The Cycle of Love (2010) Movie Script

Every morning, I will
cycle around the apartment
Many people in the city are still in bed
How many days in a year do people
living in the city witness sunrise?
Every morning, I vow to be
the first to greet daylight
Sunrise to me is breathtaking
It has some kind of
magical effect on people
Whoever brushes with it
will feel happy and joyful
In fact, the joy it brings can
be carried out through the day
So, I embraces the warmth
of sunshine affectionately
and pass on my happiness to others
Xiao Ying cannot see
I was informed that she
is waiting for a cornea
How I wish she can see
this beautiful world
because this world is full of surprises
I totally agree with the government!
passengers should
fasten their seat belt!
You guys are terrible!
Never fasten your seat belts!
There are no seat belts! Such
a "modern" car! Exactly!
Invest some money.
Ke Li, why are you late?
The dancing class is going
to start soon! So early?!
Didn't I tell you about
the change of time yesterday?
Oh, right. I forgot
I will be right there after I change.
I won't be waiting for you. Hurry up!
Bye bye
This old junk needs a coat of new
paint! Look at the paint! That's right!
And the worst part, there is no
air conditioner! No air con will die
Pack up!
What a junk? What a junk? What a junk?
Freaking hot! Will you sit? Will you??
Hold up Hold up Hold up.. Thank you..
Here, let me help you. Thanks.
Here we go....Fatty!
Let the lady go first ok?
Lady's first, Be gentlement!
Oh! How dare you touch his saxophone!
This saxophone is very important
to him. Even we dare not touch it.
You die hard!
Sorry sorry....
It's ok, bye bye! Hehe...
Fatty! It's the sixth
floor! Not the seventh floor!
Where is it? Where? Let's go shower ok!
Hey? You live next door?
Let's have tea whenever you free ok?
What are you doing here? Do
I have mails? -Yea. Here.
Who is Lin Yi Xin? Lin
Yi Xin... Here he is...
Please sign over here.
Yea I told your mum
She should know where
her son lives right?
So she can send some money
for your installment right?
Can't woo any girls without a car!
Maybe you should get an air conditioner
since your car don't have one
Or perhaps repaint it
The mee is here
Self service!
Where is Xiao Long?
Xiao Long, what are you doing in the
toilet? The mee will be gone soon!
Fatty! You must be kidding me!
My bowl is so small and yours so big?
I'm fat...... Don't be like that...
I'm a big eater too! Let go of my hand!
Even Xiao Long is not my match!
You wanna fight with
me? Asking for trouble!
Hi! What a coincidence!
Sorry! I'm late
You know how bad KL's traffic can be
Even for a minor accident,
people always stop to see
if there's any dead?! What's
the fascination anyway?!
Oh, let's not talk about this.
Let's talk about....
The weather is so hot out there!
Lucky you are here since
there's air conditioner.
Oh, let's not talk about this either
I am going to a famous
salon for interview later
It will be great if I can work there
So, I'll finish up here early.
I'll just make you up a little
But don't worry! Even if it's just
a little, it'll still be pretty!
If you don't believe, you
can look into the mirror...
Oh no......
Ask your friends. You will know then
Who are you looking for?
I'm Yi Xin. I'm here for an interview,
for the post of guitar and singing teacher.
Please come in, the Dean
is waiting for you inside
Please come in
Hello Dean, I'm Yi Xin.
Please call me Candy,
please have a seat.
So, how long have you been playing
the guitar? More than six years
Please have a seat
You sing in cafe?
Why do you want to be a teacher here?
To make extra money
Make extra money?
Playing music to earn extra money?
Do you really know music?
Let me play for you
Hold on!
I will sing and you play.
Let's do the "Sunset Song"
(Cantonese song)
(Cantonese song)
So are you a stylist now? Yes
How long have you been doing this?
About ten years
Wow that's long? So, within
these years, any special creations
or celebrities' clienteles?
Celebrities' clienteles?
Yea there is some like....
Namely Danny.. Leslie..
