The Days Inbetween (2012) Movie Script

(pop music)
[announcer] And we're back on the air in
5, 4, 3, 2...
And we are back with London Talk
and everyone's favorite subject which is
of course the The Cheap Strike.
Next is Valerie.
Hey, I'd like to talk about
the tube engineering works.
Every weekend most of the tube lines
are partly closed and
that's really annoying.
Well around 4 million
people use the tube
every single day and the system wasn't
designed for that many people.
Naturally, they need to close parts of it
in order to extend the
platforms for larger trains.
Why can't we just close
the tube for a whole month?
You want to close the tube for a month?
Yeah, and they can complete all the work
and the pain is over.
I think it'll take a little bit longer
to sort out their problems than that.
How will everyone get to work
if the Cheap shut down?
They can take a bus.
So if I lived in zone 6,
you'd expect me to spend
4 hours on a journey into central London?
You just simply move
closer to your work place.
I think you should move somewhere
where you can't listen
to this radio station.
That's all we've got time for today,
I'm Jessica Winters and this has been
London Talk, a safe
journey home for everybody.
(pop music)
We should consider making
the tube a regular subject.
Maybe every Monday.
I don't know.
Is it just me, or are the callers
complaining more than usual?
Well it's a little
bit daft at the moment.
It happens.
I'd just like some proper discussion.
I suppose a proper opinion's too much
to ask for on a Monday morning.
You alright?
What's tomorrow?
The fourth investor aboard
is adjusting becoming the Mayor of London.
Oh great!
I'm so looking forward to that!
Don't forget the
interview tomorrow at 10:30.
Sure, that'll be fun.
See you tomorrow.
See you.
Hey, Pete.
Well hello, Ms. Winters.
Nice show today.
Thanks. Lift broken again?
Yeah, they're waiting
on replacement parts.
I always take my break
when your show's on.
I've got an interesting fact
for you about the tube.
There are barely any fatal accidents,
maybe one a year,
but there are about 50 people
commit suicide on the tube each year.
That's what your callers
should be talking about.
Far more important than
them being late for work, isn't it?
True. You should call in one day.
Nah, I prefer to listen
to you, Ms. Winters.
Thanks, Pete.
Have a good day.
You as well.
You won't believe me,
I do something quite unusual.
Go on.
I test airplane food.
(laughs) That sounds like an awful job.
Don't think I've ever
had good food on a plane.
Well the food's usually rubbish,
but the thing is I actually
get to test the food on the plane.
Oh yeah, I spend most
time of the year on planes,
usually long distance flights which
basically means I eat a lot.
Well you don't look like you do.
Oh, thanks.
I assume you get to
see a lot of countries.
Mostly airports.
I only have a day or so between flights,
but it's usually enough to get an
impression of the different countries.
That sounds like a
really interesting job.
Doesn't it?
I always say to myself,
"Chrissy, you are the
luckiest person in the world."
Chrissy... I thought you
said your name was Sarah.
Oh, Chrissy's my second name.
Christine, Sarah-Christine.
Well listen Sarah slash Christine,
it was nice meeting you.
(jingle music)
Hi there!
Thank you.
Okay great, that's in screen 2.
Enjoy your film.
[intercom] A day at the cinema is
not complete without some fresh popcorn
Grab our special offer and enjoy a large
popcorn and two drinks
for only 10 pounds...
I'll cover your break.
Cool, I just found out we're
going to get a retrospective in next week,
how cool is that?
Oh... black and white films?
Not really my thing.
Okay, what is your thing then?
Action films?
I like Nouvelle films, you know,
the French new wave from the sixties.
Like Truffaut, Godard, Chabrol.
The black and white films?
Hey Jason!
Who's that?
Our main projectionist.
Doesn't speak much, does he?
Well if you spent all day
alone in the projection booth,
guess you wouldn't speak a lot either.
Okay, well thank you.
[intercom] 3D glasses now
on sale at the box office.
Cinema, make your day!
The passing of a loved one always
brings life to a standstill.
Nothing can fill the void
that Stefan has left behind.
But your memories of him will always be
with you in your heart.
Let us pray.
When I must leave you for a little while,
please do not grieve and shed wild tears.
And hug your sorrow to
you through the years.
