The Darkest Minds (2018) Movie Script

Grace, what's wrong?
- Grace!
- BOY: Oh, my God.
- GIRL: Do you know her?
RUBY: Every war starts quietly.
Mine started with Grace Somerfield.
She was the first to die.
The first in my class, at least.
A month later, half of my class was dead.
I didn't know why I wasn't.
Scientists have now given a name
to this mysterious
and highly contagious disease.
Idiopathic Adolescent Acute
Neurodegeneration or I.A.A.N.
NEWS ANCHOR: There seems
to be no end to the pain
for parents and families across America.
Nearly 90 percent of the
country's children are now dead.
Strange and unexplained incidents
involving surviving children
continue to pour in from across the country.
Panic calls to 9-1-1 describe cars
- moving on their own accord.
NEWS ANCHOR 2: If you notice
any bizarre behavior in your children
or the children of those around you,
please report immediately to the CDC.
We now go live to President Gray.
- REPORTER: Mr. President!
REPORTER 2: Do you have any updates
on the I.A.A.N. pandemic?
Uh, yes, I do.
Uh, first, I want to say to you
that I am speaking today...
not as your president, but as a parent.
As you know, my son...
My son is among the survivors,
and for the first time
Clancy's condition has improved
after his treatment at the centers.
But most importantly,
it has given my family hope.
And I urge you, I urge you to give
your children that same hope.
The CDC is here for you.
Please, turn to them for the care
that your children need.
This is not about politics.
This is about your children.
This is about our... Our children.
We will find a cure and we will save our
precious sons and daughters. Thank you.
- REPORTER: Mr. President!
Happy birthday, honey.
PAUL: That's the one you wanted, right?
When you are 16, you can put a car key on it.
It probably won't be cool
- when I'm 16.
It's okay, Mommy.
You don't have to worry about me.
I'll be fine.
PAUL: Okay, bedtime.
I love you.
(WHISPERING) Don't worry
anymore, Mommy and Daddy.
Nothing can take me away from you.
- RUBY: Mom, my head hurts.
- Oh, my God!
How did you get in here?
Sweetheart, are you... Are you lost?
Do your parents know that you're here?
Why are you saying that?
Can you tell me your name?
Mommy, what's wrong?
I am not your mommy.
Yes, you are.
You and Dad gave me this
for my birthday yesterday, remember?
Here, come... Come with me.
Come on, okay? Come on.
RUBY: What did I do wrong?
Where are we going?
I just need you to wait right here,
just wait right there, okay?
Just wait.
I'm sorry! Please!
(CRYING) This is my house! You're my parents.
AGENT: Contact made with survivor.
Approach with extreme caution.
No, no!
RUBY: It was the beginning.
The government wasn't scared
of what happened to the dead kids
or the empty spaces
that they would leave behind.
They were afraid of us.
The ones who lived.
Soon, there wouldn't be any kids anywhere.
You either died or you went to the camps.
SOLDIER 1: Let's move it, now!
- SOLDIER 2: All right, they're coming in.
- SOLDIER 3: Let's go!
Move! Let's go! Don't try to run.
Don't talk.
Don't do anything other than
what is asked of you.
Failure to follow these instructions
will be met with punishment.
Piss off!
Stay down!
SOLDIER 4: LaVine, LaVine!
What are you doing?
Orange! He did that! Orange!
Take him out. You know what to do.
Move, all of you. Inside!
recruits to color processing.
RUBY: Is this a hospital?
Your name, young lady.
Ruby Daly.
I don't feel sick.
Actually, it's not a sickness.
You survived the sickness,
but you're not the same.
And until you are, there's no going home.
Now, when they picked you up,
were you assigned a color?
All kids are given a color assignment
that corresponds to their disorder.
On the bottom here are Greens.
Basic enhanced intelligence.
Blues have telekinetic abilities.
Golds can manipulate electricity.
Up here, past this line,
are the most dangerous.
Reds and Oranges. But they are very rare.
I'm sure you have nothing to worry about.
Are you very good at math and puzzles?
Because that means
you're most likely in Green territory.
And that's not so terrible.
SOLDIER: Orange! Orange! Orange!
- Take him out. You know what to do.
DR. VICEROY: It'll be okay. We can fix this.
Get back here!
Stay still. Stay still.
I'm a Green.
I'm one of the smart ones.
You're a Green.
RUBY: In the camps
we were segregated by color.
But no Reds.
And no Oranges.
Except for me.
Having been told that our gifts
were finally being brought to light...
I had to bury mine in darkness.
Shift three, report for work duty
at warehouses six, eight and eleven.
SOLDIER: Hey! Let's go! Move it!
Stations will be assigned
to you by squad leaders.
Doing it wrong.
Like this.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Look at me!
We're not supposed to look at you.
Hmm. Yeah.
The aglets go over the holes, not under.
I've had my eye on you for a while.
You're too dumb to be a Green.
But after today, we're gonna know the truth.
The aglets go under.
What did you say?
