This was to be my lunch.
The President has asked to see the person phonograph.
I had no idea you were there too.
Mrs. Edison.
Mr. Morgan. Meet our children.
Dot and Dash. Delicious. I know what you are doing.
How much do you need? How much money do you want to take me away?
Oh, as much as possible.
Samuel lnsull. personal secretary of Mr. Edison.
Mr. Morgan, Mr. Edison.
Which? He is Mr. Edison.
The lunch is served.
This is the sound of your voice.
This really is my voice?
I heard that you refused five million dollars.
Thank you for the offer, Mr. President,
but it's the kind of science that pursued which I find regrettable.
There's always money in weapons.
The only unit that does not costruir is one that takes the life of a man.
?? barbarians.
Ma ...
...look this.
A square kilometer of Manhattan, the First District.
And I illuminer.
- There you are successful. - A star in a jar.
A warm glow.
Nothing stinks. Nothing harmful.
Thirteen hours of light for every ball, and the gas is more economical.
And it's also safer. We use the cables with direct current.
And those same cables will bring energy and heat.
I need two buildings to install six dynamo of my building.
It will reach even my house.
There render so rich that look back on this time
and you'll wonder why I was so disgustingly poor.
TO?? that's all. It will happen on Wall Street. In case you I lost it,
will end up directly in the New York Times. Advertising for free.
- One hundred and fifty. - Half a million.
$ 500,000 and the next century will be bright, safe and yours.
It seems fantastic, Pierpont. If I had your luck ...
With all due respect, you do not have it.
- Thing? - It's not cute.
Morse Code.
What did the kid?
- TO?? It has been a pleasure, Mr. President. - What did the kid?
You know what you've done?
Get more saying no.
System by the Manhattan offices and a professional look.
What does it mean?
I do not know. Carpets ...
And ... I do not know. Carpets.
And the name?
Edison Electric obviously. Lord, why not build ammunition?
Cirjque million. It's hard to say no.
If it's done by Edison, it will work.
And if it will work, I'd rather not kill anyone.
Quite right.
Thomas Edison has a negative opinion of graduates looking for a job,
because they fail to answer his exam questions.
(WESTINGHOUSE) "Who composed Il Trovatore?"
(WIFE) Verdi.
(WESTINGHOUSE) "What is the speed of sound?"
(WIFE) A trick question.
Sound travels at a speed steadily declining.
(WIFE) But I think the more high speed recorded is 343 mls.
How do you know all this?
I read it this morning.
This is something different.
Me I feel.
You never invited guests before.
Among eight minutes we will be the junction station, sir.
Dinner with Westinghouse.
Let's go home. They are tired. I shook too many hands today.
Good evening, F tank.
I'll stop not.
Maybe the brakes are broken.
I doubt it.
TO?? kind emergency in New York.
Do not be disturbed by him.
TO?? He did so.
Before he became a magician, I did live in my basement.
My wife I was sitting at the table only if it were washed first.
Then, I gave him an ultimatum and he was left to eat alone.
How does it work?
You want to know the secret?
Design your own reality and look for the needle in the haystack.
And how do you know that there's a needle to look for?
I do not know. And neither do you.
But it is so determined to be the second person to find it,
that I look stem to stem.
I'll tell you one good thing about him. It could be the richest on Earth,
but it does not care about the money.
And what does it matter?
- I want to test the resistance. - Where's my clip?
- On your bureau. - More details un bureau?
TO?? What You Need under your clip.
Riuscir to make you promise to build me a fence?
The ground is frozen. He must thaw.
(CHILD) I ve been missing!
(CHILD) ?? a puppy! TO?? just m
Tom, come and see.
You want half a million dollars?
Made something with your name that I can sell to General Sherman.
Counter Offer. And if I gave you what you want,
but you gave me everything I want?
We will become great, great, great!
- More than a large elephant? - Nobody stops an elephant!
I must be sincere. It may not work.
Common sense says that if you fail miserably,
It is best not to do it in front of a crowd of people.
Tonight, things could change.
And I hope it is so.
If cos were ...
... change in there ...
...e l.
Me and my boys have caught in a jar
what before only he shone in the night sky.
How about removing the cover and see what happens?
You are ready?
Three, two ...
... ear.
It has only 30 meters of copper to 87 customers.
Never will bring in revenue.
TO?? a peri-rich hobby. Something to brag about.
It should not have to be.
I recorded the patents for the Siemens dynamo
and for the Gaulard-Gibbs transformer.
Transformer? It seems more a metal suitcase.
It quant' cost?
Edison has chosen the wrong horse.
Its current is like a tube with an inside node,
It needs to sell a generator per kilometer.
You want to build an AC system.
TO?? too powerful for engines.
Take off your doubts from head for a minute and tell me ...
How far do you think you can cover with one AC dynamo?
- Some thousands. - The meters?
Of kilometers.
And how many houses can we reach?
I guess all of them. And the bulbs?
Hiram agreed to sell me his license.
If you scrub Edison, do it right.
- They have a grayish color. - I just want to do a demonstration.
For Edison.
Sceglier a small town, somewhere in the countryside.
It will understand that you can toggle.
We become members. Our system, its bulbs.
My opinion, based only on physics and reality,
It is that you are only interesting chatter.
- But I do not think are possible. - Why?
Because otherwise I would have already done.
My office in Paris believe that you are the only man able to compete with me.
How would you like to work with me?
Very very much.
I amplier in 12 cities,
- with DC systems ... - Continue?
The alternating current is much more efficient.
more high voltage.
