The Dark Past (1948) Movie Script

What does a big city mean to you?
You may think
of soaring skyscrapers -
Monuments to man's creation.
But I think of the people -
The one and the many.
No names, no faces.
I'm one of the people, too.
I've got my routine,
same as all of them.
I rush for work,
Usually just in time
to catch the last bus -
Always late,
part of that last-minute crowd.
Yet, for all the similarity
of our routine,
We're none of us the same.
We're as different
as the print of our thumbs.
Ever think
about the differences in people?
I do -
Sort of a little game I play,
a guessing game.
Guess what she's doing.
She's hoping to please the boss.
And now here's the boss.
He doesn't look pleased.
And this beautiful young thing -
On the threshold of life
With her eyes full of dreams
of romance and music.
No dreams here - Only tears.
Not even room for tears here...
only the shame of defeat.
And his hopes never end.
Well, he can dream, can't he?
Oh, well.
The game is over for today.
No more guessing.
Now I've got to know
about people.
This is where I work.
Familiar-Looking place,
isn't it?
Headhdquarters for the city's
law enforcement agency.
Hi, Riley.
Morning, Brown.
No, I'm not a policeman.
I'm not a detective, either...
not exactly.
Here, every man is a sort
of specialist, an expert.
There may be some fragment
of truth in the old saying
That it takes a thief
to catch a thief,
But there's
a lot more truth to the fact
That in this day and age
It takes an expert
to catch another expert.
And there are all kinds
of experts.
Police psychiatrists,
like myself -
at understanding people.
Morning, doctor.
Morning, herb.
Anything exciting?
Just the usual.
Like any other doctor,
I have my daily routine.
My patients are these men
Who blast their way
into today's headlines
With crimes of violence,
Now being brought in
for the morning show up.
I get my first good look at them
in the viewing room
Together with the detectives
who are there to memorize
Every last detail
Of their appearance, mannerisms,
Some of them don't look so good.
Some of them
don't feel too well -
Frightened, and show it.
This one doesn't show any fear.
He's a repeater.
For more than half his life,
You and I have been supporting him
In reform school, prison,
and penitentiary.
He knows the routine well.
Here's one who doesn't know
the routine at all.
He interests me.
He's young.
I may be able to help him.
John Larrapoe -
Armed robbery,
assault with deadly weapon,
Resisting arrest.
How old are you, Larrapoe?
He's bitter, the resentment
burning out of his eyes.
He's been hurt - Hurt often.
How old are you?
You ever been arrested
You're not telling the truth.
In the last six years,
You've been arrested nine times
as a juvenile delinquent.
You're gettin' paid
to know the answers, not me!
Take him away.
That's all for today.
Hello, there, doc.
I see you were the arresting
officer in the Larrapoe case.
I'm interested in that boy.
You and me both.
I'm going to recommend
that he be sent
To the psychiatric ward
of the county hospital.
Don't expect me to make that
recommendation in my report to the D.A.
Have you seen
his medical history?
There's nothing wrong
with Larrapoe that a good stretch
Of hard labor won't cure. He's a
bad boy; mean all over.
People behave badly sometimes.
Doesn't mean they're bad.
Yeah, yeah, you're gonna tell me if there's
a little bit of good in the worst of us.
Or maybe there's
just a little bit of bad
Deep down in the hearts of the best
of us. Take yourself for instance.
Oh, now, doc,
don't start on me again.
Now if this kid's hand
were bleeding
Or if he had
a festering foot,
We'd want to rush him
to the hospital, wouldn't we?
But an inside hurt that's been festering
for years, poisoning him -
That doesn't mean anything
to you, does it?
What do you want me to do,
feel sorry for him?
I don't want us hardening him into
a hopeless criminal - He's young.
Something can be done for him
while he's young.
He's a sick boy,
mentally and emotionally.
I know, doc.
You think everything
is in the mind.
Well, most of it.
Is this in my mind?
Come into my office if you want
to discuss your mind.
Say, doc, why should you care
about a kid like Larrapoe?
Somebody has to care.
You know, williams,
I wasn't always in police work.
You never tried to bring one
of these tough kids in, did you?
Did you ever hear of al Walker?
Everybody's heard
of al Walker.
Sit down.
It wasn't too long ago.
No more than a couple of years.
I was a professor of psychology
at a state university,
Small town
near the canadian border.
I rather liked
lecturing to those youngsters,
But it was friday
and like it or not,
I was very happy
when the bell rang
And ended the class
for the day.
It meant I could ease up
and put my work aside...
all of it...
and head out
for a few relaxing days
Of fishing and hunting
at our place on the lake...
dig into that new book
which I had to review.
Fred Linder,
chemistry professor,
Dropped by to see me.
He had a cabin near ours,
and we often hunted together.
My wife Ruth and son, Bobby,
were there also.
Ruth was anxious to start
Because we were having guests
for the weekend.