If you want a tighter fit,
the aglets should go under, not over.
Aren't you super smart?
Yeah, like every Green in this room.
I guess inhaling all that shoe polish
killed whatever brain cells you had left.
THE CAPTAIN: We'll see about that.
SAM: Get your hands off of me!
THE CAPTAIN: Run the test!
AGENT: Initiate subatomic frequency test.
ANNOUNCER (OVER PA): Frequency test one.
CATE: Ruby?
Ruby, do you hear me?
- Ruby, can you hear me?
Oh, no. Shh, shh! It's okay.
It's okay. Hey. You're okay.
You're gonna be fine, Ruby.
Are you still in pain?
Do you know where you are?
I'm Dr. Begbie.
But if it makes you feel more
comfortable, you can call me Cate.
Forget the doctor business.
You know, before this, I was a social worker.
And you remind me of a girl I used to know.
What happened to her?
I couldn't help her then.
But I want you to know
that I'm here for you now.
(CLEARS THROAT) Do you remember falling
when they turned on the white noise?
SOLDIER: Time's up!
(WHISPERING) This time it was different.
I need to keep her overnight.
I have more tests to run.
You gotta take that up with Captain McManus.
Results of the frequency test.
Who spiked the highest?
My God, alert the captain.
We got a security breach.
Lock down the infirmary immediately.
CATE: Okay. Here.
- Put these on. Hurry, okay?
- RUBY: Okay.
CATE: Let's go.
Play along.
Security breach. Lock down...
Okay, come on. Let's go.
Come on, come on, come on!
Cover your face as much as you can.
If they catch you, they'll kill you.
Hey, I've got Dr. Rogers with me.
Dr. Rogers, ID, please.
CATE: Yeah, I have it right here.
She, uh, is zonked out
on pain meds, poor thing.
Dr. Rogers.
I'm gonna have to ask you
to remove your mask.
Captain, I don't think that's a good idea.
She is highly contagious.
Roll down the back window, please.
Captain, I don't think that's a...
THE CAPTAIN: We have a security breach.
Roll down the back window.
- I'm not asking again.
Dr. Rogers...
I'm ordering you to remove your mask.
- Understood?
- Cap...
You don't feel well.
Uh... I don't feel well.
You will let us move on.
THE CAPTAIN: Move along.
Oh, my God!
Where are we?
We just left Harvey, West Virginia.
We met up with a friend
who helped me switch cars.
Where is everybody?
Uh, most people fled
to the big cities for work.
No kids. No economy.
No kids?
How long will it take to get home?
- You're taking me home, right?
- No.
But I just wanna go home.
Ruby, I can't take you home.
It's not safe there.
Get down. Get down.
I'm gonna protect you.
Have you heard of the Children's League?
Most people don't realize
the camps are total bullshit,
because the White House keeps flaunting
its reformed children on TV,
including the president's son.
So we started the League
to get you guys out of the camps.
Those on the upper end of the scale,
the Reds and the Oranges,
are considered too dangerous.
Ruby, you are very, very rare.
Among the most powerful
and the least trusted.
Those like you are... killed on sight.
What are you going to do?
If we ever get separated
and you find yourself in danger,
I want you to squeeze this pendant
for three seconds.
It's a tracking device,
but only if you activate it.
And it only goes to me. Okay?
Look, Ruby, you and I both know
how dangerous it is out here.
At some point, it might be really nice
to have someone looking out for you.
And now the president's son,
Clancy Gray, with his message of hope.
CLANCY: If I can be cured, you can be cured.
- CATE: (SIGHS) We did it.
- ROB: I never doubted you for a second.
Wait. Where are your two?
- I couldn't get them out.
- CATE: What? So sorry.
Yeah, but I got a lead on a Red.
Oh, Ruby, this is Rob.
ROB: It's nice to meet you.
We don't have a ton of time.
And we need you to change, okay?
New clothes, soap, some other things.
The bathroom in the station
still has running water.
But hey.
Definitely don't drink it, okay?
Whoa, whoa!
- Get back here!
You're not going anywhere.
You okay?
Yeah, uh, I just tripped.
RUBY: Hey!
Please, let me in!
I have nowhere to go. No one to trust.
CATE: Ruby!
Come on!
Please. I think they're trying to kill me.
CHUBS: It was Lady Jane.
I saw her with my own eyes, dude!
LIAM: Yeah, you're blind.
Let's just focus on finding East River.
- CATE: Ruby!
- ROB: Ruby!
- LIAM: Who are these guys?
- CHUBS: Go, go, go.
What happened at the gas station, Zu?
- Did they see you?
- Yeah, and who's Ruby?
I'm Ruby.
Ruby Daly.
What do we always tell you, Zu?
No strays.
Wait, I'll handle this.
Don't worry, I'm leaving.
Wait, did you just come from the camp?
Yeah, they broke me out.
But I'm Green, I'm not a threat.
- "They" being the League?
- Open the freaking door, Liam!
We already got the cops
and the Tracers on our ass,
we don't need to add the League to the list.
