The Dark Side of Opulent (2020) Movie Script

- The final container is here?
- Yes sir.
I examined the contents myself.
They're all glocks.
- All 45's and nine's?
- Yeah.
Top quality.
That new guy, he heard
about what you did
to that chump that
tried to cheat you.
Let's just say he's
very accommodating.
Even the slightest request.
- Who the hell was that?
- He's a driver for
my stepdad's friends.
- Well he almost ran
us off the damn road.
- That might be better
than what happens
if he tells my stepdad.
- Is he really that bad?
- My dad wasn't the greatest,
but it's times like these that
make me miss him the most.
- Wait, I thought you didn't
have to answer to anybody.
- I didn't.
My dad gave me
access to my trust,
but my new legal guardian
wants to control my life.
- Like clockwork.
- You think Mikhailov
is really involved
in criminal activity or
just an ambitious Russian
building an empire?
- Or both.
- Did you read the
Interpol report?
Sure sounds like this is the
same man, don't you think?
I mean, I've read
a lot of reports.
- Good morning sir.
- The doctor, he
has been here, da?
- Yes sir.
He's upstairs waiting for you.
I was just about to take
up her morning snack.
Would you like to take it?
- My sister, she has called?
- No sir.
- Contact me when she does.
- Good morning Mr. Mikhailov.
- Tell me anything, doctor.
Doesn't seem to be change.
- The good news is there's
nothing seriously wrong.
Her wheezing is just
some slight congestion.
Repositioning her
and adding another
pillow will help with that.
- And her weight?
- That's something that
we need to monitor.
Unfortunately, brain injury
recovery has no rules.
- When I play music
for her, her eyes move.
- Yes.
Marie mentioned that.
- That's a good sign, no?
- Could be recovery, yes,
but more than likely is reactors
firing off in her brain.
Tatiana could stay like this,
or she could fall
back into a coma.
There's a chance she
could even recover,
but with damage like this,
it's impossible to
predict right now.
- Spaceibo doctor.
I appreciate your
honesty and privacy.
If you should need
favor, you come see me.
- I appreciate that Mr.
Mikhailov, but unnecessary.
Just glad to help.
- So, I'm having lunch with
Olga and Katarina today.
Katarina's considering
university, politics
of all things.
Tatiana, please, eat more.
Come back to me.
- There you go.
Here's your water.
- Thanks man.
Good workout.
- You did great.
- Thanks.
Missed you Jason.
Where have you been hiding?
- You know me.
I was looking for the
next big adventure.
- Well, when you're looking
for something new to explore,
you should call me.
- You here to hit the
weights or on clients?
- Showing off again.
- Does it work?
- On your audience?
- Are you?
- I am not in your
audience demographic.
- What's my demographic?
- Apparently, easily impressed.
- You know Liz, you
can't resist me forever.
- You need to add a few
extra reps to the left.
- No one will hire
this guy, Liz.
He's a real scumbag.
- That's why I'm
friends with you.
- Well, if Jason is against you,
then that's all the more reason
that I'd love to hire you.
Let's go talk.
- I'm sorry to keep you waiting.
Can I get you
gentlemen anything?
- Why don't you come a little
closer to let me see you.
Come on.
- I'm not on the menu.
There's some pretty
good prime rib tonight.
Does that sound good?
- I don't like prime rib.
- Hey, big boy, you
don't wanna get in me
trouble with my boss now.
- Gentlemen!
Can I help you?
- No buddy, we're fine.
Me and the little lady are just
sitting here and getting
to know each other.
- Can I get you
gentlemen any coffee
before you hit the road?
- Yes ma'am, that would
be very kind of you.
I'm sorry about the
Me and my buddy here were just
trying to have a little fun.
- Looks like your pal just
stuck you with the check.
- Sorry for the
- Andrei, do you have a moment?
- You have something to say?
- Yes sir.
I came to apologize.
I meant no harm.
I was showing off my friend
around the curb too fast.
- And this friend, he
encourage you to do this?
- No.
I was trying to scare him.
- Perhaps you should choose
your friends more careful
if they encourage you
to be thoughtless.
Do not associate with
strays outside of Opulent.
- We need to make some changes.
Apparently, you have too
much free time on your hands
and you're getting in trouble.
You stop embarrassing
this family.
I think it's time you got a job.
- I don't need a job.
I have a trust fund.
- You don't start showing
some responsibility
and respect to this family,
you won't have a
job and you won't
have a trust fund, or a car.
- Hey, bourbon on the
rocks for my friend here.
- Can things get any worse?
- What?
What happened?
He didn't look upset.
- That's Rami.
He's always playing the part.
He wants me to get
a job right away
or he's gonna take my
car and cut me off!
- So get a job.
- I have a huge trust fund.
I don't need a job.
- I know, but your
dad controls it.
- Don't call him my dad!
- Don't you wanna
be your own man?
- There is nothing more manly
than having power and money.
I already have both.
- So how'd it go?
- Very well.
- You still interested
for moving up?
- Yes sir.
- That man with Jason, I'd
like you to keep an eye on him.
- Yes sir.
- I don't trust him.
He is not our kind.
- Why is there an
extra place set?
- Your uncle is joining us.
- I thought you hated him.
