The Curse of Willow Song (2020) Movie Script

[audio logo]
[glasses clink]
[waves splashing]
[eerie music]
How are you?
Good work, very good work.
You'd think after
20 years, I wouldn't
be shocked that the
thing I conceived
would work so well in
reality, like Athena springing
from the head of Zeus.
It's truly an
extraordinary process.
So what happens next?
Well, after you're done here,
we send photos to the client.
Technically, it's
for their approval.
But it's highly
likely that they'll
say no at this late stage.
I'll have one of my senior
students design a postcard.
That always goes over well.
I have to make use
of all the free labor
since they still
haven't given me tenure.
The bastards!
After that, we'll
design the placards.
And after that, we'll
arrange for the shipping,
and hello, Edmonton.
I always tell my
students, public art
has to withstand the elements.
You never know
when they're going
to be skateboarding off of it.
I don't have to tell you.
People can be such
selfish assholes.
Have you eaten?
I had a coffee.
We talked about this.
You need to take breaks
or you'll fall apart.
Trust me, you won't notice
until you fuck the piece up.
I'm sorry, I was just
trying to get it right.
Oh, nugget.
You're so adorable.
You know, I'm glad
we got you in here.
It's not just a good community
thing that we're doing.
What, with your rehab
program and getting you back
on your feet, yada,
yada, but now,
you've discovered
you've got a real gift.
It's really so
satisfying to know
that my work is
helping to uncover
another generation of talent.
Right then, let's get
you some food, my treat.
You must be starved.
Yeah, let's get some pizza.
[eerie piano]
[murder dove, "devil eyes"]
Shoulders that could
speak to me all day,
and I reply with sighs.
Voice that ushered me into
twilight, weight on my chest
like a heavy burden,
fingers on my face,
darkness, we reveled
in in my mind.
Haunted by your devil's eyes.
In your days, you wouldn't
believe where we've been,
where we revisit all the time.
You found the stark world
mistaken for something.
Under then my mistake,
I was for the taking.
Drive your breath
forward into me
and every sound
glowed electric blue.
Voice that ushered heard me into
midnight, weight on my chest
like fierce denial.
[sirens wailing]
Hey, Dale.
Piece of shit!
What the fuck are
you looking at?
Pizza delivery.
Go away.
I'm not home.
Flea, it's me.
Open up.
Knew you were a fucking pizza.
What kind is it?
Tomato and pineapple.
Who puts pineapple on pizza?
Well, It's free and it's vegan.
It's sacrilege.
OK, entrez-vous.
[door shuts]
Ugh, it's cold.
You shit.
If you don't want it--
Ooh, guacamole pizza, fancy.
[chuckles] Did it come
with your la-di-da art job?
Meh, when the boss comes in.
It's really messing
my back, though.
Yeah, work is bullshit.
I don't know.
It's kind of fun.
I just get to make shit all day.
Yeah, you get to
set shit on fire.
Oh, sorry.
Formal life off limits.
I shouldn't have told you that.
Too late.
So did you get your check?
That's today?
It's fine.
It's been like a day.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
Dale's a fucking thief.
You're just being paranoid.
Am I?
Well, like why would
Dale steal our checks?
Why does Dale do anything,
greedy little fuck?
I can check after my shift.
But-- so are you
working tonight?
No, the regular
cleaning staff's back.
So I'm free, so to speak.
Do you have enough money?
Oh, they paid me for last week.
So the roof's over my head.
It's not like they
can kick us out.
Are you kidding?
In a fucking heartbeat,
if you're a one day late.
That's not fair.
[scoffs] Who said
anything about fair?
We're literally just
case files to them.
They can do whatever
the fuck they want.
Still, I think
we're pretty lucky.
That's the most fucked up
thing I've heard you say.
Eat up, could be your last meal.
No, I'm good.
[distant voices]
[suspenseful music]
[door clanging]
[distant voices]
You're currently scheduled
for your therapy sessions
every Thursday.
Is that still good for you?
Because if it isn't, then
it's your responsibility
to let us know.
I'm sure I don't
have to remind you.
I'm your probation officer,
not your babysitter.
[clock ticking]
Are you listening to me?
Do I need to remind you that
probation is a privilege?
It's certainly not a right
you can abuse willy-nilly.
And as such, privileges
can be taken away.
I'm sure we both
know what that means.
Yeah, I certainly do.
I think you think you know.
