The Dark Side of Life: Mumbai City (2018) Movie Script

"There is a fog like feeling
which exists within me."
"Shadows, Isolation."
"There's helplessness."
"In me."
"There's nothing in life to..."
"..achieve. There is a
path, but no destination."
"To find you, I wander
from one place to another."
"Why are you ignorant of me."
"Strangeness, is in me."
"Inside me it exists like a fog."
"Shadows, Isolation."
"There's helplessness in me"
Petrol prices have hiked again.
Didn't I tell you?
Anand, don't irritate me
so early in the morning.
Petrol, diesel prices going up...
value of gold going down...
...whether the 'Lok pal' bill will pass
or not... you know everything, right?
You speak with lot of confidence.
But, when it comes to you...
you fail.
This is the problem with
ordinary people like us.
We decode the complicated
things easily.
But, we are unable to
solve our own problems.
Anand, did you pay the broker?
Yes, I did. I gave him the cheque.
Parul, you know...
Since the time we have come here
to live in this 'big' society... confidence
level has increased.
Hello, sir.
You were supposed to meet
Sameer Khanna this hour.
Uh... yes.
But sir, his brother died in
accident yesterday. Idiot.
Don't use such words for the dead.
I am telling you.
This was your chance.
You could have gone there to
offer your condolences...
...and you could have told him...
that, it could have been him,
instead of his brother.
Then, what could have happened
to his wife and children?
But sir, this is...
Anand, what if you don't
complete your target this month?
It will happen.
I am going to get a big policy.
Worth one Crore.
One Crore?
Nothing is going to happen
in one Crore, Ravi.
Verma, I'll be a little
late for the office.
No. My daughter has
come from hostel.
Who changed the channel?
Oh! Nifty points up.
Shall we have breakfast?
Have you brushed your teeth?
Oh, okay. Fresh.
Let's go.
'Little princess is arriving
to have her breakfast.'
Sir, if you allow, then, can
I speak to Mr. Kanojia?
I'll talk to Kumar tonight.
Hey, hello...
What, brother?
Can't you understand?
What happened?
I have told you so many times that, do not
park your car inside the society campus.
Park it outside.
Haven't I?
Can't you behave properly?
Hello... tell your wife, don't
interrupt in the middle.
You have to take your car
out, right now.
Look, how he's talking.
I am saying right.
I am talking to him.
The parking slot is anyways vacant.
Oh, it's vacant.
Do one thing. Bring two trucks
loaded with bricks. Why?
Seize the place. Construct
a bungalow for yourself.
That'll we great. Nonsense talking.
Since how long you have been here?
One month.
It means, there is still a
period of 10 months pending.
You want to live here for
the next 10 months or not?
You are a tenant, so, your car has
to be parked outside. Understood?
Car has to go out.
Watchman, get his car out.
What does he think of himself?
We are going through bad times,
otherwise, I could have retaliated.
Our life has become worse than dogs.
Bloody... rascal...
Being a chairman, he thinks,
he is the landlord.
They have no idea.
How hard we both are
trying to manage the rent.
And now, this humiliation.
What is this?
Don't you think...
that you need this?
You are taunting me...
...because of your needs.
If you had understood my needs...
...then, there was no need to taunt.
What do you mean?
A person is called a man not
only when he is good outside...
but on bed too.
C'mon, move.
Hey, stop. Stop the car.
A person is called a man not only when
he is good outside, but on bed too.
Where are you coming from?
Sir, they are from Kashmir.
Stop them.
Get out from the car.
What did you just say to the girl?
What are you guys doing?
Get out.
Why her?
Search her.
Sir, this is a ladies
constable's job.
What if she is a suicide bomber?
Leave her.
How can you search her?
Take him away.
Go back.
Pallav, wait.
I think, something is wrong.
Hey, hero!
Are you new here?
Yes. It's been two days.
'God, please help me.'
Hey, you. Stop.
Being a man,
you cannot search a woman.
Will you do it, then?
Have you seen yourself? You are
not sober. How will you search her?
Wait a minute.
Excuse me.
Hello, hello... excuse me.
Please, we need help.
Just for a minute...
Listen, hello...
Let's go. They are making a ruckus.
Are you sure?
Just leave.
Please, listen to me.
Let's go.
She is not drunk.
If you have any doubt on her...
she will search her.
Not you.
Hey, hero!
Where do you stay?
I haven't found a place to stay yet.
So, I am here on road.
You look like a decent boy.
Then, why didn't you get a place?
I found a place in a chawl.
But, when they found out that, I
am a Hindu, they threw me out.
You write down my number. If you have
nowhere to go, then, give me a call.
My name is Shabbo. Let's go. I
got a message from inspector.
Thank you.
One coffee with extra sugar.
Sugar prices have gone up.
Can I drop you somewhere?
No. Thanks.
He is new in Mumbai. He
doesn't have a place to stay.
I won't rape you.
I am a decent girl. Come.
By tomorrow morning, I'll
get a place to stay. So...
Thank you. Till then,
I'll show you Mumbai. Come.
I am Kavya.
