The Curse of La Llorona (2019) Movie Script

Mexik , 1673.
Mom, nee!
Mrs Gy szol tka
Los Angeles, 1973.
Come on, come on!
Kids! There is a bus here.
"Chris, if he's not shit home in time, dinner in the heat."
- Yes, we'll solve it.
Sorry, desem.
Mom, where's my jacket?
In the closet above.
Run, Run, Run! Tzrai.
You have a key ...
No, no, no, no, I missed everything, command. Take it fast, let's go.
Chris! Come on, go!
, the bus!
We? No! You can't go into this.
Come on!
The bus will go!
Fast, fast, fast, run!
Don't get caught up!
Los Angeles, Childrens Division
Case type: Screw
- Yeah, Donna. How about Alvarez?
- Several times I bought the mother, but she doesn't pick up.
- I'll go with a policeman, there's something wrong.
- Patricia Alvarez?
Mirt? What is it?
- They dropped out of school. The Alvarez boys are back again.
- What is Donna dealing with?
I organized the work a little bit. Donna wins the tempo better. - More than n?
- And there is more time.
- It solves your child's things more easily.
- No children.
- You have help at home.
- Because he didn't die in his head.
That's right. Every single day.
- Right? But keep it, believe it.
- Right?
Not sure.
"It would be good if you worked less, and would have more with your children."
"Certainly Patricia Alvarez is not going to have such a woman.
- What's up?
- So I knew he knew me.
So I deal with your family, I know everything about children. Patricia is in me because I'm a mother. I see what's best for kids.
He's right, okay. Then do it. However, if you go out to us, only with a policeman.
- No need to clear.
- You go with yourself.
This is not a sequel.
- Sorry.
- Foremost, will you help me, too?
Of course, no problem.
Everything is alright?
Is it right?
Where are your boys?
- Ma'am, open it!
- No, let me talk to her.
Patricia, what about your boys? They're in a safe place!
I don't know what's going on here, but it's much better to clear me. Just let me in, and assure you that everything is fine with your boys.
Don't worry, please wait here.
All right? I'm just going in.
I told him only n.
Nade ... what would she do now? He was a police officer. Allow me to go individually?
Yes, leave it.
- I'll be here.
- K sz n m.
I didn't know what this was all about?
Where are your boys?
- If you started to drink again or miss it ...
- Shit!
Who is...?
What is that?
Do you hear something?
Go away. Go away.
- Get out of there, fast!
- Patricia ...
- Tnj n away!
- Do you miss what you said?
- Tn s!
- Patricia, krem, n just ...
Come on!
- Krem, tell me what is ...
- Tnj n away!
Don't open that door!
Patricia, get down straight away!
- Don't open the door!
- Relax!
Don't open the door!
- Calm down!
- Don't open that door! Leave it up!
You g.
Tess k close, fast.
He will be silent.
No, he won't.
Fi, I did everything. There will be a place to sleep, you will get a hot meal, and you can hang out. All right?
God ...
Is that how you are?
did it.
Your mom did this?
It wasn't .
Your moms love you, can you? The problem is wrong, we'll solve it, right?
You will be safe today.
I'll give my word.
We're not safe anywhere.
Ha! Sorry to have such a thing.
- What was in the school?
- Nothing special.
Hi, hi.
- There's a meal for dinner. Chris warmed up?
- I do not know.
He is coming to measure.
- Ok s. Where is Chris?
- Dad plays in his workroom.
You can see a little.
... the suspect escaped.
I took it to the public. I think I'll see you! There is!
I'm here. I'll get it all! Strongly shaking hands!
Bum! Bum!
Strongly shaking hands! I open fire!
Chromatography of the residue! Bum! Bum! Bum! I intercepted.
You have the suspect. Sikerlt. We got him.
Maternal! Mr f rd k!
JVK! I'm here too.
It can go.
- Shutter.
- Shuffle ...
Catholic stronghold
Tomas, what do you want to do?
Come back!
- Hall ?
- Here's Cooper. Now we've got the Alvarez boys out of the way. We're on the 4th and Mitchell corner.
Okay, let's go.
Stay in the car, right? Ne And don't wake up your heat. One minute later.
Erre j jj n.