But when you're out
in the real world,
it's so much different
than when you're
in a fully supportive
like the penitentiary.
Out here, you have
a lot of choices.
It's very easy to
make the wrong ones--
very easy.
So let me reiterate.
You have your
counseling sessions.
I know you're currently
clean, but you will still
need to attend regularly.
If there's a problem,
you need to check in
with me immediately.
But I don't have a phone.
Really, Willow?
Is that really the excuse
you're going to use?
There are phones everywhere.
You can borrow one if
you're that desperate.
Honestly, it's not that hard.
Oh, and I know you already know
this, but it bears repeating.
There is to be no contact
with your brother.
I know.
I don't think you do.
You are to have no, that means
zero, contact with your brother
Misson Misson, Willow--
honestly, I have no idea
where you people come up
with these names.
It's funny.
This morning, I was
driving into work,
and I saw a real estate sign
for a woman named Morning.
Can you just-- who would
name the child Morning?
Someone who doesn't speak
English as the first language?
[laughs] Would explain it.
[laughs] I don't see any
mention of your parents.
I wonder if they have
such unusual names.
They didn't have English names.
They didn't immigrate with us.
It's just Misson and me.
And now, they're dead.
So it doesn't matter, does it?
I'm-- sorry to hear that.
Wasn't in your file.
I hadn't-- hadn't seen
them in years, so--
they got arrested on
corruption charges.
And then we didn't
see them again.
But you know, it
could just be made up.
Who knows?
Misson is my only family now.
But since I can't see him,
I guess that just leaves me.
I think it's abundantly
clear you haven't had
much guidance in your life--
not that it's an excuse
for your behavior, hm?
But you have paid your
price to the community.
And now, you have a
chance to start again.
Make the most of it, won't you?
I hope you know I'm more than
just your probation officer.
I'm here for you as a friend.
You can always
reach out any time.
You have this
office phone number.
If you need
anything, you call us
You'll get through this.
And if you don't, well,
we all know how that ends.
Why do you fuck at me?
You can't--
I like you!
No, you don't.
You don't like me.
You do not--
Why do you react like this?
Everything's fine
five minutes ago.
[distant voices]
So did you get your check?
Yeah, thank god.
Plus, my work bonus for Allison.
Oh, well, aren't we lucky?
You said it like it's bullshit.
It is.
I was being sarcastic.
Hey, I know.
Come on, you're going
to treat yourself.
Trust me, it'll be fun.
I don't know.
Isn't this exciting?
I don't even know
where you're taking me.
(SINGING) You can have it a-all.
You can have, you
can have it a-all.
You can have, you can
have it a-all, a-all.
You can have it a-all.
You can have it a-all.
You can have, you
can have it a-all.
You can have it, you
can have it a-all.
You can have it a-all.
Told you this would be fun.
Nuh-uh, this is not that fun.
It's fun for me.
[hissing] Because
you're just watching.
It's going to look great.
You're going to love it.
(SINGING) Me plus you,
Plus you and me, we jump--
Lot of work to be done.
Oh, come on.
Suck it up.
Oh my god.
[laughs] [hissing]
I'm not doing badly?
(SINGING) But you can have
it, you can have it all.
You can have it a-all.
You can have it, you
can have it a-all.
[suspenseful music]
[distant conversation]
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
[distant voice]
[rain pouring]
[horn blasts]
[rain pouring]
Oh, excuse me.
Do you know where
Allison Dribble
is because I'm working for her?
Oh, are you Willow Song?
Yeah, I-- the studio was locked.
And I've been here
since this morning.
We have a shipment
to get out next week.
Didn't Allison call you?
I don't have a phone, but I--
she could leave a message
at the desk, I guess.
Oh, she left for
Shanghai this morning.
She got offered a position
at an art college there.
But she didn't
tell me on Tuesday.
Oh, well, you know how it is.
I mean, she's been applying
for, like, forever.
And they finally called her
last week saying she got the job
but that it started right away.
It's just so great for her.
I mean, I'm so jealous.
I could just die.
She's on her way there right
now, like this very minute.
I guess that kind of sucks
for you, though, huh?
So am I supposed to
just work on my own,
like, while she's away because
I'm working on the Waterfall
It's a steel sculpture that
we have to get to Edmonton.
Oh, that.
No, don't worry about that.
Allison got her old sculpting
partner, Brad Lockhart.
You know his work?
He's so great.
I mean, he's not Allison.
But he's still pretty good.
