The Dead Center (2018) Movie Script

[Overlapping whispering voices]
[Distant screams]
[Screams intensify]
[Siren wailing, horn blaring]
[Man] Keep pressure
on his wound.
Keep going, guys. Go ahead
with the chest. Thank you.
[ Radio music plays
in background]
[Camera shutter clicks]
[Rustling plastic]
[Heavy thudding]
[Low rumbling]
[Heart beating]
Miss Lewis, you know you're
not supposed to be in here.
[Clears throat]
When did they check you in,
last night?
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday
to you
Happy birthday to you,
It's not my birthday,
Miss Lewis.
It's not my birthday.
Thank you.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you...
Would you mind, please,
showing Miss Lewis
where her breakfast tray is?
- I'd be glad to.
- Thank you so much.
Travis... do you know
who was on last night?
What the hell did they give her?
I'm not sure.
I could check for you.
- Right.
- Morning meeting's at 10:00.
- Yeah. Who's in it?
- Dr. Morgan's here and...
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Let me out of here!
Get me out of this place!
What the hell am I doing on
this thing? I don't like this!
Says she's hearing things
that aren't there.
Threatening to kill herself.
All right, Miss Russell,
I need you to try to calm down.
You're not thinking too clearly.
[Russell] I am thinking
perfectly clearly!
- [Screaming]
- She is bleeding everywhere!
She can't be here.
Take her down to Medicine.
[Woman] I'm sorry, Darcy.
This is an emergency
psychiatric ward.
We can only keep patients
for a short amount of time,
when they're going
through an acute mental crisis,
and then we have
to discharge them.
I don't wanna go home.
[Raucous laughter]
How are we doing, Anne?
What do you think
about this guy in three?
Is he calm? I was thinking
about taking the restraints off.
Er... I wouldn't yet.
He's been asleep all morning.
I say we wait
till the drugs wear off
or he'll try to pull
his fingernails off again.
...don't tell me anything!
I know you do not know me. No!
[Man] Kevin Burke is back.
Should we restrain him?
No, don't do that.
He's not a danger.
OK, buzz me in.
No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no!
No! Don't... Do not...
You can't... you...
[Burke weeps]
Dr. Graham, there's a suicide
over at Metro Hospital morgue.
Do you have time
to run over there
and do an examination today?
Sure, no problem.
[Radio] 'That ends the rally
for the inning.
'Three hits, one run,
no men left on base.
'After eight,
we're still tied at two....'
[Overlapping conversation]
- [Woman] You don't know?
- No, I don't know!
[Graham clears throat]
Can I help you?
Dr. Edward Graham,
medical examiner's office.
Here to examine the John Doe
suicide reported last night.
That's actually
what we were discussing.
We have a problem.
Good morning, Mr. Alan.
How you doing?
Brought you some breakfast.
Need to check your vitals,
and then you can eat everything
that you want.
Let me see here...
Hello? When were you assigned
to this room?
Let's just get you up here.
Let's get you to sit up.
Yeah, there you go. Good.
Can you hear me?
I'm gonna go get some help.
[Heart thumping]
Good morning. Well...
- You found him here like this?
- Yes.
Can you hear me?
Do you know where you are, sir?
I don't know, his lungs
are clear, his rhythm's good.
Maybe he's off his meds. Look,
put a gown on him, call Psych...
I've a good candidate
for residential treatment.
- Who's this for?
- Patient is Kevin Burke.
He has a history of
meth abuse, depression.
I've seen him a few times
over the years.
I think he's got a good shot at
getting clean this time, though.
I really do.
It says here that we already
gave him a shot last year.
And he walked out
after a few days.
But this is a window and we
should take it, I'm telling you.
Daniel, when they
walk out like that,
the hospital ends up paying
for the entire 30 days.
Sarah, this is different.
This man
had a significant break.
Kevin is ready.
Tell me,
where is Kevin Burke right now?
Did you already admit him
into our unit?
- Of course I did.
- Of course you did.
It's temporary,
Sarah, till we can...
Of course you did! Jesus!
- ...get him into residential...
- Jesus, Daniel!
Is he a danger to himself
or others?
I put him on hold...
Is he a danger to himself
or others?
To look at our case load,
you'd think
we're running
a drug rehab program.
The floor's admittance rate
has gotten out of control.
Do you even know
what we do here?
We're the ones
who provide the drugs.