Rist. It's terrible. What is it?
We've found them now. They drowned in water.
- You haven't seen them, right?
- And they were. Of course, they were, but they were, Coop.
- I got them safe. Meggrtem ...
- No, don't hurt yourself.
My sons!
My sons!
- My sons!
- Calm down, ma'am.
The fault itself!
My children died for you!
It's your fault!
I wanted anit ll tani! But hiamba pr b ltam, did not leave!
Who wanted to save it?
The Wonder Woman.
My son.
Little children.
Son ... come on.
I will never leave you, I will be with you.
My son!
Sam, Sam, let me in! - Open the door, you hear?
- Chris, what?
Open it fast!
What about you?
You didn't see it?
Chris, what's up?
Hah , I'm here.
Everything is alright?
... Yes.
Yes, I'm right.
Nothing wrong.
Are you sure you have no trouble?
No, I think I just thought.
He's right.
one smn.
The holy ceremony.
The body is first freed from all evil, so that it can be trodden down, and the energy is strong.
And you believe in it?
It doesn't matter what I believe?
They believe in it.
And if they believe in this, then ...
They must also believe in it.
Did you know your boys?
I'm a childlike child.
- Can I do something, Father?
- Yes.
Did you hear Mrs Gy szol tk r l?
I didn't hear this name from my childhood.
The Lady.
It was an excellent match.
was the most beautiful in Mexico.
Then one day, a wealthy farmer came to the village. I liked it very much. They were happy to go together. Some children were born who were very loved. AZTN ...
after a while ... she grabbed the hair with a younger woman.
- What did you do?
"He took away the best he loved."
She had her children.
They pushed them down into the water in a hot air.
When he realized what he was doing, he became harsh.
And he threw himself into the river. That's where F ld n walks, and he is looking for children for his sons.
Tell the little ones to be good.
Accept the elderly.
Then, the Giving Lady, and they kidnap them.
Wow, is this a fairy tale?
Here it is.
This has often been a problem with st ts gt l.
- Always keep it up.
- , k sz n m, but n I am not ... my chief was religious.
By not believing ...
... can be faith.
Sam ...
What is it, desem?
Yeah, what about your arm?
I fell.
Yeah, it was big.
Pay attention... I know how difficult it can be for you now.
It also seems that the light seems to be very sensitive.
Do you remember what dad always said?
When he wasn't with you, he was ...
... he told me to tighten Mic as you can.
So what about Mici?
That's a little better, isn't it?
What, what do you see?
Here's Coop.
Come on, sir.
Was it a sunny day?
Can we watch TV?
Of course.
..., proszit?
- It's such a day, huh?
- Ht.
- Hello?
- v.
I don't know, I'm sorry, just ... I need a little ...
- And you need a little pizza. Thank you.
- Come on.
Wow, if you are not in a spiritual mood right now, let's have a laugh.
Oh, no, what is it?
Let's talk about Patricia Alvarez.
I'm sure there is something for his sons, but he's alibi.
The other members of the congregation also saw her children disappear.
- Right?
- You know a lot about it. See the material. H tha amtsiklottam something.
Help me, but n doesn't want to talk to me. H t, that's it. Because there is a shock.
- The first thing I learned from the high school is ...
- The people are talking.
What are you doing?
Chris ...
H , what about you?
Are you right?
Are you okay?
- Wake up.
- What's up?
Alvaj rt the first one. , baby.
It wasn't wrong.
Nothing wrong. Come on, come on, come on. Sleep further.
Is anyone here?
Just because the brains cop, and you can go home in any minute.
Chris, wake up! Open it! Open it!
What are you doing in the heat?
What are you doing in my heat ?!
Get out of here immediately!
What is it?
Nothing nothing. Nothing, nothing. Don't be angry, but now you're here.
Come on, come on. You're sleeping with mamma right now.
- Chris, take the shot.
- Ok s.
27th police officer
K rem, welcome me.
n ... I can't tell you what to say.
What do I watch?
Now you know nothing. Such a tragedy afterwards.
I give up...
I don't care what they do to me.
You should be here for me.
You have my sons gone, not n!
Rotten killer!
- He put the boys in a closet.
- I hid them.
Don't find it.
