The Day Before the Wedding (2023) Movie Script

Let's begin. Sit and slide.
Arms forward,
keep your back straight, and slide.
Arms forward, and slide.
Sit and slide. Arms forward, go.
Sit down, arms forward,
keep your back straight, and slide.
Where's Kinan?
She's out for the night.
And what about you?
I just finished my interview.
It went badly, huh?
You don't look excited.
You don't look so happy yourself either.
Because it finally happened.
What happened?
I got fired from my job.
Now you wanna ask Kinan to go drinking?
But she's working.
So you can instead.
You jerk.
I'm gonna be sick.
- What's wrong?
- I don't know.
You must've caught a cold.
Let it all out.
There you go.
- I'll scrape on your back later.
- Why do I feel sick?
What were you thinking
hitching a ride on Iwan's pickup truck?
And in the middle of the night?
It's not good for you.
- Help me scrape, okay?
- No problem.
This feels weird.
Son of a bitch!
I'm all wet!
Hurry up and change!
My bra is wet!
- What were you thinking?
- Asshole!
PUBLIC TOILEIt's still wet.
It'll dry.
Going all over town, with your address
Which ones suit me?
I told you so.
I always wanted these red ones.
Not those. These are better.
Yeah, I can wear them in the sun.
You get mixed up.
Hello, my poor friends.
Shut up. I'm rich, I'm going shopping.
Hey, get back to work.
Quit window shopping.
I'm buying, I have money.
Where are those watermelon glasses I want?
- I think someone bought them already.
- Yeah, I think so.
It'll look cute on TikTok.
On TikTok?
Okay, done!
- Now pay up, ma'am.
- Okay.
Let's take a photo.
You can hold onto this.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You wanna take a picture?
- Can we take the picture there?
- Let's go.
Thank you.
The little girl. Hold the bouquet.
One, two, three.
Now it's my turn.
Stop, thief!
Kinan, they stole our bags!
Come back, you bastard!
Wait for me!
Get back here!
- Come on!
- I need to catch my breath
- Oh, my God.
- What?
My money was in that bag.
Are you sure?
Oh, my God, I told you so.
Don't carry your savings everywhere.
But I told you, I was planning
on buying a wedding ring after work.
Your wedding is two days away,
and you haven't got your ring?
That's so bizarre.
Your fianc
should buy the ring anyway, not you.
- Hold this for me.
- You girls like to talk.
- Where's your box?
- I left it. It's empty anyway.
And it's in my lucky spot.
I don't want to find a new one.
Did you really pray?
You two finished pretty fast.
Watch your mouth.
Why are you in such a hurry?
Lousy shoes.
What to do now?
Let's go.
- Hold my box for me.
- Don't be too lazy.
Take it.
- What's this?
- To buy your wedding ring.
Just take it.
Thanks, Ra.
I have an interview test tomorrow.
It's okay.
But can I take 30?
I need a new white shirt.
I hope you land that job.
What? That's too expensive.
Hi, babe.
Where were you?
- Let's go.
- The jewelry store's about to close.
- See you, Clara.
- Bye.
Do you have a white shirt?
- You have it?
- Look at this blushing bride.
Oh, stop it. I need a white shirt.
- What size?
- S, of course.
Come on, I'm not a new customer.
Here you go.
Size S. Clean, white and pretty.
Just like you.
This looks fine.
How much?
Thirty-five thousand.
That's too expensive. How about 20?
Twenty? I can't even buy snacks with that.
How about 25?
I have a job interview coming up.
- An interview?
- Yeah, another one.
That's amazing.
You're alone here today.
Kinan went with her fianc
to look for wedding rings.
Wedding ring? Is it tomorrow?
Not tomorrow. I think it's the day after
Or sometime soon, anyway.
But, yeah, they're pretty late
buying a ring.
I'll take this, then.
- What does her fianc do?
- Why are you asking?
Here's 20. I'll take it.
- You want a plastic bag?
- No.
Come back here next time.
Buy three or ten pieces, okay?
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
You're welcome, pretty lady.
What kind of ring do you want?
I want the one with tiny stones in it.
You know, the bigger one in the middle
and three tiny ones on either side.
This one's good.
How much is it?
You can tell us, don't worry.
We have a limited budget.
I have the money for this ring.
- So how much is it?
- One million.
- Huh?
- One million.
I think we'll come back tomorrow.
- We will be back tomorrow.
- Okay.
- Please keep this one for me.
- No problem.
- Keep this one for us.
- Yes, ma'am.
Let's go.
- Grab some plates.
- Okay, wait a minute.
