The Dark Military (2019) Movie Script

(Suspenseful music)
(electricity crackling)
Halloween is in need of an upgrade.
You people forgot what fear tastes like.
This man's gonna die and to prove it
his body' will turn up
in the next 24 hours.
The world acts like its safe
but with little or no effort
you could take the world hostage.
This Halloween, with Kane
and Judas at my side,
we're gonna do something
this world will never forget!
(Electricity crackling)
(eerie screaming)
(man screams)
Halloween is next week.
We're coming to change Halloween forever.
I'm Barabbas, and others
from the dark world
will be joining us for this game.
This is your only warning, world!
This Halloween, the Dark
Military's coming to play!
(Dramatic buzzing)
(suspenseful music)
- [Announcer] Good Morning,
it's October 31st, Halloween,
here on Satellite 16, Dark Radio.
It's been one week since a group
calling themselves the Dark Military
broadcasted on the dark
web the grizzly murder
of Ron Rubens.
Film of this murder has now
been witnessed worldwide.
Mr. Rubens's body, who
disappeared from Idaho,
was discovered in St. Michaels, New York.
What does this mean?
You're live with Late In the Morning,
First caller, Wendy from Blairstown.
- [Wendy] Wade, this is unacceptable.
All this time and still
no one knows who they are?
I'm keeping my kids home this Halloween.
- [Female Caller] I
just wanna say our town
has something fun and different goin' on.
You've heard of Survival
Ground by now, haven't you?
- [Man] The Survival Ground broadcast
will go as planned on Halloween.
- [Male Announcer] More
pictures have recently surfaced
of the Dark Military on the dark web.
- [Man] How do we know the
hostages are still alive?
- [Woman] The buyrates
are through the roof.
- [Male Caller] The town of
St. Michaels will move forward.
- [Male Caller] I mean, what
are the rules to this game?
- [Male Caller] We're the hostages.
We don't know what's coming
through the front door.
- [Female Announcer] Is
provoking world history.
The whole world will be watching.
- [Male Announcer] All news
outlets will be covering this.
(Static crackling)
(graphic whooshing)
(phone ringing)
- So how's everything
going with the school play?
- It's going great,
tonight's the big night.
My daughter can't wait for her scene.
You know, even at home
she's never outta costume.
She's always in character!
Hey, um, where's the chief?
- He oughta be here any minute.
He's showing a little bit
more face since, uh...
Hey, it's okay but you
gotta get over this.
- I know.
It's just all week with the media,
and then the video goes
viral and makes world news.
- Listen, listen, those guys
aren't gonna show their face
and their gonna get caught.
Everything is gonna be fine.
- [Dispatcher] Caller has now been able
to close the front...
- Henning, Martel, good morning.
- Morning, Chief, how's it goin'?
- I feel like shit but
everything else is cool.
Besides the press making rounds
where the body was found,
all is well.
We gotta get through tonight, guys.
After tonight, everything will
be back to normal, all right?
But if anything is outta the ordinary,
I wanna know about it.
- Survival Ground is
gonna be in town tonight.
It's that survival game that's been
getting all the buzz on the internet.
Well, those people are
gonna be here in a few hours
and these idiots are havin' some kind
of a meet and greet at
the community center.
- Well I, for one, think this
is good for the community.
I mean, this'll get the town's mind back
on Halloween and a little
bit less on what happened.
- Right.
I'm gonna try to make it to
your daughter's play, all right?
No promises.
Jesus, all right.
Guys, get on the job, let's go!
(Intense rock music)
We want pussy and you know it's true
Pussy, pussy, pussy
(phone buzzing)
- What's up, brother?
- Yo, we are so doin' this shit tonight.
You gonna be ready now?
You see those two hot chicks in the video?
- Yeah right, like you got a
shot with either of them, Dean,
with your class one
jock mentality, come on.
- Dude, you have a tribal
band tattoo from 1995.
Hey, maybe we could do something extra rad
like get a tongue piercing
for the broadcast.
That would make it really cool.
We love pussy so fuck you
(drums banging)
- Please don't make me do this.
You know I don't like goin' to places
where I don't know anybody.
- Lainie, all you do is work.
- Okay, that's not true.
I go to school full-time and I also...
- Work for a son of bitch
that gives you shit.
Look, I bought two spots for us tonight.
I really want you to go to this with me.
- I don't wanna be on TV.
- It's not even TV, it's the web.
At the most, you'll be a
Facebook and Twitter star.
Not even Fox News is even
gonna be coverin' this one.
- Work sounds like a great
idea after hearing that.
- Let me guess, you're scared
to ask her, aren't you?
All she does is push you around.
Gives you shifts with no notice.
Fuck it, just tell her
you're taking a me day.
- Scared?
Roman, you're the one
that fears your father.
I mean, does he even
know you're doing this?
- No.
(Drums banging)
(mellow electronic music)
- Out of all the places they had to pick
for a meeting spot, they
had to pick this town?
- What were you expecting,
a Hollywood movie set?
- All I'm saying is we
just drove nine hours
to do this shit and now we're
sitting in some coffee shop
just waiting for it to start.
I mean, we could do that back home.
- Well, you're the asshole
that wanted to get here just
in case god forbid we didn't
get a good parking spot.
Look at us, we look like teenage assholes
waiting outside a venue before
the band's bus even shoes up.
- She's right.
- What can I say, I'm punctual.
- You're an idiot.
- There's a hair in my coffee!
(Drums banging)
(upbeat rock music)
It was a good day
Good and then it went wrong
- Dee, I was wondering if...
- Guess you didn't notice I was reading.
- Tonight I was going to...
- I have a date tonight, we're
watching Survival Ground.
That is, if he can keep his hands off me.
And you're the one to blame
- Well, that might be kinda hard.
Because it's not good for
business for him to be
touching you when you're
working your shift.
- Lainie, this is a joke right?
- When you're watching
later, pay attention.
You might see somebody you know.
And turn off the lights
I got a big day
I got a big day
And when you smack down
You know where I'm from
- [Reporter] Can you tell me a little bit
more about the game?
- I thought Halloween
could use an upgrade.
Year after year, it's the same
thing over and over again.
I decided it was time
for a new era of fun.
Tonight, live on pay-per-view the world
is in for something different.
- You heard it here first!
- All right, so where
do we sign up for this?
This isn't gonna be any
of that kid shit, is it?
- We can still hit the
road and make the party.
- Fuck that, a party's just a party.
I wanna be on pay-per-view!
- Did you get that?
