The Dark Girl (2023) Movie Script

A really nice novel.
Thank you. Who should I dedicate it to?
To Doris, please.
Thank you.
My pleasure.
To my sister Mary, please.
Thank you.
I know...
you've been through a lot because of this
novel, but would you still sign it, please?
We've never faced such a situation before.
I am very happy that you aren't giving
up yet and want to try again.
It's almost the children's lunchbreak as
well, so you can feel free to look around.
Is he?
Don't worry.
Back then, he was immediately placed
in an orphanage for troubled youths.
Alright, please follow me.
You can join the girls, if you like.
Thank you.
Wow, you're an artist?
Thank you.
Are you that small girl?
Come on Amanda, let's go.
That looks like our house.
And the fountain...
Writing had always been my passion.
Even as a small girl, I would hide under my
blankets for hours and scribble
stories into my notebook.
I get up every day,
brew a cup of coffee and sit down at my desk
an empty piece of paper in front of me.
I start at 9 in the morning and frequently
write until late in the evening.
It's a habit I don't like to break.
- Hey.
You look like you could use a break. Huh?
How did your meeting go, by the way?
Well, it was really stressful, but we
ended up getting that big contract.
That's amazing!
Didn't you say that was your big shot?
Well, yes...
But it's going to take up a
lot of my time over the next weeks.
But don't pressure yourself because of me.
It's also good that you ripped me out of
my workflow, because I got a date later.
A date?
With Mike, of course.
Ok, that's fine by me.
Because I don't like sharing you.
Why don't you join me?
You know that I have to
get back to the office.
But tonight...
I'll have you all for myself.
Until then.
Until then.
- Hey, you've arrived right on time.
My new Coffee creation is waiting for you.
Well, I gotta have a taste right away.
So how is it?
but with some bitter notes as well.
What else is in there?
Wouldn't you like to know?
Come on, don't be like that.
I believe, I have a new favourite.
Do you know what you're going to call it?
I didn't really think about that yet.
How about...
Laura's New Love?
Please no.
I'm so happy you're here.
I never saw it coming,
but it was a good idea to lure me here.
I do miss the big city a bit,
but this cafe really is a delight.
Thank you.
You won't believe this, but yesterday someone
asked me if I'd like to sign my novel.
Laura! You're turning into a celebrity.
You really deserve being successful.
Everything ok?
Is the coffee not that good after all?
It does...
but you know that
I'll be at this literary circle
I've been invited to tomorrow.
I already get stage fright
when I think about it.
But it's a huge opportunity for you.
Yeah, of course. But you now how I am.
I hate talking in front of a crowd.
I do know you.
And I know that you can do it.
I hope you have a lot of fun.
You can do it!
See you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.
Can I have it?
One Coffee and two prezel rolls, please.
You're welcome.
And keep the change.
- Thank you
Ha! I won.
Amanda, it's your turn.
Good move.
My turn now? Or do you want to?
Like that.
Was that good?
I won!
Good job.
See you.
Sometimes life is unfair.
One is gifted happiness.
But how must someone who has
been robbed of that happynes feel?
Does that person even know that themselves?
Very impressive.
- Thank you.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Amazing. I'm proud of you.
Thank you.
It was a dark November morning...
and my fluffy duvet was way
too warm and cozy to let go of it.
But only snapping back to reality
for a few moments was enough... review yesterday evening's
gruesome events in my head.
How did I not see that coming?
The signs had been there all along.
I already noticed the big
black Volvo parking at
the village square during
my morning walk that day.
No honey, isn't that the Schmitt's house?
Yes it is.
- Hey.
Your Lovechino.
Your new favourite Cappucino.
It says here that the cause
of death was poisoning.
The Schmitts were like a second family to me.
I'm so sorry Laura.
And they even linked
it to my book, I mean... I...
You know how the press is.
I'm sure it was just an accident.
But I can't believe it.
The police will resolve this and
everyone will forget about the article.
How... was your reading?
I think it went pretty well.
I told you.
I knew you could do it.
Hey, I told you about that
masquerade ball tomorrow, didn't?
Hmmm yes?
Can you maybe accompany me there?
I thought Alex would go with you?
but he's got schedule
for an important meeting and...
can't make it.
Not surprised that Alex
would prioritize work.
Yes, He's already home and waiting for me.