Are you a singer?
So, your first live performance
in Mumbai, will be for me, right?
Tanya, I'll be down in two minutes.
How is Tanya?
She is fine.
Dady, why don't you marry her?
Because... I am scared.
That she would come in between us.
She should be scared instead. What if
I come in between both of you guys.
That is not possible.
You know why?
Because... you always...
want me to be happy.
And you love me a lot.
Doesn't she?
She too will cherish your happiness.
Why are you not confident?
Because it is about her feelings.
How can I say?
How do you know my feelings?
Because you are my daughter.
But, isn't she your girlfriend?
Yes. But there is a difference
between a girlfriend and daughter.
But, father and boyfriend are same.
You are talking same
like your mother.
This time, you have to
introduce me to Tanya.
Then, I'll tell you, how
much she loves you.
But, you opinion can be wrong also.
It can't.
Because I don't love her.
You love her...
That's why, you said, maybe.
But, I'll only answer
either yes or no.
No one can win from you. Right?
Now sleep.
Did you brush your teeth?
Fresh. Fresh. Sleep.
Is this your house?
No. This is Montu's house.
His family has gone to USA.
So, we do group study here.
Hi, Montu.
Hey, guys.
Meet my new friend, Prince.
And listen...
Tonight we will listen
to a live music.
So, what's new Vicky?
Only diamonds.
You wait, I am coming. Okay?
Vicky, the diamond king.
Just a king.
You are the diamond, I wish to buy.
You mean, compro?
I would love to compro.
How many of them?
Excuse me.
Well, how long can you go?
Bull shit.
C'mon, let's dance.
Please, please, please. No.
You go. I can't.
If you don't want to dance...
then, why do you come here?
We are talking business.
Please, please.
Hey! C'mon, yey!
I don't know how to dance. And dancing
in front of all, would be like...
There is nothing big in it.
Have four to five shots of tequila and
then, automatically you'll start dancing.
On 7th, PPL is going
to announce their IPO.
This time, I guarantee you that,
it's going to get double.
Did I ever ask you
for any guarantee?
Just tell me the amount,
I'll send you tomorrow. Thank you.
Stop. Stop. Stop.
What happened?
I want to pee.
But, here?
I want to do it. You don't have to.
Oh God!
When are we getting married?
Is this a place to talk, Kad?
My mom asks me everyday.
"Even after getting separated, I
still live somewhere inside you."
"Even after getting separated, I
still live somewhere inside you."
"Then, I became so lonely."
"That I lost myself."
"Then, I became so lonely."
"That I lost myself."
"I'll cry in your
absence for a long time."
"I'll just think of
you day and night."
"I'll cry in your
absence for a long time."
"I'll just think of
you day and night."
"Without you."
"Life has also."
"Become strange."
"Blanket of sadness."
"Covering it all over,
happiness slept."
"Now there is only loneliness."
"Within me and outside."
"There is a an emptiness."
"I'll cry in your
absence for a long time."
"I'll just think of
you day and night."
"I'll cry in your
absence for a long time."
"I'll just think of
you day and night"
You wanted a Russian?
After interrogating my whole body... missed the encounter.
Or else, your bullets got over?
...the safety lock got stuck.
Can I tell you one thing?
Do a check-up of your safety lock.
At least find out...
...whether it's stuck or it's
not functioning anymore.
Hello... who is it?
This is Prince.
Yes, Prince. Tell me.
Shabbo, I have reached
near the temple. Okay.
Ask someone,
where is Girnar society.
Okay, Girnar society. Okay.
Excuse me.
Where is Girnar society?
Over there.
I did a huge mistake... calling you to Mumbai.
Why are you blaming yourself?
This was my decision.
That inspector was behaving like... if we are not from Kashmir...
but from Pakistan.
Just because we are Muslims.
If this was the case...
then, that Hindu girl
wouldn't have helped us.
Forget him.
Can forget?
I am a psychiatrist.
You should have gone
to a sexologist.
My wife had sent me there.
I came to you.
It means that, you know
you are physically fit.
But... there is something...
which disturbs...
...your concentration.
I was in 6th class.
caught me smoking.
'Should I inform your
grandfather that you smoke?'
'No, sir.'
'You pants are wet. Remove it.'
Oh... you have been molested.
Some sugar. Hmm?
Baba has helped all these people
here by giving them shelter.
Even they didn't get
home to stay in Mumbai?
They had their own houses, but,
their children threw them out.
Baba... let him stay with you.
Who is he to you?
No one.
What is his name?
Hindu. I mean... my name is Prince.
And I...
am a Muslim.
Zulfikar Hussein.
My name is Zulfikar Hussein.
Just because he is a Hindu, Muslims
are not giving him a place to stay.
And Hindu's are not letting him
stay because he is a bachelor.
No one asks Shabbo
about her religion.
Am I right, Shabbo?
Till the time, you don't get
a place, you can stay here.
But, yes... a human being.
But, if you don't like me then,
Why are you letting me stay?
We need to put lot of efforts
for everyone's happiness.
And you are not happy...
because I am a Hindu.