But start out bravely
with a gallant smile,
and for my sake, and in my name,
live on and do all things the same.
Feed not your loneliness on empty days,
but fill each waking hour in useful ways.
Wasn't that a lovely speech?
Certainly was.
The poem was so touching.
That one is being used
quite often at funerals.
Is it?
Not many people here
to pay their respects
to poor Stefan.
Actually, quite a few funerals
are only attended by a handful of people.
So I've heard.
Well, I wouldn't like to die like that.
Being killed by a fridge
falling from a van.
Oh yes, horrible.
How did you know him?
I knew him from work.
He was a Busker, a one man band!
Can all passengers please proceed
to security after receiving
their boarding passes?
Yup, I'm the voice of Heathrow Airport.
That's something really interesting.
And tough, believe me.
You have to record every
possible time, city,
and airline so they can cut it up.
You spend hours recording
Barcelona, Berane, Belfast...
That's sick.
Your flight is delayed by
approximately 30 minutes,
60 minutes, 90 minutes...
2 hours.
3 hours.
4 hours!
We are sorry for the inconvenience
this may cause to your travel.
You also have to record it
in different languages too.
(speaking German)
Please do not leave
your luggage unattended.
You've got a real talent for languages.
Are you good with French as well?
Excuse me, do you work here?
I do.
This film. Love In The Spanish War,
what's that about?
It's a love story set in
the times of the Spanish War.
[intercom] Don't miss
out on new releases
and buy your tickets online.
I'll cover your break in a few minutes,
I've just got to take this to projection.
I'll do it.
You sure?
Yeah, I haven't been to
projection before, so...
Level 4.
I know.
Excuse me, The Flying House 3D,
is that a 3D film?
I have a parcel for you.
You can just leave
it on the table please.
So you're Jason, yeah?
You're Michelle.
Yeah, how did you know that?
You've got a name badge on.
I do.
I guess you're the first person to see
these new films, is that cool?
Not really.
We show a lot of rubbish
films, didn't you notice?
No actually, I've only
been here a couple weeks.
Oh, well welcome to Hell.
Can you please not touch anything?
Alright then, well I'm just going to go
so... nice to meet you, Jason.
Thank you.
Basically we're doing an in depth look
at the people we hear
each day on the radio.
Uncovering the faces behind the voices.
First, if you could tell me how
you got to where you are now.
Sure, saves you the research.
I've always been interested in
what people have to say I guess.
I started off hosting a chat show
on student radio when I was at Uni.
So you studied Journalism.
I studied Philosophy and Anthropology.
Not necessarily subjects that guarantee
you an easy start at the job market.
I studied what I liked, not what people
think looks good on my CV.
How did you get your current job?
It was right after Uni actually.
London 91.2 was just
starting in those days
and they were looking for fresh voices.
That's how it happened.
You've been doing your show
for about 2 years now.
However you came into the spotlight
about 4 months ago when you
insulted our Mayor on air.
Everyone's making way too much of that.
He fell out of one of his new buses,
of course I'm going to mention that.
You are quite a character.
Since then, the listening
figures of your show
have gone up steadily.
However, many people
say you lost your voice
after this incident and you're
much softer in your recent shows.
I don't think so.
Well maybe this is just a clever strike
to adapt your style so you can move on
to one of the major radio stations
where there are tougher
restrictions and codes.
I hear that Capital London
is interested in getting you on board.
I don't know anything about that.
Of course you don't.
Alright, I just need a few more quotes
about radio in general
and then we're done.
Raising a child in this world
is not something anyone
should do on their own.
I will be there for you, I promise.
Whatever you need.
That's what my husband said to me
and the day after he was dead.
This is not the first
promise he didn't keep.
LIke taking out the rubbish,
that wasn't his favorite.
You can consider this fatal
accident his own fault
as he tripped over the rubbish
and fell down the stairs.
I mean he was never a lucky man
he was always ill fated.
He once said to me that
that's why he married me.
(church bell)
What funeral are you going to next?
I think I am going to go to
the Newman funeral on Tuesday.
The Aukman funeral.
Bad idea.
The Priest doesn't like you.
Come on, if I've noticed somebody
who appears at loads of funerals
he certainly would have done.
He won't like it.
Well see you around.
Hi, Michelle.
How are you?