See you tomorrow?
Thank you for always being there for me.
I just saw them in their garden two days ago.
They always were there
for us after Mom's death.
I'm so incredibly sorry.
What do you say we head into town...
to the Italian restaurant?
Can't we stay home and cook something?
It will do wonders for you.
There you are. Prego
Thank you.
- Prego.
Our menu.
Thank you.
- Prego.
- Thank you.
May I offer you a nice red wine?
A Montepulciano?
Yes, please.
Did you convince the critics?
had the impression that
they like me at least.
I'm certain.
It would be really cool
if they like me at least.
One red wine for you.
- Prego.
- Thank you very much.
Did you choose your meal already?
Yes, the Gnocchi for me please.
Gnocchi... yes.
And for the Lady?
Nothing for me, thanks.
Are you sure?
No appetite.
Alright, thank you.
Do you even know how happy I am with you?
I'll be right back.
I got something for you.
It's stunning.
Thank you.
Ok, as an exception.
Head to the living room already.
For you.
- Thank you.
To us.
Did you hear that?
Did you hear that?
- No.
I think somebody is there.
I don't see anyone.
I'll have a look, ok?
Don't run away.
It probably was just a broken branch.
Let's go back in.
Want to go upstairs?
- Mhm.
Hey Dad.
Hi little one.
Dad, the Schmitts are dead.
There are no further details yet,
the police is still investigating.
I don't know what to say.
Are you good?
Yeah... Apart from that
I'm going pretty well.
And Alex is here as well.
Can I talk to him?
No, he's at the office right now.
He's had a lot of stress
because of work lately.
Mr Faun better take care of you.
He will Dad, don't worry.
And how are you?
Quite good.
I'm basically in paradise here as you know.
That's good.
I sadly have to go.
I need to finish this chapter today.
Alright little one.
Have a lot of fun tonight.
Let's celebrate you.
I will.
Love you.
Love you too.
Never do that again!
Ladies and gentlemen, we have gathered
here today to celebrate our local writer...
Laura Faun
Let us raise a toast to an amazing evening.
To you.
Hey, thank you for coming with me.
Laura Faun.
I'm very happy that you took the time.
Of course.
We're all looking forward to your speech.
What speech?
I think I'll get us another drink.
Cheers girls!
- Cheers!
Good evening may I see your invitation?
I can't let you in without one.
Mike, I can't do this.
Sure you can.
Ladies and gentlemen,
let us now welcome our special guest:
Laura Faun.
Let it rip.
Thank you.
Thank you all for taking the time today.
I would've never thought that so
many people would be
interested in my book,
it really makes me very happy.
It's incredible to be able to share
my stories with so many people.
Thank you for being here.
Thank you.
New necklace?
Yes, Alex gifted it to me yesterday.
He definitely didn't hold back.
I'm sorry.
All good.
Good morning.
- Hey.
Why are you up already?
I couldn't sleep.
I'm investigating in the Schmitt case.
Are you Mr and Mrs Faun?
I would like to ask you some questions.
May I come in?
As you surely heard, your neighbours
the Schmitts were found
dead a couple of days ago.
They were poisoned.
Gas poisoning.
It was murder by poison.
So, they were murdered?
- Yes.
A curious murder.
They were robbed.
Why the robber also decided
to poison them is unclear to me.
That's horrible.
And right next door.
I know, this must be very unpleasant for you.
But I have some questions
I would like to ask you.
Where were you both last evening?
Laura was at home
and I had a long meeting at the office.
My boss can surely confirm that.
Mrs Faun.
Did you hear or see anything...
...out of the ordinary that evening?
No... nothing.
I was writing in the library all day.
I'm in my own world there.
And then... I went to town to visit a friend.
I went to bed early.
Did any of you...
...notice something in the days prior?
Someone on the streets
who appeared suspicious.
No... nothing.
Final question.
Last night a women died...
...during your event here in town.
I suspect a poisoning once again.
And both these deaths
have one thing in common.
You Mrs Faun.
What are you trying to say?
Are you suspecting my wife?
No... absolutely not.
I'm trying to solve this case.
But you don't need to scare my wife any more.
You know what? I think that's enough.
Please leave.
And Mrs Faun...
I've read your book.
Congratulations, it's truly a masterpiece.
And so sophisticated.
