The Danger Element (2017) Movie Script

[ominous music]
[fast music]
[hitting and smashing]
[loud bangs]
[soft music]
[sound of electricity]
[ominous music]
[Mister Saltzman] An impressive
light show, Doctor Elymas,
but I still fail to see
how any of this would be
of interest to my employer.
The next phase of my work
will focus on the stabilization
and application
of the God Particle.
You were able to transport
the Danger Element?
Yes, it is here.
But I will need your support,
if I am to regain the support
of the Lucrecious society.
My employer has no use for
the arrogance of Lucrecious.
We both know
that he cannot resist
this kind of power.
Perhaps not.
But he's far more patient
than you give him credit for.
[Vorkschnitt] Screeeech.
How did he find us here,
An intruder, Trevor?
Em... if you'll excuse me,
a minor situation
must be dealt with.
Vorkschnitt will show
you the door, Mister Saltzman.
[suspenseful music]
The doctor will see you now.
[suspenseful music]
[fast music]
[fighting sounds continue]
[Elymas] Looking for
the Danger Element,
are we, Battle Jitni?
I have anticipated your visit,
my nimble little monkey.
My men spirited
the canister away only
moments before your arrival.
Wait! Where are you going?
[fast music]
[fast music]
[tires screeching]
[Voice of the car]
Auto-drive mechanism active.
[suspenseful music]
[sound of cars]
[Kyle] Did we lose him?
[fast music]
[punching and fighting]
[loud crash]
[loud punch]
What?! Oh no!
[suspenseful music]
[soft, quiet music]
[church bell]
-[Vorkschnitt] Screech!
-Battle Jitni.
[voice of car]
Auto-drive mechanism inactive.
Saltzman: Pardon me.
I believe you have something
I'm going to have to
take away from you... force!
[energetic music]
[melodious music]
We have Battle Jitni cornered.
He's being sternly dealt with.
[loud explosion]
[ominous music]
[shot fired]
[soft music]
[Abaddon]Alone again.
Always alone,
though not alone,
here at the edge of
the universe, the edge of time.
But really just the beach.
Only a symbol of these things.
And further still:
only your own mind.
A far dimmer projection than
even the weakest of symbols.
And by such predictable
convention do you write
yourself alone,
even in your own imagination.
Alone, though not alone.
Not truly. Never truly.
For you are so good
at lying to yourself.
For had she not been there,
would you not have been dead?
Has not the one you would
push away become your only
real hope against death?
I see a pattern.
All you do is talk in circles.
Yes of course.
But circles were always
good enough for you.
[Jitni] What are you doing here?
[Enki] I suppose I could have
left you lying out there.
Do you even remember
what happened?
What are you doing?
My father loved you.
Sometimes, I think
he loved you more than me.
We've been through that
before, Enki.
He had an unconventional way
of looking at technology.
He believed that the secret to
harnessing any force
is hidden in the methods,
that we use to measure it.
Even time.
He spent his whole life
trying to build a machine
that could do this.
And, as ridiculous as it sounds,
you and I both know
he succeeded.
This is the celebration
of that success.
The Paraclete.
And he built her for you,
brother. The son he never had.
The Paraclete does not
owe its speed to
the power of its engine.
In fact, my father once told me
that the Paraclete isn't
even that fast at all.
It's simply her experience
of time that is fast.
This is all made possible by
my father's universal pendulum.
Every piece of his dream
is right here,
except for its heart.
The Danger Element.
What are you saying?
[Enki] The Danger Element,
united with the Paraclete,
could do more than
just pressurize time.
This is exactly the reason
the order wants me to find
the Danger Element
in the first place.
To prevent its use
for such selfish reasons.
He's your father
as much as he is mine, Jitni.
He was.
If I help you get
the Danger Element back,
you're going to help me
save my father.
Your father's dead.
Not for long.
Aw man, you guys again?
We're here to collect
this month's payment.
I've never bought anything
from you guys.
Mister Derwit's protection
does not come for free.
You guys are the only ones
ever messin' with me!
Look. You can pay with diamonds,
or you can pay with your life!
-Uh, wait... diamonds?
-Yeah, diamonds.
I don't know. But he's like-
-Where are the diamonds?!
-I don't know about
any diamonds.
Are you sure you're
in the right place?
Look! You must be hoarding them
around here somewhere,
you muddy diamond hog!
-Where are they being hogged?!
- Hogged?
Alright, you filthy pack rat!
Battle Jitni! Kill him!
Fry this guy!
[glass breaking]
Now, Vanderbeek!
[shooting and sparks]
And it blows up like Hiroshima
and I'm thinking, oh man,
my dad's gonna be so pissed.
[Billiard] The description of
the unusual weapon was exactly
the lead I had been looking for.
