The Curse of Downers Grove (2015) Movie Script

Are you kidding me?
Whoever named
this town "Downers Grove"
had a sick sense of humor.
The suburbs are the ghettos
of the meaningless...
...unless your town
has its very own curse,
where a senior dies each year
the week before graduation.
Now that suddenly gives
your town instant meaning.
You asked for it and more!
A beautiful
sunny day here in Illinois,
a whopping 88 degrees.
Summer around the bend.
Got a big shout out
to all our seniors
at Downers Grove High School.
One week to graduation.
Make it count.
Don't get caught up in the curse.
Ha ha!
We're gonna keep playing
all the hits.
Your hit music channel.
Only the best music.
What's he doing?
Danny, come on!
Yeah, yeah!
It's the fucking curse.
It's only as few days
before graduation,
and the curse
hasn't happened yet.
Maybe it won't happen this year.
Maybe all the other accidents
are just a coincidence.
At last year's sob fest,
the class president read a poem
that went something like,
"Don't try to understand everything
because some things
don't make sense."
But I can't help wondering
if the curse could be real.
The tall swarthy astronaut-type
is why mom dragged us here.
It's a bummer having a single
mother who's miserable.
So if astronaut-guy makes
her happy, astronaut-guy it is.
I mean,
come out of the suffering
and problems that you face in life
brought on because
of the choices that you make.
You simply reap what you sow.
No one said a word about Rich
the whole way over,
and I... I would...
I would like your opinion.
Well, he isn't a meth addict.
Can I go now?
Mom, I like him.
He seems nice, and I can tell
he really likes you.
I think he does. Thank you.
My angel.
I like him, too.
Who knows what Rich
has on his filthy,
repressed religious mind.
Cut him some slack.
He's taking her to Vegas.
Be happy or fake it.
I checked his profile.
- He enjoys frisky women.
- I don't wanna hear this.
And one day hopes to host
his own reality show.
Let's hope for the best.
Okay, so you've got all
the information. We're at the...
Mandalay Bay
and you'll be back Friday.
I never left you alone before,
so please, please,
please tell me not worry.
It is about that time the curse
of Downer's Grove rolls in.
My God.
I didn't even think of that.
Mom, the curse is complete B.S.
We'll be fine.
Go. Have a good time.
Okay. God, I love you guys.
My angels!
Come here.
No drumming after 7:00.
Wish me luck.
How do I look?
Is it okay?
Okay, Dave, you don't have
to hear this part.
I love you guys.
Hey, Chrissie!
There's your stalker boyfriend.
Stop it.
- He's harmless.
- He totally likes you.
For the zillionth time,
her room's all pink and lace
and shit. Not your type.
Do you really think
I'm interested in her room?
What am I,
an interior decorator?
You misread me completely
Did I just pass your mom
and her new dude?
- For an older guy, he's not bad.
- I totally agree.
Drop it. Diner?
And you're looking
exceptionally hot, Tracy.
And you're looking
exceptionally 15, Dave.
I think it's adorable
that you like me all the same.
Has she seen
our Facebook page yet?
I don't think so.
I would've heard, so, no.
I'll be jamming here later,
if you wanna hang or whatever.
Why are we going this way?
Diner's in the other direction.
I thought you might want to see
if grease boy was still working.
His name's Bobby.
What? How do you know?
Because I asked him.
First semester, when the brakes
on my mom's car went,
I was sitting in the shop
waiting, and we got to talking.
Why didn't you tell me?
I see.
You gave it up to him
in some hot steamy love pit
out back, didn't you?
You have to ask
why I didn't tell you?
You guys have been at it
like bunnies.
No. Nothing happened.
We're friends.
- With benefits?
- No.
Not even minimal benefits?
Not unless you count giving
my mom a discount a benefit.
So wait, hold on.
What's he like?
Actually, he defies the clich
of townie mechanic.
He's smart, ambitious.
He can reassemble an engine
in a day.
Why would anyone
want to do that?
Just drive.
That's his car.
Dude, that's a lime green
fucking muscle car.
