The Dark Stranger (2015) Movie Script

- Leah.
Leah, you know I gotta do my
Leah, open the door.
- Okay, sorry, I was having a
- That would be awesome if it
were true.
- Sleep well?
- Yeah.
- Planning on taking a shower
- I did, see.
- Don't forget to eat something,
- Don't forget to eat.
Don't forget to shower.
Anything else?
- Yeah, Dr. parson's coming over
- Yeah, probably.
I doubt the break cords I cut
on her car will stop her for
She's pretty persistent.
- How's the drawing coming?
- It's not.
- Well, you keep trying it'll
come back.
- You should wear your Navy one.
- This doesn't go?
- No.
- Thank you.
- Toby, will you get that?
- One, two, three.
- You're all right.
You're okay.
- I'm really sorry. I tried.
I'm really sorry.
- It's okay.
You tried, angel, you tried.
- Okay.
- Hello Brendan, may I?
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
- - Come on in.
I'm sorry
I'm sorry you had to
come all the way day here
but I really just need more
time to think about this.
- Oh, it's not a good time?
- Yeah.
- - Okay.
- It's not a good time.
- I understand
leave you with this.
- Oh, good.
- If you have any questions,
I'll show you what we have in
Yeah, okay.
- Thanks for
coming all the way down here.
- Yeah, no problem.
- Who was that?
- Just a salesman.
Hey look it's Sabrina again.
- Just hit decline.
- Well, you know she's just
worried about you, right?
- Yeah, I know I'm just
not ready for friends.
- Okay.
Hey, you ready?
- Yeah, dad
- yeah, son?
- Any chance I could borrow 50
- Now by borrow I'm
assuming you mean give.
- I'll pay you back someday.
- That's reassuring what's it
- Well, the guys and I finally
got a gig at the bar on
queen I was telling you about
and the only way they'll let us
is if we cover the pa rental.
- Why are you having to pay to
entertain a bunch of bar
In case you didn't know usually
it's the other way around.
- We got to go.
- - Dad,
just let him have it.
- Let me handle it, honey.
- Mom, stop, mom.
It's beautiful.
- Oh, no, it ain't.
That's what he wants you to
It's garbage.
It's garbage.
- Ow.
- So have you thought about
what we discussed last time?
Well, what if we were
to go out on the porch
just say for 30 seconds?
- I'm really not in the
mood to fail today so...
- Why do you assume you'll fail?
- 'Cause I know me
I'm just gonna freak out like I
always do.
- What are you scared of, Leah?
- I don't want to give them
more ammo to talk about me.
- What do you think
they're gonna talk about?
- About what I did.
- We've been over this.
- Listen you weren't there okay
so don't...
- How's the medication?
So the same.
Well, let's give it a little
What about the cutting, anything
- Happy?
- It's my job to check, Leah.
- It's been six months since
since the hospital and nothing's
I haven't
I haven't changed.
- I know it's frustrating
but if you don't want to
end up back in the hospital
you are going to have to make
an effort to move forward.
- Hello.
Who's there?
- Leave me alone.
- Mom, mom, mom, what did you
Mom, stop, mom.
It's beautiful.
You're killing yourself with
that you know that, right?
- Who cares?
- I do. Please, please stop.
- Give it back. Give it back.
- Okay.
- Hi, Leah, how was your day?
How was your session with Dr.
That looks good
thank you.
Well, aren't you gonna join me?
It's no fun eating by myself.
So I wanted to tell you that
I spoke with my ta mark after
school today
and I think he's gonna help
me with this little project.
- You mean the show and
tell all with mom's art.
- Okay.
How did you know?
- I read the proposal that
creep gave you this morning.
- That creep is Randall Toth
and he's curating a
group show about artists
who have dealt with depression.
And that's why he wants
to use your mother's work.
- Great, so now everyone
can know what happened.
- It's just an art show, Leah.
- You know that's not
how mom would see it.
- Maybe,
but I thought that it
could be a great excuse to
get both your work out into the
- I'm sorry, my work?
I might as well take out a
full page out in the paper.