And Bobby couldn't wait
to get out into the open.
I'd promised to take him along
on our hunting trip,
And he was looking forward
to it.
I'd asked Fred
to check my rifle.
He was a wizard at any kind
of mechanical repair,
And we all took advantage
of his talent.
He said he'd tinker with it
and put it in shape.
And then, as I was putting
my books and papers together,
I noticed
the afternoon newspaper.
I remember that moment
quite clearly
Because those headlines
were my first introduction
To al Walker.
Nothin' like a ride
in the country, huh, warden?
You and me
have been indoors too much.
Have any trouble, al?
No. Worked like a charm.
Didn't it, warden?
Did you do what I told you?
Don't I always?
How about larry and the boat?
Never mind him.
We get to the lake
just after dark.
We wait there until he comes.
Where do we wait, underwater?
There's an empty shack by the lake-
An old boarded-Up place. We hang
out there till larry comes.
Empty shack, huh?
Well, it's perfect.
How close is the next house?
Right nearby.
Anyone live there?
Guy named collins -
College professor.
Lives there
with his wife and kid...
maybe a cook.
They come up every weekend.
That's where we're staying.
But the people -
We can take care of them.
First place the cops would look
would be an empty shack.
Yeah, that's right.
Say, al,
what about the warden?
here's where you get off.
Stop the car, mike.
So long,
and thanks for the help.
Oh, warden...
I've got something for you.
It's prison property.
You'd better take it along.
you didn't have to do that.
Wonderful shooting, andy.
We ought to get him
a silver trophy.
I'll settle
for another cup of coffee.
Here it is, andy.
Owen, see if you can find
a good dance record.
it's good to be here.
Nothing like a weekend
in the country.
But what my husband means
is a weekend in an easy chair.
Another cup for you, Frank?
No thanks.
Thank you, dear.
Like to dance, Laura?
Doesn't she always?
Laura's unhappy
because I can't rumba.
Maybe you ought to learn,
Are you advising me as a friend
or as a doctor?
not as a rumba dancer.
Maybe I'll get owen
to teach me.
It's a little stuffy in here.
I think I'll get some air.
Is that the paper over there?
I'm sorry, ruth.
Frank is his usual charming self.
I ought to apologize to owen.
I wish Laura
hadn't brought owen up here.
Oh, she's gone through
these flirtations before.
They're harmless.
Come on, dear.
Let's throw some darts.
None of that.
Somebody screamed.
Yeah. It seemed
to come from over -
Get up... both of you.
Put 'em up.
Dr. Collins...
get over there.
Never mind him.
Up against the stairs.
Come on, you, too.
Turn around.
Bobby's -
Okay, frisk 'em.
What is this?
Who wants to know?
Is this all of 'em?
Turn that thing off.
All right,
put your hands down.
You collins?
Yes. You're al Walker.
College professor, huh?
That's right.
Who are all these people?
My wife, our weekend guests,
and our help.
You a teacher, too?
I'm a businessman.
What's your line?
No. I write books.
Teachers, writers, screwballs.
Your wife?
Any more servants?
Never mind him.
Speak for yourself.
You expecting
anyone else tonight?
Just a minute, dear -
One of the neighbors
is dropping by later.
I could telephone him; tell him not to come.
Sure, and tip him off that something's wrong, huh?
Save those brainy ideas for your students, professor.
What if he walks into all of this?
That's his tough luck.
Listen, you -
Take it easy.
It's okay, mike.
What's on your mind, mister?
I want to know
what this is all about.
Oh, you do, huh?
You're making a getaway, Walker. We all
know that. Where do we come in?
If this is a holdup,
take what you want and get out.
When I want advice,
I ask for it.
Now, get this, all of you -
I'm waiting
for someone to pick me up.
It may take an hour,
it may take two,
But he's coming,
and until he does, I'm staying.
Now, if you're all quiet
and do like I tell you,
There won't be any trouble.
But if you get out of line,
somebody's liable to get hurt.
That's my son!
I thought you said
this was all of them!
But al, he's only a kid.
Shut up! Shut up I said! Let her go.
Oh, it's all right, Bobby.
Let's get organized.
Where can I see the lake from?
Right here.
No, no - Upstairs.
The guest room.
And the road?
What room?
The nursery.
Okay, Pete,
Take these characters
on up to the guest room.
Not you, professor.
You're staying down
here with me.
Okay, mike,
put 'em in the nursery.
hello? Hello?
Ask for the time.
What's the number?
Good evening.
Can you tell me
the correct time, please?
Oh, hello, dr. Collins.
The right time is 8:15.
How's your family?
Fine, thank you.
Good night.
Funny, aren't you?
Very funny!
Tough, huh?
Pete, take these two dames
down to the cellar
And tie 'em up.
Too many women around here,
Take the rest of them upstairs
and then get me some food.
