The Cursed Sanctuary X (2021) Movie Script

("American Pie" American-style restaurant)
(In Korean) 2002 FIFA World Cup
in Korea and Japan
(In Korean) The historic match between the U.S.
and South Korea has begun!
(In Korean) The stadium is already
buzzing with excitement.
(Things to finish by the end of August)
(Decide on the book title, rewrite the prologue,
fix the printing machine)
See yeuong, come down, it's very comfortable!
No, I still have things to organize.
It's okay, just do it casually.
The swimming pool is very comfortable.
Mr. Taruo, wouldn't it be more
comfortable by the seaside?
The sea is still warm now.
Huh? That would make me all sticky.
There might be jellyfish or something.
Really? I think it's a pity.
Hey Hey hey!
Why did you suddenly show up?
You scared me.
What's going on?
This is Miss Han Soo-young,
a student from Incheon University.
- Hello.
- your girlfriend?
No, I came to work during the summer break
and help with household chores.
This is my sister, Kaname.
Brother, did you buy a puppy again?
Do you plan to live here forever?
- Hey!
- Why are there so many boxes here?
- Oh, annoying.
- Hey hey hey!
Don't mess up the order in this organized chaos.
- Where's your husband?
- I terminated the lease for the apartment myself.
The luggage will be delivered soon.
What's going on?
Does that mean you're getting a divorce?
Isn't it obvious?
Why didn't you discuss this before coming?
You've never been married,
so you're not qualified to speak, right?
I am qualified.
Someone who has never played football
can become a famous coach.
How about you?
Still writing novels?
Huh? Novels?
Currently recharging.
Let me tell you, this is my studio.
Go use the room over there.
How long do you plan to stay?
Shigeru is embezzling my money.
Clearly, rent and utilities were
already paid from my inheritance...
found out after checking the bank statement.
How much?
Five million.
The worst part is spending it on... prostitution.
- What kind of services is he using?
- How would I know!
What's that guy really like?
Engaging in prostitution, having affairs,
drinking, shopping online
What a fart!
I don't understand the point of all this.
I was thinking he's been coming home late recently,
turns out he's having an affair.
What does he want?
What do you think?
Never mind, anyway, these rooms
are at your disposal,
you can stay here
and this villa was originally left by Dad.
Cursed Sanctuary X.
(September 16, Wednesday)
See you in two hours.
Don't buy any more games;
it'll mess up the room.
Wait a minute.
Books, games and movies
these are my literary sustenance
for writing novels.
You haven't written a book from
your time in Japan till now,
and I've been bothered by something lately.
Let me tell you,
I was the first one to live in that house.
Although it's our inheritance
and not divided between us,
I've been here letting
the house breathe for a year.
You need to understand that!
Okay, okay, see you later.
Shigeru, why are you running?
Hey, Shigeru!
Now that you're here,
we have nothing to talk about.
It's been a month;
think about how late you are.
I've made up my mind.
Please don't come to my house;
just go back to Japan. Goodbye.
At least give a response;
you clearly heard me.
You've got the wrong person.
Hmm... I was talking to
the person who just came in.
There's no one else here besides me.
If you doubt it,
you can check for yourself.
Isn't there a jacket over there?
This one? It's mine.
You see.
Can you give him a message?
I have nothing more to say to him.
Tell him not to step into this town,
to stay away from me.
That's it.
You seem to be in a Western film,
but there really is no one else here.
Wait, Kaname.
I'm sorry.
Kaname, don't leave!
Isn't this illegal entry?
- Let me go!
- When did you come in?
Wait, Kaname, Kaname.
Mr Shima.
Mr Eguchi, I'm sorry, sorry,
the consultation time was longer than expected.
It's okay; you mentioned it on the phone.
How is Kyoko doing?
Ah, this is Mrs. Kim, whom I invited to help.
This is the store owner, Brother Eguchi.
Nice to meet you. I'm Kim Bok-hee.
Your Japanese is good.
I can only speak a little.
Please come in;
let's go inside.
Thank you.
So, what's Kyoko's condition exactly?
The doctor said there are
no abnormalities in her body,
but she herself says her memory is very fuzzy.
So I'm sorry for you, but...
given my wife's current condition,
could you please delay
the opening time a bit more?
Well, considering Sister-in-law's current state,
it's indeed impossible to open the store.
Alright, I understand.
After all, this is South Korea's first store,
worth commemorating.
Let's not rush.
Take your time to re-plan.
Eguchi brother,
I feel like this store might be cursed.
Mr. Teruo, you really love
Korean mixed vegetables.
See Yeuong , that's enough. Let's eat together.
But I should probably go back soon.
Hey, Kaname, at least come
and have some barbecue.