Leah Garrison, depressed artist,
irritating sympathies not
- Leah, this isn't about
anything other than
celebrating talent and I think
that you
and your mother can be
involved in that, that's all.
- So that everyone can criticize
my work.
- Will you at least talk
to Dr. Parsons about it?
- I don't know.
- All I'm asking is that
you talk to her about it.
- Can we just eat now and not
- Yeah,
- Sorry I can't cook like mom.
- No,
it's fine.
- Don't treat me like an idiot.
You know it and I know it.
- Please honey talk to me,
talk to me, honey.
talk to me.
I'm here for you, angel.
- Don't call me that.
- Please, Leah.
Leah, please.
- Please, please stop.
- Give it back. Give it back.
Angel, I'm so sorry. I didn't
- You know what I can't take
this anymore.
You wanna kill yourself
go ahead.
We'd be better off without you.
- Do it.
- Shut up.
- Do it.
- Stop.
- See you, Toby.
- See you tomorrow.
- Later t.
- Dad, you hear that?
It's crazy.
You should've came downstairs.
I think we
really found our sound.
- Yeah, I'm pretty sure I found
it too.
- I'm just saying it'd be nice
came and listen in the same room
- Next time, buddy.
- Let me guess the wrath of
- She's had a tough time.
- I'm aware we all have.
- And everyone deals
with things differently.
That's why I need you
to be patient with her.
- Look I'm trying.
But sooner or later she's
gonna have to suck it up
and join the land of the living
- She's doing her best.
- No, no she's not.
And I'm sick of it.
I'm sick of you babying her
'cause I'm a part of
this family too you know.
- Not everything has to be about
- Apparently nothing does
'cause Leah she's your
she's your little angel, right?
And that nothing else matters,
- Toby,
we'll talk about this later.
He didn't mean that.
- Yeah, he did.
I'm sorry.
I'm trying. I'm really trying.
- I know you are,
I know.
- I can do that.
- Okay.
- Okay.
What are you doing
please don't touch that.
- No, it's all right, honey.
I'm just sending Mr. Toth
some of your mom's paintings
so he can pick what he wants for
the show.
- Can you just take a
picture and email it, please?
- Honey, no he really wants
to study the original.
- Okay, I don't care what he
wants he can't have this one.
- Honey, it's all right we'll
- get it back.
- - Dad, please
can you just give it to me, dad?
Look what you made me do.
- I didn't.
- Okay, just let me have it.
- I'm so sorry.
Leah, I didn't realize that
it meant so much to you.
- Where's Toby isn't he
supposed to go with you?
- Yeah, he's not going to school
I think he's got a fever.
- God, my ass.
He probably just has a project
or a test
or something he doesn't wanna
- Well, look I don't have time
to get into this with you right
He's sick.
- Are you seriously buying this?
- Please just check on him
My ta mark is coming by to
pick these up later so...
- Dad,
can't you just take them to
school and give them to him?
- No, no, I'm in class all day,
all right.
Please, I'd really appreciate
- I know, dad, I'm not ready for
Look, if you wanna be a part of
stupid art show that's fine.
I don't wanna be involved.
- Okay Leah, I don't
ask for much, all right.
I need your help it's important.
Please, can you do this for me?
- Okay, I'll try.
- Thank you.
Thank you that's all I'm asking.
I'm just gonna leave these
by the door, all right.
- Oh my god I knew it.
You are such a little con
- Whatever, Leah, move out of
the way.
- Where are you going?
- Not to school if that's
what you're asking.
- You can't just skip school,
- Watch me.
- Jesus.
- You know everyone has
to tippy toe around you
like you're the only one
that matters around here.
- That's not true.
- - Then turn around
and act like a total
bitch to everyone else.
I mean you've cut out
all your friends, me.
I mean we used to look
out for one another.
- Nothing.
Look, you can't just skip
school, Toby.
I'm gonna call dad.
- You're going to rat me out?
- Yeah.
- Sure, go ahead.
It's not like dad will care.
He barely knows I exist anymore.
- Yeah, he's gonna ground
you for like a week.
- I don't give a shit.
- Okay, good.
- Well, this is bullshit.
You're bullshit.
Guess I gotta be a suicidal nut
to get noticed around here.