I'm good.
You've been here a couple weeks.
Now you're doing a really good job,
but it is important that you up sell.
If someone asks for popcorn
just say, "Do you want a large one?"
Always try and sell, just ask,
"Do you want a drink with that as well?"
they'll most likely say yes.
Remember to point out
the value of the comp meal.
"Do you want to go large?
It's just 50 pence more."
I will put you on concessions
tomorrow with Charlie.
She is really good at up selling.
Cool, okay, well I'll do my best.
[intercom] A day at the
cinema is not complete
without some fresh popcorn.
Grab our special offer
and enjoy a large popcorn
and two drinks for only 10 pounds.
I'm working with you
tomorrow in concession.
Uh huh.
I hear you're really good at up selling.
Yeah, I'm the up sell Queen.
So how's that done then?
Just tell them we only have large left.
You leaving already?
Got to go to work.
Right, right, you have that
real interesting job
working in an ice bar.
Yeah, I always think to myself,
"Mark, you have a cool job."
You said your name was Chris.
Oh well.
This was fun. You're great.
Wait wait, so all that stuff you told me
was made up?
Come on, all that stuff you told me
about what crazy job you
do to grab my attention?
You work for an American shoe designer
and are responsible for the color red.
There are lots of shades of red.
(laughing) Sure.
Listen, I usually never do this.
Do what?
Sleep with someone I just met.
He was cute, wasn't he?
A little strange.
I wonder what job he actually has.
There are lots of shades of red.
Raspberry, magenta,
fuchsia, venetian red, rose.
And we are back with London Talk.
We're looking back at this year's Olympics
and so far no one seems
to have enjoyed them.
Please, my dear callers,
I don't want anymore calls about how
crap the transport was,
how the bloody clock never worked
or how rubbish the logo was
even though I agree with you on that one.
Next up, we have... Alexandra, you're on.
Hey, Jessica.
Hey, what do you want to complain about?
Oh, I don't want to complain.
I was one of 8,000
volunteers to help in London.
Okay, so there were several ways
that you could have
volunteered at the Olympics,
amongst them the so called games makers
who helped at the actual venues
and then the London Ambassadors
which was organized by Boris
Johnson, is that right?
Your favorite man, yes.
Oh well, so I assume you
had extensive training?
Yes, I actually learned a lot.
Not only about the games,
but also about London.
Well that's great.
You enjoyed your time?
Oh yes, I'd do it again.
Well that's great to hear.
We are out of time again,
let me just say Alexandra that I think
it's great what you did.
That more people should
follow your example
instead of complaining all the time.
Well that was London Talk.
I'm Jessica Winters, have a great day.
(pop music)
Jaime, can I ask you something?
Do you think I've changed at all
since the Boris Johnson thing?
Of course.
I think you have changed
your style a lot recently.
You're becoming less
aggressive and more factual
like a real journalist.
Yes. Look at today's show.
Usually you would have rant about
how, pardon my French,
"crap" the games were.
But you finished on a positive note.
You know what? I think it's working.
I heard Capital London
is thinking of expanding their team.
Thanks, Jamie.
Hey Pete, any news on the lift?
I'm still waiting for
a replacement button.
Oh, I read an article about you.
That one?
Most of that stuff I didn't even say.
Thought so.
That's why I enjoy listening to your show,
you're always honest.
Thank you.
See you later.
Sir, your behavior is not acceptable.
You show a considerable
amount of disrespect
for the institution of the Holy Church.
Someone who has just lost a loved one.
What would he think if he was to know
that you just attended the funeral?
I don't attend funerals for fun.
Whatever your reasons are,
I do not want to see you at
one of my funerals again.
Are we clear about that?
I'm sorry.
I told you.
I think we should avoid
this cemetery from now on.
I'll be at the Nielsen funeral tomorrow.
See you there?
[intercom] There is no
place like the cinema,
with the best films from across the globe.
It's the experience that counts.
Still enjoying working at the cinema?
Yeah, it's okay.
Cinema's all about
selling popcorn, isn't it?
It's the experience that counts
as long as you buy enough overpriced food.
Well I like popcorn at the cinema.
I just don't understand why somebody
can't just sit there for 2 hours
and watch a film without eating food.
If they want to spend 8 pound
on a drink and popcorn then please do.