Distanza maggiore. Meno conduttori di rame.
letale, e sarebbe troppo potente per un motore.
Vi dar 100 dollari al mese, fino a quando vi dimostrerete pi o meno degno.
- Cento dollari? - Se mi risolvete cinque dilemmi,
vi pagher 50.000 dollari e poi dovr licenziarvi.
Signor Tesla, benvenuto alla Edison Electric.
Facciamo una piccola invenzione ogni dieci giorni
e una grande invenzione ogni sei mesi circa.
I suspect that despite her husband's laboratory
is a few hundred meters from your house,
It's like it was hundreds of kilometers away.
No, a million.
I looked for a way to stop his head. But keep thinking.
TO?? something I can not control.
I can only return to the center.
I know that Mr. Edison has been called the worst husband of America,
since she spent their wedding night in the lab.
I too have heard that story.
Well, our wedding night, Tom and I we sull'Albany parties.
The ship.
We spent a week at Niagara Falls.
I thought that one night of happiness would have sufficed
to illuminate a lifetime.
It was a fascinating inventor and I worked for him.
I was a ...
I was a ...
I was a ...
Excuse me.
Azionavo the ...
- Telegrafo? - S. S.
Excuse me.
Your husband has some hobby?
You promised them Coney Island.
At least a walk.
We will make three walks tomorrow, I promise.
Here, why do not you take a photo ?
TO?? neuralgia, caused by eye strain.
A good pair of glasses will be enough.
- Oh, no. I will have a look awful. - No. It's not true. It's impossible.
Are you sure? That's all? It has terrible headaches.
The'll let one of laudanum phial until your eyes do not improve.
Would you mind ...
Would you mind putting off paying for the visit?
My son wants your autograph.
Damn, it is rudimentary.
It quant' cost?
Not me, I want to say.
What we need is here.
The Edison current can travel more than a kilometer and runs out.
(WESTINGHOUSE) should build too many of DC motors
only to power a city.
(WESTINGHOUSE) This country will seem a chessboard of power plants.
(WESTINGHOUSE) But with only one alternating current dynamo,
we can increase the tension and get as far as eye can see.
(WESTINGHOUSE) Leghiamo i cavi in alto sui pali. Meno rame, pi elettricit.
(WESTINGHOUSE) pi economico del 75 per cento.
(WESTINGHOUSE) L'unica cosa che conta qui, la distanza.
Frank, questo appartiene a te, quanto appartiene a me.
- Sarei onorato se alzassi... - Non potrei mai.
Non essere ridicolo.
- Questo momento appartiene a te. - Ma hai passato ore a...
George, la tua idea. Sei stato tu l'artefice.
Andiamo a fare un giro?
(WESTINGHOUSE) "On the Wizard of Menlo Park.
(WESTINGHOUSE) Because it seems that your brakes have problems,
I would be honored to send my car
to bring you in Great Barrington, Massachusetts ...
... where I sent with the current success within a kilometer.
How did the light bulbs?
That deafening silence from the most brilliant minds of America.
(MAN) Use the project of Hiram.
That Hiram stole from me!
- report it. - We already did.
The court upheld its patent.
I'm talking about Westinghouse. Find some foothold.
Barrington Go and look for yourself.
Some of you is slightly annoyed
by the fact that there are 15 years of work by stealing from under his nose?
(EDISON) Not yet!
(EDISON) I built a system,
and he goes to buy patents to steal what is legally mine.
If the bulbs, then inchiodatelo the dynamo.
We can not.
Not even using DC power, sir.
Use the AC?
Yes, I think we need more tea.
(MAN) George Westinghouse?
Can I help you?
Check in from Thomas Edison.
He wants me to buy a generator per kilometer.
Then, I read in the Globe that your electricity
It would be more economic than that of Edison of 66%.
Well, it's only a proposal and is not "my electricity."
TO?? "The electricity".
I think it's more sensible that the taxpayers Columbus
choose Westinghouse Electric.
I do not want to compete. I just want to patent my system.
He has the best bulbs.
Why not compete? Now I will know. Edison I know, I assure you,
It does not care to do things right. He just wants to do them.
(WESTINGHOUSE) does not answer.
(EDISON) Westinghouse never will have a complete system,
- not azionerebbe a sewing machine. - But I can fix it.
Instead of converting the currents to make them work with a switch,
I would pass the alternating current through two or more energy circuits.
It should work on switches with current dynamo.
Well, I did.
I did what you asked me, but you're making a mistake.
The direct current can work pearls city when ...
When buildings are close together,
but most of your country are empty spaces.
Only the high voltage can cover the distance.
Do not think long-term.
Questa tecnologia alla vostra portata. Posso costruire un motore valido.
Ci avete provato?
Nella mia testa, quasi completo.
Gli uomini dichiarano di avere la testa piena di sonetti e sinfonie,
ma il loro problema che non riescono a scriverli.
- Fatemi provare. - No.
Non posso ricominciare di nuovo!
Ho avuto degli ordini dal Michigan. I giornalisti mi stanno aspettando.
Do that for which you were hired.
Perci, do not you keep your word on pay?
- What are you talking about? - You said $ 50,000.
- I'm not happy with my job? - There pagher $ 50,000.
I was kidding.
Coconut fibers, fishing line, cork, celluloid,
flax, platinum, iron, nickel, copper, steel.
We've scoured the earth for years and years,
trying thousands, ten thousand different combinations.
Then, Westinghouse sees what I did and enjoys doing the thief.