My happiness lies in...
first and foremost, if all the...
religious leaders can come
together and find the answer to...
...God, as we call it...
Whether he is a Hindu or a Muslim.
Drink it.
This is vegetarian.
Brother, make two plates.
Why does everyone thinks that...
a girl roams with it in her hand.
What happened?
Same thing. My boss.
He only wants one thing.
Anand, taking loan is not possible.
What happened in your office?
Boss gave me the ultimatum.
If I don't complete the target this month,
then, I don't know, what will happen.
Do you remember, Parul?
When we came to this city...
I thought, I'll own this city.
Never came to know, when
did the city bought us.
I don't know,
how and when it will happen?
Credit card bill is pending. We haven't
yet paid this month's car EMI.
And tomorrow or day
after tomorrow...
We have to pay the rent as well.
Look, I'll manage this month's rent.
we don't pay the car installment...
Everything will be fine.
'Pani Puri' (INDIAN SNACK).
Don't eat 'Pani Puri' or else
your throat will get disturb.
How much?
30 rupees.
You must thank God.
He knows that, we...
are not in a position
to afford a kid.
HE has taken the blame on himself.
Everything will be alright.
From tomorrow,
get only vegetarian food.
Why? Have you changed your faith?
So now, do I have to eat
non-veg to prove my faith?
Why are you eating vegetarian
food because of me?
Because I don't want to
spoil your religion.
My religion is not so fragile
that, it would get spoil.
Is it?
But, I have only known this.
If it goes down by 100 points...
then, buy 4000 more.
Right, sir. But...
Trust me.
In share market, always be a...
bull. Hmm.
As you wish, sir.
How much we have
invested till now in PPL?
Sir, 25 Crores!
And how much is our's
and how much is theirs?
Sir, our's is 10,
and 15 of investors. Fantastic.
Yes, mother.
I am fine.
Yes. I am staying in the same place.
Don't worry. Everything is fine.
Yes, I am totally fine.
Okay. Okay, bye.
Who else is there in your family?
Me and my mom.
And Daddy?
When I was just three years old...
my daddy...
Left us.
Oh. Sorry.
It's been 30 years now...
Dad never said sorry.
why are you saying?
Why am I saying it?
You are right.
You have come here...
to become a singer, right?
No. Actually, mother wants
me to become a singer.
I just want to make a
lot of money quickly.
For mom or for Kavya?
Actually, there is someone...
for whom I need to get
medical treatment done.
Who is it, Prince?
Whom I hate the most.
The one you hate the most...
you want to cure that person
by making a lot of money.
Can I ask you the reason, why?
Yes, because...
mom loves him very much.
Two little birds sitting on a wall.
Yeah. So, let's do it tomorrow.
Is there a problem?
Daddy, catch.
Yes, yes.
Sharma, no risk, no gain.
Understood? Daddy, catch.
He is your son, right? Irfan.
I'm his...
Where is Irfan?
United States of America.
Doesn't he come to meet you?
Even now I remember
everything of my father...
and my mother.
But Irfan...
at the age of 20, he forgot everything
which his parents had taught him...
and left for America.
And what about mother?
couldn't wait for Irfan.
What's so special in this news?
What is it,
which is making you so angry?
My contract is going to
over with your company.
After that, we will get married.
Wasn't this decided before?
Did I say anything
wrong in the media?
If you want to spoil your career...
No problem.
Nobody can stop you.
Why did you say my name?
Then whose name I should taken?
I'm sleeping with you since
seven years. Just shut up.
You shut up.
What did you think of me?
A whore!
You never wanted to marry me.
You were just using me.
You were just using me.
My career...
My future...
Just leave me, you bastard.
What are you doing?
Leave me.
Listen to me.
Just leave me.
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
I love you.
If you don't marry,
I'll commit suicide.
Baby, listen to me.
Listen to me.
I know it.
I am trying to make you
understand something else.
You are not an ordinary girl.
You are a super model.
You cannot publicize
about your marriage.
I'll marry you.
I forgot to tell you.
Nonu was saying that,
we should get marry.
Nonu is a kid.
What do you want?
Even I want to.
Whatever you want...
you are getting it.
After marriage...
you won't get something new.
Meer, brother.
How are you Abid?
By the grace of God, I'm fine.
If there is any problem...
That is all okay.
I couldn't ask you
in front of Zohra.
We were told of Delhi.
Why suddenly Mumbai?
About this...
only Hazrat can tell you.
But till the time
you don't meet him...
be alert with the police.
He was in the wanted
list for a long time.
But, how is he here?
He was disturbing a lot, hence,
I got him here and killed him.
Sunny Leone! Nice choice.
I came to know that, you can't
control yourself on duty.
At least have some
respect for the uniform.
They were from Kashmir.
There was no lady constable. So...
There are so many member of
parliament from Kashmir...
Will you search them
in the same way?
What if the media had
come to know about this?
So what?
They would have suspended me.
What else?
Only you? Voren...
The entire department gets shaky.
You have just got
married recently...
and such is your condition.