Yeah, but if you already spent
10 pound a ticket, then...
Who pays these ridiculous prices?
I love going to the cinema.
Don't you like going to cinema?
Yeah, cinema's so innovative these days.
The A-Team, Spiderman, Conan.
So many new, interesting ideas.
Come on, there's more than just
sequels and remakes.
I mean what about art house films?
I've spent so much time here
watching bits and pieces
of different films
I don't really want to watch
films in my spare time too.
I used to love film,
then I started working at a cinema.
She's doing much better this week.
We've adjusted the medication.
It seems to be working well.
However, in terms of
any long term prognosis
I still don't expect any
improvements to her condition.
We discussed that at length last time.
I know.
I just want you to make her
feel as good as possible.
I know how she's difficult.
We try our best.
She's been spending a lot
of time again recently
in the old stationary room.
Is that the one with
the pewter stone mirrors?
Oh well.
Roses. I love roses.
Oh, they're plastic.
You're allergic to roses, Mom.
Oh, I forgot.
Did you know roses are
ancient symbols of love and beauty?
Yeah, I know.
You look very beautiful today.
Oh I do, don't I?
I used to be very pretty you know.
You're still very pretty.
I used to be Ms. London
and a runner up for Ms. England.
Your Father used to say it was impossible
to take his eyes off me.
Oh, what lovely roses.
They're without thorns,
just the way you like them.
Oh, there are always thorns
when it comes to beauty.
Once your beauty vanishes you are alone.
Oh, Mom...
If I had taken better care of myself
your Father wouldn't have left me.
Mom please, it wasn't your fault.
Did you know I used to be Ms. London?
And a runner up for Ms. England.
Yeah, I know.
Oh Laurie, you are so beautiful.
Always take care of your looks!
Without your looks you'll end up alone.
These are really lovely roses.
I wonder if I have a lipstick that color.
Did you know roses are
ancient symbols of love and beauty?
Yeah, I know.
What about this lipstick?
That was depressing.
I thought the Priest
did a really nice speech.
We were the only guests at the funeral.
Well that's life.
No everyone's got lots
of friends and family.
We were the only ones.
As long as he had
friends when he was alive,
isn't that good enough?
I still think it's very sad.
Well it was funeral,
what were you expecting, clowns?
Okay, look, two planets meet.
"How are you?" asks the first one.
"No so good," says the other.
"I have homo sapiens."
"Ah, don't worry, that'll go away."
Is that supposed to be funny?
You are weird.
Alright, so James, what
do you want to talk about?
The weather.
I think it's the reason why British people
are so depressed.
Maybe we're depressed because
we drink so much tea.
No, I don't think so.
Or maybe it's our food
that's making us depressed.
British food is famous for being rubbish.
No, it's certainly the weather
that makes us depressed.
You know what's making me depressed?
Listening to you, goodbye!
Hopefully some more interesting
calls in the next hour after
the news and some music.
I'm Jessica Winters, stay tuned.
(rock music)
Jessica, this is Matt
from Capital London.
Hey, I'm a great fan.
Thank you.
Nice card.
I was wondering if we could have a chat
after you chat show today.
Projections receiving.
Jason, receiving please.
Jason, there is no sound in screen 5.
Jason, receiving please!
Radio check.
Radio is working fine.
Jason receiving please!
Jason, there's no sound in screen 5!
Sound's back.
Thank you for going all the way upstairs.
It's okay.
Dealing with some angry customers.
They missed 5 minutes of commercials.
Why would they be complaining about that?
I think something's wrong with Jason.
You bet.
Has this happened before then?
Oh yeah, that guy has
some serious issues.
And mood swings.
Have you thought about
what kind of grave you want?
I don't know.
One with a nice view?
Does it matter?
Well it's a place for your
friends and family to visit you.
Well I'll be dead, won't I?
I just, I don't know,
I just don't think it's that important.
Well I think it is.
It's a place for those left behind
to visit and remember you.
Okay, sorry.
Sorry, I didn't mean to...
I know, I know.
I just, I didn't mean to say
that people shouldn't remember.
I know, I know.
I know that there are photos and videos
and most important there are memories
of those taken from us,
but I still think that a grave
can have a similar function.
It's a place where you can go
to just remember someone.