See yeuong helped because you can't cook,
Mr. Teruo
Kaname, listen,
the world is even more interesting than you imagine.
More fun
Forget about Shigeru.
The inheritance our parents left us...
there's a lot!
If you want to open a store or something,
it's all possible.
How about opening a cake shop?
Didn't you mention having
a baking certificate?
I'll use the knowledge I gained from playing
games to help you wholeheartedly.
You're unbelievable...
Hmm... Miss Kaname,
I might not be able to help you much,
but at least I can listen to you.
We can talk about some women's topics, right?
Can I come in?
Sorry, I need to go in.
Miss Kaname.
Hmm... hello.
Have we met before?
I am Azuma Shigeru.
Oh, long time no see.
What's going on with you?
It's not... I...
Sorry, can we start over?
You, stop messing around!
Wait...wait a moment.
My sister doesn't want to see you;
it's over between you two.
- Get out of here.
- No...
she insists on divorcing you.
you came all the way to Korea.
Just tell me what to do next.
I'm really sorry, I did something stupid.
I'm willing to explain how to handle it after,
of course.
But please let me see Kaname first.
After I saw her on the street today,
I followed her here,
always wanting to find
an opportunity to talk to her.
Please, I beg you.
What are you doing?
Why so loud?
Kaname, Kaname!
Hey, wait a minute.
Kaname, wait.
- Let's talk
- Hey!
Kaname, don't leave.
Wait, danger, be careful.
Amnesia? What kind of trick is this?
It's true,
I'm in Korea without a phone or passport.
Don't you find it strange?
How did you get on the plane?
I was probably kidnapped
and my bag was thrown away.
Someone wants to plunder my life.
Who do you think you are, Jason Bourne?
I'm just a person working
in an advertising company,
with a decent income.
Then spend your own money on prostitution.
However, Kaname,
your brother, a fan of science fiction
and detective novels,
wants to verify a few things.
See yeuong, you know that
storage room over there?
Could you please throw him in there?
Don't let him stay here.
It's late, and he has no money.
See yeuong, after you throw him into
the room, you can leave.
Yes, this way, please.
Don't be so polite; treat him like a slave.
(In Korean) Go there.
(In Korean) Hurry up, roll.
Get out!
- I don't want to.
- Move quickly.
- Go on.
- Why?
Why do I have to sleep in the storage room?
(Korean) Move quickly, roll over there.
- Why?
- (Korean) Over there.
(Korean) Not this, that way.
Kaname, call his phone, dial the call.
He's just deceiving people anyway.
Using this trick for reconciliation is quite novel.
It could be a conspiracy,
or maybe his company is targeting him.
You find it amusing, right?
It's a good way to pass the time.
Impossible! Hurry up.
He answered.
I'm Teruo, may I ask who you are?
Azuma Shigeru?
You're Shigeru? No way.
Then tell me Kaname's date of birth.
Too busy with work to remember?
Spare me that.
What about your own date of birth?
August 9, 1992.
What's your home address?
Hello? Hello?
Hang up.
- Who was it?
- A man's voice.
Is Aji's company in Shiodome?
(September 17, Thursday)
You call Shigeru again.
No need, he's right here.
Hurry and call.
This is really ridiculous.
I promoted you to this department
against my better judgment.
You understand my position, right?
You understand and still produce
such a ridiculous presentation.
Didn't you say it was fine yesterday?
You couldn't speak on stage!
Sorry, I haven't been feeling
well since yesterday.
Spare me, please.
You're completely out of touch,
don't even know what you're saying.
Still so rigid.
What do you want?
Why are you constantly looking at your phone?
My wife has been calling me since yesterday.
Answer it, it might be something important.
Miss Hoshino,
could you please answer it for me?
No way, why me?
It's a man, always doubting my existence.
Help me clarify with him.
Huh? Why me?
Hello, Huh?
- It's a woman.
- Huh?
Sorry, who are you?
me? I am Shigeru's supervisor,
my name is Hoshino.
Where are you from?
I am Azumas wifes brother, Yamada Teruo.
Where is Shigeru?
He can't answer the phone right now...
Is he really not far from you?
Sort of.
He said he's your wife's brother.
Help me explain to him.
- (Hello?)
- Yes.
Is he really close to you?
Can you see him with the naked eye?
Yes, I can.
I see it clearly.
Well, there's something
I'd like to trouble you with.
Can you use your phone to take
a picture of him and send it to me?
Just because, I sincerely want to ask you.
To prove that you took it just now,
can you ask him to pose in a specific way?
The snake-style kung fu pose would be great.
Snake-style kung fu?
(Like the one Jackie Chan does)
Oh, I know!
You really understand,
you must be older than me.
I'm not sure about that.
Sorry, but I'll trouble you with that.