Get goin', tough guy.
wpdx to cars 39, 68, and 78,
Escaped convict, al Walker
Reported on highway 62
headed for lake district.
What's wrong, officer?
Driver's license, please.
What are you doing with this?
It's hunting season.
I am professor Linder
of the university.
I live near here.
Whaddya got, bill?
Found a rifle
in this man's car, sheriff.
Why, hello, professor.
Hello, sheriff.
We're looking
for an escaped convict.
Al Walker?
Yeah. You and dr. Collins
going hunting again?
In fact, this is his rifle.
I'm taking it to his home.
if you run across al Walker,
Shoot first
and ask questions later.
I'll do that, sheriff.
Good night.
What's the time?
What's eating you?
That's what I mean.
You haven't got the jitters
like everyone else.
I'm taking you at your word,
My word?
You said you were waiting
for someone.
If we behaved ourselves,
nothing would happen to us.
I'm behaving myself.
Where do you want it, al?
Over there.
What's keeping larry?
Oh, quit worrying, honey. He'll be
along. It's still early.
Yeah, yeah, it's early.
I didn't expect him
much before 10 o'clock.
He had to wait till dark, you know.
Come on, eat something.
I don't want it.
You said you were hungry.
Now, you eat.
It's going to be a long night.
I'll take something
up to the boys.
What are you lookin' at?!
Haven't you ever
seen a guy eat before?!
You interest me, Walker.
Can't help thinking of you
as a case.
What do you mean a case?!
A patient.
I'm a doctor, you know -
A psychiatrist.
A psychiatrist.
We had one in the pen.
I thought you said
you were a teacher.
I'm both.
I teach psychology.
You know what I think?
Anybody that goes in for that
stuff's a little balmy himself.
One thing puzzles me, Walker.
Yeah, what?
Why didn't you lock us all up
in the cellar?
Suppose the cops come,
or somebody else.
I want you all handy so they
find everything in order.
See what I mean?
That's fine organization -
Good tactics,
excellent planning.
Mind if I do some work?
I have to review a book.
It's in the bookcase.
You stay where you are.
I'll get it.
Which one is it?
Third shelf, at the very end.
The one with the red binding.
What do you think you're doing?
My briefcase. I need my notes.
Any time you want anything,
ask for it.
I'll try not to be
too much trouble.
"One day,
Johnny went to the circus.
"It was a big 3-Ringed circus.
"And there were clowns
and acrobats and animals.
"There in the middle
of the center ring
"Was a large
floppy-Eared elephant.
It was the biggest living thing
Johnny had ever seen."
Say, mister!
It's all right, Bobby.
Come on, go to sleep now.
Good night.
What's this game like
- Checkers?
Not exactly.
It's more complicated.
It requires
a great deal of patience.
Who's this - Man of war?
It's called a knight.
It's very important
if you use it properly.
How'd you hurt your hand?
I'm sorry.
Hey, Al...
there's a car coming -
It's turning into the driveway.
Send everybody downstairs
except the kid.
Betty... get upstairs
and take care of the kid.
That must be Fred Linder,
the neighbor I told you about.
All right, over there,
all of you.
Mike, cover the kitchen,
that way.
Pete, take the dining room.
Now, look, act natural,
like nothing's happened.
I'll be watching you.
Good evening, andy.
I'm sorry to be so late.
Good evening, Fred.
Well, here it is.
First I was delayed
at the university.
We were experimenting.
Good evening, ruth.
Hello, Fred.
I hope I'm not intruding.
Oh, no, no, of course not, Fred.
I haven't met your guests yet.
Oh, excuse me.
Mr. And Mrs. Stephens,
Mr. Talbot,
This is Fred Linder.
How do you do?
How do you do?
Glad to meet you.
Is there anything wrong, andy?
Everything's all right,
I assure you.
On my way,
I was stopped by the police.
They are looking
for an escaped convict.
Do they think
he's around this neighborhood?
Yes -
I was about to turn in.
I know you're tired, too.
We must get an early start
for that hunting tomorrow.
I'll see you
the first thing in the morning.
Andy, why don't you
turn this in for a new one?
The trigger is broken.
It's almost impossible to load.
That's far enough.
Put that gun down.
Trigger's broken, huh?
We'll try it and see.
we'll do a little experiment.
Experiments are in your line,
aren't they, professor?
Don't anyone move.
get outside.
Somebody might have heard that shot.
And get rid of this guy's car!
during the day,
Al Walker has blazed
a bloody trail of murders
So brutal and fiendish that
the whole nation stands aghast.
In breaking out of prison,
This ruthless gunman
killed two guards
And took along as shield,
warden benson,
Carrying him over the state line
before murdering him.
The search for al Walker
With undiminished activity...
hey, al?
You listening to the radio?
Never mind the radio.
Don't let that kid
get out again. the hunt for al Walker.
You, uh, seem interested.
Would you like me
to teach you the moves?
Eh, that's kids' stuff.