Tell me one thing.
Tracy doesn't let you
come close to her, right?
Today was a bad day
for share market.
PPL company's IPO...
Yes, my child.
How are you daddy?
I'm okay. I am a little busy.
Daddy, come home early.
We'll have dinner together.
I'll try. Okay?
I love you my child.
I love you too.
The producers have
invested 500 Crores.
The people who have invested
money on this IPO...
they are totally shocked and
they can see their downfall.
Many of them have
committed suicide...
due to the major downfall
in the stock market.
As you know, I want to reduce
the staff in the office.
But I can save you from laying off.
If I sleep with you.
Yes, sir.
Keep this money for you.
But it's not the month end yet.
No actually...
I've sold this house.
So from tomorrow...
Give me the address of your
new house, I'll come there.
You won't be able to come.
It's far away.
Who are you?
I'm Anand, is your sir at home?
Anand sir has come to meet you.
May I?
Come in.
Hello, good evening sir, I'm Anand.
Come, sit.
Hello! Ya!
Have we met before?
I called you last week.
I'm the insurance agent.
Anand Ratna Working, remember?
Yes, I'm the one.
No, Anand, I think...
you got pretty late.
No, you called me today.
So maybe, I called you too early.
In fact...
I've purchased some other
policy, so...
It won't be possible.
I'm sorry.
Okay, thank you!
For how long will you smoke?
Should we go inside?
We will.
We will go.
Both of us are jobless now.
What will we do going home?
And we also don't
have to wake up early.
What is it Zohra?
You seem to be worried.
I saw a dream at night.
Since then I'm worried.
What did you see in the dream?
It was a strange one.
Your father was crying
during his funeral.
But that funeral was
of his young days.
The father who cried...
was old.
A dream is just a dream, Zohra.
You shouldn't think about it much.
I'm thinking about something
else, Mir.
What do you mean?
I hope you are not doing
anything wrong...
since you anger for
losing your dear ones.
Don't you trust me?
I do.
That is why, I fear it
might break someday.
The intelligence bureau has warned
the Mumbai police... (DOORBELL)
that some terrorists can target
some of the crowded... (DOORBELL)
places of the city.
The police force has increased the
security due to Diwali celebrations.
Religious places, airports, railway
stations, malls and cinema halls...
Tell me.
What's it?
Haven't you not given the
brokerage to that broker?
We gave him the cheque.
Did you? Really?
The cheque has bounced.
He comes in the society
thrice but still he...
doesn't get to meet you.
What is going on?
Actually, we...
I learned today that a...
lot of people visit you.
They ask in the society about your
office address. What is going on?
We don't know who...
Are you guys under debts and
when people come over...
to ask for money, you don't open
the door in-spite of being home.
It's nothing like that.
This is our personal matter.
Wait a minute.
Oh, I see...
its your personal matter.
Who are you?
You are the tenants.
So this is not your but our
personal matter. Understood?
What will you
understand, you tenants?
You might someday shift
from here, but I'll... answerable to the society.
One minute.
You please come inside...
Why should I come inside?
Look, please, I'll... his money next week.
You will have to.
You will have to pay.
And listen to me for once.
I'm making very clear. No
creditor should visit here.
You please come in...
Why should I?
I'll give you the notice to
vacate the flat in just one day.
You bloody tenants!
Personal matter, my foot!
Any progress?
Kavya has given me a chance
to sing a tough track.
the ones who can give me work...
doesn't let me in.
Even a stone doesn't take a shape
of the God without a hammer.
You think you will achieve
everything without facing troubles?
Go on.
is this what...
we dreamt about our life?
Then why are we alive?
I gave money to Sumit,
not to the stock market.
Dad, I want to share
something with you.
I'll talk to you later.
You never have time for me.
Hey listen...
you don't behave like
your stupid mother.
Sir, I didn't inform
you first but...
Mr. Khanna is calling
me again and again.
He is abusing me.
When one goes through bad times...
people tend to behave like this.
These are office papers.
Give it to Mr. Khanna.
Mr. Kumar. Can I call...
you in 5 minutes?
"Madness is with me."
New face of Caza.
Bloody, Pallav.
How can you do this?
My story is...
not different than Abid.
I was very young...
when the mentor while
leaving the mosque...
was attacked by the soldiers.
My younger brother grew up...
to be a wise and talented boy.
The police killed him...
calling him terrorist
in a fake encounter.
My mother was so traumatized seeing
the dead body of her young son...
that she died in front of me.
"There's no use..."
of living".
"There are roads
but no destination."
"There's no use..."
of living".
"There are roads
but no destination."
"I'm finding you everywhere."
"Why are you oblivious to me.
"It is with me."
"Madness is with me."
You gave the office to Mr. Khanna.
Now what will you give to Mr. Kumar?
"Those fading..."
Then where will you stay?
"The bad luck..."
are over.
"Those fading pictures."
Now I'm completely over.
"The bad luck..."
Just now.
"Why was I punished for this?"
I'll leave.
I have to take mom out.
Excuse me.
Say bye to mom on my behalf.
