The Dark Tower (2017) Movie Script

Come and play with us.
Come and play.
- Not gonna get me!
- You wish!
- Jake.
- Mom, you okay?
That was a big one.
Bad dreams?
Come on.
Get breakfast.
This morning's quake is
causing major problems for commuters.
The 5.7-magnitude quake hit
New York early this morning.
Yet another in a series of quakes
that has rattled both coasts.
Tokyo was hit again.
And with the Berlin quake last week...
Reporter 2: Question is: What is
causing all these earthquakes?
Christ, even ESPN's doing
the quakes now.
But we still don't know
what's causing them.
Hey. My folks sent me over to see...
- if you guys are still alive.
- We're fine, Timmy.
That was pretty intense.
- Yeah.
- You good?
- Yeah.
- We're just running a little late.
- See you later?
- Say hi to your mom for me.
Ma, Laurie says hi.
Don't forget,
you have Dr. Hotchkiss after school.
We're wasting money
on all those shrinks.
He's making progress.
Wait up!
Hey, did you get the books
from my locker?
So when's the apocalypse coming?
Come on, man, just give me my book.
What's wrong,
your meds stop working?
Hey! Hey!
- Give me my book!
- Get off me!
- Get off of me.
- Hey!
Hey. That is enough, chambers.
I need my book.
Hey. You need to go
home and cool off.
You've been, uh, quite busy, Jake.
This big tower in the clouds
you keep dreaming about...
you say these earthquakes we've been
having have something to do with it.
They happen
because the tower is under attack.
You're a smart kid, Jake.
You know when you can't
- between dreams and reality...
- It's not a dream.
Okay? I'm not crazy.
I always see the same thing.
The tower, the man in black,
the creepy guys with the fake skins.
What if the tower were destroyed?
Darkness and fire.
Let's talk about your dad.
When you lost your father,
your world fell apart.
You have these visions
of impending hell on earth...
because that's how you feel inside.
Even words like
"darkness" and "fire"...
Jake, you're describing
the night your father died.
Can't just be about that.
They're just dreams, Jake.
They're not real.
Watch out.
They'll take you.
They steal kids like you.
Cross them over.
Special ones.
The power of your mind,
that's what they want.
Jake. What's up?
Bad day?
Let's go.
- Want to hang out?
- Yeah.
Control, he's unstable.
We need to take the offer.
- It's great treatment for no money.
- It's not about the money.
- I'll wait in your room.
- There's nothing more...
- we can do for him now.
- Jesus, Lon!
Can you at least pretend
like he's your own kid?
I'm sorry, baby, we...
We didn't hear you come in.
What the hell happened in school today?
You promised me
you're gonna stay out of trouble.
Sorry, mom.
Honey, um...
the school's been approached
by a clinic upstate.
They work with kids who...
Who are having a hard time.
There's an opening this weekend.
It's supposed to be a great place.
It's science-based:
Brain scans, sleep patterns.
- I think it could...
- Yeah, okay.
Man, psycho camp.
Sucks, dude.
More shrinks.
Waste of time.
Stop staring at your drawings.
You're freaking me out.
You think I'm crazy too, don't you?
Driving us apart.
I'm just asking...
We need help.
We both need help.
We are falling apart.
I love him so much...
and I just can't stand
to see him like this.
He was such a happy kid.
No more dreams.
Just one night of sleep.
You have nothing to be afraid of,
my friend.
Death is not far away.
You want to know
what's on the other side?
Can you see it?
Of course you can't.
Because nothing is there.
- It's all a lie.
- Go to hell.
Been there.
Now burn.
We lost.
Not while the tower still stands.
Not while you still stand.
Don't let him get into your head.
I do not aim with my hand.
- He who aims with his hand...
- Has forgotten the face of his father.
I aim with my eye.
Gunslinger, over here.
I do not shoot with my hand.
He who shoots with his hand
has forgotten the face of his father.
- I shoot with my mind.
- Gunslingers.
I do not kill with my gun.
He who kills with his gun
has forgotten the face of his father.
I kill with my heart.
Stop breathing.
Fight it. Fight it!
It never works on you, does it, Roland?
The power you have
to resist my magics...
Not forever.
Face me!