Anyway, he's just
finishing it up.
We brought it to a studio
on Pandora last night.
It's not my deal
space but it fits.
Oh, man, I can't
believe no one told you.
So what am I supposed to do now?
I mean, whatever
you want, I guess.
Life in the arts, right?
Allison's let me borrow some of
her equipment while she's gone.
That's cool, right?
Can I get my stuff?
It's inside.
Well, maybe you
can send her email,
and she can write you
a reference letter.
She's pretty cool
with stuff like that.
You're accusing me?
You're accusing me?
Are you even
listening to yourself?
You're the only
one with the keys.
So you have access.
Why would I take it?
I don't know, because you're
a lazy, greedy, piece of shit,
and maybe you think you
could get away with it?
I just work the front, OK?
I have nothing to
do with your mail.
What did you call me?
You heard me.
All right.
You don't get to
call me that, OK?
Especially not you, you
spoiled little brat.
My check is gone.
You're the only
one with the keys.
It's pretty fucking
obvious, isn't it?
You know, you people just
waltz in and out of here,
and I open the door.
I call the ambulance
when you assholes OD.
I keep you fucking safe.
You have no idea what I
fucking do for you, do you?
I just want my check, OK?
Please just give me
my fucking check.
I don't have it.
Nothing, nothing, nothing,
nothing, nothing, nothing.
All right?
And if you don't
believe me, there's
nothing I can do about it.
But I don't have any money.
Well, boo-hoo.
You know what?
Maybe you should ask your
little buddy, Flea, about it.
She's always down here, waiting
for the mail like a fucking
Maybe she took it.
Flea would not steal my check.
[scoffs] Yeah, right.
You're not getting
away with this.
I'm reporting this.
I'm reporting you.
Go ahead, report me.
Hey, you still owe me rent.
You got that?
End of the week, no excuses.
So where will we go?
[sniffles] The women's
shelter probably.
[sighs] I'll check them out
first tomorrow and see what
they have.
I was there this afternoon.
There's not a lot.
What happened to
your cleaning job?
[chuckles] They had a problem
with my attitude or something.
Anyway, whatever.
Fuck it.
Yeah, fuck it.
Fucking Dale, I called
the office again.
And they said it's
already been cashed.
Can you believe that shit?
I-- I should have
listened to you.
Yeah, you should have.
[groans] This was supposed
to be like a second chance.
And-- disappointed,
it's all fucked.
What do you expect,
like it's fucked.
You know, it's always better
to be the one doing the fucking
than the one getting fucked.
You know what I mean?
Too late.
Trust me, it's the
only way to go.
[sirens wailing]
[eerie music]
[coughs] Where am
I supposed to go?
I don't have anywhere to go.
Let me back in!
I didn't do anything!
You let me back in, you bastard!
[coughs] You'll be
sorry, I'll find you.
[eerie music]
[sirens wailing]
Fuck off of me.
I don't think so.
Wo-- Wolf!
[laughs] Hello, princess.
[groans] What the
fuck do you want?
Have a little chat,
what do you think?
I already did my time ass, so
leave me the fuck alone.
Yeah, you getting
caught was sad.
But it didn't exactly
pay the bills, did it?
You torched my growup.
Technically, you still owe me.
(CHOKING) I don't
have any money, OK?
That's not OK.
You got to pay me.
(CHOKING) Wolf, I can't breathe.
Can't breathe.
[gasping] [coughs]
Hey-- ow!
Fucking bitch!
Get back here!
[Man] Fuck.
[heavy breathing]
[coughs] Oh, god.
Well, that was a
death-defying escape.
Are you following me, Dani?
Now, there's gratitude for you.
Did Misson send you?
Of course, not.
That would violate the
terms of your probation.
Since when did he care
about rules and regulations?
Don't be an idiot, Willow.
We were worried about you.
So what are you
now, a coal miner?
It's a welder's mask.
I'm a welder.
[chuckles] I remember
when I first met you,
you were 15 and such a
princess, designer this
and designer that.
Who would have thought
you'd end up a Union girl?
I'm saying it's cool, OK?
You did good.
Misson was heartbroken
when you got caught.
He didn't think you
could handle it.
But you did, took it all on.
You surprised the
hell out of me.
I don't know if I could
have done what you did.
He never visited, not once.
He didn't have a choice,
and you know that.
So where to?
What do you mean?
You've got all your
worldly possessions
strapped to your back.
So I assume you know
where you're going.