The danger's not
treating the patients!
There's only one thing
you can do here
and that's get them
a minute of clarity...
We have gone over this,
I know I can help,
and you won't let me do that.
You're being way too comfortable
with me right now.
I was gonna wait
to tell you this.
For the time being,
anyone admitted into our unit
needs to be first
approved by me.
- Are you kidding?
- No, I'm not.
So, you're gonna personally
supervise every consult now?
No... Just you.
- Hey, Doc?
- Huh?
Eval 1. John Doe.
Nobody has any idea
where he came from?
That seems to be the case.
How's that even possible?
Hi, I'm Dr. Forrester.
Do you know where you are?
Can you hear me?
You know what's gonna happen
if we don't take him?
Medicine's gonna put him in
a corner and forget about him.
You can't think about that
around here.
Sorry, what's that?
I'm sorry.
Say that again, please.
How'd that make you feel?
Yeah, I imagine so.
Did you hear that?
- What?
- He spoke.
- He did?
- Mm-hmm.
He says he's suffering from
depression, suicidal thoughts,
he's threatening self-harm.
Isn't that what you heard?
This man is an absolute danger
to himself.
I'm admitting him on a 5150.
See if you can get neurological
labs from next door.
All the paperwork on this one
goes through me.
Whatever you say, Doc.
[Dial tone ringing]
[Woman] 'Northeast Precinct,
how may I help you?'
- Detective Lawson, please.
- 'One moment.'
[ Muzak plays on hold]
[Muffled acoustics]
[Clear acoustics]
[High-pitched whine]
[Heartbeat accelerates]
[Tannoy announcement]
'Dr. Jones to Room 226, please.
[Cacophony of voices
and background sounds]
I'm gonna take a picture
of you now, alright?
- [Screaming]
- Let's get him back!
Just hold on. Everybody hold on.
Guys, guys. Here we go.
[Distorted voice] Hi. Hello.
Don't worry about these guys.
They're not gonna
do anything, OK?
Now, I have to give you
an injection.
It's for your benefit,
I promise you that.
It's gonna make you feel
a whole lot better.
It's a medicine,
it's called benzodiazepine.
It affects your
neural transmitters.
It's a sedative,
but it's perfectly safe.
That's it, right.
It's no big deal.
I know you're scared.
You were in something
called a catatonic state, OK?
It means you couldn't
talk or move.
And when somebody
comes out of that too quickly,
the way you just did,
it can be very confusing.
So why don't you
have a seat here?
Just make yourself comfortable.
We're all calm here.
Nothing's gonna hurt you.
Remember how you got here?
Can I get an alcohol swab?
[Travis] Yeah.
Thank you.
No? It's all right.
It's all right.
This is gonna hurt
just a little bit, all right?
You're gonna feel
a little bit tired.
That's fine.
You need some sleep.
You did great.
- Did you get hurt?
- No. No, I'm fine.
Good. Let's let the drugs
do their work.
Get him in a seclusion room
- Hey, Floyd!
- Yeah?
Can you unlock number four
for me, please?
- Long night?
- Not too bad, just this guy.
[Floyd] Just this guy. Ha-ha!
Ready? Here we go.
Count of three.
One, two, three.
Phew! Oh...
Phew, that dude is heavy.
- Yeah. Thanks very much, Floyd.
- I got you.
['Voices whispering']
[Woman] 'Sick, sick, sick!
Stop it, stop it!'
[Travis] Whoa! Hey, hey!
[ Soft jazz on radio]
[Coughing and choking]
Hey, Trav. You OK, man?
I think I need to go home.
Hey, you gonna close the door?
You two, back in your room.
I called the police station
fifty times.
I can't get anyone
to call me back.
They tell me,
"Don't touch anything."
It's costing me, you know?
Big time.
Sorry you had to deal with it.
Were you here when it happened?
Yeah. It was me
that called it in.
Just all this crazy screaming,
It sounded like the guy
was arguing with someone,
going back and forth,
real crazy.
So I knocked on the door,
but he didn't answer,
so I take my key, but the guy
slams the door in my face.
That's when I called the show.
They came
and knocked down the door
and found him in the bathtub.
Nothing helps here.
I'm not getting better.
I cannot help you
unless you talk to me.
I'm gonna die. You're gonna die.
- Nobody ever gets better...
- Hello? Hello?
- I'm not getting better...