Oh, my God, my body is killing me.
Tired, huh?
Dear God.
We live in this world, facing
every challenge in the darkest night.
We get scared if we don't have any money.
But we're even more afraid,
if You ignore us.
Thank you, dear Lord,
for this Padang rice tonight.
And forgive me
for skipping the morning prayer.
Forgive me too, God.
My boyfriend left a small hickey on me.
May God forgive us.
Dear God, I'm a good child.
I never sin, I promise.
Dear God, Maria bought
some glue for sniffing.
What the heck?
Let's enjoy our meal, my poor friends.
- Let's dig in!
- Praise the Lord.
Food always tastes best when it's free.
Of course. Anything free tastes better.
Why are you
clipping your nails at this hour?
You'll lose your soulmate if you do that.
My career is more important.
Cinderella never thought about her career,
and she lived a happy life.
Says who?
Then where is the sequel to her story?
This is the one?
I think you'll look good in that.
- What are you talking about?
- My headscarf.
Where is it?
Peace be upon you, Mom.
Clara, your dad and I
are coming to Jakarta tomorrow.
We're coming to Jakarta tomorrow.
But I have a test for a job tomorrow.
What kind of test?
Just a normal test.
I honestly doubt you'll pass.
I heard Mrs. Gito's daughter spent
50 million to get a job via an insider.
That's a lot of money.
But maybe you can ask her
about how she did that.
Maybe she knows
the security guard or something?
Oh, Mom, please.
You should think about
changing professions.
It's not even a profession yet.
How can I change it? It'll be hard.
Consider changing your dreams, then.
Changing dreams. That's even harder.
Whatever. We're coming to Jakarta tomorrow
to bring you back home.
Please, give me
this one last chance, okay?
And if I don't get the job
- Is that Kinan?
- Kinan? Yeah, there she is.
Hi, Auntie.
Hi, Kinan. What are you doing there?
I thought you got married.
Not yet. I'm going to be
doing the pingitan tradition.
So I'm saying my farewell to Clara.
- Where will you be doing it?
- At
At her new house.
I know, but where is her house?
Let's not talk about that now.
I'm going to say my goodbyes to Kinan.
- I'll call you later, okay, Mom?
- Hello, Ra?
Peace be upon you.
What "new house"?
You think I should've said
you're moving into Gerald's house?
You know my mom.
She asks too many questions.
"She's moving into Gerald's place?
And where will he stay?"
"They're going to live together?
But they're not married yet."
I don't wanna have to deal with all that.
I hate this.
See you again soon, I guess.
Don't cry.
- Who's crying?
- I don't wanna see you cry.
Well, don't forget.
See you at the civil registration office.
Will do.
I don't have a bunkmate anymore.
Enough of that.
Aren't you gonna hug me?
- Come here!
- All right.
Where else are you going to find
an annoying friend like me?
At least you admit it.
- Peace be upon you.
- Peace be upon you too.
- Hi, babe.
- Hi, hon.
- Why are you looking at him?
- Take this for me.
Stop looking at him.
Take good care of my friend, okay?
Or else.
I will. We'll see you again
at the civil registration.
- Ready to go?
- I'm ready.
Take care.
Come on, hurry up.
Hey, I need help with my dress.
Hold the train.
Why is your dress so huge?
Gosh, even Cinderella's life
wasn't this rough.
She got out of her pumpkin
and just went inside her house.
Life isn't easy.
- But we have to climb these stairs.
- Relax.
That Spider-Man likes you.
Shut up!
You want me to wait for you.
No, I didn't!
- It's so hot.
- Relax.
Is this how you practice for the aisle?
We need to get married so we don't have to
live like this anymore.
Get married? That's no guarantee.
A lot of couples get divorced
and have to climb again, like us.
Right? I told you.
It's pretty strong, right?
Almost drank it.
Maybe you should try and drink that.
You know what, maybe you're right.
It's pretty strong.
Did our room get renovated?
It looks so good now.
Someone is peeping again.
Over there, hurry up.
Where is it?
Wait, let me get a ladder.
Hurry up!
Is it okay now? Be careful up there.
Now that looks better.
I can do it myself,
but I just don't wanna hurt myself.
Shut up.
When are they gonna quit anyway?
Don't they have anything better to do?
Next time you should give them a job.
Shut up, move the ladder outside.
What do I do with this? Help me out.
- I can't move this alone.
- You can do it by yourself.
I'm busy. Just bring it outside.
What a bitch.
- Iwan, where are you headed?
- Glodok.
- Can I hitch a ride with you?
- Sure, hop in.
Just in time.