Okay, no problem, wait a moment.
Pose in a snake-style kung fu pose.
- Snake-style kung fu?
- Snake-style kung fu?
You don't know snake-style kung fu?
I don't know.
- Just like this.
- Why do you need this?
Hurry, pose, lunchtime is about to end.
Squat a bit lower.
Lift one foot.
Yes, feel like thrusting forward with your hands.
Really? Is this for real?
Does he usually pose like this?
No, how could someone do that normally!
So, this isn't a photo from before.
ah! This is Shigeru's company.
Good morning.
Wow, the weather is so nice today.
It shouldnt be a special effect, right?
Special effects can't be done so quickly.
Could it be someone with the same name?
I slept really soundly.
People indeed need sleep.
Mr. Shima.
how is it?
The real estate agent told
me some details about this place.
Let me highlight the key points.
This shop was built thirty years ago.
When Japan and South Korea
jointly hosted the World Cup.
a U.S. soldier stationed in Korea and his wife
opened an American-style restaurant here.
This is a photo from that time.
Business was booming at the grand opening,
but two years later...
Both of them were found dead in the shop.
Initially, it was said that the wife suffered
from early-onset Alzheimer's,
so he couldn't manage the business.
The husband closed the shop
and took care of his wife.
But one day, when the police visited,
they found the bodies in the shop...
Was it suicide?
No, it was due to malnutrition,
death by weakness.
But it's said that when the bodies were found,
the table was full of dishes,
and the fridge was stocked with food.
What really happened?
That's all I know.
After about a year, no one rented the place.
Then the next tenant opened an Italian restaurant,
followed by a Thai, Chinese,
and even a French restaurant.
All of the tenants' businesses eventually failed.
I heard that some people even went missing.
Currently, more than ten shops
have opened and closed quickly.
Does that mean it's not advisable
to open a shop here?
Well, I'm not too sure about that.
(Korean) We haven't started operating yet.
I'm sorry. Hmm...
Um... I have something I'd like to ask.
Ah, you're the person from that day.
Yes, I apologize for last time.
I understand.
It's about doppelgangers, right?
The Shigeru who stayed
at our house mentioned
that when he became conscious,
he was already here at this shop.
Although I feel a bit awkward
saying this in front of my sister,
he's not very bright and not very reliable
in his speech.
He's just like that.
Well... let's sit and talk.
Come on, please come inside.
We've also experienced...
what you called doppelgangers.
Brother Dao, tell us about your experience.
But the story is a bit long.
That's okay.
I actually want to understand it in more detail. wife, Kyoko, and I
originally had an izakaya in Shin-Okubo, Tokyo.
But it closed down a year ago,
and our lives became unstable.
Thankfully, Mr. Eguchi took us in
and invited us to open a Japanese-style izakaya
in Korea with him.
So my wife and I came here to prepare,
planning to open next month.
Incheon is really great.
The climate is pleasant
and the people are friendly.
and the price of vegetables
is cheaper than in Seoul.
The concern is whether the people
here will accept the dishes we make.
Don't worry, we've also come this far.
How about some snacks?
What is it?
Sounds great.
Then I'll try it.
Did it startle you?
I deliberately made you think it was pudding,
but actually...
I wanted to use it as a complement to
the main dish. What do you think?
But...this is pudding.
What are you talking about?
It's chawanmushi.
No, try it yourself; it's pudding.
How is that possible?
Hey, I clearly asked you to order cushions.
Why did fitness equipment arrive?
Don't blame me; it's the seller's mistake.
How can you try to shift
the blame to someone else again?
I would never make this kind of mistake.
It's strange that they would mess up
something like this.
Then you should have confirmed it yourself.
The progress is already behind.
Please stop adding to my burden.
I told you it's not my fault.
Kyoko...Miss Kyoko.
ah! What happened?
Huh? Where did my glasses go?
Ms. Kim, do you know where my glasses are?
(Korean) Over there.
(Korean) Wait a moment.
Are you suggesting that things
can increase and change?
We couldn't adapt to the new environment,
and we lost patience with each other.
She said something, I replied, and it escalated...
(The day Kyoko ran away)
(I worked alone in the shop until very late)
(But I realized I forgot something and went back)
(I thought I should turn off all the lights)
(But one light in a certain place was still on)
(I thought Kyoko had come back)
I'm really sorry today.
It's all because I wasn't
careful enough in my work,
causing the progress to fall behind.
I apologize.
It's okay.
There's something wrong with me too.
I apologize.
The situation is similar to Shigeru's,
but it occurred in a different place.
A doppelganger appeared.
The next day, the three of us were
handling shop matters,
and someone called us.
It was a woman claiming to be Kyoko Shima.
They say if doppelgangers meet,
they die, right?