What if they put in a call
that there's four kids
cruising around in a beat-up, blue minivan?
Ooh, that's no way to talk about Betty, man.
Excuse me for hurting
the feelings of a Nissan van.
Please, just let me out. I'm really sorry.
You're not going with the League.
CHUBS: What? Liam!
I'm Liam. That's Zu. This is Chubs.
- Chubs?
- Charles to you.
LIAM: Yeah, he used to be a bit beefier.
Zu can back me up on that one.
Right, Zu? What's wrong?
That's Lady Jane! I told you I saw Lady Jane!
Come on, we got to go. Go, go, go. Punch it!
- She's crazy!
- LIAM: Whoa!
It's the League, man!
Go, go, go!
Please. You have to let me out
before someone gets hurt.
Liam. Let her out, man.
Shut up, I got this.
- Can you drive?
- No.
LIAM: Yeah, well, you're gonna have to.
Chubs can't see more than
ten feet in front of his face.
I heard that.
Dude, come on, it's just like a bike.
- Tell me you've ridden a bike.
- Of course I've ridden a bike!
- Come on.
- Don't touch me.
- Come on.
- RUBY: Okay.
Come on. You got this.
Okay, good. Come on.
We're so dying.
- LIAM: Keep driving.
- Okay.
- LIAM: Whoa! You got me?
- CHUBS: Yeah, I got you.
What's he doing?
- Drive faster.
- Okay.
Whatever happens, don't stop.
(SCREAMS) Watch out!
Nice driving.
This is so not like riding a bike.
RUBY: Do you guys even know where you are?
LIAM: Don't look so scared.
Chubs is a map expert.
I'm Green, so all maps make sense to me.
So does theoretical physics,
existentialism according to Thoreau,
speed chess, artificial intelligence.
Yeah. In short, the kid is smart.
What, you think I rock these geeky-ass
Coke-bottle glasses for show?
Plus, I'm smart enough to know
no one gives a crap about Greens.
So enlighten me,
why the hell would the League
go through all this trouble for you?
What makes you so special?
Chubs, leave her alone.
If we're gonna be stuck
with her, we need to know.
You're not gonna be stuck with me.
I'm going home.
Wait, where is home?
Salem, Virginia.
What are you gonna do?
Walk back to the highway and hitchhike?
You'll be nabbed by a Tracer
and back in a camp in time for bed.
A Tracer?
Bounty hunters.
Like that crazy Lady Jane
who nearly smoked our ass back there?
Man, for a Green, she sure
takes a while to catch up.
You should come with us.
We're going to East River.
CHUBS: Don't tell her.
Supposedly, it's this huge compound where
kids can live together on the outside.
There's food, a place to stay, and it's safe.
The Slip Kid's in charge.
LIAM: No one knows who he really is.
He got the name because
he slipped custody four times.
And supposedly he's an Orange.
CHUBS: Nice, Liam.
You wanna tell her your shoe size and
your favorite animal while you're at it?
Dinner? (CHUCKLES)
Sweet! It's literally sweet.
We're your best chance of getting home.
RUBY: If the League was protecting us
from the Tracer shooting at us
then what makes them so bad?
The enemy of my enemy is my friend?
(CHUCKLES) Yeah, like that ever works.
The woman that I met risked
a lot to get me out.
She seemed okay.
Some shady lady kidnaps you, and
you think that's all right?
CHUBS: You were hanging with
the wrong people.
Like, did she lure you with candy
from a panel van or something?
You weren't there.
She said that the League wanted to help me.
And I ran away.
But what if I was wrong? What if they can?
You don't want help from the League!
All right, come on, Zu.
It's time for math class.
Listen. My brother joined the League first.
And he's always right, so I joined, too.
They just made us so many promises.
Taught us how to use our powers.
At first on little things
like dummies, smaller stuff.
Then they showed us how to break an arm.
I didn't sign up to be a soldier, so I left.
And I'll die before I go back.
They're fighting a war.
Doesn't that require them to be strong?
Strong, yeah. Cruel? Reckless?
No, leave that to the government.
There was nothing cruel about what she did.
She rescued me. She saved my life.
- For what?
- RUBY: I don't know.
I don't know what's going on.
But for the first time in six years,
someone was nice to me.
So I'm just saying, maybe my experience
was a little different from yours.
So why'd you run away from her?
The League's not your friend, okay?
You made the right choice. Trust me.
Why should I trust you?
Whether you trust me or not, I don't care.
Sooner or later, you're gonna learn
that the only ones who can help us are us.
- How could you miss this?
Six years, she roamed free in these hallways.
You have one job to do
and you couldn't even do it.
Obviously you have a problem recognizing
Oranges and Reds when you see one,
so, let's refresh your memory.
Let's go, Lieutenant.
These two need time to get reacquainted.
DR. VICEROY: No, no, Captain.
Captain, please, don't.
Please. It wasn't my fault!
Captain, don't close that door!
Oh, God, no.