And most recently, Michael..
Their makeover is very unique
their new look were so extremely special
that it brought tears
to those who see it
Until that extend?! Yes! -I would
really like to have a look then
Excuse me Winnie, Puan Sri has
been waiting for ten minutes.
Please take care of
him, I'll be right back
I'm sorry. It's ok.
Haha... hey!
Can you stop laughing? Alright......
Is that so funny? Can
I ask you about this?
Can crossover?
Why not?!
Dead or alive, they are human beings too
And besides, everyone's
going to die one day
I know that if I put heart to it
I'll become famous stylist one day!
I have a dream too! What's your dream?
I want to be an outstanding
dancer you think I can do that?
Brilliant! Of course you will!
Like the saying
your thinking affects your behavior,
your behavior cultivates your habit
and your habit eventually
destined your fate, know that?
Waa! Look at you! You are
turning into an auntie now!
Excuse me! I'm not an auntie!
Even if I am one, I am
a sophisticated one! Ok?
Ok ok please eat...
A toast to our dream! Cheers!
Why are you late?
Don't you know that we are
all waiting for you guys?
Sorry, we were late because
we were house moving earlier
That the reason but no worries we'll
sing two more songs to compensate
Love singing so much?! Follow me then!
Please come here....
Huh? Huh?
Hey! They are our
neighbor! Neighbors? Hi!
Hurry up and sing the birthday song
Birthday song is great!
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to.... Excuse me... please?
Hey! How can you sing a birthday song
without any expression?! Let me sing ok?
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...
Make a wish! -Ok!
Yea....! Thank you!
Yea...! So much fun here....! Let's eat!
Why don't we take a group
photo in such a happy occasion?!
That's right! Ready, one two three!
Today's the birthday of
my best friend Zhang Jing Yi
This guy with the guitar
What a coincidence to be his neighbor
He seems distance..
But somehow.. His voice
Attracts me... Iike a black hole..
How are you? What you want?
Can you stop rapping?
What I want to say is.. Even
though you don't know me
I am definitely not a rascal.
You can call me Baby
And I'll call you honey!
And this phone will become our 'baby'
This dialogue sounds familiar.
Did you copy from a movie?
Definitely not! 100% local
production! Made in Malaysia!
So... What do you want?
Well, since it's your
birthday, this gift is for you
Oh.. Now I understand.
Thank you, thank you!
Actually there is discount for this
phone. Come look for me if you want it
Your actual gift is here
Take it
Don't forget to call me tonight!
Oh... And don't miss me!
But.. Your door is...
I'm sorry... Call me. Bye
Silly trick! But... kind of charming...
Seven eight! Alright,
let's stop here today
Both of you can leave now.
Xiao Li please stay
There is something wrong
with your movement earlier
That turning...
Yours...... That one......
Doesn't seem right...... Try again
Wrong... You should focus
here! You must look here
Ready... Turn!
Wrong! When you turn, your
body must be straight!
Your body must be
straight. Let's try again...
There is still something
wrong. Let's try again...
I got an announcement!
What? You made someone pregnant?
So you are getting married right?
That's not true! But you
ARE that kind of person...
Stop talking nonsense!
Eagles' band is going to be famous!
Are we producing an album? No...
Someone invites us for world
tour? That's great man!
No! Then?!
Spill it out! Stop the suspense!
Can you see this?! Can
you see what this is?!
It's a piece of paper! 2009 Rock
and Roll "Music" competition?
It's Band! Huh? Competition?
As long as we take part in this competition,
we'll have the opportunity to be famous!
Loving music is not to
take part in competitions
What are you talking about?!
Don't you dream of
singing to the world?!
I don't want to take
part in that competition!
But this is a good opportunity
Do you know that if we take part, we'll
have the opportunity to be famous?!
We'll become famous man?!
Famous ar!!!
Even if don't participate in competitions,
our music will still be appreciated
If you guys want to take
part please go ahead!
If you don't participate, how
will they know who you are?!