Ah, yes! So what happened next?
I thought it was just a prank and hung up,
but she kept calling and said the following:
"We should be preparing to open a shop, right?"
"I finally know where you live."
"I'll come find you tomorrow."
What's happening outside?
Hey, Kaname, what's wrong?
Kaname, what's wrong?
- what happened?
- What's wrong with you?
I'm the Kyoko Shima who called earlier.
Are you Mr. Shima?
Thank goodness.
My memory seems to have problems.
I can't remember my own affairs...
and many other things.
We should have had a good relationship, right?
But now I don't know what to say.
Ms. Kyoko.
- Kyoko.
- Miss Kyoko!
Ms Kyoko.
Huh? Husband, what's wrong?
Why are you making that expression?
Ms. Kim is also the same.
Huh? Wait a moment.
Something just flashed, right?
I just felt like...
- Kyoko.
- Miss Kyoko!
- Kyoko, are you okay?
- Call the ambulance.
(Korean) Looks like we'll have to call Master
Woo Tang to handle this.
(September 18, Friday)
(Korean) There's blood flowing from
the soles of his feet!
Master, are you okay?
No, we can't drive it away.
Unable to proceed further.
Ms. Kim, what is he saying?
He says he can't handle it.
Can't handle it?
How is that possible?
The entities here are connected to
the land and can't be driven away.
This is their land.
People should leave.
So, are spiritual beings staying here?
Are they evil spirits or gods?
If you believe it's a god, then it's a god.
But if you think it's an evil spirit,
then it's an evil spirit.
It's up to you.
what does it mean?
If you think it's a god, it's a god.
If you think it's an evil spirit, it's an evil spirit.
There's indeed something unclean here.
It's a bit like "The Exorcist"
or "Pet Sematary."
Thank you all.
Ginger soda, ice-cold.
Thank you.
Horror movies go well with carbonated drinks.
It's really cold.
Cool down!
Is it very cold?
- Yes.
- so cool.
Tastes great.
Um? What's wrong?
It's so cold. How is that possible?
I was just joking when I said it's cold.
But my bottle is also very cold.
What about this bottle?
Huh? This one isn't cold.
Because the fridge isn't working.
I unplugged the main switch yesterday.
Wait a moment.
The power is indeed off.
Then why...?
Because Ms. Kim said it was cold.
You've got a point.
Mr. Shima.
Miss Kyoko.
Is Kyoko okay?
- Are you okay?
- She's fine.
It's Shigeru.
What should I do? Should I answer?
Huh? Hold on...
He said he's coming here tomorrow.
It hurts, it hurts so much. Why?
Brother in law, it's going to hurt.
(September 19, Saturday)
Don't come out all day today, got it?
Hey, wait.
What should we do?
What do we do now?
You saw Kyoko's condition.
We don't know what might happen.
Stay vigilant.
I'm Shigeru's colleague, my name is Hoshino.
The snake fist?
That's right, the snake fist?
Um...Ah, are you Miss Kaname?
I am his brother, Teruo Yamada.
So, what's happening now?
I mentioned before...
Ask Shigeru to wait at the caf over there.
Are you going to meet him?
- If you are...
- I'd like to ask something first.
What is your relationship with Shigeru?
It's definitely not what you're thinking.
I came along because he willingly helped
with my travel expenses.
After arranging for you to meet,
I have to rush back to Seoul.
Eat some ginseng chicken soup,
and there's a lot to do.
Besides, though it's a bit awkward
to say this in front of his wife,
I wouldn't date someone like Shigeru.
Because he is too frivolous.
There's something I need to clarify with you.
Um... I really don't understand
what you're talking about.
I think so too.
Why did you come outside?
- Didn't I tell you to stay inside?
- It hurts.
No, the weather is so nice;
it's a waste to stay inside.
Really? How could this happen?
What's going on?
Who is this lady?
- What happened?
- Why is this happening?
- Did I not tell you to stay inside?
- Shigeru!
- Let me in.
- Is that Shigeru?
Do you know what a doppelganger is?
- A doppelganger... is it another self?
- Yes.
If the doppelganger meets the original,
things get complicated.
Kaname and I will go to the caf to find Shigeru.
Can you help watch over him here?
But he seems not to recognize me.
Is he suffering from amnesia?
His job and everything before meeting Kaname,
He seemed to have forgotten everything
that had nothing to do with Kaname.
The one who came with me
is completely the opposite.
So this Shigeru doesn't recognize me?
Anyway, we'll go to the caf first,
and you stay here.
It's "Alice Caf," right?
That's right.
let's go.
What? Do you want me to open the door?
Hold on.
You scared me.
Weren't you supposed to wait at the caf?
But no one showed up.
