The Darkness Outside (2022) Movie Script

See? No monsters.
Move the clothes.
They hide in the wall sometimes.
Bri. Come on.
Do it. There's nothing in there.
Then just check.
What is it?
Maddie? What is it?
I told you that thing always
creeped me out. I think it's possessed.
You're dumb.
Jeez Bri, you really messed her up. I
don't know why you're afraid of anything.
And don't throw her again, either.
Everything okay?
Yeah, we were just dealing
with the monsters in Bri's closet.
We caught 'em.
Exciting. But Bri needs
to get to bed. It's late.
And you guys have an
early, long day tomorrow.
I asked her to check my room first.
I heard noises again.
Something dragging on the floor.
Listen, Briana. We're
going to be here for a while.
You have to get used
to the house now, honey.
But I don't like it.
I know. But this is about Mommy's work.
You don't want me driving four hours
back and forth again every day, do you?
She's getting used to
it, Sarah. She'll be fine.
Just let me catch the
monsters if that's what it takes.
Okay. Just catch them all quickly, then.
Goodnight, Briana.
You going to be okay, tonight?
Look, if you hear
anything just come get me.
I'll be up for a bit. Your
mom doesn't have to know.
His legs suddenly went all wobbly.
And he sort of
stumbled backwards into the tent.
He had a really dumbfounded look
on his face when he
looked at me and babbled.
It's not a coyote.
It's - it's a dude. It's some weird dude.
Help me!
Where the hell is she?
I - I don't know. Maddie!
Madeline! Baby, where are you?
I'm calling the police.
Bri, where are you?
Why have they
kept the room like this?
Somebody must have rented it by now.
A few people have but
Anthony says they keep the door locked.
And they're probably
going to keep it that way.
After what happened...
I don't think anyone
wants to come in, anyways.
Plus he knows Maddie
shows up every once in a while.
But not recently.
Not for six weeks, which is more
recent than I've heard from her.
How long have you guys been friends?
We've been besties since sixth grade.
Well, thanks for getting me in.
I'm going to check
around just a few more places.
You have Sarah's number, still?
Yeah, I'll text it to you. Um, just...
When you get a hold of her,
let me know what she says.
You haven't talked to her, either?
She blames me for
some things that happened.
You might have better luck.
Let's hope.
You're the girl that
found the Raggedy Ann.
There are so many stories going around.
What actually happened that night?
Hey Laura. I hope you're okay.
I'm sorry I've been busy.
I didn't even
know you were out of the apartment.
I uh...
Obviously if I
knew what was going on I would've
for you to come stay with me.
At least
until you got back on your feet.
That's the least I could do.
David did ask me
before if anything ever happened to him
if I'd look
after you and obviously I wasn't...
I wasn't expecting that
day to come but I meant what I said to him.
So, anything
you need. You're not a burden.
Just uh,
give me a call back shoot me a text.
I'll uh. I'll be here.
What the bloody hell?
You can... you can see me?
Who are you with?
I don't know. I can't remember anything.
I was in my room sleeping.
And then I woke
up and there was red everywhere.
Like a weird light. There
was something in it.
And then I was here and I
don't even know how long I've been.
What's your name?
Briana. Yours?
Here, let me help you.
What were you doing?
Something stupid.
Are you okay?
Yeah. Don't worry about that I just.
I need my phone,
my friend's a cop, so.
I just saw a girl in the woods. She's ten.
She was about ten, I think, and...
Where are you?
Lakeside Woods. Near David's.
I should've known.
What about this girl?
She said her name was
Briana. I think it could be.
Might've been what?
There's a guy.
He's carrying something.
There's something under a blanket.
Was it the girl?
I don't know.
Alright, look. Meet
me by the fence on Tinton Road.
I can be there in twenty minutes.
I told you everything.
Three times.
Yeah. And with the
amount of alcohol in your system
we may need to hear it
another four or five times.
Come on.
Can't you just send someone out there?
You can find the print.
I put a mark on the
tree so you could see
which way the guy went.