Every industry has its vultures, you just have to keep them away.
So, that is how it works.
Cartographers entering mistakes in their work
to see if someone copies them.
I do not have that luxury. I can not invent ways to trick someone.
Otherwise we would end all in the darkness.
Keep in mind all of its violations.
Thank you, Mr. Edison. And thanks for this.
I mentioned the fact that his system is lethal?
If you reach out and touch a doorknob or a rail,
become the circuit.
In other words?
Well, you die.
With the current, you can touch anything at any time
bare hands. ?? secure. Works.
It bears the name of Edison, so it is more beautiful.
Our government wants to convince me to invent a weapon,
but not this user brain to invent something that hurts people.
For these things, you can go to Pittsburgh.
Is he saying that Westinghouse wants to hurt people?
No, I can not say.
But you yes.
This is what I think of you.
It gives a statement to the press today.
Contradict his allegations.
Non intendo averci niente a che fare. Noi abbiamo il sistema migliore.
Questo quello che conta.
La Westinghouse Electric Company stata fondata alle nove e un quarto.
Salve. George Westinghouse. Avevamo un appuntamento?
North Dakota.
New Orleans.
Fort Worth.
Sioux City.
Volete la buona notizia o la buona notizia?
(UOMO) Sprechiamo tempo ad incastrarlo per quello che c' nella lampadina,
one on which we should focus is what there is on the other side.
(MAN) The screw coupler.
- TO?? my. - (MAN) Exactly.
He's suing.
QWESTNGHOUSE) ?? because a huge. It is Edison and Morgan.
(WESTNGHOUSE) My advice is: know an alternative way to beat gravity?
(MAN) Westinghouse has designed a cap to bypass your screw attack.
(MAN) ?? only a matter of time before it runs everywhere.
To be honest, I can not wait to apply it in the sawmill.
At the moment, we only offer the light.
With time, we will devote ourselves to mechanical tools.
I do not care how much it costs the light.
I use the gas. I want to productivity. I do not understand.
Edison said that electricity can already be used in factories.
Its can.
I want to see this needle move.
I can not lower the voltage without blowing up everything.
Power. You'll even have made some progress.
It's not ready.
Turn it off!
There must be a solution.
La Nikola Tesla Electric Light Company.
How does it look?
- When you can produce arc lamps? - Arc lamps?
I thought there occupassimo of incandescent lamps, motors and distribution.
Let us think Edison.
I'm working on advanced methods to overcome it.
To beat Edison? How soon?
In a few years. I need a lab, engineers and supplies.
Of course, there are the costs.
And where did you get the money for the expensive silk?
How I spend my earnings is none of my business.
Mr. Tesla, if you need money right away, you can sell your patent.
And what would I get?
Shares. And, if you have success, you will sell for a fortune.
For a fortune.
Yes, I know cos' a saying.
Noi ci assumiamo due terzi del rischio.
un buon prezzo per l'unica cosa che potete vendere.
(EDISON) Congestione cerebrale? E cosa significa?
(MEDICO) C' un'occlusione, nascosta, e si sta espandendo.
(MEDICO) Se ne andr per prima la vista, poi sar il suo vocabolario a diminuire.
Non posso perderla.
Far un alfabeto mobile. Le far un dizionario.
(MEDICO) Perder gradualmente la mobilit.
Le costruir un ascensore.
(MEDICAL) Mr. Edison, what he needs your wife,
can not be constructed by man.
What he needs my wife, do you think,
It is a simple pair of glasses.
(MEDICAL) The nature will do its course.
I must...
I have to leave for New York tonight. I can not cancel.
(DOCTOR) I occuper her while you're away. But...
... do not you linger.
Ohio has selected Westinghouse.
- Columbus. Zanesville. - Zanesville?
- Lasciategliela. - It's not funny.
We do not know if it is a constant
until it happens again, and I really hope it does not happen.
What is he doing that you're doing wrong?
It is building successful machines
that will mean the death of human beings.
- Where are these dead? - Where are these dead?
We change and you have to assume the responsibility of all those murders.
I think the people are not dying because is not as dangerous as you'd like.
All right, beat us on costs. But it's a temporary advantage.
Give me time and render our economy so that ...
... only the rich will use candles.
And until then, entire city delivered to Westinghouse. I'm not a bank.
TO?? exactly what you are.
We could have had this conversation by phone,
instead of making me waste my time.
When I want to see someone, come here. Face to face. And so it works.
No, here's how it works.
I build miracles and you continue to give me those damn money I want.
Contents? I did miss another city?
Okay, what have I missed?
(MARY) On your bureau.
(EDISON) Talk.
(MARY) Riuscir to make you promise to build me a fence?
(EDISON) The ground is frozen. He must thaw.
(MARY) On your bureau.
(EDISON) Talk.
(MARY) Riuscir to make you promise to build me a fence?
No, we take care of my engine, as agreed ...
Look, do not ...
Non vogliamo queste cose.
Le lampade che avete costruito non vendono pi.
Non possiamo competere con Edison e Westinghouse.
Allora, prendete i miei brevetti e vi auguro una grande sfortuna.
- "I tuoi" brevetti? - S. I miei brevetti.
Posso portarvi qualcosa, signore?
Una macchina del tempo.
Se la trover mai, torner a questo momento e gliela dar.
Have you re-read the proposal?
Not user my last resources to illuminate a fair.
TO?? much more than a trade show, sir.
A third of this country will arrive in Chicago
to try and see the City of Lights.
Shop windows, streetlights, signs that say that the race is over and we won.