Oh, still our Willow after all.
I don't need you, OK.
I can handle it.
Let me out.
I'm done, OK?
I am done with you.
I'm done with Misson.
I am done with everything.
So whatever you have to
offer, I don't want it.
I'm out.
You're so fucking
presumptuous, you know that?
Hey, so tell me straight,
where are you going?
Don't worry about me,
I'll figure it out.
Maybe you can sleep
under the bridge.
Willow, darling, you don't
even have a sleeping bag.
You're going to freeze to death.
I'll be fine.
Get real.
You're not built for this shit.
Fuck you.
Listen, I have a plan, OK?
There's a place I know,
you can stay for free.
It has nothing to
do with Misson.
I promise it's safe.
There's no one
else living there.
So it's a drug den, and you
want me to man that grow up.
It's a real estate flip.
But we needed somewhere
to park the cash,
and it came onto the market.
It's safer than the casinos.
Misson has no idea
I bought it, OK?
It's mine.
See, I told him, the real
estate license would pay off.
But it's still a
part of the family.
It's safe.
You have space.
No one knows you're there.
There's a roof over your head.
You can apply for jobs,
your Union card, whatever.
Let me help you, OK?
I owe you.
We all owe you.
Come on, Willow.
We just want to see you safe.
We're not breaking
the rules here.
I missed you.
You know that?
Even if I wasn't with Misson,
you're all I've got, too.
We grew up together.
You're practically
my little sister.
I mean it.
We're family.
I'm always going to be
here for you, always.
[car revving]
Put on your seat belt.
[eerie music]
Watch your step.
I nearly broke my
ankle last week.
It's amazing, all
the developments
they have going on out here.
Did you see all the condos?
The good thing is,
it's quiet out here.
And by 6 o'clock,
it's a ghost town.
So think of it as your
own private neighborhood.
Like I said, you can never
go wrong with real estate.
Put your money in the land
and you're always cool.
You're turning into Misson.
But cuter.
[keys jangling]
Anyway, the tenants
just vacated.
And I don't want this
place getting trashed
before we can flip it.
The thing about
the city, you leave
an empty space and next thing
you know, you got squatters.
[door opens]
Welcome home.
Oh, come on.
Sure this is your warehouse?
Just a sec, there's
light somewhere.
Come on.
OK, through here.
Don't worry, there's
lights and electricity.
I just don't remember
where the panel box is.
Why do you wear heels
in a place like this?
Use the railing.
Someone was living here.
There was a shag carpet,
but I got rid of it.
Totally weird, right?
Nothing like
crapping in the open.
There's another bathroom inside.
That one's just for show.
I don't think that
was there before.
We had a party way back
when, it was insane.
So Misson does not know
about this building at all?
Willow, over here!
[rolling bottle]
So it's like you
knew I'd take it.
I had a feeling.
Look, I know it's
been shit for you.
But I want to take care of you.
Let me do that at least.
How much rent you want?
[scoffs] Don't be stupid.
Like I said, if
you weren't here,
I'd have to hire
security guards.
Pretend this is a job.
Because you don't exist?
Stop fussing.
Who's going to know?
Why not?
Because that's how
it always starts.
It's like one favor,
then it's another.
Look, thank you.
You saved my ass today.
But I don't want this, and
I don't want any of this.
Well, you don't have
a fucking choice.
Stop acting so sanctimonious.
How's you apply for a job?
By smoke signal?
You're just like a
fucking gateway drug.
You know that?
Oh, just try one.
It won't hurt.
Well, excuse me for giving
you a fighting chance.
I don't know if you get it.
But this whole system
is stacked against us.
They only want us
here on their terms.
They love us when we open
another greasy spoon or fucking
They're happy when we're
barely eking out an existence.
But what happens
when we succeed?
[scoffs] Just watch their faces
when they see a letter "N"
on that high-priced
sports car they'd
give their left nut to own.
[exasperated sigh]
We didn't come here
because we're stupid.
We came here
because we're smart.
We're resourceful.
The older generations, they
were happy just to survive.
Well, that's not
good enough for me.
And I doubt that's good
enough for you either.
So I suggest you wise up
and take the help, princess.
Choice is yours.
Oh, fuck off.
[scoffs] Seriously?
I know you, Willow.
You know how to use this.
So don't pretend you don't.
You know Wolf is out there.
I saw him.
And he's not playing games.
Oh, please, Wolf?
I can handle Wolf.