- Can you hear me now, sir?
You're going to die.
I can't stand this place.
[Doctor] Come on, sir.
Nothing helps here.
I'm not getting better...
[Doctor] You're gonna be OK.
Sir, you're gonna be OK.
Miss Lewis,
how are we feeling today?
Ready to head home tomorrow?
Yes, Dr. Forrester,
ready to go home.
[Man] I can't stand this place.
Nothing helps here.
I'm not getting better.
I'm gonna die.
Nobody ever gets better.
I can't stand this place...
[Opens lock]
Why don't you have a seat?
Just right here on the bed.
Please, just take a seat.
I have to...
[Clears throat]
I have to get outta here.
Can you get me out?
Not just now. Um...
We need to hold you
under observation
for about three days.
And when you're feeling better,
you'll be released.
Oh, no, I have to leave.
I have to leave now.
Where do you have to go?
I don't know.
I don't know. I just have to.
Why don't you have a seat,
and we'll talk through it?
Maybe we can figure it out.
How... How...
How did I get here?
Does that mean
you don't remember how?
What about your name,
do you know that?
Have you ever taken any kind
of medication for depression?
Bipolar disorder? Schizophrenia?
No. I mean,
I don't know, I don't know.
How about headaches?
- Yeah... yeah.
- Can you describe them?
They're terrible, er... terrible
headaches. They never stop.
But you say you're not
on any medication currently?
I don't know.
Didn't you just ask me that?
You know, I think
I might have, yeah. Um...
Tell you what,
let's try something different.
But I'd like you to close
your eyes for me, if you will.
- Is that OK?
- OK.
Can you picture
what your mother looks like?
What is it?
- You all right?
- Aargh.
No. I don't remember anything.
I don't remember anything.
Calm down.
Just tell me, what's happening?
- The ringing!
- Tell me what's going on.
- Can you talk to me?
- Ringing! Stop ringing!
- What's ringing?
- [Groans]
- Did Travis check in?
- [Woman] No, not yet.
Oh, hey, yeah.
I'm on hold for Dr. Stoltz.
Can you call down to IT,
have them set up a laptop
for me in four?
Yeah. What's going on?
I think I wanna try something.
[Man] What do you think?
Is that our guy?
- [Graham] Yeah, that's him.
- All right.
Any news on the missing body?
I can't help you with that one.
Davidson's got it.
All right,
I'll check with Davidson.
Sure was a lot of blood,
wasn't there?
Huh! Yeah, a lot of blood.
It's really... What's the word?
So what are your thoughts
on the knife?
What, on this stuff?
I'm gonna take it
down to the lab,
see what they
gotta say about it.
Jim, don't you think we have
enough evidence here
that points to a struggle?
Well, it's hard to say for sure.
Hard to say for sure...
We have the stab wounds,
we have the knife,
we have the bruises on the...
[Machine whirs]
Could I look at
the suicide note?
[Machine stops]
[Jim] What do you think?
Do you mind
if I talk to the family?
You wanna drive all the way
out there, that'd be great.
[ Low note resonates]
You are afloat on the sea.
The waves are calm.
And you move with the waves.
Try to be comfortable
in your chair
and listen closely to my words.
Please look to the wall behind
me and find a spot to focus on.
Any will do.
And the spot will have
a special meaning for you.
As you focus on it,
it will help you relax.
And you will notice,
as I continue to speak,
that that spot is changing
both its shape and color.
And as you continue to relax,
your eyelids feel heavy
as if they want to close.
You can let them close.
And with your eyes closed,
you still see that spot
as it grows smaller and smaller,
and smaller and smaller,
and smaller and smaller,
and smaller...
[Muffled] You can open
your eyes now.
You can open your eyes now.
- [John Doe] Am I dreaming?
- No, you are not dreaming.
I'd like to ask you some
questions. Is that OK?
Do you know where you are?
Yes. I'm in the hospital.
Do you know how you came
to be here?
I died, and I came back.
Wasn't the first time.
Explain that. What does
that mean, "not the first time"?
I can't kill it.
It came back with me
in the fire...
...and wandered into this world.
It's... inside of me now.
I can't stop it.
I thought I could.
It moves around me at night,
so I waited for it.
I tried to get rid of it,
I kept...
I kept cutting, cutting,
cutting, cutting...
...until I was dead.
That didn't work.
Here I am again.