- [Cameraman] We got that.
- We're still rolling?
- We're live.
- Ooh hoo, speaking to
the enchanting Jezebel.
The website states you
don't receive the rules
until the bus arrives
at the hunting ground.
- Well, in a short bit, Mother Nature
will be addressing all of those questions.
- Yes, but can you tell us who
will be the one doing the hunting?
- You'll have to wait for
the pay-per-view to start.
Could be anybody really.
Freddy, Jason, maybe even
Frankenstein's monster.
- Where is Christopher
Lee when you need him?
John Hedberg reporting.
I'm out.
All right, well, that
was great, thanks a lot,
thanks a lot, Jezebel.
Did you get that?
Off to the next one.
- Hi, I'm Travis.
- Well, hello, Travis.
- Question, if I get killed
off early in this thing
what are the chances of you
and I getting some alone time?
- And do you think
alone time would be fun?
- I can think of a few ways to kill time.
- Listen.
Travis, tonight I promise I'll
make some alone time for us.
(Upbeat rock music)
- Whoo!
- All right, all I'm seeing
is girls and zombies.
Who the hell is hunting us?
- I don't know, but this looks really PG.
What did we sign up for?
- All right, it's set.
- What's that?
- Look at Travis.
- Me and Jezebel.
- Get the fuck outta here.
- Dude, I was just talking to her.
She was practically craving my dick
as soon as I told her my name.
- Oh, she's craving your dick?
- Will you guys knock it off?
Seriously, Roman?
Is this the shit that I have to deal with?
I didn't quit my job to
sign up for a sausage fest.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Too bad for you, Lainie, someone already
put a down payment on
this sausage. (Laughs)
Now, if you excuse me, Travis has gotta
fill up his November calendar
with some new draft picks.
- And there he goes, the CEO of herpes.
- Burger, burger!
- Hello, chef.
- Burger.
- I'm all right.
- Burger!
- Thank you.
- I have more on the grill, on the grill!
- That's perfect.
- How is it?
- I haven't taken a bite yet but it's...
- How is it, is it good?
- It's good, it's good!
- It's amazing, thank you.
- I think it's terrific.
- Oh my god.
- It weren't for you wouldn't
eat it, that's crazy.
- That guy takes his
work really serious, huh?
Who are you?
- I'm Griffin.
- Griffin.
- You doin' this thing tonight too?
- Yeah, I mean, I had friends
that bailed on me last minute
and I got shit else to do so.
- Right, right, so it's Halloween night
and you have no other friends
to hang out with, that's cool.
- You're a dick!
- I get it, right, you're
the asshole jock in the movie
who when you get killed
everybody cheers, right?
- Ouch.
- Good news, good news, that asshole jock
winds up getting laid
before he dies anyway so.
You got that goin' on.
- That's a good point, I like him.
See, he's smart.
- So did you drive far for this?
- No, I didn't come far.
- You know, she's single by the way.
- Dean!
- Just throwing that out there.
Just letting him know.
- And she likes you.
- Roman, come on guys!
- I can see the sparks
are just flying back and forth here.
- Yo, check it out.
Look who showed up?
- Hello, where do I sign?
- So does my girl get a script, huh?
(Lips smacking)
- Good to see yas!
- It's good to see you too.
- Oh, he's an angry Hamburglar, ooh.
- Have fun with your sad meal.
(Soft rock music)
- Hello everybody, I am Mother Nature
and this is the Survival Ground!
The kids who have signed
aboard are tonight's stars.
Now as you may know, our website
has created quite the stir
so don't worry, we have news outlets here
covering the story, and I am ensuring you
that the kids are in great hands.
- So my name's Lucas and we
just drove down from Maine,
me and my friend Farrah here.
Should we grab like our
sleeping sacks or whatever?
- My prey, you will find out the rules
as soon as we get to the Survival Ground
as it is stated in our website.
Don't you worry, you
are in the capable hands
of Mother Nature.
- That was totally unhelpful, thank you.
- Welcome.
- Excuse me, excuse me!
Chicken sandwiches are on the grill!
Five, five minutes chicken
sandwiches for everyone.
- Like I said, you are in great hands.
We have chicken sandwiches after all!
You smiled at me, I felt
- All right, at this
moment I would like to ask
all of you to line up at the bus.
I wanna thank the media for
coming out and seeing us.
And enjoy tonight's broadcast.
- Cellphone, please.
- Sure, you can have my number.
- No sweetie, I need you to
put your cellphone in this bag.
It's part of the game.
There's no cheating, silly.
- All right, kiddos, at this time
I would like you to give this
lovely lady your cellphones
and board the bus.
- Why?
- Well, my pet, a
cellphone is an advantage
in this day and age.
It can help you in the hunt
and I cannot have that.
- And what if I don't wanna
give up my fucking cellphone?
Then this is just as far as you'll go.
- Holy shit, this bus is
full of beer, come on!
(Guests cheering)
- Told you I was a good mother!
(Upbeat rock music)
It kills me just to think
that we'll never be the same
Loneliness and memories are
drowned in guilt and shame
Back in April we coulda
started over again
But you were a coward
with a selfish heart
And now we long for the
days back when we were
The boys from the barley hill
The kids with the strongest will
Our brotherhood and loyalty
embedded in us still
The boys from the barley hill
The kids with the strongest will
Our brotherhood and loyalty
embedded in us still
The boys from barley hill
Our pride, our strength, our will
When the chips are down we are around
- Well, they've arrived.
- Wait, you said the kids arrived?
- Well, yeah, the bus is pulling in now.
When the chips are down we are around
When we fight our fill
We're the boys from the barley hill
We're the kids with the strongest will
Our brotherhood and loyalty
embedded in us still
- All right, I'm drunk,
where's the bathroom?
- You got anymore beer?
- Can I get my cellphone 'cause I totally
have to check-in on Facebook?
- So what do you think?
- Man, this is all just hype to me.
Man, look, 13 doesn't
go until midnight anyway
and I really don't care.
- I hear you man, I mean, this whole thing
is Google-proof.
Nobody even knows who's
producing this thing.
- You don't have to be here, you know,
just 'cause I'm grounded.
You can still go to the dance.
- You're my best friend.
I'm not just gonna leave you
on Halloween by yourself.
- I'm fine, I got this to watch.
- I'm going to watch the video with you.
Most of the kids at school are anyway.
- Wait, wait, wait, they boarded the bus
three or four hours ago.
Where is this, where is this taking place?
- Well, that's the thing.