- Katarina, we
don't hate family.
It's complicated, love.
- Shall I get that?
- Well yes, Khouri.
That would be helpful.
- Sorry ma'am.
Right ma'am.
Sorry ma'am.
- It's probably already cold.
- You made it.
- She is certainly not
the fastest servant.
- Any news from Tatiana?
- She's having a marvelous time.
Sends her best to you both.
Why do you ask?
- Can't even check in with
one of my closest friends?
I find it a bit odd that she
hasn't returned my calls.
I hope I have not offended her.
- She'll be returning soon.
I'm sure she can't wait
to tell you all about it.
- Katarina, why don't you
take your breakfast upstairs?
You're acting a bit
odd this morning.
- You are refreshingly
accommodating this morning.
I don't trust this.
What are you hiding?
- I'm not like you.
I have no need for secrets.
- We all have secrets.
- And what
secrets are you hiding?
- My secrets?
Pay for you to live like this.
- I am very grateful, Andrei.
Your secrets are your own
and my secrets are my own.
- Same blood runs
in both our veins.
- That it does.
- Khouri, coffee please!
Is the next step in place?
I will call you when I
have the time and the date.
I will be in the room myself.
I want to see his
face when it happens.
- When what happens?
- Nothing darling.
Why don't you go
clean your room?
- We have a maid!
- Now!
- I'm surprised the
bureau partnered
you up with me for
this assignment.
Your first time out.
- Seems pretty routine with me.
Surveillance only, no
contact with the perp.
- You're the play by the
book type of agent I take it.
- He's coming through now.
Like clockwork.
Home at three, back to
the restaurant at six.
That's suspicious.
- Did you see the occupants?
- Damn, I missed the car.
- It's probably just
coincidence that
that car pulled
out after Andrei.
- Coincidence?
Nothing's a coincidence.
I know that you're
a rookie at this,
but I need a partner I count on.
Both of our careers
are on the line here.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- Nothing personal, but I'm
gonna ask for a new partner.
We'll get you reassigned to...
- What?
- Nothing personal.
I just can't risk you outing me.
- I'm a happy man.
- Your shipment has arrived?
- Yes.
And compared to my
previous supplier,
when I thought you said you
were gonna sell me cheap guns,
I thought you meant cheap.
- How happy do you wish to be?
- What do you mean?
- I suppose you
noticed my new friends.
- The two guys in the suits?
They stick out like sore thumbs.
- I need a new place
to conduct business,
a new distribution
solution for my supplier.
- Drugs and guns,
it's a felony offense.
- Don't get caught.
- Well I wouldn't
be a businessman
if I didn't say I was
the least bit intrigued.
What'd you have in mind,
two of the most lucrative
products out on my storefronts?
- You can offer a buy
back, get gun for special.
- Let's work out the details.
This calls for a drink.
- Get Rami his usual.
- What's up with that guy?
Why does he keep staring at us?
- He's always been odd.
I've noticed since
his wife mysteriously
left town a few weeks
back, it's worse.
Rumor has it, she's sick.
- Well if she's sick,
why does he keep saying
that she left town?
- Katarina says it has something
to do with being foreigners.
They don't like
to show weakness.
- I don't know.
There's more than just
mistrust in that stare.
I gotta get going.
You mind giving me
a ride to my car?
I gotta be up early in
the morning for the gym.
I got a new client.
Thanks buddy.
- A shot of bourbon.
- I assume our little
problem has resolved itself?
- What problem?
- Put his drinks on my tab.
- You got it, boss.
- And the van?
- On the competition's turf.
Got a message and a solution.
- Excuse me boss.
- Why the fuck everybody
interrupt my conversations?
- I need your input.
It's not good.
- You bring me this
problem because?
Look, that's why I hired you.
Now taker Coyote with
you and do your damn job!
- Come on, come on.
- Stop.
- No!
- Clean up this mess and
re-enforce with all the others
that no one off the list
will no longer be tolerated.
- Good morning Mr.
And Mrs. Amari.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Shall I set a plate
for Master Jason?
- Yes, set it right over there.
- He'll be down shortly, Rami.
He promised me last
night he'll be up
early for job hunting today.
- You're expecting those
promises to not be broken?
- He wasn't even up
when I came down.
- Nelly.
- You need to stop
badgering Jason.
It doesn't inspire
him to listen.
- I don't feed
Master Jason with the
same silver spoon
you do, Sandra.
He has no ambition, no
thoughts of the future.
If he doesn't get a job
by the end of the week,
I'm cutting him off.
- You own dozens
of corporations.
I don't understand why you
don't just give him a job.
It makes no sense
for him to job hunt.
- We're not doing
this right now.
- Dad, can I get
my allowance early
since I finished all my chores?
- Sure sweetie.
Here you go.
- Oh my God!
- What is it, stocks down?
- No.
A body found here in
Opulent shot in a van.
- In Opulent?
A body?
- Nelly, you shouldn't
be hearing this.
- Yes mom.
I'm gonna go see
Katarina anyway.
- Okay honey.
Be careful.
- Nelly will probably
graduate college
and get a job and have a family
long before Jason
gets employment.
I gotta go.
- This is certainly turning
into an uneventful assignment.
- You call two missing agents
and their vehicle uneventful?