What is it that's inside of you?
Blackness... spinning.
I can see its thoughts.
I can see...
I can see the things
that it's done.
Horrible things.
It's been here
before many times.
And now... it's showing me
the things it's gonna do.
When I killed myself,
I think I just made it stronger.
It's attacking me,
wearing me down.
It made me...
- [Sighs]
- Yes, go ahead, what is it?
I killed someone.
I killed someone. It's in me.
Who did you kill?
Just breathe.
Just calm down. Just breathe.
[John Doe] I can't see.
I can't see anything.
[Muffled] Can you hear me?
Can you hear me? Are you there?
[Woman] Dr. Forrester,
there you are.
I didn't, er...
I didn't wanna do this
in front of any of the patients.
I have some really tragic news.
Travis, one of our finest
nurses, passed away yesterday.
Er... we're still not really
sure exactly what happened.
He was brought
to our hospital last night.
He was put in the ICU
and died shortly afterwards...
['Phone ringing']
[Sarah] 'Daniel, what is it?'
It is too late for me
to be calling you.
And you should know better
than to answer, I think, right?
'Just hold on.'
What's going on?
I just needed to talk to you
about a patient matter.
Erm... can this wait
till tomorrow?
Oh, sure, yeah.
Are you OK?
'Yeah, yeah.'
It is nothing that we cannot
just talk about in the morning,
so I'm...
I'm gonna let you go, OK.
Sorry, did I wake you up?
It's two in the morning, Sarah.
- Right, I got it.
- When is this gonna stop?
I just, I've just...
I've known him for 20 years.
I don't give a shit.
He cannot call here anymore.
OK, I got it,
but after what happened today,
is it possible just to give him
a break, is it possible?
[Sighs heavily] I'm sorry.
I'm the only one he's got.
'When he was 11,
his mom committed suicide.
'She hung herself
in the bedroom.
- 'He's the one who found her.'
- [Boyfriend] 'Jesus.'
He's messed up.
- Hey, Floyd.
- Ah... yeah?
Gonna grab a smoke. You good?
Yeah, I'm good, man.
OK, Miss Lewis, it's way past
your bedtime, let's go.
I'm not finished.
You know the rules.
- Let's go.
- I'm not finished!
You're finished, let's go.
Lights out.
I bet you your eyes
are still open.
Close your eyes, Miss Lewis.
Dude... you OK?
[Heavy breathing and wheezing]
[Screaming and shouting
in foreign language]
What are you doing? Stop now!
[Shouting continues]
[Soft humming]
[Floyd] No!
[Incoherent shouting]
[Snarling and growling]
- [Coughing and choking]
- Jesus!
You all right? Come on,
let me get you off the floor.
Are you OK?
All right, it's OK.
Let's get you back to the room.
I'll have somebody check on you.
It's OK.
[Gagging and choking]
['Echoing screams']
[John Doe] 'Blackness.
['Echoing whispers']
[Alarm beeping]
[John Doe] 'Spinning.
- 'Horrible things.'
- ['Alarm beeping']
'Horrible things.
'It's showing me the things
it's going to do.'
[Phone ringing]
[Woman] 'Dr. Forrester,
it's one of your patients...'
[Inaudible conversation]
[Unlocks door]
[Children's voices]
- [Graham] Is that your son?
- [Man] Yeah.
[Graham] We found him in
a motel just south of the city.
He had been staying there
for several days.
When's the last time
you saw him?
He was, er... living with us
until about a week ago.
He took our car
in the middle of the night,
left the kids,
and just disappeared.
Has your son ever attempted
to take his own life before?
[Sighs] But...'s been bad.
He, er... Ever since the...
The fire?
He shouldn't have survived,
did you know that? Yeah...
He should've died
alongside his wife in the fire.
Not long after,
he started having problems,
mental problems, started talking
to himself, seeing things.
Does... this...
at all look familiar to you?
I have some more bad news.
Your son's body is missing.
We don't know what happened,
but right now the police
are investigating,
and I assure you they're doing
everything in their power to...
Sorry, I can't do this anymore.
I think there's something
you should see.
[Man] No!
No. No. No, no.
Where's Dr. Forrester?
[Man] Not that one!
- Daniel...
- [Man] No! Take it! Take it!
- Hi.
- Hi. What are you doing?
Oh, Anne needs
a counter lorazepam.
- How are you holding up?
