The Cutting Edge: Fire & Ice (2010) Movie Script

And marketing. Rotation.
Well done. Let's do it again.
Five, six, seven, eight.
Rotation. Finish up.
Well done, ladies.
Accident. Are you OK? Good.
Who wants to practice salchow?
Show me.
I speak with the elusive Alex Delgado? -Philip. Hi.
You know who to see about three minutes on Channel 16?
I'm going to interview James McKinsey. That's such a jerk.
Just go have a look. -Good.
How are you? -Prima, teaching is good. Lovely.
I just wanted to say that I hope to see you at the championships.
We are close to the ice. I'm working...
... but if you want, you can watch with me.
Maybe we can make our third date of.
I'm not sure I'm going to the championships shelves. As a spectator, it 's different.
If you are there, then we have a date. -We will see.
Think about it. And look at Channel 16. I have to go, bye.
You know the face and name.
James 'Bad Boy' McKinsey, king of short-track ...
... has done everything to be known.
You see his face everywhere, his antics are notorious.
But one of the world's most famous sports pros is no sport more professional.
McKinsey made with one blow an end to his professional career ...
... and the prospect of a gold medal.
You do what you want because ...
Last week, ISSO decided unanimously ...
... to suspend McKinsey indefinitely.
We do not agree with the penalty.
We will oppose it with all means against.
What makes it especially so disturbing is that the target was a teammate.
Do you regret that you have beaten Angus?
It is an acorn and a moderate skater.
It surprised you that you ISSO has been suspended for life?
Not life, indefinitely. That is something quite different.
In a sport where the average skater is around 25 at its peak?
Is it not down there? -Are I mean?
You do not go to the world championships.
It feels solid uncomfortable.
I feel excellent.
I'm the world's best sportsman. I have more money than I can make.
I got more sponsors than anyone. -Good.
Rumor has it that you drop your sponsors.
Are you worried about that? I -Create a concerned impression?
The real question is: Why do you believe everything you read?
Do you regret that you blew your skating career?
I did not ... -James?
Yeah, I did not ... What was the question again?
Do you mind that you ruined your career?
Which is not over yet. I've only just begun.
You're a hard rider on skates. -Yes.
You may not speeding.
What will you do now?
Maybe I go people now ask probing questions.
That's not really easy. No, I mean it, America.
I take over his job.
Seriously. Tell me, what is James McKinsey do next?
You'll have to wait and see.
But one thing is certain: Everyone will be amazed.
Okay, it insists.
This seemed an internal investigation.
Then my mission is accomplished. Thanks.
Beautiful. That's why you're my best client.
Let's go through your calendar for today.
We have two meetings with potential sponsors.
Then sign autographs at the mall.
Then another interview. And you finish the day with a commercial.
Are you ready for it? -Are not I ever done?
Ambition. I must record. -Go ahead.
Did you see it?
Good luck, James. -You too.
And you were really great skater.
I still am.
The world's best skater.
I spoke with people from the physiotherapy program.
They have your application yet.
It seems that you can bring your credits.
I really need to learn to talk small talk.
Usually you start with something like, "How are you?"
Or "Did you have a nice day?"
I just want you to think about your future.
What do you do next?
I figure skater, Mom.
I think you give lessons in figure skating.
What is wrong with that? That was not your dream.
You have to work hard to be able to stand a few hours a day on the ice.
No partner, no coach.
Later national championships again.
I do not want your life pass up.
You do too much cilantro on.
Now you're angry. -I am not angry.
You seem to want to play it safe.
In your job, in love.
Okay, what do you want me to do?
Do I have a boyfriend?
You know I'm not exactly excel when it comes to relationships.
I want you to be happy. -I'm happy.
I'm going to eat something delicious that does not come from a vending machine.
Do not worry about me. I'm really happy.
I have my family. What does a woman need?
Come on.
Ms Delgado? Hah?
I Wan Huo. I would like to ask you something.
I'm sorry, I can not accept more new students.