Why waste the last dollars to travel to show the electricity,
when you come all in one place to see it?
Because in a year, will demolish everything.
But only after you have seen 30 million people, it is.
Westinghouse will present an offer.
(EDISON) Nice hat. It seems expensive.
I had it from before I started to work for you, Mr. Edison.
I do not think you're working for me.
- Continue to use my bulbs. - His patents are in order.
You want my advice?
You say that the current Westinghouse will kill people. Perci ...
in the absence of evidence, why not given you?
We're doing it because we will have a complete system,
It will work and will have the name of Edison.
Poor bastard.
Well, I myself will be shot down.
You will hear any pain, right?
At 3,000 volts will be over before it started.
Perci there's nothing to worry about.
But they are journalists, so you might animate them a bit '.
Welcome to Menlo Park.
Thank you for coming on this cold morning.
TO?? a pleasure to see you again.
- My name Southwick Brown. - It is a pleasure.
You should further afield '.
Gus is connected to the same current that uses Westinghouse,
but there is still no word for death by electricity.
I asked the writer dictionaries and suggested I "electro-tell"
"elettro-cremare" and "dina-morte".
But, as well as Joe Guillotin gave his name to his invention,
because remove the about the rightful inventor of death by electricity?
I ask you to show respect while Westinghouse this horse.
Mr. Edison, Southwick Brown. Commission of Capital Punishment.
You have surely heard about the clumsy hangings in the North East.
(BROWN) The prisoners suffocated or die violently beheaded.
(BROWN) ?? one inhuman spectacle.
(BROWN) But the death of the horse has been so quiet, you could say ...
... poetic.
The Governor of New York, on my personal recommendation,
He would like to consider a deadly device
that uses electricity on a living being.
It would be an honor for us to entrust the task.
- If there's more, it's been a pleasure. - I apologize?
Killing a human being under the guise of justice, is absurd.
There's a big difference between a horse and a person.
God gives us life in a compassionate way.
Why reject the opportunity
of being the first man to take it away in the same way?
I killed my wife.
(MARY) Down with this handle.
(MARY) Maybe you have to do something else.
(MARY) If I'm doing it wrong, you'll never know that I was toying
with your phonograph or gramophone, in any way I shall name.
(MARY) cos' this thing?
(MARY) here today at the Mary Tom tomorrow.
(MARY) Or, as you said, today's Tom listens to Mary yesterday.
(MARY) Who knows what else we can do.
Mr. Tesla, my son and his friends idiots
they told me they do not intend to carry out the arc lamps. It's true?
Do not look at him, look at me. They are the primary shareholder.
No, I've already finished the project of arc lamps.
Finished? You have covered a single city. Broadway, New Jersey.
For God's sake, think big. Philadelphia.
You made arc lamps for the city. And your only job.
My AC motor. All right? We had an agreement ...
- No, I have never signed agreements. - You said in this office ...
Lane, you can wait outside for a second?
Sorry. Do not you realize you're about to be fired?
Please let me realize what I have in my head.
There render the largest electricity supplier in the world.
More than Edison.
They are very close, a few more months.
You arrive here as if you came from Neptune,
as if you had a great vision of the future ...
- I do not touch. - Are you just an immigrant.
A head full of ideas, looking for funding.
You are Edison, there is only one Edison. That's why he is successful.
There are millions like you. Great ideas.
But you do not see the real forces that move things
and is not the direct or alternating current.
It's the money.
And it's the only engine that interests me.
These patents belong to the Tesla Electric Light Company.
This is now the Union Electric and Manufacturing Company
and I own all there is in this office.
Patents, 'projects, engineers. And all mine.
There will be nothing more that will bring the name Tesla.
Take your ideas and go back where you came from.
It is appropriating a city after another.
Cats, dogs, sheep, 11 horses. What else needs to see people?
But no one is really dying for alternating current.
Excluding your cats, dogs, sheep and 11 horses.
- I know only to be your secretary. - Speak and just.
Bring the phonograph on the market. You will get the gains.
- has yet to be perfected. - Do it, sir.
- Bell is robbing you. - The graphophone? He just changed the name.
Tell me where I can find a shop to buy yours,
and not the consegner the entire market. Do you have a real deal.
Half a million dollars. Lord, take the money.
You need it.
If Bell has robbed you with the phone, will redo the graphophone.
Have you confused about?
Would you like Chicago?
Okay, I'm ready.
A dollar in marble?
What do you for?
The inventor.
It solves problems for idiots.
Imagine a dictation without the help of a stenographer.
Phonographic books that speak to blind people.
Playing music, talking toys.
Watches that communicate the hour.
Preservation of nearly disappeared languages.
The teaching of speech.
- Have you cheated. - Yes. No.
I did not come all this way to lose.
Being able to catch the last words of your loved ones.
(WOMEN) Edison phonograph, the machine that speaks, sings and enchants.
(WOMEN) A perfect machine, silent.
Or you can not or are not the engineer who thought I was.
Travel the country to roast cats.
George, is playing dirty. You can too.
When I was young, my father tent whipping with a branch.
But after the first lash, he broke.
In three small pieces.
He rest it there, looking at that broken branch on the ground.
Then, I noticed that there was a leather strap hanging on the wall.
So, the pointed and said, "Look,
that would be better. "
His and ferm.
I know the punches, but I have no patience peri shoddy work.
You'll get an engine running next to your location in Chicago,
in spite of hell, the flood or the Wizard of Menlo Park.
Good night.
Good night.