The American Top Secret Agency
for the Handling of
Top Secret Situations
had assigned me to
track down Doctor Trevor Elymas,
and recent movements
had led me to believe he was
now in the city of Hughson.
The unwitting discovery
of this abominable device
by the police proved it.
He was here. He'd struck some
sort of a deal with the local
crime syndicate ,
which would explain
why Lupo's gang was apprehended.
However, that isn't what
particularly interested me
about this crime scene.
While my superiors were
in no way interested in theories
about secret societies
like the Knights of
the Benedictine Seal,
I was,
and I had been conducting
my own investigation on them
for quite some time .
And now, to my surprise,
they were apparently operating
right under my nose.
While still providing what
progress reports I could
to my supervisor
concerning my pursuit
of Trevor Elymas,
I began a peripheral
investigation on the Knights
of the Benedictine Seal.
I didn't have to look for
evidence of their activity.
The Media and the public
at large believed
the exploits of the Knights
were the work of one man.
A vigilante who they had given
the name of "The Stuntman".
The Knights' carefully laid
deception had created the image
of a single veritable superhero,
Undoubtedly striking fear
into the shadowy corners
and dark allies of crime
throughout this city.
It was genius.
And I was obsessed with
knowing their secrets.
So much so
that I may have temporarily
disordered my priorities.
Say, man. Would you say
this is some bad news?
I'm afraid I'm gonna have to
take some action here.
[phone ringing]
Hello, Mister Derwit. How are
my new prototypes faring?
Not so good, man.
Those things are like bombs.
Blowing my men up
left and correct.
Well, let us remember
the meaning of
the word 'prototype'.
No offense, Captain,
but it seems like all you know
how to make is proto-kinds.
I think it's about time you got
me something that works
real good like.
- Know what I'm sayin'.
-The word is proto-type,
Mister Derwit,
and perhaps I should remind
you of our agreement.
You are to provide me
with what I need.
And in return,
I will give you access to all
of my experimental weaponry.
I've upheld my end of the deal.
Name one thing that me
and my boys haven't
provided for you, Monsignor.
Where is the Danger Element?!
Ya mean that...
that little metal can?
It is the most important
component of my work,
Mister Derwit.
And by the way,
I am not a Monsignor
nor a Captain.
I am a Doctor.
Well, hey man. Maybe you could
come over here and
do a little house call for me.
I got this nasty thing growing
on my back. It is huge-
I'm not that kind of Doctor.
Well, I'll just call
your receptionist, then,
and make an appointment.
Don't worry about
your Danger Can.
I've got my super spy
on the case.
I certainly hope so.
[Jitni] Where've you been?
[Enki] I was able to infiltrate
Derwit's syndicate.
He hired me to track down
the Danger Element for him.
The money's good too.
-What's in it for us?
-The money.
Right. And what else?
Have you ever heard of
Renaldo Scorpione?
Yeah. The Mayor's kid.
Spoiled brat.
He knows something. I think
he's friends with someone
in the Lucifarian circle.
-Who's the friend? Saltzman?
-I don't know.
Well, Let's go ask him.
-[Enki] Can I drive?
-[Jitni] Ha!
He ain't got nothing' on me!
If he pops off,
I'm gonna break his arm!
I'm gonna grab it and
I'm gonna twist it and I'm gonna
snap it right in his face!
I'd kiss any man who could
break an arm like that.
You might get the chance,
But first I have a proposal.
How about you go get ready.
'Cuz I don't want to
be late for this party.
Well, I accept your proposal.
[TV playing]
Hey... Hold on.
Are you the guy
from the newspaper?
What do you know
about the Lucifarians?
Like I would tell you.
-Tell us!
-[Renaldo] Tell you what?
I told you to leave that
in the car.
Your way's too slow.
-Are you guys on your honeymoon
or something?
-[Jitni and Enki] Quiet!
-[Jitni] Where are they keeping
the Danger Element?
-[Renaldo] The anex.
We'll never get in there.
What are they planning
to use it for?
Carlotto's excavating
this machine?
It's old, really old.
They say it's some sort of radio
It's for talking to uh...
-To what?!
-They call them
the ascended masters?
I don't know, are like spirits
or something,
they need the Danger
Element for it to work.
-In four days at their site.
-How do I look?
-Uh... great... You ready to go?
I want you to report
back to Derwit.
You want me to tell
him about this?
No, I want you to give
him false information.
When we hit the Lucifarians,
I want Derwit's gang
as far away as possible.
And when you're done,
cut off all communication
with him.
Things are about to get
a lot more dangerous.
Hey, hey, Super spy!
That's my Super Spy.
Hey, everybody,
Super spy's here.
Get it? Soup?
Soup or spy?
Man, I love a good soup man.