Put a bounty on that girl.
Whatever you need from the war chest.
Every Tracer out there better be after her.
We're gonna need another doctor.
PAUL: Surprise!
RUBY: Gudetama!
Don't worry anymore, Mommy and Daddy.
Nothing can take me away from you.
I'm sorry, Mommy, I'm sorry.
- LIAM: Hey, Ruby, you all right?
What do you want?
Nothing, I just, uh...
I just wanted to give you these.
A peace offering.
Aren't they yours?
Yeah, no. I have a couple of extra pairs.
And, uh, you don't.
Just take them.
Chubs says your extremities or whatever
are the first things to get cold.
It's spring, so...
LIAM: Yeah.
Yeah. But, you know, you're all...
You need them. This way you won't...
Oh, God. Ruby, just take the damn socks
and put him out of his misery.
Shut up, Chubs.
CHUBS: You got a way with the ladies, Liam.
You gotta teach me your moves someday, pal.
I'm just going to leave them there.
- Yeah, okay.
- Yeah.
Hey, Liam?
Thank you.
LIAM: Zu. Hey, Zu.
It's just a dream.
Come here. I got you.
I got you.
Go back to sleep.
All right?
Are you okay, Zu?
Oh, no. I'm really not
a fancy dress kinda girl.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Where'd you get that?
It's stupid.
No, no. It's, uh...
It's been a while since
I've seen a girl in a dress.
Or anyone in a dress. (CHUCKLES)
I feel like I should
ask you to prom or something.
Well, unfortunately, I'm already going with
the captain of the football team, so...
Conner Jenkins?
Did you just make that name up? (LAUGHS)
(CHUCKLES) No, Conner Jenkins
was at Caledonia with me.
He was an idiot, though.
Well, in that case, gotta dump him.
So you're saying I have a shot?
Why don't we start with scraping
these letters off this minivan
and then we'll see where it goes from there?
So do you always carry a cocktail dress
when you're on the run?
No, Zu gave it to me.
She likes you.
Careful, though.
She needs girl time so bad...
I think she might turn you into
her own personal dress-up doll.
Come on, let's just go.
LIAM: Wait, what just happened?
- RUBY: I don't know.
And now the president's son,
Clancy Gray, with his message of hope.
CLANCY: If I can be cured, you can be cured.
Wonder king, Clancy Gray.
"If I can be cured, you can be cured."
You had those stupid posters, too?
Seven shades of bullshit.
That's right.
You gotta stop drawing the cats
all over the nines and sixes.
CHUBS: She needs her numbers.
You have to learn.
RUBY: So why are we at the mall?
CHUBS: Somebody's got to get supplies, right?
Would you do the honors?
- CHUBS: Let's go shopping.
You like this?
- What's happening?
- I don't know.
Hey, hey, hey.
- They're just kids.
- LIAM: Hey, what the hell?
You could have been Tracers.
We're here for supplies.
We're not looking for trouble.
Look. No hard feelings. We're sorry.
We can give you some food,
and you can sleep here tonight.
But only tonight.
Last week we scored five pallets
of fresh produce
off a delivery truck.
What do you do with all of it?
I mean, it's only four of you guys.
We do the work that needs to be done.
We're the arms and legs of a greater cause.
Wait, do you know him?
- Know him?
- LIAM: Yeah, the Slip Kid.
Nah, nobody really knows the Slip Kid.
We're trying to find his camp.
East River?
- So it's real?
- Sure.
- Where is it?
- I can't tell you.
Come on, dude, you got to be
shittin' me, man! Come on!
They call it a secret for a reason, pal.
LEADER: It's one of the Slip Kid's rules.
One hundred percent secrecy.
It's the only way he can keep
all the kids safe.
Do you think that we've survived this
by following the rules?
Look, we're not just a bunch of dead weight.
We're powerful.
And we're useful.
The Slip Kid would be lucky to have us.
BOY: Wait, what?
Dude, that is not cool!
What's E.D.O.?
That's all you get.
RUBY: "All the world will be your enemy.
Prince with a thousand enemies.
And whenever they catch you,
they will kill you,
but first they must catch you.
Digger, listener, runner.
Prince with a swift warning.
Be cunning and full of tricks
and your people shall never be destroyed."
(WHISPERING) Go to sleep.
Hey, Chubs.
It's Charles.
What are you doing?
I was afraid they might steal Betty.
Nice work getting that clue, by the way.
How'd you do that?
I just asked.
Okay, so, have you figured out
what E.D.O. means?
(SCOFFS) I have guesses.
I tried Greek, Sumerian
or corresponding placements
in all major alphabets. Nothing.
I even tried pictographs,
and Chinese military call signs
and sign language. Zip.
There's nothing that leads
to a spot on the map.
Why are you writing book reports?
They're not book reports.
RUBY: "I'm out. Can't get to you.
Can meet anywhere, name place
and time. Missed you.
Love you."
It's how I got in contact
with my parents when I was in hiding.
I posted reviews online with messages.
