The Darkness of the Road (2021) Movie Script

Damn window.
Oh, come on.
Sleep, little angel.
You know what, honey?
Let's go to the beach first.
See the sunrise.
A fresh start for both of us.
We might even get a new
car when I start working.
Hey, baby.
I need to get a few things.
Do you need to go the bathroom?
You sleep.
I'll be right back.
Anybody here?
I just... I need to get a
few things for my trip.
Is there anything...
Don't do that.
He don't like it
if you wake him up.
He gets really angry.
I wasn't... I just...
Sure looked like you were.
What can I do for you?
You deaf?
No, I'm not.
I'm... we just need a few things.
Care to be more specific?
Yeah, of course.
We need toothpaste.
Well, we got all this.
Let me go get it for you.
No, that's OK.
I don't need to bother you.
I can get it myself.
Oh, no, no.
It's no bother at all.
You know, if I was
your boyfriend,
I'd be doing the
shopping for you.
It's just me and my
daughter, my baby.
You and your daughter?
Where's the baby daddy?
I don't mean to be
rude, but I really
should just get on the road.
Well, actually, that is rude.
It's just... there's a
storm headed this way.
Well, then you better be
careful since you're alone
with your girl and all.
Hey, we have any more coffee?
Old man, we have
any more coffee?
Guess not.
Can you add $10 for gas as well?
And that sticker over
there, the one on top.
You like bumper stickers, huh?
I saw your bumper
when I went outside.
Yeah, you got a
lot of nice ones.
My favorite one is
Jesus loves you,
but everybody else
thinks you're an asshole.
I think that's funny.
Can you just tell me
how much all of this is?
How much?
I thought you said
you weren't deaf.
May I use your restroom
while you finish up?
Yeah, of course.
Right back there.
Make a left right
through that door.
You'll need that.
No, don't worry.
He just didn't tell me that
anybody else was back here.
Who didn't it tell you?
The clerk.
He must have thought that...
Never mind.
May I?
I'm Iris, by the way.
Hey, what's going on back there?
We ain't open 24/7.
OK, I'll be right there.
This ain't no 7-Eleven.
I overheard you saying
you're about to hit the road.
Yeah, I better get going if I
want to make it before sunrise.
Any room for an extra passenger?
I don't know.
I really can't.
Sorry, honey, I took so long.
But I'll make up
for lost time, OK?
Oh, come on.
It sounds like the
starter connection.
Excuse me?
The starter.
I don't...
Pop the hood.
OK, give it a shot.
You're going to
need a new starter.
Hey I'm sorry about earlier.
I didn't know if I...
I totally get it.
Have a safe trip.
Funny, huh?
That thing is as wrinkly
as an old man's nut sack.
Yeah, I know.
Should've given
it to me for free.
Maybe they did.
Where'd 20 bucks come from?
Don't worry.
They still got $46.42 from you.
Oh, you can keep it.
I don't want to feel like
I stole from those people.
I can surely bear that burden.
Oh, you have a tattoo.
That's cool.
I got my first year of college.
Same year I lost both of my
parents in a car accident.
That's awful.
I got really depressed,
so I got this tattoo
to remind me that there's got
to be more than just this.
What were you doing
in there anyway?
Taking a piss, getting away.
The only two things you can
do in a place like that.
Away from what?
The usual.
Asshole boyfriend,
shitty job, bad cable.
I just had a break
from all that shit.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
I have a friend in Venice Beach,
so I thought, what the hell?
Change of scenery could be
really good for a human being.
I used to be a paralegal,
but then Eve got sick
and I lost my job.
It's been really hard
to get back on track.
And what about your daughter?
She's been sleeping
most of this trip,
but she's going to love
it when we get there.
Are you excited to see...
What the fuck was that?
I think you should...
Where is she?
Wait, wait, wait.
Just let me see
what's going on, OK?
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
Oh my god.
Come on, please.
Give it a try.
Damn it.