A good soup is like
a good night's sleep
in a golden bed chamber
while you recline
into slumber upon
a silver plated mattress.
Forgive my lack of manners.
I trust that you have
some information
regarding the location
of the Danger Tube?
The Danger Element was stolen by
a gang known as Satan's Rifle.
They're moving it
to the abandoned
shipping distribution center
outside of Modesto tomorrow.
It's the only chance you'll get.
Oh really.
That ain't what
your buddy told me.
What are you talking about?
One of your old pals from
the order works for me.
Told me all about you
as soon as I hired you.
He pumped old Scorpione
for information right after
y'all left.
Which means I know
the Lucifarians have
the Danger Element.
I also know where
your boy- Boyfriend?
-Whatever. I know where
he's gonna be tomorrow.
So... Doctor Elymas is gonna
get his canister back.
Old Andros over there, he's
going to get his sweet revenge
against Battle... whatever.
And I can't help wonder.
What's in it for me?
Oh right. I get to kill you.
[gun shots]
[Billiard] It hadn't been easy,
but I had finally caught up
with one
of the Knights
of the Benedictine Seal.
I found over the past few days
that the Knights leave
almost no footprints at all.
They practically don't exist-
[phone rings]Oh crap. Mother suck!
It's a trap.
Derwit knows everything.
If you go after
the Danger Element tomorrow,
they'll kill you.
I have to.
We're not going to get
another chance like this.
You'll die!
You wanted the damn thing,
didn't you? How far
are you willing to go for it?
[Billiard] My supervisor had
called me back to headquarters.
His timing could
not have been worse.
Give me your wallet. Why are
you putting your hands up?
Just give me your wallet!
[boss] Ah, Agent Billiard.
Please pull up a chair.
Any chair will do.
I am going to get the paperwork
that we are about to go over.
Ah, here it is, right in front
of me the whole time.
-[Billiard] This chair?
-[boss] That will do nicely,
please sit.
So tell me, Billiard.
How's the Trevor Elymas
case going?
Well, we are making progress.
But it's not something
we're going to be able
to solve overnight-
That's not what I've heard.
-I'm sorry, Sir?
-I said, that's not
what I've heard.
No, no, I heard that part.
I was asking you what you heard?
Oh, right, sorry. Well.
The word on the street is
or the rumor mill, if you will,
is that you're out gallivanting
around Hughson looking for
some vigilante fellow.
Oh, well, yes, I am spending
some of my time looking into
information on the Knights
of the Benedictine seal.
The what?
[Billiard] The knights
of the Benedictine Seal, Sir.
-You mean...
you mean Trevor Elymas?
Uh... Then who are you
talking about?
I would... this mysterious
vigilante fellow that you were
just asking me about.
I'm trying to explain to you,
it's actually an underground
society of crime fighters.
I... I... I don't... I don't
recall saying that. Is that
what I... Is that what I said?
No! No, Sir, I'm...
I'm just trying to explain.
You were asking me about this-
Ten-Four. Forget it!
There's no point in arguing
over who did what to whom.
Let's get right back on topic.
Don't be afraid.
Just answer my question.
I did. You asked me if I've been
wasting time looking for this
mysterious vigilante fellow.
I said yes, I've been looking up
information on the Knights
of the Benedictine Seal.
-This mysterious vigilante guy.
-Ah! So you were
looking for him!
-[Billiard] I just said that.
I tell ya, Billiard. There's
no point in trying to pull
the sweater over these peepers.
I wasn't... I wasn't trying to.
Well, maybe that's
why you couldn't do it.
Look, the whole point of all
this is that we need to
find Mister Trevor Elymas.
Super fast! Today!
It's the whole reason
why we brought you up from...
Wherever. It doesn't
really matter, Billiard.
You need to stop going after
your super-boy and
go catch me some Trevor.
Yes, Sir.
And put the chair back
from where you got it.
I, uh... just need
to organize my desk.
Try and clean up
this mess of a desk.
I can never find anything here.
Ahahaha... That's right!
[Dr. Afterman] Mister Billiard,
The lateness of your visit
is most irregular.
Please consider postponing
your business,
until at least tomorrow.
Last time I was here,
you said it was better
to visit her at night.
True! But wasn't it last time
that you said it was
going to be your last visit?
I mean, honestly,
Agent Billiard,
these Interruptions of yours
are a disruption to
the treatment of my patient.
Treatment? You have her
locked up in a basement
and you feed her once a day.
You're not concerned
with her treatment. . .
You are afraid of her.
I don't think I need
to remind you about what
happened to Doctor Westhaven.
No. You don't.
I've hit a dead end
in my assignment.
The target I'm tracking.
I know he is in the city,
but I can't find
any leads on him.
I have no idea
what he is planning
or where he is.