I know you will.
Well, I'm off.
Call me if you
need anything, OK?
My phone's programmed
into the cell.
Don't be a stranger.
[gun movement]
[paper rustling]
[metal clang]
[eerie music]
[eerie music continues]
[eerie music continues]
[clears throat]
[drilling sounds]
OK, yeah, I love you, too.
Let me talk to Mommy.
Yeah, I got to go.
One of my guys
quit this morning,
I've got a position to fill.
No, I shouldn't be home late.
All right.
I love you, too.
[clears throat]
So Willow Song, is it?
Have you ever worked
in construction before?
No, but I have my Level
B welding certification.
Well, it looks like
you are in violation.
Excuse me?
I said you're in violation
of industry codes.
My paperwork should
all be in order.
Yeah, I meant that
you are clearly
too attractive to be
working in construction.
[laughs] I'm kidding, don't
take that the wrong way.
I run a respectful crew here.
We have a no tolerance for
harassment policy in effect.
No one should ever have any
reason to feel uncomfortable
around me.
Um-- so I haven't worked
construction per se,
but I have my own steel toe
boots and my own helmet.
Do you have any problems
with your other jobs?
What sort of problems?
Well, pretty girls
like yourself could
be a problem for the crews.
I try to keep an
eye out for trouble,
but some of these guys--
you know how it is.
I guess?
[nervous laugh]
Yeah, I just don't
know how comfortable
I feel sending you out there.
Like normally, I can
vouch for my crew.
But attractive girls
like yourself--
you ever model?
[scoffs] No, of course,
not, too smart for that.
Yeah, don't want
to rest everything
on your exotic looks.
But yeah-- you're Chinese--
wait, are you Korean?
I'm Chinese.
I thought so.
Beautiful girls are Chinese.
All right.
Well, I'll tell you what, I
may have to pull some strings.
But I can get you a
position here in the office.
Yeah, you can be my assistant.
I'll train you myself.
You answer the phones,
keep us on schedule.
I'll tell you what, you don't
want to be working out there.
It's cold.
It's wet.
Um-- I appreciate that.
But if you don't mind,
I would like the job
at the construction site that
you posted at the employment
So you don't want a job here?
No, no, I definitely do.
I would like the
apprenticeship job
that you posted at
the employment office.
Yeah, that position
has been filled.
Thanks for coming in.
[nervous laugh] Please,
I really want this job.
No, I don't think you do.
Because if you did, you
wouldn't be taking advantage
of my good intentions.
I wasn't.
And you should probably
drop the attitude as well.
I mean, that is if you ever
want to get a job in this city.
But I already-- I
left a message and a--
I sent her an email already.
I just need a reference
letter from her.
Yes, I understand
the time difference.
But I really need it
from her right away.
[sighs] OK, OK, I get it, yup.
Yes, yes.
Can you just give her
that message then please?
It's really important.
OK, yup, thanks.
So let's go over this again.
You've missed two counseling
sessions without notice
and you've lost your job.
And now, you tell me you're
living in an industrial complex
out in Surrey.
How did everything
go so wrong, Willow?
I'd hate to think
it has something
to do with your brother.
But I really hate to have to
write something in your file.
Please, I already told you.
I have not seen Misson.
This has nothing to do with him.
But that place is like--
it's my friend's property.
She's a realtor.
She's like a friend
from high school.
And she just needs
me to look after it
so she doesn't get squatters.
It's like a caretaker job.
And it's temporary, just
until I get another job.
So eyesore.
Sounds like you have
all the answers.
If you don't mind my saying,
you don't look well, Willow.
I haven't been sleeping.
Are you clean?
Answer the question.
Are you clean?
Jeez, you don't know how hard
it was to get off that shit.
Show me your arms.
Well, those couldn't
have been cheap.
I got it way, way before
everything went to shit.
It was Flea's idea.
And it's like--
[sighs] That was for me
to get a fresh start.
Please, Melissa,
I'm telling you.
I'm applying for jobs.
I have a cell phone now.
Trusting you, Willow.
Don't make me regret it.
[eerie music]
[eerie music]
[eerie music continues]
[eerie music continues]
[eerie music continues]
[eerie music continues]
[eerie music intensifies]
Jesus, this is
fucking disgusting.
You said you'd take care of her.
I did.
She was fine.
Can you hear me?
She wasn't like this last week.
I would have told you.
Did you give her something?
Fuck you.