To be honest, I'm always
slightly touched when I see
how some people maintain graves.
They put these beautiful
flowers down and candles.
I just hope that the person
had a good life.
I think it counts how we lived,
not how we died.
These funerals that we go to
when hardly anyone attends.
I do sometimes worry that it's
because the person
didn't have any friends.
Maybe it's just too difficult
for some to attend a funeral
and admit to themselves that their
friend or loved one is really gone.
I'm actually in the
Guinness Book of Records.
World's Fastest Tattoo Artist.
I can do small tattoos
in less than 10 minutes.
Doesn't that hurt?
Well yeah, but you'll get
a small local anesthetic first.
Doesn't sound like much fun actually.
Some people don't want to spend
hours in a chair having someone
with sharp needle torturing them.
I wouldn't.
You see?
Now if you wanted a
small star or a tribal,
I could do that in a few minutes.
You're pretty good with your hands then?
I'd say so.
Want to start working on me?
I thought you said
you didn't like tattoos.
I don't.
Your place or mine?
Excuse me.
The film has finished.
Right, thanks.
Excuse me.
Can I get a refund?
I didn't see the end of the film.
You missed it because you fell asleep.
Can I get a free ticket
so I can come back and
watch the end another day?
No, sorry.
That's not very good
customer service, is it?
You okay?
What are you doing?
It's my favorite day of the week,
health and safety checks.
Well that is an important job to do.
Oh yeah, checking fire call points
and extinguishers, yeah,
but I spend most of my day
putting up signs like this.
Do you know there's hot water
coming out of the hot water tap?
I do now.
It's bad enough I
have to put hazard tape
on every single step
and put a "mind the
step" sign up, now this.
I bet next week I'll have to put up signs
saying, "caution: cold water."
Projection receiving.
Go ahead.
Can you come to foyer, please?
A customer wants to talk to you.
Great, I'll never finish this.
Let me help you.
You sure?
There's no screen to
clean for half an hour.
I'm free.
Okay, well if you want to
put up those signs in
the toilets... you sure?
Yes, it's fine.
Oh, a few of us are going
out for a drink later,
do you want to come?
I'm okay.
Are you the projectionist?
I am.
You're quite young.
How can I help you?
Well you projected the film wrong.
It wasn't in 3D.
What film were you watching?
The one with the soldiers.
What was the title...
I don't know, screen 5.
Oh, that's not actually a 3D film.
Yeah, I was wearing 3D glasses.
It's still not a 3D film.
But I was wearing 3D glasses!
Okay, look, just because
you're wearing the glasses
it doesn't change the film into 3D,
it has to be projected in 3D.
Aha, and why wasn't it projected in 3D?
It's not a 3D film!
Well if it's not 3D,
then it's not good, is it?
[intercom] Be part of the 3D experience
with our premium 3D films
now on sale at the box office.
What about the Curtis funeral?
No, there are road ruts in the area.
Be a nightmare traveling to the cemetery.
Okay, what about the Neil funeral?
Yeah, looks good.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Are you sure?
Mmmhm (affirmative)
So Neil funeral?
Hi there, can I help you?
I was wondering if it's
possible to get a refund?
The girl I was meant to be watching
the film with changed her mind.
Yeah, sure, no problem.
Did you pay cash or card?
Right, okay.
If you'd just stick your card in that
reader over there for me,
it might take a few seconds to process
but just give me...
Thank you.
I was wondering if it's
possible to get a refund?
The guy who was supposed to watch
the movie with me changed his mind.
Cash or card?
Did you pay cash or card?
Oh, card.
Pop your card in the reader.
Takes a few moments.
Thanks a lot.
Look who it is.
Ah, the "ice bar" guy,
or what is it you're doing today?
Actually I'm a shoe designer
and I'm responsible for the color red.
Here's your receipt,
thank you very much.
Thank you.
No problem.
What do you actually do?
Why do you care?
Thank you, here's your receipt.
Some customers are really weird.
What do you really do?
Why do you want to know?
I have an interest in strange people.
So I'm strange?
What do you do?
You want to ask me out.
I work in Bar 42.
If you want to ask me out,
you better give me a
really good reason why.
I'm not asking you out.
You know where I work.
Better be a good reason.
Thank you.