Your parents must be
really worried about you.
My dad's a doctor.
He saw everything firsthand.
I'm sure he thinks I'm dead.
My dad's a police detective, so...
he saw everything, too.
Police band.
Wait. What?
Well, think about it, I mean, police
can talk to each other on frequencies
only they can listen to.
Like UHF, VHF.
You know kids under 17
can hear frequencies adults can't.
That's why the white noise
works on us and not on them.
What if E.D.O. isn't a place,
but a frequency?
But frequencies are numbers.
E is 5, D is 4, and O is 15.
But... (TUTS) That doesn't work.
Well, O could just mean, like, zero.
Five, four, zero. Five, four, zero.
Got it.
GIRL (OVER RADIO): If you can
hear this, you're one of us.
If you're one of us, you can find us.
Lake Prince, Virginia.
If you can hear this,
- you're one of us.
If you're one of us, you can find us.
You did it!
It's Chubs to you.
If you're one of us, you can find us.
CHUBS: All right. So, we're
going to take the next exit
and a straight shot.
Got it.
To Lake Prince?
It's to your house.
We're taking you home.
LIAM: Are you sure about this?
So if your parents are there I guess...
I guess this is it.
Yeah, I guess we'll see.
Don't take any candy from strangers.
Thank you.
RUBY: For six years,
all I wanted was to see them.
But looking through the window now...
everything feels wrong.
I know what would happen if I went in there.
They wouldn't remember me.
I'd be a stranger.
It was my fault.
And because of what I did...
they lost their daughter.
And I lost my family.
You dropped this back there.
I don't want it.
You're lying.
You know, Ruby, you're not
the only one who's lost someone.
We've all been here.
So take this.
This, uh...
What is this?
It's a birthday present from my dad.
It's the last thing he gave me.
It used to make me feel like I wasn't alone.
Hey, you're not alone.
I mean, we're all pretty much orphans.
We have each other.
It's kind of like a family.
A dysfunctional family, but...
that's as good as you're
gonna get these days, right?
It's okay.
One of these days, you're gonna tell me
all about you, Ruby Daly.
And I can't wait to hear that story.
Until then...
Zu saved some Twinkies for you.
Come on.
- Hey, Liam.
I love that kids can
hear frequencies adults can't.
There is some good in getting old, after all.
Took you long enough, Lady Jane.
Are they gonna dock you
for slacking on the job?
You alone fetch 150,000, baby.
You should be proud.
You've gone up in price
since the last time I snagged you.
What'd you do?
Start another revolution?
Just let them go, and you can have me.
I promise I won't give you any trouble.
That's a very generous offer, Liam,
but considering I'm the one with a gun,
I think I'm gonna pass.
- Who's the little lady?
You first, little girl. Come on.
Drop it.
And the keys.
Say you're sorry to Zu.
I'm sorry, Zu.
you're gonna walk into that forest...
and you're gonna keep walking.
No matter how tired or how hungry you get...
keep walking.
Don't stop.
LIAM: Just hear me out.
I don't want to ditch her.
CHUBS: I know what's better for us.
- LIAM: Why?
- CHUBS: Because I'm a Green!
I can bank on that fact.
It's too dangerous with her around.
If we keep driving with her,
they're gonna find us.
Look, man, you're getting way
too sentimental about this.
I get it. You have to move on.
LIAM: You don't know her, okay?
CHUBS: Trust me, I know
what I'm talking about.
This is the right way to go. You know it.
You just don't want to part with her.
- But it's the best decision.
- LIAM: So why are we doing it?
I don't want to leave her.
I don't want to just dump her.
We're being watched heavily all the time.
Hey, I'm just gonna go.
So, you can stop fighting.
And I'm really sorry that I lied to you.
- Ruby.
- I just forgot my bag, okay?
We were talking about damn Betty,
not your Orange ass.
And for the record,
I knew you were Orange since day zero.
Sit down. (CHUCKLES)
I just... didn't want you to be afraid of me.
There's nothing wrong with being Orange.
I can't even control it.
I'm trying to figure it out,
but it just happens.
Sometimes all it takes is my skin
brushing up against someone else
and I'm in their head.
And the more that I try to pull free,
the more damage that I do.
Is that why you didn't wanna kiss me?
Well, touching as this moment is, uh,
we have a Slip Kid to party with, right?
- We do, yeah.
- Let's go.
Yeah, we're not far now. Hey, Zu.
- We're packing up.
Gotta go.
Unless you wanna try and run away again.
I'll keep trying to stop you.
Come on.
LIAM: Ah, it feels like we
should do something for her.
Like a barge out to sea. Set her on fire.
Blaze of glory.
She's a minivan...
not a Viking.
- CHUBS: Woo!
LIAM: I don't know, Chubs.
It doesn't feel right.
CHUBS: Man, y'all are just
a bunch of negative nellies.
Check it, man.
E. D. O.
- E.D.O.
- E.D.O., man.
Oh, my God.
ALL: All right, let's go!
