The Darkest Dawn (2016) Movie Script

- Well, go on then, turn it on.
- Yeah.
Come on, hotshot director.
Turn it on.
- Yeah...
- I think it is on.
- Hey!
-Happy birthday, lovely.
- Yeah. Watch out, Steven Spielberg. My
little sister is coming to get you!
- It's what you wanted.
- Mom, it's perfect.
- Come on, then. What's your
first report gonna be?
- Uh...
- Come on...
- Come on! - Okay.
My name is Chloe Murdock.
I am reporting live from my living room
with my mad, stupid, beautiful family.
-Happy birthday!
-Let me film it.
-Blow out the candles.
-Happy birthday, darling. Good cake.
-Yummy. Happy birthday!
-Have you got enough cake there?
- This is Chloe Murdock,
reporting on the
sleeping habits of
an off-duty nurse.
Hold on. I think we have movement.
In the wild, the off-duty nurse is
capable of sleeping for days at a time!
-I wish!
- Here we have it,
ladies and gentlemen, a
rare sighting of the
lesser spotted nurse.
-Some privacy here?
Oh my god! You haven't actually
got someone under there?
This is Chloe Murdock,
reporting on the
loose morals of an
off-duty nurse.
-Shh! he's sleeping.
-Dad is going... to kill you.
Oh my god, is it Dan?
Oh my gosh, finally...
-No, it is not Dan.
-Well then, who is it, then?
- Do you really wanna see?
- Uh, yes!
- Are you ready for the big scoop?
- Yes.
- Okay, but be cool, yeah?
this one's really special to me.
- Come on!
- Are you ready?
- Do you want to know why
they call me the big cat?
-Where are we going today, mum?
- Today, my sixteen year-old daughter Chloe
is giving blood for the first time.
And will this procedure hurt?
The pain will be extreme.
She may not make it. - Mum!
No... no, seriously, will it?
- Every bit!
- Turn the car around, quick!
- My daughter has rather rare blood.
- Mum...
-Which is why the pain will be worth it.
- That's not the only amazing
thing about her, actually.
She also has very big feet and can
touch her nose with her tongue.
-Cut! Cut!
- We are getting
unconfirmed reports of an
extremely large explosion
in the Hungerford area,
Possibly military in origin.
A complete media blackout of
the area has been imposed.
P.C. Terry Morgan who was
the first at the scene,
has described lightning hitting the
old factory on the outskirts of town.
In other news...
- Has anyone seen my keys?
- Mum, there's something
weird going on in the news.
-Keys... I'm going to be late.
- There... there's been an explosion.
No one know's what's going on.
- Listen, I don't think
you should go to work.
- What?
- Just call in sick.
- Look, I am not missing the
Wednesday sales meeting
because of some explosion
halfway across the country.
Look, I love my family,
but they worry too much.
I will be back later with pizza.
- Five foot seven and
she's got blonde hair.
No... n... never!
She's not answering her phone!
Look... look, alright?
Yeah. I understand,
okay? I understand how
busy you are, but...
But if you hear anything... okay?
Just... just call.
Are you okay?
-Yeah, I'm fine.
-Where's mum?
-She's on her way home.
- W... was that the police?
- Chloe, just...
just leave it, okay?
She'll be fine.
She'll be fine, she'll be fine.
Just be something on the trains.
-You're just buying pizza now.
No pepperoni for Sam.
Probably choosing fruit juice
instead of fizzy drinks, as always.
Dad says she'll be
back any minute.
But there's all these attacks and
people want us to look outdoors and...
but you have your key, so it's okay.
The truth is....I don't know
when I'll see you again.
But until then,
I'm going to make sure you
don't miss anything, okay?
I'm gonna show you
how strong your daughter can be.
- Hey... look, no one's gonna
mess with mum, are they?
She'll be here in the morning. Okay? She'll
be here. She'll be here in the morning.
- This is a public order announcement
issued by the emergency military committee
at 0600 hours today.
-My fellow citizens,
in truth, we would offer our surrender
if we knew how to
communicate with our enemy
or what their intentions are.