Willow, look at me.
Come on.
She needs help.
Maybe we can take her to ER.
You won't have to come in.
Who you calling?
No, Misson.
Come on, he's not
even a real doctor.
Hey, Doc.
I need some help.
Of course, it's a
fucking emergency.
Why the fuck else
would I be calling?
Willow, honey?
We're going to get
you some help, OK?
[eerie music]
Uh, has she ever
done this before?
Back when she was little,
but it was never serious.
You never told me.
Willow was five.
We were living in Guangdong.
She started having
nightmares real bad.
She said she could see
things in the shadows.
She thought the
shadows were real.
My parents said she had
too much imagination.
I guess all kids are like that.
No big deal, right?
Has she ever been in, like,
catatonic state before?
After our parents disappeared--
technically, they were arrested.
So this is a stress response.
Well, she's not fucking crazy.
I never said she was.
How long has she been like this?
A day, maybe two.
She was perfectly fine
when I saw her last week.
Has she been sleeping, eating?
There's takeout containers.
They're half rotten.
Who knows what she ate last.
See, I fucking told
you to take care of it.
I did.
Fuck, this isn't my fault!
You know how she is.
Come on, you want
my help or not?
My sister's isn't crazy, OK?
She's under pressure.
She just got over.
She's clean.
She's a good kid.
You said "clean," meaning?
I think she was self-medicating
to help her sleep, to help
to deal with shiver head.
She was on heroin.
But like I said,
she's clean now.
Well, I guess we could
try some antidepressants.
But frankly, I don't
want to chance it.
I'm not a psychiatrist.
You're not even a doctor.
What I was about to say is that
if we gave her the wrong one,
it could make her worse.
Suicidal, homicidal--
you know, worse.
There could be another option.
There's acid.
What the fuck are
you talking about?
It's legit.
Yeah, people do it all the time.
Now what?
Just a micro dose, just enough
to kick her out of this state.
Oh, sounds good.
Just fucking [inaudible]
What are the side effects?
I mean, given her history.
Come on, it's a
hallucinogen, right?
No big deal.
It's not addictive.
Look, I don't know
what else to say, man.
It's probably the
best solution we have.
What about probation?
Is it going to show up if
she has to take a drug test?
It shouldn't.
She's had maybe a 16th
of a hit, every few days.
It's practically nothing.
I don't know.
Come on, we'll do it.
But this is on you.
If anything happens to her--
This is a bad idea.
You got something better?
[eerie music]
[sirens wailing]
Flea, wait up!
Hey, wait up.
I was calling you.
Didn't you hear me?
Yeah, I heard you.
So how are you?
How am I?
How the fuck am I?
I'm late.
I got a meeting.
Flea, do you want
to get some coffee?
I'm worried about you.
We can go to the Acme.
My treat, we can get breakfast.
Come on, Flea.
Get the fuck off me.
Not all of us have
a safe cushion
to land on, not like
you, not like you at all.
When shit goes wrong
for you, people come in
and say, oh, poor Willow.
What do you think happens
to the rest of us?
I'll tell you.
No one comes in
and saves us, OK?
You're on your own now.
So maybe you should
just fuck right off.
I know you hate me.
But I'm still your friend.
And I just want to make
sure you're safe, OK?
So yeah, whatever.
If you want.
Just-- I have phone now.
Oh, good for you.
You have a phone.
[Willow] Seriously call me.
- It's so nice.
[Willow] Just call me.
[suspenseful music]
[door creaking]
[water dripping]
[door closing]
[rock music]
[eerie music]
[eerie music intensifies]
[distorted scream]
[water dripping]
[phone vibrates]
[music playing]
Oh, yeah, one second.
[clears throat]
It's me.
Oh, whoa.
Oh, watch out, watch out.
OK, I'm going to shut it.
Quite the front
door you got there.
Oh, yay, you came.
[chuckles] Yeah.
Holy shit, this
whole place is yours?
No, no, not per se.
It's just a loaner
until I get a real job.
It's pretty sweet.
How'd you get it?
A friend, she's a realtor.
She just needed like a minor
security job for me, so yeah,
that's what I do until
she gets a renter.
What's your PO think?
Oh, she's not thrilled at all.
[scoffs] Not thrilled at all.
You'd get lost in here.
Oh, that's not that big.
For a princess.
What the fuck?
How did you--
Just kidding, just kidding.
But seriously, though,
we're cool, right?
Yeah, yeah, we're cool.
