The Dead 2: India (2013) Movie Script

These strange and unprovoked
acts of cannibalism and violence
continue to be reported across
the entire continent of Africa.
The motives for these
bizarre and disturbing acts,
whilst yet to be confirmed...
Let me carry it for you.
I'll walk with you.
No! Leave me alone!
Sorry. No fuel today, Nicholas.
- Tanker has not come.
- Oh.
Maybe it's on its way.
All right. Well...
maybe I'll pick some
up on the way back.
You coming on Saturday
for the paragliding?
You will be my free guest.
Yeah, thanks, Sanjeev.
Once was enough for me.
I get enough heights at work.
Maybe next time.
You say that every time, Nicholas.
This time, we have got booking,
maybe some nice tourist ladies.
See you!
Emergency. Hello?
Yes. Yeah, I'm sorry.
Hello. Emergency.
- Doctor...
- Hello.
...we are needed over here.
Hello. Emergency.
Ishani Sharma.
Emergency. Hello?
Yes. Yes. Please wait
for just one minute.
I'm so sorry. Emergency.
Come on. Come on.
Ishani, how are you?
I was getting worried. How'd it go?
Nicholas, I-I'm pregnant.
No, that's...
that's great. Right?
There's something wrong.
Nicholas, there's something wrong
that's happening in the streets,
some fighting. Something is going on.
You're okay? The baby's okay?
But I'm not able to keep it
from my father much longer.
Listen, I am so close to
finishing my contract here,
and your visa comes through
in less than three weeks.
Nicholas, I don't think my father's
going to let me go America with you,
especially if he has a
grandchild on the way.
When are you coming back?
You're so far away.
I miss you, Nicholas.
You too.
Listen, I can get my work done here,
you know, in under a week.
I will be there, and we
will get this fixed, okay?
I'll talk to your dad.
I know I need to make
things right with him.
Ishani, listen to me.
Go straight home.
- Lock your door.
- Nicholas?
Stay calm.
- Ishani?
- I'm scared.
There's violence in the street.
Ishani, I don't know
if you can hear me.
I think the turbine's
interfering with...
I need to move away from the turbine.
I will call you back when I
get to a better place, okay?
Where the hell have you been?
- I...
- We have been worried sick.
Your mother has been attacked.
I can't even get through
to the hospital.
- Where have you been?
- Mother was attacked?
What happened?
Bitten by some crazy man.
She's resting. Leave her.
But I need to get her tetanus renewed
before God knows what kind
of an infection she might get.
And all the while, no doubt you've
been seeing your fancy man.
Don't you think I don't know?
It is nothing of the sort.
He's 300 miles away working.
Ah, come on, come on, come on.
Come on.
Come on, come on.
You were not cleaning at the hotel.
I went there.
Your boss said that you
had an appointment.
What appointment, Ishani?
Thank God. Listen.
Ishani, I don't know what's happening,
but just stay where you are.
Don't even go out.
I'm coming for you.
You are never to see
my daughter again.
No. Sir, wait...
Don't treat me like a fool.
I know what is going
on with this man.
He's away from home.
He's not part of your world.
You're not part of his.
Forget this American fantasy.
His interest will soon fade.
You'll be left with nothing.
The Guptas are a good family.
Harish has an honest profession.
He's reliable, honorable, and he'll
look after you and look after us.
These foreigners, when they've
had their fun, they will tire of you.
The bond between
our families is strong.
I worked hard at this.
Please don't ruin it.
I love you, Ishani.
I only want what is best for you.
Father, if you love me,
then you'll not be angry
at what I have to tell you.
Father, what's happening out there?
Stay away.
Help me!
Help me!
Max, are you there? Over.
Max, do you read me?
Hey, Nick, what's up?
What's going on down there?
Is there some kind of trouble?
I don't know. We've been hearing
some shots in the streets,
some sort of fighting.
It's probably just a
Muslim-Hindu thing
or maybe something to do
with the tension in the slums
as they were looking to
bulldoze some of 'em.
Right. Do me a favor?
Can you check on Ishani for me?
She lives on the edge of town,
quite near the slums.
If something's going on
down there, I want...
want to make sure she's okay.
Maybe take her to the
office till I can get there?
Ah, Nick, man, I would,
but HQ is telling us to stay put.