Your son or daughter has fixed a lot of talent, but you have to find somebody else.
I know another instructor.
I do not want to hire you. -Not?
I work for Zhen Zheng, China's major pairs coach.
Is this a joke? -Zheng want to coach.
I have no partner.
Zheng has someone in mind. -Who?
Who will be less important than who will be your coach, your partner.
Zheng has brought to the three pairs of championships.
All the times they have won gold.
You have previously won gold and you can do it again.
Zheng and can take care of that.
I'm flattered, but the national championships have been about three months.
I've skated, but ...
To participate again or not?
Of course I want that. Only...
Tell coach Zheng that I'll think about it. I promise.
That will make him great pleasure.
Can you maybe two minutes to think about it?
Because Mr. Zheng is here. Now.
James McKinsey? No way. -Wait.
I do not want to participate in a publicity stunt.
This is Mr. Zheng.
You must realize that it is not a stunt.
James is motivated and has a lot of talent.
You were not a figure skater, and many people said that you would never succeed.
The same goes for James.
Let you remember what you got?
No, I'll judge you. 'Yes, if you want.
Take it turning one of those jumpy.
Grab your skates, come on the ice.
Is that difficult? They say you can do it.
They say you're horny and publicity have trouble controlling you.
I do not know what you imagine, but I do not bully me.
Especially by Mr. Ambition deodorant.
Okay, this was a bad start. Again. I'm James McKinsey.
Alex Delgado. -You have beautiful hair, Alex.
But try once blond, which is much more exciting.
I'm not going to start here.
I'm coming.
What do you want? -Can you change? waiting taxi.
You know what time it is?
I shut the door, go back to bed ...
... and hope you are too drunk to remember my address.
Sweetheart. -What do you want?
Why will not skate with me? -You're hard rider.
Hard Drive is very different than skating.
All right? Goodnight. -Wait.
Yes, okay, but honey, I'm the ice man.
I can do everything on ice. -What are you conceited.
I know that the fire still burns in your belly tight.
I see it in your eyes. You want to skate.
I know, you know. This is your chance.
Skate with me and we go to Montreal.
We win gold. It will be great.
I have a gold medal.
I know, but listen to me.
Anyone can get lucky.
Why me? -Zheng says you're good.
There are plenty of others who would like to work with you.
Why are you looking me in the middle of the night?
I thought all day..
Wait. Hi sweety.
Do not call me sweetheart.
Oh no.
Yesterday I went back to the Ice Box and was thinking.
In my bus. The Ice Box. -Subtle.
I watched your game videos.
I figured you three reasons why it should be.
I'm listening. -Good.
First, you've got balls. Second, you have guts.
You give everything you have on the ice. I like that.
Thirdly, you take risks.
So I'm not. -Anyway.
You're just a little scared. -Excuse me?
You fear that you have won the gold by Zack Conroy.
But if you win gold with a new partner, it is clear who has the talent.
Forward, skate with me. Try it.
I have to go teach. -Come to the rink tomorrow.
If you do not like, then you'll just not.
You mentioned in fact only one reason.
Balls, boldness and risk taking are strictly the same.
What did he say?
Never let the drunkard spoke.
Wise words. Tell them coming. It is a challenge not avoid.
What I said.
We have to go to the next.
But I want Alex.
Mr Zheng.
Not her.
Absolutely not.
Are you crazy. Not her.
She? She has the grace of a drumstick.
We go ice skating or do we wait until the ice melts?
Three wide. Knees.
Collaborate. A little energy ahead.
Note together.
One more time, please.
What do you say?
You go fast.
You know nothing about skating.
Better angles.
Are you alright? -With me?
Of course, a breeze. can you keep a little crowded?
You seemed to stumble over your big feet, twink.
We can stop if you are tired. -You will cry for your mother.
What do they say?
She says she has an egg but he has big feet idiot.
He says she will call her parents.
Enough. You are ridiculous.
You try to impress but you are worth nothing on skates.
You have two stinking insects.
You bicker about who smells better but you stink both.