So? I like that about him.
It's unique.
So you already broke the ice
and then some?
Ruthless withholder!
What am I supposed to do with
this battery in my backseat?
You lost me.
I was supposed to take it
to the recycling center,
but then I selflessly thought,
"Hey, wouldn't this be
a nice opportunity
for Chrissie to meet her crush?
Ask him to help
with the battery..."
Apparently I'm out of the loop.
You gave it up to him
in some hot steamy love pit
out back, didn't you?
He's totally your first, isn't he?
You raging 'ho.
Why the hell didn't you...
I bet it's gonna be
Matt Goldberg or James Rocchi.
I have a weird feeling.
Plus they're super secret
Internet pervs
into underage shit
that'd make you puke.
Total sinners
and begging to be punished.
I bet Lauren Solomon.
What are you doing?
Trying to work out who's next.
Did you ever think
maybe there'll be no next?
After so many in a row?
There's gotta be a next.
Says who?
Well, the curse.
So you spoke to the curse?
Chrissie, ever since '04,
a senior's died
right before graduation.
'05, Nina Golden
drowned in the quarry.
'06, Scott Riley drove over
the embankment at Knoll's Hill.
Both of them were drunk,
by the way.
2007, Jason Martin
shot in the liquor store.
2008, Myra Crawford, OD'd.
2009, '10, '11, '12.
Frank Esposito
ripped in half by the train.
Jennifer Licari, vanished.
Amy Mazur died in her sleep.
Keith Hardy, farming accident.
Last year, Michael Shaw,
water tower.
We were there, Chrissie.
We saw it.
I saw a meth head
choosing to climb a water tower,
not a curse.
I have to go.
I have a paper to finish.
You still have homework?
We're graduating on Saturday.
I'm late with my big report.
Mr. Keller gave me an extension.
I'm having a really hard time
Why? The curse?
Yeah. I mean,
someone we know is gonna die.
Look, we make choices.
Those choices produce results,
good or bad.
Climbing a water tower high?
Bad choice, bad result.
Going home to do your report
and forgetting all about
this curse so you can finish?
Good choice, good result.
See what I'm saying?
See you guys tomorrow.
Or maybe you won't.
Not funny, Chrissie.
She's right.
Don't joke about it.
Lighten up.
Way to clear a room.
Look, I want
to believe in a better place.
I remember all my
Sunday School stories.
Woman who turned into salt,
Noah's Ark,
the burning bush,
the star in the east.
I just hope they're all true
and not a bunch of made-up
stories thrown into a book.
I mean, if there's a God,
why would he make my dad
addicted to meth
so he could abandon
a wife and two kids?
And why would he give
my 12-year-old cousin
incurable bone cancer?
These are just personal gripes.
I'm not even gonna
to get into wars,
gas fucking ovens,
ethnic cleansing,
random, meaningless violence
and all that,
'cause we'd be here all night.
That's hardcore deep shit, man.
I have a lot of stuff on my mind.
Way too much stuff.
What the fuck?
Cut the shit! Jesus!
What's your problem, guy?
Are you psychic?
My name is Guy.
- No shit.
- Yeah, shit.
We were wondering if you girls
wanted to join us
on a little adventure.
Maybe next time when you don't
scare the shit out of us.
You don't know who he is,
do you?
Um, no.
Hi, pretty.
I'm Chuck.
What's your name?
I'm Brittany, she's Courtney.
But we have to go.
Finals for college.
College? Really?
You guys look like maybe
you're still in high school.
And maybe you're worried
about the curse.
We survived the curse.
We're at Northwestern.
Where do you go?
Willow Creek.
Chuck is our star QB.
Do you guys not read the paper?
He was our backup junior year...
Hey, Guy, shut the fuck up.
Why don't you guys
come to a party
over on our side of town?
It'll be fun.
Hold, please, Chuck.
Please don't make me beg.
Willow Creek's
in another county.
We'll do a drive-by.
If it's sketch,
we'll get out of there, okay?
- Chuck?
- Yeah.
It's a bad night.
Maybe some other time.
