The Damned (1963) Movie Script

# Black leather, black
leather # # rock, rock, rock #
# Black leather, black
leather # # Ta, ta, ta #
# Black leather, black
leather # # Hip, hip, hip #
# I got that feeling #
# Black leather rocks #
# Black leather, black
leather # # rock, rock, rock #
# Black leather, black
leather # # Ta, ta, ta #
# Black leather, black
leather # # Hip, hip, hip #
# I got that feeling #
# Black leather rocks #
# Black leather, black leather
# # Smash, smash, smash #
# Black leather, black leather
# # Crash, crash, crash #
# Black leather, black
leather # # Kill, kill, kill #
# I got that feeling #
# Black leather rocks #
# Black leather, black leather
# # Smash, smash, smash #
# Black leather, black leather
# # Crash, crash, crash #
# Black leather, black
leather # # Kill, kill, kill #
# I got that feeling #
# Black leather rocks #
Forth into battle, dear chaps !
[ Guys are chattering ]
Left, right, left,
right, left, right ...
[ Guys whistle the
tune 'Black leather' ]
Black leather, black
leather Crash, crash, crash
Black leather, black
leather Smash, smash, smash
You 'appy in your work, Charly ?
You, go back to London !
I should have given
you some more warning.
No, I'm always glad to see you.
Could I have some tea, please ?
Then what's the matter ?
You let my birdhouse
to a new girlfriend ?
No, No new girlfriend
The place is yours, for this summer.
I brought a friend for two summers.
I call it my graveyard bird, hah.
How do you like it?
This? I like this very much indeed.
Would you like me to go back to London?
I want you to stay, Freya.
I love it.
I do my best work here, too.
Mr. Wells? Your passport.
I think I better sit down for a minute
Come unto the tables here.
Good evening, sir.
- Are you allright?
- Yes, thanks.
- Shall I get a doctor for you?
- No
- Thank you very much
- Not at all.
- How do you do?
- Major Holland, Miss Freya Nielssen.
- Wellcome to Weymouth.
- Thank you.
Would you excuse my appearance,
I've been sight-seeing.
I gather he was beaten up by teddy boys.
- But why?
- They wanted my money, I guess.
Did you lose very much?
I wasn't carrying a lot?
But why did they beat you up?
Here we are, this is what you need.
Thank you.
I'm sorry to put you
into so much trouble.
That's no trouble at all. It gives
me an excuse to have one myself.
How are you, Sir?
Captain Gregory, Miss Nielssen.
How do you do?
Captains and majors, hum?
Do they both belong to you?
Ay, and I keep a pet kernel
in the kindle at home.
You will excuse us, sir.
Thanks again.
Come on
Now... ...Where did all this happen
Maybe he doesn't want to explain
I'll say this. I never
expected a thing like ...
to happen to me in England.
You thought England was a country
of old ladies knitting socks.
Now let me put it this way: I
expected you, but not the street gangs.
The age of senseless violence
has caught up with us, too.
Oh I'm sorry. I'm sure you're
in no mood to listen to me...
...moralising about your misfortunes.
O hear, I like to listen to people
who know what they're talking about.
My trouble is, I never
believe anything they say.
Good for you!
You think so?
- Yes I do.
- I don't.
The people who know all the
answers are much happier.
Then why aren't you one of them?
I just told you, I
don't like the answers.
I'd er, better wash my face. It's much
easier to people like when you're clean.
Will you excuse me
I like him
I thought you would.
I like him 'caus he doesn't like
the world, it's a good beginning.
- It's hardly enough, is it?
- I agree.
Your... military friends,... they belong to
your mysterious project?
- Yes.
- How is it going?
- Very well.
- Very well.
Top secret.
You know, someone once told me that...
...when a bureaucrat
wants to keep his job...
...he stamps everything top secret.
Is that true?
It's probably true, sometimes.
I er, hate your secrets, Bernard.
...if I were to tell you...
...even a little bit about
what you call 'my secrets'...
...I might be condemning you to death.
Please trust my judgement.
Now, would you like a drink before
dinner? Or would you like to go out ...
in search of that Italian...
[ Loud music starts ]
How's that then?
Not bad. Let's have
a go then. More magic
How about that?
How about that one over there, Denny?