What did he say? -Don't talk, skating alone.
This must be the 150th. -Yes.
If he would have us do something difficult?
I also asked myself.
And ... Put her on the ground.
I have to learn to keep my big mouth.
Yes? -Come to our party.
True? -The Tail Hook Club.
I'm coming.
Where are you going?
Buenos das. The championships are about five weeks. Come with me.
That's all for today. Thanks.
Oh, my head. I'm dying.
Excuse me, what did you say?
It is nothing.
You can not stay here. I'm coming.
Really, you have to go, I have to teach.
Pay no attention to that creep, he's so gone.
I mean, go away. I need to work.
No. -No? What no?
I continue to help. -I do not need any help from you.
This is gonna be fun. -James.
How do you put your opponent off balance with an elbow?
This is not a good idea. You have to go.
Come on, lets just see what team spirit.
Ladies, come on.
Go away. Day. -Day.
That was interesting. -Yes, do you call fun.
That we can do tonight. -Beer drink at the Ice Box?
You admire posters?
Something like that, yes.
No police, bar fights or sluts. -You're a bummer.
Who says now still sluts? Do you come from in 1995?
How about sluts? Hear you prefer?
I love bitches, sluts of, of ... -From all I know.
8-ball in the middle pocket.
Where did you learn to play?
My year in Oxford. -Really?
No, I followed the old-fashioned way. Arm.
What was a poor girl like you with a rich Ken doll as Zack Conroy?
I'm going to my love life not discuss with you.
I do not have details, but I want to know who broke it.
What is that to you?
Dumped, the one who was dumped ...
... often matches.
But the dump truck, the one who dumped ...
... will often regret it and will wonder whether it was the right decision.
That takes a lot of thinking space.
So I would prefer that you were dumped.
Nobody has dumped another. We are adults.
We just wanted everyone else.
Zack had skated for fifteen years, was his career on it.
He stopped, we parted ways. -And you?
I skated fifteen minutes. I have achieved what I wanted to achieve.
Why did not seek a new partner?
Why, who's here.
Two ijsdansertjes from heaven.
I recognized you hardly. Where's your glitter pack ...
... a magnificent unicorn on the back?
That I leave tonight with your mother.
Congratulations on your new job. A real man is in a tunic to his work.
I do not take advice of an eternal second.
Bye. -Work you really with this loser?
Be warned, he can so against you.
James thinks of himself, not the team.
I'll tell you a secret.
You were never my teammate. You were someone I passed on the job.
Those times are over, eh?
You'll never skate with the big boys.
Save your not me now there are no cameras?
No free time.
It was crazy as you hit him on his face.
That jerk my partner attacked. I can not allow.
Partners support each other.
You should see my left.
So good they have never been.
Maybe they should hold more frequent bar fights.
Jade must be cut before it is a jewel.
Less cafgevechten, more grinding.
How are you?
The new coach is good. He is great.
But James ...
Like being free fit on a child.
But he can skate.
I'm starting to believe that we can achieve something.
That is amazing.
Now you have recorded your career again ...
... maybe you can work on your love life.
Por favor , shut up about it.
I Philip on TV. He is very handsome.
Good job. He sends you flowers.
I have no interest in Philip, Mom. All right?
We went out, but there was no click.
Give him another chance. Sometimes you know it when you get to know him better.
I have no time for dates.
I train with James, the championships are coming.
Rehearsals, warm-ups.
I am too busy.
No tengo tiempo.
He falls on you. -James?
This guy does it with his own dashboardpop.
I was talking about Philip.
You fall on James.
Which ? Wat? No.
No, mama. Are you crazy.
-Hoe die is James?
He is talking a big hunk of meat.
Massage my feet and looking well but not something behind everywhere.
You fall on James.
That looks good. I'll give you a 6.5.
Coach, what are you doing?
I want to see how you're doing.
Angus said he has met you.
He was the fist to my partner. Yeah, I heard.
They say that Italians will be strong this year.