Huh? Have we met before?
No way! What's going on?
Huh? Um
I...I am your wife...
No, I used to be your wife. Kaname.
Kaname, Kaname!
Wait a moment.
How much do you remember about Kaname?
Sorry, to be honest,
My memories are fragmented, hazy, but...
Let me explain the current situation.
We're done, the two of us.
I've been here for a month.
You never came from Tokyo to find me.
No, actually, I remember doing something myself.
However, here
It feels like there's a dark fog hanging over,
Making it hard for me to recall who did it.
It doesn't matter if you can't remember,
But I want to remember.
I remember what I did at the company.
I'm diligent at work now,
But when it comes to family?
I have no memory.
Just know that you were having
fun with other women.
Kaname, Kaname!
Hey, wait a minute, don't leave!
The advertising project I was handling
at the company,
Suddenly lost inspiration.
I can't even say half a word when
making a presentation.
This should...
related to losing the memory of my family.
This means the time spent with you...
Is my treasure trove of imagination.
Treasure trove?
Forgetting everything between us...
what are you talking about?
It makes me feel very unwilling, its true!
Meeting you, getting married, our happy life,
It was very fulfilling.
That belonged to the two of us, right?
Listen to me.
Seeing you again after so long, I realized that
Even if I can't remember anything about you,
I will definitely...
Fall in love with you again.
Get out of here!
Kaname, Kaname!
Don't chase her, hey!
I told you to stop chasing me!
- Kaname.
- Wait
- Don't run, don't chase her anymore, wait
- Kaname.
Wait, wait!
What do you do in Japan?
I work at an advertising company, you too!
Oh, really? Can I have your contact information?
Miss Hoshino,
hurry and get him into the room, quick!
- Kaname?
- What are you doing?
Don't look, Miss Hoshino!
- Is anyone there?
- I told you not to look!
- Oh no, come with me quickly
- Huh?
- What's going on? What happened?
- It's over, get into the room quickly.
Kaname, Kaname!
If you take one more step into here,
I'll call the police.
Korean police are really scary.
You'd know if you've seen Korean movies.
- But...
- Stop talking, you're not allowed in.
I'll call Miss Hoshino, you wait here.
- Miss Hoshino, Miss Hoshino!
- Huh? What's up?
Here, here, what do you want?
(September 20, Sunday)
I see.
So, this shop is definitely not ordinary,
That's why there are doppelgangers.
Let me change the topic a bit.
Actually, I'm a novelist, published a book.
Mr. Eguchi, could you please take a look?
Why bring this up now?
Um? now?
(Do robots dream of electric sheep?)
Huh? This is a Philip K. Dick book.
It's the original of the movie "Blade Runner."
I love this book so much.
Such a nostalgic feeling.
What are you doing?
Is anyone here?
Come in.
Sorry for making you come
amidst your busy schedule.
This is Miss Hoshino, whom I mentioned earlier.
- Hello.
- Please come up.
I'll introduce them to you later.
I want to tell you something first.
Actually I am a novelist.
I recently released a new book.
Can you take a look? It's this one.
You're discussing how to
design the sign outside, right?
Let's go outside.
- Kaname, hurry up.
- The sign?
Didn't we just start discussing it?
Come on, outside.
Are we having a meeting?
- Outside?
- Yes, outside.
Miss Hoshino,
I'll go outside to discuss with them.
- You can read the book for now.
- Oh.
I'm a bit shy to say it myself,
But this is a carefully crafted work.
My pen name is Shima Teruo.
The book is titled "I Stroll with Zombies
by the Seaside."
The cover design is thoughtful too,
strolling with zombies by the seaside.
It's a science fiction novel.
what happened?
Yesterday's ginger soda,
I, Kaname, and Mr. Eguchi all believed it was cold,
So those thoughts really manifested, but
When we found out it wasn't cold,
Mrs. Kim's bottle is no longer cold.
It means this shop has a mysterious power
To materialize what people believe to be true.
What you think is god is god,
What you think is an evil spirit is an evil spirit.
But that's not the novel you wrote.
Yamada Teruo is not a novelist.
He wants to write a novel but can't.
There's only one person here
who firmly believes this.
Huh? Me? But that's how it is.
your denial of me
Could make others go from
believing to disbelieving.
So, you called us outside for this?
Sorry, but I never thought you were a novelist.
me too.
How about it? Interesting, right?
Yeah, it's okay.
Sorry, can I have a look?
This is...
"I Stroll with Zombies by the Seaside."
There's writing on it,
But many of the words are scrambled.
Huh? What's going on?
But to be able to do this...
Objectively looking at things others
firmly believe in feels quite strange.
So Kyoko and I...
Were also deceived by things
we believed to be true?
But this is too...
