The Dark (2018) Movie Script

[bell ringing]
[indistinct news broadcast]
[packages rustling]
You have to pay for that.
I'll buy it.
We're here.
This is what
you're looking for.
So you like scary stories,
do you?
Yeah, I get people like you
in here from time to time.
What's wrong,
big city not exciting
enough for you?
You gotta get your kicks
driving all the way up here,
pokin' your nose in
where it don't belong?
Didn't your momma
ever tell you,
curiosity killed the cat?
I'm in a kind of a hurry,
if you don't mind.
[news broadcast continues]
Yes sir,
Devil's Den sure has
its share of scary stories,
I'll tell you what.
You know the thing
I like about those stories?
It's not me up in those woods,
running for my life.
It's not me
being torn to pieces
before my very own eyes.
No sir,
I'm at home.
And that scary stuff...
that's always happening
to folks like...
[news broadcast] This just in...
they are now offering a reward
of two-hundred
and fifty thousand dollars
to anyone who
provides information
leading to the capture
and arrest of Josef Hofer.
Police are warning the public
that this man is armed
and dangerous.
Police will be
providing further...
[gun shot]
Where's the goshdarn map?!
[engine racing]
Mein herz ist klein,
lass niemand herein,
als dich mein liebes Jesulein.
Mein herz ist klein,
lass niemand herein,
als dich mein liebes Jesulein.
Mein herz ist klein,
lass niemand herein,
als dich mein liebes Jesulein.
[instrumental piano music]
It's fine.
Just relax.
It's fine.
[music continues]
[car engine stops]
[nervous breathing]
[distant brush rustling]
[car engine racing]
[door creaks open]
[door slams shut]
[door creaking open]
[distant knock]
[knocking continues]
[nervous breathing]
[gun shots]
[trigger clicking]
[nervous breathing]
[distant rumbling]
Ah! Ah!
[grunting in pain]
[nervous breathing]
[distant birds calling]
[distant branch breaking]
[lighter flipping open]
[gagging, coughing]
I'm sorry!
I love you, Josef!
I stayed under the blanket
the entire time.
I swear to God,
I stayed under the blanket.
I swear to God,
I stayed under the blanket
the entire time.
You were just gone so long.
I... I started to think
that maybe something...
Josef! Josef!
He's gone!
He's gone.
Don't look.
You should really
dress warmer.
Especially gloves.
I've never felt hands
so cold.
Josef will be back soon.
Please... don't tell
Josef about my pants.
He'd be very upset.
[crickets chirping]
[lighter top opening, closing]
[lighter top opening, closing]
[Alex humming song]
["For The Damaged"
by Blonde Redhead]
Maybe again
He will be alone
Guess we're
equally damaged
Find your name
Do it all the same
Signal when you can't
breathe no more
[distant thud]
[indistinct chatter]
Go to bed, Mina.
What is he doing here?
Isn't she just lovely?
You said he wasn't
coming back.
The apple of my fucking eye.
Go to bed, Mina.
[rock music playing]
[breathing deeply]
["For The Damaged"
Say you were me
Then you could see the view
You'll know we are
equally damaged
Don't be a fool,
make it easier
You'll learn to say when
Signal if you can't say,
"no more"
[loud distortion rumbling]
Don't cross your finger
Sundays will never change
They keep on coming
You'll be the freak
And I'll keep you company
[distorted screaming]
[breathing heavily]
He's here?
Hey! Stop!
It's against the rules!
Josef is coming!
Hey Nate,
you alive out there?
Hey Angie,
sorry about that.
I was following that map
from Harry's place
and I got a flat tire.
Well, why didn't you say so?
Where are you?
I'll come pick you up.
I'm up in Devil's Den.
Yeah, sorry... I'll...
I'll get someone up there
to help ASAP.
Just hang tight.
Hey Angie, what was the make
of that car we're looking for?
2001 Subaru Outback,
Keep me updated
on that tow.
You okay?
You are Alex Whitman, right?
If you had any idea how many
people are looking for you?
Are you alone?
It's okay,
I'm a police officer,
I'm gonna get you
out of here.
My car's just down the hill.
It's got a flat tire, but my
partner is just on the way.
He went to the house.
What's that now?
He's in the house.
[distant door opening]
[door shutting]
This is the police!
Just come out
with your hands up, Josef!
Hofer, you are in there?
I found the boy.
It's over.
You have until
the count of three.
I will shoot.
This is not a game.
Goddam it.
[gun shots]
I need back-up!
[radio static] Nate?
What's wrong?
I need your help... please!
It's not him.
It's coming for me.
I don't know what it is,
but it's not human.
Nate, slow down.
I can't understand...
It's not human!
[screaming, struggling]
Nate! Nate!
Talk to me!
[distant police siren]
[distant stick breaking]
[humming song]
Big mistake.
Bring me to Josef!
I hate you!
He's dead!
Josef's dead!
You know where he is,
don't you?
Whatever I did,
I'm sorry.
Just please,
please take me to Josef.
Then we'll leave.
We'll leave you alone.
We'll never come back.
Why wouldn't you
just go away?