But he took my sons! They're with him.
Little one.
What about your arm?
What about you, Patricia?
That woman ...
Your children ...
You've heard the rain.
Do you see the shade?
Then catch. Not soon ... come.
Do you know what?
Because I told him.
- No, Patricia, it's ...
- You know, when my sons ... died.
I did not pray to God.
I used it more.
I tried to ..., and I prayed, am and I prayed to give me my sons, el and take your children!
What is that?
Chris! Chris!
H t, you did this.
Cooper, yeah.
Is it wrong?
- Did you get out of the house?
- Yes.
Samantha, how did you start your arm?
- And what about you, Chris? - I told you I fell.
This is true? Where was your mom?
- Anna, you know you can't be here.
- Come on, Donna.
- You got the heads.
- They say right.
- I never mind my children.
- You're right.
You can't be here.
As much as it is incredible, I don't read this situation.
I was safe for the apes to take care of you. If I can help you, please cool down. All right?
They release Patricia Alvarez freely. We have no previous evidence.
Maybe not the culprit.
That's what you rted?
- I do not know. All the same.
- Anna.
B rmi is going on here too, please.
Dad, I'm ahead of me, I'm in love.
- Then ...
- Hello.
s also loves me.
I would like to know what exactly was.
- I saw a woman.
- Here in the heat?
Samantha in the room.
I thought Sam was, but ...
He was in a soft cloth.
And he just wants us.
Let the children of be.
A , mother, this is head.
Do you believe me?
Of course.
Let me in! Not!
Sam! What is it? What about you? Are you right? What was that?
Sam ...
- Sam.
- Mom.
Mom ... mom, mom!
Run, fast!
I know it sounds incredible.
P r ve m g did not believe in such a thing. In legends, in fairy tales ...
The night is in sight.
Hey ... t rt nt something.
With a baby.
Now, I accept that you have what you have no explanation for.
Help us?
In such cases, the church will always help you.
- I have.
- But ...
We can only contact you from R m n.
- How long does it take?
- In the best case, leave a cooler for a while.
There is another possibility. Unofficial, but I know someone.
But if he chooses this path, I have to follow the rules of the church. That is, I cannot deal with the case.
As I said, this guy has some tools. The Church, Well ...
he has his own methods, and he has the same. That's exactly what happened.
- Were you a priest?
- Yes ...
. And now you can see it. S m nk nt confuses the religion with the knowledge so to speak.
That is, kurzsl .
Don't touch anything, okay?
- It's a day, she's gone.
- I saw it.
The Alvarez is funeral ... right?
- Yes, I was their guardian.
"Hey, if you just have to be so crazy, not shit." I'm busy.
Megrtem. I think we're in the wrong place. Hey, let's go.
Have you seen such a ring?
- Yes.
- But what is it?
- Tell a priest.
- No, no, no, worse. A priest told us here.
But ... this is the one thing.
This is Mrs Gyszol 's work.
Wow, you can see it.
- Well, did you?
- No.
There is never.
Only what he was doing.
- So what happens now?
- It's a very rough, evil force.
But not l man.
- Right?
- No.
He was.
As soon as the murderer szt n raised it.
Unscrupulous things have been missed.
Unholy, God refused.
- I don't mind. I'll take them to a motel.
- What?
She must have her children. Not the heat. No matter where they go. They're hitting themselves.
So what do we do now?
- I don't think this is the solution.
- No.
Not only that.
The funeral ...
- I saw you interact with Perez.
- You said you were a priest.
My journey started in the monastery.
But it was very rude.
Let's go to the cool, and let's see it.
- We are.
- Excuse me, but I just do everything with you?
What does it look like?
Come with me.
This ceremony is called "La limpia". Bring the evil. If it is present.
The more the blood, the greater the evil.
Get up hard, sir, sir, in the hottest heat in the heat, in the heat.
Create everything in one. Protect us who are here.
Protect us from the Godless, and from the evil one.
No, this is a bv str kk. I have just been on TV.
Did you see that on TV?
The Father, the Son, and the Holy One.
men. It's important that we do it in a coordinated way. The Wonder Woman is in the right element.
The cross is carved from original Mexican style. There are strong streams, so you can see it as if you were playing. Larbo del fuego.