HAYES: Stay on your knees!
Head to the ground!
- Hey, we're not armed.
- Save it, asshole.
MIKE: Hold on.
Liam Stewart?
- Mike?
- Everybody, stand down.
Jesus. I'm sorry, Liam.
I didn't know it was you.
It's okay.
Wait, I thought you were with Josh?
MIKE: I was.
I made it through the fields.
Thanks to you.
- Wait, are you looking for...
- You found it.
- Oh.
Welcome home.
Finally! I told you, man.
Told you!
This is it.
MIKE: Come on, guys.
Everyone looks so happy here.
MIKE: Yeah, we don't segregate
by colors here.
We respect our differences,
but we're all the same.
Now, let's go.
It's time to meet the Slip Kid.
You gotta be kidding me!
Clancy Gray?
I knew you weren't reformed.
You're Charles, right?
And you must be Suzume. Hey.
And Liam Stewart.
The hero who broke
a hundred kids out of Caledonia.
Ruby Daly.
The last remaining Orange other than me.
It's an honor to meet you.
I'm honestly excited to meet all of you guys.
I mean, you're kind of legendary.
You're so welcome.
Now, there's a lot to be done here
and we could really use your guys' help.
I'm thinking cabin 18.
MIKE: Yes, sir.
CLANCY: Go get settled.
We're gonna have some fun tonight.
RUBY: Wow, floating lanterns.
This is like Hogwarts. (CHUCKLES)
Oh, wait, that would make you Harry, right?
And me Hermione or Ginny Weasley, right?
Well, Harry and Ginny end up together.
- Yeah.
- Oh, no, I didn't mean...
You know what?
I really like them together.
We should dance.
- No.
- Yeah.
- No.
- No?
It's okay, I won't hurt you.
I know.
Oh, that's right, you're the mind reader.
I can't read minds.
I can barely understand my own thoughts.
You're really beautiful.
I just said you're...
You're really beautiful.
CLANCY: Come in!
Mike didn't give me a work assignment
and said to come and see you, so...
You do have a work assignment.
Well, what is it?
You're gonna work with me.
Please. There's something I need to show you.
Come on.
I was one of the first survivors.
They used me as their test monkey.
Trying to find a cure that didn't exist.
My father didn't care. He sanctioned it.
When the doctors came up empty-handed,
my father just said I was cured.
Please, stop!
- I knew I wasn't cured.
He wouldn't listen.
I lost my family.
I lost everything.
But if he knows we can't be fixed...
He'll never stop trying to fix us.
Because he's afraid of us.
Maybe he has a reason to be.
Never be ashamed of who you are, Ruby.
Now, I know how scary it is...
to not be able to touch someone.
To never be able to go home.
But I can show you how to use your strengths
the way they're meant to be used.
How to control them.
Otherwise they control you.
And I won't hurt anyone?
Not unless you want to.
Teach me.
CLANCY: Everyone has a place in the world.
A responsibility. A purpose.
Here, you can discover what that is.
Learning how to use your power
is just the beginning.
Learning to use it for a cause...
that's what I'll teach you.
Okay, now, without touching me,
and without saying a word...
put a thought into my head.
CLANCY: Focus.
Try harder.
- Sorry.
- Don't be.
It takes time.
Go again.
CLANCY: All of us have lost families.
We can get them back.
And you and I were brought
together for a reason.
We're the only ones strong enough
to create a better place for all of us.
Sorry, but no one can leave right now.
Where we don't have to be afraid.
Where no one can take away what's ours.
You can't control something that scares you.
The fear's always gonna get in the way.
- Let's try again.
- Okay.
CLANCY: Just like I taught you.
But first...
you need to be stronger.
You need to be able
to fight beside me as an equal.
Only then can we change
what's in everyone's minds.
Man, you just don't pull
the pepper right off the plant.
CLANCY: And give us a future.
Which is why you have janky,
ripped-up peppers.
And wouldn't you rather have
red peppers anyways?
I mean, they're high on vitamin C.
We don't have a choice, you idiot.
These are green peppers.
- Now it's your turn.
- Really?
Red peppers and green peppers
are the same thing, dipshit.
BOY: Listen, I'm the garden guy.
I know what vegetables grow in this garden.
And if I woulda...
You're right.
We should really wait for these
to mature into red peppers.
We need all the vitamin C we can get.
CLANCY: Well done.
Ruby, you're still holding back.
Why are you so afraid of who you are?
What happened?
I've never told anyone.
CLANCY: Of course you haven't.
Only another Orange could understand.
Let me in.
You can't hurt me.
It's okay.
PAUL: Happy birthday.
PAUL: Surprise!
Don't worry anymore, Mommy and Daddy.
RUBY: Gudetama!
Mommy, what's wrong?
I am not your mommy.
You erased yourself.
I didn't want them to worry about me.
And so, I guess I just...
I took away me.
I was just a little kid.
I had no clue what I was doing.
I just wish I could fix it.
You have a gift.
Beyond mine.