It's a game
for intelligent people.
Besides, when you're tense,
There's nothing so relaxing
as a good game of chess...
or some music.
a pretty cool customer...
but you got sore
when mike clipped you.
I didn't like it.
You got a lot of nerve,
professor -
Jumping me for that gun.
You're a peculiar man, Walker.
What do you mean peculiar?
You admire courage, you pretend
to be afraid of nothing,
Yet you're afraid
to face yourself.
I'm not afraid
to face anything!
Why did you want to kill
professor Linder?
He was gonna plug me, wasn't he?
But you'd already taken his gun.
He couldn't possibly
have harmed you any more.
I was gonna make sure
that he never could.
That's not true.
That's what you tell yourself.
I think you wanted to kill him
Because something inside you
was driving you to do it...
some compulsion.
More of that screwball talk!
What are you, anyway?
First you're a teacher,
then a doctor, then a professor,
But always a screwball!
It's just the reverse, Walker
I cure screwballs.
You're a nut doctor!
So what?!
I'm the fella who keeps people
from going nuts.
I don't get you.
I'll show you.
Pull up a chair.
I'll stay as I am.
Who's that?
Could be anyone.
Let's say it's you.
Now, this
is where you do your thinking...
all the everyday stuff -
Eating, smoking, pulling jobs,
planning getaways.
We call this the conscious mind.
You know everything
that takes place up here.
But you don't know a thing
Of what takes place down here
in the lower part.
We call this the unconscious,
or the subconscious, mind.
It's like the bottom part
of an iceberg -
Submerged beneath the sea.
It's there, but you don't see it.
What's more, the conscious,
this upper part,
Absolutely refuses
to have anything to do
With the lower part.
So, to keep anything
from pushing through,
The conscious
builds a wall across here.
We call this the censor band.
Ah, that don't make sense.
Suppose a guy
had those two parts in his head.
Why doesn't the top part know
what the bottom part's doin'?
Because it's afraid
of what's in the bottom part.
The bottom part
is full of things
That the top half
wants to forget.
Things that you pushed into
the lower part
When you were a child
because they frightened you.
So what?
That's what makes my
job necessary.
Sometimes the censor band
doesn't do its work properly.
Thoughts and ideas creep into
the top part and make trouble.
You mean
that could drive a guy crazy?
It can do other things, too.
It can even affect your body.
What kind of a line
are you handing me, professor?!
Like your fingers, for instance.
I told you to lay off my fingers!
They were hurt in a wreck!
No, they weren't, Walker.
That was no accident.
They're paralyzed.
Can you spare a match?
Go on. Go away.
Rather bad manners, Laura,
don't you think?
Just a minute, wiseguy.
Don't mind him.
He thinks he's funny.
What's really funny is to watch you,
the ladies man
Shaking with fear
before a small-Time hoodlum.
If you're going
to spend the night quarreling,
I'm going to stay with ruth.
Take it easy, miss america.
Maybe this will quiet you down.
Any more shooting
might attract the police
At 1:30 in the morning,
don't you think?
Hello, number, please.
Hello, ethel.
Oh, hello.
I... I want to speak to someone
in the sheriff's office.
Sheriff's office?
My goodness, is something wrong?
I don't know.
Would you connect me, please?
Yes, Mrs. Linder. Hold on.
This is Mrs. Linder
out on Wakely road.
I'm terribly worried
about my husband.
He should have been home by 9:00,
And here it's almost 2:00.
I'm afraid
maybe something happened -
Maybe an accident.
Can't do that.
Who ever thought
of this screwy game?
That's a queer trick
you've got, Walker -
Calling everything and everyone
you don't understand
Screwy, or screwball.
So what?
Did you see anything?
Nothing, but those clouds.
Looks like
a storm's comin' up.
Beat it upstairs.
Think anything happened
to larry?
Don't worry about him.
He'll get here,
storm or no storm.
Tell betty I want her.
Is anything wrong, al?
A little punch drunk,
that's all.
You ought
to get some sleep, Al.
That's why I sent for you.
I want you to keep tabs
on the professor.
Everything all right upstairs?
That's no way to rest.
Go to sleep.
Stay where I can watch you,
Come on, Al.
You've got to get some sleep.
Do you have to keep staring?!
Forget about him, Al.
Just take it easy.
You go to sleep now.
It's all right, Al.
wpdx to cars 39, 68, and 78,
Be on the lookout for a
light-Tan mercury convertible,
A 1942 model,
license number ly347-22.
The driver, Frederick Linder,
Reported missing
in the vicinity.
The fella with the gun,
the professor.
He was on his way
to the collins place.
Do you think...
could be.
Maybe Walker.
Come on, let's go, Joe.
He's been tossing like this
ever since he fell asleep.
You'd be tossing, too,
if you had his dreams.
It's the same one all the time,
isn't it?
How did you know that?
He seemed terribly afraid
of falling asleep...
the way he held on to you.