Almost too realistic.
If anything comes to your mind
please call me.
Don't worry.
Laura, I think we'll need a bigger mailbox.
Just want to take a look.
Dear Laura, I know we've
never met in Person before...
but i feel like i Know you
better than anyone else.
We are made for each other.
If you feel the same way,
please reach out to me.
You're stupid.
That is wild.
What are you doing with all these?
- I reply to them.
- Yeah.
I would just throw them out
you've got enough to do, don't you?
It's a part of all this.
I'm running late.
Hey! We're still closed.
I would like to ask you some questions.
Who are you?
You were the bouncer
at the masquerade ball weren't you?
Who cares?
- Well, I do.
Who are you?
Did you notice anything unusual that evening?
I didn't notice anything.
Are you sure?
100 per cent.
I think you are lying
Piss off.
Okay. Okay. Okay.
There was a young woman
who didn't have an invite.
What did she want?
She really wanted to get in.
When was that?
At about 10pm, I think.
but then she was gone all of a sudden.
Describe her to me.
Where are you?
I brought us some food.
- Yeah.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Perfect timing.
Yes? Are you hungry?
Yes and you? You were at the office all day.
Yeah. It was arduous.
What's this about?
It's for you.
Are you crazy?
What am I supposed to do with that?
I just want you to be able to
defend yourself in an emergency.
I'm not supposed to worry and now
you're coming home with a gun?
Where did you even get it?
- From a colleague at work.
This is just a precaution, okay?
If you need it...
it's going to be in here, alright?
I can't believe it.
You know that I...
Just do it for me, please.
Laura, Amanda.
Where are you off to now?
Sisters forever.
Sisters forever.
- Hey.
Thank you for the wind chimes.
I found it last night.
Which wind chimes?
Outside at the pavillion.
I didn't put that there.
For real?
I... I will throw it away this evening.
No, just leave it.
I kind of find it soothing.
Whatever you say.
I have to go.
See you later, okay?
- Bye.
Aren't you the author Laura Faun?
What you caused with your book.
You should be ashamed.
Mr Berger.
- Mrs Faun.
You're looking very pale.
Are you not feeling well?
There was somebody...
in the Garden.
Listen, i didn't imagine it.
There was a person on my property and...
when I called her, she ran away.
And then you rang the bell.
Can you describe that person?
Not really, no.
She was too far away.
But yesterday evening
Somenoe was in my garden as well.
The same person?
Yes, I believe so.
I think someone is watching the house.
And me.
Next time you see someone on your property...
or near you, contact me right away.
Did you understand that?
- Yes.
I'd have some more questions for you.
Can we sit down?
- Please.
Would you like something to drink?
Yes, Please.
Milk and sugar?
Thank you.
Mhm, tastes nice.
It's from a friend, he has a...
Cafe in town, I know.
Mrs Faun, I've read your book again.
The murder of the Schmitts...
bears a striking resemblance
to the first murder in your book.
The murder of the Wallners.
Don't you think?
To be honest I never thought about it.
Well, it could just be up to chance.
But the woman at the masquerade ball.
It was just confirmed that
is was another poisoning.
And once again, it matches
your story bafflingly well.
The woman at the club.
I think...
the perpetrator is planning
their crimes according to your book.
The media also suggested similar nonsense.
Mrs Faun...
I suggest you leave the town
with your husband...
until the situation has calmed down...
and I have solved the case.
No. I can't do that.
I need to finish my second book...
and I can only do that here,
in my library, at my desk.
You are potentially in a lot of danger.
I would like to call my husband.
I'll give you my card once again.
You can always reach me, day and night.
Take it.
- Hi.
What is going on?
This person...
was in my garden again earlier.
Ok... That's really creepy.
And then Mr Berger
was at my door all of a sudden.
Ok good.
Did you tell him?
Yes. I mean of course but...
Something is up with that guy.
Well, he's an investigator,
they all are kind of weird.
but there's something else about him.
In my case...
I need a break.
I have to clear my mind somehow.
Just grab Alex and go
take a day off together.
No can't do sadly.
Alex has a completely loaded
schedule for the next couple of days.
You know what?
Let's go to the thermal
bath together tomorrow.
You can write for a couple of
hours and in between we'll get pampered.
That does sound really nice.
Alright, but then I'll definitely
have to get some more work done now.