Stop, stop.
The gas station.
Hey, come back here.
Damn it.
Siri, is that you?
Answer me.
What happened?
Something hit me.
What was it?
I don't know.
I couldn't see it.
It's so dark.
There's nobody else
out here but us.
Let me help you.
Wait, where are you going?
We need to go back to the car.
It's freezing out here.
Stop, please.
The gas station.
The gas station, that
creep, and that old man.
God, I have to get back there.
That gas station is at
least 20 miles away.
We need to get back...
Are you listening to me?
Eve is six, and she's sick.
She's very sick, and now she's
alone with those two men.
And I just need you
to stop telling me
to go back to the fucking car.
There's barely any
reception in this area,
but I found a spot back
where we left the car.
If we go back, we
could call 9-1-1.
I'm never going to forgive
myself if something bad happens
to her.
Don't worry about those freaks.
They know we'll be
back any minute.
She's probably
inside, safe and warm.
What was that?
A coyote?
Didn't sound like
a fucking coyote.
So what was it then?
I don't know.
You think I'm losing
it, don't you?
There's just a lot going
through your mind right now.
Let's just go back to
the car and call 9-1-1.
Maybe she had to
go to the bathroom
or maybe she just got tired
of waiting in the car.
You know how kids are.
I don't get it.
She's never done anything
like this before.
Come on.
We're almost there.
Officer Bosch, 9-1-1.
What's your emergency?
Our car just broke down, and
there's a little girl missing.
Her name is Eve.
Eve Powell.
Her name is Eve.
What happened to your face?
Ma'am are you still there?
Oh my god.
Send an ambulance right now.
Over here.
It it gone?
I think so.
How did you know how to do that?
Shitty father who taught
me how to jack cars.
What the hell is going on?
That thing that
attacked me came back
What was it?
I don't know.
That wasn't here before.
It's a doll.
I don't think that
call went through.
My phone doesn't
have any battery.
How's yours?
No signal, but it still works.
We need to call for help
before that thing comes back.
Looks like it ran away as soon
as the head lights came on.
Maybe it got scared.
I don't want to stick
around to find out.
We know where we
can get reception.
We just need the 9-1-1
call to go through once.
We don't know what
else is out there.
It already attacked you twice.
You said it's scared
of the headlights,
so I'll just take the
flashlight with me.
It's not going to
make any difference.
Sunrise is in about an hour.
If that thing is
afraid of the light,
then we're safer in the
car until the sun comes up.
We're better off,
but what about Eve?
It's already past the
time for her medicine.
If she doesn't
get it soon, she's
going to go into convulsions.
You're the only other person
I've seen on this road.
What are the chances of
somebody else driving by now?
This is our only shot.
This is my daughter's only shot.
Be careful.
Lock the door behind me.
Officer Bosch, 9-1-1.
What's your emergency?
My name's Siri Powell.
My daughter, Eve, is missing.
I need you to send
something right away.
Yeah, I'm here.
Can you please send somebody?
My car broke down, and
something attacked me.
I can't... I can't explain it.
Can you please just send help?
Ma'am, are you still there?
Yes, I'm here.
Can you please send help?
Please, I need somebody
to come right now.
Officer Bosch, 9-1-1.
What's your emergency?
Oh my God.
Get out of the car, Iris.
Get out of the car.
There's something
in the car with you.
Get out of the car!
What the hell is going on?
Iris, what...
Mom, help me!
Help me!
Help me!
Stop, stop, stop, stop!
Help me!
I'm coming, baby.
Where did you go?
It's me, Iris.
What happened?
You passed out.
And then you woke up, and
you walked out of the car.
I tried calling you name,
but then you ignored me.
I had a terrible dream.
Come on.
Let's get back in the car.
You might need some stitches.
Before I passed out, there
was someone, something,
in the car with you.
What do you mean something?
It wasn't human.
I tried to warn you.
I couldn't hear you, but there
wasn't anybody else in the car.