Sometimes he's like that -
Like a kid that's scared of the dark.
How long have you known Walker?
A long time.
Just curious.
Must be terribly lonesome
for you,
Waiting for a man
who's in prison...
running around,
hiding from the police.
I remember one time when it
got real bad with the cops,
I said to him,
"al, let's get out of this.
Let's go someplace and start over."
I thought maybe we could live
like... anybody else.
I couldn't make him do it.
I thought I'd leave him -
I started to.
It's no use.
I couldn't.
Has he ever told you
what this dream is?
He tells me everything.
I'd like to hear it.
What for?
Maybe I can help him.
If I knew
what he was dreaming about,
I might be able
to stop his nightmare.
On the level?
You could?
Go on. Tell me.
It keeps coming to him, regular.
Sometimes, the way it scares him,
He doesn't even want to sleep.
He says it always starts with
him walking along.
All of a sudden it starts
to rain sheets of rain.
He tries to run away from it
And then right ahead of him
it starts to rain, too.
No matter where he turns,
the rain keeps coming at him.
He can't get away from it.
Then, without knowing
how he got there,
He's under an umbrella.
He hides under it
because he's afraid
Of those drops touching him.
But there's a hole
in the umbrella
And some of the drops keep -
They keep coming through.
Al tries to get out of the way.
He knows they'll get him soon
If he doesn't do something
to stop up that hole.
He's scared, but he raises his arm.
He's going to try and stop
those drops with his hands.
Something's going to happen,
he knows that.
But he can't keep his hand there
'cause it hurts him.
His pain in his hand
Makes him want to get out
from under the umbrella
And run blind,
like some animal.
Only he can't,
'Cause when he starts to get out
he finds bars -
All around the umbrella,
iron bars,
Just like in prison.
He can't get out.
He's trapped.
Sounds kind of silly,
doesn't it?
No, it isn't silly.
His dream has a very
definite meaning.
It's tied up with something
in his early life.
Al. Hey, Al.
Shh, quiet.
He's asleep.
What's wrong?
Car coming down the road.
Al, wake up.
There's a car coming.
Al, they're stopping
in front of the house.
Betty, get upstairs
and take care of the kid.
Mike, stay up there
and keep 'em quiet.
Pete, cover the kitchen
from that door.
Now, look, professor,
you're working late, see?
Now get rid of them,
whoever it is.
Good evening, sheriff.
What's the trouble?
Sorry to disturb you
at this late hour, dr. Collins.
Oh, that's all right. I happened
to be working late anyway.
We just received a report that
professor Linder is missing.
Professor Linder?
Why, he was here
earlier this evening.
He left some time ago.
You remember
about what time that was?
Around 9 o'clock or thereabouts.
We were thinking
it's just possible
The professor
ran into al Walker.
You heard about him
breaking out of prison?
Yes, of course.
It came over the radio.
Did anything unusual
happen around here tonight?
No. No, not at all.
Let's go, boys.
Thanks, dr. Collins.
Sorry to have troubled you.
Not at all.
Good night.
Looks like it's gonna rain.
So what?
So what if it does rain?
Rain seems to bother you,
doesn't it, Walker?
I once had a patient
had a curious dread of the rain.
Used to dream about it.
Yeah, well,
he must have been a screwball!
He thought he was going mad.
I fixed him up alright.
What do you mean
you fixed him up?
I found out what he
was really dreaming about -
What the rain really meant
in his nightmare.
He was all right after that.
You know, Walker,
there's a meaning to nightmares.
They're symbols of something
in your subconscious mind -
The lower half of that sketch
I drew for you.
Is everything all right,
What's he been gabbing about?
I don't know.
He's handing me some line
about nightmares.
He thinks
he's a gypsy fortuneteller.
We were talking about people
Who have the same,
terrifying dream over and over.
Unless they see a psychiatrist,
They sometimes end up
by going insane.
You mean
if they were to come to you,
You could fix them up?
In some cases, yes.
Suppose they weren't crazy,
though -
Just ordinary folks who
kept having the same nightmare
Over and over?
Like a cousin of mine.
He keeps dreaming the same thing
night after night.
Think you could help him?
If he
really wants to be helped.
What sort of nightmares
does your cousin have?
It's about a -
Keep quiet!
I was just going to tell him
about my cousin.
Nobody wants to hear
about your... cousin!
Go make some more coffee.
Sure, Al.
This wacky picture of yours
is good for something after all.
Makes a pretty good target.
Watch me peg
that stuff in the middle -
That censor band.
You could've killed me
with those darts.
Why didn't you?
I don't kill sick people,
I cure them.
That cousin she was talking
about - That's me.
Hey, look,
you think you could fix it
So I wouldn't have
that dream anymore?
but you'll have to be
completely truthful.
About what?
You'll have to answer
some questions
That might seem screwy to you;
but if you don't answer them,
There's nothing I can do
to help you.