"Madness is with me."
"Shadows, Isolation."
"Helplessness is with me"
What is this?
Are you playing with it?
Play it after putting
on the safety lock.
If the bullet would
have hit you wrongly...
people would have thought that
a policeman committed suicide.
I don't understand what...
kind of phone is this.
I don't get any calls.
Show it to me.
Hey, there it rings. Hello!
Hello, Irfan!
I'm not Irfan, I'm Anand.
I'm so sorry sir.
I'm the insurance agent.
Listen Mr. Zulfikar.
I'm suggesting you this policy
being an older brother.
Oh no!
Oh, sorry!
What happened?
The lace is stuck inside.
It's not stuck inside.
Even Irfan...
couldn't tie the lace...
of his pajamas properly.
He used to be the same...
while tying the lace.
You miss Irfan too much, isn't it?
Did he shift to the US...
because he was upset with you?
Irfan did quite a lot of
things in the last 20 years...
which made me upset.
But I didn't leave him.
Parents do not leave
their kids for...
the mistakes they commit.
because of the generation gap.
You failed to understand him.
Generation gap?
Son, there was a still a
generation gap when I was...
35-years-old and
he was 10-years-old.
Maybe, he settled in the US...
for having a good future.
But Irfan was only my future.
I was wrong.
Okay then, see you tomorrow.
Thank you!
Thank you so much.
Thank you!
I've a recording on 15th.
You will have to come along.
I've no one else apart from you.
Listen, young man...
your work has started.
I want you to make arrangement
for your living somewhere else.
Do you really want me to go?
Because I don't want to
get attached to you.
And I don't want this relation...
to become just like
Irfan and I share.
Zohra, I'm helpless.
Or else, I wouldn't had
send you home alone.
Hey, stop the taxi.
Hold one. Wait!
Zohra I'll just come.
Hello, yes?
Hold on for a minute.
It was an important call Zohra and I
have been asked to come immediately.
Don't wait for me Zohra.
"The heart is beating
and I'm teary-eyed."
"Tells me day and night."
"There is a vacuum inside
my heart all the time."
"With my tears like an omen."
"I remain immersed within myself."
"This is my only madness."
You haven't slept yet?
I'm not feeling sleepy.
Are you waiting for
brother Irfan's call?
I apologize for reading your diary.
Happy Birthday father.
"I am wandering alone,
along with my heart."
"I am wandering alone,
along with my heart."
"I am wandering alone,
along with my heart."
"I am wandering alone,
along with my heart."
"Take a decision to live inside me."
"By God,
I am yours and you are mine."
"You are my teacher and guardian."
"You are equivalent to all."
"This is my only madness."
"I am wandering alone,
along with my heart."
"I am wandering alone,
along with my heart."
"I am wandering alone,
along with my heart."
It's my last day in office in Ravi.
I will stay for some more time...
You may leave.
Okay sir.
Thank you.
Aren't you happy?
'Keep looking with care at your
shadow during your journey, '
'By doing so, you may not have'
'the feeling of being alone.'
I've always celebrated
Irfan's birthday lavishly.
But I don't think that he'll even
perform my last rites properly.
Why is it that the parents
are ready to sacrifice everything
for their children's happiness.
But those very kids,
when they grow up,
are not willing to do anything
for their parents' happiness.
You'll not agree.
A 'kick' is required in life.
Your 'kick' is a really bad one.
Is your family aware of it?
Everyone else knows
other than family.
Anyways, what family do I have?
I just have a father.
Just for telling people.
Your father has come back?
And your...
I mean is he aware of it?
His alcoholism...
by trying to make him get out his
alcoholic ways,
I've become an alcoholic
and I continue to be one.
But in the process I've lost him.
And now I'm single.
Will you be my boyfriend?
Did you bring?
You didn't have any problems right?
Things which are illegal to
sell are easily available.
Don't you think Parul,
that after taking the decision,
we are feeling relaxed?
There was a feeling of suffocation.
It seems like that's over now.
And as it is,
there's no guarantee of
lives of commoners like us.
Sooner or later we would have died.
We could even get killed in a
bomb blast tomorrow, who knows.
Or maybe some life threatening
disease can take our lives away.
Even if we escape that somehow,
we'll surely die starving.
That's why it's better
to die as per our wish.
Is there any money left?
After paying up some small bills,
and keeping some amount
aside for cremation,
around 2000 rupees was left.
I've taken that out.
Let's eat some good food.
I'm ordering Chinese then.
It's the last day of our lives.
Isn't it?
"There is nothing left
to achieve in life."
"There are ways but no destination."
"To find you, I wander
from one place to another."
"Why are you ignorant of me.
"Strangeness, is in me"
"Madness, Wandering."
"There is a fog like feeling
which exists within me."
Other than you there are other
associates of mine who are at it.
All the bombs should
blast at the same time.
435 rupees.
Give some change madam, how do
I get change for 2000 rupees.
Keep it.
But madam...
Yes keep it and keep this as well.
It works.
This can't be possible.
Monu is related to you.
She is the daughter of the
dancer from the 'Beer Bar'.