- No bodies, no vehicle.
They probably got
paid off and they're
on some tropical
island somewhere.
- Normally, I'd laugh at
that, but not these guys.
They were quality agents.
Something bad happened here.
I'm gonna find out.
- At least we got
eyes watching us.
- Oh yeah 'cause
that's gonna save us.
- The meeting is set.
Make sure every house
is in attendance.
Every boss needs to be there.
We have no choice but
to eliminate them.
We can't flourish shadowed
in fear of retaliation.
- Is there a reason
we're walking around
in the indigenous slums?
- Oh my gosh,
Nelly, are you okay?
- No she's not okay!
She thought you were
gonna murder us!
Can we go somewhere
less tetanusy please?
- Yes princess Katarina.
We'll go somewhere more
suitable to your delicacies.
- What was that
with you and Tom?
- What do you mean?
- Do you like him?
- No.
I mean, maybe.
- Hey!
- Yeah.
- Good job, kid.
- It's gonna be all right.
I'll take care of
everything, okay?
- No problem.
- Give me a scotch.
Save the rocks for Ricky's face.
Remi's boy told me
about your heroics.
- I don't know if I'd
call them heroics.
- Andrei thought it was.
That's why he offered you a gig.
- I got a good job at the gym.
I plan on working up
to weekend manager.
After that, who knows.
- And that's your goal?
- My grandpa was a
cop, a great one.
- That's the reason
you're turning this down?
It's a legit gig if
it makes a difference.
- I'll give it some thought.
The job at the gym is part-time.
I could use the extra
income for the house.
- The house?
- It was paid for
a long time ago.
My grandpa took out a mortgage
after my grandma got sick
and he died a few
weeks after she did.
- What about mom and dad?
- My mom passed away
when I was a kid,
dad took off to the war.
He never wrote, never
tried to contact her.
She used to tell me he
didn't even know I existed.
That's that.
- A lot of us came
back from that war,
couldn't go back
to our old lives.
- We have new employee?
- Yes sir.
Thank you.
- Believe me, you
will earn every penny.
- We have a problem.
- This is no way to start
a conversation with me.
- Andrei, if I could handle
this myself, I would do it.
- Must I handle everything?
What is it?
- One of our girls
is partially missing.
- Partially?
What's this mean, partially?
- The rest of her is missing.
- Get Coyote on
this and clean up.
Find the rest of her.
Who booked this client?
- No one was on the books
and no one saw him come in.
- Is there video?
- Coyote is on that now.
First thing he asked for.
- Close down brothel for tonight
and give the girls an extra
bonus for the money they lose.
Lock the back door,
nobody going in and out except
for the front restaurant.
- Even the girls?
- The girls stay put.
Have kitchen bring them meals.
Tell Angelo he's in charge.
- Will do.
- Jesus.
- I take it you know
what this means.
- What is it with
Russians and body parts?
- It's better than the
heads Americans send.
- Any idea who this may be?
- The new one, Gina.
- Maybe it was personal,
something before she came here.
- Does it matter?
- No, I guess not.
- I want you to
find who did this.
Then find the rest of
her, preferably alive.
- Is this something special?
- She was my property.
I want it back.
- I'm out front and my car's
getting lots of attention.
- You all right?
- Thanks man.
I owe you one.
- Make it a six
pack, we're even.
- This guy.
Meet Donnie.
- I finally get to meet
Rick's newest project.
- He's my friend.
- It's like a project, man.
Friend Jason, very
nice to meet you.
I wouldn't be driving
a car like that
around here if you
want no trouble, right?
You guys good?
- Yeah.
- Thanks man.
- I'll see you guys.
- Bye.
Should've asked you
to drive that old
station wagon in
your gardener's, man.
- No worries dude, it's cool.
- I changed my mind.
- About?
- About the extra
income car connection.
- What's going on?
- Dude, the bank's
foreclosing on my place.
I don't know what the
heck I'm gonna do.
I just got another
job offer by Andrei.
Between that and the gym,
I don't think I'm gonna have
enough to cover it in time.
- What about a loan?
- A loan, really?
Nobody's gonna give
me a loan, man.
- I will.
- I'm not gonna ask
you to do that for me.
- You're family.
Besides, I know a way we
can make that money back
a hell of a lot quicker than
a couple part-time jobs.
- Really?
I'm listening.
- Maria, you did
right to alert me.
Anything seem suspicious?
- No sir, just odd.
They wanted to wait
here to speak with you.
- And Tatiana?
- Sambor is with her.
- Uncle.
- So nice to see you.
Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
I'm just a little shaken up.
- Then I suspect
there is some reason,
some valid reason for you
to be in my home, uninvited?
- Our piano was out of tune.
- Uncle, don't be
upset with mother.
She's just here for
me and what happened.
- I am having this
thoroughly investigated
and I promise I will
find out why and who.
- The who, I'm not sure of.
The why, it's a takeover plot.
- And this is the
first you tell me?
- I just heard about it.
- Hear, what this
mean hear, from who?
- Andrei, you made a lot of
enemies before we left Russia.
Our identities are not
fool-proof, ours or yours.
- Get to the point.
- You are delving deeply
into international endeavors.
