The Dark Tapes (2017) Movie Script

Humanity is getting closer
to the truth,
to us.
We won't let that happen.
- Ok. I got to go.
- What's that?
- What's that?
It wasn't there before.
- Huh. Weird.
- Why's the door open?
- It's open?
- Oh, come on.
You kidding?
- Where did that come from?
- I,
oh jeez, look at, look!
- What happened here?
- Seriously? I.
- Wow.
Where did this come from?
Do you know?
- Yeah I do know.
it's Steve.
This is ridiculous.
Look at the place.
Look at the place!
- This is bizarre.
- No, it's not bizarre.
It's what happens when
you let Steve, hold on.
This is ridiculous.
- Is this blood?
- Yeah, don't touch it.
Look at this place!
What's going on?
I'm gonna call him again.
- What about that camera?
The camera?
- Steve, you need to, hold on!
Steve, you need to
call me back right now,
this place is a wreck.
Call me back, right now.
- Are you nervous?
- No, I'm ok, how about you?
- A little.
I mean.
You ready?
- Uh?
Flux capacitor.
- Hey, you got
that extra thingy, right?
You ordered it?
You want to explain
what is going on here?
- This is where we're going
to conduct our experiment.
And we have,
well all your cameras
are set-up, which I,
there's a lot of them.
- Don't wanna miss anything.
- Striking.
- You switched out
these fuses, right?
It's kinda weird.
I don't, I don't know what
am I supposed to like?
- Nah, just do your thing.
Just do...
- why don't you
give me the camera?
Why don't you
explain to everyone
what else you've brought us?
- Okay, well,
follow me everyone.
Over here we have my baby.
Now this is a refurbished
customized beta-model
specter v62 video camera.
This is the only kind that
can simultaneously record
and playback super
slow motion video.
- Now you know why we hired you.
- Yeah, I get it.
Look, as long as I get
to direct this shoot
with all of my cameras
and get exclusive rights
to this little seance,
I'm good.
- So, should I look at the lens?
- Straight down the lens, yeah.
Whenever you're ready.
- I'm Nicole Fallek.
I am a doctoral student in
experimental and applied physics.
- And your relationship
with Martin Callahan is?
- I am professor Callahan's
teaching assistant.
And I don't appreciate
the implication.
- My name is Martin Callahan.
Tenured professor of
applied physics at Cal-tech
and the youngest winner
of the Selder prize.
- You also have
a master's in theology.
Would you say that your
experiences in seeing a demon
were somehow divinely related?
- I don't really
call them demons.
I prefer to call them
trans dimensional entities.
- You mean they've experienced
what's known as night terrors?
- Night terrors, yeah.
Night terrors is the western
scientific explanation,
that we are
awaking paralyzed in rem sleep
and somehow hallucinating
these evil entities.
Right, so if that is the case,
then why is it
that every culture,
every single culture,
that we have interprets
it the exact same way?
- Time dilates in rem sleep
by a factor of 10 to 1,000
depending on the
individual and brain waves.
So what we perceive as 10 to
1,000 seconds in dream time
is only one second in
real or awake time.
- These entities, plus
ghosts and spirits,
operate on a different
time dilation.
Somewhere on a factor
of 1,000 and 10,000.
So for every 1,000 to
10,000 seconds of theirs,
or 16 minutes to three
hours in their time,
is equivalent to
one second of ours.
- The human eye can perceive
detail in a lit environment
up to 1/100th of a second.
In darkness,
we can perceive a
flicker of light
if it is 1/200th of
a second or longer.
Anything shorter than
1/200th of a second,
in our normal conscious state,
we don't perceive at all.
It's as if it isn't there.
But it is there.
We just can't see it.
- If we awake in a rem state,
our brain waves and perception
are still in a time dilation.
So we're actually
able to still see,
although very temporarily,
what was once invisible to us.
- That's why we only
see trans dimensionals
for a brief second in our
normal conscious state.
They would have to stand
still for 16 minutes
to three hours in their time
for us to see it for
one second in our time.
- Have you ever been
to the Grand Canyon?
No, no.
Because I can't describe to
you how big it actually is
because there's no
frame of reference.
I can't put that in perspective
to make sense to you.
Okay, that's the way this is.
I can't put it into
perspective, okay,
how much fear it is when
someone wakes in rem sleep
and actually sees one
of these entities.
I can't put that
into perspective.
Okay, all of this.
This is science.
Okay, this is science.
Everything is science.
It's not superstition, okay?
It's not magic, hocus pocus.
This is science.
And this is what we're
gonna try to find out.
These entities, plus
ghosts and spirits,
operate on a different
time dilation.
- Captain's log,
star date 2013.11.19.
3,000 miles, five days,
weary travelers
through the backwoods
of our great country
to land on a new
starship and a new home
with my lovely wife.
Say hello.
- Hello, where are we?
- Girl you will find out.
One second.
Ta da!
Welcome home baby.
- Oh my gosh.
Oh my gosh!
This is,
this is beautiful!
- Glad you love it.
- Oh my gosh, it's furnished.
I understand some of
the secrecy last month.
Maybe later.
- Alright, cool.
- Okay. So.
- Well in that
vein let's go downstairs
'cause that's where
the bedrooms are.
- Downstairs?
- Downstairs.
These are upside down
houses in the hills.
- Oh.
And this, this rail.
- The wrought iron?
- Yeah, the wrought iron.
Like look at that,
that is so beautiful.
I just wanna stay in
the spiral staircase.
- Here,
let me get the light for you.
- Wow.
- This is our master bedroom
- very nice.
- It's where
the magic will happen.
- I don't know, can it?
I think it will.
- To be determined.
- Oh my gosh.
Oh this bathroom.
Why is there plastic?
- The owner was doing
painting during renovation.
- I love it when there's
a separate shower.
- More storage,
there's tons of space.
And another bathroom here.
- Okay, and back here?
- Yes, another bedroom.
Perfect place.
- I'm in shock!
- Can you believe it?
And this wraps back around
to where we just came from.