What if I promise
to have you home
before you turn into a pumpkin?
Scout's honor.
Let's not do
anything stupid, okay?
When have I ever?
- Really want me to answer that?
- Yes!
Actually, no.
Bottles don't pop
Drinks don't spill
I don't even drink,
but the party's over here
Flight ain't even land,
but my terminal is filled
Because they hear
that I'm the man
Yeah, I'm terminally ill
There's a feeling,
don't you fight it
I got the flame to the game
and I'm about to reignite
I see your little face
Baby girl,
don't try to hide it
If you had the chance
to live it, won't you try it?
'Cause there's a party over here,
party over here
Party over here,
party over here
And if you ain't heard,
it's the party of the year
He's kinda cute.
You could totally
make out with him.
I wouldn't say anything.
It would just be
between you and me
and everyone else
who's watching.
One, two, three.
All right.
Let's go find those boys.
I'll be there in a sec.
You'll be okay, right?
I'll be fine. Very fine.
Hey, you.
It's good to see you.
I didn't think
you were gonna come.
Yeah, me, too.
- You all right?
- Yeah, no, I'm fine. I'm fine.
Whoa. Um...
I have to pee.
Sorry. I'm just gonna...
Just a sec.
Just a sec.
What was that?
I had to go to the bathroom?
Relax, relax, relax.
Relax, relax, relax.
It's okay, it's okay.
- Um...
- It's okay. Shh...
Why are you freaking out?
- I'm not. I'm just...
- Shh...
- Um, Chuck, I feel like...
- It's okay. You feel like what?
I feel like I should probably
go find Tracy.
Make sure she's okay.
- She's fine.
- Chuck...
Hey. Whoa!
Slow down.
Hey! Whoa!
Chuck, come on, please?
Chuck, please?
- Please.
- Shh...
What the fuck is wrong with you?
I'm just...
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Please don't!
Stop it! Please!
Come on! Stop it!
- Wait till we finish.
- Get the fuck off me, Chuck.
This is it.
Fuckin' finish it, bitch!
Fuck off me!
Get off of me!
Get off!
Where's Chuck?
Are you okay?
What the fuck
does it look like, you idiot?
Tracy? That guy Chuck
tried to fucking rape me.
Get out of there!
It's not fucking safe!
- Are you okay?
- Get us out of here.
Okay, so definitely not
one of my best ideas.
Do you think the curse
may be on one of us?
I mean, one of us would be dead,
right? If it was on one of us.
Maybe it just, like,
passed over us.
Shut the fuck up!
Okay. It's gonna be fine.
No, it's not gonna be
fucking fine!
Why not?
Because I think I just poked
some fucking guy's eye out,
so it's so far
from fucking fine!
We can never tell
anyone about this, okay?
We need a plan.
God, if you do exist and can hear me,
please let this all be a bad dream.
Our friend
seems to be awakening.
I... where...
where is this? Where am I?
Do not be alarmed, my friend.
My man Ivan found
you in the crypt.
What are you doing?
Let me see your eye.
My God!
What happened to you?
- Can you see?
- No.
- What?
- No, I can't see!
You know what that does to
your fucking football career?
No, I don't know!
They won't even hire
a fucking one-eyed mascot!
I busted my ass for years to get
you out of this fucked-up town!
And now...
Damn it!
Someone we know is gonna die.
I've been dreaming about Indians
since I was a little girl.
Maybe it's because
our town was built
on land that was stolen
from the Indians in 1832.
I can't help but wonder
if this has something to do
with the curse.
But if that were the case,
then all of America
would be cursed.
Maybe we all are.
Stop it.
You're making connections
that aren't there.
There is no fucking curse,
God is elusive if he exists,
and you poked out
some goon's eye at a party
after he tried to rape you.
That's reality.
Get out of your head and deal.
What are you doing?
The acoustics in the basement
started to sound funk-defied.
It's five in the morning.
Everything sounds...
whatever it is you just said.
You came in last night like
you were in a wrestling match
with an engine.
You finally get into it
with that mechanic?