We must put everything to win gold.
Good luck. -I talked to the ISSO.
Oh yeah? -I.
Maybe lifted your suspension.
I'm listening.
You should apologize to Angus.
I'm going to sack offer no excuses.
How hard is that? One press conference.
It will not happen. Save yourself the trouble.
Should I save you again?
Good. But if I stick out my neck for you ...
... I have to make sure that you stop this nonsense.
I like it, I go through it. -You sponsors let you fall so.
Nobody buys deodorant of a man with glitter.
This is great as a publicity stunt.
But if a new career? Come on.
Before you know it, are made jokes.
That does not happen because I am the world's best skater.
That you've been.
One two Three.
James, you are not in balance.
What is that? -Stand up. Again.
First rule: protecting the woman. -I did it more often.
That's your only job.
Alex's life is in your hands. They need to trust you.
Tell him I'll protect her. We'll do it again.
One two Three.
Go around your arms. To push. -Do you want to help me? All right.
One two Three.
Round. -One two Three.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
One two Three. One two Three. Tracking, James.
Continue, continue.
This is nothing.
That music is nothing. we have nothing to do with a beat?
I chose this. Temporarily.
It's nothing. -What's wrong with you today?
fit suit. Now.
You look good. -This I do not pull.
Where are you going?
You can not decide anything without consultation. I have to protect my image.
Do you prefer busy freestyle.
But you suffocate. No, but you suffocate.
Thank you for coming, as Zheng asked.
Sit down. -First you need to apologize.
Forget it. -To sit.
Look at each other.
Zheng want you to say something flattering each other.
You half-baked work ethic pleases me. -You sarcasm pleases me.
Quitting appoint.
Zheng want you to say something about yourself.
I do not want to group therapy.
This is idiotic. Would you translate that for him?
Alex, we know that you have lost your former partner.
Zheng want you to say what you miss most about him.
Do it, or Zheng will coach another couple.
I miss a lot of things about my former partner.
He was very professional. Punctual.
Catered. He was attentive.
Sounds girlish.
In what sense was Zack attentive?
I do not know, he ...
He gave me a rose before a competition, if he did something special for me.
I had an excuse to dress feminine.
Is that good enough? Freezing my ass about it.
Her rear freezes.
You are your father lost your tenth.
What do you miss most about him?
Nothing, he was a loser.
How can you say that your father? Headline closed, you do not know him.
Zheng says that you and your mother have been homeless for years.
You lived in a van. That must have been tough.
This is more than an idiot.
Forget it if you want, I do not.
His father died and his mother was so poor that they lived in a van?
Can you imagine how he had to fight to achieve this?
Then you have to be no jerk.
It's a tough world when you are on your own.
Perhaps he comes to himself because no one else did.
He does not function as a team.
I know so someone.
You're supposed to take sides for me.
I do too, so I'll tell you the truth.
If he's your partner, then treat him.
Translation, please. I do not know any old Mexican sayings.
Together you can achieve more than alone.
And I.
I do not see you here. Do you want...
What? You wanna give me homework?
I do not speak ... I do not understand what you're saying.
I do not know...
Okay, Alex. She ... Okay.
And it is a banana.
Alex was a banana, now she's a squashed banana.
Alex is...
Alex is a squashed banana.
Crush Alex Banana not?
Crush Alex Banana not.
Not crush her banana.
Sorry I did yesterday so bad. No, you were right.
I should discuss the costumes and the music.
The championships are in two weeks.
Are you ready to proceed?
Are you willing to do whatever it takes?
Then you must be like yin and yang.
Breathing of air in the same, and to anticipate each other's movements.
Do you want them together? -What?
No way. I'm not leaving out the Ice Box.
No discussion that will do.
Daytime skate, the rehearsals night and watch recordings.
I do not live in your ice box.
What did he say? -You pull at Alex in.
Where's my bedroom?
This is not fair.
If you want a bed, arrange a bed.
I have a bed. The Ice Box.
It was not my idea. Do not take it out on me.