- I know where I
wanna end the tour.
- I think it worked.
Hold the sexy pose, baby.
We've been here for three days.
- I understand this woman.
- What do you mean
you understand this woman?
You do understand this woman.
- This is a very
oddly furnished house.
- It's not oddly furnished.
What was that?
Did you set those on the edge?
I don't use toothpicks much.
- Wait a minute, David,
what just happened?
Oh my god.
It's going, it's going.
- Did you hear it again?
- Yes.
It's on the ceiling.
- It's on the ceiling,
what are you talking about?
- Well I could hear it.
It sounds like footsteps.
- We don't have a floor.
- It started with
a thump thump, like before.
But now.
- That sounds like somebody's
walking on the ceiling.
- Exactly.
- But there's no
floor above, so.
That's on the roof,
that's really weird.
- That's really weird.
- It could be a
rat or something.
- What are you suggesting?
- I'm suggesting
we try to document this.
We keep the camera
on as much as we can.
- Oh my god.
- Oh my god, really?
- That's just so invasive.
- Then what's your idea?
- I don't have an idea.
I'm upset about what's going on.
- We just need to
have it nearby,
so that we can
document this stuff.
We need to show somebody this.
How are we gonna show them if
we don't have the camera on.
- It's like a thump,
but not a thump.
It's not a bump, it's really...
- like a shoe thump?
- No, no.
It's like a muffled sharp thump.
That sounds, I know
it's contradictory,
but the weird thing is,
and this is what I wanna
know if you had heard it.
It's like, it's
right in this space.
- In this kind of,
wait wait!
Did you just hear that?
Let's be quiet for a second.
- Okay, see.
- It was there.
- Yeah.
- What if it's
the house settling,
I mean that's gotta be, no?
- No, cause it's
been consistent.
Cause I heard two yesterday,
and before that on Thursday,
I heard,
but I haven't heard
any one until here.
I was hearing them
in the living room.
But that one right now
was just right here.
- And we haven't heard them
at the same time until now.
Come here, come here.
Watch this.
- Whoa,
alright what?
- I mean, not normal, right?
But cool!
- Does it?
- Watch this ball.
- Okay here is
the lovely living room.
With a gorgeous view.
Where the majority of
the upstairs activity,
is happening.
Okay then downstairs
in the hallway,
is where the majority of the,
this is the hallway,
where most of the downstairs
activity is happening.
Okay, just like that.
That sound.
That's what I'm talking about.
Oh my god, see?
Those things were over here.
This just happened, this
is really freaking me out.
I don't wanna be here anymore.
I'm done with this.
- Is it the wind?
I think we should get
out of this house.
Come here, come here.
Hi, I'm David Katil, and
this is my wife Karen.
We need help.
Not normal help, we
need ghost hunters,
paranormal investigators.
I'm not sure what
you call yourselves,
but we need your help.
Ever since my wife and I...
- David.
- Okay.
Whatever it is, it's
gotten physical.
That's the fourth night I've
woken up with that on my back.
There's something here.
Please help us.
Please come.
- Should we get unloaded?
- Oh my gosh I'm so
psyched about this one.
I think this is the one.
This is the one we've
been waiting for.
Don't you think so?
My intuition bell's
ringing off the hook.
I'm telling you, big time.
It's gonna be great.
This couple's fantabulous.
The network, they're
gonna love them.
They're young,
they're attractive,
they're in love.
They're so much like
my third husband and I.
Are you recording this?
- Nope.
- The red light's on, Geoff.
- It's because
the battery's low.
- You sure you're
not recording this?
- I am certain.
- I don't look good in a
close up, you know that.
- I do know that.
- What house is it?
- This one here.
- 2062.
- Karen, right?
Do I look okay?
- You must be Susan?
- Yes, David?
Nice to meet you.
- Is this everybody?
- Yeah, yeah.
This is Cameron,
he's my director.
- Hey, how you doing?
- And that's Geoff.
He's my technician.
- Please.
- Okay so I'm gonna ask you
a couple of questions now
for our actual interview,
if that's okay?
Are you feeling up for that?
You've never ever had
anything like this
happen to you before?
When you were living
anywhere else before, or?
- No, no.
- Any strange, different things
that you might have noticed?
Any experiences?
Recent deaths in the family?
Mom, dad?
Nothing like that?
- How long
have you done this for?
- About six, seven years now.
We've seen some intense things.
Some hectic cases.
- Like this stuff?
- You know you guys are extreme,
what can I tell you?
The physical situation with
you is worrying, it is.
But we've dealt with some
really, really strong spirits.
And we've done a
good job so far.
People have been okay.
- But have you ever
seen anything like this?
- You know it's
definitely negative.
It feels negative.
It definitely feels like
there's something here.
- It's okay, it's okay.
- I know, I know.
- Yeah, I'd say it's negative.
- Yeah it is, but.
You know, sometimes they
just need to be spoken to.
Sometimes you just need
to explain to these,
these beings, for a
lack of a better term,
that this is no longer
where they belong.
This is not their dimension.
They just struggle
to take that step,
to move on.
They don't realize
they've actually passed.
And you've kind of just
entice them and invite them
and tell them it's safe.
- It's, it's...
- it's gotten to that point.
- It's weird, it's evil.
I was pushed down
onto the couch.
It's, you know,
something is clawing his back.
This is bizarre,
this is, this isn't
just you know...
- what you need to
know you're not crazy.
That's what you've got to
know, you're not crazy.
This is very real.
It exists.
- David and Karen
are here, over.
- Roger that.
- It's full tonight.
You know, this is a good
time for us to be here.
Point three.
If that was you,
make that noise again,
we want to hear it again.
Did you hear it?
- No, was that Geoff?
Is he downstairs?
- Come to this device
I have in my hand.
We wanna help you.
It's just a little chillier.
It's slight, but it's here.
We're not here to
harm any of you.
Don't be afraid.
Show us again that
you are with us.
- Oh man.
- Can you hear that?
- The chair's rocking.