There's even talk of flying some of us
out of here if things get any worse.
Look, man, she's going
to be fine, all right?
She's local. She's probably
used to this sort of thing.
No. No, Max, this doesn't feel right.
I'll give you her...
This is Lima November 2-6...
- Nick, it's hard...
- Max? hear your voice. Are you there?
- Max. Max.
- ...requesting immediate clearance
- for takeoff.
- Nick?
We are under attack.
Control tower, I repeat.
This is Lima...
Jesus. Jesus.
Jesus Christ.
Wait. I'm coming.
Just a minute.
Yeah, yeah. I'm coming.
You okay?
Ishani, it's me.
Are you okay? I've been so worried.
I don't know what's happening.
There's fighting outside.
Ishani, where are you right now?
I'm at home.
Good. Stay where you are.
Okay? I'm coming for you.
It may take me some time,
but I'll get to you somehow.
Something terrible is going on.
People are...
people are being attacked.
I think it's happening everywhere,
so just stay indoors.
Lock yourself in.
I'm coming for you...
and for our baby.
Don't worry. Just stay calm.
You're never going to
see my daughter again!
- Hello.
- Max, it's Nick.
Hey, Nick, I been trying
to get ahold of you.
You have got a seat
on the last plane out,
but you better haul ass, 'cause
it is leaving at 7:00 tonight.
They're giving us armed
escorts to the airport.
They're flying U.S. citizens
out from Mumbai and Delhi,
so where are you right now?
No, I'm still in Rajasthan,
about 50 miles from Jaipur.
I'm not going to make
it to Mumbai in time.
Look, you can make it to Delhi from
there easy in three or four hours,
but you got to move right now.
Max, I really need you
to get to Ishani for me.
Just take her with
you to the airport.
Those are my bags. I'll be
out there in two minutes.
Take her with you to the airport.
I'll come get her from there.
No way. The shit has
hit the fan down there.
The whole place has gone crazy.
They are shooting
people in the streets.
- You have armed guards, Max.
- Just give me a minute, all right?
- If the flight's not till 7:00...
- No, leave it. can convince those
guys to pick her up.
It's 10 minutes from
your hotel, Max. Please.
Nick, you have any idea
what's going on over here?
People are killing people
everywhere, cannibalism.
It is totally fucked up,
and you want me to go into
the slums to get some girl?
Do yourself a favor. Get out
of here while you still can.
No, I-I'm not going
to leave without her.
Then you have got no chance.
Besides, has she even
got a U.S. passport?
She isn't even going to
get into the building.
Forget her. You might want to die for
some local girl, some hotel cleaner,
but, man, I sure as hell don't.
Have a good flight, Max.
Are you okay? Did they hurt you?
Okay, okay, okay.
Come on.
Listen, Ishani. You hear that?
The military.
Maybe they're coming to help.
Hmm. Probably they are on
their way to the rich areas.
We are on our own, Father.
What's your name, kid?
- Javed.
- Nicholas.
Good to meet you, Mr. Nicholas.
Yeah. Where are your parents?
I don't have any parents.
Where'd you live? Is it near here?
Is there somewhere
safe I can leave you?
I have no home. I left the
orphanage a long time ago.
- I'm my own boss now.
- All right, listen, kid.
I got a long journey ahead
of me all the way to Mumbai.
I don't have much time,
so I'll be seeing you, okay?
I'll come with you.
I'm the best guide in India.
Listen, I'm sorry for you, okay?
I'm sorry for all of this,
but I can't take any passengers.
Passenger? I know India like
I know the back of my hand.
I can take you the quickest ways.
I have to help you.
No, you don't need...
kid, just take care of yourself.
I don't need the responsibility.
Mr. Nicholas, from here to
Mumbai is a very hard journey,
many dangerous place.
Alone, you will be
getting lost very easy,
but me, I've done it
many, many times.
Ask me where something is,
any single thing in India.
Mr. Nicholas, ask me.
A car.
What sort of car do you want?
One that works, get me
all the way to Mumbai.
N-no problem, Mr. Nicholas.
You follow me now.
We stay away from towns.
Too much dangerous.
I knew the owner over here.
He was renting cars for tourists.
The best cars are gone.
I don't think he'll need
these any longer.