If they don't know who you are then
how will they appreciate your music?!
Who will listen to your
songs? Be co-operative brother!
Let me tell you something. In this society,
you will win if you have the money!
Do you have money?! You?!
Or you?!
Are you looking down on me now?!
You say I don't have money?!
Well yes, I don't have
any now but so what?!
Don't be rude!
Hey come on!
I wonder why we named our band Eagles?!
Now? We should call
ourselves Ostrich instead!
Ostrich is good enough!
Remember! No more Eagles now!
Eagles are gone! We are Ostrich now!
Ostrich great!
Quail sounds good too!
Quail? Quail? Sounds kind of delicious...
I have not eat yet...
Extremely hungry...
Supper time...!
Just because of your
band again? Forget it
Let me share with you
In the 18th century a great
musician Beethoven once said
As long as there music is in our heart...
Anything can be tuned
into beautiful melody
Just like the following part
You've open so many bottles! Finish it!
Hey? Why stop playing?
You played so well!
Didn't expect you to know saxophone,
sing and even play the guitar.
What is your name?
My name is Yi Xin.
I'm Ke Li, you can call me Xiao Li.
Oh yea
I accidentally knocked down
your saxophone the other day
You seemed overly anxious
Is it very important to you?
My dad gave it to me
What a great show it shall
be if you and your dad
can perform together
My dad passed away
This saxophone is the
only thing he left me with
I've got something
to tell. -Please go on
You are an awfully dancer!
I'll work hard!
But when have you see me dance?
Are you waiting for someone?
Recently a few young
men moved in, right?
Yes. Who are you waiting for?
I'm waiting for Yi Xin
Oh Yi Xin. Who are you?
I'm his mother
Hi I'm Ke Li, you can call me Xiao Li
Xiao Li
He won't be home so early
Why don't you wait inside my house?
No, thanks.
Then, I'll wait here together with you
He's back
Yi Xin!
What are you doing here?
I'm worried about you
I brought you some
money. Please take it.
I don't want your money. Do you
think money can buy everything?
Get out!
Just like how you abandoned us
Why are you still standing here?
How many times do you want me to move!
Get out!
How can you do this to
her! She is your mother.
It's none of your business! -You!
So charming! I've a lots of his photo
Can you send to me please? Ok
Is this who they're
talking about? Charming?
Xin Er, Xin Er
Is that you? You have the wrong person.
Xin Er I'm your mother!
Please come home with me Xin Er...
Xin Er!
Why are you so naughty?
Refusing to come home?
I've been looking for you for so tough!
When have you become
so naughty! -Hey! Stop!
Are you alright Xiao Li? Who is she?
I don't know, I don't know her,
she probably have the wrong person.
Xin Er I'm your mother!
You must be the villain!
You're the one influences
my daughter away!
I'm going to kill you!
You dare to fight??
Xiao Li, are you alright? Let's go!
You thug! Don't take my daughter away!
I'll kill you! I'll kill you!
Xiao Li!
Go to hell!
Why is your hand bleeding?
Painful? Let's go hospital!
Who are you?
You are not my daughter!
Where is my Xin Er?
Xin Er! Let's go I'll
bring you to the doctor
What are you looking at? Organ donation
Look at this, it's so meaningful!
Yea, I think so too...
Shall we...
Miss, can you borrow us your pen?
Xiao Li you're injured!
- Oh I'm alright now
Please be more careful next
time. What are you writing?
Organ donation! -Donate organ?
You should sign for it!
Donate organ? Are you Crazy?
What if different organs are lost
here and there when you are awake?
Look at you!
How can you turn something so
meaningful into something so unpleasant?!
Definitely donating! Jing Yi,
can you please pass me the form?
Especially you must donate! -I agree!
Miss, do you have pen? Thanks
Look at me. As a Malaysian
We should be compassionate.
Sign your name.
Why am I signing?
You are donating, right?
Are you alright?
You are not mad at me anymore?
How old are we now?
Still want to do the "l don't friend
you, you don't friend me game?" Come on!