The site tells you you're
not gonna know the rules
or where the Survival Game is taking place
until minutes before it starts.
- What the?
What's going on?
(Hard rock music)
We eat pussy at every meal
- Hey baby, I was wondering
when's the first break.
- Break, there's no breaks,
not until the game is over.
- Well, suppose I die early?
What are the chances of you
and me getting the showers in?
- Plus you should know, see, he could
show you his tribal band tattoo.
- You have a tribal band tattoo?
- Yup, insert joke here.
Hey, she might find it sexy though.
Like that chick in Porkys who looks
through the boys locker room.
- Dude, you're a fucking dick, man.
- I'm a dick without a tribal band tattoo.
- Travis, you do not have
a tribal band tattoo.
- Hey look, 1995 called you
want a tattoo either or.
- Dude, what the fuck is this?
I haven't seen one damn camera crew.
The whole time I didn't see a thing
and no one knows that we're here.
- It's pay-per-view, all right, relax.
They're just trying to amp
us up, I bet we're not far.
I bet the bus just took a couple of lefts
around the main roads for a
few hours to throw us off.
- Did you hear that Lea girl?
She said she was some kinda
famous model-actress something.
(Lips blowing)
And look, she's still
trying to get her cell back.
- [Eggar] Pathetic, pathetic.
- Idiot.
- This is fucking awesome!
- Awesome, ain't nothin' happened!
We're in a field!
- Um, where's the camera crew?
- Okay.
- Not sure, but I guess
questions will all be
answered before go time.
(Man cheers)
- I really wanna get my cellphone back
so can you like give it to me please?
What the fuck?
(People chattering)
- Hey, you wanna tell us what's going on?
- Yeah, like what are we supposed to do?
- My children, my work here is done.
Soon you will meet the hunters
and then the game will begin.
(Man cheers)
(engine revving)
- Jezebel, can I come with you?
- What, wait!
- Hey, yo, yo!
- Wait!
- Yo, where you goin'?
- No, we're not just standing here!
- Yo, this isn't part of
the deal, where you goin'?
- Hey!
- Man, what the hell am I looking at here?
I thought you said this
was supposed to be good.
Bunch of douches.
- I don't know, man.
I'm watching the same fucking
thing you're watching.
- Hey, yo!
(People shouting)
- What's going on, this is stupid.
- This whole thing is a big letdown.
- Guys, it's okay!
I found more beer!
(Crowd cheering)
- Yeah, I think this thing shit the bed.
- It sure the hell did.
- Yes, I got one, that's right!
I got it!
- Yes, yeah, woo!
- Yes, that's what I'm talking about, man.
No one beer queers here, baby.
(Static buzzing)
(electronic whooshing)
(electric crackling)
- Yo, it's...
(thrilling music)
(dramatic thudding)
(electronic fizzing)
- Holy shit, is that them?
- Yo.
- It's a little too soon to
be dressing up like that,
don't you think?
- I told you all that
we'd return at Halloween.
I told you that tonight we were gonna
take the world hostage.
Welcome, kids.
And welcome everybody watchin' back home.
We don't have a camera crew, it's just us.
With the funds we got from our buyrates,
we have hidden cameras covering
this whole hunting ground.
Our general has given us orders
to hunt you down and kill you all.
Tonight, myself, Barabbas,
along with Kane, Jezebel,
Judas, we will put the
fear back in Halloween.
We are the Dark Military.
We said we would return tonight.
As we told the world, a body will show up
within 24 hours and it did.
Tonight, all the bloodier
bodies will come...
- What kinda weapons do we get?
- Shut the fuck up!
Here are the rules.
In a few minutes we will go live.
The broadcast will last two
hours, not a second more.
Listen and listen good.
The weapons you see here
are real, we will use them.
Now is the time to put your game faces on.
No one has any idea where you are.
It was hard seeing out those windows
coming here, wasn't it?
I sure wouldn't get on that bus
if I couldn't see where I was goin'.
None of you called that into question
with the free drinkin' thing goin' on.
Oh yeah, about your cellphones.
- [Woman] Wait, that's my phone.
- My cellphone better not
have been in that bag.
- Yo, I wanna know where this bus is.
Don't fuckin' look at me like that.
Are you fuckin' deaf, I said
don't look at me like that.
Nah, nah, fuck this shit, man.
Come on, this is fuckin', what
the fuck is happening here?
Nah, forget about it.
I'm fuckin' outta here.
- Kids, this military has
orders to hunt you down.
If any of you are still
standing after two hours
then you're one of the winners.
The clock has started.
We will give you a one
minute start to get away.
- So what, wait a second,
what the hell is this shit?
We're supposed to just run into the woods?
- And what do we win?
- What is that?
- And what do we win?
'Cause you said you were hunting us
so do we get like a map or anything
'cause I don't understand this.
This is my Halloween.
This is the most unorganized thing
I have ever been a part of!
- Hey man, listen, just got this drink.
Listen, I'm kinda drunk
and my shoulder's acting up
so you think it'd be cool if
I just watched or something?
- Civ, you gotta be kidding me.
We came all the way out here
and you just wanna check out?
Come on, let's go.
- Son, if you're still standing here
in about 30 seconds, I'm
gonna put this meat cleaver
right in your fuckin' head.
- It's cool, man, I'll check
out now, I'll be the first.
Sonya, baby, you go
ahead, I'll be cool here.
- Civ, goddammit.
- Fuck it, we're starting now.
(Head cracking)
(woman screaming)
(heart thumping)
(thrilling music)
- Baby!
(neck cracking)
- Holy shit, Jesus!
- Holy shit, dude, this is real.
- Is this real?
- This isn't a joke, Sophia.
- Where are the police?
- Get the state capital
on the line, right now.
We need to know where that bus went.
- Two hours, not a second more.
Everybody's watch is set.
- Start checking on every traffic camera.
- It's play time.
(graphic whooshing)
(suspenseful music)
(static humming)
(insects chirping)
- Is that my Travis?
Some of your friends didn't make it
but I really enjoyed killing them.
(Static humming)
It's time to die now, sweetie.
- How do you want me?
- Lay down on your back for me.
- Can't he tell something's wrong?
This chick has blood all
over her for fuck's sake!
- He needs to run.
- What is he doing?
- Come on, Travis, can't
you see what's happening?
(Jezebel laughs)
(static humming)
- Are you ready?
- More ready for when the
productions over though.
(Static humming)
- What's wrong, Travis?
Don't you want me anymore?
- That's it, girls, I don't
want you watchin' this.