I brought you her doll.
That's good. And we have
officers and rangers out there.
But is there something else they'll
find that we should know about?
I don't know.
Are you implying that
you think I'm a suspect?
Well you were found in
possession of something
that may've been missing
from a crime scene.
Okay, and I told you how I got it.
And you were also very drunk tonight.
You know what, screw you!
You think I abducted some ten
year old girl and then called the cops
with some stupid bs story?
Why don't you stop
wasting your time with me
and go find that weirdo
I'm telling you about?
You need to calm down.
Now do you want to tell me what
you were really doing out there?
The Lakeside
Forest spans 650 acres.
And somewhere
within all of this land.
A young woman reportedly found
something that belonged to Briana Tanner.
Her family has
confirmed it was hers.
So the efforts to locate
Briana are being focused here.
There are multiple teams from the
Sheriff's office as well as Park Service
scouring the woods right now.
Hoping to pick up a trail
that'll lead them to Briana.
Again Briana disappeared from her
home last night under
mysterious circumstances.
Are you sure you
won't want me to go with you?
No, there's enough people already.
They said anymore would
probably just get in the way.
It's better for you to be
here. Maybe she'll show up.
Well, stay safe out there.
You be safe here.
Up to speculation.
As is how Briana got
to the forest without being seen.
I'll be here throughout
the day with more updates.
Jessica Carlson, NJSW Local News.
Anything yet?
What about that creepy doll?
Only your fingerprints were on it.
And we don't know
what the red substance is.
It's not blood.
Did they find that guy?
We might've. There's a lot
of houses and trailers parks and stuff
on the outskirts
of the woods, but...
We're going to check it out today.
They didn't mention
anything in the news reports.
They didn't do a sketch.
That wasn't my call.
Do you believe me?
Well, I don't know what the heck you were
doing out there in the woods that night,
but, you sounded pretty
sober on the phone to me.
That's what I told them.
Next shift is coming
in, but you need to get home.
Nothing yet? At all?
Ugh. Talk about backwoods.
Don't be snotty.
Guy's back here
relaxing with his feet up.
You think he
didn't hear the search party?
Might be too close to the music.
Yeah, maybe. How about you take this one?
You looking for Briana Tanner?
That's right.
Didn't she get snatched up from her
room about twenty miles from here?
Well we found something that
belonged to her a couple miles away.
Have you seen or heard anything?
Nothing out of the usual, but...
I try to steer clear of
these woods when I can.
Why is that?
I just get a bad, bad vibe. Always have.
Besides, what the hell was
she doing all the way out here?
That's what we're hoping to find.
Well, I'm afraid I can't offer
you anything unfortunately.
But I'll keep an ear out.
Thank you. And, can I have your name?
Arnold. Palmer.
And if I can give you some advice.
It's always best to partner up
when you're out here in these woods.
Because of the woods.
Because of the woods.
There's thing out here
you don't want any part of.
And if Briana got out here...
Chances are you ain't
going to find her, either.
Well, let's hope that you're
wrong. Thanks for your time.
Hey, uh...
Were you out there last night?
A witness saw someone matching your
description carrying
something in the woods.
Wasn't me.
Where were you?
Here. All night.
Can anyone vouch for that?
My girlfriend. Jenna. Goodman.
Thank you.
Are you serious?
Look, it was worth a shot.
You really take her
word for it? Yeah, I do.
Look, she's got issues but
she's not a compulsive liar, okay?
And whatever was in her system she
was sober by the time she called me.
If you say so.
Look, let's just run the
names, what could it hurt?
Just our credibility.
Love you.
Briana! Briana!
Is there a porter potty,
anywhere? I got to pee.
No, we're too far out.
I guess I can just go behind a tree.
Make sure that perv doesn't sneak a peek.
Shut up, Maddie.
I heard that.
I'll go ahead in a straight
line. Just make sure you catch up.
And don't go too far. It's
easy to get lost out here.
Duly noted.
I didn't go all day yesterday
but I didn't drink anything either.