Face me.
The tower will fall, Roland.
Until next time, old friend.
The man in black fled
across the desert...
and the gunslinger followed.
Holy shit.
- Hey.
- This guy, he's some kind of soldier.
He's called a gunslinger.
And this house, look,
it's got a U.S. mailbox.
- I think it's in New York.
- Timmy, it's 7 A.M.
Time to say goodbye.
Sorry, got to go.
Talk to you later.
The people from the clinic are here.
I can't...
I can't go now.
You got to step up, Jake.
If you won't do it for yourself,
then do it for your mom.
- It's in other boys?
- It's common in adolescent boys.
There he is.
Hi there, Jake.
I'm Jill.
I'm your intake
administration supervisor.
This is Toby, our driver.
How's it going, young man?
You pack your things?
What exactly do they do at your clinic?
Jake, these guys have been working
with the school for a long time.
No, that's okay, Laurie.
We encourage questions.
It shows spirit and vitality.
He's just a healthy growing boy.
I can assure you that all our tests
are done in a controlled...
child-friendly environment.
We have experience
with cases like yours.
Night terrors, hallucinations,
odd obsessions.
Our approach is actually very gentle
compared to standard treatments.
I understand your concerns,
but you don't have to worry at all.
Mom, help me pack?
It's two days.
Do you want your ripped jeans
or your regular ones?
- What's wrong?
- Mom, it's them.
- What?
- It's the skin people from my dream.
- Honey, you need to stop this.
- No, you have to listen to me.
What's going on?
He's not human.
- That's not his real face.
- For Chrissake.
Shut up, Lon.
You actually hope I'm crazy,
just so you can get me out of here.
Mom, you have to believe me.
- Lon, maybe this...
- Can't you see he's gotten worse?
You're gonna go with them right now.
Or, I swear to god,
I will drag you down the stairs myself.
It's one weekend, kiddo.
If you don't like it,
then I'll come get you.
I promise.
Okay, I'll go.
- I love you, mom.
- I love you too.
I'm just gonna get my toothbrush.
- He's just getting his things.
- He's trying to escape.
Jake? Jake!
- Jake!
- Get him.
- Come back here!
- Don't worry.
Toby will get him down safely.
Stop running.
- Mom? You okay?
- Where are you?
You can't just run
away like that, Jake.
- Please come home.
- Sorry, I can't.
Right now.
I'll call you later.
Love you, mom.
Greetings, traveler.
Please enter destination.
One, nine.
One, nine, one, nine.
One-way destination.
Let me go!
This is good.
It's all real.
New candidate.
Female, age 11.
Looks good.
Welcome back, sir.
Find yourself a face, rat boy.
You're in my house.
How was your trip?
Fine. Do we have any new leads?
Got it.
What have you got?
These are all showing promise.
Our trackers are going out to them
as we speak.
There's been a serious breach of...
I'm not fantastic at waiting.
Unauthorized crossing, sir.
One of the old portals
on keystone earth.
Has that ever happened?
Find me a portal close by.
- Love your mask.
- Sir?
Choose a pretty face
and the world is your oyster.
Aligning, sir.
Who are you?
It's you.
I'm Jake.
Jake chambers.
I dreamt about you.
You're a gunslinger, right?
There are no gunslingers.
Not anymore.
- But I saw you.
- Your dreams deceived you, boy.
Told you what you want to hear.
I came a long way to find you.
From another world!
Have a nice trip back.
Hey. Wait!
Dude, come on.
Look, I saw you.
There was a battlefield,
and you were fighting the man in black.
And there...
The man in black?
- No, no, no.
- You know him?
- Stop. Please, please, please.
- He sent you.
You're one of his tricks.
- No, no, no. I don't know!
- Where is he hiding?!
- Where is he hiding?!
- I don't know, I swear!
I just... I just saw him in my dreams,
like I saw you!
Your name is Roland, right?
When did you first see this?
A year ago.
- Who is he?
- He's a sorcerer.
In all your visions, Walter is here?
- Uh, yeah.
- In this place?
Wait, his name's Walter?
Cool. Yeah, keep it.
I will find you.
There's a tribe beyond that forest.
We'll go there.
They have seers
who will read your visions.
Let's go.