When I had refused to
let her into my house
then there's no way my decision will
be otherwise for her daughter also.
Someone who isn't alive anymore...
If the truth is unbearable for you
then why have you come to me?
It's about the life of Nonu dad.
You go and drop her
in some orphanage.
I doubt whether you
are her father also.
What is the guarantee
that you are my father?
Leave it son.
There's no use.
Wherever you are going,
take Nonu along with you.
Sir Singer Prince has come.
Ask him to sit.
All of this was possible
because of Kavya.
I will tell her today
that how much I love her.
Okay bye now.
How are you dear?
Sorry sir I was late.
Not 'was'.
You rather came early. It's just
that you left your fate behind.
The song that you were supposed to sing,
is now being sung by the hero himself.
I guess I'm unlucky.
It's not that.
I'm the one who is unlucky.
For not being able to work
with a good singer like you.
Take care.
Hello Kavya?
Kavya is in the ICU. She's
in a serious state.
What happened to her?
She's had an overdose of drugs.
She's very serious. What?
You come to Lilavati Hospital
as quickly as you can.
Yes I'm coming right away.
"The heart is beating
and I'm teary-eyed."
"Tells me day and night."
"There is a vacuum all the time."
"Inside my heart."
Prince. Allah!
"With my tears like an omen."
"I remain immersed within myself."
"This is my only madness."
"I am wandering alone,
along with my heart."
"I am wandering alone,
along with my heart."
"I am wandering alone,
along with my heart."
"I am wandering alone,
along with my heart."
I Kadambari Chauhan,
Thanks for your love guys.
I love you too.
But you know what?
I am scared of falling down.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm going to commit suicide.
I'll just be back.
Belated Happy Birthday dear.
Th.. Thank you mom.
Did you get your birthday gift?
Yes mom.
Did you like it?
It's so beautiful like you.
Okay listen.
Today is a very important
day in your life.
Enjoy it to the fullest. Okay?
Bye dear.
Yes mom.
Love you.
"Like a fading photograph."
"Destiny filled with sadness."
"Like a fading photograph."
"Destiny filled with sadness."
"Why did I get this punishment."
"God, what was my mistake."
"Impatience, Helplessness."
"Attachments of heart are with me."
"Madness, Wandering."
"There is a fog like feeling
which exists within me."
"Shadows, Isolation."
"Helplessness within me."
"Madness, Wandering."
"There is a fog like feeling
which exists within me."
"Shadows, Isolation."
"There is helplessness within me."
"Madness, Wandering."
"There is a fog like feeling
which exists within me"
I have
never hidden anything
from you in my entire life.
If you have any desire in
your heart then tell me.
In office,
girls often drank in parties.
I have never done.
I had thought
that if I get a good
opportunity in life,
I'll drink with you.
Your last drink.
What better opportunity
will you get?
Now we'll meet in heaven.
In heaven?
I don't know if Allah
will give me a place in hell or not.
What about Hajrat?
By listening to any stranger,
you want to commit suicide
and then call it 'Jihad'.
Will it indeed be Jihad?
But brother you too have come here
when you were summoned by him.
He is foolish.
He is of the opinion
that he is using me.
But in reality,
I'm the one using him.
I didn't exactly get you.
It's not Jihad Hamid.
It's revenge.
Even you are doing that.
Just that you feel that you are
doing it in the name of Jihad.
If you've come this far thinking that
by doing this you'll reach heaven,
then better you back off now.
I know how to diffuse a bomb.
Open your button.
What will you do now brother?
I know
that I'm going to commit suicide.
Why have you called us sir.
What's the matter?
Sorry to call you so
late in the night.
The delivery boy who ran
away with your cellphone?
You guys must have lost hope.
But I have caught him.
Robbery? No.
We had only given
this mobile to him.
What about 1565 rupees?
He didn't have change so
I asked him to keep it.
So much of tipping?
Is it a crime to tip someone?
What work do you do?
You are the same person
who that night with the Kashmiri
girl... Let me do the talking please.
But why are you asking me. Ask him.
So I am talking to him.
I am talking to him.
You may leave now.
Let's go.
One minute...
You wait for me I'm coming.
Inspector sir.
Take this and go.
No, no.
I had some work with you.
Yes tell me.
Look, don't take it otherwise,
can you lend me 100 rupees?
It's that...
Do I look stupid to you?
Nothing of that sort. Why
are you feeling that way?
Me and my wife were sitting
in the house idly, so...
your constable came and picked
us up and brought us here.
I don't have a wallet and my wife
doesn't have any money in her purse.
The petrol in my car
has also got over.
Either give me some money
or drop us back home.
Thank you.
Inspector sir
I won't be able to
return you this money.
I don't need.
Thank you.
Do you want to have an ice cream?
Ice cream?
What happened?
You go in. I'm coming.
Who has come so late in the night?
I'm coming.
C'mon, come out.
C'mon now, come, come.
Please leave me. My vest will tear.
Your vest will tear?
I will take off your sarong and make
you parade naked in the society.. Hey!