Looks okay. What about the keys?
I'll come with you.
Javed! Javed!
You okay? Did it bite you?
- Did it bite you?
- No.
It's just a cut. Ow. It stings.
All right.
All right, just stay there,
All right, this may sting, okay?
All right. All right.
All right.
Good, good, good.
All right, be brave.
Okay, let's find those keys.
Come on, come on, come on.
- Here.
- Good man.
Good work.
Get in! Quick!
Get down.
Are we going the right way?
Keep going. I'll say where to turn.
All right.
When did you last eat something?
Yesterday night, some rice,
just before all this started.
All right, well,
we can't run on empty.
We'll make mistakes.
If we pass where there is water,
the trees over there will bear fruit.
There will be places on
the way. I'll show you.
Will there be places on the way we
can get weapons, guns, anything?
I don't have many rounds left.
I know a place, but it's
beyond the mountains.
It means a detour,
but I can show you.
Ah, I think we'll have to do it.
- Okay, go left here.
- All right.
Why do you need so
much to get to Mumbai?
My girl.
My girlfriend, she's there.
Are you in love, Mr. Nicholas?
Yeah, I guess I am.
No, she's... she's carrying our baby.
You know, you're the
first person I've told.
What is it like, to be in love?
It's warm inside,
even when it's cold.
That make sense?
It sounds nice.
What happened to your parents, Javed?
Do you mind me asking?
I never met my parents.
They told me I was left
outside the orphanage.
I'm sorry.
That's okay.
I'm not the only one, Mr. Nicholas.
We don't choose our paths.
It is preplanned.
Ah, come on, come on, come on.
Jesus Christ.
Is there another way around?
Over there, through those hills,
but the roads are bad.
All right.
Hang on.
Come on, come on, come on.
Hold tight.
Get down!
Hey, come on!
Hey! Jaldi. Jaldi!
Jesus Christ.
- Hey! Hey!
- Come on.
It's jammed. Come on. The window.
Come on.
Okay. We should rest.
Come on.
That is one of the Jataka legend.
It tell us a story of wealthy king
who fall in love with poor girl.
They have child together.
This angered the elders,
who demand he marry the one
they chose to be the queen.
He refuses, promising to
be with his love forever.
The elders grant him his wish.
They take his title, his wealth
and bury them alive in
a tomb for all eternity.
Many years later,
this tomb was opened...
but no bodies are found.
It was a hunters lodge.
I know there were guns
in here somewhere.
Wait, wait, wait.
I don't like this.
I think it's up here.
All right.
All right.
All right, all right, slowly.
There. There it is.
All right.
I'm sorry, Mr. Nicholas.
I promise it was here.
All right.
Let's go.
Get on. Quick.
Stay by the bike.
Come on.
I saw him die.
Why is this happening to us?
I-I don't know.
Does this mean everything we
have been taught is wrong?
To live many lives,
our soul reincarnating again and
again until it becomes perfect?
That's what you always taught us.
Is this Brahma's idea of perfection?
Don't talk like that.
Then how should I speak?
You see what's happening out there.
You're a preacher, Father.
You have taught us.
You have taught others.
Is this the karma we
have created for ourself?
This mindless, walking death?
Is this the perfection of the soul
that we have been striving to
achieve for thousands of years?!
The soul is eternal,
but these things...
I see in their eyes there is no soul.
Whatever is happening
must still be part of Brahma's plan.
How can this evil
be part of any plan?
Maybe that is exactly
what it is, a plan.
Maybe mankind must
endure this process
to achieve its karmic balance.
True reincarnation, the soul
enters into many bodies,
assumes many forms, and passes
through many rebirths and deaths.
Maybe this is just one such form.
Mankind is going through
a great change, a rebirth.
Yes, it is painful,
but look at what mankind
has done with all its sins.
Maybe we have brought
this upon ourselves.
Stop! Please stop!
You okay? What's wrong?
What's wrong? Javed?
At the orphanage, when I
would go to fetch water,
I would always look for these.
This was always my favorite.
It's good.
It's really good.
- Mr. Nicholas...
- Mm-hmm.
...why did you come to India?
I'm an engineer, electrical engineer.
I was offered a contract,
opportunity of a lifetime,
such a beautiful place.
We build wind farms,
purest source of energy, you know.