- Yea, but...
- Do you mind, I want to speak to my sister.
What's the matter, Joan?
Makes you feel big, paying
with the American's money?
Money 's money, innit?
- I wonder what kind of man he is?
- Looking for pick ups.
- Maybe.
Look, Joan. It's you and me against the
world. It's been this way since we were kids.
He offered me his arm
to cross the street.
Yeah! Real boy scout.
...Black leather, black
leather, crash, crash, crash...
...Black leather, black
leather, coo, coo...
[ She shouts something to the boys ]
[ Motor engine starts ]
Never seen a boat before?
You've got to find someone else
today, I haven't got a penny on me.
What do you want, this time?
You couldn't be talking to me.
Why are you doing it?
There couldn't be any money
in it. Is it for kicks?
Huh ?
- I'm gonna have a private yacht any day now.
I am very happy for you.
Now look, if you have anything
to say, please say it, ...
...otherwise move along.
Or I'll call the cops.
Oh, you're much prettier out of jail.
As long as you're not pulling
your pretty little games on me...
You can do as you like.
It takes two to play pretty litle games.
Look, I invited you for a drink.
You didn't.
You didn't invite me anywhere.
You invited a little tart
you picked up on the street.
You didn't invite me anywhere.
Well who are you, Lady Godiva?
- That would make you peeping Tom.
- Oh!
Whoever I am, I'm not who you think.
You never even asked my name.
With a figure like that,
You don't need a name.
Okay... Okay, it's all my fault.
I thought you were a little tart. I'll
do better than that. I still think so.
Now what's your name?
Joan !
My name is Simon.
How do you do, Simon.
How do you do, Joan.
- Surly little thing.
- Ahem.
- Why are you here?
- I'm on holiday.
- From what?
- Everything.
I used to be an insurance executive,
but I decided to givbe it up.
It's a nice life
What is?
To be able to give it up.
If you don't like what
you're doing, I mean.
Oh, allow me to correct you, dear
chap. Joanie here is my sister.
- You couldn't be.
- Oh yes!
And I'm sure your sort isn't
interested in my sister.
Is that why you send here out into the streets?
- Simon!
- Get out of the boat, Joanie.
- Stay where you are, Joan.
If I was Simon, I'd let her go.
Now, if you wanna go
fishing, Simple Simon... may go.
Don't ever do that again, Joanie.
I'll do what I like, King.
Do you think I'll let a man
put his dirty hands on you.
Go on! Go home, Simon! Good riddance!
Bye bye!
Have a nice trip! Get on it. God Bless!
Go on, Joan. Give it up!
I'm glad he fell in the water!
When you come back to
shore, Simple Simon...'re a dead man.
[ Engines roar away ]
- Sorry you came?
- Oh no, I'm looking forward...
to spending the rest
of my life out here.
It might be nice.
I's just ducking. Now
that you carried me off... such a rag style,
what are you going to do?
Can't go back to Weymouth.
Look, I'm not afraid of King
Well I am.
Do you know what happened the last
time I tried to go out with a man?
I was locked in a cupboard for a week
Locked in a cupboard
and I'm 20 years of age.
Don't you have any parents?
No. King is all I've got.
Well, you should be
glad to be rid of him.
- Who says I am?
- I do.
Well you're wrong.
All that happened is that I'm stuck out
here in the middle of the ocean on a boat...
and King is waiting and watching
for me to go back and for you.
That isn't the only thing
that's happened and you know it.
For a split second you have the choice
of staying with King and coming with me.
Oh don't try and make anything of that.
Actually, you had your whole life to
make up your mind. When you jumped ... jumped on a pure instinct, you know that.
- You might as well stop talking,...
...I'm not listening to you.
- Don't be childish Joan, you don't want that gang or...
...any part of them.
- And I don't want you either,... shut up!
- Why to choose me yesterday?
Because you look as if you have money.
- Is that the only reason?
Why did you come back?
Damn you, damn you, damn you.
You are dirty, you're just
what King said you were.
I'm gonna get myself a
beer, do you want one?
I don't drink?
- King's rules?
Joan, I'm sorry.
I was clumsy and
brutal. It was my fault.
Will you forgive me?
- For what?
I want you to put me
ashore please, Simon.
What will you do about King?