Those who intentionally
go to paranormal places,
They must want to see something, right?
At night when sleeping,
Seeing the wood grain on the ceiling as a face,
Then I thought I accidentally saw a ghost
If that place also has the same power as here,
Then the ghost becomes real.
While believing in the ghost, it becomes real.
My idea is that the doppelganger of Miss Kyoko
Is actually Mr. Shima.
You speak to her from inside because
you want to reconcile with her, right?
Your strong desire to reconcile
Manifested another Kyoko.
Strong thoughts make it materialize.
I see, in that case... sorry.
This can also explain why the American couple
Starved to death here.
Food manifested only because
they believed it to be true,
But eating it wouldn't satisfy them.
So, the pudding I ate is also...
No, rather than manifestation,
It's more like information?
My mind is a mess; I want something spicy.
If it's really as you say,
Then why another Shigeru appeared?
Miss Kaname, it was you who caused this.
Kaname , but I don't know if you love or hate him.
Great! I'm getting more into it.
Let's plan a date later.
- I already have a boyfriend.
- It's okay.
I really want to visit Seoul.
You can also take a boat ride on the Han River.
No need.
I'm leaving, goodbye.
So, you are Shigeru No. 2, a fake.
- Am I a fake?
- Yes.
Because you have no memories
before meeting Shigeru.
You lack memories of elementary
and high school, which means...
You are just Kaname's memory
Don't say that about him.
Who would accept being called a Fake?
It doesn't matter who's the Fake;
you two need to come together to be complete.
What if I meet another me?
That "me" will probably just revert
to being one person.
How is that possible?
Right now, the me eating kimchi hot pot
here will disappear.
Will die?
Both of you are in a mess;
I'll help you sort it out.
But the cost is...
Sign the divorce agreement.
I don't want to.
No, you have to sign before merging.
Don't make decisions on your own.
Please, give me another chance.
Kaname, please believe me.
Don't let him emotionally manipulate you;
he's just a counterfeit.
I'm not a fake.
I sincerely want to start over with you.
No, sign quickly!
I refuse, Kaname, Kaname!
Sign quickly.
I refuse, Kaname!
- Sign quickly.
- I don't want to.
Hey, wait.
Sign quickly!
- No.
- Sign it for me quickly.
- Don't run.
- No!
- I warn you, sign quickly.
- No.
I reject.
Don't run, hey!
Let go of me.
Let go!
Let go!
I won't let go; if I do, you'll run away again.
Let go!
Let go of me.
It hurts, I got stung by something.
There are jellyfish here after all!
Are you sympathizing with him now?
- It's not like that...
- Then what is it?
Because that was originally Shigeru in my mind.
I'm almost losing track of who
wants to divorce whom.
He's just your memory, an information.
Just happening to take on a human form.
Two identical people can't exist
simultaneously in the world.
What if he merges like Kyoko?
I'll figure out a solution for that.
I'll find a solution.
Do you still want to divorce him?
(The case of Shigeru)
(September 21, Monday)
- Be careful placing him.
- Okay.
Lift him up a bit.
Okay, good, like this.
What's your outfit like?
I brought it to Korea just in case.
Finally, it came in handy.
Is it for a joyful "wedding" or a sorrowful "funeral"?
Thank you all for coming amidst
your busy schedules.
Don't say that. After all, I found this shop.
I also bear responsibility.
And I caused Kyoko to suffer.
I came because having two
Shigeru would be very troublesome.
So, what's your solution?
Let's sit down and discuss.
Sit here?
It's a bit complicated,
let me explain in order.
Firstly, everything appearing in
this shop is human memories,
which are information.
These are firsthand information,
generated based on experiences.
Miss Hoshino gave rise
to my science fiction novel,
This is a poor book.
It looks like it was written by an amateur.
Perhaps it's because
Ms. Hoshino came to my house,
saw the books and DVDs on the shelf,
and observed me,
forming thoughts about me.
Sorry, but that's how I see it.
Moreover, unlike Mr. Shima's
experience with the pudding,
the novel's content isn't complete.
She mixes Philip K. Dick's books
with her imagined novel.
Mixed up
Yes, there are scrambled words in the text.
That's because one person can't imagine
the contents of the book word for word.
This further proves
that the memories created here are information.
Additionally, the ability to create people here
relies on the creator's memories.
Kaname created to a second Shigeru,
Mr. Shima created the second Miss Kyoko.
Now, here comes the key point.
When another person is created,
The original person's...
the memory in their mind disappears.
This means that the other person created from
this process is a split part of the original person,
not a doppelganger.
Not a doppelganger?
That's correct.
So, when the two meet,
they integrate into one person, like Miss Kyoko.
This cup here represents the original human.
