The Dark Within (2019) Movie Script

- Candidate
142, please take a seat.
- Please standby.
Everything okay?
37 degrees.
14, 62, North.
115 degrees.
48.95, West.
Please proceed.
Present your findings to
the window on the right.
Subject 142 shows
enormous potential.
Finally, a breakthrough.
Congratulations, candidates.
You are successful in
reaching level six.
- Warning,
facility lockdown
in T-minus three minutes.
- Advance
remote viewing experiment
ready to commence.
- Let me out!
Open the door!
What have you done to us?
Open the door!
Open the door!
- Now, open your eyes, Marcus.
How do you feel?
- Tired.
- I'm going to ask you
a series of questions.
- It's very--
- Will you turn that off?
It's giving me a headache.
- It's very important that
you answer them honestly and
with as much
clarity as possible.
When did your
parents go missing?
- August 8th, 1991.
- And what happened to them?
- I don't know.
- What do you think
happened to them?
- I don't.
We've been through
this a hundred times.
- It is my job to keep
asking you these questions.
And as condition of your parole,
it is your job to answer them.
You have to work
with me here, Marcus.
What do you think
happened to them?
- I used to think they
ran away and left me.
- And now?
- My best guess is they're dead.
- And how does
that make you feel?
- Sad.
- Sad in what way?
- Sad because I'll never know
what really happened to them.
Or what really happened to me.
- Are your eyes
bothering you again?
I'm gonna write you
up something for that.
What about Sara, any contact?
- I'm not allowed.
- That hasn't stopped
you in the past.
- No.
- Let's talk about
what happened that day.
- I told you, I don't remember.
- Please try.
- I woke up from a bad dream.
I had a thumping headache.
I went downstairs
to get some aspirin.
I heard something.
- What did you hear?
- Voices.
- What did they say?
- I can't remember.
When I came to, the
police were there
and the whole room
was destroyed.
How is she?
- You know I'm not
allowed to discuss
my other patients with you.
- But she still is your patient?
- She's doing fine.
- Let's talk about
these headaches.
Are you still having them?
- They're less frequent,
but I can't seem to
focus on anything.
- There's always going
to be side effects.
The important thing
is that we're moving
forward in the right direction.
You made a lot of progress
in six months, Marcus.
- How much longer do
I have to take them?
For the moment, we're gonna
take it one step at a time.
and if you keep
progressing it will
be sooner rather than later.
Okay, I think that's
enough for today.
I'm gonna write you up
something for your eyes.
And Marcus,
you'll get through
this, I promise.
- I just wanna talk.
- Yeah, well I don't.
- Please.
I don't have anyone else.
- You shouldn't be here.
- I'm sorry, Sara.
I'd never do
anything to hurt you.
- Yeah, well you did.
You did hurt me, Marcus!
- I know.
You have every right to hate me.
- I don't hate you.
I'm scared of you.
You should leave.
- I'm getting help.
I'm seeing a therapist.
It seems to be working.
And you were right.
I should have done
that a long time ago.
- Okay, well, I'm
glad to hear that.
I really am.
I'm glad you're getting help.
But that doesn't change the
fact that you came here.
You can't just come
to my house, Marcus.
I have a restraining
order against you.
Do you understand what
a restraining order is?
Do you understand
what that means?
You don't care if
you go to jail?
- I miss you.
- That's not fair.
- Are you happy?
- You should leave
before James gets home.
- Marcus?
- Sorry.
- I lost you again, didn't I?
So what do you think?
- About what?
- The next step
in your recovery.
This belongs to you.
It's the key to
your parent's cabin.
- How did you get this?
- I contacted your trust,
told them you were going
up there for a couple days,
and they had a courier
send it over to my office.
We leave first thing
in the morning.
- Tomorrow?
- Do you need more time?
- No, no, no, no, it's fine.
It's just a surprise.
- I need you to
pack some clothes.
I want you to stay
for a few days.
I think this is gonna
be good for you, Marcus.