- Don't ever talk to me again.
- Leah.
- Shit.
Far away in another world
there lived a little doll named
She longed to be a great singer
of songs.
Alyra was created by the powers
of Calah,
a beautiful good witch
who gave her not only the gift
of life
but also the gift of song.
Calah was too curious for her
own good.
She liked to experiment with
forbidden potions and spells.
Alyra tried to stop her
but Calah was too strong
for the little rag doll.
Blaming herself Alyra ran into
the wild
banishing herself from the
world she once loved so much.
But she was stalked by
a troll witch doctor
who wanted her to atone for her
She made songs of her lonely
not realizing that her voice was
by a roaming spirit known
as the dark stranger.
He had been watching her for a
long time
patiently waiting for
her talent to blossom.
He finally found Alyra alone
and shivering in the forest.
The stranger promised
to take her to a place
where her voice,
her music would always be
Oh, my god.
Toby, someone's at the door.
- Hi,
Hi, I'm mark professor
Garrison sent me over.
Leah, your dad
your dad told me to come over
to pick up some paintings.
He said you'd be expecting me.
- Can you
can you just give me just a
second please?
- You know I can come back later
if you're busy.
Were you drawing?
- How do you know I draw?
- Well, you have a very proud
He told me all about your work.
It sounds fantastic.
You know I used to wanna
draw like Dave Mckean.
- You like Dave Mckean?
- Yeah, yeah, he's pretty
Sandman is one of my all time
- You like sandman?
- Uh, like
it was my go-to escape
whenever I needed one you know.
- Yeah, I do.
Look, I have kind of a nasty
Do you think maybe you could
go stand on the sidewalk
and I'll just put it on the
porch for you?
- Should I avert my gaze as
- That's probably a good idea,
- Okay, yeah, sure.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
- Nice to meet you.
- Remember I like mine well
- You wanna wear it on your
- Is that a smile?
You smiling?
Where did this come from?
- Nowhere in particular
I just had a good day.
I had a really good day.
- That's fantastic, that's
That makes me so very happy.
- Oh, hey, your ta came by
to pick up the paintings.
- I know thank you.
I know that wasn't easy for
you and I really appreciate it.
That means a lot to me.
- Hey, what do you know
about this Randall Toth guy
who's running the show?
- Not much but he seems legit.
- Yeah.
The guy's gotta be kind
of tortured himself
if he wants to see a show
about depressed artists.
What's his deal?
- Well, I'll find out more
- What does that mean?
- Well, I'm a meet him.
We're gonna talk about the
exhibit more
and I'm hoping you'll
reconsider being part of it.
Hey, well you're looking better.
Where have you been?
- It must've been a 12 hour bug.
I ended up going to school
right after you left.
No, seriously, I went.
Look, I was late but
I made it in time for second
Leah made me go this morning.
- Is this true?
- Yeah.
- Then this is a good day.
You need a hand with dinner?
- No, it's okay. You go relax.
- Hey, for what it's worth
thank you.
- Honey, you all right?
What happened?
- He's under my bed.
- See nothing under the bed.
- What?
- Hey,
some new stuff.
- Oh, no, no, no.
I'm just sketching.
- Yeah.
All right if you need anything
I'm just down the hall.
- Hey dad
am I turning into mom?
- Your mother had some serious
You just need time to work
through this
and you'll beat this I know it.
You sleep well, angel.
- Alyra couldn't
wait for the dark stranger
to take her from this
lonely place to where
she would always be happy.
On the journey she asked
why he was called the dark
He said the world didn't
appreciate his talent
so he found a new life in the
He chose the end of the world
to build his very own sanctuary
a carnival full of spinning
rides and colored lights.
The dark stranger promised to
make Alyra his star attraction
where many would come in
However the beauty of her voice
invoked anything but adoration.
Instead they began to heckle her
trying to silence her.
Then their hostility turned
Just a second.
- You seem happy today.
- Yeah.
I think I had a breakthrough.
I'm working on a new graphic
- That's wonderful, Leah.
So this must mean that you're
adjusting to the new medication.
- Yeah, I guess so.
I haven't felt this good
in a really long time.