Keep up...
I went down the slide.
Then I got water up my nose,
and I went down...
- and I couldn't see anything.
- Hate.
Sweetheart? What's wrong?
Walter Padick.
To what do we owe this great honor?
Someone used a portal here,
in your city...
without your knowledge.
Killed the house demon.
Forgive me, sire.
We'll find out who this trespasser is
and where he went.
Already on it.
Now be a good dog.
The blood is human.
his shine is pure.
So that's how he got through.
House demons are formidable beings...
but a truly powerful psychic
could override it.
A boy with the shine strong enough
to kill a demon?
Sayre, didn't two skins have trouble
with a kid yesterday?
Don't eat that.
Don't want to have to carry you
for the rest of the way.
What are they?
They belong to Walter.
Don't run off in the woods.
It's not safe.
But you were the one who ran off.
You said you were hungry.
You had theme parks here.
These ancient structures are from
before the world moved on.
No one knows what they are.
They're theme parks.
I saw you fight him.
There was a field
covered with bodies.
That was our final stand.
I lost my father that day.
You saw that?
Was it about the tower?
The war?
Now, eat your rabbit.
It's an honor to meet
you in person, sir.
What brings you here?
How may we serve him?
Well, I hear you lost a kid.
It... it wasn't our fault.
It was as if the child knew what we were.
We're doing everything we can...
- Name and location.
- It's all in here.
"Jake chambers."
Now kill...
each other.
Calm down.
Enjoy the show, folks.
You ain't seen nothing yet.
You draw with a good hand.
I don't know what this is.
It's a map.
My father showed me a...
A map like this once.
Inside the circle is your world
and my world...
many others.
No one knows how many.
The dark tower stands
at the center of all things.
And it's stood there
from the beginning of time.
And it sends out powerful energy...
that protects the universe...
shields us from what's outside.
What do you mean, "outside"?
What's outside the universe?
Outside is endless darkness...
full of demons trying to get to us.
Walter wants to tear down the tower
and let them in.
When the tower falls, he'll rule...
in a world full of monsters.
But you're trying to
stop him, aren't you?
To protect the tower.
I've seen them try to destroy it.
- If we could just get there...
- There is no "we," Jake.
All that matters to
me is that I find...
and kill Walter.
That's it.
Sounds like screams.
They're just like the quakes
we get back home.
Yeah, what happens in one world...
echoes in others.
Hope my mom's okay.
Try to get some sleep.
That's not happening.
Hey, kiddo.
Where are you?
Everyone who walks with you dies.
Hey, kiddo.
Long time.
It's good to see you, man.
You got tall.
This isn't real.
- You're...
- Dead?
Not here.
I missed you.
I missed you too, kiddo.
Come on.
It's okay.
Let's go home.
Darkness and fire.
Get away from it!
My son.
Come with me.
It's okay.
It's gone.
My dad was in there.
No, they sense your weakness...
create illusions to distract you.
That wasn't anybody you know.
I'm sorry.
That was just a small tear.
They happen after every attack
on the tower.
Those things, they're what's coming
if the tower falls, aren't they?
But if we find that place where
they're keeping the kids, we could...
- Shh, shh, shh.
- What?
Something got out.
Run! Jake, run!
You're gonna need help.
I've hurt worse.
But you're bleeding.
I heal fast.
You handled yourself well.
That was brave, going for the gun.
They're gonna find him, Laurie.
We filled out every form.
They have his picture.
I hope you don't mind me
making myself at home.
Where I come from,
we don't have chicken.
- Who the hell are you?
- Oh, you know me, Lon.
You're the one that called me here.
Not by the telephone...
but with your every desire
to get rid of the brat...
all in the hopes that mommy there
might love you best.
But you'll always be
a seat-filler, Lon.
- You get out of here right now.
- Lon.
It's the man from Jake's drawings.
Stop breathing.
- Aah!
- Quiet.
Show me.
Well, it looks like I've
got myself a stalker.
This son of yours is quite special,
isn't he?
The guilt you must feel...
not believing in him.
And you sent your only child off
to the asylum.
on you.
Stranger approaching!
Gather round!
Long days, pleasant nights.
May you have twice that number.