-Trevor Elymas.
He is close to something.
Something important.
Do you know where he is?
What about something
he's planning?
What might his next move be?
He wants something.
Do you know what that is?
[gasps] The Danger Element.
The what?
He is winding the clocks
as we speak.
Uh, where is the Danger Element?
The Lucifarians have it.
Thank you!
When you find him,
promise me you will bring
him here. To me.
Oasis, I can't bring
Trevor Elymas here.
I'm not talking about Elymas.
[ominous windy sound]
[ominous music]
Now you're seeing things
as they really are!
[melodious music]
[Enki's father] What we have
committed our lives to is not
considered possible
in ordinary terms,
but we are not ordinary men.
We will discipline ourselves
to face any hardship,
Training our minds to solve
the most daunting equations
so that we might always reach
the solution that
upholds justice and
preserves human life.
Training our bodies so that
we may have the courage
to withstand the greatest pain,
and the strength
to battle evil in any form.
And finally.
Perhaps the very most
important to you,
Battle Jitni,
we train our spirits,
so that when the devil catches
us at our very weakest.
we may resist him and choose
the path of righteousness.
Whatever the cost.
May the lord teach
us to be generous ,
teach us to serve
as he deserves,
to give and not count the cost,
to toil and not seek for rest.
To labor and not seek reward,
save for the knowledge
that we do his will.
[Billiard] A reliable source
had informed me that
the Lucifarians had been
searching for something called
the Franz Calder device.
Sort of a radio that could allow
them to talk to spirits
or something.
They had purchased this piece of
property several months ago ,
believing it might be
hidden here.
The informant also told me
that a man and woman fitting
the description
of Hughson's mysterious stuntman
and his female companion
had paid him a visit
asking him about
the same thing.
This, along with
the cryptic closing to
my last conversation with Oasis,
told me there was a good chance
I might finally see
the legendary Knights of
the Benedictine Seal in action.
I could only hope.
[lively music]
Radiation levels lethal!
We're almost ready,
Mister Carlotto.
[ominous music]
[metal scratching]
[fast music]
Hey! Remember me?
Go away.
It's okay. It's okay.
I'm here to help.
But I didn't bring
an extra gun though.
I kinda thought you
would have your own, so.
Mister Carlotto will deal
with you when he is finished.
Enjoy your stay.
Wow. It's really you, isn't it.
Do I know you?
I'm Agent Billiard with
the American Top Secret Agency
for the Handling of
Top Secret Situations.
I've wanted to meet you
for a long time. I'm a huge fan.
Fan? Who exactly
do you think I am?
You're one of the Knights,
right? The Knights of
the Benedictine Seal.
So, what's your escape plan?
I didn't plan on getting caught
in the first place.
Apparently that's
your department.
You have any ideas?
[Billiard] No.
It's pretty secure.
Well... If we're gonna die
here anyway,
I need to show you this.
Can you see? I mean not
everybody can appreciate
the beauty and the simplicity-
How did you do that?!
What exactly
am I looking at here?
It's a 1990 Geo Metro.
I like to restore them.
That's my current project.
Seriously, how did you
undo your ropes, though?
It's working.
The channel will be open
in five seconds.
-[girl] 4, 3, 2, 1.
We've lost the signal.
-I got it.
-Look out!
-They got it.
[gun shots]
[fast music]
Don't lose it this time.
Come on.
I never thought I'd actually
get to ride in this thing.
You won't if you don't hurry up.
[fast music]
Cut them off.
[fast music]
[brakes screeching]
[mechanical noises]
[shooting] [explosions]
[phone ringing]
Oui ? Hello?
Hey, how's it goin' there,
I am a doctor, you fool!
Whoa, hey!
Easy on the name calling.
Fine. What is it you want?
I'm callin' about
the gadget you wanted.
The what?
The device.
Device, what device?
The device that you requested.
Are you talking about
the Danger Element?
-Yeah, that's it.
-The canister that I wanted?
-The device.
-That I requested?
-Oh! Excellent!
You have retrieved it.
No, actually.
Battle Jitni got there
before we could.
That's actually why I called.
Battle Jitni got there first.
Do I have to say everything
three times with you, man?
You outnumbered him!
You knew he was coming!
How could this have happened?
Well, sometimes you just
have to let the crumbles bunch.
One... Two... Three...
Find him and take it from him.
Look, Nobody finds
Battle Jitni, man.
We shall see about that,
Mister Derwit.
That man is still a douche.
It is time to adjust our plan,
[Jitni] Alright, so what do we
gotta do to make this work?
I'll have to dismantle part of
the Universal Pendulum to see
-if I can find a way to install
the Danger Element.
-That's not going to be easy.
We'll have to build
some kind of interface.
I won't know how to approach
that until I get this open, but
I'll probably need your help.