Did you hit it?
- No, I didn't touch it.
Okay, it's late,
we're just gonna call it a
night and all get some sleep.
We'll do our background
research on the place tomorrow
and then come back at night.
- Did you guys catch anything?
- Yeah, some possibilities.
We'll let the cameras keep
recording while we're gone,
so you two behave yourselves.
- David!
- Wait, what's that?
- It can't be.
It can't be her.
Why is she here David?
I thought this was over.
I can't go through this again.
- I, um.
I'm sorry.
Karen didn't want
me to tell you,
she refuses talk about it.
But, um,
three years ago we lost
our daughter ashen.
Karen's, she's in denial.
She can't handle it.
I'm sorry.
- We need to do an e.V.P
with these two now.
I think there's a couple
of things that we can do,
but most importantly
I think we should do
an e.V.P. With the two
of you immediately.
I think there are two
entities in this house.
One, quite obviously,
is your daughter ashen.
The other one, is a
negative presence,
I feel that it's trapping
her, kinda holding her back,
stopping her from
being able to move on.
Time is of the essence, we
should do this right now
if that's okay with
the both of you.
- Ashen, I'm with your
mother and father,
can you come to us?
Speak as loud as you can for us.
Your parents miss you.
Your mother misses you,
your father misses you,
they love you very much.
Karen, call to your
daughter, she needs you.
- I can't.
- You must tell her
to call out to us.
- Ashen.
It's mommy.
I need you to come to us.
- Tell her to
scream as loud as she can.
- She was always very quiet.
- We need to know that
she's here, tell her!
- Ashen, scream for mommy.
Scream real loud.
Daddy and I miss you very much.
- Ashen, it's daddy.
Are you with anyone?
Are you okay, honey?
We can't hear you
ashen, speak louder.
Your mommy can't hear you.
- What is it?
What's wrong?
Ashen, are you hurt?
Is someone?
- Karen.
- Just everyone leave me alone.
- No, no, no David.
Just let her go.
Geoff, I need you to get
to the bedroom hub now.
I heard your daughter,
she said she's being held
downstairs against her will.
I think we have a way that
we can flush this being out
that's holding her there.
- Yeah, but it's
theoretical, I mean...
- why's it theoretical?
- It's dangerous, it
hasn't been done before.
- Cameron, I need you
upstairs to capture it in Ir.
This is the one we've
been waiting for.
David, come with me,
your daughter needs you.
- Geoff, Susan, are you there?
Susan, do you copy?
What the hell?
Hey Geoff?
- Wakey, wakey.
You ghost hunters,
quite a group aren't you?
Complete strangers
call you guys up,
and you believe
everything they tell you,
you go right to their
house, spend the night.
No research, no background
checks, nothing.
You guys are idiots.
- How you doing pretty boy?
Sweetheart, not you, him.
- I'd say he's doing
better than the others.
You know, we both actually
thought you were kinda alright.
The other two, nobody will miss.
- Mmm, no.
- But your team, I mean come on.
You guys didn't no
research on this place.
- There were two
murders in this house.
- Two murders, how
do you miss that?
We had so much spooky
crap set up for you guys.
- You would have
really liked it.
Much better than
the special effects
in the videos that you saw.
It's really amazing what people
can do with after effects.
- Or even just
some fishing-line,
few speakers, and
a bunch of morons
that are ready to believe
anything you tell them.
- Daddy, when do I
get to kill someone?
- Aw, come here, babydoll.
- Let me get the camera,
this is her first.
Here you go, come down
right over here, okay?
Let's wait for mommy.
Honey, first off, I
am so proud of you...
- we.
Sorry, we are so proud you.
- Mommy and daddy,
ashen you did such a good job...
- thank you mommy.
- It was great.
Everything, all the
running around and hiding.
- It was fun.
- Are you ready?
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- You know what, let's
do this one together,
what do you think?
- Okay.
- Okay, here.
Hold real tight around my hands.
What'd we say, Seattle next?
- Uh, yeah!
Seattle, I'm so excited.
- I'm so ready for Seattle.
- Me too.
- Pacific
northwest, it's gorgeous.
- Don't step on Cameron's hand.
- Five,
- That
was anti-climatic.
So what do we do now?
- Now we wait.
It'll be about 90 minutes
until he's in rem sleep.
- Okay, so what's going on now?
- Well, looks like he's asleep.
The first rem sleep is the
shortest, about 10 minutes.
We'll just keep
forwarding to real time
every few seconds til
we catch something.
- So you
fall behind because
of playback speed,
skip ahead to current time,
review again,
instantly fall back, review,
skip ahead again, then review.
- Right, right.
Kind of like paying the
minimum on your credit card.
We can always go back
and review it all later.
But this way we can
try to catch something
while he's sleeping.
- I've never seen that before.
That was moving extremely fast.
Slow down the frame rate.
- Right.
- We don't wanna miss anything.
- Oh my,
I don't believe it,
it's here.
- It was definitely here
at least 15 seconds or so
before you woke up.
- Okay.
Stop right here,
stop right here, go.
Right there.
It's casting a
shadow, which means,
- it has mass.
- It has mass.
Okay, uh, go ahead play
it back, keep going.
Okay, no no, stop right there.
Back it up one frame.
Now go frame by frame.
Go frame by frame.
- Jesus.
That thing could have been
standing right next to me.
- That's it right there.
We need to go ahead and move
to phase two, uh, Nicole
uh, play this
through, skip through
in a real time review,
and see what we get.
Anytime you see a straight
line or a blurred line,
anything that looks
unordinary like that,
let's power up to 8.5.
- 8.5? We haven't tested
the capacity in this place.
And the radiation at 8.5...
- is within the safety
limits, it's fine.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What radiation?
- The safety limits
if you haven't been
subjecting yourself to it
during the testing phases, yes,
but 8.5?
- What radiation?
- We'll be fine, it's
1/10th of a chest X-ray,
which is gonna dissipate
rapidly from the center
which is 100 times stronger,
which is exactly where
Martin's gonna be at.