Forget it.
It doesn't make any sense.
You stabbed the shit out of
this doll before you passed out.
Do you remember that?
I can't help you unless you
tell me what's going on.
You can't help me.
You have no idea what it's like
to have your child missing.
Not missing.
I had a little girl,
too, but she's gone.
Oh my god.
I didn't know.
Here is one for your
sticker collection.
The meaning of life
is that it ends.
I'm sorry, Iris.
I really am.
What's happening to us?
What's on this road?
I don't know.
We need to find a way
to get your kid back.
Oh, god.
Oh, my poor baby.
We're going to find
her, I promise.
God, it's so damn cold tonight.
That's not going to work.
Oh, that's fucking rotten.
I can't turn it off.
The windows.
Roll down the window.
They don't work.
They never worked.
Why won't the doors open?
Here, use Eve's clothes.
Over there.
We need to get to the lock
and open it from the inside.
Why are you laughing?
My dad are going
to so proud of me.
Was he a mechanic?
No, fucking drug smuggler.
I'm sorry about earlier.
Should've kept my mouth shut.
You had no way of knowing
about my baby girl.
Besides, I need to get used
to the idea that she's gone.
Acceptance is the
first step to healing.
When she came into this world,
I was the happiest mom alive.
She meant everything to me.
But like most things
in my life, it
wasn't meant to last very long.
A disease like hers unless
detected in the first couple
of months, it's 100% fatal.
How could God allow
this to happen
to an innocent little girl?
All I could think of was
God just didn't give a shit.
I can't imagine
how hard that was.
The physical pain was
the worst part for her.
It was agonizing.
At the end, they put
my daughter first.
Now the only one
that's in pain is me.
I must have dropped the phone.
It could be the 9-1-1
operator calling back.
You stay here.
If anything happens to
me, take off running east,
and don't stop.
Don't hang up.
Come on.
Go away!
Come on, motherfucker.
It's me!
It was here.
I know.
I saw it, too.
You did?
It ran off into the desert.
It'll come back.
Yeah, I know.
What about the call?
Who was it?
My ex.
Help is on the way.
You're right.
That thing is not human.
We should take turns
watching until help arrives.
I'll take first watch.
You get rest.
You know?
You didn't do anything wrong.
Trust me.
What the hell?
Are you fucking nuts?
You left without saying a word.
No one knows where you are.
We've all been looking for you.
Just call me as soon as
you get this, please.
No one is coming.
You never talked to him.
This can't be.
What the hell is this?
Eve, oh my god, baby.
Oh my god.
Oh god, I'm sorry.
Come on, baby, open your eyes.
Come on, baby.
Oh, god.
You're going to be OK.
It's only a graze.
It's only a graze.
You're going to be OK.
Eve, come on, baby girl.
Oh, god.
Come on baby, please
open your eyes.
Baby, please.
Come back.
Oh my god.
Oh, thank god.
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
I know, I know.
What happened?
I... god, baby.
I'm sorry.
I didn't... I didn't
know what I was doing.
And I just...
I'm sorry.
I'm so happy I found you.
I'm OK, Mom.
Baby, where did you go?
Did you go inside the
store at the gas station?
Hey, it's OK if you did.
I'm not going to be mad at you.
I just need to know.
No, Mom.
I didn't.
So where did you go?
I was with you, and then...
I got lost.
That's OK.
Look, I need to ask
you something else.
I'm going to... I'm going
to show you a picture,
and I need you to
be honest with me.
Did this person hurt you?
Or did they do anything
to you, anything at all?
I don't think so.
OK, thank god.
What did she want with you?
I don't understand.
Well, what were you
two doing together?
We were just having fun.
And since when is it OK to
have fun with strangers?
Eve, why would you do that?
How do you even know her?
When did this happen?
Mom, you're scaring me.
Baby, I'm sorry.
You know I love you more than
anything in the whole world.