(Cover slapping)
We have to drive on Halloween.
As it is, Halloween's
already been canceled.
- Oh come on, man.
Do we even know what
the fuck just happened?
- Oh my god, you guys,
they'll be here soon.
I mean, they know where we are, right?
- Quiet down, quiet down, Lainie.
We're gonna get through this, okay?
I'm not gonna let anything happen to you.
- We gotta find the others, guys.
- And then what, Griffin?
Half of them are fucking
drunk, the others are stupid.
The more people that join us,
the more they're gonna be
able to fuckin' find us,
all right, we can't have that happen.
We gotta fuckin' just
keep goin' ourselves.
- Oh, you already counted everybody out?
Man, you're unbelievable, man!
That's fucked up!
- Do you wanna fucking
lead this team, dude?
- Man, get the fuck outta here!
- What the fuck do you know except
how yes, fucking, yes?
- Don't hit me with that shit.
- No, you fucking know
what I'm talking about!
- No!
- What the fuck?
- [Roman] Come on, man.
- Yo, where the fuck did you come from?
(People chattering)
- Are you kidding me?
Do you have any idea what
just happened out there?
- What do you mean?
- This is real, all of
it, don't you get it?
- What do you mean real?
- Keep your fuckin' voices down.
- They murdered those two punks back there
and all those other guys were real.
This isn't a joke, this isn't a game.
- Oh, come on man, this is shit.
It's not like nobody knows
where we are, come on.
- Bro.
- Do you see anything, Teddy?
- All right, man.
- Any signs of life?
Do you even know where the fuck you're at?
- You need to calm down, for real.
- [Dean] Get the fuck outta here, man.
- I'm not sure where you're
all trying to lead us
but we plan on winning this thing.
- That's right.
- Nothing to fucking win,
man, don't you get that?
- All right, all right,
come on, come on, enough.
- No no no no no no, please.
We gotta keep going!
- All right, calm down,
Ms. Drama Queen, all right?
- What the fuck?
- Tonight we're all famous
so everyone wave to the cameras!
- Goddammit.
You're gonna lead them right to us, man.
Fuck this, we're fuckin' outta here.
- Oh, come on!
Run, Forrest, run!
- We should do it right now.
- Right now?
- Yeah.
- Oh no no, fuck yeah!
- Yeah?
- No, no, all those cameras
are just beside us right now.
You know it.
Come on, do it now.
Woo, woo!
- I love you, I love you!
- Yeah!
That's fuckin' awesome.
- Henning, what do we got?
- Well, they took Route
Six about 10 minutes
then they turned off an old country road.
And they coulda been on that
bus for three or four hours.
Chief, there's no cameras on that road.
That bus coulda made a turn anywhere.
(Old timey cartoon music)
- [Cartoon Character] Hey,
have you got any dried fish?
- [Cartoon Character]
Sure, we got dried fish.
- Yo, hold on.
- Yo, what's goin' on?
- Yo, are you watchin' this shit?
- What shit?
- You need to log onto
your computer right now.
I'm gonna send you a link.
You're not gonna believe this.
- What's going on?
- [Cartoon Character] Hello,
why don't you give him a drink?
- Okay.
- Just, just watch.
- This is Gilda Silverman.
I am standing along Route Six
right at the corridor where
Pennsylvania meets New York,
where hours ago a group calling themselves
the Dark Military came into a small town
and took our children to a hunting ground.
This is now being
broadcast live on the web.
This is the same group that last week
killed Ron Rubens live on the dark web
and dumped his body along Route Six.
The question is how
did we let this happen?
Where is this deadly game taking place?
- Ah, shit!
- Seriously, guys.
We gotta come up with a
gameplan or something.
- We just need to keep goin'.
Then find a road, just keep
goin' till we find one.
- How do we know we're
not goin' in circles?
- I've had it, I'm done.
I don't wanna play this game anymore!
Damn it.
Can anyone hear me?
- Lea?
Guys, we have to help
her, come on, come on.
- Fuck.
- Fuck this shit.
Damn it, I've had it.
I'm done, I quit.
Oh shoot.
Can anyone hear me?
I'm done playing this game!
(Suspenseful music)
(cleavers smashing)
- Well, you didn't think that went
through very well, did you?
Don't you know as soon as the killers
are identified in a horror
movie you should run?
- Listen asshole, I don't
know who you think you are
but I'm done here.
Your special effects are terrible.
This whole thing is a joke.
Take me back to the bus, I...
(Camera clicking)
- There's your cellphone, bitch!
- Nice of you to finally show up, Delilah!
- Shut the fuck up, Barabbas!
- So how was your date?
- We broke up.
- You're gonna be single forever.
(Electronic whooshing)
- Louis Rickles again reporting live
from Pennsylvania Township.
- [Man] Happy Halloween, woo hoo!
Dark Military, awesome!
- [Cameraman] Just go.
- Is it possible, all right, ready?
Louis Rickles reporting live
from Pennsylvania Township,
and as more and more details
come across the News Six desk
this scene is appearing
more and more grim.
- The Dark Military
who came into this town
and took children into a hunting ground
now being broadcasted live on the web.
- Officials have been going door to door
trying to find anyone that may have
seen the Dark Military bus.
- We've also gotten reports
that air support teams
are looking into this densely-wooded area
and are no closer to
pinpointing the destination
of this deadly hunting...
- [Man] Yo, Louis Rickles sucks a dick!
- Broadcasting.
- Yeah, broadcasting.
(Gimmicky music)
- Okay, they found Troy and Dolly Borden.
Our newsroom has just received a tape
direct from the Dark Military.
We have no idea what timeframe
this video took place.
We know for a fact this night was planned.
What is happening is real.
What you are about to see is
not for the faint of heart.
- [Interviewer] So you have a plan.
- Right about now, the first of the kills
have already happened.
We could have taken them all out
but what fun would that have been?
- [Interviewer] How could you be so sure
that your plan will work?
- My plan?
The general's plan never fails!
- [Interviewer] So why are you doing this?
- You know, when a tragedy hits
they always seem to find
out everything about it
but you know when they do?
After it's over!
This year will be no different.
Halloween will get its upgrade.
Kane, bring me one of the girls!
- No.
Let her go!
Let her...
(static crackling)
Nah, nah, let...
- Problem?
- Man, don't do this.
She's my sister, take me, take me.
- Do you wanna kiss your brother goodbye?
- Please, just let us go!
- Fine, I'll just kiss him for you.
- No!
(hand tapping)
- Continue.