I appeal to you all
in the brutality that doubtless lies ahead,
that you somehow preserve your humanity.
It is your most sacred possession.
Dad says that we need to leave.
-We're not safe, hurry up!
-Okay, we need to go.
We need to go right now. Come on! Let's go.
-You are going down!
-this is a mandatory evacuation.
-Gang, let's go, now!
-What is that?
-What are you doing?
-Hosts are down!
-It's out?
- Come with me, come with
me, I can help you.
Come on! I know somewhere
safe we can go. Come on!
-We need to get on the ground!
-We're heading underground somewhere.
There's this man who's
looking after us.
We didn't have a choice. Dad's...
Dad's not here.
Mom, I love you.
No, no!!!
- Shh, shh, shh...
Shh, shh, shh...
Shh, shh, shh... Shh, shh, shush...
It's okay.
-Fuck sight. Not this again!
Who's this?
Oi! I said "Who's this."!
-That's my dad.
-Good dad, was he?
He was a good-looking man.
Good-looking fucking corpse, now.
- Leave him alone!
-Shut... the... fuck... up!
-That's the man who's looking after us.
He gets so... angry with me.
Sam has to... calm him down.
I'll look after you some more later.
The... the water's run out.
-Then check the other containers, then.
-I... I... d--I did.
-I told you we have to ration it.
- But we haven't had a
drink since yesterday.
What do you think I do when I go up there?
Those are the lights that stay hidden.
-We could just go.
While he's gone.
- It's safer here.
- But what if you can't
calm him down next time?
- Shh!
- Sam, come on!
-He's back. Shut up.
-Check it.
-He had blood on his hands, Sam!
Whose blood was that?
-Who were they?
Oh, god, the smell.
-What was that?
- Stay out of sight.
Don't make a sound.
- I can see someone in there.
- Shh!
-Let's leave.
- Oh, shit, fuck!
What are you doing?
-Whoa, whoa, what do you want?
Whoa, what do you want?
-Look at me. Look at me.
My name...
is Cowen Rosewell.
This is Adam...
and this is Kipper.
We've got food...
water to share... we just need
rest and information, okay?
- Make him put the gun down!
- Can I use that?
- Yeah, you want me to do a favor.
Put the gun down?
-Fucking get him to put his gun down!
Will you listen to me?
You'll put your gun down, won't you, Adam?
- Oh, I'll put him down.
- You're fucking slow...
- [overlapping shouting]
Dumb-ass!! Get off!
Put... your... gun... down.
-Him first. Go on.
On "Three".
-Thank you.
Whoa, whoa, whoa... who
the fuck are they?
- Whoa, no... they're just
two girls staying with me.
I'm Cowen.
-I... I'm Sam and...
This is my little sister, Chloe.
-I found a stash of food
in a house.
-Where did you come from?
- Nobody got out of there.
- We did.
And we're looking for someone.
Cohen, show him.
She's my sister.
She's about 5'5",
brown hair,
around your age.
- What was her name?
- Phillipa.
Phillipa Martell.
-What are you doing down here?
-To meet with the military.
- They told us they were taking
the survivors from Hungerford.
Some sort of base of operations.
- Nothing about that down here.
Not that I've seen.
-Look, I'll vote for your shit for this.
I need more than the fucking oath.
Alright? The tunnels go in for miles, okay?
-there's no cavalry down here, mate.
- Was there any sense
in him coming?
- I said it's still a possibility.
- No.
Now, you said that you'd
look after who I loved.
She'd be here if it wasn't for you.
- Hands off.
- Where is she going?
- You're tired. You need a rest
before you do something stupid.
You leave your stuff here.
We never leave any
of our stuff alone.
-As you wish.
Sam! Show them where they can sleep.
- No, no, no, no... don't... don't
stop, don't stop.
Who's that?
-It's my dad.
The day we evacuated
we were outside
something was being,
dropped by some sort of ship.
-We called them.
He attacked me.
-These bucks...
they control you.
It wasn't him.
- Someone just shoot
him in the head.