What's the occasion?
I got a job interview.
Again? All you do is get interviews.
When are you going to do any work?
I don't mind. At least I'm trying my best.
- Excuse me.
- Yes.
Rajawali Airlines, how may I help you?
Where will the applicant's test
take place?
Go through the door on the right.
- Thank you.
- Anytime.
Next, Aisyah Rara Sukma?
Okay. Please.
Please come inside.
Let's check your weight first.
Good morning. How are you?
Good morning, sir. I'm doing well.
- Can you tell me your name?
- Aisyah Rara Sukma. You can call me Clara.
Okay, Clara.
So, as you know, today we are going
to evaluate your appearance.
We will closely observe
your appearance from head to toe.
Thank you, everyone, for your time today.
We will text you the results.
So please don't forget
to check your phone.
For those of you who did not pass,
don't give up.
As for the rest, we'll see you again
in the next session.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Congratulations, Ms. Aisyah Rara Sukma.
You have passed the 1st phase.
Thank God!
Thank God.
You want to use a spoon and fork?
- Peace be upon you.
- Peace be upon you too.
Hi, Dad.
- Hi.
- Mom.
Praise be to God.
So happy to see everyone get along.
Can I have another plate of rice?
What do you want to drink?
I'll have iced tea.
One iced tea.
You guys haven't eaten?
We were just about to eat.
You want to try the roasted grouse?
- Sure.
- This one's delicious.
- Which one?
- This one. It's good.
This is a famous dish here.
Do you want a spoon and fork?
Clara, how did your test go?
I passed, thank God.
I passed the test, Mom.
- Thank God.
- There's one more test.
Another one? What for?
This is the last one.
Just a medical check and swimming test.
What are you going to wear?
A swimsuit, of course.
Find one that covers whole body.
If you fail this one,
you should come back home.
There are a lot of jobs you can do there.
Tell his first wife that
if she doesn't have the money,
don't show off with that knock-off purse.
It's embarrassing.
Like, you don't even know her.
She's an old lady, she likes to show off.
Did you hear what your father said?
I don't care.
His questions annoy me.
It's not like that.
It's because his daughter likes
to live free and independently.
She thinks she can handle
all her problems on her own.
How can you be so patient, Mom?
Of course, because I have you,
and I have to take care of your father.
No, I mean, how can you be so patient
as a second wife?
That's not for you to worry about, okay?
I am happy now.
Worry about yourself.
You have to reach for your dreams.
Please pray for me, Mom.
- I will.
- I hope I can get the job this time.
By the way, where's Kinan?
You usually go everywhere with her.
She can't go out before her wedding.
Who's her fianc?
Just some guy. His name is Gerald.
No, I mean, what does he do?
Why is that any of your business, Mom?
No, but what is she thinking?
Why would she marry him?
She doesn't have her parents anymore,
so she can do whatever she wants.
You mean, if you have parents,
you can't make decisions on your own?
Of course not, especially if you have
as many parents as I do.
Hey, don't say that.
I haven't heard Dad's new wife talk.
She just smiled at me.
- Didn't I tell you about her?
- Tell me what?
- She got pregnant again.
- Really?
- It's been five weeks.
- Five weeks?
I forgot what I'm supposed to call her.
Is it Mother or Mommy?
- I don't know. Mama maybe?
- Yeah, Young Mama.
- Let's go back inside.
- Mom, Mother, Young Mama.
It's too complicated.
When's your ride gonna come?
Should be anytime soon. Can you check?
I'll be going, then. See you soon, Mom.
- See you later.
- Take care.
- Mother.
- Take care.
- Mama.
- Take care.
- Bye, Mom.
- Take care.
- Take this with you.
- Thanks, Dad.
- Take care.
- Take care. Peace be upon you.
Peace be upon you too.
- Dadang.
- Hello again. What are you after today?
Do you have any swimsuits?
This one. A Baywatch one.
Only thirty-five thousand.
Not this one. Do you have one
that covers the whole body?
- Too sexy for you?
- Yeah.
Wait a minute. How about this one?
- That's what I want.
- Swimming cap, leggings
- And long sleeves.
- This is great. How much is this?
I'll give a special price.
Thirty-five thousand.
So? Do you like it?
- How much?
- Thirty-five thousand.
Too expensive. I'll give you 20, okay?
This is special.
You can swim dolphin style.
Come on. How about 25?
- You can do 30.
- No, 25.
- Just one?
- Yeah, I just need one.
Anything else? Why don't you buy a kilo?
- Only this?
- Yeah.
All right.
- Shopping alone?
- Yeah, just by myself.