- Let go of me!
(Weapon smashing)
- Chief, we came in as soon as we heard.
- What can we do?
- Where you need us?
- I need you guys to
get back on the field.
Get out there, all right?
- Are you kidding me?
We're the best you got.
- That's why I need you on the field.
- Yes, sir.
- She filming, she filming?
I'm Major Bigelow, this is Agent Brody.
We have very little time to isolate
the location of this broadcast.
- Since this town was the
last place the group was seen,
this station is now under
federal jurisdiction.
We'll be working with you,
the state, the military,
and the government but
our primary objective
is to see to it that these kids
are brought back home safely.
- Excuse me.
- All the locals are
running rampant, Chief.
No one's seen anything since that bus
pulled out of the lot.
- Why are you here?
- The play was great,
look, I'm back on duty.
What's our next move?
- Information, we need
everything we can get
to pinpoint exactly where
this is taking place.
Mounted police and air traffic
control, already in effect.
- Damn!
Looks like their server has some kind of a
government firewall up on it.
I'll tell you what, this group
sure planned this out well.
Chief, I can get through this firewall
but it's gonna take a while.
- What we need now is to
find a possible location
where this broadcastis coming from.
- We need to keep an eye on the woods
if we're gonna find any kind
of lead to where they may be.
- How does someone get access
to a government firewall?
- We should stop this broadcast.
The world doesn't need to see this.
- We stop this broadcast now
we have nothing to go on.
We need to sit back and hope
that we or somebody else
watching can notice
something that we can use
to identify the location, understand?
Everybody understand?
(Twig snapping)
(thrilling music)
(dramatic music)
- Did you guys hear that?
- Yeah, finally some signs of life.
- Let's go.
- What, you wanna follow it?
- Yeah Lita, we have
no idea what's going on
and I want some answers!
- Whoa!
- Whoa whoa whoa whoa.
- Hey!
- What's going on?
- Calm down.
Calm down, what are you talking about?
- He'll kill us, we have to go away.
- Calm down, calm down,
calm down, come on.
- Come over here, they're hunting!
- They're gonna kill us!
- Come on!
- Come on, come on, come on.
- I can't leave her!
Come on, Farrah, come on, come on.
(Dramatic music)
(suspenseful music)
- Looks like it's just the three of us.
- You guys are hunting us for real?
- What's it look like to you?
I like your makeup, it
looks very masculine.
(Knife slicing)
- No!
(Body crashing)
- It's just you and me now, Eggar.
Think about it, you
need this knife, right?
I'm all by myself.
I'm just a girl, right?
You can take me out.
Come on, Eggar, be a man, take me out!
(dramatic music)
(knife smashing)
(man groaning)
(people chattering)
- Whoa, whoa, wait.
It's another hot chick, man.
Hey, sorry, babe.
- Hey listen, I don't think
it's that you're just sending us
out into the woods with
no map or anything.
I don't even get what's going on!
If I didn't run into these guys
I'd be lost out here all night.
- She got two kills, wow.
It looks so real.
- It does look real.
- It looks real.
- You have an effects team on site, right?
- Oh my god!
- Lenny, come on!
- Come on.
- Oh my god!
- Just go, just go, go!
- Come on.
Keep going, let's go.
- [Lea] Lenny, come on, let's go!
(People shouting)
- Shit, all right, all right, all right!
Keep going, keep going, go, go!
(dramatic music)
(graphic whooshing)
- Authorities have confirmed
that the death count
now stands at 12 people.
We have also gotten reports
that air support teams
that are sweeping this
dense wood are no closer
to pinpointing this group's
deadly hunting ground.
(Propellers whipping)
- No one's dying tonight!
- Oh, no one's dying tonight?
Five people already died tonight.
- Shut up!
- Bro, I'm done with this.
I am done with it, all right?
- [Griffin] Listen.
- No, we're getting
out of here, all right?
- We need to go back to the plan
and try to look for a road or something.
- This isn't happening!
- Oh, it is happening.
- Look, look, guys, Griffin's right, okay?
We need to find a road,
that's the game plan now.
- Yeah, but where are we gonna go?
- Wait, wait, wait, hold up, wait!
Wait, so if we're really on TV
then everyone at home can hear us, right?
So help, help!
(People shouting)
- No!
- Someone help us please!
- Help!
- Please help!
(People shouting)
- Shut up!
- For the love of god, oh.
- Hey, guys, this is real, okay?
This is a live hunt.
I just spotted some cameras in the trees.
Chances are they know
where we are at all times.
- Cameras in the trees.
- You're Nelson, right?
- Yeah, yeah, we spoke on the bus a while.
- Oh yeah.
- Yeah, when they killed those two punks
I ran and lost everybody.
- We gotta build a fire, a big fire
because if we build a fire then someone's
gonna see the smoke and then...
- If we build a fire it's
gonna bring them closer to us.
- Fuck the fire, okay?
We need to go and just keep
fuckin' goin', all right?
The more we move...
- Who are these people?
- Well, they seem to have
planned this out pretty well.
They must have had some sort of background
in military training.
- They're just a bunch
of sick fucks, Nelson.
That's all they are.
- Look, they're gonna
keep finding us, man.
They're gonna keep finding us.
- Did you notice Kane?
- Guys, let's just keep going!
- Kane?
- Well, he never speaks.
- Yeah great, Nelson, he
never speaks, awesome!
- Shut up, Teddy!
- Well maybe he's something else.
- What, a fucking alien?
- Wait, wait, wait, hold
up, what are you trying
to say, something else?
- Oh my god!
Oh my god, just how did we
not realize this earlier?
- What?
- They've been watching us
on the cameras all night.
No wonder they can find us so quick!
Look, we will never have an advantage.
- Wait a second.
- Fuck that shit!
Don't you ever accuse me
of cheating, mother fucker!
Waste that one, Kane.
I want that one.
- Come on!
(People chattering)
- Let me tell you something,
you little vagina head,
I've been nothing but honest with you
and the people watching back home.
I told you you were all being hunted.
I told you tonight we were
coming back to change history.
And I even gave you a head start running.
You think after all that
I would cheat the game?
Hold this pussy faggot still, Kane!
- Oh please, I'm sorry.
Just, just let me go, okay?
- Please let me go!
- Newsflash, Teddy, GPS
just filed Chapter 11.
That's how easy it is to track you.
- Sweetie, stop lookin' at me.
I'm starting to think you might like me.
- Whatever, you both can make out after.
- (Stammers) I'll make out with her.
Please, just please, just don't kill me.