Why won't you
just leave me alone?
There's a number
I need to call
if something bad
ever happens to Josef.
That's the rule.
I don't care about
your stupid rules.
They'll come get me.
Josef's friends.
They'll come here
and get me... and...
Stop talking.
- We leave you alone...
- Stop talking!
The others?
They'll follow.
They always follow.
- If you're lying to me...
- I'm not.
I promise.
I'm Alex,
by the way.
These woods are cursed,
you know.
Why do you think they
call it Devil's Den?
There's this monster
that roams around,
stalking the woods, hungry
for human flesh and bone.
It used to be, you know,
like, you and me...
But then, something
bad happened to it.
Something really bad.
They say it has
claws like knives,
that it uses to tear
people apart,
like, arms and legs
flying everywhere...
And that it uses
its razor-sharp teeth
to bite into people's hearts
while they're still beating,
just so they can watch
the moment they die.
You won't scare me.
Ask anyone.
She's real.
So, it's a she?
[distant yelling]
[distant dogs barking]
You promised.
They're getting closer.
[distant yelling continues]
Hold on to me.
Why are we stopping?
[dog barking continues]
Down here!
- What was that?
- Shh!
[distant men yelling]
You got anything there?
[dog sniffing]
Hey, have you
gotten any signals?
Hey, over here!
Keep moving!
[dog growling]
[Mina growling]
[dog whimpers]
[thunder rumbles]
[blows on hands]
We should keep moving?
They won't find us here.
We've been here for hours.
- We need to find a phone...
- Enough with the phone!
We'll go in the morning.
I'm starving.
Josef promised he will get
me cereal yesterday but...
Do you know Josef?
Why do you think he's dead?
[thunder rumbles]
I saw him.
But if you don't know him,
how do you know it was him?
It was him.
It could've been anybody.
[lighter strikes]
He didn't smoke or anything.
He just...
He liked to burn things.
He did that to you?
It wasn't his fault.
He told me...
bad things would happen,
if I... if I...
[lighter snaps shut]
I was still learning
the rules.
There's one...
when we are in the car?
I have to keep on
my invisibility blanket.
And if I'm completely covered
and really, really still...
I go invisible.
I know it's not real, but...
I don't know...
I always liked that one.
You can have it.
What you were telling about
these woods being
haunted or whatever...
you really believe it's true?
I know it is.
So you believe in monsters?
Me too.
It's Mina.
My name.
[humming song]
What did I tell you
about locking the door?
What did I say?
That's good.
It's okay.
[nervous breathing]
You like that?
I bet those boys at school
can't touch you
like that, huh?
Tell me how much
you like it.
Don't make me ask.
Tell me.
Tell me.
I like it.
I like it.
Damn, girl.
What's gotten into you.
You fucking...
- Mina, stop.
- [Mina screaming]
[screaming stops]
Mina, it's me,
it's Alex.
[gasping for breath]
Are you okay?
Me too.
- Your hands...
- Yeah.
They're cold,
I get it.
No... they're not.
Wait here.
Where are you going?
To find your stupid phone.
[winces in pain]
George, what are you doing?
Can someone hold this stuff,
I have to take a leak.
I still don't see
what you need a knife for.
There's three of us
against one of him.
What's he gonna do?
Did you hear what the cops
said he did to poor Nate.
Ripped his throat clean
out of his friggin' head.
That's bullshit.
They're just saying that
so they scare folks off,
have less competition
for the reward.
Look, I'm just sayin',
that's what I heard.
It's not bullshit.
We've all heard the stories
about this place!
What ever it is,
it's out there.
A normal person
did not do that to Nate.
Jesus, George,
for the last time...
Look, I know what I am
talking about, okay.
I know more about
this place than anyone.
I already told you,
if you're wanna tag along
I don't want to hear no more
about ghosts or goblins
or any of that crap.
We're all are here
with one plan
and one plan only:
that is to find Hofer
and the kid,
bring him back to the Sheriff
and collect the reward.
Now if you wanna
try to be useful
you help me set up
camp over there.
I'm starving.
Where are we going anyway?
[distant rustling]
It was coming
from over here.
[footsteps approaching]
Alex Whitman?
Hey, uh,
it's okay, son.
Don't worry, you're safe.
My name is Theo
and this is my brother,
And my son, George.
No, I'm not Alex.
You're wrong.
Go away!
Calm down now, kid.
We're the good guys.
We're gonna help ya.
You're lying.
They're lying!
Mina, they're lying!
Don't listen to them!
Who're you talking to,
Is Josef nearby, Alex?
Is he here?
Is he watching us right now?
Come on out, Hofer!
Try, uh... picking on
someone your own size!
Please, please,
don't do this.
There are rules.
He's going hurt them.
- Pop!
- Yeah, what?
The girl who disappeared
when I was a kid...
...the one that
lived in the house
that Nate got killed in...
her name was Mina.
Shut the hell up, Georgie!
You're spooking the kid.
Hang on Henry, just...
How could the kid know that?
She's real.
She's the monster
and she's gonna
rip you to pieces!
Do you have your cell,
Call the Sheriff.