That's my affair.
Look, I've got plenty of gas. We can
go anywhere in the south coast,... France if you like
I don't speak French. Look,
why don't you go to France?
You can spend your life running away.
But I'd be running away from you.
But I have to live with what I got.
Please put me ashore.
You go back to the gang?
I know a place I can hide for
a while, until he cools off.
If you really want to go, I... There
is nothing I can do to stop you...
...but I wish you'd stay.
I won't have anybody to fight with.
Please put me ashore, Simon.
Pick me up at the Gloucester tree, will you Timothy?
- Very well, sir.
The bird in a guildered cage, ay Dingle?
More like a guildered bird
in a rather rusty cage.
These security chaps have the
imagination of prison wardens.
What destroys me is the
waste of all our talent.
Bernard was telling me of his last
visit to the minister, the other day.
"What kind of education?",
said that noble person.
Kind of education? Why,
my kind of education.
The fellow himself is a
practically illiterate.
What hurts you, Dingle, is the fact that
you can't accept somebody else's authority
if it were up to you, you'd turn
all our children to beatniks.
In the circumstances, would that matter?
Unfortunately we can't
predict the circumstances.
Self-reliance is really
all we can give them.
Self-reliant character gentility.
Do you think these values
will mean anything, Gregory?
Oh, I don't really think about
that sort of thing, dear boy.
You're the sort that built
the empire, don't you?
How did you do it without thinking?
I'm a little out of my debt,
I'm sure. but I had a shot at it.
Any.. bully could command obedience.
Only a gentleman could command loyalty.
Good morning!
- Good morning.
Draw the curtains, will you please, Dingle
- Yes sir.
11.55. Switch that thing on then.
Good morning, children.
Sit up, please. I hope we're not in
our rebellious meed, this morning.
We don't like being seen this way.
There's no other way.
We want to see you the
way we see each other.
Sit up, please.
Now, this is our morning for
questions, if you have any.
- Sir?
- Yes George.
...Is that true?
- Yes.
But none of you are
brothers and sisters.
But sir, there are nine of us.
If any boy can marry any girl...
...there is going to be one left over.
Your arythmatic is sound.
But I don't think
Sir, I like the boxing, but the
other boys won't fight with me.
He hits too hard
Well, Charles, perhaps Mr. Stuart
could provide a punching bag,...
...not in person, of course.
- Hahahah.
- Sir? When we grow up, the girls I
mean, will we all look like Miss Vermont?
You will look as you do now.
You will be bigger, of course.
This mysterious question, sir.
Then I shall do my best, Victoria.
Sir, in your little talks to us, ... talk about responsability
and duty and all of that...
- I'm very sorry if I seem
pompous to you, Victoria.
- That's not it, sir.
But you always talk about
'when the time comes'.
What we want to know is:
when does the time come?
There are many things which you'll
only understand when you're older.
You'll be told everything in time, each new
thing as you're able to understand it,...
and not before.
We're getting very old now, sir.
And we cn understand everything
- You'll have to trust me,
children. and let me be the judge.
- It's not democratic, sir.
That will be all for this
morning. It's time for your lunch.
I'll talk to you again
tomorrow. Good morning.
[ chorus ]
- Good morning sir.
Some day, they will have
to be told everything.
I wished there was some way to avoid it.
What's that place?
That? It's where some big shot lives.
Sometimes he has a
woman staying back here.
She makes these things.
Do you like them?
Do you like them?
I don't know.
Shall we go in?
You mean you plan on hiding out in here?
- Yes, what's wrong with that?
It must be locked.
- Of course it's locked.
Then I'll break the window.
- Oh no....
You must have more respect
for other people's property.
Hey, they're at the birdhouse.
Need any help?
As much as I can get.
This is a fabulous place.
Do you really like it?
You had to see it in the fog.
It's wild and weird. Those rocks.
And there is always a different cloud.
I don't understand you.
Sometimes you sound like...
-I can read.
And sometimes like... ...
something entirely different.
- Are you planning to stay?
I haven't made any plans.
- You can't exist on beer...
I'll make you some food
before you go back to the boat.
I'll see what's left in
the larder, this time.
- What happened?
Cut myself on a blasted tin.
This is all there is. Then
it's back to the biscuits.