Wait, what are you two
talking about?
You do realize there's no way
to set a target date and time,
let alone a location.
-I know.
-[Jitni] Well, we could end up
on the moon in dinosaur times.
if we don't figure
that factor out.
Seems pretty important to me.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Dinosaur times?
One step at a time.
Alright. Take it apart and
I'll see what I can do
to help you with the interface.
You'll have to forgive me.
I'm a little overwhelmed.
[Billiard] I was right,
wasn't I? You're one of them.
The Knights of
the Benedictine Seal.
[reacts emotionally]
Yes! You have no idea how long
I have waited for this.
Well, I'm... flattered.
How many of you are there
here in the city?
I mean Besides you two.
You mean us one.
I'm the only one.
You're the only one?
The only one in the city.
No way...
Don't tell the bad guys.
You can't be the only one.
Things aren't
what they used to be.
There aren't a lot of us left.
Alright, well
if you're the only one,
then who's she?
Oh, well that's complicated.
I've got time.
She used to be one of us once.
She's kind of a prodigal...
daughter... or whatever.
Interesting. She's a deserter?
No, she's my sister.
By adoption anyway.
Her father took me in
twenty years ago.
He was a brilliant inventor.
One of the order's scientists.
Treated me like his own son.
So what happened?
He died while
I was still in training.
I was with him.
Enki wasn't.
That's where
everything went bad.
Sounds like things were
pretty bad already.
Things can always get worse.
You wouldn't believe it.
And I don't like talking
about it anyway.
What about you?
What does the American
Top Secret Agency
for the Handling of Top Secret
Situations want with the Knights
of the Benedictine Seal?
Nothing, actually. In fact I've
been instructed repeatedly to
stop investigating the Knights.
Then why are you sitting here?
I'm looking for Doctor Elymas.
Oh, yeah. I know that guy.
You're looking for him too.
We can work together.
No, actually.
My instructions were just
to get this out of his hands.
Which I had to do twice.
Once after we were captured,
thanks to you.
The Danger Element.
What is it, anyway?
What's it even do?
Well what can't it do?
The Danger Element
can be applied to
practically any purpose
that man can conceive of.
The Jesuits found it
a few years ago.
Elymas stole it
when it was being studied
secretly at Loyola.
I don't know how he did that.
I hope they figure it out by the
time I bring it back to them.
Well, you're probably not going
have to worry about that.
My agency is going
to take custody
of that piece of evidence.
Take custody from who?
An imaginary religious order,
you've been repeatedly
instructed to stop
investigating? Hilarious.
It's nice to meet you
by the way.
The plan has changed.
I need you to tell me
where they have taken it.
The future I have promised you
depends upon it.
What are you guys doing?
There's no way my father
could have known
how the Danger Element
would be stored or transported.
So we need to find a way
to install it in
the Universal Pendulum.
The canister won't be compatible
with my father's technology.
Um... What?
I need help lifting this out.
[metal grinding]
No way.
[lively music]
He knew?
He knew.
This is impossible.
You know what he would say
to you right now.
Nothing's impossible.
She is never wrong.
And she has nothing
to gain by lying.
You will find it exactly
where she said it will be.
Bring it back to me, Andros.
[techno music]
[Billiard] Can I ask
you a question?
[Jitni] I bet you can.
[Billiard] You don't really
want to do this.
[Jitni] That's not a question.
But you are getting
better at this.
I'm right though, aren't I?
Yeah, you might be.
But this isn't gonna work.
I mean, we're not
really going back.
Oh, you're coming now?
Yeah, but this
isn't going to work, right?
I mean this whole thing
is kind of ridiculous.
No, that's not what I meant.
I know this works.
-I was there the first time.
Right, but you said
no one's ever done
anything like this before.
Right, nobody's ever done this.
You know, this does explain
some things.
You did look familiar.
This totally makes sense.
Okay, well, if you know
that this is going to work, then
why don't you want to do it?
Oh, well, I am pretty sure that
this isn't going to be
exactly what she expects.
I didn't want her to be
disappointed all over again.
I guess you can't run from it
forever, though, can you.
We're ready.
[voice of the car]
Quantum interruption
battery detected.
[Enki] What? What are you doing?
[Billiard] I'm sorry,
could you just make some space?
[voice of the car]
Do not remove.
-[Enki] Space, where?
There is no space.
-If you scoot back.
-[Enki] Back? There is no back.
-[car] New hardware
synchronized. Reboot required.
I don't know what you
expect me to do here.
-Why are you coming with us?
-[car] Universal pendulum
-Billiard: Because I have plans.
-[car] Acceleration required.
-What are those for?
[car] Cycle two begins
in five seconds.
[Billiard] I'm good. I'm good.
[car] 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...