-I'm sorry.
I've got a picture of my own.
Can I show you?
- [Indistinct.]
-She's really pretty.
-Cowen. You need to get some rest.
-Adam, don't trust Bob, okay?
Hi mum! We found some new people.
I showed one of them dad's photo.
He seemed really nice.
There's this one guy called
And... um... he's lost his sister, Phil.
I think he's... more scared that I am.
I hope you're somewhere nice.
I miss the fresh air.
Sam!! Sam!!
- Stupid shit!
You little shit! Coming here
trying to steal my girls?
- Adam, stop him!
- I can bury him!
-Adam, quick!
Did you kill him?
-I saw some plane, Cowen.
-You keep looking.
And we keep trying.
-We can't stay down here.
Waiting to get killed.
- Who said you were coming with us?
- Adam!
-I'm a trained nurse!
I'm useful.
- Are you really gonna go
about till they get in?
-Yeah. Yeah, I will.
- How many people have you killed?
- I've already saved your life once!
I didn't have to do that, you know?
You owe us.
-Fair point.
We'll go together.
We'll do it together.
Okay, keep moving.
Keep looking for the base.
-Must be down here somewhere.
-Get down!
It's an attack!
Shh... shh... shh..shh..
-Follow me.
- Is this the base?
- Chloe, shh!
Come on.
Guys, stay close.
- Adam talk to me.
- It's clear.
It's clear.
-It's the base.
It's the base!
- I don't know, mate.
It's just a death camp.
It's gone.
-Cowen, Cowen, there's a register.
- What?
- Ground zero.
-Oh my god.
Phillipa Martell.
-She's here!
S-Some movement order of some kind.
These coordinates...
Okay, okay...
- What?
- There's a rendezvous point.
- Yeah?
- Just outside of Oxford.
It's in two days.
- According to this thing,
they left yesterday.
It's not far.
-Oh my god!
- Don't worry, you'll be fine.
Kipper, I need you to put pressure
over that wound right now.
- We're looking for our friend. We're
looking for our friend, Phillipa.
- Cowen...
- Phillipa Martell.
-Was she here? Phillipa? Phillipa. Think.
- Phillipa.
- Cowen, stop.
-Look, she's writing something.
Is this where she's gone?
Is this where they've taken her?
- Cowen!
- Is this where she... is this
where they've taken her?
- What did she write?
- She didn't write anything.
She circled Manchester.
-Can you feel that? Fresh air.
Okay, go.
The tunnel ends.
-Come on!
-We made it, Sam.
How could... anyone have survived that?
-Hey guys. I...
I found a boat.
-Hail Kip, our resident miracle worker.
Follow me.
- Hey...
I found the boat.
- No, I insist.
- Look at them now, Sam.
They're fighting over you.
- Just typical. have to wait
till the end of the world.
-Oh, we should get a group shot!
-Oh, fuck!
-We have to come back.
To the tunnels, back here.
-I know you're not in this, mum.
You found somewhere better.
We're going to try to get out
of land and on the river.
We know where Phil's gonna be in two
days' time, so we're gonna head there.
I know the tide goes up
in just over an hour
though, so I should
probably get some sleep.
This is your daughter, Chloe
Murdock, signing off.
- We cruise along the
river... we do it just for fun,
And we hardly shiver,
When we... oops you got an itch... when
we've got the summer sun.
-Guys. stop!
What if someone's still alive?
- Shh!
Just keep going.
-Kip, slow down.
- There's gotta be food in
one of these houses, right?
what are you doing?
-I need a piss.
We've made it out of London.
But we haven't anything to eat.
So we're going to this big abandoned
house to find out if there's any food.
Follow me.
-Cowen, there's nothing here.
-Just keep looking, alright?
- What the fuck do you
think you're doing?
- Chloe, do you...
- What was that?
There's somethings upstairs.
It's in there.
Be careful.
-Is she okay?
- Show me your hands.
Show me your hands!
I need to talk to you outside.
Give me the apple. - No.
- Hand me the apple.
- No.