Are your cameras rolling still?
- How long is it gonna
take him to fall asleep now?
- Martin's trained himself, so,
if he wants, it won't
take long at all.
Should be quick.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- This whole thing,
8.5 in untested outlets.
Martin, wake up!
Wake up Martin, wake up!
Jason, do you see anything?
- Where is that thing?
Forget this, man!
C'mon, c'mon!
This door won't open!
It's not even locked,
it's just not budging!
- Wait!
Wait, stop stop stop.
- Do you see anything Jason?
Where is it?!
- I did not sign
up for this, man!
- Stop, stop stop!
- C'mon, get it open!
- Quiet, quiet!
Shut up!
- Give me light, give me
some light on the door!
- I got to go,
I have to get my phone!
- Wait, where are you going!?
- Martin?
Martin, where are you?
- Martin?
- Oh god!
- Is he dead?
- He is with me.
He has always been with me.
For we are eternal.
- Let him go!
- You do not command me.
I am no simple flesh eating
ghoul from your pathetic realm.
Release me from this spell.
- I, I can't release you,
there's nothing turned on.
You shouldn't be here.
Help me get this thing down!
He's already gone,
we got to leave!
Oh shit, oh shit!
- He's behind me!
- I am no
simple flesh eating ghoul
from your pathetic realm.
- Hey, what's up?
- Hey.
- How's the city?
- I saw you were online.
You got a minute?
- Yeah, I'm just
doing some studying.
Everything okay?
- Yeah, everything's
going alright.
I just wanted to
ask you a question
since you're practically
a doctor now.
- Shoot, and don't
leave out any details.
- Well, that's the
thing, not much to tell.
Except that I've been
having these blackouts
for the past 10 days,
every single night.
I can't remember going
to bed or coming home.
- And these nights you're
going out are you drinking?
- Yeah, Sindy's in a party mode.
So, she wants to go
out every single night.
I don't wanna be
rude, so, I go along.
- Or doing any drugs?
- No, of course not.
That's the weird thing,
is that on the nights
that I'm staying home
I don't remember going to bed.
And I've been tired and I'm
having trouble concentrating.
I don't know, I just
don't feel right.
- Okay, and no sexsomnia?
- I'm sorry, any what?
- Sexsomnia.
It's like sleep
walking, but sleep sex,
you just don't remember
it like sleep walking.
- No, no sexsomnia
between Sindy and I.
But, how would I even
know if I don't remember?
You're making it up.
- I'm not, I swear,
it's a legit condition.
Google it.
Google it.
- Sexsomnia,
okay, please.
- Look, the nights you
are having blackouts
and you're not drinking those
could be a cause for concern
if they do continue, but
lack of sleep from going out,
fatigue and stress they
could be the cause of those.
The nights you are drinking
and you're having blackouts,
I would definitely say
that's the alcohol.
We metabolize it a little
differently when we get older,
and you could be just
a lot more sensitive
to the effects of it.
- That could be part of it.
- Is everything else okay?
You and Sindy good?
You still a couple?
- We're still a couple, yeah.
- Alright, I'm just saying.
I'm gonna be a doctor soon.
So, let me know if you plan
on switching sides again.
Is everything else okay?
- I have this video on my phone
from the other night
when we went out.
- From one of the nights
you don't remember?
- Yeah, and I'm doing
things and saying things
that aren't me.
Crazy stuff.
- You know they say that's why
they call liquor "spirits",
because the crazy stuff
you do when you're drunk
is because you were
possessed by spirits.
- That sounds like some religious
crap my parents would say.
- Sorry, I know
that's why you left.
- But I was doing some
really weird and scary stuff.
I mean, I moved
out here to be wild
and grow and be
normal and break away
from all that
embedded church stuff,
but not like that.
Hold on.
Spirit comes from the
Latin word Spiritus
which means breath and also
the essence of something.
Alcohol comes from the
Arabic word al-kuhl,
which is a flesh eating
monster that feeds on the dead.
Al-kuhl also became
the English word ghoul
which is an evil
flesh-eating demon
that can influence or posses
weak-minded individuals.
- Well miss ghoul,
I would just say
lay off the liquor,
and get a good nights sleep
and you should be okay.
- Sindy's home.
I'll call you tomorrow.
- Alright, be good.
And take care of yourself.
- I will, thanks again.
- Hey.
Who you talking to?
- Alec, my friend
from back home.
I told you about him.
- Does Alec maybe want to come,
visit us?
- I don't wanna hook-up with
him or anyone right now.
This is all really new to me.
- You mean being
with me, a woman?
- Yeah.
And I know that we're
still into guys, but,
I just wanna be with
you and only you.
Is it possible that
we can go out drinking
like two, three times a week,
like normal people?
- Like normal people?
Do you remember when
you called me up
and you wanted to come out here
and you said that
you wanted to be
exactly the opposite of that
good little Christian girl
that your parents raised?
Do you remember that?
- Of course.
- We're making great money
doing the cam show, aren't we?
- Yes.
- And who taught you that?
- You did.
- That's right.
So trust me.
I know what's best for you.
Before we get the
cam show going, um,
I want you to get
one of the guys
to do something
outrageous first.
- Like what?
- Trust me, this is
part of me teaching you
how to get what you want
and not be such a pushover.
You know what'd be hot?
If you got him to
cut himself a little.
- Ew, why?
- Because it would turn me on
and the fact that
you just said ew
means we're definitely
doing it now.
Lets go get dressed up
and ready for our show
and make a quick
thousand dollars,
and go out and party
like rock stars, okay?
- Hi Zack.
- Hey Caitlin.
- Hey Rick.
Jerry, looking good.
Jim, what's up?
And Zoe.
Guys, we have a hottie
watching with us.
And finally Eric, right on time.
- I'm packin' and
ready for action!
Where's your friend, lets
get this 'ho on the road.
- She's coming.
You know the rules Eric,
Sindy will pick who we're
giving the free show for,
but no talking while we wait.