Or did you think I would have liked in my private room?
Believe me, you would know if I was in your private space.
I stop now my earphones in.
Keep your cynical jokes so until tomorrow.
What do you have? -Nothing.
Are you OK? -Yes fine.
They do it very well.
More grinding.
What kind of game do you like? Crazy Eights?
Gin rummy?
Poker is nothing without effort. And I do not want to steal your money.
Or do you have something else you can put on the table?
The game can begin.
Pull out. -Excuse me?
You said you wanted somewhere to play. Pull out.
not excited, you play less.
I feel so completely at ease. Usually I wear less.
That must Zheng which will control us.
I'm open.
Mom. -I should have called.
I had forgotten that we were going out.
I'll just drop it here, okay? We love it too well.
I will not interrupt you to wherever you were doing.
No, we take a break.
For this. What are they? Choco Cookies?
Mom, stop.
My mother likes you.
You should see my dashboardpop. That is fun.
You can pinch his cheeks.
Cute underwear.
Me llamas.
Oke dag.
If I talk, you look after yourself.
Day. -It was a pleasure.
Your mother does my underwear like.
Shut up.
Yes, make the Richardsons no missteps. Never.
Technically, they are perfect.
Are they brother and sister?
Husband and wife.
We beat them only if we are sensational.
We have to do something that the jury does not know yet.
Something they fall off their chair.
Yeah, you and everyone else.
That's what in figure skating. You do what nobody has done.
We do it. -Gemakkelijker said than done.
Where you left other pajamas? -My pajamas?
You wore last. Short and pink.
Did you like my pajamas like? -You short pajamas.
I had wanted to ask. Do you pajamas?
Hopefully no fire breaks out.
You hope so. -Welterusten.
You should compliment a lady no longer give her pajamas?
Where are you going? -I have an appointment with my manager.
So many sponsors, so little time.
What shall I say. -You want a ride?
I think I'll walk. -All right.
Good gracious. What's in those bags?
Rewards to motivate my girls to zitpirouettes.
I want to take all your expenses for the duration of the training for my account.
Daddy Warbucks.
No, you do not teach and dragging bags.
Then you can focus on us and skating.
That's very nice, but I like to be financially independent of it.
Okay fine. But as long as it is no excuse.
An excuse for what?
You train a little with me, you like a little stick to your old life.
So it is not.
I'm not going to crush your banana. -All right.
What are you going to do? -You heard me.
I never want to hear something about my banana.
We can talk about mine.
What are we doing here? Why this place?
What do you want me to do? I pray.
What? -That you come to your senses. Sit down.
What are you doing theatrical.
I'm not just the manager who drag all major contracts.
I'm your advisor.
Do you trust me? -Yes.
Stop messing with the dancing.
That was just to show the ISSO they can not do without James McKinsey.
Your old coach runs miserable. He cares that you can participate again.
Put that figure skating so out of your head, okay?
I love figure skating.
That's right. Figure skating is fatal to your reputation.
Figure skating, dancing, running, stuffed bears on the ice.
That's not James McKinsey.
Not the James McKinsey, I know. You have a mannenman.
A mannenman wins gold. I think Alex and I are going to win it.
No matter what you think. Do what I say or you get lost sponsors.
That never happens. That's already happened.
Ambition? Away. It gets worse.
The soft drink contract? Away. The motorboat contract? Away.
Your hair gel line ...
Welcome to the poorhouse, mate.
Why do not you go as superstar manager looking for other sponsors?
Why should I not do with Alex? This strengthens the profile.
Unfortunately I am not God.
I can not let shine scrap.
Therefore I am praying to it.
I'm praying.
Please, save what is left of your career as a hard rider on skates.
Good. Okay fine.
If you and Alice now ... -Alex. Her name is Alex.
All right. If you and Alex now fenomenaalste, astonishing ...
... sensational kunstschaatsduo formed of all time ...
... I might do something.
If you do not win gold ... I'm sorry.
Then I can not do anything for you.