The cup with water poured into it
represents the other Miss Kyoko
and the other Shigeru .
When the two cups of water are combined,
they return to their original state.
Oh, that makes sense.
the original side
and the newly emerged side, over time,
gradually accumulate their own experiences
to a certain extent,
and memories increase.
If you forcefully merge the two,
Some memories will have nowhere to go
and overflow
causing psychological obstacles.
The Miss Kyoko I created and
the original Miss Kyoko
integrated two days later.
It's been six days for him.
It's going to overflow.
So, what should we do?
Just eliminate the memories
that trigger psychological obstacles.
How can we do that?
Create a third Shigeru.
A third one
I see.
As long as we believe it's true, we can do it.
The creator can extract any memory.
Exactly, we'll extract the memories of
these six days from the second Shigeru.
after that,
we'll let him merge with the most original Shigeru.
Does that work? It sounds like
playing a video game.
Using the enemy's power is a strategy
in video games.
But how do we do it?
We already know the operational system
of this shop.
It's hard to believe it's true.
Among the people I know, there's someone
who only knows the second Shigeru
but doesn't know how this shop operates.
Then, I'll leave it to you, Mr. Shima.
Oh, so you're thinking of doing it this way?
Huh? How?
Miss Hoshino, where is the most original Shigeru?
Follow your instructions;
I'll have him stay in a nearby car.
Just stay there until we contact you.
Absolutely do not let him come out.
Oh, okay.
Do you have any specific criteria for a partner?
Such as a certain income level or
a minimum height requirement?
No, not really.
You're lying; there must be something.
Teruo wants you to go to the store.
Just take a turn over there, and you'll find it.
- Wait here for a moment.
- Huh?
(Korean) Hello
Ah, Sooyoung!
I was told to come over.
Yes, how is Shigeru doing?
He seems a bit impatient.
I think so too. He just arrived.
Huh? But he's still in the car...
Didn't you see him?
After he surpasses you,
he comes in through the back door.
Then locked himself in here for some reason.
He's right.
Sorry, could you please open the door?
I can't go home like this.
Ah, I'm the owner of this store.
Su-yeong, can you please persuade
him to come out?
But someone else might be more suitable...
I might have sounded a bit harsh earlier;
I might have upset him.
Hey, Shigeru.
Shigeru, I want to close the store.
Come out quickly; otherwise,
everyone won't be able to go home.
Stop making a scene;
locking yourself in is not the solution.
See, no response.
Could you please help?
But what should I say?
Anything will do; after all,
he might open up to you.
Good luck!
What should we do?
Hmm... Mr. Shigeru, I'm Han Su-yeong.
Hmm... I think I can understand how you feel.
About your intentions
The part about coming
to Korea to find Miss Kaname.
Though I may not fully comprehend,
But I've been living with you lately,
and I appreciate your sincerity.
- Great.
- Don't get distracted.
I came from Busan to study at the university here
and started living on my own.
At first, I couldn't make any friends,
but later I decided to open up my heart.
After that, I gradually made some friends.
Now I'm even the president of the dance club.
The important thing is to open up your heart.
Lets talk together.
Don't confine yourself;
that's how you open up to the world.
No matter how much conflict and prejudice arise,
people can eventually understand each other.
It is a very simple thing to let go of hatred
and resentment.
but life is enjoyable when there's
mutual trust and love.
Everyone will die someday,
so don't lock yourself in; come out.
Come out quickly.
Scared of this and that,
are you even a man?
Su-yeong, what were you saying at the end...
I'm sorry.
Wait, what's happening? What happened?
Ms. Kim, quickly, get the rope.
I'm sorry, help, it hurts.
Su-yeong, thank you.
You can go off duty today.
Call Mr. Do over to the car;
you'll understand when you go.
Oh, okay
- Su-yeong, thank you.
- No problem.
Kaname, call Ms. Hoshino.
What is this?
Don't do this.
Don't worry; we won't do anything.
Just listen calmly.
I'm going to ask you questions.
Think carefully before answering.
What's your job?
Where do you live?
What were you doing a month ago?
Name of a high school classmate,
middle school club, just pick one.
Answer, and we'll let you go. How about that?
This Shigeru was created by Kaname.
Inside, there's only Su-yeong's memories,
Sorry, they seem ready.
Who's going to save me?
Help, help!
Ms. Kim.
Sticky tight.
This is only six days' worth of memories.
What are you doing?
This isn't good.
I said, he is just a memory.
I'm starting to not understand
what you're up to.
Everything is going smoothly.
Next is merging the two Shigeru.
I brought him here.
Kaname, I've been thinking for a long time...
Wait, talk about it later.
Come over here first.
- What's that?
- Don't think too much; he loves this taste.
Could you please wait inside for a moment?