Can I see that finger?
- It's nothing.
Please go back to the boat, Simon.
You want me to?
I'm frightened.
Of your brother?
Of you.
You weren't frightened of me before.
You hadn't kissed me before.
I could keep right on kissing you.
Look, I'm not holding
you, and you haven't moved.
Are you there?
I've gone to Paris.
Where did you think I am.
I mean: are you there.
Or are you thinking of something else.
I'm not thinking at all.
Then you're happy.
D'you think to stop
thinking means you're happy?
Sometimes it's the other way around.
But I'm not happy.
It doesn't matter.
Tell me!
I didn't want to be
just somebody's girl.
Will you marry me?
That's what you think now, of course.
I've been married and divorced,
I'm much older than you are...
...but I've never found this
kind of quietness before.
It's as if I were no
longer afraid of dying.
Then I'm lucky.
Thank you Simon.
[ sound of engine ]
Is anybody there?
Well I'm sloppy...
... but I'm not that bad.
Two of them, hm?
This place is like a railroad
station. What can I do for you, sir?
Would you mind getting
out of my bedroom?
Where is Joanie?
Er, hum. Well I don't know.
Where did they go?
You might as well ask
where they came from,...
...who they are,...
I don't have the faintest idea.
If we're gonna have a conference on this
subject I think you'd better get out of here...
...away from that bed
The man is your friend!
Well, he may be,...
...but the odds are against it.
- O, very humorous that is.
I don't like people making fun of me.
I sympathize.
I know your kind.
Smart talking, bad living.
People with no morals.
Maybe my morals are different from yours.
- You don't have any!
You think this junk's all that matters?
I've been here before. I've seen
them. They're nasty, that's why?
Well now, that depends
on how you look at them.
You think I ought to like 'em?
- Sure, don't you?
What have my morals got
to do with your Joanie?
Very strange boy!
I'm strange allright.
I'll show you just how strange I am.
Is this what you make your junk with?
- Give me that thing.
Give it to me, I said. I don't have
anything to do with your Joanie.
You don't know how
much this means to me.
How could you be so cruel?
I enjoyed it, my dear lady.
I don't believe you.
"Where are you, simple Simon?"
There something going on
along the same fence, sir.
The poor devils must have gone over.
You're lucky to be alive, young man.
Why, what kind of
establishment is this, then?
A morgue?
Block C, conference room.
His name is Simon Wells
and he's an American.
Now Major, what would I be likely
to know about a bloke like that?
You tell me.
What's he got to do with your lot?
What's he got to do with your lot?
Be careful. You gave Wells a beating and
today you are chasing him around here. Why?
Major, Major, Major.
I hope you remember my rights as
one of our Majesty's lawful subjects.
As if you had any.
That bothers me, that, does it?
She's moving.
- Where are we?
- Sst! No one is to speak!
Take my hand, follow me.
Your... your hand's as
cold as... ice!
You're warm!
She's warm!
Look, could you just
tell us where we are.
Please, you mustn't speak,
it's much too dangerous.
Simon, Simon, her
hand is as cold as ice.
It doesn't get warm when I touch it.
Well, we're... we're underground
and it's pretty cold here.
But your hand doesn't feel like this. It
gets warm when I touch it. Hers doesn't.
You may speak now, but not too loudly.
They don't have eyes here.
He means television cameras. They watch us in other
places. But they don't know about our hide-out.
Who are they?
- Our teachers.
Could we talk to your teachers?
Oh no, you can't do that.
- Why not?
They're not here, and if the eye saw
you, The black death would come...
...and take you away from us.
Haven't you come to save us?
To save you from what?
I told you were wrong,
Elisabeth. They don't know.
Simon, I'm terribly cold.
Children, even if we can't talk to your
teachers, would you show us the way back?
We can put you back where we found you.
But there is no where to go from there.
Please stay with us for a little while.
We're soaking wet.
- Do you mind being wet? We don't mind being wet.
Don't you catch cold?
I don't know what you mean.
You have blankets and towels?
- Yes.
Richard will get you some
blankets from the dormitory.
Come on, children. The rest of
you have to go to bed now anyway...
...or they will be bound to notice.
- Can't we stay a little longer?
No, do as I say.
Can we touch before we
go? You said she was warm.