Do you understand what I say, James? -I completely understand.
Here ends our prayer meeting.
I do not give pairs skating.
Want something amazing? I'll give you something amazing.
I keep my part of the bargain. You do the same.
Oh yes, I certainly do.
Alex, wake up.
I want to talk with you. -Can it wait until tomorrow?
No, I've been brooding there all night.
Our Short Program is crazy.
Our long freestyle could use some spice.
I'm fast, that's my forte. You've got guts.
Yes, I like to hear.
I'm tired, I want to sleep. We'll talk tomorrow.
No, not sleep. Come with me.
Open your eyes and look at this. With this we distinguish ourselves.
With this we will make history.
The Mac'anator? -Yes. Forget the name.
That's a working title until I come up with something better.
You know why I chose skating?
Publicity Stunt. -I knew it.
My manager thought I would get the press ...
... while we waited was lifted up my suspension.
I did not think I would like it.
I am a very good art rider. I love the precision of it.
I like to anticipate your movements.
I love that we are one on the ice.
We seem to melt together. I've never had before.
Let's do it.
What? Will you do it? -Yes.
Now. -Do you want to do it now?
All right. -A thing.
We have to keep the secret for Zheng.
Did you think I'd tell Zheng?
First we perfect it, then let's see it.
You're talking about the freestyle. I thought that you...
Yes, I know what you thought.
Get dressed.
It is a good figure.
Why do you hold back? -I protect women.
I trust you. Do it with conviction ahead.
Almost correct. That was almost good.
Because you lift I got higher in the sky. No, you did it all by yourself.
What are you doing here?
The championships tomorrow and you change the freestyle without consultation.
You should know better.
One mistake and you could lose everything.
It is reckless and irresponsible. Especially you should know better.
Zheng chose you because you have experience on the ice and in life.
You had to restrain James, not as like him.
I did not know I was hired as a nanny.
Where are you going?
Zheng is not ready yet.
What happened there ... -We do to figure out.
Let him, we decide.
We are not ready. Zheng's right, it's too risky.
Why are you so afraid?
Why do we take the best coach if we do not listen to him?
I know you want to do that figure, but it's not just about you.
I'm the one who flies through the air, one who risks everything.
My career can be over in one go.
I put everything on the line.
My sponsor contracts. My career.
You're the one who dared to perform the Pamchenko.
And now you play it safe? So you're not.
Why you wanted to skate with me? Because you knocked me.
There have been other men, other opportunities.
You chose me because you wanted to give it all. You do not skate but win.
So do not play it safe.
Stop teaching, bury yourself no longer work.
Even if you play it safe, it can go wrong.
So you can just as well go for it.
I stopped teaching. -Really?
I resigned yesterday.
I go for it.
Welcome to Seattle, skating at the national championships.
In two days is determined ...
... which two pairs go to the world championship in Montreal ...
... and what couples go home, their dream of gold to pieces.
The Richardsons were phenomenal tonight.
Hierna Alejandra Delgado James McKinsey.
They have to make a flawless freestyle to come around.
We ask you not to use a flash during the game.
Are you ready? -Yes. You too?
Are you nervous? -No.
You? -No.
We can dream it freestyle.
Yes. -Do you like red, Delgado?
Yes why?
Just like that. -You have to. Good luck.
It worked. -What I said.
After such a performance, it is clear that this is not just a whim.
They were really beautiful.
Fantastic, they were better than anyone expected.
James, what did you think of your performance?
We were fantastic.
But hold on our long freestyle. You will be watching.
How do you like better, you or your art hardrijderspak riders costume?
I think they both look good to me. What do you say?
I agree with you on that. -There are rumors that you coach ...
Philip. Hello.
You were incredible.
Thank you.
If you're free tonight, I want to take you out.
Frankly, I have someone.
You've lost several sponsors. Did that affect your performance?
Obviously not. Did you see me?
If a brand does not see that I am gold, it is a mark of losers.
What is the biggest difference between speeding and figure skating?
The 'to pick'.