- Let me take it to him.
- I said no.
Everything that that man once had
is gone.
And the only thing that he has left
is in your hand. Now
let me take it to him.
-Cowen, what do you think this is?
It's just food.
Hmm? Food for her,
but you won't need it.
How long do you think this will last?
It's already dead.
-Adam, that is not the...
-That's your gun.
- What did you do?
- I...
gave him a choice
to end... his suffering,
rather than prolong it.
-Oh, my god, no!
Oh, Adam...
-Please help me! Over here!
My parents are hurt! they're just
inside! You can save them!
Please, come quickly!
- Stop the fucking
boat, he's just a kid.
- Mister...
- We can help him!
- Kip, stop the boat.
-Out here.
We're up here.
-Adam, what are you doing?
-Where are your parents?
-Get down on your knees! Get down!
Get down!
-Oh, dear...
thought you were saving a
poor, helpless kid, did you?
Good deed in an evil world.
My mom was like you.
Always saw the best in people.
Which meant she never
saw the worst coming.
Alright, mate.
Chin up.
-Don't mind if I do.
Almost my prescription lens.
-What are we doing? Are
we making a film?
My own Candid Camera?
Tell you what...
let's play a game.
This game is called "Keep
or kill".
Who do we keep
and who do we kill?
Just hold the camera
little, ma'am.
- What about this fellow?
What do you reckon?
It's a... sorry state of
affairs, what do you think?
- No.
- Well, what about sourpuss here?
- And what about there? Interesting
facial hair Johnny here?
-Not a chance.
What does that leave us with?
- This one.
- No!
-She opens her mouth again,
put a fucking bullet in it.
- Please no, I...
stopped the boat to help you!
-Alright sweetheart.
- Don't you touch her!
- Don't fucking talk to me,
are you fucking insane?
Come on.
-It's all right.
We're all one big happy family here, eh?
We can find a place for
you in the family.
You should be thanking me.
You know, there's people in the river who
make us look like fucking teddy bear.
-Don't you move, you sick fucker!
-Okay, just...
calm down, mate. Peace out. Don't
do anything hasty, we've got
food, if you're going up river,
you're gonna need weapons,
Just take what you need,
and go.
Fucking... bitch!
- Stop it!
Fuck! Ah!
-Guys! Ricky! Cowen!
Cowen, we've got company!
-Unlatch the devils ...stir the
tower walls...goodness..
It's all virtue in our shape?
Our kind is lost.
-Get down!
-Get up!
Turn it around now!
- Cowen.
-Into the water!
- Fuck!
-Hey join us!
You shall not take me!
The boat's holed.
We're gonna have to
proceed on foot.
-For god's sake..
-This is Chloe Murdock reporting.
Cowen says that we're not far
from the rendezvous point.
We've been walking for hours.
Hopefully we'll rest soon.
-Where's that coming from?
It's a girl.
got brown hair.
-Adam, we don't know.
-What are you doing?
-She went that way.
-Is it her?
Is it Phill?
-It's not her.
-Adam, it's okay.
Adam she...she was dying anyway.
Adam, no!
-Adam,, Adam!
Adam, she was going to die!
She was gonna die. That was
an act of mercy, okay?
-You alright?
-Do you guys need a rest?
-I'm okay.
-You sure?
-Okay, guys.
Another half and hour.
And then we'll camp up.
-Guys, is it abandoned?
-Chloe, stay close.
-Okay, okay.
Please be careful.
-Go, move.
-Shh, Adam...on me.
It's clear.
It's clear!
-I can fucking hear rats.
-Follow it.
-Yeah? him.
-Hi, mum.
It looks like we found a sanctuary.
That's what they did in the good old
days, right? You know. Come to a church,
you know, no matter
what you've done,
where no one could get you,
I mean, this one doesn't have a roof,
Uh...but you know, they're lighting a fire,
you know...I even heard
a rumor that there's
gonna be crumpets on
the cards lately.
So, if I promise to save you one,
you'll promise me you'll
be safe until then.
Love you.
-Just like old times.