No wonder I almost passed out.
Same here.
But, if we want to find Briana
we got to stay healthy, right?
What the hell was that?
Seriously, I thought a plane was
about to land on our heads or something.
Sarah? Greg?
Maddie! Maddie!
Maddie! Maddie!
Maddie! Maddie!
Maddie? Maddie.
Maddie, look at me. Maddie!
Where did you go?
Me? I...
I didn't... I didn't move, I...
You stopped talking all of a
sudden and then you were gone.
I didn't... I didn't move.
I swear I heard.
Briana's voice.
What is that?
Okay. M-hm.
Okay, yeah. I
understand, thank you.
What? What? Thanks.
Good news it's not Briana's.
They're still running tests but
they say it belongs to a young adult.
Apparently dozens of people have
gone missing in that forest over the years.
So, it's probably one of them.
I'm going to go to the store to get
some stuff to put together for dinner.
Greg said we could go back out
with him tomorrow if we want to.
Please keep
going. Please keep going.
If anyone found out I
was here, I could get in trouble.
I'm not telling. How'd you
find me? Friend of a friend?
No, I just...
I don't know. I'm good
at digging up information.
And it does help that my friend - the
one I'm staying with - he's a detective.
That would come in handy.
How do you know him?
He... he was my brother's partner.
And they would hang out, you
know, when they weren't working and...
He was cool, so...
He's kind of like a brother to me.
Not bad.
I know... more than most people
the process in an investigation.
But I also know that sometimes
that process can get in the way.
The news hasn't announced it yet.
But there was a guy there that night.
Arnold Palmer.
I saw him carrying
something under a blanket.
The police don't believe me.
What about your friend?
He does but again it's the process.
I mean, they've talked to
him but it's not going anywhere.
Even though he's a
registered sex offender,
and there's another charge
against him for armed robbery.
What got him on the registry?
Statutory rape.
Hm. Well.
I'm sure the police
know that by now, so...
If he's guilty of anything new
then they'll get there eventually.
Yeah, we can hope.
I... I don't think I trust that.
I'm thinking of going to his house myself.
See if I can find something.
The police aren't going to
do much without a warrant.
All they have is my word
that he was there that night.
I'd leave it to them, Laura.
You don't believe me, either.
I do. But...
I don't think this guy had anything
to do with what happened to Briana.
You saw her. She was there
one second, gone the next.
Today, I heard her voice.
She disappeared
from her room and...
I don't think some random creep in
the woods had anything to do with this.
It's something else.
Something I can't really explain. But...
I appreciate you trying to help.
Why did I agree to this?
Sarah, this should be you.
Yeah, well she asked me and I told her no.
You could've said the same.
Well, one of us has to be fun.
Exactly. You made
your bed, now you can lie in it.
Alright, that's
enough. It's going to
take you half an hour
to get this sand off.
We've got all day. We're
not going anywhere!
Yeah, I seriously can't move a muscle.
That's the point. I've
got a surprise for you.
I did not like the way you said that.
Oh, you'll love it.
What a nutcase.
Yeah and you
let her incapacitate you.
Kind of comfy, not going to lie.
Your face is going to look like
a tomato by the time she gets you out.
You know you don't tan well.
Here's your
surprise Maddie. No. No.
Briana, are you serious? Get it off.
Wait till I get out of this sand.
That won't happen till I
let you out. Remember that.
You guys are so cute.
Actually, stay right where you
are because this is a great shot.
No way.
Hey, why hasn't your phone been on?
Charger's broken.
Yeah and you got a flat
tire or something, too?
Been dealing with everything around here.
The world doesn't revolve
around you, ya know.
Don't be that way.
Especially since you
expect me to cover for you.
You have detectives showing up at
my door asking all kinds of questions.
Like what?
Like if you were with me two
nights ago. You know I hate lying.
And you're lucky
that I'm quick on my feet.
How am I supposed to know what to say when
I couldn't get a hold of you this week?
Something that you want to tell me?
Frank and Ally show up yet?