We will remember Pope Franklin
for his courageous commitment to push us into the future.
It was not only an outstanding example of faith in the progress of science ...
099' provo...
... pain and anger, because what happened, it could have been avoided.
Listen, I like you've never heard before.
I can state with certainty
that if Westinghouse continue its activity ...
... other people will die.
My condolences.
I know it was more than just an employee.
What was his name, Franklin Popes?
Pope. Without the
What a pity.
But I'm here to help.
I know that...
... I would like Edison did silence.
Let me join your company. Let me fix this mess.
Credete che la Westinghouse Electric valga 5 milioni di dollari?
Il valore determinato dalla cifra pi alta che si disposti a pagare.
Ma ottocento uomini perderanno Io stipendio.
Terr i suoi dipendenti.
Ma non la settimana lavorativa di cinque giorni.
Sembra che siate propenso.
Quale corrente userete?
Quella che sceglier Edison immagino.
Che assurdit.
Credi io sia assurdo.
Yes, indeed.
We are overloaded, Marguerite.
There's no shame in selling.
I always tried to become Edison's associate,
and now I have the chance to do so.
We have an engine, we train on a mountain. It's impossible.
I thought that the word "impossible" does not exist in your vocabulary.
Scioglier Westinghouse Electric.
The revenues will be used to save the other bankrupt companies
and it will be time to repair the errors of Edison.
You are not a captain changing course, depending on the sea.
We have a broken!
We are drowning.
All this is costing us a fortune.
- it does not care about the money! - A fortune!
I was living in your parents' house, while you bussavi at every door.
Do you want people to think that you're on the side of what you hate?
And you use your last name as a verb?
And how you think you can fix that, my dear?
I've got you.
And I Fran k.
That's all.
I loved that man.
It's just a sensible business decision.
That's all.
That's all.
Say what you will about George Westinghouse, is a good man.
You have entered the federal territory.
The point is that ...
You are mistaken.
According to my map ...
I mourn the passing of my colleague, but unlucky will have the victory.
I noticed that Mr. Edison puts his name on everything
because it is terrified of being forgotten.
If you want to be remembered, it is simple, shoot the President.
But if you prefer to leave, as I call it, a legacy,
leave the world a better place than you found.
Thomas Alva Edison is a charlatan who exploits the fears of ordinary people,
because I possess the best system.
And since I own the best system, the Westinghouse Electric resist.
Good day.
(MAN) Westinghouse took the lead. No way it will go.
(MEN) I appreciate your lights, Mr. Edison, but I'm also a client.
(MAN) And if someone knocks on my door with something that I need,
and that's better than what I have at the moment, at a lower price,
I'd be a fool not to invite him to drink tea.
- TO?? an ultimatum? - (MAN) More than a threat.
If you feel that fear is the best strategy,
then you'd better hurry and put more effort.
The time has expired.
(WOMEN) He built a box with a crank
and a lever to preserve his wife's voice.
(WOMEN) What wrong choice, because she can haunt him forever.
I could not stop it even if I wanted.
And I will not, because think is a fantastic idea.
It will be the electricity to kill the man in Buffalo.
We do not know the voltage.
Too much and take fire. Too little and it would still be alive.
We only need your advice, Mr. Edison.
What is human? Where to put the electrodes and, in return,
I promise something you know you want.
Westinghouse'll put your name in plain sight
as the official electricity used to kill humans.
We might even expose the chair at the Chicago World Fair.
The future!
My name never will have to be associated.
I have not provided any consultation,
Westinghouse will have suggested as the best way for the killings.
Guaranteed your assistance?
If you do the questions, risponder.
Bruciate correspondence.
These are our seats and our blue bergre.
I've sold three just last week series.
This is the classic wooden chair.
And these are chairs in oriental style. They are very popular.
An austere style.
You want four, six, eight, twelve?
Only one.
(EDISON) Mr Brown, the plant consists of a stationary engine,
a Westinghouse alternating current dynamo capable of generating 3,000 volts.
(EDISON) A wooden chair with headrest,
of the belts and adjustable electrodes.
(EDISON) The voltmeter, I'amperometro, and the control panel
They must be located in the execution chamber for the monitoring.
(EDISON) The Dynamos room is connected via electrical signals.
(EDISON) The more efficient machines are manufactured by Westinghouse.
(EDISON) authorize the payment of $ 3,600 for your work.
(EDISON) The only question that might discourage Westinghouse
in relation to capital punishment
It is related to the fact that the meat might burn to the contact points
and the amount of current to be applied
without this from occurring, it is not yet known.
For someone trying to compete at the World Fair,
this deadly machine is not a good presentation.
Yes, I know. TO?? Edison only trying to infangarmi, as usual.
- Can you prove it? - No.
But maybe I could stop him.
Are you talking to me?
If you want my advice, do not assumetemi. Save money.
But I know a man who can say
Edison has a bond with the chair of death.
No, I mean stop it through legal channels.
- You want Edison ports in court? - No.
The chair itself. The eighth amendment.
So, I should provide a murderess who admitted killing his wife
... a maintenance?
It is to show what kind of man is Thomas Edison.
Just keep my name out.
Your wife knows you are paying for this?
TO?? It was his idea.
(MAN) cos' that makes the electricity is not cruel and inhuman?
(MAN) The current speed is so high,
that the brain is paralyzed instantly.
The subject dies before the nerves can communicate I shock.
- How do I know if it is not proven? - I tested it ...
... on a gorilla in the London Zoo.
It has links with some electricity company?
No, sir.