I haven't seen one of your kind
since I was a young man.
Seeing you here, alive...
Who's your strongest seer?
That would be me.
I'm Arra.
The boy here has visions of this place.
I need to know where it is.
The man in black.
We managed to do
some serious damage, sir...
- but it didn't fall.
- None of that matters.
I found the one.
This kid's going to
bring down the tower...
all by his lonesome.
- Where is this child?
- He's here...
on mid-world...
looking for an old friend of mine,
Roland of Eld.
Wait, I thought
all the gunslingers were dead.
Roland's always had
an annoying ability...
to resist my magics.
So I killed everyone
he ever cared about.
Last I heard, he was roaming
the Mohaine aimlessly.
- That's where the boy is going.
- Mohaine desert? Isn't that...?
Vast. Yes.
And so is this boy's shine.
I'll send our trackers
in the region, sir.
This will get worse.
I don't have anything
that can help with that.
You need to rest, let it heal.
I'll be fine.
Thankee, Sai.
You've come all the way
from keystone earth to find him.
His shine is beyond anything
I've ever seen.
Psychic powers.
Very few are born with this gift.
Often, the power is so slight,
people don't even know they have it.
Your shine burns so brightly, Jake.
You have potential
I can't even begin to understand.
Her voice was in my head.
Your gift is extraordinary, Jake.
It made you see across worlds.
The drawing.
What about the drawing?
Share your visions with me.
Open up.
Show me.
The man in black...
Fled across the desert.
Tell me.
Where is he?
Northern wastelands.
That's more than six months of travel.
But you can get me there
faster than that.
The man in black and his men
keep track of all portal travel.
- I need to get there.
- Portals.
We couldn't help you,
even if we wanted to.
The only way to access their territories
is from one of their own bases.
Then I'll make it on foot.
The fake-skins...
they take kids
from different worlds, right?
They tried to take me from New York.
- Doesn't that mean that they...?
- They have a base there.
With a portal that can take me
right to this place.
You're gonna send us to keystone earth.
We're diverting power
to the generators.
The portal will be ready shortly.
Do they have guns in your world?
And bullets, are they as rare
as they are here?
You're gonna like earth.
A lot.
We agreed we'd never use the portal
unless the village was in danger.
They will find out we have it and come.
We can't disobey a gunslinger.
It's the law.
- How do you know what he is?
- Arra.
You must have read him.
What do you see?
He's Roland of Gilead.
Last of the line of Eld.
But the man in black has
his soul in his pocket...
and his heart's consumed
by vengeance.
He's not a gunslinger.
Not anymore.
Or would you tell us differently?
Only a goat would lie to a seer.
You dishonor your ancestors.
The gunslingers have sworn an oath
to defend the tower...
Look around you.
The war is over, and we lost.
If you left your little haven,
you would see that for yourself.
The darkness is everywhere...
and trying to fight against it
accomplishes nothing.
I was fighting to defend the tower
before most of you were even born.
There's always a battle.
But no more.
Isn't that why we're losing?
Because everyone stopped believing.
As long as the darkness is out there,
the tower will fall.
And before that happens,
I will get my revenge.
He saved my life.
And he doesn't even like me that much.
He's still a gunslinger.
I know he is.
Should be ready anytime now.
As soon as it aligns, it should open...
in an unobstructed area in your city...
on your version of earth.
Technology's very old.
Remember that number.
It's your way back here.
Got it.
Been there.
You okay?
What's wrong?
We're losing power.
Sir, they're in the village.
Oh, no. Paras.
- Can you fix it?
- We have spare parts in the village.
Jake, go find somewhere close to hide,
Come on!
Get inside!
- We need to go! Hurry!
- Are you okay?
Go get weapons!
Which way?
In there.
He's there.
He's hurt.
My child! Please!
His guns are forged from the steel...
of the sword of Arthur Eld himself.
I believe Keystoners call it Excalibur.
Please, just go!
Just get help, please!
- We have to get out of here.
- No, I've got to get them out!
No, no, please, we have to go!
- Ahh!
- Run.
- Let's go!
- Help!
Go get the parts.
They were after our boy.
Why would they want our boy?
- Turn on the water pumps.
- Right away, sir.
- No!
- Let's try to get them out!