Who knows?
Maybe it will jog
some of those memories
you've got locked up so tight.
You alright?
- Looks different
from how I remember.
- It's been a long time.
You've got my number.
If you need anything,
give me a call.
Other than that, see
you in a couple days.
- Jillian?
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
- Good luck.
- Hey,
you've reached Sara.
Leave a message and I'll get
back to you soon as possible.
- The serum intended
to enhance the subject's
psychic abilities has resulted
in terrifying side effects.
I can't be certain but it
would appear the experiment
has attracted some kind of.
Right now I have more
questions than answers.
One certainty I have is that I.
Some of his drawings
suggest that these
things have already
made contact with him.
I don't know if
this is a glimpse--
- What did
I say about playing
with Dad's recording,
you little monkey?
If I let you go to work with
Daddy, you promise to be good?
- Of
course, he's going.
He's my little helper.
- You
hear that, Marcus?
Your Dad wants you to help him.
- Marcus,
give me the recording.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday, dear Marcus.
Happy birthday to you.
Quick, blow out
the candles, son.
- Marcus?
Down the hatch.
- Down the hatch.
- Subject 142 has
displayed remote viewing
abilities far beyond anything
I've ever seen before.
Progress so far has
been slow, too slow
for my superiors as they are now
insisting I introduce
the newly-created serum.
The psychic stimulator has yet
to be tested successfully on--
Two of my staff have been killed
trying to subdue the subject.
Unfortunately, our
female military volunteer
has suffered some kind
of fatal side effect.
Marcus is now the entity's only
means of entering this world.
I've hidden the
last of my serum and
destroyed all of my research.
I can only pray that if
they're here and if they can't
successfully do it through 142,
they will try to complete their
transition to our
world through my son.
Lasting side effects.
- Marcus.
- Hello?
- Marcus.
- Dad?
- Marcus.
- Hello?
- Marcus?
Marcus, are you in there?
- Sara?
- Yeah, it's me.
Can you please open the door?
- What are you doing here?
- Well, let me
in and I'll explain.
- How do I know
you're really you?
- What?
- How do I know it's you?
- Marcus, this
is fucking ridiculous.
Just open the goddamn door.
- What did I get you
for your last birthday?
What did I get you?
- Fine, you bought
me a terrible necklace
with this bedazzled teddy
bear on it and I hated it,
but I wore it anyways
because I loved you.
Now, please open the door.
You look like shit.
What is this?
Marcus, what's going on?
- Sara, what are you doing here?
- Didn't Dr. Martin call you?
She thought it might be helpful
for you to see a familiar face.
- She told you I was here?
- Yes, she explained
everything to me.
She's worried about you.
So am I.
All this time alone.
- What are you talking about?
I got here yesterday.
- Marcus, you've been
up here for a week.
I'm here to help you.
I wanna help you.
Let me in.
So you found this in a box
inside a hole in the woods?
Yeah, okay.
What was it doing there?
- That was hidden on purpose.
Okay, that was hidden
there by my dad.
- How do you know that?
- I just do.
- You have no idea
what this stuff is.
I mean, it could be poisonous.
You have no clue how
even old this is.
You didn't take any
of this did you?
Did you?
- That could be
the key to finding
out what happened to them.
What happened to me.
- And anyone answer?
- Yes, someone answers!
They just left me, Sara.
I was a little boy
and they just left me.
What if I did something wrong?
What if this is my fault?
- We have discussed this.
It is not your fault.
I see you still have a
lot you need to work on.
- What do you think
I'm doing here?
- You know what, this is.
This is not the right
setting for this.
I should go.
We will discuss this
at a later time.
- Wait.
Let me show you.
It was here, it was right here.
- What was?
- It was a hatch.
- A hatch?
- Yeah, he led me here.
- Who did?
- My dad.
- Marcus, there's.
There's nothing here.
- It was, it was here.
- Hey.
It's okay, come on.
Let's go home.
Let's go home.
What's wrong?
Marcus, you okay?