The State calls Thomas Alva Edison.
Could you explain the difference between your current
and Mr. Westinghouse alternating electricity?
The continuous current flows, such as water, through a conduit,
and the alternating current flowing in both directions.
Water. It does not seem so dangerous.
Not as long as not drowned.
Why do not use the power Mr. Westinghouse?
- I do not like. - Do you believe it is dangerous.
S, cos.
Imagine that you were using the current Mr. Westinghouse,
one that will be used on Mr Kemmler,
and imagine using it for five or six minutes.
It was in 1500,
what would it take before you feel the heat?
Well, the temperature may rise to four or five degrees above normal
and continue until it would not mummified.
And this would not cause great suffering?
- No. - How do I know?
Because I have personally seen this coming electricity used
to kill a horse of 400 kilos.
- And the horse he felt pain? - If it were so, he did not say.
Mr. Edison, there is great admiration between you and Mr. Westinghouse.
(EDISON) Do not disregard Mr. Westinghouse.
You two are competing, right?
It's not about that.
It has been asked, as an objective scientist,
my opinion on whether death for electricity
It is a violation of the eighth amendment and whether it is cruel and inadequate.
In my view, the only humane method of execution
Is the alternating current Westinghouse.
Mr. Edison knows that any more than 30 amps ...
Milliampere. If you have to interrupt me, do it with the correct name.
- Thank you, Your Honor. - The honor is mine.
Okay, I have everything I need.
Cosa volete, furfantelli?
- Signor Edison. - Che c'?
Signor Edison.
Guarda un po'.
Se n' andato prima che avessi l'opportunit.
Signor Edison, posso avere il vostro autografo?
S, certo.
William, ti dispiace?
Dovevo avvertirvi, c' una sola cosa che batte la giustizia.
I soldi?
La fama.
TO?? a New Model Army revolver?
What a fantastic car.
- You know how it works? - You want me to shoot you?
I did not mean how to shoot, but how it works.
TO?? a good airplane should look at it.
They designed the cylinder,
so that the dog is not standing on a chamber empty.
Or I could shoot you six times instead of five.
I guess yes.
They both lied in court.
But if you want to shoot,
This is the last chance to do it.
Sometimes, you have to act outside of the rules to do the right thing.
It would be nice if we did not do it.
This does not make you like him.
What do we do?
I have a bad ear, but it was extraordinary.
(WESTINGHOUSE) The plant consists of a stationary engine,
a Westinghouse alternating current dynamo capable of generating 3,000 volts.
A wooden chair with headrest.
- (EDISON) Where you have taken? - (WESTINGHOUSE) The mander to newspapers.
(EDISON) Those letters were stolen. You can not make them public.
- (WESTINGHOUSE) Why not? - Why is private correspondence.
Mr. Edison, say something against me or against my company,
and I'll have to ask you to tell the truth.
It would be the right thing to do.
O ho?
- (EDISON) Why do not you burned? - (MAN) They come from Thomas Edison.
(MEN) I do not understand that this chair
It is something to be proud of and for which to be remembered.
I do not know how much electricity is necessary.
- You said 1,500 volts. - I said: "I think 1,500 volts."
But if all the water evaporates in the body, it could catch fire.
- We lower the amount. - So, I arrostirete to death.
You have to listen to me. What you are doing is wrong.
You said it is inevitable that someone else will end up doing it.
But the fact that someone else I will do, does not mean you have to be you.
The State thanks you for your comments and his help.
- What should I tell you? - Say that.
You said that a car would not built to kill people.
I realize impossible things and rob me. So I am referring again.
And I refer, again and again.
This is not like everything else.
This is all the rest.
The way of the future will not be made of brick,
but copper.
Automation, transportation, communication, and the man who controls the current one,
controls the future.
But you know that Westinghouse is right.
Lord, do not really believe that some accident
can exclude the applicability of its current. You do not want to miss.
I have only amplified what no one else took seriously.
No, you are passed over with a 12-ton train.
TO?? he should realize that the brakes of who is to blame?
- Change tonight and so will win. - His current kills people.
Just because you tell you!
Can I stop complaining vultures in my garden
or build a wall so high that no one will dare to climb over.
You're the smartest man I know.
Apart from miracles created from nothing, I was impressed by your principles.
you have not invented the incandescent lamp, but the people I believe.
Welcome to the reality of how things are made.
We give all our contribution. So are born inventions.
Salt. The wheat.
The heat. The heart.
But one man creates the bread.
And it is one that combines all this
and I makes it so good as to make yes that people let him turn
and pay expensive to buy it.
Mr. Edison, I want your success. Really.
But it has to change tonight,
or he will die as PT Barnum rather than as Isaac Newton.
Although there may be unknown,
her studies demonstrate an understanding of electrical issues
unprecedented known to me, with all due respect to the present.
Gentlemen and lady, Nikola Tesla.
Step to the fundamental question,
s o no,
the alternating current can actuate an engine?
(TESLA) ?? possible to construct an alternate system
He is doing what they can do Edison to a third of the cost.
In the second drawing of my system,
the rotors are located in a more forward position ...
The second drawing shows the magnetic condition corresponding ...
You can get a synchronous motor ...
The induction is always maintained at the maximum activity.
Mr. Tesla, you built the engine to test his theories?
But they are not theories.
No, I have not built.
But this would prove his beliefs.
But they are not beliefs, and it is completely unnecessary for me
operate the engine in my mind or in a store,
because I already made in my imagination.
- And it's perfect. - Are you serious?