-Oh my god. the best crumpet
I have ever tasted.
-There's nothing like a
post-apocalyptic crumpet, eh?
One summer,
he...he decided to, um...
to DJ?
-It's not funny.
-DJ Kipper.
-Do you remember that song we wrote?
-Same summer.
-You...yes you do
and I know you do.
-I remember.
-Of course you do.
on myyyyyyy toooast.
With some buuuuuuuter...
it tastes so gross...
-That's it.
-I hate you right now.
-Cheeeeeese on my toooast...
With some buuuuuuuter...
it tastes so gross...
-Sam, Sam, come on, do it.
-Cheeeeeese on my toooast...
With some buuuuuuuter...
-Go see if she's all right.
-My little sister killed someone today.
My little sister's killed a man,
and it's like she doesn't
even give a shit.
-Sam...we all had to do
things we didn't want to.
-I don't even recognize her.
it's like she's a shell.
-Sam, why would you say that?
-I can't keep being this
brave and strong
person that everyone
thinks I am, because I'm not!
-Ever since we found
you in the tunnels,
I've noticed exactly just how
much you look after her.
After Chloe. Despite all of this shit.
to be honest, I...
I really admire that.
-You've done really well. Okay?
Inside...get inside!
-Coming out!
-Let's go back! Let's go back!
-It's the rat. Look at the rat.
-Early morning, all the guests
are asleep as you can see.
No one got killed in the night.
All good, except I need to piss.
No you can't come, too.
Keep filming, bitch!
No one fucking move, put
the fucking gun down.
On your feet! On your feet!
Move! Move!
Get the fuck over there!
Shoot anybody who moves.
What the fuck...are you...doing over here?
-We've been following you.
Did you hear that?
Something that
had made me feel warm inside.
'Cause it does.
-Base to patrol.
-Out here...
Out here I decide.
-Base to patrol, come in please.
-Out here...I decide...who's
a the mission.
-I realize you need to be vigilant.
-He realizes! Do you realize?
What the fuck do you
think you realize?
Base patrol, are you receiving? Over.
-Patrol to base, we have five
unidentified adults on the perimeter.
-Five? You couldn't give me one?
Lucky boy.
-Keep your hands where I can see 'em.
Now, I need to know
what the fuck you were...
I know you.
I fucking know you.
You're Ground zero.
-You're Hungerford.
You got us help.
-Fuck it all!
You nut-less monkeys.
You made it.
You look like shit, though.
Alright, stand down.
How you doing?
-We're okay.
We're looking for our friend.
-What she look like?
-She's small,
Five foot,
brown hair,
Do you know these people?
Is it them?
Alright, come on, come on,
let's take this inside.
Come inside.
Are you alright?
You're sure? yeah?
Come on, you need to let go.
Come on.
Come on in.
After I got you guys out,
I had to go back in and found a whole
lot of layer of shit, I could tell you.
And amongst all that,
was where I found Pips.
We tapped that white wall, ditch one.
Sealed on the ground, by south London.
-We were there two days ago.
-You were there?
How was it?
-What is operation Ascalon?
-How was the base?
-It was destroyed.
-We found a medic.
-Why did you leave?
-Tell us about the medic.
She wrote on the map, okay?
Before she died, she
circled Manchester.
-That's not a circle.
it's an "O".
"O" for O-negative blood.
The woman you found
was a doctor.
Her name was Helen.
Helen believed that the bugs
inject some sort of parasite
into the bloodstream that
gives them control over you.
And O- negative blood stops the
parasite from being able to do that.
-What? Kills it?
-Maybe kills it.
But it definitely interrupts
its ability to control you.
-We have to go back!
-We can't go back!
Your duty is to the mission.
-Don't you think we have
a fucking right to know
What the fuck is going on here?
With Ascalon?
means fuck all to you, son,
and you best remember that
if you want to stay under my wing, go it?
-Every time I look at her
face I just see death.
I need to talk to you
about the blood.
-I'm a monster, Chloe.
Not even Phil can save me now.
-better charge this baby up.