Would you mind? You see, they've
never touched warm people before.
It's allright.
Henry, where're you going?
- I'm going to the screen, Victoria, because I missed my turn
You will be missed and
you wil be punished.
You can have your turn tomorrow.
- I don't care. You saw those two.
And Richard saw a bird once.
And I have never seen anything.
All right, go on, but don't be long.
I'll make sure the others are in bed. Then I'll come back.
- Thank you.
We must be somewhere under
that military establishment.
We should let them know we
are here, you'll get pneumonia.
I'll be allright if I can get dry.
Let's stay at least until
we find out what's going on.
These children are not dumb.
The sea doesn't look dangerous
from here. It looks very beautiful
- But the cliff is dangerous.
You must be careful.
- Is there no way down?
- No.
Do you think you'll be comfortable?
Have you decided to stay?
First we need to ask
some more questions.
Let's begin at the
beginning. What's your name?
- Victoria.
Victoria, my name is
Simon. And this is Joan.
There, I've saved your life.
- [ King gasps ]
- I learned how to do it in gymn classes.
- Totally luck, old chap.
Don't you want to come
out now? And come insiode?
The others are in there already.
- Inside where?
- Inside here!
Do you want me to help you?
Trust the boys of the bloodhouse that
they will have something like this.
Do that again!
Are you coming inside?
You said the others are in there?
- They are!
Forth into battle, dear chaps.
Open it.
Open it.
I can't do that, not from inside.
It doesn't work from inside.
You're not allowed to
talk here. Follow me.
How old are you, Victoria?
I'm eleven. We're all eleven. And we
all have our birthdays in the same week.
- How long have you been here?
- We've been here always.
- What about your parents?
Do they come and see you?
Oh, we were hoping you were our parents.
I see.
And do you know why your cold?
- There are some things, Simon,
which you can't understand...
...You'll be told everything in time, each
new thing as you are able to understand it...
...and not before.
- I found another one.
- Don't tell lies, Henry.
- I did, I did!
I found another one.
I saved his life, Victoria.
- Would you like a blanket too?
- No.
- Is he warm too, Simon?
- Yes, Victoria.
I almost drowned
looking for you, Joanie.
Before you get yourself excited,
King, touch the little boys' face.
- Ffff... Joanie, I don't want...
- Go on, touch the little boys' face.
He's dead.
He's dead, I tell you.
- Never mind, Henry.
Never mind what he said.
- Victoria, I'll promise we'll stay
until I find out how to help you.
Now go to bed, children.
- Off to bed now.
I don't sit up nights asking questions
about your private affairs now, do I?
I mean, your fence is
your fence all right.
But we didn't ask the
yank to go jumping over it.
Look, you don't want to know about
a private quarrel, now do you, Major?
Let him go.
Ah. Well er, much obliged to you, Major.
All that that bloke needs is a good trashing.
- Yes, but I don't think he's lying. - No.
Come over here, Joanie.
Do what I say!
- She's staying where she is.
King, as much as I dislike you,
you're still Joan's brother.
- Yes, that's right.
Come over here, Joanie.
- Suppose we fight over Joan,
after we get out of here.
- Allright, let's get out of here.
- You have to wait...
...I promised the children that we'd
stay here at least for the night.
Well I didn't promise
the zombies anything.
And I'm nog gonna stay in
here and watch the two of you.
- What d'you think we're going to do?
- Don't talk dirty, Joanie.
It's you, King, it's
you who thinks dirty.
You tried to lock me up and you tried anything
you can think of, to stop me from being a woman...
...because you never
had a girl yourself.
- It's not true, Joanie.
- Yes it is!
- I only want you out of
the hands of men like that.
- Men like what? Any
man, any man at all.
Would you let me go with
Ted or Sid or any of them?
No man, no man at all, that's true, King.
- Leave me alone.
Leave me alone.
Just don't you put your
hands on them, that's all.
Or I'll kill you both.
And I'm gonna sit here and watch.
- What d'you think I am?
Come on... dry yourself.
Watch you head.
- Two intruders, you said.
- No no, three.
Romeo and Juliet, and er... and
the boy who broke my statue,...
...a dangerous boy, I think.
- Have you told the police?
- No. Should I?