I'm sorry.
Well, I'm heading to my sister's.
We're going to go look
at one of the venues.
You want to take a shower and come with?
No. I'm tired.
I'll head into town tomorrow
and pick up a charger.
I'll come by.
You better.
Listen. Thanks for always having my back.
You can thank me with a phone call.
And I got you a charger.
A good one. Not that dollar store
crap that dies every couple of weeks.
You going to walk me out?
Dang it.
Are you kidding me?
You know, if you're going to
go sneaking around someone's house.
You probably
shouldn't put on deodorant.
Get back here!
Get back here!
It's a little weird how he showed
up so close to where they found the doll.
Yeah, but.
But what?
With everything that's gone on there
has to be an explanation
that isn't exactly rational.
What does Sarah think about it?
I don't know. She
won't really talk about it.
What happened today
scared the hell out of her.
So, beyond a
'rational explanation'.
She disappeared into thin air.
You, Sarah, and possibly Laura all
heard her voice but never actually saw her.
These red lights start
showing up everywhere.
The girl in the mirror. Your dreams.
It's like she's haunting you
even though she didn't die.
Which means...
She did die.
Or she somehow crossed
over while she was still alive.
As if she's in another dimension.
I've heard that mirrors and dreams are
sometimes gateways into other dimensions.
So maybe this is Briana
trying to reach out to you.
Or that other girl is.
So you think my dreams
might actually be from them?
It's possible.
If that's the case then
how would we respond?
I might have a way.
Are you sure you want to do this?
I'm not turning back now.
Well, I'll be around the
corner if you need me.
Once you reach the end of the
hall, turn around and come right back up.
Counting each step.
When you reach your
starting point. If you did it right.
There should be an extra step.
Then go back down. Back up.
And each time there should be another one.
How many times do I have to do it?
I'm not sure, I've never tried it.
Eventually it'll get warmer.
You'll start to hear
noises. Maybe voices. Four.
That means it's working.
When you reach the other
side the chair's supposed to be gone.
That's what I've heard. Six.
But even if it works don't
ever take the mask off. Don't fall.
And don't lose
count. No matter what.
If you do supposedly
you'll get trapped there.
I'm going to help
you find a way out. I promise.
You just have
to hang in there. Okay?
I'm scared.
I am, too.
Maddie, are you okay?
Um. You okay?
I'm driving Bailey home.
I um, I thought you were
sleeping earlier, but
when I saw the light on I didn't
want to leave without checking on you.
You still spooked about
what happened today?
Yeah, that too.
What else?
Detective Lynn called today.
They identified the person
that skull belonged to.
Hannah Kennedy. She went
missing two years ago in the forest.
She's the person I
saw in the mirror earlier.
Well, he agreed not to press
charges as long as you talk to him.
Why not?
I told him he could be charged for shooting
into the woods while you were running away.
And that we
might or might not go after
his girlfriend for lying to us.
That true?
Thank you.
Yeah, my partner
wasn't too happy about it.
She's a beotch.
Yeah, she did have a point though.
I don't like looking like some
corrupt small town detective
covering up for a friend.
I was just trying to help.
I'm sorry.
I know your heart's in the right place.
Even if my head's not?
Alright go ahead. I'll be right here.
Just holler if he tries to
touch you or anything.
I haven't found
the other three yet, but
that was Ally you saw
me carrying in the woods that night.
I always tried to keep them out of the
woods behind the house as much as I could.
I never let them out
after dark without a leash.
I don't know, there's always
just been something off. Ya know?
I've seen strange lights.
Heard... strange voices.
And your friend will tell you a lot of
people have gone missing out there.
I was out walking with
Chief about two weeks ago.
And he just took off.
I searched
all over, but... nothing.
I heard Ally barking.
It was after dark, but I broke my
own rule and I went out into the woods.
When I found
her she was in bad shape.
She wouldn't
have made it to the vet
so I brought her home
and kept her comfortable.
Until she... passed.
I never should've gone
out there that night.