We at Capital London
have monitored your show very closely.
You certainly have grabbed
out attention in the last months.
Thank you, but how so?
Well you got quite some press
coverage after you
insulted our Mayor on air.
Your new star would certainly fit
into our (concept of shows.)
Of course there would be
some adjustments necessary.
You're snappy comments,
like today to the guy who
wanted to talk about the weather,
will not be appropriate
for Capital London.
I'm sure these are minor changes
that can easily be made.
Well I have always wanted
to work for Capital London.
You deserve it.
Look at you, you work for
a small local radio station
and their studio used to be where the
school bands record their songs.
Doesn't look glamorous.
But you... you made your show a success.
Time to move on.
Happy anniversary!
Oh, hey.
What anniversary is it exactly?
Well you've worked in
a cinema for 4 years, so yeah.
It's actually going
to be my last as well.
Oh, why?
Well soon they're going
to go completely digital,
they won't need
projectionists anymore, so...
Sorry, I didn't know that.
It's health and safety!
Like two way traffic.
There's always two ways to look at things.
Okay, well thank you.
Michelle receiving.
Go ahead.
Screen 2's coming out.
Okay, I'm on my way.
I better go, but happy anniversary.
Marge said to me,
"Howard, don't you dare die before me!
"I wouldn't be able to deal with it."
Now she's gone and I have to.
Least I followed her instructions
and didn't die before her.
It was a very nice speech that you made.
Marge wrote that.
She always liked poems.
Spent a lot of time writing that speech.
Did you notice how the ends
of every sentence rhymed?
I did, it was very nice.
Marge liked teddy bears.
Had a few of her favorites
put with her in her coffin.
Had that put in her will.
I wonder if I should order a gravestone
that looks like a teddy bear?
What do you think?
I think she'd like it.
Then that's a great idea.
Nice talking to you.
My pleasure, take care.
Sorry I missed the funeral.
I haven't seen you around for awhile.
Yeah, I... I haven't been too well.
I hope you're better now.
Not really.
I used to be a paramedic.
If someone has a heart attack
and goes into cardiac arrest,
they've got a survival chance of 6%.
They need to be shocked
with a defibrillator within 2 minutes
or it's too late.
I've seen a lot of people die.
All paramedics have.
Most people you just can't save.
I always wanted to be able to do more.
I wanted to be a Doctor.
During my second term at University
I started to get these headaches.
When I got the diagnosis I knew enough
about medicine to know that they
wouldn't be able to save me.
I'm so sorry.
I've had a good life.
There's nothing anyone can do.
I've got no regrets.
You never asked me why I'm doing this.
I know there's one
cemetery you always avoid.
I remember you saying that
graves are a place for memories,
but I also think they're
places to say goodbye.
One of the reasons I don't really
care what my funeral will be like
or how my grave will look is that
I don't want my friends to be too affected
by my passing.
Just because I'm gone it doesn't mean
they need to stop living their lives.
It's about saying goodbye,
remembering the good times.
I didn't ask him out.
Nor would I.
This guy doesn't know what he wants.
Not that I know what I want.
I asked him out.
And I'm talking to a duck.
My Father was a tailor who worked
for several fashion
designers in the nineties.
My Mother died when I was 2.
I spent my childhood at
my Father's work place
in-between all these adorable models
who came to try on the outfits.
I had a lot of... contact
with models as a teenager.
Not the worst way to grow up.
Definitely not.
I can imagine.
I'm hungry.
My Father, he organized
all these beauty contests,
Ms. London, Ms. England,
Ms. U.K., Ms. whatever.
That's where he met my Mom.
So you grew up between
a lot of beauty queens.
Not really.
When my Mom got pregnant,
my Father left her.
I've never met him.
My Mom got ill and never
really recovered from that.
I was quite lonely as a child.
I spent a big time of my
life in boarding schools.
Where I'm sure you were
popular with the guys.
Well you know in the movies how
the beautiful girl has
attractive but stupid boyfriends
and in the end is happy
with a normal or geeky guy?
It was exactly like that.
Aside from me getting happy with
the normal or geeky guy.
Ah well, the poor beautiful girl.
Yeah, oh well.
What are you doing tomorrow?
How are you doing?
I heard the projectionist
got fired today.
Yup, four weeks notice.