- Ooh, Sindy with
an s, I like that.
- Shut up dude, she
said no talking.
- Hi everybody!
- Alright, I'm ready to go Hans
solo on Darth Vader's head,
got my lube right here...
- that's what happens
when you don't
play by the rules everyone.
Oh, we got a girl as
a finalist tonight.
We both like girls.
Hey, who's the
one in the corner,
you, not paying attention
to two beautiful women
here for his pleasure?
- Jim.
Hey look at me.
- Yeah.
- We are going to
give one lucky winner
the show of a lifetime.
We're going to do everything,
and I mean everything.
So keep watching.
That one.
He's our winner.
Everyone else, so
nice seeing you again.
Better luck next time.
- Okay guys, and Zoey.
I'll be back on cam tomorrow
night my normal time.
And if you want a one
on one, just message me.
Stay right there Jerry,
I'll be back in a minute.
- Hi, I guess I'm
the winner, huh?
- Jerry, Jerry, Jerry.
You are in for a treat.
I'm really glad
that she chose you.
Wanna know why I'm
glad she chose you?
- Ahh, sorry.
What were you saying?
- Do you wanna know why I'm
glad that she choose you?
- Okay.
- You're different.
You're not like the other guys.
You let me be myself,
you don't rush me,
you let me do what I wanna do,
touch myself how I
wanna touch myself.
You don't make demands of me.
I really enjoy my time with you.
- I'm sorry, there's some,
like, interference or
something going on.
- What do you mean?
- Uhhh, it's gone now.
That was weird.
- You want weird,
you should hear what some
of the other guys want.
They can be really
persistent about it.
- Yeah, I bet.
That Eric guy was kinda rude.
- I can tell you're
a good person.
That's what makes me
wanna know more about you.
I'm curious to see what the
rest of your place looks like.
Give me a tour of
Jerry's castle.
- Right now?
- Yeah, Sindy will be
back in a few minutes.
I wanna see where I sent
those care packages.
- Well, I could switch
over to my cell phone
and do that I guess.
- Perfect, let's see.
- Okay hold on.
So that's,
uh, my front door, where
people come in and I go out.
That's uh, that's my kitchen.
I sometimes cook.
- Let's see your bedroom Jerry.
- Yeah, yeah, sure,
we have to backtrack,
so hold on.
There's the living room,
and we got to go
down the hallway.
There's the bathroom, sorry.
And then, there's the bedroom.
That's it, nothing special.
Alright, that's it.
Nothing special.
- Very nice Jerry.
Thanks for showing me around.
- No problem.
I didn't know I was gonna
be giving a tour, though
so excuse the mess.
- That's a
very nice bachelor pad
that you have all to yourself.
You like me a lot
Jerry, don't you?
- Yeah.
- Do you wanna do something
for me that would,
- what is it?
- Ummm, sorry.
It's a little kinky.
Go get a big kitchen
knife for me.
I'll be waiting right
here when you get back.
- I have a pocket knife
in my desk, is that okay?
- Even better.
- Okay, hold on.
It's got to be here somewhere.
- Very good Jerry.
- Like this, is that okay?
- You know what
would be really hot
if you could do a
little something for me.
- Okay, what do
you want me to do?
- I have this fetish,
if you could just
take that knife and,
cut your hand a
little bit for me.
- I don't know about that...
- Jerry, it would turn
me and Sindy on so much.
No guy has ever
done this for me.
I want you to be the first.
- Okay I'll try.
I'm sorry, I can't, it'll hurt.
- Jerry baby, look at me.
Put that knife on your hand
and cut yourself for me,
just a little bit.
- Kinda liked doing that.
- Do you wanna be with me?
- I do.
- Really be with me?
I know of a way we can
be together, for real.
You would like
that, wouldn't you?
Me, you, and Sindy,
the three of us to be together?
- Of course.
- You would do anything
for me, wouldn't you?
- I would.
- I just need you to do one
more thing for me, okay?
- Okay.
- I want you to take the knife
and cut your throat open.
- What?
- Jerry, we'll be together,
forever, I promise.
Do it for me.
- I don't wanna do that!
Why would you want
me to cut my throat?
- Baby, because you
want me and I want you.
You can do this.
You know this is the only way.
- No!
- Please, we'll be
together, I promise.
- I don't feel well.
- I know, I know.
It'll be over
before you know it.
- No!
I don't want to die.
- Jerry!
- Please don't make me do this.
- Jerry, take that knife
and slit your throat.
Very good,
do it for me baby,
you're doing great.
You were so close,
baby, lets try again.
Jerry, baby look at me.
Jerry, look at me!
You're doing great.
Just do as I do okay, ready?
- No!
Please, don't make me.
- So close.
- I don't wanna die.
- We'll be together soon.
- I don't wanna...
- do it for me.
My lord, I know our great
father two centuries ago
forbid us to kill
humans for consumption.
And I know that he forbid us
to rob their graves
and mortuaries.
But he said nothing
of feasting on a human
that has taken its own
life in his own residence.
I present to you this offering
of untainted human flesh
on the anniversary
that you saved me
from the archangel Raphael.
- My child, you please me so.
It only took you 10 days to
control your new host body.
This is cause for celebration.
In ancient times we would
have a great feast for days.
I have been trapped in
this form for too long,
my natural urgings
stripped away from me.
I have been hungry and
unsatisfied all these years.
You have done a great
service to your lord.
This pathetic creature was
so easy to put into a trance,
and give up his own free will.
Come my child, join me.
Partake for the first
time in human flesh.
- Nicole.
Nicole, wake up.
- Martin?
- Nicole, I need you
to keep rolling the camera.
- Okay.
- It's very important
that we capture everything.
- Oh my god, Jason!
Jason, wake up.
Are you okay?
Jason wake up.
- What happened?
Hold on, hold on, hold on man.
I saw that thing with its
tentacles down your throat.
I thought you were dead!
You saw it too, right?
You saw it too?
There's not a mark on you!
- I don't have an
answer for that.