- So can I ask
what is this story that
you're drawing about?
- It's kind of hard to explain.
This character
the dark stranger
it's like he created himself to
lead me.
- Where is he leading you?
- Well, I don't know but it's
gotta be better than here.
- I'd really like to take a
look at these drawings if I may.
- They're not really ready to
show so...
- I promise I won't be critical.
I'm just curious is all.
They're really beautiful, Leah.
What is this?
It looks like blood?
- Oh, no, no, it's a new
just a new India ink pigment.
I really like the look that it
- Is this supposed to be me?
Well, it's actually a
pretty good likeness.
You know I'd really like
to read this whole story
from the beginning.
- Why?
- Because I think it
will give me some insight
into where you are creatively
and I can see if there's a link
to the work that we're doing
- No, you and dad have been
on me to start drawing again
and you wanna take it away?
- No, I'm not asking you
not to do your art, Leah.
I just
I just wanna be sure that it's
not taking
you to a bad space is all.
- Okay.
- Okay, good.
You'll have them all
back at our next session.
- Yeah, okay.
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Nobody answered when I knocked.
- What are you doing here?
- Mr. Toth asked me to return
your mother's paintings.
- You can just leave them on the
- All right but
are you still sick?
- Why?
- Because
could I come in just for a few
just to charge my phone.
Because if your dad calls
and he can't get in touch me,
I know he's going to kill me.
- I don't know.
I don't know.
You might wanna
invest in a car charger.
- Yeah,
I know I actually had one but
last week my car got broken into
and the a-holes they stole it
so I've been meaning to
get a new one ever since.
- Does this mean Mr. Toth
doesn't like my mom's work?
- I'm not sure.
He did ask though if those
were the last paintings
she did before
before she died.
- Why?
- He didn't say.
- Okay well no they're not.
- Okay.
He didn't think so.
Can I
can I take the last one
she did to show him?
- No, the frame's cracked.
I'm gonna get it fixed but
it won't be done in time for the
- Yeah, okay, okay.
Okay, I'm at 5% right now
so I'll just wait til I get to
like 10%
and then I'll be out of your
hair, okay?
- I really like your jacket.
- Oh, thanks, thanks.
Yeah, I got it in Kensington
right next to this coffee place.
- Hannah's beanery.
- Yeah, you know it?
- Yeah, I basically lived there
when I was in arts school.
- Oh, yeah.
Yeah, me too.
You know we were probably
there at the same time
and had no idea.
- Do you draw?
- Uh,
I mean I try but I know
where my strengths are
which is studying art history
rather than attempting
to be a part of it in any way
Unlike you.
- Oh, no, I mean I draw but
no one's making history here.
- It's not what I hear.
- Well, my dad is very good
at playing the dotting father
and in case you haven't noticed
he's a little bit of a.
- Well,
I'd love to take a look
at your work sometime.
- Oh, I mean I am working on
but it's not ready to show
especially to a professional
- If and when you're ready
I'd love to take a look
and I promise that I won't bite.
Okay, okay I'm at 15%
so that should do it so
I'm sorry for the intrusion.
- No.
- It was really nice
chatting with you, Leah.
So don't be a stranger.
- Okay.
Poor Alyra didn't stand a chance
against these vicious creatures.
Their hatred of her voice
was too much for her to stand up
But faith intervened
when she was rescued by a
heroic goblin named Meric.
Meric was a little bit of
light in her dark world.
He made her feel like she
didn't have to prove to anyone
that her voice was beautiful
it just was.
The dark stranger seethed with
accusing Alyra of neglecting
He warned her that
Meric was a false friend
no different from the
creatures who attacked her.
They were all envious of her
The stranger told her to trust
only in him
because he thought her
voice was the most beautiful
he had ever heard.
He vowed that no one
would come between them again.
What am I doing?
What time is he coming over?
- Mr. Toth he should be here any
Which reminds me he and I are
having dinner tomorrow night
so you both are on your own.
- It sounds like you two are
going steady.
- You know what, Toby, you
should really think about
leaving the whole musician
thing and going into comedy.
You're such a natural.
- I get all my humor from you,
- Okay, sorry I don't
understand why you and Mr. Toth
have to meet so much.