- There is nothing they can do.
That's what I thought.
This place seems to have a
fatal attraction for lovers.
Now why fatal?
- It's just a frase.
Well,... You can't blame the
place for everything, darling.
Times change, people with them.
Sometimes it brings you closer
together, sometimes it doesn't.
Did I change so much, other
than becoming old and ugly?
What would that matter then?
It's just that you have
become a man with a purpose.
You have a purpose too.
Yes, but I tell mine to anyone who care
to listen. Yours is a secret purpose.
I'm a public servant.
You didn't have to become one.
I felt I had no choice.
It's too late to do
anything in private life.
- Too late, why?
I live with one fact. A power has been
released that will melt those stones.
We must be ready when the time comes.
You really believe it's
going to happen, don't you?
Certainly, there's
absolutely no question.
And there is nothing
we can do to prevent it?
- Nothing
Well. ... Back to work.
I don't believe that.
Excuse me sir, may I have a word
with you. We've found nothing, sir.
We're looking for three people.
Haha. A pulic servant is the only
servant who has secrets from his master.
I'm very sorry to leave
you at the last quarter.
- Duty calls?
- Duty calls!
# My hair is gray, but not
with years, Nor grew it white...
# ...In a single night, As men's
have grown from sudden fears: ...
# ...My limbs are bow'd, though not
with toil, But rusted with a vile repose,
# ...For they have been a dungeon's spoil,
And mine has been the fate of those...
# ...To whom the goodly earth and air Are bann'd, and barr'd
- forbidden fare?... #
What's the matter, Joan?
- My head hurts. I must get some air.
I brought you something to eat.
What is it?
- Lunch!
Is this what you eat all the time?
Yes. It has all the minerals and
vitamins. We make it ourselves in the lab.
Were you ever a child, Holland?
I'm sure you don't expect
me to answer that one, sir.
There's always one child missing.
It's been like that for two days.
Going to the
hide-out. - Yes.
And I should like
permission to investigate it.
Have you never had a secret hiding place? You know, in all this time,
Holland, you had nothing more to worry you than one stray rabbit.
How many times have I told you that the mental health of
the children is more important than your ideas of security.
That will be all, Holland.
Thank you very much.
Well, do try to confine yourself to the practical side of
it and don't try to explain the scientific details to me.
You know that I'm against the present arrangement.
- That's not your province, Talbot.
And we must be ready when the time comes.
- It makes observation more difficult, ...
...and we still don't know anything
about maintaining ther immunity.
- Well?
- You remember sir, how we lost the other two?
- What is it, Talbot?
- Mary is developing the same symptoms.
Mary, Mary, You're going
to have an injection.
It comes in spells, Joanie. A
chill doesn't come in spells.
It's being locked up that does it.
I'll be alright.
We think we were being punished for our sins
in a dungeon, like the prisoner of Chillon.
When the time comes our parents are going
to come and open the magic doors for us.
There's no such thing as magic. Your
aren't aking account of the facts.
What are the facts, William?
- We're on a huge spaceship...
...We're going to a star. They're teaching us the history of
earth so that we can build a civilization when we get there.
It's going to be a long long trip. By the
time we get there our teachers will be dead.
That doesn't take account of the rabbit.
- The rabbit was on board all the time.
- Tell me about the rabbit.
We found it one day in here.
- And we used to play with it.
But it grew sleepy and its hair fell out.
And the Black Death came and took it away.
We can't tell you everything now.
We got to get you out of here.
Will you show me the doors?
There's the cave door, and there's the lift where the Black Death comes down.
- And?
But there's another door.
- You take me there.
No he can't, the eyes will see him.
- That doesn't matter, I worked out all the blind spots.
Come on, we may not have much time. - #@#,
Simon! - Don't worry, just wait for me!
Good morning.
- I thought you'd better see this for yourself, sir.
I wish you had let me
investigate that hide-out, sir.
- Sir!
What's he doing? He's following one
of the children. The young William.
Very ingenious of young William But
he forgot that Wells is six feet tall.
Turn them off. I hate those things!
But they are necessary!
- It is not necessary of you to tell me so.
The others may be dead
or they may be with him.
If he went over the cliff when the tide
was right, he could have reached the cave.
Well then there must be something
wrong with the cave door.