I think I know why we
can't open the door,
why the cell phones
aren't working.
- Yeah?
Well go on Einstein,
what's going on?
- When our equipment
instead of the entity
coming to our dilation,
- oh my god.
- We went to its dilation.
Therefore everything
we perceived,
everything that's happened over
the last several minutes is,
just a fraction of the one
second in the real world for us.
- I only got a b
in algebra, okay?
So you two have fun discussing
whatever you're gonna do,
and I'm gonna break
down that door.
- Jason, stop it's
not going to work!
- Why?
- Because we're in a bubble.
There's a bubble that's
centered somewhere on this bed,
and it goes somewhere out here.
It is continually
expanding and contracting
and we don't know
where that line is.
That's why when you go over
there, you don't hear any sound.
You bang on the door,
there's no sound.
When you walk, you don't
hear your footsteps.
- Okay, so.
- Look.
- What do you see?
- It's the feed outside,
it must be frozen,
the frame is frozen.
- It's not frozen.
That's the time
dilation outside.
That's where we came from.
- Get me out of this place!
- So we're like ghosts?
No one can see or hear us?
Can we reverse
this time dilation?
- Yeah, yeah,
let's just do that,
let's just reverse it, right,
that's what we need to do.
- Everything is,
centered around the bed.
If you go to the bed,
I think that's okay.
If I put in the right
settings, it might work.
- Yeah.
No wait wait, hold on,
the Spectre camera, hold on.
- No!
No, Jason, wait!
Don't cross the line!
- Uh, I'm stuck.
- So sorry.
- Sorry?
Martin, why am I stuck?
It's burning.
- I don't...
- Nicole, I need
you to listen to me.
- I just...
- Nicole.
Nicole, Nicole stop.
I need you to listen to me.
You have to keep filming.
When that thing put its
tentacles in my head,
I saw, I saw,
everything that it saw.
I could feel it,
I could think everything
that it was thinking.
It's very scared and
it's not scared of us,
it's scared of something
else that is out there.
Every time we turn this thing
on Nicole, every time we do,
it sends a signal out
into the universe.
Some kind of beacon, some sign,
and we don't know
what's getting it.
Anything could be getting that.
Whatever is coming our way
is far scarier than anything
we're dealing with right now.
It's very scared and
it's not scared of us,
it's scared of something
else that is out there.
It sends a signal out
into the universe,
some kind of beacon.
Whatever is coming
our way is far scarier
than anything that we're
dealing with right now.
- My name is Amanda Cortney.
I'm of sound mind and
relatively good health.
I've been,
for lack of a better term,
I remember.
I remember flashes
here and there.
They do things that,
I don't wanna talk about it.
And trust me, if
they did them to you,
you wouldn't wanna
talk about them either.
The physical stuff, I can take.
My mind, my emotions, my being,
that, they can't have.
But I realized something.
And now I know, I can
beat these mother fu...
- welcome to our end
of grad school blowout.
My name's Ryan,
and I'll be your host for
tonight's festivities.
Wanna give me the
first testimonial,
I'll show this to
everyone years from now
when we're all fat and old.
- My testimonial Ryan,
is that you should de-nerd
yourself for your own party.
There are a ton
of hot girls here.
- I have,
excuse me dude,
I have a testimonial as well.
Ashley and I hooked
up last week.
- We did not.
- Yes we did, yes we did.
Dude, we hooked up alright,
you loved it and you know it.
- Hey, what's up?
I like this, party
people having fun,
what's up?
- Ryan?
- Oh no, no, I'm Josh, I'm Josh.
- Josh, sorry man, I
get you guys confused.
- Stop doing that, dude!
You guys are disgusting.
Funny face,
you wanna give a testimonial?
- Get the camera out of my face.
- Are you serious?
- I'm serious.
- What's up?
- I have something
really serious things
to talk to you about.
- What's up dude?
- I'm just kidding, I
don't have anything to say.
- And so, I don't now.
If you're into practicing
the same things,
we can practice things together.
- Sorry.
You said Amanda never
has more than one drink.
- Never, no.
- So she's probably
not the kind of girl
who would be hooking up with
two guys at the same time?
- What are you talking about?
- I think I just saw
these two douche bags
drag her into your room.
- Take this!
Excuse me.
Watch out.
Open the door!
Hey whoa, whoa!
- Dude, you're like a
bearded Rhonda Rousey.
- Amanda still passed out?
- Those roofie loving
molester mother,
yeah, she's totally crashed.
- Dude, I don't know,
I'm just thinking
maybe you shouldn't
start taping her
as soon as she wakes up.
- We need to get whatever she
remembers on tape right away.
She might press charges,
those guys might press
charges against us
for beating them up,
you don't know.
Amanda, you okay?
- The things they did to me.
The things they did to me.
Why would they do that?
Why would they do that to me?
Don't touch me!
Don't touch me!
Don't touch me!
Don't touch me!
Don't touch me!
- That must've been
at least a 6.0 quake.
- Amanda, you okay?
- Guys, why don't you help
me get her to Josh's bedroom.
- One of the many
large shards of glass
I'm finding all
over my house now,
which is just really great.
- You guys,
I just looked it up to see
how big that earthquake was,
and there's no report
of an earthquake.
Nobody else felt it.
- Power surge or
something maybe?
- A power surge wouldn't make
the whole building shake.
Look, look out here,
everything's fine.
- What is there to
eat around here?
You guys didn't eat
everything, did you?
Man, I passed out last night,
I'm starving.
- What's the
last thing you remember?
- Ummmm,
I was talking to some guy.
I had the weirdest
dreams last night.
Am I missing something?
- Hey, what's up?
How are you?
- I'm alright.
Sorry about the
video call, my phone,
it's all messed up.
- No worries.
How are your grandparents?
- They're doing well.
Um, you're the only person
I could talk to about this,
I'm sorry to bother you.
- Don't be silly,
glad you called.
I was just thinking
the other day,
that this is the first
time since we were 12
we've lived in different
cities from each other.