Tell him we found the kid.
Tell him better to get
his crew here quick...
[blood dripping]
George, let's get her.
[wincing in pain]
[camera shutter clicks]
Oh, shit.
Somebody help!
I need help!
Somebody help!
Please don't!
[engine racing, tires spinning]
Are you gonna kill me now,
- That's what I thought.
- No.
I need you to dial.
[cellphone beeping]
[cellphone ringing]
Hang it up.
Hang it up!
It is,
it's hang up.
Who was that?
No signal.
Well let's... try again.
Give me the number.
Did Josef scream?
Did he cry?
Did he piss his pants?
I need to know.
He tried to run.
It was quick.
That's it?
How did it feel?
I don't know.
Tell me.
Like, I just wanted him
to go away.
You can leave if you want.
Leave me, it's okay.
I won't tell anyone.
I promise.
Don't let go.
Wait here.
[phone ringing]
[answering machine] Please leave
a message after the tone.
Mom, are you there?
If you're there,
please pick up the phone.
Me and Jeff are
still in the woods
looking for the missing kid.
I... I just wanted to call
and make sure you're okay
with all this
craziness goin' on.
Maybe we can stop by later?
Sorry to bother you.
Just... call me.
[phone disconnects]
[pot boiling]
A little late for
Halloween, isn't it?
Looks good.
I would hate for my baby here
to make a mess of it.
My friend,
he needs your phone.
I hear they have
a phone at the morgue.
I don't want to hurt you.
[nervous breathing]
It's burning my mouth
but I don't even care!
You didn't have to do that.
I was protecting you.
[slurping continues]
There's a phone here.
Is there any more soup?
I was thinking, maybe...
Never mind.
Just... until they're gone.
Until it's safe.
I mean, we have
this house now and...
and there is food
and it's warm and...
[breathing deeply]
[door creaks open]
[cellphone ringing]
Who is this?
Look, I got a call
from this number earlier.
Why you keep...
It's you, isn't it?
just... stop this.
Give me back my son!
[humming song]
Hello? Hello.
Okay, well put me though
the right person than.
Yes, I need to talk
to someone right now,
it's an emergency!
He's my boyfriend,
of course I...
Of course I trust him.
Why am I still on the phone?
Why am I still
talking to you?!
Why aren't you out there
looking for my daughter?!
[floor creaking]
Oh my...
Mi... Mina?
Baby, who, who...
I mean, what...
Please, look at me, baby.
I'm... I'm sorry.
I'm so, so sorry.
Oh, my little girl...
[thud, gasps]
[car approaching]
I'm just gonna
check on Mom.
Alex, I'm fine.
[911 operator]
Ma'am? Hello?
We're on Devil's Den Road...
the one that cuts
through the woods.
Okay. We'll have someone
there any second to help you.
Just hang tight.
Thank you.
Help me move him.
- I think it might make things worse.
- Mina?
Mina, is that you?
They said they'd
be here soon.
They'll know what to do.
My husband?
It's okay, I'm here.
Mina, Mina...
It hurts, it hurts really,
really bad.
I called the number, Alex.
Your mom misses you so much.
You can go home.
It's okay.
He's gonna hurt them.
No. No, Alex.
Nobody's gonna hurt anybody.
You don't know Josef.
Josef, he's gonna...
he's gonna hurt my family.
He's gonna find them
and he's, he's gonna...
No, no, Alex.
It not what's going to happen.
He's gonna find my family.
He's, he's...
He's gone.
He's gone.
He can't hurt anyone.
I promise.
I don't wanna to be
scared anymore.
You don't have to be.
Please, I just...
I know. I know.
It's okay?
Me, too.
When I was laying
on that bed...
I was thinking about
when we... get back...
that maybe I can
get my eyes fixed.
Do you think maybe?
Yeah, I think so.
Alex? Alex!
Alex, wake up!
Wake up! Wake up!
[gasping, coughing]
Mom? Mom?
She's coming.
She's coming, Alex.
Mina, where's my mom?
I wanna,
I wanna see my mom.
I'm not gonna let them
hurt you.
I'm not gonna let anyone
hurt you ever again, okay?
Let's go home.
Let's go home, Mina.
[distant sirens wailing]
Let's go home.
Mina! Mina!
Mina! Mina!
[humming song]
You okay there, hun?
Are you lost?
It's freezing out here.
There's nothing
for miles around.
I can give you
a lift somewhere.
Bus station,
gas station... wherever.
It'd be no trouble.
Please, hun,
get in the car.
It's not safe out here
for a young girl like yourself.
Now, don't forget to
put on your seatbelt.
You can never be to safe.
So, where are you headed?
["For The Damaged"
by Blonde Redhead]
Maybe again
he will be alone
Guess we're equally damaged
Find your name
Do it all the same equally
Signal when you can't
Breathe no more
Say you were me
then you could see the view
You'll know we are
equally damaged
Don't be a fool,
make it easier
You'll learn to say when
Signal if you can't say,
"no more"
Ha ha ha ha...
Don't cross your finger
Sundays will never change
They keep on coming
You'll be a freak
And I'll keep you company