What else does he want to know?
- He just wants to chat about
your mom
find out who she was as an
Any chance you wanna join us?
We could stay right here.
- Oh, yeah, thanks for the
invite, dad.
I know it would mean so much
to you for me to be there
but I really don't have the
I really have to wash my hair.
- What is that really necessary?
I didn't think you'd be
interested in coming to
an artist's meeting.
- Is mark gonna be there?
- Well, he can if it'll sway
That must be my date.
- Good to see you, Brendan.
- Hey Mr. Toth.
- Am I early?
- No, you're fine.
Come on in, Mr. Toth.
I'm just gonna get my coat.
- You must be Leah.
It's very nice to meet ya.
- You look familiar.
- Oh,
do I why is that do you think?
- I guess you just look
like somebody that I know.
- And who might that be?
- I don't remember.
- Okay, Mr. Toth, there's
a nice cafe up the street.
- You know sometimes strangers
seem familiar.
Shall we?
- Shit.
Shit, shit.
- Leah.
- Who's there?
- Be with us, Leah.
- Join us, Leah.
- Dead with us, Leah.
- Who's there?
- Oh, angel
don't give him what he wants.
- What are you talking about?
- The dark stranger.
- Mom, I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry
I made you...
- Kill yourself.
- Leah, Leah, Leah
Leah, for godsakes calm down.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay, honey, what happened?
What happened?
- Toth, Mr. Toth
Mr. Toth was here he was here.
- Mr. Toth why would Mr. Toth be
- Where's the coffee?
I thought we had a full bag?
- Why don't we try some
decaf this morning,
give all that caffeine a break?
- That's what you think's
going on
I'm not getting enough sleep?
- I don't know what it is
but I think you need to try
and start taking care of
- Why? My symptoms don't match
I'm a lost cause.
- No, no, you're not a lost
You're under a lot of stress.
You're not eating well.
You're not sleeping.
How else would you explain what
you saw in the laundry room?
I think you're afraid of Randall
and what his art show
- That's not it.
- It reminds you what happened
with mom.
- It's gonna happen to me.
- No, it's not true
you hear me?
Because I won't let it
you here me?
I won't let it.
- Oh, oh, god.
No, no, no, no
- Leah.
- Leah.
- Okay
you want me to draw
I'll draw.
It was time to Alyra's big
As the rag doll sang
to an enraptured crowd
a vision appeared.
It was Calah.
With her spirit returned to its
pure form
she had come to reveal the true
nature of the dark stranger.
She told Alyra that he
was using her talent
to make himself stronger.
When he was finished with her
she would be another addition
to his collection of death.
Calah then produced a magical
crystal orb
that revealed to Alyra
a wizard named Telvin
who had been hunting
the stranger for years.
She would find her answers with
Alyra only had time to see a
gold ring
with a red gemstone on Telvin's
hand before Calah vanished.
Frightened by this revelation
Alyra and Meric ventured out
to find the bearer of this ring.
the dark stranger
unleashed a plague of death
to stop anyone who dared help
- Leah, you in there?
Did you read the paper?
Come one.
Come on, come one.
Come on dad pick up.
- Hey, hipstamatic
can you not leave your stuff
lying around?
Are you even in there?
- Well, I wanted to make an
on Mr. Toth.
- Yeah, right.
- Thanks.
Are you okay?
- Oh, yeah, yeah, I just
I get a really bad feeling
from this Toth guy.
I mean
he comes in out of nowhere
and he wants to know all about
my mom.
It gives me the creeps.
- Well, not everyone can be as
naturally charming as you, Ms.
I don't know as far as I can
I think he seems harmless.
- I don't know.
I don't trust him.
I haven't trusted him
since the moment I saw him.
- How come?
- Okay.
You're going to think that I'm
way weirder
than you already do.
- That's not possible.
- Oh, good.
- Seriously, did he
did he say something to you or
- Oh, no, no, no, no nothing
like that.
He just
I've been working on a new story
somehow he made his way into the
- Well, he made an impression on
and artists they take
from you know the world
they live in all the time.
- Yeah, that's not it.