May the Lord be with you.
And also with you.
[car] Universal Pendulum
Cycle 3 begins in 5 seconds.
What happens in cycle 3?
I'm not sure!
[motor accelerating]
[car] 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
[fast music]
What is that?!
Cherenkov radiation?
Billiard] I've never seen
anything like this!
[motor accelerating]
[Enki] We're about to break
the barrier, hold on!
-I already am holding on!
-[Billiard] I'm not,
what do I hold on to?!
Jitni: I should have
changed the tires.
Okay. What?
We stretched
the Cherenkov barrier
like a rubber band.
So know it's beginning to snap
back to its original time.
We don't have
a lot of time left.
This can't be right.
This is the wrong place.
The wrong time.
No. He planned it this way.
We're exactly where and
when he wanted us to be.
But this is too late.
Why would he bring us here?
Maybe he knows
something we don't.
[loud music]
Can you give us a moment alone?
You did it.
I knew you would do it.
It wasn't my idea.
Enki. My daughter.
You came together...
That's exactly right...
Very good.
But this is too late.
We came to save you.
I know. But that was not
the purpose of the Paraclete.
It's not why I built her.
We have to go back
to an earlier date.
We can still save you.
You just have to tell us
how to fix the problem.
Enki, there is no problem.
The Paraclete has fulfilled
its purpose perfectly
according to my design.
You are exactly where
you are supposed to be.
Why? Why did you bring us here
if we can't be together again?
We are together.
Listen to my voice,
beloved Daughter.
You're right in front of me.
We are all together.
You and I and your brother.
One of the few times.
If you had saved me,
this moment would
never have happened.
What other force than death
could bring this family
back together?
If only for a moment
to say goodbye.
The way we wished we could.
Now. Let's not waste
our time together.
Don't let this moment
be for nothing.
Neither of you.
Enki, your brother needs you.
You don't understand
what you've put him through.
But he left me alone.
Enki, He's here now.
Jitni. Forgive your sister.
I know I don't need to say
anything more than that.
Forgive her.
And forgive yourself.
I love you, my boy.
Blood or not.
Listen to me, My Daughter.
You who have broken
the laws of the universe
to return to me.
Though you have lost faith
in the Lord,
I will always have faith in you.
And from this day forward,
should you ever find a reason
to approach Him,
know that I will personally
burn the incense
of your payers at his feet.
Should the Lord Most High
have ever smelled anything
so sweet as a single petition
from my only daughter.
Hey, guys.
[fast music]
Hey. He's gone.
He knew I'd come back here.
So, what did he want you
to forgive her for.
What are you talking about?
Enki's father.
He asked you to forgive her.
What for?
That's the part I said
you wouldn't believe.
Try me. What happened?
Enki always had a hard time
with all this.
The order. The Church.
When her father died, she just
became completely disillusioned.
She left and joined a gang
called Satan's Rifle.
Basically a bunch of delinquent
kids who had defected from the
Knights of the Benedictine seal.
Really into the occult.
Anything that superficially
insulted the order.
And he wants you
to forgive her for that.
[Jitni] No. That wasn't the half
of it. Even then, she was still
my sister. She always will be.
[Billiard] So it was something
bigger than that?
[Jitni] Like I said,
Satan's rifle
was buried in the occult.
Obsessed with
ritualistic magic.
This is the part
I don't like talking about.
I don't understand.
Enki was directly responsible
for my... affliction.
A demonic affliction.
Wait... What, like...
Like you're possessed?
We were never completely sure
how to categorize it.
Sometimes its possession.
We, who's we?
There was a priest who
was trying to liberate me.
He seemed to think that cutting
off contact with Enki was
the first step to my recovery.
I took his advice.
Enki and I have been
estranged ever since.
Up until now anyway...
I guess we both have
a few things
to forgive each other for.
I never stopped loving her.
I told you, you
wouldn't believe me.
I've heard stranger things.
Well, have you heard about
a way to find Doctor Elymas
because I'm completely
out of ideas.
I think I might know
someone who can help.
May I join you, Mister Andros?
I see.
I see that the Knights trained
you to judge yourself harshly.
It would seem to be
their primary purpose.
To encourage a man to inspect
his own soul with such scrutiny
that he will inevitably
hate himself utterly.
But perhaps it is
more than that.
Yes... Perhaps this is not just
a scrutiny of yourself,
but a powerful jealousy
of another.
I know your story, Andros.
And I know his.
[playing guitar]
[Enki's father] Music and
Martial Arts are different
in their purposes,
but they share a principle.
The practice of these arts
both stress the attainment
of a supreme state.
The tuning of the instrument
as well as your understanding of
how to play it
are both essential.
The instrument has been tuned.
Now. . . play me a song!