Is it possible that you've
gotten onto the Yakuza's radar?
- Tell me what you
think you know.
- You've been sloppy
with your work,
you've been sloppy
with your identity,
what kind of man in
hiding gets his name
plastered on every
business in town,
what kind of criminal
runs for a town mayor?
- Sloppy, this is not
sloppy, this is smart.
What criminal in hiding
would run for mayor?
Besides, I am not criminal,
I am businessman like
any American businessman
who hides his accomplishments
behind contracts and lawyers.
- When it all comes crashing
down, remember, I warned you.
- Good afternoon, Jason.
Andrei and your dad both told
me you might be coming in.
- They did?
- Yes.
Said that you were
investigating a few job options
and that our bank
might be one of them.
- Actually, we're here
regarding an investment
I'm about to enter into.
I think real estate is a
viable commodity at this point,
nothing speculative of course.
- Do you have a
property in mind?
- Yes, as a matter
of fact, I do.
- Wait here a moment and
I'll grab the branch manager.
- Really?
- How are you gonna get
this house from Rami?
- I'm not.
I'm gonna use my slush fund.
- Slush fund?
- My personal savings fund,
backup money I
save for every time
my dad put a freeze
on my other accounts.
- Look, thanks.
This means a lot to me.
- No problem.
It's only $10,000, didn't
even put a dent in my balance.
Besides, our new business
venture will surely
give you the cash you
need to pay me back.
- Wait, wait, what venture?
- How are you at
distribution and sales?
Hey man.
- What took you so long?
I was starting to get worried.
- I've got you all set up.
You're gonna be
making so much money.
- I kept thinking that
everyone knew why I was here.
- I know the feeling.
- You both will be
thanking me when
your pockets are stuffed
with money, easy money.
Remember, just the
to high schoolers
you don't know and
save the coke for the
rich kids you know and we trust.
Any questions?
- No man, I'm good.
- Get out of here.
The supplier knows
you're coming.
- He's just a kid.
- A soon to be rich and
popular kid thanks to us.
- It's not helping.
- It was his choice.
He does the pickup and sales.
No drugs pass through our hands.
Everybody wins.
You're the one with the
sentimental family home to lose.
- Move the placard
closer to the building.
I don't want anybody
tripping on it.
- Here's the food you
requested, Mr. Mikhailov.
- Take it over to the men in
the van, with my compliments.
- No thank you, ma'am!
We're fine!
- Compliments of Mr. Andrei!
- What?
- With Mr. Andrei's compliments.
- No, no, no thank you.
- I can't leave
until you take this,
so perhaps you just take it
so I can get back to work.
- Seriously?
Can we arrest her?
- Mr. Mikhailov, if you would,
just take a quick walk
through with Maya,
make sure that everything's
up to your expectations
for this evening.
- Good.
I wanna make sure the
entertainment's loud enough
so none of the
conversations from
the meeting can be overheard.
- And all security will
be dressed as staff
to ensure no one gets too close.
- Good.
You tell the escort,
tell him this is chair
filler duty only.
I don't want any
physical connection
to personal proposition
to be made of any kind.
- Understood.
I've alerted all staff
to be here at 5PM
and guests should arrive at 6PM.
- All members have been
informed Miss Maya.
- Great.
Go keep an extra eye on
the girls tonight, okay?
- Yes Miss Maya.
- They're not moving as
fast as they used to.
I cannot keep
purchasing merchandise
that doesn't turn quickly.
- Guns are one of the
fastest selling commodities.
What are you doing wrong?
- What am I doing wrong?
People just don't
wanna buy them.
- Who have you approached?
- Everybody Andrei.
If the public doesn't
have a need for the guns,
they're not gonna
purchase the guns.
- Then change need.
- How?
- TV newscasters always like
to report on increasing crime
spreading out from inner
city like Indigent.
A news segment about
home intrusion,
stolen property spreading into
upscale community of Opulent.
Follow that with one
of your commercials.
Increase crime, increase
demand, marketing 101.
Now go do this.
- Nelly, you have a visitor!
- Hi Tom.
- Hey.
I just wanted to stop by
and make sure you're okay.
- I'm okay.
It was just a little scary.
Tom, are you okay?
You look damp.
- Look, don't say
anything, okay?
- You aren't into those pills
going around school, are you?
- I just wanted to try
it, and just this once.
- I almost lost my
best friend today.
I can't lose you to
something stupid.
- I won't do it
again, I promise.
- Okay.
- You're gonna love this.
- I love this country.
You just get everyone
something to be afraid of
and they throw money at you.
- Crime is spreading
from the inner cities
to our once safe and
elegant neighborhoods.
It's time you protected your
families and loved ones.
Time for you to
take control of your
loved ones and your
property with guns from
Andrei's Gun Shop.
Come down and make a selection.
We're firing away for you.
- Now, go make crime
in neighborhood for
news to report on
and show this commercial
after six o'clock news.
Now go!
I love this country.
- Hey Frank.
I just wrapped up.
The ring's all yours.
I told the guy to swap out
the ropes for your wrestling.
- I don't know why they
bring in those boxers anyway.
Way too long of a fight,
and all those rules?
- It brings in a different crowd
and more money for the
boss and for us, right?
- Then you got those
damn kick boxers.