- Yeah, you were my,
constant all those years.
So, umm,
I'm just gonna say it,
I've seen my mom a few times.
- In person?
Did you call the police?
- No, it's hard to explain, but,
I can't call the police...
- of course you
can, you have to.
What did you grandparents say?
- I'm not telling
my grandparents
that I saw their daughter-in-law
who went crazy and
murdered their son.
Besides, they
wouldn't believe me.
- You're not making any sense.
You need to talk to someone.
- I'm not sure she's
entirely responsible
for everything she did.
I think it's passed onto me now.
- What are you talking about?
- Anyway, I'll
figure something out,
I'm sorry to bother you.
- Don't hang up.
- My grandparents are
gonna be back soon.
I thought it would
stop when I came here,
I'll talk to you later.
- Amanda, wait a second.
Good to see you're alive.
- I'm in Montana.
- Montana?
- Nearest home is
a 30 minute drive.
I thought that getting
away from civilization
would make it stop.
It did for a bit,
but, it's worse now.
- Amanda, you can't
just run away from this.
You need to get help.
- That's why I'm calling.
If I come down there
next week on the 10th,
can I stay with you?
- Of course, you know that.
- Can Josh and
Ashley be there too,
I'm gonna need all three of you.
- I'm sure they'll both
be there if you need them.
- What's so funny?
- All three of us
are very worried,
we were going to track you down
and come to wherever you are.
- And take me away
like an intervention,
kidnap me?
- Something like that.
- I should go before
we lose the connection.
- Wait a minute, please
don't disappear again.
- I promise, I'll be there soon.
Really, already?
Can't I just,
finish my conversation?
- Amanda?
- Please, you do
this all the time.
- Amanda?
- Okay, everybody got it?
Make sure the camera
is always recording
and most importantly...
- yeah yeah yeah, don't
fall asleep, we got it.
- Right, okay.
I'm gonna be in the bedroom,
and I'll leave it open
so you guys can check
in on me if you want.
Just record everything,
and stay awake, please.
Just drink coffee or do coke.
- None of us do
cocaine, you know that.
- Are you doing hard drugs?
Is this what's happening?
- No no no no,
I'm not, no.
Just, guys please
just do this for me.
Okay, thank you.
I'm gonna go to bed, alright.
Good night.
- Dude, you gotta
get a couch already.
- I told you, I'm moving
in two months for the job,
what's the point.
- Am I the only one
that thinks it's weird
that she wants to sleep in the
same bed where it happened?
- Maybe it's just her way
of dealing with all this.
- Yeah, she'll be fine.
Everybody's different.
Ashley wake.
Ryan, will you wake Ashley.
Get up!
Get the camera!
- Amanda, Amanda.
Everything is okay,
we're here for you.
- Well, that didn't work.
Was I screaming again?
- Yeah, Jesus, we thought
you were dying or something.
- I'm sorry, I thought
I was past that part.
You guys just dozed
off or something?
- I don't know,
I just remember that
we were laying there.
- Don't worry about it, I
didn't think it would work.
It was worth a try.
Just turn the camera
off, just turn it off!
- Okay, the camera is all set.
But, I don't really
understand why
they can't see whatever
you wanna show me.
- Because the only
person that I care about
knowing that I'm
not crazy is you.
Not Ashley, not my grandparents.
But for right now,
this is just between you
and me right now, okay?
- Okay.
You gonna show me card tricks?
- Not exactly.
I just needed something
that was small and light.
I'm still figuring this out.
Just watch.
- That's a good trick.
How are you doing that?
- It's not a trick.
- Come on, tell me how.
- I told you it's not a trick.
- Alright, so you are saying
you have telekinetic
psychic powers, then?
- If you wanna call them that.
- You can move things
with your mind?
- Yeah.
- You being serious?
- Ryan, have I ever lied to you?
- Okay.
So, this is still related
to what happened to
you at the party?
Those two guys attacked you.
You suppressed all memory of it,
and somehow your brain
has rewired itself
to give you this ability?
- No.
I'm not gonna tell you
what's been happening to me.
Cause westernized medicine
would just say that I'm
suppressing traumatic
memories of an event.
- Just like I've been saying.
- And I promise you that is not
what's been happening to me.
But it's real.
And it was happening to my mom.
- Oh, come on.
- And I want it to stop
more than anything.
And I wanna be able to
tell you what it is,
but first I have to be able
to prove to you what it is.
Just like I was able to
prove that I could move
that card with my mind.
- Just.
You can stay here.
I'll take care of you,
we'll get you a good
therapist, and you'll...
- I'm gonna go.
- Go where?
- I'm gonna pack up and leave.
- Don't be silly.
- I need to go,
so I can find a
way to prove to you
what's been happening to me.
Don't worry, okay?
I'll be fine.
They're not as smart
as they think they are.
- Amanda who is they?
- Hey.
Well let's get to it.
What's so important
you needed to show me?
- Play the video
file in your Inbox.
I have three other angles,
but this one should
explain everything.
- What the?
What the hell is that thing?
- Can you come up
here as soon as you can?
Can you come up and help me?
- Yeah, yeah, of course.
- Okay I'll call you tomorrow.
- Okay, talk to ya then.
Dang, when'd you get this good?
Could we just record
it once, please?
- I'm not your circus monkey.
- You know we need
it for the tape.
- Alright.
Just give me a second.
- That's amazing!
- Are you happy now?
- I'm very happy.
I can't believe you've
been living in this place
for two months with
no electricity.
Okay, it's on.
Go ahead.
- My name is Amanda Cortney.
I'm of sound mind and
relatively good health.
For the past few months,
I've been,
for a lack of a better term,
Taken against my will at night,
over and over, by
these entities.
These beings.
That are,
well they're
certainly not human,
I could tell ya that much.
- Tell us how
it usually happens.
- Something wakes me up
in my bed, late at night.
But, I can't move.
It's like I'm paralyzed.
And then all the electronics,
the phone, TV, clock, computer,
anything that's on goes dead.