Please leave me. My vest will tear. You
are the secretary of the society right?
Park your car first. Come rascal.
Yes that I'll do at your place.
The Watchman is seeing us. Not good.
You consider yourself a king.
The Watchman is seeing? Considering
yourself a king, come!
Come, come, come!
C'mon move your car now.
You parked your car at
the place you wished.
But remember that
today onwards you won't
get any food to eat.
Yes you are right.
sorry to disturb you sir.
I actually wanted to
ask you something.
So late in the night?
It's that I won't be able
to ask you tomorrow.
Okay tell me.
You... Yes.
In order to reach this post.
Tell me.
How many men have you
made your wife sleep with?
In your language if I have to say
then with how many have you had
a relation of 'give and take'?
What? How dare you??
How dare you say such a thing?
Stay in your limits. You...
You are fired?
Who are you to fire me?
I'll fire you now.
what I do tomorrow.
Parul, Parul please listen to me.
You got scared right?
Just keep quiet.
What happened?
What happened?
Why did you stop speaking?
You got scared?
You are good at abusing.
He won't be able to sleep
the entire night now.
Is there coffee in the house?
Are we going to jump
from here daddy?
Yes dear.
I hope you aren't
feeling scared to do so.
I am feeling scared actually.
But I know
as soon as we jump from here, you
will become a Superman and save me.
So we are going to write
a suicide note right?
spoil my tea set.
'As soon as we jump from here, you
will become a Superman and save me'.
'You will become a
Superman and save me'.
Sister, this is Sumit Balsaria.
Can I drop Noor to hostel right now?
Yes sir?
Actually I had to go somewhere
and I was taking her
along with me but...
I changed my plan.
We don't allow to come so late
in the night Mr. Balsaria.
You could come early morning.
Oh, okay.
So I'll drop her tomorrow morning.
Thank you.
I'm ready.
Then why are wasting
time in cleaning?
That's because a lot of people
are going to come tomorrow.
What will they think
about the way we lived.
Yes dear.
I don't want to go
to the hostel daddy.
You have to go to the hostel dear.
I'm leaving tomorrow.
I'll be gone for quite a few days.
Only on one condition.
You would have to call
me up every morning.
There's no phone there dear.
But I can't live without you daddy.
You have to learn to
live without me dear.
I am...
going far away.
Let's go to sleep now.
Have you brushed your teeth?
The taxi which is
overturned behind me,
In there there's a lady,
who is stuck still.
Policemen are trying to evacuate the
area as the bomb can blast anytime.
Sorry ma'am. Your membership
has been cancelled.
Do you know who I am?
Do you know who I am?
You can't stop me!
I need to go in!
I said let me go in.
Sir, please try and explain madam.
Me... I have to go in.
It's okay. She is with me.
Okay sir. Fine.
The bomb squad is yet
to reach the spot.
But a brave police inspector
of the Mumbai Police
has reached the taxi in
order to save the lady.
Kadambari Chauhan.
Of course...
Sumit Balsaria.
Sir doesn't dance.
Kumar sir is yet to come right?
I don't have any news about him.
Give it to him when he comes.
Give me 4 tequila shots.
Yes sir.
that mother died before.
What if she was alive today?
She would have been
saddened by our decision.
If your family gets to know
about this they'll say
that I'm the one responsible.
I don't exist for dad
right from the beginning.
And what he always felt will
turn into reality today.
"At least by mistake."
"Meet me some day."
"What's the use of these desires,
which doesn't even let you breathe"
I'm sorry mother.
I'm very sorry.
"What's the use of these desires,
which doesn't even let you breathe."
"Desire to live."
"Efforts for death."
"Efforts for death."
"Oh life, Oh life."
"Oh life, Oh life."
"At least by mistake."
"Meet us some day."
"At least by mistake,
meet us some day."
"Whatever little you gave us."
"You took it all away
within a second."
"What did you do."
"You betrayal, your business."
"Oh life, Oh life."
"Oh life, Oh life."
"At least by mistake, '."
"Meet us some day."
"At least by mistake,
meet us some day"
We didn't die. But it
was not a coincidence.
It was a lesson for us.
The way we spent that
night without any fear,
we could have spent the rest
of our lives that way as well.
If we started living for
ourselves instead of others.
'As per the reports from Mumbai, a girl
named Zohra was traveling in the taxi.
She came to Mumbai from
Kashmir few days back.
Inspector Voren did save Zohra.
(TRAIN RUNNING SOUND) But he himself
got martyred in this incident.
Hello, hello, hello madam?
Trusting a stranger
so much in no time...
that you have brought
me to your house?
After many years of trust, I believed
someone as my own. (DOOR CLOSED SOUND)
He too was a stranger.
Why did you save me.
I should be the one asking
that why did you do such
a foolish act after all.
There wasn't a reason to live.
Is it?
I read the reason in
your suicide note.
If I thought like you, then
when I failed in the 10th
standard, I should have
committed suicide then only.
But I didn't commit suicide
because I passed when I
was in the 9th standard.
The one I loved,
loved someone else.