Hey, what is going on with you?
What happened last night?
Hey, hey.
When Dad was around
and had his fits,
you always protected me and mom.
The least I can do is step up
and help when you need it.
I don't even know
where to start.
Ask me about last night.
Whatever you want.
Did Tracy say anything about me?
I have other follow-ups.
That was just my lead-in.
Did you give any of them
your real name?
Hell, no.
What about your purse
with your ID's?
Do you still have it?
Hell, yes. Good night.
It's already morning.
It's okay. I'm just jumpy.
You know, we've been friends
since we were in kindergarten,
and there's something weird
happening between us.
I can't take it anymore.
What do you mean?
You haven't answered my texts
in weeks. What did I do?
I've just been really busy.
Is it the mechanic?
Are you keeping tabs on me?
Your brother is a font
of useful info, and...
I happen to care a little bit.
- Come on. I'm parked near you.
- All right.
I guess I have been
avoiding you.
I don't wanna hurt you.
Hurt me from what?
You know, we went to prom,
and that happened.
It's just weird.
Because you laid
a sloppy kiss on me?
We were drunk, and we kissed.
So what?
I don't want to lead you on.
Whoa. You thought
I spun a drunken kiss
into some kind of
potential relationship?
I'm such an idiot.
I can just erase it
from my mind, if you so wish.
Want me to... Okay.
There you go. It's gone.
Come on.
Where are we going?
I don't remember
what I was doing.
You and Monica Chase?
When did that happen?
Recent, recent.
Very recent.
Sorry. You should wait here
for a second.
What are you doing here?
You're not a very nice girl.
I mean, why the fuck would you
do something like this
to somebody who has
an earnest interest in you?
An earnest interest
in raping me.
Is that how you remember it?
I seem to recall it differently.
What do you want, Chuck?
What do I want?
What do I want?
- Can I get a ride?
- No.
Dave, right?
How do you know his name?
I'm Chuck.
By the way, I'm really sorry
to hear about your dad.
It's... terrible.
No kid should have
to go through that.
- Hi, pal.
- Hi.
Who the hell was that?
And how does he know about Dad?
Chuck Whitmore,
starting QB for Willow
with a really fucked-up eye.
If either of you
ever see him again,
just stay away from him.
Why are you here
on your day off?
The sooner I get the cars
into racing shape,
the sooner I can sell them.
What's wrong?
Are you mothering
your mom again?
No. She's away.
I just did something
really stupid.
Like what?
You know that group of
Willow Creek football players?
Yeah. They drive by
wasted all the time.
Yeah, well, Tracy and I went
to one of their parties,
and that guy Chuck
tried to attack me.
Are you okay?
Look, if he ever
comes near you again,
just promise me
you'll come to me for help.
You're pretty cute
when you're worried.
Nice. That's nice.
How about when I'm not worried?
No, no, no, no.
You're beautiful.
But, um, you worry a lot.
Nice save, Bobby.
I should go.
No, well, look, don't...
You don't have to leave.
I'm gonna be working
on this car for a while,
so you're more than welcome to
stay if... you still want to.
Bobby, mind if I make a complete
and utter ass of myself?
The floor's yours.
I've been coming by for months.
We share all these
intimate secrets, and...
why haven't you asked me out?
I... I don't know.
Sorry for putting you
on the spot.
What did the doctor say?
You can play, right?
Spot me. Spot me.
All right. One more.
- What did the doctor say?
- Shut up!
Would you just shut the fuck up?
What'd the doctor say?
He said I'm fucking blind.
That if I'm lucky,
I'll be seeing in my right eye
in about 35 fucking years.
That's what the doctor said.
That someday maybe
I'll end up being
some fucking townie piece
of shit loser like you, Guy.
Maybe someday
if I'm fucking lucky!
Ian, what's wrong?
What happened?
I was jumped.
- Did you see him?
- Who?
- Whoever did this.
- It happened too fast.
Does this have to do with you?
It's better if you just
keep away from me.
- So you hold it like that.
- Yeah?
- Make sure you press here.