-How could I have handled
this without you, my friend?
I need to speak to you.
Somewhere else?
The blood...
it makes you an asset.
Please don't tell them.
I'm your big sister and
we don't even know them.
It's dangerous.
-Oh, oh, I'm sorry. I thought you
didn't have a little sister anymore.
-See this? it's just a shell.
That's all it is.
-They keep their books in a separate room,
And they got it all the time.
Could this be Ascalon?
-Let's take a closer
look, shall we?
-Get back! Get back! This
is a restricted area!
What are you...
-Get it off me! Get it off me!
-Go! Go!
-Close the door!
Close the fucking door!
-What are you doing?
-There's still more out there!
- Do as I say, or so help me!
-They're getting back!
-Sarge, get the case!
-I'm not touching that fucking case!
-Slay the dragon, sarge! Use the weapon!
-Anyone that touches
that fucking case, dies!
-Get away from the windows!
No, they're not mates anymore!
- They're infested!
-What's wrong with her?
Pits? Pits?
-She's got one! Put it down!
-Get back!
-Put it down!
-I got one!
-I'm "O" negative!
"O" negative! That's the
blood-type you need, right?
-Ricky! Get the fucking kids!
-Chloe, give me the camera!
-No, I need to film this!
-Sam, come on!
-I need to film this.
-Come on, Sam!
-Go make this quick!!
-Stop, Cohen!
-hey, get in there.
-I can't fucking hold her!
-Come on, do it man!!
-Just give me time, please!
-It's working. I think it's working.
-It's working.
-Wh...what happened?
-Hey, hey, hey, hey.
-Fuck, I did I get a bug?
-Fuck, I did I get a bug?
-You got a bug, Okay?
-Oh, shit.
-But we put the
transfusion...and it worked.
Can you feel it?
-Are you sure?
-I don't know. I can't.
-Are you sure?
-I can't feel it.
Was it you?
-Yeah, it was me.
-Thank you, thank you.
-Hey, mum. I promised to show
you how brave I could be,
and this may sound weird,
but I needed to tell you
I never did anything
important before,
and I'm actually sort of...happy.
I mean, something is we made
it through this far, then
maybe we can all make it, mum.
And then we could finally have that pizza.
So here's to hope. Love you.
-We take dog tags from a person.
Yeah? Let's have a look shall we?
Let's have a look.
-Oh, you see that?
That's not john anymore,
because that's a bug hole.
-I served in hell with him.
You show some fucking respect!
Just say this, Ricky!
That could be you.
Dog tags,
-Or... we could open the box.
-You okay?
You did really well today.
You saved someone's life.
-I remember Dad.
Lying there on the pavement.
I would have lied down and
stayed there forever.
But told me we needed to go.
-But I...
-I know it was because
you were trying to protect me.
I know that now.
I love you.
-I love you, too.
what is your real name?
-No, I can't tell you that.
it's a secret.
-I'll guess.
-Yeah, go on, then.
-Is it...Max?
-What about...John?
-Just tell me.
-Hey...I don't tell anyone.
Very nice.
-Tell you what. Whisper it to me.
Come on!
-Fine, fine..fine, alright.
Is that Hebrew?
-She's an amazing
woman, you know.
-I know.
Got me together a few
times, I can tell you.
-Are you using people?
Making bad decisions?
-Something like that.
-Like not opening the box.
What is Ascalon?
-Name of the lance Saint George
used to kill the dragon.
We salvaged one of their weapons
from the first ship we brought down.
-Is that what it is?
-They risk the last working
chopper to bring it out.
-Your boys didn't seem too
happy you didn't use it.
-Can't risk it. It's all we fucking got.
Besides, we lost too many good
men recovering that thing.
Think I'm gonna risk that 'cause
they're shitting their pants?
We're getting out of here tomorrow,
you need some sleep, so...
And Cowen...
I'm really glad you made it, son.
-You son of a bitch1 How could you?
Were you lying to me?
-Sam! Wait!
That's my sister!!!
it's Chloe's camera!
I found Chloe's camera.