But I didn't commit suicide because
my father and mother
loved me very very much.
Amina came into my life.
She loved me immensely.
I wanted a girl,
but we had a boy instead.
Doctors had told me that.
Amina couldn't conceive
a second child.
Then also I didn't commit suicide.
I'd thought that when
Irfan gets married,
I'll give a lot of love to his wife
just like I'd give to my daughter.
Irfan too left.
But, then too I
didn't commit suicide.
That's because I had Amina with me.
Then Amina also left me.
Then also I didn't commit suicide.
I'd thought
maybe someday Irfan will come back.
There are some dreams son which
may never get fulfilled dear.
But in order to live it's very
important to have some misconceptions.
A model's career is
short-lived Sumit.
This would have happened
sooner or later.
But unfortunately,
the person I wanted to spend
the rest of my life with,
cheated me.
for such a person who
probably was never yours?
Isn't it stupid to give
life for such a person?
You are also doing something stupid.
Your depts won't be cleared
automatically if you give up your life.
Maybe by staying alive
you could clear them up.
You have a reason to live also.
Your daughter.
Where's the patient?
He is in the bathroom.
Hello.- Hello Prince?
Your father's health has
really deteriorated.
We are taking him to the hospital.
You send the money quickly.
SMS me the account number, I will
send the money today itself.
Who are you?
I... I'm Prince's friend.
Listen... please give my
regards to his mother.
Whose mother?
Prince's mother.
He didn't tell you?
It's been 10 years since
his mother's death.
What?- Yes.
Nonu, guess who is it?
Oh my God, Kadambari Chauhan?
Why did you lie to me?
That her name is Tania?
What's happening?
He was saying that
your name is Tania.
Oh God!
I love you dad.
I love you too baby.
But she loves you a lot.
The bell rang... just a minute.
Kumar sir you?
Hello Sumit.
Where's Nonu?
She is inside.
And what's all this?
What sir?
I've heard that you've given
your office to Khanna
and you'd left these
property papers for me?
I can't understand what has happened to
you. Could you explain it to me Sumit?
I hope you aren't planning
something like suicide.
Nothing can happen
by just planning sir.
What is destined to
happen will happen.
Look Sumit.
Such a big decision
people usually doesn't take
by thinking about others.
They take in their own interest.
And remember one thing.
Business isn't always about profits.
Sometimes one has
to incur losses too.
I'm saying from personal experience.
Your papers.
Experience saves one from
taking wrong decisions sir.
But one gathers experience...
by taking wrong decisions.
I know but
what I'm telling you, you should
try and understand that too.
Thank you sir.
Okay I'm leaving now.
"What is this life all about".
Sometimes it snatches away everything in
one stroke that was given in abundance.
And sometimes it gives back
whatever that was snatched away.
But to understand such dynamics,
it's very important to be alive.
Yes mother.
Zulfiqar uncle is absolutely fine.
Yes absolutely fine.
You don't worry. Everything's fine.
Your mother is indeed very lucky.
You've kept her alive
even after her death.
But there are some
unfortunate parents,
whose children have made them non
existent even when they are alive.
Just... waiting for the
death certificate to come.
"At least by mistake."
"Meet us one day."
"I'm leaving this city and
going back to my village."
"I don't think I can ever muster
the courage to tell Zohra that."
"I had planted the bomb in the
taxi that she was sitting in."
"I was the killer of inspector
Warren that saved her."
The want of revenge had
turned me into a monster.
"Oh Almighty, please pardon me..."
"I don't deserve forgiveness,"
"but if possible, Almighty"
forgive me for killing
an innocent person".
You forget everything.
Irfan had lost his teddy
once in his childhood.
He had cried a lot that day.
Amina and I,
had tried a lot to find
that teddy but we couldn't.
God forbid,
if something happened
to this teddy of mine,
I wouldn't have been
able to take this pain.
Sorry father.
Remember one thing son.
Lose in life but never
lose hope in life.
Because in order to
change defeat into a win,
it's very important to
stay alive in life.
"When you are not there."
"I wander from one
place to another."
"When there is no thought."
"Of yours."
"That moment feels like a crime."
"The water in my eyes."
"You are written on them."
"You were there in my heart, but."
"I saw you in my eyes."
"Never drops through the eyelids."
"You never go from within."
"You never go from within."
"You never go from within."
"You never go from within."
"You never go from within."
"I was under an impression that."
"It was just a phase which is gone."
"A phase which is gone."
"But what is this thing inside me."
"You remained inside
me like a fragrance."
"The emptiness in me."
"Erase it some day."
"You lit me up and forgot."
"Come and blow it off some day."
"I keep on burning
but never melt down."
"You never go from within."
"You never go from within."
"You never go from within."
"You never go from within."
"You never go from within."
Thank you father.
"Without you, this wouldn't
have been possible".
This song,
"I would like to dedicate
this song to my father".
My dear...
to Kavya my true love.
Kavya and my mother is not
in this world anymore but.
'I hope they are happier there.
"Let me walk a few
steps as per my wish."
"I've followed your calling
always, dear life".