All right,
I can take it if you can.
How do we start?
First, describe the nightmare.
Well, it's been goin'
on ever since I was a kid.
It's the same thing
night after... night.
It doesn't make any difference
how many times I have it,
It's just as bad every time.
It starts with -
Go down in the cellar
And check those kitchen
mechanics, will you?
Okay, Al.
Nora, how is it now?
It's gettin' looser.
For goodness sakes,
stop sniveling!
I can't help it!
I'm too frightened!
Afraid of them?
If my hands were free,
I'd teach them a lesson
They wouldn't forget
for the rest of their lives.
Everything under control,
How long do you think
you can keep us here?
What's the matter?
Don't you like it here?
You just wait, young lady.
You'll get what you deserve.
The government knows what to do
with people like you.
Now look, try and act like a
lady even if it hurts you.
I'm kind of sensitive.
And I don't like your attitude.
One more word out of you
and I'll -
You'll do what?
Stop your whining...
or I'll have to gag you,
and it doesn't taste very good.
He was no good.
He had nothing
to do with me, see?
He was your father.
He must have had
something to do with you.
Is he still alive?
No, he died
when I was a kid.
How old were you then?
I don't know.
I was a kid, I told you.
What did he do?
What was his work?
I told you he was no good - He
did nothing but hang around racetracks
And small-Time fights and...
beat the daylights out of me.
Did he mistreat your mother,
No, not him.
They were like two
lovebirds together.
Is your mother still alive?
I buried her two years ago.
Did she die peacefully?
Say, what's she
got to do with this?
She's dead, isn't she; and
I hated the sight of her!
I don't want
to talk about her anymore.
It's no use, Walker.
I can't do anything
without cooperation.
Who isn't cooperating?
You say you hated her.
Yes, I hated her.
Even when you were a child?
I guess when I was a kid
I used to like her...
till the old man
would come home
And start using me
as a punching bag.
Was she fond of you?
Yeah, I guess so...
always fussing over me.
Fussing over you?
Yeah, kissing me, and
stroking me -
All that sort of thing.
You say your father was away
when you were small.
And it wasn't
until he came back
That she
stopped fussing over you.
Yeah, that's right.
Every time he was around,
She wouldn't
have anything to do with me.
And every time I tried to -
Oh, this doesn't make sense!
Say, what's this got to do
With my dreaming
about rain, anyway?
All right, go on.
Ask me more questions.
When were you first afraid
you were going mad?
Now listen,
one more crack like that -
I'm trying to help you!
I was dumb to talk to you
in the first place!
That book fascinates you,
doesn't it, Walker?
You know how many times
you've looked at it tonight?
So what?!
It was your interest
in that book
That made me realize
your constant fear of madness.
That's enough! Enough!
No more questions!
I don't need the answers!
But what about you?!
It's your mind!
It's your madness!
Do you think
pulling that trigger
Will stop your nightmares?
Frank, darling, don't you think
you ought to get a little rest?
No, I'm all right, Laura.
What time is it?
It's almost 3 o'clock.
3 o'clock. We seem to be breaking
the world endurance record
For an unpleasant situation.
It wouldn't be so unpleasant if you
didn't go out of your way make trouble.
I didn't have to go very far.
Now, look here, can't we
discuss this matter rationally?
Discuss what?
I'm a practical man.
I deal in stocks and bonds.
But it might be more interesting
to deal in human lives -
Mine, for instance, and my wife's...
and her constant companion here.
What's the gag?
I want our freedom - For us
and every member of this house.
And I'm willing to pay for
it. Now, how about it?
Frank, don't cause
any more trouble.
You stay out of this.
Ask him again, dear.
Maybe he'll do it.
So you want your freedom,
How's the tough guy?
Is he behaving?
He's talking business.
He wants to make a deal.
He thinks
his life is worth money.
How much did he offer -
2 bucks?
What kind of a woman are you, anyway
how can you stand there,
Your hands covered with blood,
and joke about it?
Well, what's so hot
about you, sister?
Frank, will you please ask Laura to stop.
You don't look like any angel to me.
You're so mean and miserable,
I - I feel sorry for you.
You feel sorry for me?
That's a laugh.
Pete found you
out on the terrace,
Not with your husband,
but with... romeo.
It doesn't take much to see
the kind of life you lead.
Mine's not so bad.
I've got al,
and that's all I want.
There's a great deal
to what she says.
Loyalty's a rare thing
these days -
Definitely not enough
of it around.
Where was your loyalty -
Endangering your wife's safety
with your wisecracks?
Are you trying to say you were
concerned for me? Oh, don't try to
Bluff, when you're not very convincing. All
you're worried about is your precious little life.
Now look here, Laura -
It would be best if you didn't say anything.
That's a good idea.
From now on,
let nobody say nothin'!
I can't remember.
You can.
I can't, I tell ya.
You're afraid.