What's going on,
just talk to me.
Stop, what are you doing?
Marcus, where are you going?
What are you doing?
Stop fucking around, Marcus.
Marcus, come here and talk.
Let's go home, please.
Stop looking at me like that!
Marcus, talk to me.
Why did you do that?
You just left me.
Stop the bullshit, Marcus.
You took some, didn't you?
You lied to me!
Answer me!
Answer me!
- No, you answer me.
What the fuck are you?
- Stop it, Marcus.
You're scaring me.
- Good.
I'm tired of being the only
one around here who's scared.
Come on.
- Ow!
- Hey.
- Ow!
You're hurting me.
Let go.
Marcus, let go!
- Sara?
Oh no.
Oh, no.
Don't speak, don't speak.
I'll get help, I'll get help.
Ah, fuck.
- 911,
what's your emergency?
- There's been an accident.
Someone's been stabbed and
they're losing a lot of blood.
Please, come and help us.
Ugh, that sounds terrible.
Please hold.
- What the fuck?
Thank you for waiting, sir.
How can I be of assistance?
- She's been fucking
stabbed, okay?
Just get an ambulance out
here as quick as you can.
Please hold!
- What, you can't
be fucking serious!
Sara, hold on, hold on, hold on.
Why do you keep
putting me on hold?
- Is
your friend still alive?
- Yes, but barely.
Look, she's losing
a lot of blood.
- Then I
suggest you finish the job!
- What?
- Cut her
throat, end her suffering.
You can't save her now.
- What the fuck?
Who the fuck is this?
Please hold!
- Fuck!
Do you still
require medical assistance?
- Fuck you!
- Marcus?
- Mom?
- I'm here.
No, don't open the door.
Just listen to my voice.
You have to trust me.
It will try and confuse you.
- Who are they?
- They need you,
but you mustn't fall
for their tricks.
You must be strong.
- Mom, I'm so scared.
- Without you,
they are nothing.
Nothing is as it seems.
- Mom.
- They're coming
for you, save yourself.
I love you, darling.
- Marcus?
I feel it, too
Your kisses taste so sweet
One look from you
knocks me right off my
I feel it, too
Your kisses taste so sweet
One look from you knocks me
- Sara?
Right off my feet
That's just love talking
Your love talking to me
Your love talking to me
- Sara?
- Marcus?
- I thought you were dead.
- What?
- I thought I killed you.
- I don't understand, I.
What's going on, Marcus?
I just.
I wanna go home, I
shouldn't have come here.
I wanna go home.
- I'm so sorry.
This is all my fault.
What the fuck?
I'm so sorry.
- Hey,
you've reached Sara.
Leave a message
and I'll get back
to you as soon as possible.
- Sara?
Sara, it's me.
Things are bad,
I need your help.
I'm at my parents' cabin.
I don't even know what's
real or not anymore.
Please, I need to
know you're okay.
I think I've done
something terrible.
Yes, someone answers!
They just left me, Sara.
I mean, I was a little
boy and they just left me.
What if I did something wrong?
What if this is my fault?
- This isn't real.
Sometime baby
Middle of the night
Don't have to tell you
What feels just right
That's just love talking
My love talking to you
I feel it, too
Your kisses taste so sweet
One look from you knocks
me right off my feet
- What have you done to me?
- I'm trying to help you.
- Why can't I see?
- That's what we're
trying to figure out.
For now, please, try to relax.
- It's happening again.
- I'm so sorry.
The time is
approximately 11:43 PM.
Unfortunately, subject
142 had to be terminated.
I'm running out of subjects.
Don't have to say hello
Don't have to say goodbye
- Marcus, close the door!
What is this a
picture of, Marcus?
- I don't know.
It's only the drawing.
- Who did?
- The man in my head.
- Never mention this
to anyone, okay, son?
I told you I didn't
wanna be disturbed.
I don't care what she said.
I run this facility not
her, and if you value
your job you will
keep her there.
Under no circumstances
do I want her down here.