I don't know how to do what you've done,
let alone reverse it.
But we'll figure it out.
- What?
I have just never met someone like you.
Someone like me.
GIRL: Hey, Ruby.
How was it?
Um... (CHUCKLES) Intense.
You two are getting pretty close.
What does that mean?
Why couldn't you tell me the truth?
Why are you so scared of me?
I'm not scared of you.
I'm trying not to hurt you.
Ruby, I don't care if our skin touches,
and you know everything about me.
I don't want to do to you
what I did to my parents.
No. I'm never gonna forget you!
You can't make that promise, Liam.
You can't help me.
You're not an Orange. We're not the same.
Wait, Liam.
Wow. You caught me staring at a lake.
I've officially become my grandma.
So what's going on?
Things are just getting
a little... weird around here.
Kinda wish we were all back in the van.
CHUBS: (CHUCKLES) Tell me about it.
This place is horrible.
We're told when to eat, when to sleep...
and we're forced to work.
How is this place
any different from the camps?
Where else would we go?
Home? Really?
At least I'd be with my books.
My dog, if... If he's still around.
My parents.
RUBY: Hey, Clancy?
I was wondering if
I could ask you for a favor.
Okay, so, I was hoping that you could let
Chubs use your computer
to contact his parents. He's done it before.
It's very safe and coded.
- He just needs access...
- No. I'm sorry.
He just wants to contact his parents
and let them know that he's okay.
I mean, it's obvious he's
not a fan of this place,
I don't doubt for a second
that he'd tell his parents our location.
He's not stupid.
He's, like, the smartest person
I've ever met.
All right.
- Really?
- But first, you teach me.
What do you want me to teach you?
I wanna know how to do
what you did with your parents.
How to erase yourself from someone's memory.
Clancy, I told you.
I don't know how I did that.
CLANCY: I know.
But if you let me walk through your memories,
then maybe I can figure it out.
If we can figure out how you did it,
then maybe we can figure out how to undo it.
And you'll let Chubs use your computer?
Okay. Now, close your eyes...
think about your parents.
Go back to the night of your 10th birthday.
RUBY: Don't worry anymore, Mommy and Daddy.
Nothing can take me away from you.
- Stop! What are you doing?
- Shh! Just relax.
It's okay, Ruby. I won't hurt you.
- Don't worry.
Now that I know how, I'll just erase
this part and we can start over.
Ruby, what are you doing here?
Nothing, I just want to be alone.
Well, you're crying.
No, I'm not. Please, just go away.
What happened?
I don't want to tell you, Liam.
Why can't you just leave me alone?
I don't want you to be alone.
Tell me what's going on.
- Stop!
- Ruby!
- Stop!
- Ruby!
Stop it!
RUBY: Stop! What are you doing?
CLANCY: Shh! Just relax.
It's okay, Ruby. I won't hurt you.
I'll kill him.
Liam, wait.
Let's just leave.
- LIAM: I'll get Zu.
- RUBY: Okay.
Chubs, we gotta go.
LIAM: Hey, Zu. Wake up.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Did I miss something?
The four of us are leaving right now.
It's about damn time!
Through here.
Come on. This way's not guarded.
THE CAPTAIN: Look who's here.
Our little fugitive.
- Get out of here.
Liam, come on.
CLANCY: He can't hear you, Ruby.
CHUBS: Clancy?
He's with them.
Oh, shit!
They're rounding us up.
CLANCY: Get up, you asshole.
THE CAPTAIN: Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
CLANCY: How's my dad?
Enjoying your old padded cell.
Anyway, we got kids to round up.
Lots of new recruits for my army.
- Call the birds.
- Ruby, we gotta go.
THE CAPTAIN: Already en route, sir.
I liked you, Ruby.
I really did.
So believe me when I say
I am broken up about this.
I'm just... trying to make
this miserable world
a place where we don't have to be afraid.
Where those who are special, like you and me,
can be the ones in charge.
And you'd rather run around
the woods with this guy?
No one takes what's mine.
Not my father.
Not anyone.
And certainly not you.
You know what sucks, Ruby?
We could've been leading an army together.
Punishing everyone whoever hurt us.
Now look where we are.
My hand hurts, take over.
- RUBY: Stop!
Now, I can find it in my heart
to forgive you.
- Don't!
- CLANCY: It's not up to you.
You've shown me how to fix you.
And once I've erased all the parts
I don't like, you'll do whatever I want.
Stop! You'll kill him!
No, I won't.
I want him alive.
To see exactly what you become.
Go to hell!
Zu, lights!
Get them, go!
PILOT: Open the hatch. Drop the package.
Go, go, go!
I'm not leaving you.
You can't fight him! I can.
I can. Zu, go with Liam.
Zu, go!
Liam, they need you.
Trust me.
Now, go! Save as many as you can.
LIAM: Come on, come on. Let's go! This way.
CHUBS: Come on. We gotta go!
LIAM: Everybody, come on. Let's go!
- This way!
- CHUBS: Come on! Run!