I've never been scared in my life.
Youre scared right now.
It's that nightmare!
If I could only get some sleep,
my head would clear up.
That's all it is.
You're running away
From something
you refuse to remember.
What is it, man?
What is it?
I don't know.
It's nothing, I tell you - Nothing.
Your nightmare
is caused by something
That happened
when you were a child,
Something you're ashamed of.
Al, you've got to snap out of it.
It's after 3:00, and there's
no sign of the boat.
But the thought doesn't come
to you in any ordinary way.
It comes disguised as a dream.
Al, he's trying to scare-
Shut up!
Everything in your nightmare
is a substitute
For something else - The rain, the
umbrella, the bars around the umbrella.
Now, if we could only find out
what those symbols stand for,
We'll know
what your dream means,
And you'll never dream it again
as long as you live.
What do you want me to do?
I want you to think.
I want to find out what happen
when you were a child.
There was nothing!
You shut up
and leave him alone!
Maybe I can help you think.
Listen, professor, you're heading for
trouble. I warn you.
Perhaps the memory
that causes your dream
Has something to do
with your family,
Your mother, maybe.
We've been all through that, haven't we?
We're finished with her.
No, you're not.
You never will be.
But she's dead.
She meant nothing to me
when she was alive!
She was the only woman
you ever really loved.
All the other women in your life
were only substitutes for her.
What are you talking about?
Since your mother died,
No woman has
meant anything to you.
Think, Walker! It's true, isn't it?!
One woman means no more to you than another.
Listen, mister,
I warned you!
Now, get out of here!
It was your mother.
what are you bawling about?
Forget it.
How about you taking over
for a while?
I'll go down and talk to Al.
Haven't got time.
Go on, get back in there.
Leave it to Al.
He knows what to do.
No sign of the boat yet?
That settles it, then.
He ain't comin'.
Let's forget about the boat
and make a run for it
While we still got the chance.
Take it easy.
What's the matter
with you guys anyway?
You're all beginning to break.
I'm telling you, we're in a spot,
we got to get out of here.
Al's figuring out a way.
He sayd we don't have to wait?
He wants you to go downstairs
and take a last look around,
And then
he's got other ideas.
Sure, I'll go down.
You'll stay here, huh?
Go down the back way.
Al's talking to the professor
in the living room.
Do you love your husband?
Because if you do, you better
make him shut his mouth.
He talks too much,
and I don't like it.
What harm is there -
I said I don't like it!
He's talking al deaf, dumb,
and blind down there.
Make him cut it out
before I do it myself
Because when I do,
I'll shut him up for good!
But why?
He's making al act
like he never did before.
He isn't the same.
What do you mean
he isn't the same?
He just threw me out of that
room like I was poison to him!
You love him very much,
don't you?
Tell me the truth, will ya?
What's your husband
trying to do to al?
He's not trying to drive him
out of his mind, is he?
Oh, no.
It's my husband's job
to save people's minds.
But how
do we get out of here?
Get me a hammer.
This latch is stuck.
Give it to me.
Give me the stick.
Don't -
Don't leave me here!
I'm afraid!
Stop bawling.
I'm gonna get the police.
Get me that box to stand on.
Hurry up, hurry up.
If you go out there, they'll -
They'll kill ya!
Not if I see them first.
Now, you be quiet,
And I'll be back
with the police.
So you think I'm goin' crazy,
Well, just because
a guy can't remember,
That's no sign
he's goin' batty.
Did you ever know a man
to tell a lie so often
He came to believe it
You talk too much.
Gonna go right on talking
till we find out
What those dreams stand for -
What the rain, the bars,
and the umbrellas mean.
What comes to your mind
when I say the word bars?
How can a guy think when you
keep after him all the time?!
All right.
Don't think this time.
Sit down.
Tell me the first thing
comes into your head
After I've spoken.
Suppose I were to say
the word black.
What's the first thing
comes into your mind? Black.
You're holding back.
Well, I'm just tired,
that's all.
Now stop fighting it, Walker.
You can't run away.
This dream's hounded you
all your life
And it's gonna go on
hounding you!
All right, go on.
Guards -
Standing all around me
so I can't get out.
Then what?
Nothing. Cops standing all around
me so I can't get out.
You said guards before.
Well, I can't help it. You said to say
the first thing that came into my mind.
Are the bars
like policemen around you?
I can't see 'em very well -
Just their legs
standing all around me.
That explains
one of the dream's symbols.
The bars around the umbrella
are the policemen's legs.
What do you remember
about the umbrella?
What are you doing under it?
I was hiding...
trying to keep the rain
off with my hand.
Aren't you
holding the umbrella?
No, it...
seems to stand by itself...
like it had legs.
Go on, you're getting it.
Where are you hiding?
Someplace on a dirty floor -
Had saw dust all over it.
What else do you see?
I see...
lots of smoke...
That's it, I hid in a saloon!