- But what's that going to do?
Just ignore that.
That's just decoration.
- Decoration?
- Yeah.
- You drew that?
- Yeah.
- That's pretty cool.
- Yeah?
Okay, show me.
Show me.
God, this is not happening.
- Seriously?
- Wait! Hey!
Dave said the freak show
showed up at school today.
Shit, man.
Yeah, he came by school,
knew exactly who I was,
who my brother was,
mentioned Dad.
What are you doing?
You know, I think the freak show
was probably just
trying to scare you.
What are you not telling me?
I'm sorry.
In advance.
You agreed to what?
A fucking party here?
- Are you out of your mind?
- It was her idea.
- We came up with it together.
- It's all over Facebook.
Yeah, if you checked your page,
Tracy's page, or my page,
you would've known last week.
What's that supposed to mean?
- Tell her, Tracy.
- Yeah, tell me, Tracy.
We were just thinking you could
use a little social jolt
heading into summer.
How selfless of you both,
but no fucking way.
Tracy, you may like
hooking up with random dudes,
doing whatever drug they put
in front of your face,
but that's not me.
I have a dad
who's an addict, okay?
Could even be dead by now,
for all I know.
I don't want people doing weird
shit in this fucking house!
Cancel it.
What? Post it on Facebook.
It's not that easy.
It's been on our Twitter feeds.
We sent out a mass email.
If you paid more attention
to social media
instead of lurking around a gas
station between honors classes,
- you'd know.
- Shut up! Shut up!
Find a way to cancel that party.
And stop smoking that shit
in the house!
Hey, Bobby. What's up?
Chrissie's best-kept secret
here in the flesh.
Bobby, is it? I have heard
so many rad stories about you.
Weren't you in the middle of
something really important?
Yeah, right, the party.
Tuesday night.
I hope you can make it, Bobby.
Um, so...
I came over here to...
just to ask you if you would
like to go on a date with me.
No, not... not now.
We don't have to go now.
If you don't, if you can't...
I can come back.
Now's perfect.
I'm just gonna go change
real quick.
It's beautiful.
what where you thinking,
going to that party
in the first place?
Why? Do I sense
a little jealousy?
Let's... call it concern.
Next question.
What does a girl like you want
with a grease monkey like me?
God. I don't know.
You're different.
So what do you think
about this curse
everyone keeps talking about?
That's like asking
if you believe in God,
the afterlife, the supernatural.
Do you?
No. The curse?
Absolutely not.
What about God?
I mean, I'm not really
a religious guy or anything,
but just look at that sky.
Impossible that was man-made.
It's made up of molecules.
The clouds are made up
of tiny droplets of water
and ice crystals so light
they hang in the sky.
I flunked in whatever class
you learned that in, but...
let's agree it's not man-made.
What about physical attraction?
Is that made up
of molecules, too?
You're fucking...
You're fucking
out of your mind, dude.
What the fuck
are you doing here?
I need to talk to her.
It's really important.
No, it's not!
Get the fuck out!
Bobby, it's fine, okay?
I'll be back in one second.
Hey, it's gonna be fine.
This is something
that I have to do.
Roll your window up.
He's high as hell.
He tried to fucking rape you.
Bobby, I can handle this.
What? Are you stalking me?
Did you attack my friend Ian?
I... Can I just...
I need to talk to you.
About what?
I've been thinking about
that thing you said.
The question you asked.
What question?
About what I want.
I don't know what the fuck
you're talking about.
Um... I had a dream.
And it was fucking vivid.
And then all of sudden, it just...
All this stuff made sense.
What? What made sense?
What are you talking about?
See, I know that you...
You're feeling the same thing
I'm feeling.
I don't.
Yeah, you do.
Yeah, you do.
You have to.
- No. You're crazy.
- Right?
No, Chuck.
Yeah. And...
And that's why
this all makes sense.
You know,
that's why I forgive you.
Forgive me?
Are you kidding?
That's why this is
gonna work for us.
Chuck, there is no "we."
There is no fucking "us."
Whatever you think
you know about me,
it's all fucking made up
in your head.