How did this happen...
Don't worry; everything will be fine soon.
- Ms. Kim.
- Here you go.
- Sorry.
- Don't get excited.
Kaname, let me out!
Is this the third one?
- Shut up.
- Brother Hui!
Mr. Shima, what are you doing?
Can't let him see you,
it adds to the information.
Don't get excited; stay calm, it's okay.
I brought the person; can we go in?
Yes, come in quickly.
Hey, let me out quickly.
Miss Hoshino, what exactly do you want?
I feel like I'm going crazy.
Is this really...?
Is he doing this...?
Don't overthink; it's just a binding game.
Is it starting now?
You might feel nauseous when
your memories fully return.
Don't panic, take this just in case.
Please come in; your memories are in there.
Ms. Kim.
- I beg you to spare...
- Huh?
Don't do this.
Kaname, Kaname...
Hmm... I feel...
Shigeru, how do you feel?
Feels like a rebirth.
I mean it.
A really eerie feeling.
It's like being filled with something.
Things I couldn't remember before
I remember it clearly now.
Kaname, I...
About coming to Korea without knowing you
and meeting you here, I remember.
You were really angry back then.
Now looking back, I can understand.
Everything I said at that time was true.
It feels like a "second first meeting."
This is absolutely true.
I will fall in love with you again.
I should be able to change from today.
No, I will change, become a different person.
Because right now,
I feel like I have so much energy...
It's about to overflow.
Hey, don't you have more important matters?
What matters?
Everyone, thank you for everything
you've done for Shigeru.
Thank you all for being with us all the way.
Miss Hoshino, I'm sorry,
could you take him back to Tokyo?
Wait...wait, Kaname.
Let's have a proper chat;
it's rare to be in Korea.
We can also complete
the trip we couldn't finish before.
Sorry, Ms. Hoshino, thank you.
Are you sure?
Let's go.
Wait a moment.
Kaname, Kaname!
I've really come to a realization.
There are so many things
I want to say to you now.
Let's build a happy home together.
We can definitely do it.
Absolutely not.
After seeing you not recognize me, I realized
whether you have me in your heart or not,
You won't change
So, let's forget about being together.
Hey, let's go.
Kaname, I'll contact you.
Brother, I'll take care of this person.
Consider it an important
ritual for my next stage.
Kaname and I will handle the rest.
No, we want to be with you.
Thank you for your assistance all the way.
Let's go.
This is information.
It's just data.
My parents died in a traffic accident.
I know you wanted to fill that void
in your heart by marrying Shigeru.
I knew it all but did nothing.
A man escapes Japan and lives in a villa
I fled Japan, lived in a villa, claimed to
be writing a novel but never wrote a word.
Just one thing.
I have to do something a brother would do.
this is memory.
Brother, we can't do it.
What should we do then?
I can only rely on my own efforts.
How do you plan to make an effort?
When I have no attachment to him,
he'll disappear.
Is there any basis for what you're saying?
He is just a memory.
Even if we can't erase it immediately,
he will forget later.
And after forgetting...
Things won't go as smoothly as you think,
and how long will it take?
I don't know.
I don't want to spend a year or more facing him.
Don't worry.
I've already started letting go
of my attachment to him.
I'll go and talk to the real Shigeru.
How about you?
Should have done that from the beginning.
Brother, thank you so much.
Miss Kyoko, is it true?
Yes, my memories have finally returned.
- Sorry for causing trouble earlier.
- No problem.
The house was the one I wanted to rent,
so it's my fault.
I should apologize to you.
By the way, this is the address of our new store,
for you.
- Is it in the Matsushima New City?
- Yes.
Actually, every piece of land
has its unique power.
Japan and Korea are the same,
and I finally understand it now.
She's here.
- Ms. Jin, Su-yeong, thank you for this.
- Okay.
And what about you, Kaname?
He finally faced the reality.
So, I'll go back to Japan next week
to proceed with the divorce.
Yes, so Teruo will be alone again.
It might get lonely.
I'm not sure about that.
(Brother, it's time to barbecue.)
(Then two perfectly symmetrical faces appeared.)
(Novel "Sacred Ground X")
Mr. Teruo.
It's time to barbecue.
I just wrote a good paragraph.
Is the novel progressing smoothly?
Thought of a great theme.
Really? That's great.
It should be completed this week.
What? Teruo, can you speak Korean?
I just started learning.
Teacher Su-yeong, please take care of me.
Okay, let's start the barbecue.
It looks delicious.
It looks delicious.
It looks delicious.
Looks delicious...
By the way, where is Mr. Shigeru?
Yeah, he's gone.
Haven't seen him all day.
I'll go get him.
Su-yeong, it's okay. I'll go.
Brother, it's okay. Let me go.