Yeah, but where did you hide -
Under the bar?
You were under something.
No, I was under the umbrella, I -
No, it had legs.
It was a table.
No, this isn't right, is it?
Of course it is.
You can feel when it's right.
Don't you see how it works?
Now we know the bars
are the policemen's legs,
The umbrella is a table
under which you're hiding.
Now, why are you hiding?
I don't know.
Afraid of the cops?
No, I'm not afraid of the cops.
I'm just afraid of the rain.
What does the rain mean to you?
I just hate it
worse than anything.
Where do you see this rain?
When I see the rain,
I think -
Aw, this doesn't make sense.
It doesn't matter. Tell me anyway.
When I think of the rain, I -
I think of the saloon...
and beer being spilled
all over the floor.
Did you spill the beer?
No... no, I was under the table,
but it was spilled, all right.
It came dripping down on me.
It was warm and...
That's it - It was blood!
It came dripping through
the top of the table!
I remember now!
I hated him.
I took the cops there.
They promised me some dough
If I'd take them
to where he was hiding.
I was just a kid, see?
So I did it.
We started down the street,
And I turned to look to see
if they were following me.
They were.
We went into the saloon.
I saw him
in the back of the room
Sitting at a table,
drinking and playing cards.
His back was to me
when I came in.
The guys playing with him
saw the cops
And got up slowly
and left the table.
Then all of a sudden
he stood up.
I got scared
and dived under a table.
He stood there shooting it out.
Then suddenly
I saw his knees buckle.
He staggered,
and then he fell over,
Right across the table
I was hiding under!
He dropped his gun...
and I picked it up.
I wanted to get out,
But they
were all standing around,
Cops all around me -
Their legs were in the way!
There must have been
a crack or something
In the top of the table
Because I felt something wet
drop on me - Wet and warm.
I looked up.
It was blood - His blood!
I put up my hand.
I tried to stop it,
but I couldn't!
More blood came through,
right on my hand!
Yeah, that's what did it-
The blood.
We got it, didn't we?
That's what the dream meant.
The bars are the legs.
And the umbrella was the table,
And the rain was the blood.
And I won't have that nightmare anymore.
Who was that man, Walker?
He was a heel.
He lived across the street.
That man was your father.
You don't know
what you're talkin' about.
You're lying and you know it.
It was your father.
You murdered your own father.
That's what caused your nightmare.
All right, so what?
The shock of your father's
blood on your hand
Paralyzed your fingers.
Your sense of guilt
kept them twisted.
He had it comin' to him.
After he was knocked off,
I wasn't kicked around anymore.
I was head man.
From then on,
we were alone in the house -
Me and my mother.
And when she needed anything,
I went out and got it for her.
Yes, that's what you wanted -
To take your father's place.
Sure I did.
I told you,
I wasn't kicked around anymore.
I plugged anybody
that got in my way -
Cops or anybody else.
Yeah, with your father's gun.
Anyone who opposes you
becomes your father
Trying to take back his gun,
Trying to regain his power
over you.
What do you mean?
Every time you kill a man,
You're killing your father
all over again.
Am I gonna get that dream again?
You'll never have
that dream again.
Tell the other men not to shoot
unless they have to
And to be careful of their fire.
There are other people
in the house.
Now spread out and take cover.
Hey, al!
Cops outside -
All around the house.
Toss me down that gun.
Get back to the windows
and pick 'em off.
I'll take care
of this part of the house.
You're crazy!
Do as I tell you.
Why take chances?
The police are here now.
This is a personal matter -
Some unfinished business.
This is it, Walker.
You're surrounded,
And you haven't got a chance
of escaping.
So give yourself up.
What are you gonna do, al?
We're gonna blast our way out of here.
Don't do it, Walker.
It's too late. You're cured.
You know now every time you kill
you're murdering your father.
So what?
You'll never kill another man.
You can't.
I can't kill anyone, huh?
Every guy I kill is my old man,
Well, if they were all my old man,
it would be a pleasure!
Al, don't do it!
Watch the fireworks, professor.
Just to make sure,
get goin'.
Don't be a fool, Walker.
You can't make it.
Keep going.
All right, stay there.
Hold your fire, men.
Walker would never kill again.
With proper attention
earlier in life,
Perhaps he would never have
killed at all -
Only, it was too late.
Well, that's the story
of al Walker.
Do we want Larrapoe
ending the same way?
Not all deformities
are physical, williams.
Put the boy in an institution.
Give him psychiatric treatment.
I don't think he'll ever be
another al Walker.
Okay, doc.
I'll go along with you.
I guess it's worth a try.
with very little difference
In the basic human equation
goes anyone of us...
or our kid.
Which one ends up an al Walker;
and which one gets a chance
To come out
a decent member of society
May very largely be up to us.
All some of them need
is a break.
With a little understanding
and guidance,
Maybe we can salvage
some of this waste.