All this shit you're doing,
following me,
you need to stop it,
and you just need to keep
the fuck away from me, Chuck.
Stay the fuck away from me.
He followed us to the bluff.
What did he say exactly?
He thinks we're in
some kind of relationship.
Unfortunately there's not much
we can do with that.
This guy's serious.
He tried to rape me.
- Any witnesses?
- No.
He cornered me in a bathroom.
Hey, look,
I mean, she's here now.
Do you guys really want to be
the ones who were warned
and then dropped the ball
after the fact?
Can't just arrest him.
I can pay him a visit,
let him know
we've been made aware.
Usually that's enough.
What's his name?
- Chuck Whitmore.
- Chuck Whitmore.
The WC football player.
Chuck Whitmore.
Yeah, Charlie Whitmore's son.
Charlie's one of us.
So what, that makes him
I think it's best if we
show it to Charlie first.
That's enough for now.
When we know more,
you'll know more.
- So that's it?
- Yeah.
That's it.
His dad's an ex-cop?
Right, yeah.
Which is not a good thing.
Didn't make me feel any better.
As soon as I mentioned his name,
they completely changed.
I'm definitely staying over.
On the couch.
That's cool.
Jake pissed on it a bunch.
It's been cleaned.
I don't know if it ever
really, truly comes out,
but if you want to...
Stop. Please?
Well, hey, I don't want to
invite myself over...
Yes. Stay.
That'd be good.
Okay, cool. Well, um...
I guess I just need to let my boss
know I'll be in and out.
Are you sure you don't mind
sticking around?
No, of course not.
Does that thing work?
Okay, well, use it.
What are you doing?
I'm sorry.
I took a mean spill.
Your brother has
some serious weed.
Hey, it's Bobby.
I don't have a condom,
and even if you do in your
wallet, I'm still a virgin,
and I'd like for it
to stay that way, temporarily.
You know, it hadn't even
crossed my mind.
I was kidding.
It did, but I got rid of
the idea quick.
Okay, um...
I should probably go to sleep
'cause I have school tomorrow.
Will you be here
when I get back?
Yeah, of course,
if it makes you feel safe.
We don't need to say a thing
No sex.
- What is true is true
- Okay.
But never be too far from me
Now I am a part of you
Sail out past the breakers
Maybe there is a curse,
and this year it's on me.
It's the curse.
Maybe I'm the curse.
Is that the mechanic's car?
It's nothing.
Thanks for the ride.
It's not nothing.
It belongs to that guy.
So why'd you have
to fucking ask, Ian?
- Sorry.
- It's fine.
You barely said a word
the whole ride home.
You got a stranger's car
in your driveway
and this look on your face like
someone is trying to kill you.
And your locker blew up.
You can't pretend like
it's just another day.
Hey, look, I've known you
since kindergarten.
You can tell me anything.
If you're worried
about the curse,
there's only three days left
to graduation, and if there's...
Bobby, whose car it is,
we started dating and...
and the rest is PMS.
Guys, get out of your PJs
and cancel that fucking party.
We tried. We posted
Facebook messages and...
We did our best,
but it's in the ether,
and we can't stop people
from showing up.
What's wrong?
Something happen?
Are you sure it was him?
The fucking car battery
was in my locker, Tracy.
Where are you going?
It's probably better
if we don't talk about it.
- You can't.
- The hell I can.
If I don't do something about it,
it's just gonna get worse.
Come on.
Hey, listen to me.
Bobby, I'm serious.
Come on.
Look, you don't know me
that well. I can take him.
You're right.
I don't know you.
But I know that
if you do something stupid,
you could wind up in jail
or worse.
And I'm not up for that.
We'll do it your way.
- What is your way?
- I don't have a way.
I can't think.
You know, it might not be
such a bad idea to have the party.
Just hear me out.
If this guy's stupid enough
to show up at your door
uninvited with a bone to pick,
we'll have plenty of witnesses.
And as long as I can
make sure you're safe,
then the cops or his dad
won't be able to save him.