You always bring back something with you.
It's better to let things go.
I'm sorry for breaking in. And for the...
What happened to your pets.
And for the pepper spray.
And I'm sorry
for almost killing you.
A lot of the locals, they give
me a hard time about my past.
Now, I'm not saying I'm a saint.
But I was 25 and that girl was 16.
Not only did she look older than
that. She was in the bar with a fake ID.
How the hell was I supposed to know?
I doubt they charged the
bartender with serving her alcohol.
Sh. Sh.
You can't help her. Just hide.
Help, please. I won't hurt you.
Please help me. Help me.
What are you doing here? Are you okay?
I don't know. I was
in bed. I had just gone to bed.
And when I woke up I was tied up and
getting dragged through the dark somewhere.
I couldn't breathe. I couldn't move.
How did you get in here?
I have no idea.
I heard a noise, I closed my
eyes and when I opened them...
I was here.
Okay, I'm going to call the police.
Can you just untie me, please?
I... I don't know...
What the hell was that?
Run, call for help, now!
I can try to untie you.
No, just hide.
What the hell do you want?
What the hell do you want?!
I couldn't fall
asleep until the sun came up.
I keep telling myself
it was a bad dream but
that's not what it felt like.
And I was looking up the other
people who went missing in the forest.
There was a girl named Isabel Ramirez.
I couldn't be sure, but she
looked a lot like the girl I saw.
Did Bri describe anything like that?
No. I don't think she ever
saw anything, thank God.
She did say that she heard muffled voices
and chains dragging across the floor.
Well, it could've been
some sort of sleep paralysis.
You could've been dreaming
while you were awake.
Visualizing what she described.
I don't know.
Especially since it happened
right after that game.
Could be suggestion.
Sounds far out but it happens.
And maybe you saw Isabel in
another article and you forgot about it.
You're still trying to look
for a rational explanation.
I am.
I don't really like the alternative.
I appreciate you going
out there, by the way.
Even if it was dumb.
How are you?
I didn't want to say
anything before, but...
I know why you were out there.
What you were doing before you saw her.
I'm sorry about your brother. I just...
I hope that you're coping.
Well, I'm better than I was that night.
I was running, then. From everything else.
But... I'm getting help now.
And I just...
I just want to help you guys find Bri.
Yeah, well.
Finding her seems like it's
going to lead us down a dark road.
I'm grateful for your help but I
don't think I want you coming with me.
You don't need to get wrapped up in this.
This is the last place I saw her.
Sarah used to meet her and Bri here
on her lunch break. She worked nearby.
Is this where you're seeing her?
No, her apartment's
around the corner. Hm.
She said she's going to
meet me there in fifteen.
I'll come back. Let you
know what she says.
You never told me.
Why does she blame you, exactly?
I kept Maddie going.
Help me. Please, Briana.
If you're there - Hannah. If you're there.
Just let me know what I have to do.
I have to-I can't stay long.
Hannah? Listen.
Briana fell in there. There are
windows, they're like portals.
All over. You can't see
them from your side.
There's one where you're
standing right now. In the house.
You opened another one
when you did that game.
That's how I traced the
symbol on your hand.
Why did Briana end up
there and not one of us?
I don't know. They're not always open.
Can I get her back?
I think so.
You'd either have to get her to one
of the windows at the right time, or...
How come you can find them and she can't?
Because she's still alive.
It's easier for The Watchers
to find her. They can sense her.
She has to keep moving.
So far she has been.
The Watchers. What do they want?
It's better that you don't know.
But if they find her,
she's not coming back.
Is there a way you can help
her get to one of the windows?
I'm trying. But I don't know where she is.
There is another way.
You would have to cross
over and get her yourself.
And then get back before
The Watchers find you.
Get out of here, now. And destroy that.
Wait, I.
Can you see me?
Am I dreaming?
No, you're not.
Where are you?
I can't tell but it's scary here.
I want to come back!
How can I help you?
I'll call 911 hold on!
Stay with me, Sarah!