One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight.
Right side. One, two, three, four, five
Excuse me, miss. What are you doing here?
I'm just looking around.
The swimming test is this afternoon.
The medical check-up first.
Okay, sorry, sir.
I'll go back to the testing room.
Thank you.
- Are you done?
- Yeah.
Hi, Ra. Are you busking today?
No, I'm not.
Hey, guess what?
I passed to the next phase. Second phase.
Thank God!
You finally made it to the second phase.
Amen. Pray for me, okay?
I hope you can fly soon.
You're kind. There will be a way.
Any special reason to call?
- I'm busking today.
- Huh?
Busking? But you're
getting married tomorrow.
I don't have the money for catering.
We'll get married
at a mosque. Unregistered.
Why do you even need catering anyway?
It'll be an unregistered marriage,
and at a mosque.
But still, this is a once in a lifetime
kind of thing.
There should be some food.
Doesn't your fianc have any money?
He hasn't received his paycheck.
I'll just ask him for help.
Good luck with your test.
Aisyah Rara Sukma?
Yes? Clara?
- Yes, please come in.
- That's me.
You have to stay calm, okay?
Pregnancy at three weeks
is extremely fragile.
Especially at your very young age.
So you have to take care of yourself.
I'm starving. I want meatballs.
I know, me too.
Babe. What are you doing?
Why don't you go on upstairs?
I'll catch up later.
You better.
It's not mine.
You asshole!
- What do you want from me?
- Take responsibility.
I'm getting married tomorrow.
You've ruined my dreams, you bastard.
It was consensual!
I didn't force you to do it.
Just get an abortion.
- Hi, babe.
- Where are you, babe?
I can't stand seeing you working alone.
I'm looking for a way to make some money.
I'll tell you later.
Are you finished?
You can go home first.
But you have the key.
Should I wait outside?
All right, I'll be at Clara's place.
You can pick me up there.
No, don't.
It's okay. I'll see you there. Bye.
She's waiting for me at your place.
Are you going to tell her?
You will.
What do you want?
Are you trying to ruin our relationship?
If I wanted to ruin your relationship,
I would've told her a long time ago!
I could've invited her
to watch us doing it!
You jerk.
Why are you stealing?
This is my first time ever.
What are you doing?
I don't have any money.
Ever since I got fired,
I can't make any money.
Then why did you ask my friend
to marry you?
That's what she wants.
Wake up.
Where have you been?
I've been calling and texting you.
- You didn't reply to me.
- I was just out for a walk.
So, how did it go? Did you get it?
Don't be sad.
You can try again.
There's something I need to tell you.
You can tell me.
Let's go outside.
I'll tell you on the way.
The tape peeled off. I can't take a bath.
- So?
- My husband-to-be is here.
Ask him to do it.
Fix the bathroom ceiling.
Tell him where it is.
Hurry up
and make yourself useful, at least.
Come here.
- What are you doing here?
- There's something I need to tell you.
Okay, I know.
I need to catch my breath.
Because I'm pregnant.
- What did you say?
- I'm pregnant.
You're pregnant?
I just found out this morning.
My period's two months late,
so I took a pregnancy test.
Your fianc know about this?
I'm gonna tell him after our wedding.
So why didn't you wait until after
your wedding to take the test? Why now?
I was just curious.
I give you the honor of being
the first to congratulate me.
Nova and Maria have no idea.
Are you okay?
I just had my medical check this morning.
And I'm pregnant too.
Whose is it?
Don't tell me it's that Spider-Man's?
No, it's not his.
Then who?
Your fianc's.
Turn off your bike.
Come here.
Are you out of your mind?
- What the hell have you done?
- Babe, listen to me.
It's not mine. She's lying!
You total dick! You asshole!
Who do you think you are? Huh?
- Babe, she's lying to you.
- Kinan, stop it.
I swear, she's lying! That's not my kid!
Let me explain
- What were you doing with him?
- Listen to me
- Shut up!
- Shit!
Get up.
Get up, you slut!
I said get up.
What did you say? Don't insult me!
No one can! You're a nobody, you bitch.
You're the bitch!
Get back here! Look at me!
Clara, you stupid whore!
You're the whore!
You're out of your mind!
Screaming nonsense!
And you're a skank
for sleeping with my fianc!
Shut up! I don't wanna hear anything!
You stupid slut!
No wonder you didn't pass
your flight attendant test!
- What did you say?
- You slut! Bitch! Whore!
I don't care about that test!
My life's none of your business!
- Don't try to defend yourself.
- Come here, you.
What do you want?
- What
- Come with me. Now!