- Really Frank?
You really wanna do this?
- What?
- Let's see what you got.
Come on.
No gloves.
- Here we go.
- Gentlemen!
- Good fight.
- I am going to enjoy this,
you two boys in
the ring together.
We're almost sold out.
Andrei wants to bring
in a team for security.
- Why do we need more security?
- For your safety
and your protection.
- Dare I ask?
- Word's got out
pretty far and wide.
There's some guys from LA
who may be showing up here.
They're big-time
offshore betters
and they're also
very sore losers.
- Well you tell
Mr. Mikhailov that
we're very grateful
for the help.
- Do you think the
rumors are true?
- What rumors are those?
- Andrei being a
Russian mob boss?
- No.
I heard he was Russian royalty
or something like that.
- I'm pretty sure, and
Angelo's his brigadier.
- No, no, someone's
pulling your leg, man.
- Wanna bet?
- $500?
I like taking your money.
- Come on.
- So is it a deal?
Yours will be free if you get
enough of your own clients.
There's no risk.
Your contact to
get the stuff looks
as innocent as a
kid in Santa's lap.
Between the pills and
your workout training,
you'll have one of the
hottest bodies in town.
- All right, but do you
think maybe we could do
like a trial run,
maybe a little sample?
- Nothing in life is free, babe.
- Hey buddy, ready to head out?
- Gotta go.
I'll come see you tomorrow
to see if we have a deal.
- New girlfriend?
- Sort of.
- Look, I don't
think I can do this.
- We talked about this.
The sooner we start this,
the sooner we make our
own legit business.
Hey man, you're the one
who wanted fast money
to pay back the
mortgage I paid for you,
but if you don't want to.
- No, I wanna pay it back
as quickly as possible,
but after that, we're
done dealing, right?
- Of course.
- Cool.
- Send these off
at the high school.
- Wait, high school?
Dude, that's messed up.
- They're just pills,
harmless study aids,
high volume cash, it's not blow.
- Who do I give it to?
- His name is Thomas.
All right?
- All right.
- Excuse me, Mr. Andrei?
Mr. Andrei.
- What?
- I hear that you are
generous to people
who have certain information.
- Some say.
- And on a side note,
I enjoy your products
and when money allows for it.
- This information?
- It's about your competition.
I hear they have some
really, really good prices.
- Who might my competition be?
- I don't know exactly.
I just hear they're around
and they just started dealing,
but I know some of their pushers
and I know where
they're dealing.
- So if you go for
a ride with one of my boys,
you can show him
who these guys are?
- Yeah, I could do that,
and you'll be able to
show your appreciation?
- Take this man for
a ride in one of your
less conspicuous vehicles.
He'll show you the location
he's talking about.
- Yes sir.
- Then take him to
clean up building.
- Thank you.
Thank you Mr. Andrei.
Hey, hey easy!
- Keep that up man.
Your house will look
like the rest of ours.
- I don't know Donnie.
Sometimes I think about
just giving up, moving.
- Man, I get out of this
hell hole if I could.
- Yeah?
Go where?
- Anywhere, man.
Anything's gotta be
better than this.
Yo, who goes around slamming
windows in broad daylight?
- Look man, just go on your way.
We don't want any trouble.
- Look man, we don't
want any trouble.
- Hey, hey, hey!
- I need an ambulance, fast!
3174 Duff!
- This must be an important
study group at the library.
- Mom, you constantly get after
me to fix up and when I do,
you still can't be pleased.
- Who all are you meeting with?
- Sally's coming
and she's got a friend
my age she wants me to meet.
- And the friend's name?
- Mom, I haven't met her so
why would I know her name?
- It is a school night.
Be home by nine.
- I know that look.
- Don't happen to have an extra
PI hanging around, do you?
- This must be
something really serious
or you're being over dramatic.
- Probably both.
- What brings such a concern
look on your face, my love?
- I know it's silly, but I
think Nelly is lying to me about
her study group tonight.
- I'm on it.
My wife is always
suspicious of Nelly.
- And you are not?
- Not at all.
My little baby is
the perfect angel.
Now it's those teenage
boys that are coming over
and that's another story.
- I never have children, but
Katarina, she's like my own.
- Doesn't bother you when
she goes out on a date?
- She doesn't date.
- How do you do that?
- We keep her close
and preoccupied.
We keep her days
and extracurriculars
on a tight schedule
so she can get into
a top university.
She doesn't need to know we
were gonna buy her way in.
Hard work ethic is good
to instill in our youth.
It also kills two
birds, one stone.
Excuse me, I'll be right back.
I have a feeling we
may have a problem
with tonight's entertainment.
The fight will be
publicized and televised
on all the major networks.
Who is it?
- Angelo.
- Come.
- I'm sorry, I don't
wanna interrupt,
but I thought you oughta know.
I just got a call from one of
the guys down at the arena.
Apparently, we have an issue
with one of the wrestlers.
- And you couldn't
just call me because?
- Apparently, the guy
wants a bigger cut
and a take of the
other wrestlers.
He says he's a bigger name.
- The egos of these people.
You think we're dealing
with Hollywood actors.
Tell them this, whoever
wins gets double,
but based on the percentage
of the house take-in.
- That just made this
even more interesting.