You and James are very special.
Yes, he can really skate. Who would have thought.
I did not mean that. -I know.
So maybe we can try it again in another universe.
He's a lucky guy.
The very best.
Do you think making your chances of gold in Montreal?
Yes of course.
James, what is the secret of your success?
Goodbye, Alex. -Bye.
I can already get you anything? -No, thank you. I will wait.
Can I sit here?
Are you a journalist? -Yeah right.
Should not you read for it or something?
What do you want to drink? -Bad Boys.
Speak after the tone.
Would you really can not eat anything?
No, thank you. I'm not hungry anymore.
Welcome to Seattle skating in the final.
Tonight is the long freestyle, and the Richardsons are at the top ...
... followed by Courtland and Gardner.
If Delgado and McKinsey want to Montreal ...
... they will have to come up with something special.
What is it?
The Richard Sons come up with a new figure ...
... which increases their difficulty considerably.
We do the same. We do Mac'anator.
We have no choice.
Hey, where were you?
I'm a little late. Quiet.
I'm talking about last night. I waited two hours.
Was that a joke?
I had a better offer.
What is it? -You figure comes into it, but do not fail.
No problem.
'No problem'? It has never succeeded.
That's you, honey.
Who do you not think you are? -Significantly yet another for you.
What do you mean? -The rumbles in paradise.
I'm not surprised. I'm on your side.
What are you talking about? -Do not you seen?
It's on all fansites. -We saw the net.
Put that in your phone ... -Quiet, Romeo. Let her finish.
Press but to play.
You have to put yourself in the first place.
If you do not pay attention, the other takes you kidding.
I thought she was cool, but she was just another careerist.
Sluts and bitches. Yes, sluts and bitches.
I knew you were an arrogant bag when I started this.
You always say that people do not change.
Congratulations, you're right. People do not change.
You're behind my back dating.
With whom? -With the reporter.
Philip and I have ever twice gedatet.
I saw you kissing last night.
Yes, he kissed me on the cheek to wish us luck, jerk.
I thought ... No, you did not think.
Then you would come to me to ask how the SAT.
We are partners. If you can not trust me, things go wrong.
Now is the turn of ...
Alex. -Don't talk, skating alone. Come on.
Delgado and McKinsey were last night strong.
We'll see what they have in store for us tonight.
Yes, they took the audience in yesterday.
But only the two best pairs are qualified.
The question is whether they are potential world champions.
There was some hesitation.
It is regrettable, but they seemed to abandon an important element.
Yes, it is obvious that something went wrong with their performance.
That will cost them points.
By errors in their freestyle Delgado and his McKinsey dropped to third place.
They have not qualified themselves.
But they do go to Montreal as invaders.
Why did you figure out which? You have sabotaged the whole thing.
That figure was needed to win and you refuse.
You wanted to take revenge on me?
What do you have? -I? You are the problem.
You would sooner or later ruin.
What do you mean? -I do not want to skate with you.
I want you or your dashboardpop or you never see posters.
I said I was sorry. What else do you want?
It is not over yet.
If we are the invaders, fine.
We continue to train, go to Montreal and hope for a chance.
Do not let me fall.
Why not? Because I am for you?
Come on, give me a chance to explain.
James, Bad Boy. You're doing it again.
The suspension was lifted just in time for qualifying. Are you ready for it?
Yes. -Come with me.
Look. I told you it would work.
James 'Bad Boy' McKinsey left everyone behind in the 500 meters.
McKinsey may be the first skater in history ...
... the same time as short tracker and as art rider participates in competitions.
Though it is unclear whether McKinsey and Delgado are available ...
... as they would have put an end to their collaboration.
Delgado would fly to Montreal today.
Given the small likelihood of participation and the break with her partner ...
... it is unclear whether Delgado her duties as may raid star ...
You have not at least the pink T-shirt.
Two weeks sulking sitting at home must be a record.
Where's your suitcase?
Zheng and Mr. Wan can pick you up any time.
I'm not going.