- Ouch, how'd that happen?
- Oh, it was an accident.
- Was this an accident too?
- Hey, hey.
Look it's complicated.
- Try me.
- It's also none of your
- Leah, I know
I know that your mom
thought that she had to drink to
but you don't need to do
the same thing with cutting.
- My god, I can't believe he
told you.
Of course, of course he told
- He's just worried about you.
- Did he tell you what happened
to my mom?
Did he tell you it's my fault?
- That you blamed yourself
but that you shouldn't.
- Okay, well, neither of you
were there
so you have no idea how much
I should or shouldn't take.
- Leah, you need to see that
you're not at fault here, okay?
- How do you know?
- I can tell.
You're not.
- Yeah, just right this way.
Hey, well, well, well the gang's
all here.
I just invited Mr. Toth in for
some tea.
Either of you wanna join us?
- Hello.
- Leah, Randall was hoping
he could ask you a few
questions about your art.
- I'm sorry.
- I understand.
- Hey, don't touch me.
- Leah.
- Telvin.
How could this be?
Were the wizard Telvin
and the dark stranger one in the
Alyra wanted to flee
but she looked deep into
Telvin's eyes.
Instead of the dark
stranger's heartless gaze
she found only kindness and
truth there.
Telvin warned her that no
one had ever escaped from
the dark stranger until
he got what he wanted
which was to crush and
consume your spirit.
Feeling trapped Alyra
considered never using
her beautiful voice again
since that was what drew
the dark stranger to her.
The wizard assured her
that wasn't necessary.
"The key to defeating him",
Telvin said
"wasn't by giving up
"but by taking control of her
"and using it to her advantage."
The doll wasn't sure if she
had the courage to do this.
Nevertheless the wizard insisted
that he could see great
strength within her.
But until she learned to use it
the dark stranger would destroy
or anyone until she gave in.
- Leah.
- What
oh my god, Toby.
- Hey, hey, are you okay?
I thought I'd come up and
see what you're doing.
- How long have I been up here?
- You've been up here a while.
- Where's Mr. Toth?
- He's downstairs with your dad.
- Okay, mark, can you do me
a really big favor please?
- Okay.
- Don't let him leave,
don't let Mr. Toth leave the
- Why, why, why is everything
all right?
- I don't know can you trust me?
- Yeah, I trust you.
- Okay.
Where's Toby.
- Give me what I want.
- She's okay.
Yeah, she said she'll be down in
a minute.
- Thanks for checking, mark.
She'll be down in a minute.
- Mom.
Mom, I'm scared.
I'm scared. I need you.
- Oh, angel
don't give him what he wants.
- Well, Brendan, I guess
we'll try this another time.
- Please don't go she said
she was coming right down.
- We can reschedule.
Leah's had a tough time since
- Mr. Toth, Mr. Toth, Mr.
Toth, do you know who this is?
Please because I think
he's got my brother.
- Oh god, Leah,
what are you talking about?
- Dad, please just let him look.
- Mr. Toth,
my daughter is not well.
Obviously this was a bad idea.
- Dad please
just let him look. Look.
- Leah, I know who this is.
- Mr. Toth
please don't enable this.
- I know everything about the
I first contacted you after
reading about your mother.
Now, I used the cover at the art
to learn more about her.
For some years now I've
been following something
that has been killing a lot of
just like your mother.
- The dark stranger.
- Yeah,
my father.
- Your father.
I thought this was just a
character that Leah made up?
- Well, that's what he'd
like you to believe.
My father was a terrific
He was renowned in the
art world for years.
Then fashions changed and
well he couldn't sell a thing.
And he felt completely
He was in a terrible rage all
the time
blaming these new artists for
his failure.
In despair he signed his last
the dark stranger.
- What the hell does this
have to do with any of us?
- For years after he died
I kept hearing about more
and more artist killing
I wanna show you
the final paintings of
two of the suicides.
- So.
- Look closer.
- It's him.
- The stranger.
- They're faked photographs
anyone could've made those.
- How do I destroy him?
- There's no one to destroy,
They're fake.
- Well let me tell ya
what I've learned so far.
The dark stranger is a spirit
who infects artists that he's
jealous of.