It's okay, Ruby.
Stop fighting. Let me in.
Let me take all those sad and angry
thoughts and make them go away.
I can prune and snip and rewrite you now
into a better Ruby.
The perfect Ruby.
The Ruby I want you to be.
I kinda like how I am.
PILOT 1: What are you doing?
Pull up! Pull up!
PILOT 2: Bird down, bird down.
Unknown hostile.
CHUBS: Ruby!
Where's Liam and Zu?
RUBY: I don't know.
Chubs, we have to get out of here.
Go, save yourself.
We have to get you help!
It's not happening.
Hey, what are you doing?
What is that?
It's help.
You're gonna be okay.
Come on, Chubs.
LIAM: Ruby!
I knew you were okay.
Liam, you have to get out of here right now.
Oh, Jesus.
I'll grab his legs.
I got Zu to a group of kids.
She's gonna be safe.
Liam. He needs a hospital.
Yeah, we'll find one, a vet,
somebody. Come on.
Liam, we can't fix this.
I called someone who can.
The League?
- No, Ruby.
- "The enemy of my enemy."
You don't know what they're like.
RUBY: You have to get out of here.
The League is coming,
and they don't trust you.
They won't take you back.
I'm staying.
- Please, Liam, you have to go.
- No.
We're family, remember?
I'm not leaving you.
It's good to see you again.
Ruby, you're safe here.
The League owns this house.
And we use it when things get complicated.
Chubs is in the hospital.
He's in pretty bad shape,
so if he has any chance of making it...
he'll get it there.
Don't call him Chubs.
You haven't earned that.
When he can have visitors, you'll see him.
You're wondering where Liam is.
You have to let him go.
I can't do that.
Liam's not a killer. You can't make him one.
We don't create killers.
I don't know what Liam told you about the
League, but that is not what we're about.
Then what is the League about?
Because as far as I can see,
you're no better than anyone else.
We're here to help you...
and expose the camps for what they are,
and stop President Gray.
President Gray and his son
are collecting us, just like you are.
Okay, Cate. Clearly she
doesn't want to be here.
Rob, I can handle this.
So, let's make room for someone useful.
- Liam is never...
- Look, kid.
In order to survive we all have
to do things that we don't wanna do.
Your boyfriend can help us.
I've seen him fling targets like ragdolls.
At least with us, he's useful.
Now, if I have to turn him into a...
Liam is not a killer.
Liam is not a killer.
And you're an asshole.
I am an asshole.
Ruby, stop.
I am your only friend here.
And you could help us do so much good.
So, please... stop.
Let Liam go.
He is a security risk.
He knows way too much about us.
Take me.
And I'll fight alongside you.
My one condition...
is that you let Liam go.
But if Liam cares for you
as much as you care for him...
why would he ever leave?
Let me talk to him.
Crazy thing is I had...
I had all these plans...
all these places I would take you.
- Liam.
- We'll be okay.
Just can't let them separate us.
I know it sounds cheesy, but...
I'd do it all again
if it meant that I met you.
- You really think that?
- Yeah.
I mean, the way I see it, you and me...
inevitable. (CHUCKLES)
I'm gonna tell you a story, okay?
RUBY: Okay.
LIAM: So, it's summer in Salem,
and you're suffering through
another boring hot July
working part-time at the ice cream parlor.
RUBY: Ice cream.
But one day, the ice cream parlor
runs out of ice cream.
And that happens, you know?
Your dad says...
"Hey, let's go to Virginia Beach."
Where are you in the story?
- Me?
- Yeah.
Well, I'm in... I'm in Wilmington.
Suffering through another boring, hot summer
working at the garage...
before heading off to some fancy university.
My mom can't bear to see her baby leave,
so she packs us up for
one last week together at...
Virginia Beach.
- I see where this is going.
And then, as fate would have it...
on our last day at the beach...
I spot you.
I mean, I'm in the middle
of playing volleyball
with my best friend, Chubs, but it's...
It's like everyone else disappears.
And you're walking towards me...
you have these big sunglasses on,
earbuds in and music blaring.
You're beautiful.
And you keep smiling and laughing,
and looking out at the water, but...
all I want to look at is you.
What happens next?
I tell you that I love you.
Close your eyes.
I'm going to finish this story.
Who are you?
The League.
If you feel well enough, you can go.
You're the League
and you're just letting me go?
Supplies, money, new ID.
Here you go.
I don't want anything from you.
You're what, 16?
You should know better
than to work for the League.
Before we change our minds.
Just be careful.
You too.
We're ready for you.
RUBY: "All the world will be your enemy.
Prince with a thousand enemies."
But we don't have to stay in darkness.
You taught me the only ones
who could help us...
are us.
I have to let you go...
and step into the light.
To protect our greatest cause.
Our family.
For Zu.
For Chubs.
For you...
I will not falter in the face of our enemies.
No matter how strong.
I will be brave.
I will fight to create a better place
for all of us...
so that our family...
will never be destroyed.