Wanted to put something back.
Maybe I wanted a fresh start.
Things haven't gone
so well back home.
What happened?
Well, few years back,
I was with a girl,
found out she was having
a baby, our baby.
Couldn't handle it.
I was stupid. I ran away.
When I came back,
tried to do the right thing,
I found out she'd had an...
She'd got rid of it, our baby.
There were complications.
She got sick, really sick.
It was my fault.
I think I understand now.
- Sorry.
- Come back here!
- Sorry!
- Come back!
I think they hear us.
Is this okay for you, Javed?
Why did you not want
your baby, Mr. Nicholas?
I was scared.
I was scared.
People make stupid mistakes
when they're scared.
Let's go, go, go. Go.
Hey. Come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
Let's go. Go, go, go, go. Go.
We have a choice.
We can follow the track around
the desert to the east,
or we can go as far as Mohana
and head south straight
across the desert.
The journey is much shorter,
but very hard.
On foot...
What is that?
Why'd you risk your
life to get it back?
That's how I know my mother
and father did have love for me.
It was in the basket with me
at the door of the orphanage.
They told me it was made by hand,
by someone who doesn't
make things, but they tried.
My mother and father would not do that
for me unless they loved me, would they?
That's how I know that they
didn't want to get rid of me.
They maybe were scared,
just like you were.
Run, Javed! Run!
Go! Get on that chopper!
Just get on board!
Mr. Nicholas! Mr. Nicholas!
Mr. Nicholas, get on board!
Mumbai! Find me!
I'll find you! I promise!
How are you feeling?
I had a dream just now.
I was young and in love again.
The fire in your heart,
you know it, Ishani.
Tell me, how are you feeling?
I'm fine.
It's you I'm worried about.
Ishani, a mother knows these things.
I've seen... how you
are in the mornings.
I would love to have
been a grandmother.
You will.
I was young too.
I had dreams about
how life could be...
but then reality comes
along with responsibility.
Your father is a good man.
He's never let us down.
He's always provided for us.
But... I was in love with another.
In those quiet moments, even now,
I wonder...
what it might have been
if I followed my heart.
Life is short and precious.
It passes by so quickly.
Oh, Ishani, whatever happens... you must follow your heart.
Please, please, please help us.
Someone... sir, you have to listen.
All right, all right.
I'll get you out.
Oh, baby.
All right.
They're stuck!
Oh, Christ.
- Oh, please.
- Christ.
Okay. Okay, I'm going to get you out.
Shit. Come on.
All right, now. All right.
Fuck. Fuck.
All right. All right.
All right.
They're stuck.
- Help me.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm so sorry.
- Please help us.
- Please.
- Oh, God, please don't do this.
Okay, okay. Okay, okay.
Here's what we're going to do, okay?
Now, the seat is jammed,
but I think I can get the
catch off if I shoot it,
but it's going to be really loud, okay,
so you need to cover your ears.
Put your head forward,
okay? That's it.
Just put your head forward.
That's it. Okay.
All right, here it comes.
Here it comes.
Fuck you!
At the orphanage, I would
always look for these.
This was always my favorite.
...always look...
always look... always look...
- Sorry.
- Come back here!
Come back!
Thank you, Raj.
You took good care of me.
Sleep well, my love.
Watch out.
Come on.
Hey! Hey!
What are you looking for?
I made a promise I have to keep.
Mr. Nicholas!
Ishani, meet Javed.
I wouldn't have made it without him.
Now I see.
Mr. Nicholas, they say the
Americans are sending planes.
They are coming just
now to take survivors.
But only for Americans
and their families.
I cannot go.
It cannot be.
Yes, you can.
Yes, you can.
The rescue planes.
They don't sound like rescue planes.
Come on.
We got to go.
...and buried them alive in a tomb...
Why is this happening to us?
...for all eternity.
Maybe that is exactly what it is,
a plan.
Why did you not want
your baby, Mr. Nicholas?
She got rid of it, our baby.
Oh, baby.
It was my fault.
People make stupid mistakes
when they're scared.
We don't choose our paths.
It is preplanned.
Is this the karma we have
created for ourself?
We have brought this upon ourselves.
This tomb was opened,
but no bodies are found... no bodies
are found... no bodies are found...