Or else he didn't go over the cliff at all.
- Check the birdhouse door first,...
...make sure that Miss Nielssen doesn't see you.
Then take the boat out and check the cave entrance
When we find out how he got in, we
can worry how we can get him out.
He's been there too long already. I do
not want the children to watch him die.
It's just an ordinary lock on this side.
What is a lock, Simon?
Good afternoon, Miss Nielssen.
- Good afternoon.
- I hope I'm not interrupting anything?
- No.
The name is Gregory. You may remember we met at the Closter the other day.
- I remember you.
You're one of Bernard's toy soldiers, aren't you?
- Yes, that's right.
I've been promising myself I would come and see your work some day, by way of improving my mind.
- Mmm. Very clever. Very clever.
It's a very interesting effect, that. Sort of unfinished, really, isn't it?
- Well now,....
...isn't everything in life
sort of unfinished, hmm?
Well, I never really
thought of it like that.
May I come in? - Please,
please. - Thank you.
I hope you don't mind silly questions?
- As long as you don't mind my silly answers.
- Shouldn't I?
- If I could explain these, I wouldn't have to make them.
Yes, quite.
Thank you, Miss Nielssen, You've been very kind. -
Nothing, nothing at all. Come again. Come again. - Thank yo.
All clear Captain.
I'm Sid.
Yes, I've noticed you hanging around.
Perhaps you noticed other
things, too. Where's King?
I hope you have a better
sense of humour than he does.
Yeah, I'm laughing all the time. We
haven't seen him when he came up here
Would you like me to find him for
you? Yeah, maybe you know where he is.
Maybe you know where the brass
is knocking about in your quarry.
[ Bell is ringing ]
Quiet, please. Order, please.
- Sir, Mary's not here.
Don't worry about that,
Victoria. Mary is to stay in bed.
Now children, I have called you together at this unusual time
because it is very important and I want you to cooperate with me.
I know that you have some big people in your
hide-out. Oh yes, I know about your hide-out...
... and I wanted you to keep it. But I
will not be able to let you keep it,...
...unless you help me, is that understood. If you will not
help me, I will be forced to take your hide-out away from you.
Now, Victoria, how many of these
'big people' are you hiding?
Don't be stubborn, children, it's very
important. Big people are dangerous to you.
How did they get inside?
Very well, I can find
out all that later.
Now, Victoria, I want you to go to them
and tell them to come out. Tell them... come to the lift
and we will get them out.
- We want to keep them here, sir.
- You cannot.
I'm very sorry to tell you this.
But here is dangerous for them.
They'll become ill, they will
go sleepy if they stay with you.
They are warm, and nothing
that's warm can live with you. ...
... You will remember what happened to the rabbit.
- You're just trying to frighten us, sir. ...
... We don't believe you.
- You killed the rabbit because we loved it. You sent the Black Death for it because we loved it.
I love you, children, and
I'm trying to protect you.
- You don't.
- You don't.
- Think, children, think.
You will have to do as I say.
King, King, where are you? King, the Black
Death is coming and gonna take you away.
What is it, Henry?
- He's coming for you. You'll get sleepy like the rabbit.
...and open the cave door for us.
- What's the good of that?
- I've been to the other door. It's no good
without a key. You think you can climb these cliffs?
We'll have to swim for it.
- Through those rocks, with a tide like that, with the kids?...
Let them come for us. - No! [ muffled
cry ] - King, I've seen too much.
Are you coming, or not?
Thank you.
I know it's kid stuff, knocking about
in a gang. But what else is there to do?
What would you like to do?
- I don't know.
There aught to be something to do?
Guard, bring the dingy in.
I have had to send someone down.
Because of your disobedience.
... This is a crisis. ...not understand
what is happening. Now try to be quiet.
Think! Think! You will have
to do as I say eventually.
You'd better come out,
Howard. We can't direct you.
Let me go man, for God's sake. Let me go.
- All I want is that key.
- Get rid of it, throw
it away! Throw it away!
Why are you so afraid of this, Major?
- Because we'll go blind, man!
- Get up.
Give me that thing
- Won't do you any good now.
- Now let's be equal.
- Watch him. Joan!
I'm getting you all out of here.
They should be getting
out of these clothes first.