Chloe, I'm coming to get you.
-How we doing?
-Four pistols...
two knives.
Looks like your sergeant fucked us.
-He wouldn't do that.
-We need to get Chloe!
-Fuck it.
Let's go.
-I overheard one of the soldiers.
It was his daughter's.
-Let's go.
-That's it.
That's the rendezvous point.
Come on.
-[indistinct radio chatter]
Mike, Kilo...
-Come on.
-we got movement around the front.
Repeat, movement around the front.
-Wait, wait.
Go, now. Go, go go!
-Come on.
-Phil? quiet.
-It's waking up!
I can feel it!
Down, down, down, down!
Take your hands! Put them in the air!
Put them in the air!
-Phil, please, no.
Phil, look at me.
I promise, that Sam and Chloe will make
it right. We'll get you the blood.
-They've killed Pete.
That's not good, is it?
-get to your fucking knees.
-Ricky? Make sure you don't
miss any of the good bits.
-What is wrong with...with her?
-Don't you fucking dare, mate.
What are you...gonna do?
-We're gonna kill you,
like we killed your guy.
-Perhaps she just needs
a little blood top up.
-Which is a shame, because your sister
has got a different job now.
Okay, come on, come on.
Kipper, no, Kipper...
-It was going so well.
I mean, you know you just...
-Oh, no, no! No!
-Get them the fuck inside!
-God, no!
-And shut that bitch up.
-Please wake up!
-Or send her to meet her sister!
I'm gonna fucking kill you all!
-Down on the floor
-And stay down!
said that we should just hand it over.
I say "Fuck them."
-Fuck you!
-I say we just went up in the world.
-Fuck them! Screw them!
-I say that we make the rules from now on.
-Fuck yeah!
-Use the weapons!
-Fuck the lot of them!
-Look at that, Hopper.
She's a beauty.
-Who the fuck was that?
-Ricky, give them the fucking cage, man!
-What's it doing Hopper?
-I said, now!
-Unlock us!
Unlock us now!
-Oh shit.
-There's someone on the fucking ship.
Ricky look at me.
Look at me.
-Fuck, fuck...
-You're not him, mate. You're not him.
Unlock us. We'll help you fight.
-Get off me!
-Grab the door!
-Come on!
-Grab his key, and his weapon.
-Come on!
-Go! Go!
-Come on, Kip!
-Go! Now!
-Shh! Shit!
-Stop. Stop or I kill her.
-Don't even fucking think about it.
-We were just
enjoying some wine.
the cellar is full of it.
That's what you wanted,
by the way, a blood bank.
-This is a fucking game!
-Get off me! Get off me!
-He fucking loves it!
-I've killed your shag, remember?!
-Better look back.
In other circumstances, she would've
been way out of your league.
-This is free bird to St.
George, we are
flying blind. Please confirm
terrace to land. Over.
-This is St. George.
We're under enemy fire.
-Please confirm.
Continued reliability. Over
-This Ia St. George.
Ascalon is safe.
-We're coming in fast and low.
We're landing
west to the target.
Over and out.
-Adam? I need your help.
-Grab it.
-Come on. Chloe, come on!
-This way!
-Come on! Come on!
-Come on! Hurry!
-Come on, go! Go!
-Look at the smoke!
-Go! Fucking go!
-You're not going to make it.
Chloe, you're not gonna make it.
-Someone...has got to do something
about that ship coming.
-Oh my God, no!
-That's your ticket out of
here, alright? Take it!
You promise me.
You promise me you'll find
a cure for my sister.
Promise me!
-I promise you!
You'll keep it safe, alright?
Do you you
remember before this happened?
I forget.
-I'm not forgetting you!
Cowen, we gotta go!
Come on!
-Come on, let's go! Let's go! Go, go, go!
-Are we going to Ascalon?
-Yes! Go! Go!
-Back to freedom, base
to Ascalon has been
recovered, we are inbound
with survivors. over.
Cowen, hold on!
Hold on! Get on!
-Lincoln 3013
-Where's Adam?
Where's Adam?!