[fighting and guitar music]
[intense guitar music]
[Elymas] I surmise that
ever since that day you
have coveted
Battle Jitni's undeserved gift
to such a degree that you
have grown to hate yourself.
So much perhaps to explain
why you feel this necessity
to mutilate your own body
in despisement of its weakness.
You wonder
how I could know such things?
A commitment to knowledge can
open the doors to many gifts.
I wonder... Are you willing
to make such a commitment?
What if you had the chance
to take for yourself
what you always deserved?
To surpass not only
Battle Jitni's power,
but also that
of the greatest creatures
to have had the blessing or
the curse to walk the earth.
What if I could make
you a demigod?
You cannot allow yourself to be
crippled by what happened.
I can't just ignore it.
[Ekni's father]
Forgive yourself.
Does that take away
the consequences?
Is it that simple?
Is He that simple?
I didn't say that.
The universe is
far from simple.
All the less simple
is its creator.
Didn't you see what I did?
You cannot change
what you did yesterday.
But the world may depend
on what you do today.
Is this my fault?
These are my hands aren't they?
What that spirit does
with your hands
when he possesses you
is out of your control.
Stop blaming yourself.
What I can tell you is that
his ultimate defeat
must start with a decision.
He lays siege to your heart.
I know you can't outsmart him.
That you can't resist him
day in and day out.
But ultimately
he will be your subject.
Because there is
only one Spirit
to whom you must answer.
I was able to talk Afterman
into letting us see her.
Oasis Reinberg. I'd like
to introduce you to Battle-
You need no introduction.
You are an expected pleasure.
You, however, Mister Billiard,
are merely predictable.
What do you need
from me this time?
Trevor Elymas.
We have to find him
as soon as possible.
And what do you want from me?
A location.
I know you couldn't
give me one before, but-
But I can give you one now.
You can?
He has been quite bold in
the time since your last visit.
He no longer hides
from my sight.
Oh. . . That's awesome. Can you-
[phone rings]
[phone rings again]
I am so sorry,
I have to take this.
I've been waiting to meet
you for so long.
You can't even imagine.
You can feel it, can't you?
My intentions. My motives.
They are only a dim light
shining through a curtain
to your eyes,
but not beyond your perception.
The world of human emotion is
like an ocean in which you swim.
The sinister drive of mankind
is laid bare before you
in all your waking hours.
You see it as a curse
and an affliction. . .
but you should accept it
for the blessing that it is.
But it is not your power.
You are not its source.
Though your logic serves you,
God is not the only one
who gives gifts, Jitni
Do you have any idea
who is dwelling within you.
Whom You are nothing without?
The harbinger of
the final judgment of man.
The angel who will scatter
the dust that is humanity
and reconcile its sins.
The savior who will raise
a just world from
their scorched bones.
Why do you resist him?
Yours is the greatest honor.
Embrace him in all of his power
and glory and you will rule
the new world with me
at your side. . . forever.
Our destinies end
in the same place.
A kingdom modeled
after our love.
What'd I miss?
[metal grinding]
There is an essential point
that neither Church nor
acceptable science
would have us to know.
This is a tragedy, my boy.
A tragedy because that point
is the key to our freedom.
Given the time and
the resources,
a man can accomplish anything.
It is a freedom and a truth
instilled within us
by God Himself.
It has taken most of my life,
but I have found a way
for a mortal man
to become a living god!
You will be a living testament
to the wisdom and ascension
of Doctor Trevor Elymas!
[electrical sound]
We are what we choose to be.
Rise, now.
But rise not a mere man.
Rise, now, a creature
the likes of which the world
has not seen
since the Nephilim themselves
graced the kingdoms of old,
long lost.
Rise, now, a god-man.
[demonic shouts]
Do not fear them, boy.
They will be with you
for the rest of your life.
[demonic laughter]
Alright, this is the place.
How are we gonna do this?
We can't just walk
right in there.
I'll take care of these guys,
you sneak in over there.
These can't be the only ones.
I'll get caught.
I'll take care of them too.
Well, as long as I can.
-Well, you gotta be
quick about it.
When they're done with me,
they'll come after you,
so get in there and
get the Danger Element.
Get Elymas or whatever it is
you're supposed to
and then get out.
You cover us from out here.
And take the Danger Element
away from him when he comes out.
I'm not staying here.
-Yes you are.
-No I'm not.
Ok. Now's our chance,
I'll go that way.
Yes, you are.
I propose a toast.
To meddling with forces beyond
the comprehension of man.
And not a moment too soon.
You know, I was wonderin',
what's so important about
that there danger element?
When the world discovers
the answer to that question,
they will wish you never asked.
What interests me this evening
is a mutual enemy of ours,
Mister Derwit.
A mutual enemy who is
simultaneously the door
to our glorious future.