Almost always.
Hi, I'm George Westinghouse.
George Westinghouse.
An engine that compresses the air in a reservoir
that is brought through a duct to both the train brakes,
allowing them to operate simultaneously.
- An intelligent design. - Thanks.
You are welcome.
I think the room is tilted by two degrees.
I appreciate that you have found the time to meet.
Going somewhere?
- Thing? - They are the Niagara Falls.
Right from the University,
I imagined a great wheel that provided light.
Did you know that just came here I worked for Mr. Edison?
- No. - T?
I have adjusted two of its dc generators in one night
and he called me "a damn good man."
So why I not treated as I deserved?
I left. I tried to start my business, but I was deceived.
Who was I? An immigrant any.
So, I took the only job I could find. I dug a ditch.
The others laughed at my clothes, but at the end of the day I had $ 2.
To whom belonged that ditch?
Alla Edison Electric.
It was like digging its own grave.
If Edison were to do it, so we will leave behind,
We will not be able to take it back more.
The Fair must alternate. There has to be my engine.
I saw how people consider a Chicago landmark, the City of Light.
All city sooner or later will have the light,
but also exploit the energy of Niagara,
It is to see the future.
The waterfalls?
- I'm here to talk about Chicago. - Think over Chicago.
The energy is as basic as food, water and air.
One can not say that only those who have money can eat or breathe.
Yes, the Falls illuminate the East Coast.
You can get very lucky and I long for a walking stick
I saw on the 63th and Madison.
But Niagara is evidence that, one day, we can separate the energy from the profit.
TO?? so that really wins.
- As I know you will not deceive me? - Well ...
I do not know.
But the point is, Mr. Tesla, I need your engine.
It is able to brighten up even fair, but I can not drive a car.
If we come to an agreement today,
my business will die right here, in your hotel room.
But so too will die your dream to harness the energy of Niagara.
Perci, we have a deal?
Five thousand.
I'll give two US dollars and 50 cents ...
... for the horse.
I'm not a genius, but should be millions.
May I invite you to dinner at Delmonico?
All right, Mr. Tesla, it's time to go.
No, I'll let your tilted room.
It does not pay for more than a month.
How much should I pay to keep him here all year?
I have to lay off 300 people by the gas.
There's another way.
We pay their salaries and move them to electricity.
We can not continue to do so.
If we win in Chicago, we will not need it.
You have the truth on your side.
And whatever happens, you'll know you've played correctly.
I stole the letters that connect to the chair Edison death.
I delivered newspapers to nail.
I know I've disappointed you.
Cos' this?
A 25-meter high tower
Edison bulbs covered by 16,000 and on top of a three-meter high lighthouse.
TO?? to show the world that we are the winners.
Otherwise, how would people know that we won?
TO?? an idol.
TO?? A sign.
And you will receive something that no one ever had before by Thomas Edison.
- Really? Thing? - My apologies.
I admit I spent more than expected,
but now, more than ever, it is important to go beyond.
Whatever proposal will make Westinghouse for the Fair, we have ...
- You have to offer more. - I must.
I must.
The Nikola Tesla?
He who does?
He gave a lecture at Columbia.
It is said that Serbia is building a multi-phase motor for Westinghouse.
Light and energy.
If you can get both, now you can do it too.
No one knows what will it take to build a working model ...
Until this morning, you have given ...
... nine other cities to Westinghouse. Perci, here's what will happen.
Fonder the Edison Electric with some emerging company.
You're out.
And you know why?
Ve I'll say if you want this moment to be even more unpleasant.
You receive the shares,
and you will keep your place in the Council.
- Who will do the presentation? You? - Good God, no.
And me I say now?
I was here. I thought meritaste to hear you say in your face.
No, not true.
You wanted me just wasting time and get me to sign autographs peri children.
- How you gonna call? - And what worries you?
Edison Electric. It must be called so.
Edison and electricity are synonymous, Morgan. The bulbs ...
Not collegher a failed name fledgling company.
Now that leaked the letters, you lose credibility.
- So what will? - The name?
Yes, the damn name!
The contract says only "General Electric", but I inventer something.
Even I can be creative.
Mr. Insull?
Just a minute.
He said he will hold your name, just not to overhang complaint
or who do not speak negatively to the merger printing.
What gave you?
- Tell me. - The vice presidency, but I refused.
- You should accept. - Why?
Alternating current, what is the voltage transmission?
230.000 volt.
What is done the filament in a light bulb 12,000 hours?
Bamboo Carbon Japanese.
- What do you eat for breakfast? - Pie.
Of what surprised you? Of course the servants. You are me, but in human form.
Look around.
Who's missing?
Edison General Electric Company, prego.
General Electric?
- Edison General Electric Company. - S.
Excuse me.
He has 12 years.
Mr. Insull? They are members of the Commission.
Listen carefully. Concentrate on the quality of light.
I do not care what the court says.
Westinghouse stole my bulbs.
The good news for you is that it has done a terrible job.
They are outdoor lamps, and last about two hours.
Perci, at the timing to replace them.
He speaks of the superiority of our,
as if there was no competition.
Use term as "standard", "purest", and "the most beautiful light ", and so on.
Find out what kind of men they are. There are only two types:
those who believe they are practical, but they are dreamers.
They are the ones who take risks.
The other, smile at you and thank you for I show,
but vote with their wallets.
Unless Westinghouse did not play all that he has,
Morgan will put you in good stead with the lenders.
Your only job is to look the dreamers in the eye
and promise them the magic.