- What did you say?
- I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!
- Hang tight there, Teddy.
(Thrilling music)
You like what you see there, darling?
- You, you leave her alone!
- Shut up, Teddy!
- [Together] Oh!
- Yeah, she likes you, Jezebel.
- Nelly, don't do it.
- [Together] Shut up, Teddy.
- Kane, let that pussy faggot go.
- Well, what are you waiting
for, get out of here!
- What am I doing?
What the fuck am I doing?
- [Judas] I don't know, Nelly.
I'm starting to think you're more into me.
- I'll do whatever you
want, just don't hurt me.
- You wanna kiss, Jezebel?
I think she wants to kiss you, Jezebel.
- You wanna kiss me, sweetie?
(Thrilling music)
(dramatic music)
(heartbeat thumping)
- Ah, you fucking dyke!
Don't fucking touch me!
I touch you, I'm the fucking toucher!
Dumb fucking bitch, fuck you!
I'll fucking kill that fucking pussy!
- Oh my god!
- Well, the tax ID and the bank account
were hacked from some
old couple in Nebraska.
- Do we have a IP address yet?
- Still not cracked.
- I've been doing the statistics
and there's no cases on
record that match this but...
- How much time do we have?
- Historically it could
take up to two hours.
- They knew, they knew and they've been
mocking us in the process.
- Well, we've got mounted
police in every county
searching all the wooded locations.
And we got choppers in the air.
But, Chief, this is short notice and
it's been less than an hour.
- Do you realize how many teenage parties
are going on in the
woods on Halloween night?
You're gonna see light.
The choppers and mounted police
will just slow things down.
- I'm not disagreeing with
you but this is our community
and we will deal with this ourselves.
- We, what do you mean we?
You're gonna send out lynch mobs?
Yeah, I said lynch mobs
'cause that's exactly
what this is gonna turn into.
- These are our kids!
You're just comin' from Washington
tryin' to cover your ass!
We will address our community
about this situation.
- It's not your town.
It's our town now, you understand?
- What the fuck you talkin' about?
- Chief, Chief.
- Chief, Chief.
- Sit down and close your mouth!
- Chief.
- Sit down!
- Step off, man!
Yo, man, I will break...
- Chief.
- Sit down.
Don't do it.
- I'm good, I'm good, I'm
good, all right, all right.
All right, all right, I'm
all right, I'm all right.
Bottom line, I'm addressing the committee.
(Door creaks)
(door slams)
(static buzzing)
- Hi, I'm Jezebel.
- [Interviewer] Well,
hello, you seem pleasant.
- You're sweet, thanks.
- [Interviewer] So do you want
to tell us about yourself?
- I see the way you look at me.
Do you wanna touch me?
- [Interviewer] (stammers)
I was just trying to...
- See, I knew it, they all do.
- [Interviewer] What's your story?
- I promise.
- [Interviewer] Why are
you a part of this group?
(Static buzzing)
- We broke up.
(Insects chirping)
(branches cracking)
- I can't see shit.
- And he said the woods had a road.
Even if it's a dirt road.
- We need to go back there to the site.
- [Griffin] What?
- The original site,
that's where the road was.
- You're right.
- Yeah, great idea, genius,
but do you know where that is?
Does anyone know where that is?
- Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey.
Shh, Lainie, not now.
- Lainie, Lainie, look at me.
- Please not now.
- Lainie, look at me.
- Please, please, please.
- What did I already tell you?
- That you were not gonna
let anything happen to me.
- I'm not gonna let
anything happen to you.
Lainie, look at me.
Nothing's gonna happen to you, any of us.
- Right.
- Let's move out.
- Let's go.
(Thrilling music)
- 45 minutes, soldiers.
We don't stop till
everyone of them is dead.
Let's make the general proud.
- All right.
I'm gonna cut to the chase.
We have the most serious
situation on our hands right now.
- How can the police not be close?
- We're not dealing with
any terrorist group here.
We're dealing with
unknowns who are hunting
for fun and mocking the
world as they do it.
- I can't believe what
we're watching right now.
- The bus boarded from this town
and took a four-hour drive
where the broadcast went live.
They're somewhere from part of New York,
New Jersey, and New England.
You all know what's going on
and we don't have much time.
Please, I'm asking all of
you to please comb the woods.
Stay in large numbers.
Wherever you are, I'm asking
you to get up and help.
Don't let this group get away with this.
(Phone ringing)
- May I put you on hold, please?
(Dispatcher chattering)
Officer Martel.
- Hello, yes, look, I'm
looking for my brother Eggar.
I haven't been able to get a hold of him.
I don't know what's goin' on.
He was one of the kids that was on the bus
and my phone's been blowin' up.
- May I have your name please?
- My name's Vince.
- Vince, okay, we're not even
sure what it is that we saw.
We're still hoping that this whole thing
might be some Halloween joke.
- Officer Martel, listen,
I know my brother, okay?
He's not ever without his phone.
The phone's been going right to voicemail.
I don't know what's goin' on.
I can't get a hold of him.
- We're trying to locate...
- I know my brother, okay?
This isn't some kind of fuckin' prank.
Something's gone wrong
here, something's happened.
You're telling me nobody
over there knows anything?
All right, look, I'm
just gonna stay on hold.
Someone over there has got
to get me in touch with him.
Please, find my brother.
(Insects chirping)
- Roman, Roman, Roman, Roman.
Relax, what are you doin'?
What were you gonna go over there for?
- Man, I'm tired of playin'
this game, all right?
It doesn't matter, we gotta figure out
what we got going here.
- Roman, look at me, look at me.
We don't know what the fuck's
going onthere right now
but you just saw what just happened.
Give me a fuckin' second to check it out.
Just give me one fuckin' second.
- Yo, look, we can't afford
to lose anybody else out here.
- One second.
- Dean, be careful.
- Haven't you seen a horror movie?
- [Dean] Hello.
- What do you see?
- Help, somebody.
You gotta help.
No, no, no, no!
- Calm down, calm down!
- Hey look, settle down!
- Teddy, Teddy, Teddy, Teddy, Teddy.
- Yo, chill out, tough guy.
For all we know that could
be them in there, relax.
- What, no, I'm gonna go in there!
I'm gonna get some help.
- Teddy.
- Teddy, stop!
(People shouting)
- What the fuck are you doin?
(Objects crashing)
What the fuck are you doin' man?
- Fuck, damn, damn!
(Dishes crashing)
What the fuck, man?
(Pots banging)
All right, what else, what else you got?