What do you want?
Don't you see who your fianc really is?
He's a thief!
And you're too blind to see it!
Use your brain. Think for one second.
If he got me pregnant,
he could do the same to other girls.
He's the real asshole.
Can't you see that?
- Don't try to defend yourself.
- I'm not.
I don't want to be with him.
- I feel sorry for you, you know?
- Kinan.
You think I want to be with him?
Just look at him.
Screw you!
- Babe
- Stop it. Where's your key?
My stuff is still at your place.
Don't you dare come back until I'm gone.
Look at you.
Where have you been? Dating your oppa?
- Don't date too much.
- What's your problem?
You're better working than dating so much.
By the way,
I saw Kinan today at your spot.
What is she doing?
Why don't you just ask her?
You know, my boyfriend told me
not to talk to her.
Because you know, there's a ghost
in that part of the old town.
What the heck are you talking about?
Take a shower, you stink.
Did you hang my dress here?
Yeah, I washed it too last night.
That's so sweet of you.
I know you're busy because
you're going to be a bride soon.
How about I treat you, then?
I heard the siomay
down that alley is good.
I couldn't stop eating it last time.
Let's get back to work.
Time to work, girls.
Let's make some money.
Why is this so low?
- Yeah, let's go to work.
- I always forget about this.
Smoking is bad for pregnancy.
It's not like what you think.
We just had sex once.
No feelings between us.
That's what you want to ask, right?
- Come with me.
- Get your hands off me.
I said, come with me.
Let me tell you
what happened that night. Come.
Where are you going?
Can you bring my stuff?
- Where are you going?
- We're going back.
What about these?
You know what my dream is?
I've always wanted
to be a flight attendant.
I want to fly.
I know you have dreams too.
You, Maria, Nova,
everyone has their own dreams.
But we are like
But we have to work so hard for it.
We have to go the extra mile to get there.
So that people will respect us, for once.
So your parents can give you
anything you want?
Everything that you want.
You came to a big city to fulfill
a truth you created in your own mind.
Listen to me.
I failed that day.
I slept with your boyfriend.
We had sex on your bed!
Are you happy now?
I just needed time, just to think
about everything, because I was so tired.
I was so tired of trying all the time.
And then he came in, right here,
in this room where I'm standing
He stood here
I didn't even say a word to him.
Not a single word.
He was looking for you, you know?
And then he started asking me questions.
He sat next to me
and started asking about who I am.
He asked about my family and everything.
And I told him that my father
has a lot of wives.
He just laughed like an idiot.
He thought it was funny.
Just like everyone else.
People think that polygamy is normal.
We shared some stories.
We talked about everything,
and I can't remember what we said.
We talked about history,
culture, and just chitchatted.
He was a slave, just like us.
The difference is that
he doesn't even know
where he came from.
He's an idiot.
And then he laid down on your bed.
We kept chatting.
We talked for a while.
But I knew that we were tired,
after a long day.
I'm not trying to defend myself, okay?
I didn't even realize when he hugged me.
And his hand went lower and lower.
And I've never felt time slip away
so fast before.
I think he felt it too.
He kept talking about life,
to stop me from walking away.
If you just stare at someone's chest
as you make love, it's only lust.
But if you look someone in the eye,
you really love them.
Screw both of you!
Then what were you both staring at?
I could sense that
he wanted me.
He didn't want to leave.
Both of us went silent after that.
Then he said goodbye.
For days after,
I thought that it didn't really happen.
I gave myself to him
for the whole evening
Even if it's just for one evening
I feel so stupid.
And I'm going to feel stupid
for the rest of my life.
I still don't understand.
I still don't understand
what happened that evening.
I thought
How I worry about him every day.
I thought he understood me.
I thought he was thinking of me.
So what do you want now?
Thanks for listening to my story.
I was just afraid that if I died,
I would never get the chance to tell you.
So now you can take my story with you.
I'm sorry, Kinan.
You were the one that taught me.
If you wanna have sex,
keep track of the last time
you got your period.
Just in case the guy didn't use a condom.
How did you get pregnant?
Bad luck, I guess.
How about you?
My bad luck isn't getting pregnant.
It's having a boyfriend like Gerald.
I couldn't agree more.
I don't have anybody else in this world
except Gerald.
That's not what I told him.
What do you mean?
I said I don't want you to know
about what I did with him.
Because I thought
you don't have anyone else but me.
Why are you crying?
Don't cry before I do.
At least I'm not crying over him.
He's a real son of a bitch.
Both of us are coming tomorrow.
Just pick the one you want to marry.
Mom, I'm coming home.