Go on, take 'em off. All of you. - Simon,
we can't. - Don't argue, take them off.
- We can't undress in front of each other.38
- You do as I say.
- Allright, children, undress.
- That's right, Wells. The children
themselves are radio active.
- The children? What in heaven's name are you doing?
- You can't be expected to understand.
- I'm taking them out of here.
- You can't do that, they're dangerous.
- Please Simon, take us out! Please take us out!
- Please!
- Wells, you can't!
- Can't I? Come on children.
- Can we put our clothes on?
- Yes, it doesn't matter now.
- Do you understand what you're doing? - Do you
understand what you're doing? - Yes, certainly.
- Tie him to the bed.
Tie him to the bed!
Come on, Joan. We can't wait.
- I want to go too, Joan.
- We can't leave her, Simon, she's sick.
- Be careful.
Now the children were opening the locks with the
radiation of their own bodies. Now, I've been here,...
... we needn't worry about the
cave door, because I've checked it.
- Then take a complet detachment to this door.02
Alert the helicopters, in case they get any farther.
And Gregory, if Mis Nielssen is at the studio, make sure she doesn't see anything. And hurry.
- Yes sir.
Hello! Anybody there?
Here we are my love. We took a walk. That's the world.
- I'm frightened.
Don't be frightened.
Look, here's something
small, a little flower.
Let me go!
Go away from me.
- No! I'm coming with you, King!
They're children, Bernard. - Gregory!
- Yes sir! - Henry's gone! In the car.
- I've seen you before. You're the man
who knows all about violence, aren't you?
You're the man who knows all the answers,
aren't you? Why are you doing this?
What's it all for? What are you
trying to make out of these children?
What do you want with us?
Anwser me! Will you answer me!
- Where is Major Holland? -
He's down there? - Is he alive?
- He's alive! - Gregory, get him out of
there, as quickly as possible. - Yes sir.
- Mr Wells, you and the young
lady may go to your boat.
Children, Bernard. 48
- The worst of this incident is ...
...that my children will now think of
themselves as prisoners and as freaks.
- Did you do this thing to them, Bernard?
- They were born as they are. ...
...Their mothers were exposed to an unknown
kind and level of radiation by an accident.
I don't need to tell you that there are such
accidents. Three hundred in the past fifteen years.
That is a fact. We don't yet know how to repeat
the exact conditions that produce these children.
- You mean you would if you could?
- Certainly.
- Ahh.
- Freya.
Freya. It is now
desperately important ...
...that you should try to
understand me and what I'm doing.
Life has the power to change.54
After the first great explosion...
...strange wonderful flowers,
unknown before, bloomed in the desert.
To survive the destruction that is
inevitably coming, we need a new kind of man.
An accident gave us these nine precious children.
The only humans beings who have a chance to live... the conditions which must
inevitably exist when the time comes.
Every civilised nation is searching, searching
for the key to survival that we have found.
- I don't want to hear any more.
- I didn't want you to know.
You will remember my
warning when you arrived.
- But you let the American and the girl go.
- They are dying already. They will never ...
...make contact with another human being and
when they die, they both will be destroyed. ...
...Freya, you too, know my secrets now.
My children are the buried seeds of life.
When that time comes, the thing
itself will open up the door ...
... and my children will
go out to inherit the earth.
- What earth, Bernard? What
earth will you leave them?
After all that man has made and still has
to make. Is this the extend of your dream?
To set nine ice cold children
free, in the ashes of the universe.
I have no choice, I
have no choice at all.
- You refuse to join me. 24:42
You know what your refusal means.
- Yes.
It means that you are wasting
wathever time I have left.
Whoosh, whoosh. It goes so
fast, King. The world so big!
- Get out now. I can't take
you anywhere. Go back, Henry.
- I can't, not now. I don't like it back
there. The others don't like me very much.
- Get out of the car. Look after yourself.
- I saved your life, King, and I mean to stay here.
- You're poison. Don't you know
you're poison? You're killing me.
We can start again, Joan. We can
go back again to the beginning.
We can't, Simon. We
can't leave the children.
Help! Help! Help! Help! Help!
Please help us! Someone help us!
Someone help us! Please
help us! Help! Help!
Someone help us! Help!
Help! Help! Help! ...