It's just nights like tonight
that I get so concerned about,
the nights where
I won't be here.
I don't get off till 3 a.m.
I'll be here when you get back.
I promise.
You better be.
Your new boyfriend is rad.
And your girlfriend is a slut.
You're not gonna hear
any complaints from me.
She feels bad enough.
So do I.
You remember how Dad
taught us how to shoot?
Yeah. I have
permanent ear damage.
Well, I guess he was too scared
to use his shotgun on himself
before he left
and forgot it when he split.
It's in my room under my bed.
Good to know.
It's the curse.
Guys, please!
Do you hear that?
Sounds like
it's coming from outside.
Hey, Jake, what is it?
Call the cops.
If you keep this up,
it's only gonna get uglier.
Keep what up?
You made your point, all right?
Just let it go.
No, man.
I haven't even come close
to making my point.
So tell me, Bobby,
what the fuck are you
gonna do about it?
Whatever I have to.
Let's take a walk.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Back up, back up, back up!
Back up, back up.
Put that down.
Let's do this like men.
Put it down.
I love that you think this is
gonna make a difference.
When I'm done with her,
you're going to be tasting me
for the rest of your life.
There you go.
Good stuff.
I learned a lot about
conflict resolution
in my advanced psych classes.
Did you?
The last resort
is physical violence.
I would've had him
had he not cheap-shotted me.
Look, you know about my dad
and meth, right?
What I never told you
was that because of that
he owed some money
to some bad people.
I spent too many nights
either fighting him off
or mending him.
So, please, do not
go after Chuck again.
Hey, look at me.
Look at me.
Say it.
Say it.
I won't go after him again.
We gotta figure out what to do.
We can't just fucking
sit around here and just...
We're gonna fucking
do something.
As soon as Chuck
figures what we're doing,
we're gonna go fucking do it.
Whatever he says,
that's what we're gonna do.
What the fuck are we gonna do
about these two?
These chicks, man.
They think that they can get...
- Son of a bitch.
- I'm gonna fuck her friend.
- Her little faggot brother, too.
- I'm gonna fuck...
- So what are we gonna do?
- We're gonna do something.
We're going to fucking
do something.
As soon as Chuck says what we're
gonna do, we're gonna do.
What about her faggot-ass
little brother?
What about her brother?
You know what I think?
What did you say, Chuck?
I think she took my life,
and I wanna take hers.
Just like it says
in the Bible, man,
an eye for an eye.
Clean this shit up
before my dad gets home.
I think we got enough
for the party.
Two parties.
- Come on. Go, go, go.
- Shit.
Lock the door.
Don't open it.
Hi, Dave.
What's with the ski masks?
Hitting the slopes?
You got lots of stuff
in the car.
Are you going to some
big party or something?
It'll distract me
from my boredom.
How's that?
That wake you up?
Are you still bored?
Where's Chrissie?
You tell me.
That's the spirit.
I want in that car.
Guy, take this little
fucking scab out back.
Teach him a lesson.
Get him!
Tracy, open the door.
Tracy, you open that door,
and I will kill you personally.
Leave him the fuck alone!
Fuck him up.
God, Dave, it looks like
it hurts so bad!
Go and do it again.
One more time.
Okay, do it again.
Do it again.
Leave him the fuck alone!
Leave him alone!
You tell Mom?
- Not yet.
- Good. Don't.
I'm fine.
Let her have her time.
She needs it.
You know who these guys are
and yet you do nothing.
We paid the boys a visit.
They were all nerves.
I could tell by their pupils
they were partying.
That's great.
That's amazing.
So what's next?
A lineup or something?
They were partying
in their homes.
No contraband was visible and
our search warrant was rejected.
So what are you saying?
We don't have enough
to arrest them yet.
They broke his hand
in broad daylight.
Line them up.
Our hands are tied here,
Chrissie. I'm sorry.
Please leave me with my brother.
Please just go.
Just go.
This is all my fault.
There's good news.
What's that?
I'm like a hero to Tracy now.
This is gonna go down
big for me.
I'm gonna milk it.