Four weeks?
Wow. I'm really sorry.
That's really soon.
I guess anybody can
press play on the computer.
The digital revolution
replaces all with machines.
But there must be loads of places
that don't use that though.
Can't you just apply there?
Yeah, but they're all going to be
going digital soon,
so wherever I go I've got no future.
This isn't my dream job either.
I love film and it pays my bills.
No one promised us the
perfect world, did they?
Nobody said life was fair.
Jason receiving please.
A customer wants to talk to you.
Can you come to the foyer please?
Trouble never ends.
You better give me a refund because
the way that film was
projected was unacceptable!
What was wrong with it?
It was in black and white!
I assume you're watching
the film in screen 3.
Well it's intended to
be in black and white.
Why is that?
It was filmed in the 1940s.
Well until the 1960s
most films were in black and white.
It was a rather boring film!
Why do you show such an old film?
It was part of our classic season,
it's actually considered one
of the greatest films of all time.
Not really worth watching, believe me.
The Director should have
put more action into it.
Oh okay, well I'll
let Orson Welles know.
Hey there, what can I get you?
Hey there, pretty face.
You back in town?
Where have you been
the last year, stranger?
I... I needed a time out.
Things are going quite well.
Had a few decent photo shoots
and a couple catwalk shows.
Yeah, I saw the
pictures you did in Vogue.
Very nice.
Well I wasn't wearing
very much in those.
But I'm sure you remember
how I look naked.
Impossible to forget.
Especially since I was your first.
I missed you very much.
You can't come why exactly?
An old friend.
Yeah, I just thought that...
Well, okay, I guess that's how it is then.
Yeah, sure.
And we are back discussing
the future of the NHS.
As with every year, our politicians
want to reform our system.
What do you think, Marcus?
I'm very worried about budget cuts
to the mental health services.
Do you work for the NHS?
Yes, I'm a therapist.
Go on.
I mainly work with patients
who suffer from depression.
About 1 in 4 people is affected by it
at some point in their lives.
It is a much more common issue
thank most people think.
Depression is what we
call a mood disorder.
This can range from short
periods of feeling down
to situations of severe depression
where people affected could
have suicidal tendencies.
It is essential that possible
symptoms are taken very seriously.
Symptoms sometimes include
withdrawing from social activities,
a loss of motivation and interest
in the job or the people around them.
I'm sure many listeners will remember
the suicides of several bankers
after the banks collapsed a few years ago.
Major economic crisis
like our recent recession
can have a huge impact on people.
It is important that we're able
to offer as much help as possible.
Budget cuts are certainly the wrong
way to go about it.
(jingle music)
Sorry I'm late, the circle line was down.
Charlie, what's happened?
Charlie, what's happened?!
(somber music)
I really don't think
you should see her now.
She's in a very emotionally fragile state.
I really need to talk to her.
Laura, your mother
isn't very well right now.
Listen, you didn't allow me
to talk to her on the phone,
I need to see her and
I need to see her now!
It could seriously
harm the therapy process!
Look, I spent the last hour talking
to a duck, I need to talk
to a real person now.
Laura, what have you
done with your hair?
It's okay.
You have to take
better care of yourself.
You'll never find a decent husband.
I'll never find one anyway.
Don't say that!
Well not everybody can
live happily ever after.
Did I ever tell you about Jonathan?
You're probably too
young to remember him.
You were only a year old.
I never met anyone like him before.
Pretty, caring.
Not like your Father.
What happened?
A car ignored a red light.
I was never completely
happy with your Father.
I was with Jonathan.
I didn't know about this, Mom.
I always thought that you...
Not that Jonathan was
perfect, far from it.
It takes effort to be happy.
No one is perfect.
I used to be Ms. London,
did you know that?
And runner up for Ms. England.
I was so sad when you
left town so suddenly.
You were special.
More than the other guys.
I missed you a lot.
I want to see you again.
You will, pretty face.
My boyfriend's out of
town for the whole week,
so you'll actually see me quite a lot.
Your boyfriend?
I thought...
All you ever wanted was fun.
All I ever wanted was fun.
Do you want to tell me what's changed?
Well I thought there was
something, I don't know,
special between us.
Oh, sweetie.
I'm a pro in the fashion industry.