Don't worry. I am not a
baby. Please sign here then...
I will absolutely donate
I love helping people
it's just so meaningful
Doctor please
I have high regards for young people like you
to have such a caring and compassionate heart.
Actually, when people passed away
Their organ will no
longer be useful to them
But if we are able to use
these organs for those in need
We can save another life...
It also means that we can prolong
our own legacy through another life
It's so meaningful
So we have to take care of our health
In order to help others
in future, alright?
Thank you doc. -I'm
worry about you man
Is your hand still
painful? Are you alright?
I'm alright
Actually that woman doesn't
have any bad intention
I pity her
I pity her too
Do you still hate your mother?
I don't even treat
her as my mother. -Why?
My dad is a musician
My mother remarries a richer
man because my father was poor
Not long, my dad died of illness
I'll never forgive her
I like the sound of saxophone
I can feel it's subtle delicate
You are very sentimental
I didn't mean to be so
fierce to you the other day
It's alright. Actually
I am very fierce as well
Do you have blog?
Then, do you like cycling?
Not so into it...
Hey! Why are you always so cool?
Is it?
This is it! Exactly! This smile!
Remember to smile
more, look so charming...
I came to understand him more
now as he share with me his story
We are closer than before.
Alas! Mine was a very long story
Whenever I think of it
It will make me cry! And
I detest being like this!
I just encouraged him to smile
more and lead a happier life
Just like how my brother heartens me
To be positive in living
Toast to good health and youthfulness!
Most importantly
prosperous business! Great!!
Mr. Kang, to be frankly,
you are exceptional!
You can sing, can act and owns a cafe
How much more wealthy can you get!
Of course! Don't you even
think of surpassing me!
Yeah right!
Talk about it when you won
the Pop Star Competition!
Don't miss this opportunity!
You like to eat, eat then!
He's right you know. It makes sense.
Alright, Yi Xin gets it.
The party today is for both of them...
Since you are alright now
Another important thing
about both of you...
Ar... haha...
Don't tease them anymore.
They are nothing but...
What! Just lovers alright?
I always thought you
like me all this while
So, you like her huh?!
Let's eat...
A lot of people out there
are anticipating your singing
What about a local song?
No problem! I'll do it now!
Big round applause!
Datuk! Since you like my singing
I shall sing you my own composing
Yeah! Mr Kang you're the best!
Saya tinggal di Petaling
Jaya, sebelah kanan ada 1 Utama
Sebelah kiri ada lkea,
Tapi saya I Love Malaysia!
Yeah! Great!
Mr. Kang! Please come down!
What do you want?
I have been listening to you for so long
You sounded terrible! And
you call this singing?!
If this is not singing, then what
would it be? Playing a trumpet?
Don't stop me!
If this is the case,
those singers behind me
Can be considered to
be singers too right?!
These two behind you
looks more like apes man!
How can you sound rude like that?
You can sound rude but not me
You sound power than anyone else?!
We are all striving to expand our
local singers and local productions.
We gentlemen make full use of
our tongue not our fist, alright?!
So, prove to us then if your
singers can sing as well as you said
Make full use of tongue not fist, huh?!
Let's go on the stage!
You see, Mr. Kang!
This is what singing is!
And you call this making full
use of your tongue not fist?!
Let me show you the real deal! Vick!
(Chinese song)
(Chinese song)
This is what talent means
You have one?! I have one too!
Let's see?! -You think you have
it all?! I'll show you more!
(Chinese song)
(Chinese song)
(Chinese song)
I think you have no more
to show! -Who say so?
Get off your legs! That's her...
(Chinese song)
(Chinese song)
Mr. Kang! Don't be so arrogant!
Thank you very much!
I will be back!
What? Not again?!
What a coincidence! Waiting for someone?
Ah? No... Yes...
Is your hand still painful?
A little
Xiao Li are you alright?!
You gave me a shock!
Where else are you hurt? Let me see it?