Well, I'll show you around.
[rock music]
Holy fucking shit.
Complete with en suite toilet--
Oh my god.
--with no running water.
Oh, no.
No, that's sweet.
But you know I can't.
It's a housewarming
gift or more of a "sorry
if I was an asshole" present.
Was an asshole?
Oh, come on.
I actually don't even know
what happened that day.
Well, I kind of do.
But anyway--
Are you good now, though?
Yeah, way better.
We should celebrate.
No, we can't.
You know that.
Come on, pussy.
I know you want to.
Stop looking through-- what
do you-- what do you want?
Corkscrew, duh.
Well, fucking stop
sorting through my shit.
Come on, let's do this.
Do you have cups?
Yeah, but-- [sighs]
this is not a good idea.
Oh my god, Flea.
Come on.
No, I--
Get me one, too.
Come on.
Oh, it's a screw top.
Don't be stupid.
Dude, no.
It's a celebration, come on.
OK, just a little.
Whatever, you'll be fine.
[laughs] Cheers.
Oh my god.
Hey, to old friends and--
New beginnings.
[giggles] Bottoms up.
[rock music]
[eerie music]
After you left,
Dale freaked out.
He filed the complaint against
me He said I was stealing,
which I wasn't.
You got me kicked out,
which really sucked.
It's not like I had
anywhere else to go.
[chuckles] Funny.
I thought you'd be back.
I actually bought your
whole tough luck story.
But nope, no, here you are--
massive place, no
worries in the world.
Must be nice to have
a big brother who'd
take such good care of you.
You know...
Some people lose their
jobs, lose their homes,
they're fucked.
But not you.
You're lucky.
Everyone loves a
little princess.
[laughs] Lucky for me,
not everyone loves you.
Well, lucky, lucky me.
You got it?
I got the money.
Can I get a ride back?
You got cash, get a cab.
What the fuck, man?
[running footsteps]
[water dripping]
Wakey, wakey.
Here we are again, all
alone, just you and me.
Hey, I know how your
little Kung Fu mind works.
So what now?
You tell me.
I have no money.
You torched my fucking business.
You owe me.
[chuckles] It's not
like anyone died.
It's the only reason
you're still alive.
So good luck because
I'm drop dead broke.
Don't shit me.
This has got Misson's
fingers all over it.
[screams] Ow.
What's the matter with you?
I may not know much,
but I know him.
I fucking know him.
He's got his little
sister's back.
How do you think I found you?
Well, just deal with him then.
I plan on it with your help.
I'm going to cut you
into pieces and send you
in little baggies for
him until he pays me.
[groans] Ah!
So where is he hiding his cash
other than the obvious casinos,
real estate
I have no clue.
[grunts] That's too bad.
No, no, no.
Give me your arm.
No, no, no.
Your arm.
Wait, stop.
Fucking knee, shut up.
Here we are, a little present
for Misson's crackhead sister.
[whimpers] Don't.
[groans] Fuck.
Oh, it's nice.
It's nice.
[eerie music]
What the fuck?
Fucking-- fuck are you?
[suspenseful music]
Willow, come here!
[running footsteps]
[door creaking]
Where the fuck are you?
Willow, come here!
[running footsteps]
[door creaking]
What the fuck?
[heavy breathing]
[chuckles] The fuck.
I'm coming for you.
How do I get this
fucking door open?
Come on.
Just fucking open.
[grunts] What!
Willow, I know you're here.
Willow, I can feel you.
[eerie music intensifies]
Willow, hey, Willow.
What the fuck?
Hey, Willow, I'm not
going to hurt you.
I'm going to get you,
even if I have to burn this
fucking place down to the ground
(WHISPERS) Willow.
[grunts] Fuck!
I'm not playing around!
[eerie music]
Ah, ah.
[suspenseful music]
[grunts] The fuck!
[gunshots ringing]
[music playing]
[door opening]
[Singing] Nothing changes
In my world,
just the same old story,
just the silly girl.
There must be something
broken in my brain
because I make the same
mistakes again and again.
[wordless singing]
I asked if you'll love me.
You said you never could.
But you want to touch me,
and I think you should.
I asked if you'll love me.
You said you never could.
But you want to touch me,
and I think you should.
So call me crazy.
Maybe I am.
I tried to get you to love
me again and again and again.
It's a losing battle.
I'll never win because the
war is over before it begins.
I asked if you'll love me.
You said you never could.