Put a grand down for
me on the bald guy.
- You'd bet a grand
on some fighter.
You don't even know his name.
- Woman's intuition.
- Let us hope it is
not inside information.
You know, maybe something
Andrei should know?
- Yes.
I only bet when I
know I will win.
First, ringside advantage.
He knows your ropes.
Plus, he's had a few
years to perfect his moves
in your arena.
- Go on.
- The opponent is
afraid of you and
you'll be sitting ringside.
His manager is putting
the pressure on him
by threatening him
and if he doesn't win,
he's gonna drop him.
That adds to his distraction.
- I pity the man who
would underestimate you.
They wouldn't stand a chance.
You can go.
- There you go.
There you go.
Hold on, hold on.
Got it.
Let's go, let's go.
There we go, there we go!
Talk later.
What's this about?
- Fuck you think this
is about wise guy?
- Look, I didn't help
out with anything
and I didn't agree to anything.
- We want to enlist
you... for a sting operation,
at least for this one.
- I'm sorry, why me?
- Your record's clean.
You've got no connections
as far as we could
discover that would
compromise an investigation.
- What investigation?
- Andrei Mikhailov.
- You mean to tell me
the stories are true?
He's really Russian mafia?
- Let's just say he's
a person of interest.
- We need your help.
- We need somebody
he's seen around
enough to be on the inside,
but with no allegiance
to the drug war.
Do you consent to help us?
- Look, I don't advocate
criminal activity,
but I'm no rat.
- What about the drug sales?
We know all about
your transgressions.
It's all on tape.
- Look, you've got
the cleanest record
of anybody you hang with.
If you wanna keep it that way,
you'll help us with
this investigation.
- There's no danger involved?
- Follow all our directions.
You'll be just fine.
You'll be wearing this.
- Jesus.
- That's to your phone.
We'll use a roving bug,
can be activated remotely
without any physical access.
- We'll contact you,
discreetly, if we need anything,
so keep your phone close.
Be ready for our call.
- As much as I'm enjoying the
breakaway from the club, I get
the sense that this is more
than just a girl's
afternoon out.
- I don't know why the boys
don't give you more credit.
You're smarter
than your station.
- I like to keep
them on their toes.
- You know, you are
the only one who isn't
afraid to speak freely.
Brave choice.
Are you happy working here?
- Women in my
position have learned
to not think about happy.
- Are you satisfied being
here, working for Andrei?
- I appreciate the generosities
your family has extended me
by giving me this position.
- And by being where you are,
you have a lot of dirty work
to cover whenever necessary.
If you were able
to earn a living
without having to answer to
Andrei, would you take it?
- Like I said before, I
appreciate the generosities
your family has extended me.
I'll well paid and I
consider this home,
but I know if I try to leave,
one phone call to
immigration and I'm gone.
- And Andrei holds that
threat over your head?
Maya, let's talk soon.
I might have an alternative
situation for you.
- We can't possibly
cater both the
wrestling event and
the after party.
- Hire more people.
- That's not possible.
There's not enough time.
My kitchen staff can't
handle both events.
- I was not asking.
Leave it on the counter.
- Hey Maya, have you
heard from Lance?
He hasn't showed up to
work for the past two days.
I tried calling his
cellphone, he didn't answer.
- The other day when he
was in Andrei's office,
he had to take a
personal phone call.
Family emergency.
If you excuse me, I
have to work out some
things for the events.
Rick's asking about Lance.
Of course.
Will do.
- That should do it.
Have you confirmed with
the temp staff people
for the servers and
the kitchen help?
- Yes ma'am.
- Good.
Hi honey.
You look nice today.
- I have a job interview.
- Your father would be so proud.
- Why is he doing this?
- Jason, most
young men are already
climbing the corporate ladder.
You're a bright boy.
You need to get
your career started.
- This is one interview
you can't miss.
- I didn't know
you'd be home so early.
- Well I miss my beautiful wife.
- See, you should be
more like your father.
- He's not my father.
- What was that?
- Actually, I have
been interviewing.
I just haven't found
anything that fits yet.
- Whatever you choose,
I'm sure they'll love you.
- You haven't reached
out to any of the
contacts I've given you.
You don't have an
allowance coming in,
yet you have money to spend.
Something doesn't add up.
- You probably won't like it,
but I took money from
the fund grandpa left me.
It's my money!
- Hello.
- I hear a
congratulations were in order.
- For what?
- The gun shop, my friend.
- So many regulations
just to have
a few semi-automatic
firearms in my store.
- Now you are
legitimate weapons dealer,
first one in our town.
Will I see you and Sandra
tonight at the fight?
- Yeah, you will.
- Tatiana, Tatiana!
Tatiana, I will never
leave your side ever again.
- Andrei?
- Tatiana, I waited so long
to hear your beautiful voice.
Come on, let's get
your downstairs.
- Please, go, go mingle.
I'm fine here.
- The boss' orders, ma'am.
- So many things have changed.
Andrei has changed.
- He's had to deal with
a grave of many issues
in your absence.
- Olga has told me how
kind he's been to them
and this event, it's so
out of character for him
to have a business that's
so people oriented.
- Now that you mentioned it.
What happened to you?
You've been demoted?