You seem fine
I know you can't be possibly calling me
if you are in a serious condition, right?
Let's go eat something.
But you can't take seafood
What else we can eat...?
Oh yea no seafood! We'll
have salad then. Let's go.
Your friend? Do you want to eat? Ah...
Ah.. Means no... Ok let's go then
Let's go...
Why are you not eating?
You say cannot eat seafood
But you took me here to have fish?!
Yea fish consider seafood
But fish is another type of seafood
It is not poisonous. And so we can eat.
I say can means can ok?!
Come take more fish and veggie
Wasted! Finish it!
Another thing
Who is the guy just now?
He is my neighbor
His eyes looked peculiar
when he gazes at you
I think he's into you!
That's not true!
See! He saves my life
Save your life?
In that situation
Anyone with humanity
will save your life ok?
If it's me?
I can guarantee that you
will not even have a scratch
Not even a single drop of your hair
If it's you?
I think I am the one
saving you instead ok?
Let's eat! Ok...
Yi Xin, there's seafood
noodles in the kitchen
Left half of it
Do you want to eat?
Something is wrong!
Someone seems overly moody!
Why you look moody?
I thought you are going for dating
Kisses until fainted only
back home? -That's right!
Hello Xiao Li...
Tomorrow? Yeah, I am free
Alright then see you tomorrow
- See you tomorrow??
Dating already!
Abandoning your friends now!
Come let's go for a drink
now! Knew he won't go...
I'm starved, do you want to eat?
Go and eat! Everyday
eat just like a pig!
There are a lot of guitars here!
Can you help me choose one?
I want to give it to my friend
Sure! But I don't know which
type of guitar your friend like
You decide. I know nothing about guitars
This one! This one should be ok!
Alright, this is for you then! -Why?
Because when saving me the other day
You accidentally broke yours
So I am replacing you a new guitar
But... I have a request
I am going for a dancing competition
If I am chosen
I'll be touring around the world
This is my dream, I hope
you can give me support!
That's not a problem
It's just that this
guitar is way too expensive
No worries
Take it as my investment on you
In future you must
play me beautiful songs
What about we share?
Why are you so fussy?
Alright then promise me another thing
Why do you have so many requests?
I hope you will take part
in that band competition
Hey! Why are you like that!
You should smile when you receive a gift
Let's go, pay money
Young man no use to be only thinking
Action speaks louder
Lift up your leg!
Young man, why are
you still deliberating?
It will be too late and you will
regret if you continue seating here
Brother Xin! Look!
Eagles' band is getting recognized!
There are a lot of people viewing
the site I designed for your band
Actually, your band is getting popular
You should really consider
that competition. Ok?
I'm might not be talented
But I believe that my hard work
will compensate my short comings
I really don't mind working extra hard
To fulfill my dream
If only I can reverse time
I will choose to give up my dream
That fateful day, l
insisted dad mom and brother
To take me for a dancing course
registration in Kuala Lumpur
After registration
Happily we head home... Only... To be
traumatized by a merciless accident
We are all sent to the hospital
I was petrified!
My dear brother a national bicycle racer
Lost his leg!
He is now a disable person!
He cannot cycle anymore!
Not only he did not blame me
He encouraged me to take it easy
as it was an unintended accident
Don't blame myself! I must be strong
and live my life happily ever after
Dad and mom passed away
Grandma who is already very
male oriented loathe me even more
She starts treating me as if I am
some kind of ill fated bad luck star
You're a doomed disaster carrier!
Why are you still standing here?!
I don't want to see your face!
Get out of my sight!
Isn't it not enough that you've
caused your parents' death?!
What are you thinking? Get out! Out!
Grandma, calm down! I'll
have a look on Xiao Li
Xiao Li!
The day has come
But why am I still not dancing properly?
I really feel like crying
But I cannot give up yet
This opportunity is so hard to
attain so I must not give up easily
Even if the world
thinks I may not succeed
As long as I'm able to dance
I'll prove to everyone!
Li Ke Yi's sister's, you will make it!