Trust me.
It might even get me a home run.
Hey, you all right?
But we did get everything
we need for the party.
We got beer, vodka,
tequila, cups.
Don't worry.
I'll be okay.
I have most of what I need
You don't know
who he is, do you?
I will be untidy
Hey, what is this?
And I when I die,
I'll lay down
You're not a very nice girl.
Yes, we like to do things
the hard way
What happened?
I was jumped.
Are we
The only ones alive?
Us and the world collide
See that fat
fucking beaner up there?
He just signed a guaranteed
hundred million-dollar contract.
Know what Dolphins' first-round
pick's getting this season?
- 7.6 million goddamn dollars.
- That's a lot of money.
Yeah, that's a lot of
fucking money, isn't it?
You'll never find out.
That's for goddamn sure.
What the fuck is this?
Is this that Swanson girl?
I need your help.
I need you to keep everyone away
from that fucking party.
Okay. Yeah.
Well, you can say
what you want
I love you
more than you know
It's going on and on and on
Well, you can say
what you want
This feeling's out of control
It's going on and on
and don't fight it
Don't try to hide it
Baby, get excited
Baby, it's going on and on
and don't fight it
Baby, get excited,
baby, get excited
Baby, going on and on and on
I know you feel the way
I feel tonight
Having trouble
getting you out of mind
I know you feel the way
I feel tonight
Having trouble
getting you out of mind
Baby, you can't deny,
I know you're feeling it, too
Having trouble...
It felt like something
was creeping up behind me
and then nothing was there.
I'll... I'll call you
right back, okay?
You're security?
I almost feel bad fucking
your shit up all over again.
Not me. I've been dreaming about
fucking your shit up.
What the fuck...
- My God!
- Turn the lights back on!
Shit. Dave?
You scared now?
You should be
ashamed of yourself.
I'm sorry.
No, you're not.
- I am.
- No, you're not!
Don't fuck with me.
Don't fuck with me.
I was thinking about
that dream you had.
Don't lie to me.
You're so beautiful.
I'm so sorry.
- I wanna be with you.
- No, you don't.
- I do.
- No, you don't.
Get off!
I'm so sorry.
Please. It's okay.
Get the fuck off me!
Get off me! Get off me!
Get off me!
Get off me!
Get off me!
Get off me, please!
- Leave me alone.
- Get off of her!
Get off of her!
You okay?
Stay here.
You son of a bitch!
Are you okay?
Who taught you
how to shoot like that?
you just told the cops
that you took all those guys
down in self-defense,
and that's it?
And that's it.
You must be traumatized.
I passed that phase yesterday.
So let's do a head count.
Not the fucking curse again.
have any seniors died yet?
Not to my knowledge.
So the curse
could still be real.
Ian, we bring this on ourselves.
There's no curse.
Some drunk senior
is probably about to drive
into a head-on with a semi
as we speak.
I should...
I should go check on Bobby.
You're a mess.
You need to chill for a sec.
Remember we used
to push each other
to see who could get highest?
Do you love grease boy?
Don't be a dick.
His name's Bobby.
Bobby doesn't deserve you.
I've always loved you.
- What happened?
- I was jumped.
We pray to thee,
our God, this day.
But from ashes to ashes
and dust to dust...
I feel for all
the people who grieve for me.
And from where I stand,
I can say for sure
that I was wrong.
The curse of
Downers Grove is real
because the curse is everywhere.
The curse is life.
Another graduation called off
and a funeral
to take its place...
Don't expect me
to tell you to believe in fate
or that there's some
supernatural force guiding us all.
I can only say this.
It doesn't end here.
When I walk into your eyes
I see the world
I'll take my time
To fall in love again
I've been trying
to sleep at night
But nothing works
I'll take my time
To fall in love again
When I walk
When I walk
When I walk into your eyes
I see the world
I'll take my time
To fall in love again
I've been trying
to sleep at night
But nothing works
I'll take my time
To fall in love again
When I walk
When I walk
When I walk
When I walk
Someone we know is gonna die.
It's the curse.