Sarah got really sick.
She was in the hospital for weeks
with something like radiation poisoning.
It was bad.
At some point Maddie told
Sarah what happened in the hallway.
And Sarah was convinced
I let something into their home.
After that Maddie pushed me
away. And then she up and disappeared.
I think she started to blame me, too.
It sounds to
me like she was trying to protect you.
When was the last time
you saw or heard from Maddie?
Um. Three weeks after I moved out of
the house so about two months back.
She was avoiding me.
But she forgot I had the passwords
to her online bank accounts. So I um...
I saw she'd checked into a
motel for a couple of nights.
She didn't want to move, I take it?
No. I don't blame her.
But I needed to put it behind
me. Move on with my life.
Otherwise I wasn't
going to be able to function.
What happened to
me - all that time in the hospital.
Made me realize that
a little more quickly.
She didn't want to hear it.
You know I talk
to Anthony every week.
I know you've been back at
the house. In Briana's room.
Yeah? What's it to you?
You going to charge me rent?
What happened to us?
We used to be so close, and
now it's like I don't even know you.
And this is the time
we should be closer than ever.
We've always been there
for each other - why not now?
Because you gave up on her.
Don't say that. Why? Truth hurt?
You don't have to do this.
You can come to my new
place, I have a spare bedroom.
What about one for Briana?
Did you even think of that?
If Briana comes back she
doesn't need her own room.
She's going to sleep in
my bed chained to me.
Why are you so mad at me?
I'm not mad at you, Sarah.
I'm mad at everything.
I know she's still alive and every
day I'm out there looking for her.
And you just went back to work.
Back to living like everything is normal.
You know that's not true.
Not a second goes by that I
don't think about my daughter.
Hoping that she's okay somewhere.
And that if she's not that
someone will help her.
But I have to live my life. I
can't keep chasing after shadows.
And neither can you.
When I was in the hospital, I had a dream.
It was more lucid than any I've ever had.
I was more awake in that
dream than I was when I got up.
When I was back in the cemetery.
I noticed that the name
on the tombstone was mine.
Not Briana's like I assumed before.
It felt like something... maybe even God.
Was warning me to leave it alone.
Or else I wouldn't survive this.
If Briana were to come back...
I couldn't even describe the joy.
But whatever we heard.
And whatever we experienced
in the weeks since she's been gone.
It is not going to lead us anywhere.
Not anywhere we would want to go.
I hoped it would get through
to her. That she'd listen to me.
But after that she just disappeared again.
After taking all of the cash
out of her bank account.
Where do you think she went?
I don't know. But she hasn't given up.
Wherever she is, she's
still trying to find Briana.
That's why she
keeps going back to the house.
Yes. She and Bailey. They're
convinced she might turn back up.
What do you think?
I hope so.
But Maddie's convinced she
fell into another dimension.
Her voice. The red light. Something
used those things to hurt me.
Almost killed me.
And whatever it is I think we're
more likely to run into it than Briana.
And if she's not there, I don't
want to risk not being home for her.
When she does come back.
If she does.
Well, I brought your name up a
few times. And she didn't cringe.
She might cool off soon.
If she hasn't already.
We'll see about that.
Something she said.
About Maddie expecting
Briana to turn back up.
I don't know, actually. I think
I just need to get some rest.
Could I call you tomorrow?
Um, sure. Yeah, that's fine.
Take it easy. Okay? M-hm.
It's not real.
Hello? Hello, is someone there?
It's not real. Just go away.
Go away!
Ma'am. Are you in the tent?
Are you okay?
I heard someone
scream. Was that you?
I... I...
I thought I saw something. I'm okay.
Well, what did you see?
What is that?
I'm sorry, Laura.
For what?
What almost happened to you out there.
It's my fault.
I created those
symbols. I invited the darkness.
It's not your fault.
Considering what happened
to Sarah and Briana.
I knew the risk. That's why I didn't
tell Bailey that I was coming here.
I knew that you
wouldn't want her taking it.
So why did you?