Just like a bicycle
As long as I continue cycling
I'll reach my destination eventually
however far the place may be
Don't give up! I'm Yi Xin
Are you the cool guy, Yi Xin?
How do you come across my blog?
Saw your message in Eagles' band blog
Your encouragement not sincere enough...
Hey?! Xiao Li, is that you?
Of course it's me! Who else?
Tell you something, I finally
signed up for the competition
Band competition?
Great! I'll go and support you!
I'll go and support you too
But... you must not laugh at me!
I thought you asked me
to smile more often?!
Oh ok...
I'll make it!
All the best! -You too!
Be more serious today guys
The reason is...
I am going to singing today! Yeah!
Yes sir!
So many people!
One, two, three! -Hold on!
The phone is ringing!
Fatty! How many times must I remind
you?! Never answer calls when working?
But it's your phone
Is that so?
We must answer all calls
What if it is business opportunity?!
What is the matter?
Let's pack up and go!
Go?! But why??
Yi Xin has decided to take
part in the competition!
Get down here!
What do you think you are doing?
So many people waiting for you guys to
sing but still jumping up and down then?!
Yeah! We don't need to sing
anymore. -Let go off my hand!
We are taking part in that competition!
It's none of my business whatever
competition you want to take part
But it is you that encourage us to
look forward this competition right?!
And by doing so, we need
more time to practice right?!
Even so you don't need
to stop singing now right?
No! We have to!
When have I agree to it? -You had!
Did l? -You did!
Great! You guys have got guts!
You can go now! -Yeah!
And no salary for you!
Hey Gorgeous! You called me?
( songs continue...)
( songs continue...)
( songs continue...)
( songs continue...)
( songs continue...)
( songs continue...)
( songs continue...)
( songs continue...)
( songs continue...)
( songs continue...)
( songs continue...)
( songs continue...)
Waa! My name is...
That's too rough...
Not a fighting game...
This is our album we
hope you will accept it
This is not a proposal! Silly!
Try another one...
This is our album please accept it
Not bad huh?!
Hi! How are you? Hi hi!
I'm Li Xiao Long...... No No!
I'm Xiao Long...... No No!
I'm Xiao Long from Eagles' band
This is our new album
hope you can accept it
Oh, actually we've got a program, 'lntroducing
New Local Songs' in our radio station
It's to boost up our local artistes
and we support local music profoundly
Let me try to arrange something
for your band, alright?
Thank you so much!
You are so kind! Thanks!
( songs continues...)
( songs continues...)
( songs continues...)
( songs continues...)
( songs continues...)
( songs continues...)
( songs continues...)
The bands that can proceed
to our next level are Rosevelt
Fire Music and Eagles'
band! Congratulations!
Relax and just dance
Don't think about being chosen or not
I can do it!
I'll prove it to my
brother and also my grandma
I really hope
That grandma can see me dance
What about you?
Have you ever think
about forgiving your mom?
Happy birthday! -Thank you!
How do you know it's my birthday today?
I saw your organ donation
form the other day
Allow me to sing you a song. -Alright.
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...
(songs continues...)
(songs continues...)
(songs continues...)
(songs continues...)
(songs continues...)
(songs continues...)
Happy Birthday to you...
Make a wish
Come and eat cake! You too!
Want to dance?
You know how to dance?
Have I say I don't know how? Oh ok...
I think should be no problem for Jing Yi
She is a good dancer
right? but Xiao Li...
Hey, what are you talking
about? Xiao Li can't?
I said Jing Yi Ok!
I said Xiao Li Ok!
Hey no worries...
Everything's gonna be fine ok?
Ok?! Ok!
This is weird. Everyone is leaving
but why aren't they out yet?
What took them so long?
Come on think about something!
I'm thinking now already!
Here they are!
Ok! Hurray!
Both of you please stop! I
ask you! How about Xiao Li?
Xiao Li... Xiao Li...
Never mind. Forget about that!
We'll take part in singing
competitions instead.