So I just don't want anything
bad happening to you.
Do you think you're OK to walk?
I think so.
OK, let's try.
It's OK, baby.
Mom's here.
We have to go.
Come on.
Where are we going?
As far away from the car
and that woman as possible.
Please, can you help us?
I'm so glad you came back.
I was worried that...
What were you doing
with my daughter?
What do you want from us?
Please stop!
It's OK, baby.
I'm not going to fight anymore.
, Look I'll explain later, but
I need you to go to the car.
I need you to get your stuff.
We have to go.
Go to the car.
Mom will be right there.
What happened to her arm?
You never talked to
your ex-boyfriend.
Nobody is coming for us.
I listened to the
voicemail that he left.
You never talked to him.
I have no idea what
you're talking about.
I saw the photos of you and Eve.
How long have you
been stalking us?
The battery is dead.
Why would I be stalking you?
You're not making
any goddamn sense.
If you're right, if
I'm crazy, then you
explain to me what
happened to Eve's doll.
Or am I just making
that up, too?
When I woke up, you were gone.
The car battery was
dead, so I started
a fire with whatever
I could find just
in case that thing came back.
And since you took my gun
and left without telling me,
I had no idea when
you'd be coming back.
I wasn't coming back.
We never turned around.
We were walking
in a straight line
away from you, away
from this fucking car.
That was very stupid.
I feel like I'm
living in a nightmare
that I can't wake up from.
It's OK, baby.
Mom's going to be right here.
Where did you find Eve?
East of here.
And you said you
never turned around?
Just followed the
road, a straight line.
Everything's so strange.
She hasn't said much.
I can't believe I shot her.
I'm losing my goddamn mind.
Can I have one?
I didn't know you...
Help yourself.
You can keep it.
There's only one left.
You know, sometimes
life throws things at us
that we can't control.
I'm sorry, but if you're
trying to prepare me
for the worst, thanks,
but Eve is here now,
so we're going to be fine.
All I'm saying is
life isn't fair.
Why should it be?
We do the best we
can with what we got,
and everything else is
just a bunch of bullshit
to sell more Prozac.
Cynical much?
You think you call the shots.
Of course we have control.
We decide when we
do right or wrong.
There is good and there is evil.
We are capable of
controlling our destiny.
I was working hard
so my baby girl
and I could finally
have a decent life.
But then one day, life decided
to take the little I had.
My child was sentenced
to live in agonizing pain
for the rest of her life.
I never killed or robbed
or even cheated on anyone,
but that didn't matter
because life begins and ends,
and only the in between
it's up for grabs.
So between a lifetime of pain
or death, you chose death.
That's the only
control that I had.
We have got to get
her off of this road.
This is impossible.
This can't be real.
You can't be real.
We gotta go, baby.
Get away from her!
Come on.
Get up.
Get back to the car.
Fucking murderer!
Oh, baby.
It's OK.
I'm here, baby.
Oh my god.
Oh, god.
Officer Bosch, 9-1-1.
Hi, my name's Siri Powell.
I need you to...
It's OK, baby.
Remember what we talked about?
No more pain.
Ma'am, are you still there?
Ma'am, are you still...
Can I have it?
Yeah, of course.
Of course, baby.
Of course you can have it.
Honey, please don't...
Please don't leave me.
No, Eve.
Eve, please.
No, god.
No, please.
No, Eve.
Please don't leave
me, baby, please.
I had a little girl, too.
The physical pain was
the worst part for her.
A disease like hers,
it's 100% fatal.
We tried everything.
Now the only one
that's in pain is me.
Sleep, little angel.
Oh, Eve.
How are you?
I'm OK, Mom.
No more pain, remember?
That's wonderful, baby.
This is it?
We ain't running no 7-Eleven.
I know.
You're not open 24/7.
I'm going to be fine, I promise.
Knowing that you're not
in pain anymore makes
it all worthwhile.
You don't have to
be scared anymore.
You and I know that.