And how about a Lovecino to go?
I was beginning to think you'd never ask.
So the name is set in stone now?
Sure, it sounds good, doesn't it?
See you tomorrow.
- Until then.
Thank you.
This is really doing wonders for me.
So, are there any news
regarding that special
kind of coffee you wanted?
I'm still negotiating
with the company in Brazil.
And dealing with the Italian
intermediaries is really exhausting.
But I'll manage to convince them for sure.
It is weird that that woman
was just standing in my garden, right?
She's probably just confused.
You're right.
Hey, don't worry so much, okay?
We're here to relax.
Mr Berger.
My wife isn't here, she's at the termal bath.
All good.
I wanted to talk to you anyways.
You know, I'm on my way to
a very important business meeting.
I realize that you're just
doing your job, but...
so am I.
Your wife told me she's being watched.
Did you also see that person in your garden?
I'm hearing about that for the first time.
You know...
my wife has been very stressed out recently.
She's under a lot of pressure.
I think it's really talking a tool on her.
That's right.
And, to be honest, you constantly
being around here doesn't really help.
Have you already considered
professional help?
Listen, Mr Faun.
There's a killer out there.
Who might be committing murders
according to your wife's book.
It would be best to leave town immediately.
We won't be limiting our lives for anyone.
How can you stay this calm?
What else am I supposed to do?
Should I frantically search for a murderer?
No. That's your job.
And now leave my house please.
Please look after your wife.
Who's there?
I'm sorry but you can't pass through here.
Mrs Faun.
What are you doing out here so late?
We were at the bath and ate something after.
What happened here?
There was a death.
An older woman.
A death?
Yes, I can't tell more though.
The suspect is still out there.
Please go home immediately
and lock all doors and windows.
It is possible that this case
is also connected to the others.
Do you understand?
You scared me.
- Hey.
What's going on?
Another person was killed.
- Yes.
I... I feel like someone...
is trying to ruin my life.
I'm with you.
You don't even know how much
courage it took for me to come here.
What are you doing here?
So you'll never forget about me.
Thank you.
You still have it.
I kept it because I knew
I was going to see you again.
Uhm, do you want to come in?
I was so excited to see how you're living.
I missed you so much.
I also thought about you a lot.
You've got a really nice house.
Actually, it's the house of my parents.
After mom's death...
my dad was adamant to give it to me.
I'm sorry to hear
about your mother.
I wasn't that lucky with my adoptive parents.
Well, let's put it this way.
A morning without a needle was rather rare.
Did they...
- No.
They weren't like that.
Sometimes I wonder how my life would've
gone if they had taken me instead back then.
Do you want to drink something?
Yes sure.
Some more?
- Please.
So how's your husband called?
Sorry, I'm just so curious
after all these years.
And where did you meet?
Completely by chance actually. I...
and I was picking up some
books for my research and Alex
We're having a guest.
Yes, that's Amanda.
From the orphanage.
I told you a lot about her, haven't I?
Well, isn't that a surprise.
Looks like the lost sisters
found each other again.
I... I have to go now.
What, already?
Dinner's just ready.
I would love for you to stay.
Alex would too, right?
Your house is really beautiful.
Furnished so caringly.
Where do you live?
Not far away from here.
And what is your job?
Do you still remember
how we secretly read books... each other
under the blankets at night?
Yeah, I remember. You fell asleep
with a book in your hands so often.
It was so cute.
And now I'm writing myself.
Yes, I know. I saw your book in a shop window
and started looking for you afterwards.
Come on give me your plate.
I... I really have to go now.
Thank you.
Laura it was so nice seeing
you again after all this time.
I only talked about me.
It's fine.
I hope we see each other again soon anyways.
Are you crazy?
There's a crazy person running
around, killing people...
and you let a stranger into our home.
Have you lost your mind?
Amanda isn't a stranger.
You haven't seen her for 15 years,
of course she is a stranger.
Come on.
Think about it.
I know, it was weird in the beginning...
but then everything quickly felt so familiar.
I want you to stay away from her.
For your own safety.
Everything is alright.
Thank you.
Good luck for your meeting today.
Thank you.
- It'll be alright.
I think so too.
But I really have to get going.
What are your plans for today?
Stay home, okay?
- Yes.
- Yes.
Until later.