Let's go practice in
karaoke. I'll pay! Let's go.
Ok great!
Are you alright?
It's ok we'll try next time
I MADE lT! -Really??!
Xiao Li! Brother!
Brother, why are you so late?
Brother! I MADE lT!
Wonderful! Finally your dream came true
Where is grandma?
She didn't come
He is my brother
Brother, this is Yi Xin
Nice to meet you!
Xiao Li told me a lot about you
Big Brother!
Nice to meet you.
What do you do for a
living? I own a bicycle shop.
Great! We can work together in future
Let's me share with you our plan...
Come on! Discuss more over dinner ok?
Let's go celebrate! Let's go!
Go... Grandma...
I have been chosen
I'll be touring around the country
And I won't be back for a while...
Grandma... I'm leaving...
You have to take care...
Xiao Li!
Don't cry!
Don't worry... I'm here...
About grandma...
I will take good care...
You go and pursue your dream
Hopefully everything goes
well. I will always support you.
Finally, I'm chosen to represent
the dance tour around the country
I really wish I can share
this joy with grandma
But... grandma
I wonder when she will ever forgive me.
Yi Xin
I really hope for the day to come
When grandma and me
You and your mom
Can all dine together...?
And be happily ever after
Let us share the joyful day together
I'm hungry let's eat?
- Ok!
I know there's one good
Japanese restaurant around
This bicycle is so cute
Not bad
Others model is pretty cute too
That one not bad too
Welcome! You can create
your feature on it!
You can create a model with your girlfriend's
image and place it along the bicycle
Do one!
Like I mentioned before, we have
a good opportunity working together
Our company service is very efficient
We can help your business expand bigger
Our concept real suit you... sorry
Most importantly
We are efficient, effective
And our procedures are very simple
If you need to dispatch anything
So feel free to use our service
I like your idea!
Let's work together then!
A toast to our future flourishing
collaboration together!
Thanks! Opps sorry...
Thanks! I'm starved
Let's go eat something
So you can play the piano
Have I ever told you I don't know how?
Why do you like this song so much?
My parents loved this song
They used to sing me this
song when I was little
whenever I hear this song
I can feel their warm embracing
It's as if my parents are still here
Protecting me
Stand by me
Let me protect you from now on
Let's eat!
You too!
Tell me frankly, why
are you here suddenly?
Because I miss you!
Miss me?!
Alright then!
Let me help you with a nice hairstyle.
What kind of style do you want?
You are not here for hairstyling, right?
What's up?
Ermm, can you do me a favor?
Favor? What's up?
Since you're a famous stylist now
Can you please style for a band?
A band?
That Eagles' band?
That's right!
You're genius! -So this is
the reason you're for me?!
Ok I'll do it! But one question...
You like one of them?
That eagle who can sing right?!
No?! Look at you...
Why is your face so red then?!
Must be! -Hee...
Let me do some
preparations. Wait a minute.
Stop eating!
Yi Xin, Leo had promised
to become our stylist!
But you guys have to do your best ok?
I don't usually style
for "people" ok?
The clothes are ready
for you guys, take it!
So dull?
So small?
You are Eagles not Fat-Gles!
Look at you Fatty! You should keep fit!
What a brilliant idea! Shall
we do some exercise tomorrow?
Build up stamina ok?
You sure will lose to me!
Lift up your leg!
Lift up your leg! Excuse me Aunty!
Don't you know I just bought this shoe?
You... You... You call me Aunty??!
UNCLE! Call me Beauty!
Every day I've been wiping this floor
But you people nonstop stepping on it
When can I ever stop wiping then?!
Aunty! Don't call me Uncle!
I'm "lncle" means
very "ln" uncle ok?
Stop eating Fatty!
(song continue)
(song continue)
(song continue)
(song continue)
(song continue)
I feel so energetic after cycling
I want to make a wish!
I wish for all the girls
around the world to like me!
What do you say huh? -Just kidding!
I wish everyone around the
world can listen to our music!