Do not be silly. -They will mock me, ma.
All those journalists who will ask me stupid questions.
Such as: "Where's your Bad Boy?"
Or "How does it feel to be dumped for figure skating altar?"
"Have you seen his latest blonde bimbo?"
I do not want to go through again.
It hurts too much.
The worst thing is that it is partly my fault.
I did figure out because I wanted to play it safe.
I was furious at James.
I looked at him and was not sure of.
That lot ... If I had done it, everything would have been different.
I did not even hear what he had to say.
He has not gone away.
I left.
Do you stay in this apartment?
Perhaps. -Voorgoed?
With ice cream for the rest of your life? -That would be nice.
Cookie Dough is the best. -Indeed.
Go to Montreal and see what happens.
I do not know if I can.
So I have not raised.
You have obligations to your coach, yourself.
Even against James.
It will be bad, but you have hit your through.
You go with head held high, you will radiate dignity.
Will you send me ice cream? -Liters.
James McKinsey has qualified in the preliminaries.
Nothing is his gold medal in the way.
There he is. Ask him.
May I please ...
You see? -How are you?
Please. -Thanks.
Hey, James, you're back on top.
Wow. King of the Bad Boys. -Too much honor.
Well done. I have great news.
They want you back. -Who?
Who do you think? Ambition. I'll let them bleed.
I pull they fleeced. -Nice, that's great.
What is it? This is great news for you.
You're back. Yes, I'm back.
I'm back.
The Richardsons withdraw. He broke his wrist.
In an hour you have the ice. -Do we bring?
And James? -There I care so much for.
Do not worry. You gonna get changed.
I have an urgent message for James McKinsey.
Give it immediately.
Everything comes down to this one minute.
Hard work.
All those years you had to get up at 5 am.
The holidays you have not taken.
Success involves sacrifices, gentlemen.
Consider what you've lost and missed.
What you gave to be here.
All the years of sacrifice ...
... come together in that one minute on the ice.
A minute. Sixty seconds.
Make them count.
Let's go. Come on, guys.
What is it?
Nothing. A joke.
Are you going to win gold for me?
We're going to do it.
Concentrate, James.
Do not dare to mess with me or I'll break your ankles.
Wait a few minutes. I'm sure he will.
I'm not tackle James. I have left ten messages.
I even called his coach. What else should I?
The short track race is about to start.
He never comes on time.
Do you do it or not?
Not. -All right.
This part is only accessible to art drivers.
Yes, I'm art rider.
Hi. I just wanted to say ... -Quick.
Wait, I just wanted to say ...
You asked me why I wanted to skate with you.
I could name one reason.
Now I have hundreds of reasons.
I want this official said.
I want to say that I want to skate with you ...
... because you're my team.
I know we're not going to skate tonight ...
... but I have to be with you because you do as a partner.
They are there to support each other. -We do go skating.
We go skating. Come with me.
It gets even more interesting, because the US send their invaders the ice.
Alejandra Delgado James McKinsey.
We are not there yet, but after their great short freestyle ...
... make Delgado and McKinsey win a medal.
They are America's only hope for a place on the podium.
But for that they need to pull out all the stops.
We need to see something spectacular tonight.
Remember when I left and when we encountered each other in the hallway?
Yes. -I did not go away.
I was looking for you.
Oh yeah?
Sorry for my behavior at the national championships.
I should have listened to what you had to say.
I'm sorry I ran away. That should never do partners.
We're not doing the Mac'anator. -Well.
Needed to win. I can do it.
We do him not because he does not exist.
I found another name: The Great Delgado.
The third reason I want to skate with you ...
... and I had to call long ago:
I'm madly in love with you.
That happened somewhere between your hit to Angus and our strip poker game.
But before you saw me in my bra.
Yes definitely. I did not influence my judgment by exciting your body.
Well done.
Alejandra Delgado James McKinsey.
I love you. -Ice skating. Now.
Are you ready for it? -I'm ready.
I love you. -Remember who first said.