- Okay, I'll take care of you!
- All right.
There you are.
All right?
Come this way.
You couldn't save him, Roland.
Sir, shine.
That's the boy.
Get him.
- They're here for him.
- I know.
- What are you doing?
- Quiet.
Roland. Please.
Help me, please.
Let's go! Let's go!
We need to leave.
He's not safe here.
And as long as he's here,
you aren't either.
We have this fight.
- Come on.
- Go.
Be careful using the shine.
They're tracking you.
Portal alignment complete.
Come on.
No, it's not ready yet.
- Knife.
- He's a chef.
Come on.
So many people.
We need to get you help.
Right now.
They had a portal.
I think they're gone.
Get me the coordinates.
One last time around the wheel,
old friend.
This is madness.
You can't walk
into a hospital here carrying guns.
Trust me.
Come on.
Let me do all the talking.
You've reached Laurie, Lon and Jake.
Please leave a detailed message...
and we'll get back to you
as soon as possible.
This is awful. Try it.
- That looks gross. What is it?
- You got to try it. It's terrible.
- I don't want to try it if it's terrible.
- It's like mango...
Do the animals here still speak?
What? No, that's a commercial.
Wait, what do you mean by "still"?
He's in here.
Mr. Deschain.
I see the antibiotics are kicking in.
On a scale of one to 10,
how bad is your pain?
You were in very bad shape.
I'm surprised you're even sitting up.
I'm stronger than most.
We get that sentiment a lot.
So aside from your infection
and the wound from the...
costume-party incident...
we also found traces
of hepatitis a, b, e, and...
chronic radiation sickness.
Have you traveled overseas
in the past couple of months?
No. I've been here on keystone earth.
So am I cured or not?
We're going to keep you here
for the night to monitor your progress.
Maybe tomorrow afternoon...
What are you doing? No.
- I can't stay here.
- You need to get back on that.
- Mr. Deschain, you need...
- For your services.
- Wait, what?
- May your days be long.
But you need to get back on that.
- Mr. Deschain?
- Bring my guns.
These are painkillers and vitamins.
You only want to take
one or two at a...
- time.
- Hey, cutie.
Can we join the party?
You have both forgotten
the faces of your fathers.
You probably shouldn't talk
to people here.
What is this?
How we gonna find the portal?
New York's a pretty big place.
I don't know.
I just can't let Walter know
how I'm coming for him.
I've got an idea.
These painkillers work fast.
I haven't felt this good in years.
Yeah, we got the good stuff.
Got any more of that sugar?
There's nothing to be scared of.
I promise you, whatever happens...
you'll be at peace.
- You'll be...
- A seer who lies.
The worst kind.
I like you already.
Come now.
Good bye.
Don't fight it.
Where did he take the boy?
Chambers, yes.
- Key... key...
- Keystone earth.
Thank you.
Hey, remember me?
You said they were crossing over kids.
You were one of them, weren't you?
I lost it.
The shine.
Which way did they take you through?
- No, no, you have to run.
- Do you remember? A portal, a door.
- Anything, please.
- It's almost over.
It's almost over.
It's almost over.
It's almost over.
Can you hear me?
Show me.
They can track the shine.
I know what you are.
Should have enough to find it.
Got to get home and do some research.
- Your home?
- Yeah, I got to let my morn know I'm okay.
We have trackers spread
throughout the city.
There's no trace of him yet, sir.
Couple of small spikes,
but not enough to hone in on.
Don't you worry, dicky-boy.
- I've got you covered.
- Sir?
I left a surprise for our little friend.
Just be ready.
- You should probably wait here.
- Dude.
- Where the hell have you been?
- Timmy. Um...
Who's that?
I'll tell you later.
How's morn and Lon?
They must be freaking out.
They haven't been home
since yesterday.
Mom. Mom.
- Mom?
- Jake.
- Mom? Mom! Morn!
- Jake!
No, no.
No, no. No, no, no.
No, no, no.
No, mom. No, no, no.
No, no, mom.
No, no, mom.
- Drawings.
- Mom.
I'll make it quick.
No, Jake.
- Don't see it.
- Mom.
It's what he wants.
- He's tracking you.
- She's dead.
Close your mind.