- No.
Mr. Mikhailov asked
me to cover security,
observe any unusual guests.
It's my cover.
- Cover.
Some things never change.
- Restaurants and sporting
events, cutthroat industries.
- Especially in a wild
town like Opulent.
- Is this crowd
too much for you?
- Nyet.
It's just opposite,
it's invigorating.
- You always did
enjoy the social life.
- And I'm delighted you
made one while I was away.
- Now that you're
in capable hands,
men, if you'll excuse me.
I'm gonna go check
on the kitchen,
make sure they're keeping
up with the after party.
- Hey man, let the ladies go!
- Hey man, I paid extra
money for this good service!
They both taking me on a ride!
- Hey man, I've heard
rumor this stuff existed.
I didn't think it was true.
- I think it's best if
you just forget about it.
- But those girls,
they were pretty young.
- If it's any
consolation to you,
they're both legal age and
in three months from now,
they're gonna go back to
Mexico with a box full of cash.
- And that makes it okay?
- Let's pretend
it never happened.
- I'm so glad you
came out tonight.
I'm really surprised your
parents were okay with it.
- Actually, they
don't know I'm here.
Everyone's at the fight.
- Look at Nelly,
our little rebel.
- Hey, got anything?
- Hey man, not cool.
Come back tomorrow.
- Tomorrow won't work.
- I'll be right back.
- Are you okay with this?
- With what?
- What JJ's doing.
- With him, it's no big deal.
His friend's just
shy with girls.
- I know what he's doing.
He's dealing.
- Hey guys, sorry about that.
You want another one, man?
It's the last one I have.
- Tom, what are you doing?
- Hey man, chill.
It's the last one.
- Are you okay?
- Just a little lightheaded.
I'll be good.
- Maybe you should lay
down on the way home.
- You'll be okay, man.
- He's not breathing,
he's not breathing!
- I need to know what
happened and now!
- He just got sick so
we brought him here.
- Is there anything
else you're not telling us?
- Are you the parents?
- We're Nelly's parents.
I called Tom's parents,
but there was no answer.
I sent a driver over there.
- Is he gonna be okay?
- I really need to
speak to the parents.
Tom took fentanyl.
- God, we moved here to
get away from that stuff!
The doctor said
Tom took fentanyl.
Do you know where
he's getting this?
- He said he would stop!
- Are you taking it?
- No, I promise I'm not!
I haven't taken any drugs!
- Why haven't you
told us about this?
- Not now, Rami.
- I really need to get back.
It doesn't look good.
- This place is a goddamn mess!
The tables are all set wrong!
Get your shit together!
Where's Maya?
She should be here by now!
- I'm right here.
- I leave you three messages!
- Well I'm here.
It's only 9AM.
- You know, today's
an important meeting.
You gotta go beyond the norm
and you know it's important!
- It's the monthly
boss' meeting!
What's so different about today?
- I'm sorry, when you
think it's your job
to ask me questions?
Save your lip for the johns!
- Brother.
- Not now Olga!
- Tense as always.
- I should know better than
to rile him up like that.
- That's my favorite
time to get him riled up.
Big boss is coming today.
- And since no one knows
who the big boss is,
he's totally out of his element.
- I think I'll sit
in on this one.
- You know how he feels
about women in business.
- And that's why I am where I am
and you are where you are.
- I'll call this
meeting to order
since our mystery guest of
honor seems to be delayed.
Yes sir.
Yes sir, everyone is here
except for the Pakhan.
- I was the brigadier
on the phone.
Andrei heard a rumor that
big boss was coming in.
Brigadier doesn't want
us to embarrass him,
be kind to the
boss of all bosses.
- Thank you for the information.
You know, we women don't
always know these things.
- Come in!
So, what does this mean?
Why you keep me in the dark?
We may not get along,
but we are still family,
and you, the Pakhan,
boss of all bosses!
How does this make me look?
- You are getting very sloppy.
- Sloppy?
- Andrei,.
You are completely distracted,
how you spread the story that
Tatiana was on vacation
when in reality,
she was bed bound and in
stupor most of the time.
The FBI has been tailing
and you provoke them?
Now there's the disappearance
of some of your working girls.
Shall I go on?
- No.
- You are completely
losing your edge.
You are being dangerous
to be in business with.
Word is, you're under
surveillance by several
government entities.
- If you mean the
men in the van,
I took care of that.
- You took care of that.
You don't think two
FBI men gone missing
is not gonna alert
them that you're
more than a person of interest?
There are going to
be some changes.
I'll send the word out to you.
Us bosses, we don't
like loose ends.
- It's my grandpa.
That's the day he moved in.
- Now I know where you get that
sappy personality of yours.
Inherited it.
- I wish.
He was the best.
I got something to show you.
Hang on.
- What are you doing?
You moving furniture?
- Hold on a second.
Here, check this out.
It's his, it's original.
- This looks like it
belongs in a museum.
Why didn't they
move away from here
when the neighborhood
started to change?
- I don't know.
I think they always thought
my dad was gonna come back.
Part of me still does.
I got something I gotta
talk to you about.
- That phrase never
leads to anywhere good,
at least not when
my parents say it.
- It's about the drug dealing.
I just can't do it with you.