Now tell me everything you remember about the series and parallel circuits
without using the words I just said.
Even though I'm young, I'm an expert in these matters,
at the level of the same Edison.
If you had to choose Westinghouse, then ...
So, yeah.
There is the possibility of endangering the lives of 28 million people.
If Westinghouse did even the smallest mistake ...
unintentionally, of course.
A political visit, a wife, a child of seven years
It could lean against a lamppost and died instantly.
This is how.
The electricity of Mr. Westinghouse is fatal.
Thank you, Mr. Insull.
Just to be clear, sir,
each electric current over 200 milliamperes can be deadly.
Even yours?
Mr. Westinghouse, they are members of the Commission Buildings and Grounds:
Charles Schwab, Craig Cannon, the mayor Cregier, of course.
Victor Lawson of the Chicago Daily News, and the Honorable Judge Tree.
I am Daniel Burnham.
We ask you to limit your remarks to an hour.
It will not be necessary.
- Here's to you. Lord. - Thanks.
My proposal.
- These are all your figures? - Yes, sir.
Independent estimates.
Before considering the merits,
we would like to start with some general question.
Why should we assign to you the contract for the World's Fair?
because I believe our system works better and ...
... because our system is much more economical.
Mr. Schwab, Mr. Higinbotham, Mr. Cannon, Cregier mayor,
Mr. Lawson, judge Tree and Mr. Burnham ...
... thanks for your time and for your consideration.
Financially, it's clear. We take the best offer.
- Westinghouse is dangerous. - Potentially dangerous.
It even included in its documents.
The alternating current will be used to kill the man in Buffalo.
Both lights come on, right?
Westinghouse saves us money, Thomas Edison sells tickets.
What I would not give to leaf through it. And the book of the future, right?
We need a clear majority, gentlemen.
- You do not hai'delle shares of GE? - It is immaterial.
No one has ever done what you have done for me.
The value of something is not determined by how much you are willing to pay,
but the value is given by what is.
When we vote again, Burnham, you can call the winner tonight.
TO?? true that you are born during a lightning storm?
A ?? however.
Agree. Tell me one thing contained in that book.
You and Edison you focused on the two ends of the system,
dynamos and light bulbs.
- But what you tell me of what there is in the middle? - The cables?
We need it?
(WESTNGHOUSE) The problem is that the Remington has many advantages ...
... but unfortunately the gunpowder it is wet.
This will be to the eye what the phonograph's ears pearls.
Any last words?
I think to go to a better place.
Farewell, William.
We live in a higher civilization. From this day.
"A terrible sight, much worse than hanging."
Westinghouse says: "They would have done better with an ax".
"A sizzling noise.
A cloud of smoke filled the room with the smell of burnt hair. "
Well, at least it was a murderess.
At least not the more they will use to kill anyone.
Soon everyone will have electric light and no one will remember cos' happened.
I have books so full of ideas to take over 12 lives to achieve them.
So, we let him have the Fair and the Falls.
Well, for what it's worth ...
... I prefer to have worked for you and for Westinghouse.
And why so?
Well, I would not have enjoyed it so much, no?
Have you seen much of the Fair?
- A lesson in Muybridge, Little Egypt. - The dancer?
- Did you see? - No.
It was really ...
If you have time.
You do not believe that the fence is a unique creation?
Your neighbor pulls on one and suddenly become two.
You also have a fence.
There's just one problem.
A person on one side of the fence he designed.
A person on the one hand built it, a person has paid for it,
yet the other person receives a beautiful fence and without paying.
I did not steal your ideas.
Mr. Edison?
- I was wondering one thing. - I am sure there are many.
I wanted to invite you to dinner ... again,
but I imagine a moment is like the other.
You want to know what was in the light bulb for 13 hours?
- I know how it works. - Already, I know that I know.
Just I wanted to know how it felt.
- Such as? - The bulb.
When you have learned.
What has been the feeling at that time?
I could not tell you. In the sense...
TO?? impossible to describe the feeling because it was impossible.
Years of work. Ten thousand different types of filaments.
When he entered the wire in the light bulb, as always, we bet it.
And the crackling generator, while the ball cominci to light ...
We were expecting just another failure.
Then, something happened.
Our best-stranded lasted only ten minutes
and this time we were at 20. The people began to murmur.
Then, 30, 40 minutes, one hour, two hours.
And people began to scream.
Remember that we had never gone more than ten minutes.
The boys climbed on the walls, tore their hair ...
Why it was impossible.
Seven hours. Eight hours. Nine...
We were silent when we got to ten.
We were sitting watching the illuminated spirit, drunk with magic,
We stared as the ...
I do not know, it sounded as if Jesus Baby Mozart.
After 13 hours, the glass broke and I I knew.
The world would no longer was I myself.
I'm working on something new, so new that ...
... the people will forget the connection between my name and electricity.
I wonder if you know already what it is.
I believe that the solution is ...
... split the cost of the fence.
Or not at all to build a fence.
Your garden would be twice bigger.
It is not from the true, Tom?
If nothing else, it was a pleasure.
Enjoy the Fair, George.
(TESLA) We build monuments to talk about the future, to say that we were here.
(TESLA) What we experienced.
(TESLA) The real legacy is not one that we build up to the sky
or carve in stone.
(TESLA) The rock will crumble.
(TESLA) The paper will disintegrate.
(TESLA) and the bones become dust.
Only what it does not exist in the physical realm
and it can reach both directions, will be eternal.
Our ideas.
These are what we leave behind.
And they are those that can move us forward.