- You're making too much
goddamn fucking noise!
What are you doing?
- I'm gonna go back
and I'm gonna take down
every damn one of them.
(Dramatic music)
- Go go go go go go go go!
- My kitchen!
Get the fuck outta my kitchen!
(Graphic whooshing)
(phone ringing)
- Officer Martel.
- Yeah, this is like the third time
my call's been transferred.
My name is Rory and I'm just lookin'
to see if my brother Lucas is okay.
- Right, your brother
Lucas boarded the bus
this morning and...
- Look, I just wanna know if he's okay!
I'm getting all these calls
that the Dark Military
killed my brother.
Now give me some answers!
- Okay, Rory, I understand
why you're upset.
- Do you, do you really know?
Did your brother just get fucking killed?
You're the fucking police!
I'm just trying to get some
answers about my brother.
- In a sudden turn of events,
our news station has just
received a video tape
from the Dark Military.
As reported shortly ago, World News Now
has received one as well.
Folks, these tapes seem
to be a part of a puzzle.
We've never seen anything
like this before.
(Static buzzing)
- [Interviewer] So what do
you want to tell the world
about your group and what you're
trying to accomplish in this?
- Shut the fuck up.
I want to hurt him right now.
- Relax, this is a chance for
the world to get to know you.
- I don't want the world to know me!
I just want to kill him!
(Hands banging)
- You're kinda pretty.
I really hate that right now.
- She does have one nice set of tits.
- You think so?
I'm not really sure.
Hey Delilah, what do you think?
Does she have a better set than mine?
- And what is your name?
- My name is Kayla.
- Kayla, are your tits
better than Jezebel's?
- Yeah, are they?
- They might be.
- Please just let me go.
I won't say anything to anyone, please.
(Hand slapping)
- What do you think?
- What do you mean?
- Is this really hard to follow?
Whose tits are bigger?
Kayla's or Jezebel's?
What is your name?
- John.
(Thrilling music)
- And what was that?
- I knew a John once, I didn't like him.
- Way to ruin a sexy moment.
We were about to see some tits.
Guys, get em' outta here.
(Static buzzing)
- Please, just let me
go, I won't say anything.
- Shut your mouth.
- No, ah!
- [Kane] They are pretty nice.
- Yeah.
Stop crying!
I said stop crying!
(static buzzing)
- Okay, listen.
I've done everything that you've asked.
You're gonna let me go now, right?
- Well, you see, we've got a problem.
You see, Kane here hasn't
had a chance to play yet.
- No, no, let me go, let me go, let me go!
(heart thumping)
- Fucking dishes!
(Dishes cracking)
- Which way they go?
- No more burgers, fuck off!
Everyone gets quiche, that's what you get!
Quiche for everyone!
(Phone ringing)
- Officer Martel.
- Yes, yes, hi I'm calling, actually,
I'm not sure who I should be contacting.
My name is Anabel Lexington
and my daughter Lea
is part of the Survival Ground broadcast.
All I know is this
morning the ground meeting
was in your township.
That's where she went.
Can you please get me in touch with her?
- We're doing everything we can right now
to figure out where this
thing is taking place.
- Are you telling me that
you don't know where she is?
- This thing can still just be one big...
- Prank, no I don't think so?
If this was a prank, my
daughter would have gotten
in contact with me to let me know.
For the last 15 minutes, my phone has been
ringing off the hook,
please, I am so worried.
Get me in contact with my child.
(Suspenseful music)
- Everybody in the Tri-State
area is doin' their part.
Every county.
- This is all happening way too fast.
- Doing all we can, Sawyer, stay with me.
- You guys got any leads on
who these people are yet?
- You okay?
- It's just phone call after phone call.
These heartbroken parents,
there's so much anger.
We are gonna find them
in time, right, Chief?
- We need to do something guys.
I mean, every time we run
our numbers get smaller.
- Dude, we need to find a way out of here.
- Someone has to find us.
Help has to be on the way.
- If they knew where we were,
don't you think that they'd
be looking for us by chopper?
I haven't heard one all day, have you?
- We gotta stop runnin'.
We gotta make a stand.
You think runnin's the answer.
We've been running all night
and they've been picking
us off one by one,
and that exactly what they want.
- Wait wait wait wait.
Let's just try something else first.
- What, Les?
- I don't know.
- I'm so sorry I brought you here.
- Roman, I need to know we're
all on the same page here.
I'm in.
- I need to know
everybody's with me on this.
- I'm in.
- [Dean] Nelson?
- Yeah.
- We need you here, Les.
- Dean, they have weapons though.
What can we use to fight them?
- Whatever we can find.
- Let's load up, find what you can.
(Thrilling music)
- It's about time they
stopped and fought them.
- Fuck that, dude.
The Dark Military has
all the weapons here.
I'd run too.
(Thrilling music)
(fire crackling)
(soft rock music)
- Ready for this?
- Ready as I'm gonna be.
- It's just like when we used to
fight the other schools growing up, right?
- They didn't have knives, Dean.
- But no matter what we're
in this to the end, together.
- To the end.
- Connor, they can't win, can they?
- I don't know, Chris.
- How can help not be close?
(Horn blaring)
- Here they come, get ready.
- Well, well.
It's about time you guys realize strength
isn't within numbers.
You know, never understood
in the horror movie
when the killers are identified,
why the teams just never
ganged up and took them out.
- Why are you doing this, why?
- This must be the part of the movie
where they wanna know our backstory!
Well, tell you what, I got a great idea.
Let's ask, Kane.
- Looks like you guys are shit outta luck.
- Dean, you got a lotta balls, kid.
But I question your heart, though.
Show me what you got, kid.
- You know what I wonder?
How tough you are now
that the numbers are even.
(Fist slamming)
- Come on, kid, show 'em what you got!
(Suspenseful music)
(thrilling music)
- Come on!
(Men grunting)
(hand slapping)
(stick whooshing)
(fist smashing)
(fists smashing)
- You scared, little girl?
(Women grunting)
- Bitch!
(Knife whooshing)
(stifled groans)
(fist smashing)
- Fuck you!
(fist smashing)
(fist smashing)
(men grunting)
Fuck you!
Fuck you, fuck you! (Grunts)
(women shouting)
(knife whooshing)
(groaning softly)
(Women grunting)
- Get the fuck off of me!
- Bitch!
(dramatic music)
(insects chirping)
- You little bitch.
(Men grunting)
(foot smashing)
- Well, look at you, Judas, all fucked up!
- Fuck you!