So, there I am just
laying in bed, awake.
But paralyzed in this silence.
This dead silence
of nothingness.
And then,
the light comes.
This bright, massive light
fills the entire room.
And I wanna scream,
I wanna cry,
I want them to leave me alone.
But they don't.
They never do.
And then my body starts to
slowly float above the bed.
And they take me.
They take me away.
- Where do they take you?
- To a room in some,
look, I know all of
this sounds crazy,
but I have proof.
- You definitely have proof.
I'm a believer.
That's why I'm here.
- So they take me.
These, well,
there's three different types.
Three species, I guess.
And they do things to me.
They do things that,
I don't wanna talk about it.
And trust me if they
did them to you,
you wouldn't wanna
talk about them either.
I remember.
I remember flashes
here and there.
And I don't think they
know that I can remember.
Cause they speak to
me, inside my head.
You'll be okay, you won't
remember any of this.
But I do remember.
The physical stuff, I can take.
As messed up as that is.
But my mind, my memories,
my emotions, my being,
that they can't have.
- What have you
done to try and stop them?
- Everything.
Anything you could think of.
I moved out into the
middle of nowhere.
I stayed at people's houses.
I tried to get a friend to
stay up all night with me once.
I've tried to get three friends
to stay up all night with me.
- I was one of those three.
That was a crazy night.
- It didn't work.
They took me anyway.
I found this crazy guy online,
and I rented out his
underground bunker.
That was stupid.
I nailed the door shut,
I nailed the window shut.
I tied myself to the bed.
Doesn't work.
I tried to record
them taking me.
I used a hidden camera,
a hidden spy camera,
a hidden infrared spy camera.
Just all comes out
garbled static.
I hooked up a hair trigger
shotgun, three times.
I woke up the next morning,
each time, to a bent shotgun.
But I realized something.
They can recognize threats like
the gun and neutralize them.
They can mess with
anything electronic.
They can play with
our minds and memories
because our brains function
via electrical impulses.
But there are ways
to record things
without any electronics,
any batteries,
no electricity.
Over here,
these are eight millimeter
1950s film cameras.
They run on wind up Springs,
and shoot on film.
All chemical.
No electronics, no
batteries, no electricity.
Over here, this is
a fully functional
1920s replica Victor talking
machine record player
that can also record
sound onto a wax record.
No batteries, no electricity,
thank you very much.
- And what did you do
with these two ancient
relics of technology?
- I set them in my
room a few weeks ago,
and I recorded them taking me.
And now I know I can beat
these mother fuckers.
I had the four eight
millimeter cameras
and Victor phones
set up on a kind of
reverse electrical switch.
Now I'm recording film and sound
entirely free of electricity.
Obviously they create some
vortex or field or something
that no one sees
what's going on.
I'll make sure the cameras
are strapped down
better this time.
It won't be so easy
for them next time.
- The film's impressive.
- I'm gonna have the four
eight millimeter cameras
set up all over the room.
As well as the Victor
talking machine.
And I have water balloons,
but they're not
filled with water.
They're filled
with sulfuric acid.
And I have a trip catapult wire,
ready to set off on anything
that walks through that door.
And if that doesn't work,
next stop is a U.S. army
directional land mine.
- First thing's first.
- My name is Amanda Cortney.
I'm 24 years old, and
I'm a multiple abductee.
But I won't be anymore.
- I'll be recording all night.
- Until they mess
up your camera,
and they will.
- Need anything else?
- I'm good.
I'm ready.
Thank you, Ryan.
Good night.
- Night.
- Hey.
Still no sign from them at all?
- Been over a month.
- That's good.
Well, I need to crash.
Have to fly out
for work tomorrow.
- Ryan.
I wish you were here.
Next to me.
I think it's time we
consummate this relationship.
- You want me to leave the
chat and camera out again
while you sleep?
- Would you?
I know it's silly.
- Of course.
I'll come out in the
next couple weekends,
and we'll consummate.
- Over and over?
- Over and over.
Good night, Amanda.
- Good night, Ryan.
- Nicole.
When we turn the machine on,
it created a, semi-permanent
time dilation bubble
that expands, we know this,
yes it expands.
Simultaneously, it created
the bubble that shrinks.
Meaning we can be in two
different time dilations.
The semi-permanent one,
that's the one that keeps expanding
every time we turn it on
we get to go out there, and
that's what lets us interact
with these things, okay.
Nicole we can go out there,
and we can touch the seats,
we can touch the light.
That line, that line right now,
is somewhere in the
middle of this theater,
but we don't know where it is.
Here, right here, right here.
Where is it?
When I did my
calculations right here.
Because it's coming in so much,
we can only run this thing
one more time, Nicole.
We got one more shot at this.
That's what cut Jason in half.
He was in two
dilations at one time,
and that's why he
got cut in half.
We only have time to power
up maybe one more time,
before it gets too small.
Anytime after that, it's
gonna shrink so much
we're not gonna fit inside,
and then we're gonna end
up just like him, or worse.
We can be in an infinite number
of time dilations right now.
Multiple time dilations.
I don't know, we can be
in an infinite number
of time dilations.
- Get down!
What was that?
Did you hear it?
- Set the pulse
rate to nine, Nicole.
- What, okay?
- Then we'll
power all the way to 10.
- Okay.
Wait, wait, how are you
gonna keep it there?
- I'm gonna be in there with it.
- No Martin, you'll die.
- I'm already dead, Nicole.
- What?
- You saw what that
thing did to me.
You know that I'm dead.
- No.
I can't.
- Hey, hey.
You won't believe
what just happened.
I need you to.
No, can you hear me?
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
- Okay, I gotta go, bye.
- What's that?
- I don't know, it
wasn't there before.
- Weird.
- Why's the door open?
- It's open?
- You used to believe in us.
In your myths,
your legends,
your religions.
Your ignorance
gives us strength.
We influence many into chaos.
We hide in the open.
We rarely show our true form.
We have many other enemies.
You're getting
close to the truth.
To us.
We won't let that happen.