To find you. To help you find Briana.
Even if we were able to get her back,
that wouldn't work for your brother.
This has nothing to do with him.
Doesn't it?
You can't get closure
with him. Not the way you want it.
So you're trying to
help me find it with Bri.
Is that wrong?
It is if it gets you hurt.
Well, it's my choice.
And if Sarah's not helping you
anymore, someone needs to.
You shouldn't be alone.
Look, I appreciate that. I do.
But I don't want to
bring you down with me.
That symbol Hannah showed me.
It opens a portal to that dimension.
I've been trying to get Briana
to come but every time...
There's always something else.
Well, what if Briana's not even there?
I know unexplainable things
happened when she disappeared but...
Who's to say she was in another dimension?
Or that she's still there?
Maybe she got out, maybe...
Maybe she died.
And she's in a better place, now.
You think Hannah's lying to me?
I don't know. Who knows what she is?
But how am I supposed to
keep going if I don't know?
I mean...
What if Briana's still there?
With those things? How
I'm supposed to just move on? No.
But you - you can't get yourself killed.
Not when you don't
know where she is, not for certain.
Look as much as you loved her,
and as much as I'm sure she loved you.
She wouldn't want you to be like this.
She would want you
to be happy again one day.
To take care of her mom.
Not knowing sucks.
Trust me, I can relate.
But you still have hope.
You have to hold onto that.
That was one hell of a day.
Looks like it.
She's close.
But if we can't
find her. This one will do.
It'll get the message across
just the same. Maybe even better.
Please. Please I'll do anything.
Please stop. Hey, hey, hey.
Could you shut up please?
Is that you, Briana?
You okay? You look
like you just saw a ghost.
Did the crab scare you that bad?
You were my best friend. You know that.
And you were mine. By far.
You always wanted what was best
for me. And I want what's best for you.
What's that?
For you to live your life.
Get that off your hand as fast as
you can. And forget you ever saw it.
I'll never see you again if I do that.
You don't know that
you'll see me if you don't.
I always told you I would
protect you from anything.
Even the monsters.
But, who'll protect you from them?
If they took you from me, I'm
going to find a way to stop them.
You can't. You'll just end up trapped.
That's why Hannah was looking for me.
They can't keep me forever.
But if they get you, that's it.
You can't escape.
So please, Aunt Maddie.
You love me, don't you?
Of course.
With all my heart.
Then do what I ask. And go back.
I can't.
There's nothing for me to go back to.
Not without you.
What's wrong?
I can't.
First you took them from
me. Now, you're taunting me.
What do you want?
Mr. Palmer?
Who are you?
Where am I?
I'm a detective.
I've been looking for you.
I - I remember going to bed
and then I woke up in here.
Let's get you out of here.
Marcel, you're not going to believe this.
I... I don't know
if you got my texts.
I'm so happy for you.
Thank you. Yes, it's
been such a whirlwind.
First with the
police, and then the hospital.
And now trying to find Maddie.
Yeah. I bet.
Were you a friend of Maddie?
Yeah. Well, I
didn't know her that well.
But I liked her.
And I was helping her look for you.
Do you have any idea where she might be?
I wish I knew.
I found this. Nearby
in the woods, actually.
She let me have it but
it's - it's yours, right?
Thank you.
Maddie got it for me.
I'll see you guys around.
You're not going to do
anything stupid again?
I hope you're doing okay. I.
I just feel terrible about Maddie.
You knew her all those years and...
Not being able to see her the last
few months before she disappeared.
I just - I can't imagine
what you're going through.
And I don't blame you, you know,
if you don't want to talk to me again.
I - I just wanted to um.
Honor Maddie's wishes and keep you safe.
And I don't regret because
if you had been out there.
Can you just...
Take your uncle's
advice. Take Maddie's
advice. And... I don't know.
Leave it - leave it to prayer.
I don't even believe in that stuff.
Well, I guess with what
I've seen and heard recently
I'm a little bit more
open to what might be out there.
Good and bad.
Hang in there, okay?