Do I make myself clear?
- Where is he?
You take me to him right now.
The nightmares.
He's drawing the most
horrific monsters.
It's all you!
- Mary, you
don't understand.
Where is he?
- I can't.
- What have
you been doing to him?
- Mary, stop.
We have to continue
his treatment.
It's the only way to stop this.
- I can take care of him, I can.
Let me go.
- I won't let you go.
He needs this.
- Don't come any
closer, I mean it.
- Oh, Mary.
We don't have time for this.
Please, put down the gun.
Look at me.
I would never do anything
to hurt you or Marcus.
I love you both.
You know that?
- This doesn't make
any sense, Andrew.
- You have to trust me.
They're coming for him.
- Enough, get out of my way.
- Just give me the gun.
No, no!
Oh, god, no!
Come here, son.
It's okay.
You're special, Marcus.
Don't ever forget that.
You remember our secret way out?
The one I should you.
You run as fast as you can
and you never look back, okay?
I love you, son.
Now, go.
You can't take my boy!
I have
concocted a special formula
in hopes that it will suppress
Marcus's psychic abilities.
My only hope is that
this will be enough
to sever the tie between
him and the entities.
Long enough for me
to get him to safety.
The serum could have
long-lasting side effects
on him mentally and could
possibly lead to psychosis.
I just need more time to perfect
it, to make it more safe.
But time's up and I can't
think of any other solution.
Since the termination of
Subject 142, Marcus is now the
entity's only means of
entering this world.
I've hidden the last of my serum
and destroyed all
of my research.
I can only pray I've done
enough to stop these things.
- Marcus.
Don't have to say goodbye
That's just love talking
Don't have to say hello
Don't have to say goodbye
- I'm not
dead, it's the serum.
It's making me see things.
Just do as they ask and go home.
They promised to let us go.
They wanna help you.
Please, if you love
me just let them in.
- Now open
your eyes to us, Marcus.
- It's a good painting.
The pallet is
somewhat rudimentary.
And your use of shading
leaves a lot to be desired.
But the central figure, it's
like looking in a mirror.
- Who are you?
- I'm you.
Did the face not give it away?
- What?
- You're only half
a man, Marcus.
Stunted, cleft, pulled asunder.
Your potential left
abandoned in the woods.
Always looking for the escape.
Adversity is the
first path to truth.
- What truth?
- That you feel
hopeless, lost, confused.
You exist in a
state of abeyance,
unwilling to express
your true potency.
You felt it once.
- No.
- You only deny yourself.
You want to help us.
You've always wanted to help us.
Now open your eyes, Marcus.
Don't have to tell you
That's love talking
to you and I
- What are you doing, baby?
Let me help you.
- This isn't real.
- Of course, it's real.
You left a message on my phone.
That's why I'm here.
- So we can go home?
- Yes.
We can go home.
- You mean together?
- Of course, sweetheart.
Remember what we once had?
You can have all of it.
Just take my hand.
Just let me in, Marcus,
and then we can be
together forever.
- You're so shit at this.
Sara would never say that.
- We only want what's
best for you, darling.
We all do.
Marcus, put down the knife.
- I die,
you die.
- Fuck off!
- Marcus!
Marcus, are you in there?
Open the door!
Come on, Marcus.
Marcus, I got your message.
Please open the door.
Marcus, open the door!
- This isn't real.
- Now, open
your eyes, Marcus.
As I shock my heart asunder
The darkness within
breaks me under
High and whisper
silent screams
Endless duality and
patient filled dreams
Fills through the air
The light is pale
And nothing's what it seems
As I shock my heart asunder
The darkness within
breaks me under
As you see my fragile mind
You might wake the
darkness, it makes me rise
Can't escape this fate
tearing off my face
Sometime, baby
In the middle of the night
Don't have to tell you
What feels just right
That's just love talking
My love talking to you
I feel it, too
Your kisses taste so sweet
One look from you knocks
me right off my feet
That's just love talking