- Jezebel, bring that bitch over here.
- You heard him, let's go!
(Woman grunting)
(graphic whooshing)
- Agent Brody, Agent Bigelow, is that it?
Are they gonna get away with this?
(Woman groaning)
- We told you we were gonna
put the fear in Halloween.
We told all of you that
we'd return on this day
and we outsmarted the system.
We held to our word, we
are honorable soldiers.
The jokes on you.
You all bought the broadcast.
And I bet instead of
helping most of the world
was on social media.
Yeah, Americans get distracted easily.
This country really isn't a superpower.
Nobody is really safe.
You all sat back while this happened.
Take technology away, it
really shows the world
didn't come very far.
Well, it's gettin' close to closin' time.
Time to wrap this up.
- No more burgers!
Kitchen is a wreck!
I can't find my favorite ladle!
How am I supposed to make anything
without my favorite ladle?
- All right, Jimbo, all right!
- You, you, stay out of Cook's kitchen
because Cook can't make
your favorite dishes
if you're in the kitchen!
- It's okay, Jimbo, just
go back to the kitchen.
- The kitchen is a wreck!
Oh ho, the kitchen's a wreck!
I can't make anything anymore.
No more burgers for you or them!
First put the noodles in the pot
then turn the stove on, then
put the butter in for macaroni.
Then chop up the hot dogs!
Then put the quiche in but
don't forget the hot dogs.
(Woman groaning)
(Jimbo shouting)
- My military, we have
something over all of you
that you don't have.
We have heart.
- You have no fuckin' heart!
- What was that, son?
- You heard me, you have no fuckin' heart.
Look at you, you hide behind a mask.
You need a meat cleaver to fight.
You have no honor.
All night you've been running
around these fuckin' woods
with the advantage.
All of you have weapons.
Well, why don't you show
me, show the fuckin' world,
that's what you want,
show the fuckin' world
that you are who the fuck you say you are.
Drop the fuckin' weapons.
Just me and you.
Fight me one on one.
- You guys believe this guy?
- Barabbas, you gonna let
him talk to you like that?
- [Woman] You're afraid to
fight this pussy hand to hand?
- I think he's kinda
scary a little, Barabbas.
- What's the matter, you afraid, Barabbas?
- [Judas] Come on,
Barabbas, we're waiting!
- Well.
Wasn't anything I had in mind
but I think this might be better.
Yeah, I think this will
really add more hype
for next year's game.
Well son, I told you you had balls
but I questioned your heart.
Show me your heart, kid.
(Thrilling music)
(men grunting)
- [Judas] Yeah, Dean, get it!
- Yeah, Dean.
- What's up, Dean?
Come on, Dean, is that all you got!
- Dean, Dean, Dean, Dean!
- Come on, Dean, yeah!
- All right, Dean!
- Dean!
- You could do it.
Fuckin' finish him off.
- [Judas] Come on, Dean!
Don't quit now!
(thrilling music)
- I don't get it, Dean,
why didn't you finish it?
- [Judas] Come on, Dean.
Dean, finish him, what are you doing?
- [Woman] Fucking finish him off!
- [Judas] Come on, Dean,
what the hell, man?
- Dean.
- Finish it!
(Men grunting)
- Now's your time, Dean.
Now's time to prove that you have heart.
To prove I have one though, I'll go first!
Now's your turn, Dean.
Let's see if you have heart.
- Dean, Dean, Dean!
- No, no heart.
(Thrilling music)
- Mother fucker!
- Grab it!
It's a knife!
- Pick it up, come on!
- What are you doing, just grab the knife!
(Heart thumping)
- [Judas] Loose knife.
Someone's gettin' fined.
- Grab the knife, now, now!
(Dramatic music)
- Asshole!
You're on probation.
You ain't supposed to
be killin' anybody yet.
- Fucking bitch!
- You still feel pain, Griffin.
Only when you disconnect the pain
will you take one step closer
to being one of us.
(Groaning loudly)
Message boards are bringing
our kind together, Lainie.
Griffin wants to be one of us.
Not looking like he's gonna get the keys
to the kingdom anytime soon.
- Griffin?
- My name isn't Griffin!
That's the best name you
could come up with for me?
Fuckin' Griffin?
Come on!
- It's a scary world when
serial killers come together.
Isn't it, Lainie?
God bless the worldwide web.
- Now this leaves only you.
I promise, these next five minutes
will be the most terrifying
moments of your life.
(mechanical buzzing)
(voices muttering)
- Stand down, Jezebel.
- What, why?
General's orders.
She's needed for next broadcast.
- Ah, isn't that sweet?
We get to keep her.
- Next year, how are we gonna do this
again next year?
- General already funded
next year's broadcast.
The script is already written.
I'm gonna guess a website
is out of the question
for next season.
- I like this job.
I can't wait to come back next year.
- You hear that, sweet thing?
We got a role for you for
next year's broadcast.
You're gonna love it.
(graphic whooshing)
- Who's controlling this broadcast?
- What the fuck is goin' on?
You're intel, come on!
- What if this isn't it?
What if there are more of them out there
and we just haven't seen them all yet?
(heartbeat thumping)
(fire crackling)
- We put the fear back into Halloween.
Wanna know something
that's even more scary?
In a few minutes this broadcast will end.
We will take off our masks and
walk among you for the next year.
Next season, we're
bringing in the firepower.
Sleep well, people.
(Static buzzing)
(thrilling music)
(hard rock music)
Your world of darkness begins
I've given you every chance at life
All you've given me was pain
And it's running through my veins
I'll hunt you down
You're hunted down
Welcome to this darkness
And I can see your eyes
But we can tell if you try to hide
I'm gonna take your life
Stalking chickens like
wolves in the night
I live in the dark
One by one I'll rip you apart
And there's no escape
I hunt you down
You're hunted down
Welcome to this darkness
You're a fucking shame
What's gold in a load of stones
It's too late just give up the fight
Let go, let the
bonfires burn in droves
You're crazy, you die
In the woods you will be set free
Did this and someone to die
The fucking death
Hunted down
No escape from this darkness
Hunt you down
No escape
Hunt you down
It's Dark Military
Broken your pain with your lies
Bodies are creeping boy in these woods
Spears are locked in,
eyes are crossed in
Our blood has ruined my sight
And I'm dead as night
I'm addicted to killing
I'm addicted to killing
Open your eyes and retaliate
I'm addicted to killing
Your soul's arrived at the back gate
I'm addicted to killing
- My kitchen, no more burgers.