A door that is about
to swing wide open.
So you're saying he is about
to come out of the closet?
You know, there was another man
who used to speak in riddles
kinda like you do.
Name of Jesus.
What is wrong with you?
I detect a citrus note?
[thug] Aww!
Garon! Destroy them!
[metal clanking]
[suspenseful music]
[martial shouts]
[suspenseful music]
[gunshot and explosion]
[gun shots]
Just a little longer, buddy.
Trevor Elymas. By the authority
of the American Top Secret
Agency for the Handling
of Top Secret Situations,
I am placing you under arrest
for murder and
international occult crimes.
Crimes? That word
hardly does any justice
to what I have accomplished.
The languages of those men who
write such restrictive laws
would more likely employ
the word 'atrocities'.
Perhaps you would like
to experience one for yourself?
Feliz Navidad , Professor.
I brought you a present.
Now, Andros.
Have I not delivered you
a proper vengeance?
Take what belongs to you.
Show him your worth.
[loud hit]
So committed to failure.
Would you actually die before
admitting the simple truth?
You cannot deny it.
To you, nothing is impossible.
But you choose failure
by rejecting me.
Every one of your successes
owes itself to my power.
Let the truth guide
your hand now.
You have fallen
before your enemy.
Allow me to rise in your place.
[sinister barks]
[loud bangs]
[electrical sounds]
[mechanical sounds]
A spectacular performance,
Lord Abaddon.
Forgive me if I have spoken
out of turn.
I am Trevor Elymas.
We know who you are.
Ever since Oasis first
informed me of your true nature,
I have devoted my life
to ushering in
your glorious reign.
Though, after years,
I found myself unable
to produce a circumstance
that would trigger your coming
. . . until now.
If I could not produce
the positive by my knowledge,
I could produce the negative,
and allow the equation
to balance itself.
I consider this moment
the genius stroke
of all my life's endeavors.
It is my honor to witness
the birth of the new age.
[Enki] He's a liar.
I know this human is a liar.
Neither of you will be spared
for your deeds today.
You, and all others like you,
will perish for the atrocity
of your birth.
Yes, Together, Lord,
we will cleanse
the Earth of the Profane-
Yes, my friend. . .
Starting with you. . .
I wasn't talking to you,
I was talking to my brother.
My choices let him in, Jitni.
He heard my voice before
he ever heard yours.
Your choices now
will push him out.
Remember what dad said.
He's not strong enough.
Not on his own.
What are you doing?!
Taking back what is mine.
Yours?! Do you mean the life
that I just saved by force.
The life that you have not
the strength nor
the will to save yourself.
Is that what belongs to you?
I am the only reason
you are alive.
The only reason you have
made it as far as you have,
if one really can make it
anywhere in this desolate
mortal prison.
Go back where you came from.
What do you know about
where I come from?
Do you mean the lofty crags
of the Lord's Mount of Assembly?
For Amen, I tell you,
Satan himself took his
first steps in there as I did.
And I have walked in
far colder places,
indeed, the coldest of those
being right here with you.
Our destinies are interwoven.
The human race is sinful.
Why he hasn't struck
you all by now,
I would perhaps never
understand if it weren't for
my obvious place in his plan.
You have a place in that plan
as well, Battle Jitni.
You and I, together,
will reconcile the misdeeds
of this people for Him.
You should be so lucky.
The savior of the universe,
have chosen you
to be his servant.
You can't control me.
Haven't I always?!
-Let me go.
-By who's authority?
You have no power.
I am your power.
By the authority of His name.
Don't be foolish.
That's just a story.
And you are not a child.
No one would do it.
No one would send their own,
not into the hands
of the scum of the universe.
It's a fairy tale.
I am the one
who has come into the world.
Come to work, come to destroy.
I am the truth.
What name do you call upon,
then, but my own?!
The name of Jesus Christ.
It is at the sound of my name
that you should bow. Not His.
In the name of Jesus Christ
I rebuke all evil spirits. . .
including you, Abaddon.
You cannot forget
what you crave to remember.
I won't be gone forever.
I am no mere memory
to be forgotten.
When you are weakest and
can see clearly that I am
your only source of strength
. . . I will return.
[calm music]
So his brains came out?
No, sir, it was his heart.
His heart came out.
That's hella cool.
So this, uh,
Battle Jitni character.
What's he all about?
Actually, that, that's
who I wanted to talk about.
-Big time criminal, huh?
Actually I was hoping
that we might recruit him.
Tell ya what. . .
Why don't you go recruit me up
some pizza and
a "two leet" of some "Schpoda".
I won't be gone forever.
I am no mere memory
to be forgotten at will.
When you are weakest and can
see that I am the only source
of your strength. . .
I will return.
[fast music]