Everyone's special.
Look, you can call me anytime.
I like you.
You're fun.
He offered me a chat show.
Have you accepted?
Not yet.
What's stopping you?
You've always wanted to
work for Capital London.
I know.
I'm not sure.
I will decide today.
And we are back!
Today's subject, the future of Dr. Who
after rumors that the BBC will
reduce the number of
episodes in the coming years,
so Tim, you're next.
Hi Jessica, I'm a big fan of Dr. Who.
What a surprise.
I'd like to talk about why
David Tennant is a better
Doctor than Tom Baker.
No thanks.
Dear Whovians, I have no problem with you
being big fans of the show,
but I really don't care who
your favorite Doctor is,
so Kenny, you're next.
Yeah, I've got a problem with
John Barrowman being gay.
I'm sorry?
Well he plays a gay character
in a family show.
And the problem is...
I mean a gay man
playing a gay character.
It's against nature.
Oh my, you're one of those idiots.
Let me tell you something Kenny,
believe it or not there are
several studies that say
in the future we'll
all be gay or bisexual.
That won't happen.
In evolutionary terms, the main reason
we enjoy sex is because in the past we
needed to have children.
Now the Earth is overpopulated
so there's no need for anymore children.
Sex is no longer about making babies,
it's about having fun
which I assume for most it is already.
You're talking nonsense.
You know what, I'm done talking to you.
I don't like talking to idiots.
We're back after some music.
(pop music)
Hey Pete.
Oh hello, Ms. Winters.
The lifts are working again.
I know, just wanted to say hey.
That was a tough show you did today.
You rightly told that guy off.
Oh well.
That's why I enjoy
listening to your show.
I want to hear different opinions
and clever discussions.
I never feel like I'm wasting
my time listening to what you have to say.
Thanks, Pete.
I like my show, and I won't change it.
I'll see you tomorrow.
An old friend.
Heard that before.
"I'll see you again soon,"
yeah sure.
Why does this always happen to me?
What do you know? You're a duck.
(doorbell rings)
What do you want?
Can I come in?
Are you upset?
You sleep with your ex,
the love of your life,
and you're stupid enough
to tell me about it.
You come over here because...
I really don't know why.
Are you telling me something similar
has never happened to you?
Well... I guess nobody's
really perfect, huh?
When I first started
going with other girls
I thought I always wanted to be the guy
who was cool and popular
and had lots of affairs and encounters.
Wasn't as much fun as you thought, huh?
Don't you think it's scary?
How easy it is for us to move on?
Boyfriend gone, along comes another
It's always true love.
It's more like... trial
and error, isn't it?
It's more like error.
Some make you laugh.
Some share your interests,
stimulate your intellect.
Some it's just physical.
Some... there's an attraction
on so many levels.
In films there's always that scene
where the characters realize
there are actually two issues.
There's what they want and what they need.
The thing is the audience always knows
what's going on before
the characters realize it.
Uh huh.
Can I see you again?
If this were a film,
the audience would already know
what my answer will be.
Screen 5.
Enjoy your film.
[intrcom] Action, drama, romance, horror
and science fiction.
The world of movies only at your cinema.
So you're still alive then.
Couldn't even kill yourself properly.
What were you thinking?!
What were you thinking?!
God, everyone has hard times!
Life isn't easy for anyone,
why didn't you just talk to someone?
When you feel sorry for yourself,
no Doctor can help you.
The only person who can
change things is you.
I tried, but I couldn't.
Well sometimes talking helps.
I got you something.
There's two ways to look at things!
Don't tell me you're going to give me
the whole speech about
this cup's always half
full or half empty are you?
Well thank you.
I quit my job.
Yeah, I realized for
someone who loves films,
Cinema is not the place to be.
You were right about that.
What you do now?
I don't know.
Something else.
And we have time for
one last caller, Alice!
I just wanted to say something about
the discussion you had
yesterday on the recession.
I think that there will
always be times when
everything is too difficult
and we just can't seem to find a way out.
These moments when nothing happens,
when everything seems
to come to a standstill.
It's not really life
that we struggle with,
it's the days in-between.
Sometimes it's about accepting
things that we can't change
and sometimes it's us who need to change.
Life always goes on.
We just have to decide to be a part of it.
(outro music)