Close your mind.
Let the pain run through you, Jake.
He killed her.
- I know. I know.
- He killed her.
Come here.
I will kill him.
For both of us.
What about the tower?
My mom died
so you could have your revenge?
Maybe your world is almost gone,
but mine isn't.
You said it yourself, as long
as the darkness is out there...
the tower's always in danger.
You know, they were right.
You're not a gunslinger.
It's called the Dixie pig.
It's on Plymouth and Pearl.
When I was younger...
I would recite the gunslinger's creed.
It calms the heart and the mind.
I haven't spoken it for years.
I do not aim with my hand.
He who aims with his hand
has forgotten the face of his father.
I aim with my eye.
I do not shoot with my hand.
He who shoots with his hand
has forgotten the face of his father.
I shoot with my mind.
I do not kill with my gun.
Both he who kills with his gun has
forgotten the face of his father.
Not while the tower still stands.
Not while you still stand.
- I kill with my heart.
- I kill with my heart.
That's good.
Your shine is your weapon, Jake.
Guns are mine.
Can I help you fellas?
- Hey.
- Forty-five-caliber bullets.
- I only have...
- We'll take them all.
Just do what he says.
He won't hurt you.
I don't want any trouble.
Well, then you're smarter than most.
Hurry up-
all right, let's get
you somewhere safe.
Did you miss me?
Well, I guess you did.
Roland! Roland, Roland.
Jake, run.
I see you finally found a compass,
yet you still came to me.
Because I'm your only destination,
Fire away.
It's not me.
I'm not doing this.
First, you want to save the tower.
Then, kill the man in black.
You are like a dog
fetching a stick over and over.
You tell the kid
what happened to the old crew?
You tell him that everyone that
walks with you dies by my hand?
Not this time.
Your soft-skinned mother?
- Your gunslinger friends?
- Face me.
Your whimpering excuse for a dad.
Stop hiding behind your magic
and face me, Walter!
We both know that no matter
who crosses the finish line first...
the universe will die out eventually.
Death always wins.
That's the deal.
No, no.
Jake chambers.
You are the full
package, as advertised.
Sayre, get ready.
Tall, dark and handsome
is about to crash the party.
Let's go, let's go! Move, move!
Take one and go.
Alrighty. Let's go put everyone
out of their misery, shall we?
Any time, champ.
they're taking me to that place.
Be careful.
Hang on.
I'm coming for you.
We'll get him, sir.
Have a great apocalypse.
Close in on him!
- Let's go.
- Sir.
We're online!
- It's really gonna happen, isn't it?
- Oh, yes, it is.
Somethings wrong.
Somethings wrong here.
The levels are plateauing.
- It's as if he's...
- Fighting back.
Why do you resist?
Your visions didn't bring you to him,
they brought you to me.
He doesn't love you.
He doesn't care for you.
In fact, he's been using you
this entire time to get to me.
This is why you're here.
This is your destiny.
You killed my morn!
Yes, that's it.
There we go.
Portal. Close it.
- Close it!
- I can't!
Oh, my god.
It's the kid.
It's the kid!
He's keeping the portal open!
Ahh. Impressive.
So you wanted me to face you,
old friend?
Here I am.
It's fitting that you
and the tower should fall together.
Roland, get up.
I do not aim with my hand.
He who aims with his hand
has forgotten the face of his father.
I aim with my eye.
I do not shoot with my hand.
He who shoots with his hand...
Has forgotten the face of his father.
I shoot with my mind.
I shoot with my mind.
I do not kill with my gun.
He who kills with his gun...
Has forgotten the face of his father.
Has forgotten the face of his father.
I kill with my heart.
Mom, dad.
- There they are.
- Sweetheart.
Oh, I'm so glad you're here.
Multiple witnesses saw...
the strange phenomena in the sky.
Looks like we've seen
the worst of it...
The weather center
has now issued a statement...
that it may have been some kind
of very intense solar flare.
- Here.
- What is this?
- Thank you.
- Thanks. Hot dog.
What breed?
No, it's not a breed.
I have to leave here, Jake.
You understand that, don't you?
I know.
Why don't you come with me?
You have nothing here.
Besides, I could use your help.
Okay. Yeah.