Mrs Faun. It's Berger.
The victim from the woods.
She has been identified.
It's not easy for me
to have to tell you this...
but she was Beatrice, your mentor.
The killer is definitely acting
according to your book.
Hello, you have connected to the mailbox of
Alex Faun
Please leave a message after the tone.
Honey, please call me back as
soon as you hear this, it's important.
Excuse me,
is there a Mr Faun here at the moment?
One moment.
Yes. He has a meeting back there.
Thank you.
Wait a second, you can't just go in there.
I've put together
all important documents for you.
There you are.
Please excuse me for a moment,
I'll be right back.
What's going on?
- I'm sorry.
Didn't I ask you to wait at home?
I was just worried. I thought
something happened to you.
No, Im all good.
But I have a very important meeting
I've been working toward for weeks.
Sorry, I thought... I...
It's fine, it's fine.
Just drive back home and
I'll come as soon as I can.
I'm so happy you're good.
See you in a bit.
Mike! What is wrong?
Mike are you good?
It's all my fault.
It's me, Laura.
Ehm hey.
Thanks for calling.
I wanted to ask you if you want
to come over for some food?
Ehm, sure.
I'm still out and about right now.
How about 6 pm?
See you then.
Hey dad.
Hey, is everything okay?
Dad, Mike is dead.
He was my best friend.
I know...
I'm so sorry.
I think I know why this is happening. Dad.
Please don't blame yourself.
The newspappers are mental.
Dad, I wasn't always honest with you.
I... I need to tell you something.
Laura, listen to me.
I'll make this right.
Love you.
You and Alex haven't know
each other that long, have you?
Is everything alright?
You're so tense today.
We met about a year ago.
Alex moved in with me, we got engaged,
and we got married two months ago.
You were always so cautious and wary.
What are you trying to say.
You married someone you don't even know.
Stop playing your little game.
What do you mean?
Are you mad?
You want to take revenge.
What are you talking about?
You want to take revenge for
what I did to you years ago.
I don't know what you mean.
Because I hid the watch of
the director in your bag.
I ruined your life.
I'm very sorry but...
we can't let Amanda go.
She got caught stealing.
There might be a solution though...
if you're open to it.
And now you want to take
everything important to me away.
Laura, I didn't know anything about that.
Now put the gun down and let's talk calmly.
I was so angry.
You wanted to break our pact just like that.
I was a kid just like you,
just looking for love and comfort.
I'm so sorry.
I regretted it for all those years.
I didn't know how I could
make things right again.
But this ends now!
I won't let you ruin my life with Alex.
Is there someone else here?
Don't move!
All good.
Stop moving.
It's just me.
Stay where you are or I'll shoot.
Did you really think...
I'd give you a loaded gun?
You killed Mike?
The Schmitts?
I didn't have them in my life.
So you shouldn't have them either.
Don't you actually remember me at all?
You have no clue what I went through.
I'm simply taking back
what's rightfully mine.
all of this should be mine.
Didn't they tell you?
That they had adopted someone before you.
The difficult boy?
The "difficult" boy.
That's me.
Isabel was scared of me.
Of the boy no one wanted to play with.
So they just gave me away.
Because I wasn't what they were looking for.
They just kicked me out.
But now...
Now the Fauns will suffer just like I did.
Stop... I know you aren't like this.
I can help you.
It's too late for that.
Much too late.
Everything will be mine.
I am so sorry.
Good evening, Mr Faun.
Hello, good evening.
Well, come in. Nice to see you, how are you?
Good, good, and you?
I wanted to tell you but I didn't know how.
A few days after that horrible night...
Alex was determined to be
the culprit in all the cases.
They found sketches of
my book in his paperwork.
the addresses of the victims.
My Dad always said:
Trust is like a ceramic bowl.
Once broken...
the shards can never be
put together quite the same.
But in Japan there's an
Artform called Kintsugi.
Where they put shards back together with a
golden glue to create beautiful new vessels.
Often even more beautiful than the orginal.
I think that's a nice sentiment.
Even great pain can lead to new,
wonderful things.
I lost incredibly much.
But I also re-discovered
some things I believed lost.
What I think about the most
is the influence my words have on people.
Writers, whether they like it or not,
have a responsibility towards society.
On the other hand though, everyone
decides what they are influenced by.