That goes against everything
my grandparents stood for,
like that kid.
Remember that kid Thomas,
made the delivery?
That was supposed
to be harmless.
Look, I just can't live with
that on my conscious, man.
- I guess I could take
lower monthly payments,
something that works with
your current salaries.
- Really, you'd do that?
- You're my friend.
That's what friends do.
- Thanks, man.
I appreciate it.
- I'm gonna take off.
- No, absolutely.
- We'll work it out, okay?
- Absolutely.
Thanks man, I appreciate that.
Hit me up later.
- Hey Jason.
- Hey Angelo.
- Ricky, hi.
I got your address from
the court clerk's office.
How long have you lived here?
- All my life.
- What was your mother's name?
- My mom?
- Was your mom named Rose?
- How'd you know that?
- It was on the title,
the clerk's office.
Your dad.
- I just call him deadbeat dad.
My mom wrote him a lot
when he was in 'Nam.
He never responded.
Never came back.
- I'm sorry.
Andrei wanted you to have
this for the nice work.
- Thanks, thanks.
Come on in.
You can come all the way in.
It's not haunted.
You look like you're
ready to see a ghost.
- We need to talk.
- I know.
I really wanna find
a way to keep my job,
but in all honesty, Angelo,
I can't condone what's going on.
I don't even
understand how you can.
- If not me, somebody else.
- You're there by choice with
that piece of shit Andrei.
- Andrei saved my life.
I was in a bad place once.
He gave me this job.
I owe him a lot.
- Then who are you really?
- I was in the 'Nam.
Six months in and
I got captured.
Spent the next five
years in a cage,
eating rats, getting my
ass kicked every day.
- Jesus.
- I should've died.
I was dead already.
When I came home,
it was even worse.
Everything was broken.
My mother and father,
they passed away.
My sister moved on.
She didn't want any part of me.
I don't blame her.
But there's only one person
that I wanted to see,
that I needed to see,
and I didn't, I couldn't.
She's the only thing
that kept me going.
I tried once, I tried once.
Drove out to her house, she
was sitting on her porch.
She didn't see me
so I pulled over
to the side of the road.
I just watched.
She hadn't changed a bit
from the moment I left.
Then a little kid runs
out yelling mommy,
mommy, look what I made.
I wasn't gonna
interfere with that.
I would've just screwed it up.
- I guess you know
what it feels like
to lose everyone you love.
- I gotta go.
Someday you can
buy me a beer and
tell me all about that
beautiful mother of yours.
Nice work, Ricky.
- Thanks.
- Tatiana, I am so
happy you recovered from
the attack, Tatiana.
You have always
been a good friend.
- Seeing the two of you
makes me feel even better.
- Uncle has told you the plans?
- He said something
about fresh start.
- You have always been
one of my closest friends.
After such horrific attempts
on your life and your family,
I don't feel that it's
safe for you to be here.
- Did I hear my name mentioned?
- Da baby.
Olga is talking about
relocation plan.
- Seems timely, my dear.
I just have a couple
things to put into place,
and then we'll be
free to travel.
- That does not sound like you.
- After the attack, I don't
want to take anymore chances.
- So enchanting.
- Where's Angelo?
- I think he's in
back with Maya.
- Find him.
Tell him to come to my office.
- I've come into
some information
that is very upsetting to me.
- What information?
- There is a mole in our circle.
- A mole?
Come on.
- I want you to find
him and I want it
finished before the day is
over, you understand me?
- Absolutely.
What information do we have?
- Information is your job!
Otherwise, what
do I need you for?
Now you do this
job for me or not?
- Yes, sir.
I won't disappoint.
I'll wait.
- Here.
We've been keeping
an eye on him.
- It's a pleasure doing
business with you.
Hi Ricky.
I need to see you, quick.
I could use another hand.
I'll swing by and pick you up.
- Americans could
never fully appreciate
the spontaneous use of violence.
I would never have
guessed you were my mole.
I guess that's what
makes you so good.
- I'm not the rat.
I swear, honest.
They approached me, they
threatened me with drug charges.
I didn't tell them anything!
- Come on Andrei,
he's just a kid.
Let's cut him some slack.
He could've said a lot more
and he kept his mouth shut.
That's worth something.
- Seeing as you're my rat
and the FBI needs a dealer,
why don't we kill two
birds with one stone?
Find out what Rick's
true loyalties lie.
- What do you have in mind?
- For reasons beyond my
control, I need to disappear.
You'll help me with that I won't
shoot you where you stand for
bringing the cops to my door!
- How are we gonna
pull that off?
- I have plan.
Give this to the feds.
Tell him I'll be
here in my office
alone until 1PM tomorrow, and
I will be alone and unarmed.
- Wait, I don't understand.
- You don't need to understand.
Now go!
- Hey Mikhailov, we got a
warrant for your arrest.
Get your ass up
you piece of shit.
- Get up!
- Been waiting a
fucking long time for this.
- Let's move!
Move it!
- Shake this son
of a bitch down.
We got you, you piece of shit.
- I don't know.
Why is he being arrested?
- I don't know.
Oh my god!
- Is he okay?
- No, he's done.
He's done.
- So, what now?
- With my brother's
empire finally impotent,
only impediment in
our way is Rami.