Then I wish to be the most outstanding
female dancer in the whole wide world!
I want everyone around the world to acknowledge
that our local Chinese music is the best!
I just wish to endorse all the
delicious food and beverages!
You Fatty only thinking of food!
Eagles' band is the BEST!
I want Eagles' band to become
the best in the whole wide world!
I want to be the most
popular dancer in the world!
Cheers! Cheers!
This band is marvelous!
I know them very well,
they compose their own songs
Even can dance!
And most importantly
they sing very well!
If we can sponsor them
It's going to be a win-win
situation for both parties
So Winnie what do you think?
If this is the case...
I truly support our local
artistes and local productions
I say we should go
ahead and sponsor them.
Really?! -Yes!
Dad, finally I made it to the finals
Please bless me for this!
Shu Fang... I'm so sorry
Because of my own selfishness
I've destroy our family's happiness
you left home due to my infidelity
One thing I can never
forgive myself is that...
I never have the guts
to tell Yi Xin the truth
And misled him to misunderstand you...
With fears of losing him
I dare not tell him the truth
I hope you can forgive him
Please don't blame him. He is innocent
I sincerely hope you will
take good care of yourself
And lead a happy life
If I were given another chance
I will surely appreciate you
And cherish our love
Take care
I am sorry
All these while
I've misunderstand you
Please forgive me.
My dear son
Up next let us welcome Fire Music!
But this makes me look girlish!
Who say so?! Isn't it pretty??!
Yea yea... pretty!
That's right! This match you
Ya right?!
This match your "chicken"
Jing Yi, is Xiao Li here yet?
She said she will be slightly late
Miss her already?!
That's not true!
Let me get my hair done. -Alright!
This really match your
"chicken" -ls eagle
- Is eagle!
But it looks like "chicken"
Let's welcome our special guest
Katherine Chan Kai
Ting from New Pro Star
(songs continue)
(songs continue)
Get ready, hurry up!
Always didn't pick up the phone!
Eagles! Hurry up and get ready!
Hurry up!
Why you guys still here?
It's your turn now hurry up!
Hey bro!
Hurry up! Everyone is waiting for us!
Dun worry she will come, let's go!
Let's pass the stage to
the most energetic performer
The Eagles' Band!
Eagles! Come on!
If she is sent here earlier
to receive immediate treatment
She might survive
Since she is an organ donor
Her organ will be
donated to those in need
We shall put that into order
Let me finish off with the procedures
I'll see you later
Why are there so many
irresponsible people?!
If only they send you in earlier
You will survive
You are just so young
On the sixtieth day we met
She left this world
But she left with all
her happiness behind
I will never forget her
When I saw that little girl, Xiao Ying
I can felt that warmth I used to feel
I know it's the legacy of Xiao Li's
life continuing on. Just like saxophone
If you don't blow it
You'll never hear melodious music
Just like a dream
If you dare not step out
you can never reach it
Xiao Li
I've finished
I hope you'll like it
I can hardly believe it... The
very first time I make you up
Is in a place like this
This is what she left behind
Before she met that accident
I've repaired it
I believe it belongs to you
(song) Sealed coffin ceremony.
Xiao Li is gone! Why
can't you forgive her?!
Don't stop me!
Go away!
Let go of my hand!
Please don't be like that...
Stand right there!
Shut up
( Ke Li singing )
She left this world earlier than me
She's considered not filial
You think she can rest
in peace like this?!
Xiao Li! My dear granddaughter Xiao Li!
Grandma has long forgiven you!
You listen to grandma now
Please go well
Go with no regrets
You can rest peacefully now
Do you know that?
You're my dear granddaughter
Why take my granddaughter
away from me??!
Xiao Li!
Oh my dear granddaughter!
As a local singer-songwriter
We should have our own principle
I'm certain that if we insist on
our own principles pursuing our dream
We will be successful
We can do it!
Thank you Datuk! Yeah!
I've lost!
I won!
Can't I meet sis Xiao Li recently?
I would like to see her