That is firewood.
The firemen sobbed exceptionally when the woman threw her sons into the water.
Because they were only doctrines, they had extraordinary power over them.
The Father, Fi , and in the name of the Holy, men.
What is that?
- The girl of the Hope. Hallowed.
- What?
This is the antidote.
- Another ceremony?
- Not coming.
Breakfast for dinner.
David did it too. Breakfast for dinner.
I was always jumping, because the art was not able to do the same.
But now ... they have a delicious dinner. Those who went out. Amis and mg jjn.
- It doesn't sound like it.
- I'm sorry. God.
"Father Perez says that the church has turned to the church."
- The church, yes ...
God ... never.
Go for the kids.
You need to pay attention. If you are constantly g, you are safe.
Will you come here?
He's here too.
- What are you doing?
- He's looking.
But what?
The Father ...
... in Fi , and in the name of the Holy Spirit ...
Rafael ...
Help us!
My sons.
Maternal! Maternal! Maternal!
Sam, covered!
Don't go!
Sam, covered!
- He said we would be safe! Buy us!
- Of course.
- Mom! He's gonna let us down!
- Don't get caught in this!
You verttver us.
What are you talking about?
- Did we do everything unnecessarily?
- No, it's not.
- They're upset.
- You saved it?
- Do we play with us?
- I did what I had to do.
To get the evil out of this heat.
What are they?
Do you remember the firewall?
Those seeds. They have to stay constant.
And then you will not get. It is forbidden to attach. Because he's sure he'll do something to get here again.
- To the door!
- Chris!
- Quickly, hats, and eyes!
- You will all get in!
Don't let me in! Not!
Come on! You can't tell us!
Shut up, fast!
Sam! Come immediately from there!
Maternal! I got Mici. I didn't touch the seeds.
Sam, Sam, Sam!
He wants to strangle him in the water.
Jesus, the pool.
Sam! Not!
Dear or Lord of all, God of Jesus Christ and Father!
Come on, s and let us r Istenk God!
Watch us with the water sanctified by the hardships of this god, and give us strength with this holy water. men.
- Is it right?
- Yes!
He's out there!
How did you do that?
Now you have a lot of holy in the pool. That's how we managed to beat it for a while.
K sz n m, szvem.
Dese ...
Yeah or baby? Sam ... Sam! Sam!
What about you?
Sam? What is it?
What is his problem?
The spirit of the ghost was the power of the former.
If he gets himself, his head will go.
If you can get out of here, you can't control it. But we can't let them go.
What is that? What's in your head? Let's hear it! What to do?
- Do you want to go?
- Yes.
But only until sunrise.
He's right. That's it, get down.
Sam, my wife.
B tor sr c. Dad would be very gentle. As you watch Sam, s r m.
I'd like you to know that it's okay if you get sick.
Everybody wakes up. Isn also. Ap d was also headed.
- No.
- He's lying.
I love you mom.
n well, baby.
I love you so much.
There will be no trouble, Mom. Close.
Where is this l nc?
The v .
- The v ?
- He was on it.
Take care.
There is plenty of snow.
- Mom! Maternal!
- Chris!
- Chris!
- Mom! Maternal!
- Patricia, Patricia.
- He took my children away.
- Don't do this.
- bring them back to me.
Patricia, don't do it. No, no. K ,rem, put the gun down. All right? Get involved.
Come on, okay? Kemrem, put it down.
Come on, bring my kids back!
- No.
- Give back my sons!
Nee! Noo!
Shut up!
- See this!
- Chris, all the shit, what do we do? Quickly Chris! Come on, Jesus! Quickly, open it! You can be here at any moment! - I know! - Hey, hey! Siker lt! Go, go, go! Hurry! A k telet! Here! - Get the battery. - You got it. This! Don't mind! Hit the road! Born! Oh, no! H z dj m g m. Segtsg! He'll take my kids! Nee! Release them! Release them! Go. Chris! Sam! - Kids! - I command the Father in the Almighty to go out of here! Anya! Anna! T d m! Come here. Nothing wrong. Vge of. Do everything. I don't know how to reconnect. You were very mad. I also went a little. - Seriously? - No. Not serious. Na, ki r be el bb?