He poisons their imagination
like a virus.
Now, I'm not sure how.
I think he uses their blood as a
way in.
But once he starts corrupting an
he makes the outside
world seem their enemy.
Then he compels you to
abuse yourself until
you're too weak to go on.
As he gets stronger
the stranger is able to
come into the real world through
your art
or even pull you into the art
with him.
Finally when you're too weak to
go on
the stranger collects
your soul through suicide.
That's his power source.
He can kill others who get in
his way.
But for the artist it
must be by their own hand.
The stranger always leaves his
on the creator's last work
like a contract between them.
That's why I wanted to see
your mother's paintings
to check for his likeness.
- All right I've heard enough.
The only person poisoning
people's minds here is you.
Now get out of my house.
- No, dad, it's true.
- No honey, he's manipulating...
- Look, look, he's
disappearing from the drawing.
- He's heard everything we said.
He's trying to come through.
Quick we've gotta burn these.
- Are you crazy
- what are you doing?
- - No, no, dad let him.
Are you okay?
Mr. Toth.
- Leah, stay away from him.
- He's coming into my blood.
- Get your hands off of her.
- You're gonna wish you killed
- Dad.
- Come on, come on.
- No.
- Come on, come on.
Let's go, let's go.
- I can't. I can't.
You go.
- Not without you.
My studio we can go to my
- Where are we?
- It's my story.
He brought us inside my story.
I'm so sorry this has
nothing to do with you.
- Well, we're not gonna
give up without a fight.
- Your mother's soul tasted so
You know your mother
was a great artist.
I had to work on her for years.
It took me time breaking
her down but finally
I got her.
- No.
- And now I've got you.
- You bastard.
- Paint this.
Still wanna play?
- Mark.
Mark, no.
- Now, bachelor number two.
- Toby,
Toby, are you okay?
- Leah.
- Get off.
- You know what you have to do
finish your story end it
or they die.
- No, Leah, no, don't do it.
- Don't listen to him.
No one's gonna miss
someone as pathetic as you.
Take your life
or I'll take theirs.
- You win.
- No, Leah.
- Let them go.
- Finish the drawing
and I'll sign off on the ending.
- Leah, don't do it.
You're stronger than him.
You don't have to.
- Shut up.
- How's this?
Sign off on this jackass.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I think so.
- Wow, Leah, you were
- So.
- It's phenomenal.
And I knew you had it in you,
- Thanks dad.
- I didn't
but I'm glad I was wrong.
Who knew you could be so bad
- Well, you know, me but...
- Take it you're ready to go to
- Uh, actually the guys
are gonna give me a lift.
- Come on.
I swear I'm not
I'm not skipping.
- You believe him?
- Actually, I kind of do, weird.
- All right.
We'll see you tonight then.
- Tonight.
- Yeah, you have a show, right?
I was hoping to catch you
and your band in action.
- Yeah, that'd be
that'd be awesome.
- Okay.
- All right, later.
- Have a good day.
- You know I think I needed to
do this.
I think I needed to write about
mom and what happened after.
- I am so glad you did.
It is so good to have you back,
- Love you dad.
- I'll get it.
- Oh, oh, no, you know what,
- Hi
- hey.
- How are you?
- I'm good.
- Good.
- - Yeah.
- I just
I was
I'm really bad at this kind of
I was actually hoping
that if you're not busy
I mean if you are I totally get
- But if you're not...
- - Mark, breath.
- Right, yes, okay.
Would you like to go grab
something to eat with me
if you're hungry?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, I do.
- Okay.
- - Okay.
I have something I have to do.
Can I meet you in like half an
- Yeah, yeah at Hannah's
Hannah's beanery?
- Okay.
- - Yeah, okay.
- All right, half an hour?
- All right.
- - All right
- I'll see you.
- - Bye.
Hey, Sabs.
Yeah, I know I'm sorry.
I miss you too.
No actually I'm in the park
right now.
I'm on my way to a date.
I know.
No, it's not.
Are you busy later?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
No, do you know my dad's intern?
He's cute.
He's not a nerd.
Okay, he's a little bit of a
Yeah. I know, yeah.