- [Man] No!
- Fine, thanks. Yeah.
- How's your patient?
You're gonna have to
be more specific than that.
You called me last night
about a bad patient.
- You're right, I'm sorry. Yes.
- [Man] No!
- No, I think I can handle it.
- You sure?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Which patient was it?
I can talk you through
whatever you need, so...
That'd be great. I'd like that.
I'm a little bit short
on time right now.
- Can I find you after?
- Yeah.
Testing, one, two, three.
[Rewinds and plays recorder]
'Testing, one, two, three.'
There's one other thing.
Can you hear me? Hear my voice?
I wanna get back to
what we talked about last time.
You said you killed someone.
Do you remember that?
I've killed two people now.
Who did you kill?
It's getting stronger.
I don't know them.
I'm starting to disappear.
Listen to me. You said
you killed two people.
Now, how did you kill them?
You're not listening to me.
When this thing gets what
it wants, it will take me over
and you won't be able
to stop it, no one will.
Everyone is going to die.
No. Let's get back to what
we talked about yesterday.
This is serious.
Did you hurt someone?
- You have to kill me.
- No.
Take a knife
and cut my throat open.
- No one is doing that.
- Take a knife...
- No.
- ...and cut my throat open.
Cut me open! Cut me! Cut me!
[Shouting on CCTV]
Hey... let me call you back.
[Forrester] No! Jesus!
Kill me. Kill me.
Kill me. Kill me.
- Kill me.
- Jesus.
[John Doe exhales]
[Guard] Hey. Hey!
[Muffled sounds echoing]
...Forrester! Are you OK?
- [Panting]
- Hey! Dr. Forrester!
Kill me. Kill me. Kill me.
[John Doe on recorder]
''ll take me over
'and you won't
be able to stop it.
'No one will.
'Everyone is going to die!
[Fast-forwards recorder
and plays]
['Heavy breathing and groaning']
[Fast-forwards and plays]
['Maniacal screaming']
Daniel, we need
to speak right now.
- Just a minute...
- I said right now!
What the hell happened in there?
That man is dangerous...
That man is injured because
of what you did, Daniel!
And you administered Thiopental?
Are you kidding me?
I can explain that, but we do
not have time for this....
I cannot believe this patient
was capable of filling out
a 20-page interview form...
You didn't... You didn't
get his consent, did you?
What you did is illegal.
I will stand before a review,
but we cannot release that....
That patient is gone
as of tomorrow!
And we're lucky
this entire hospital
is not brought down
by a lawsuit!
After all the chances
that I've given you,
you do... you do this?
I didn't even think
you were capable
of doing something like this.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. It's my fault.
I... I admit, I was out of line.
You are not his doctor anymore.
I don't want you
within 50 feet of that man.
- Do you understand me?
- I understand.
And when his hold is up
tomorrow, we are releasing him.
What you've done here...
what you've done to me,'s betrayal.
[Labored breathing]
- Anne?
- Dr. Forrester, I am sorry.
- Dr. Grey came to me...
- Stop it. Just stop it.
I just came from Eval 1. Drew
needs some help with an intake.
He's asking for you.
Recovered any memories lately?
I am so goddamn
sick of your lies.
You think I don't know a liar
when I see one?
How did you get out
of this room?
- [Rattles lock]
- Dr. Forrester, open the door!
- Help!
- [Anne] Stop!
What did you do to Travis?
Tell me.
What did you do to them?
- I didn't do any...
- You killed them, didn't you?
- No!
- Say it.
You killed them, didn't you?
- Tell me right now. Tell me!
- [Banging at door]
- My name is Michael Clark.
- What?
Daniel, stop it!
My name is Michael Clark.
My name is Michael Clark.
I don't wanna hear
any more of your lies.
- My name is Michael Clark.
- No.
- My kids, where are my kids?
- [Banging]
I don't wanna hear
any more of your shit!
Where are my children?
Where are my children?
I can remember now! Oh, God!
I need to see my kids now!
Where are my kids, Doc?
- No!
- Where are my kids?
You killed them, didn't you?
[Sarah] Daniel, stop it!
Stop it!
- Goddamn it!
- Just sedate him! Sedate him!
Say it! Say it!
[Phone message] 'Your call
is very important to us.
'Please stay on the line.'
['Muzak continues']
'This is Dr. Ross.
How can I help you?'
Dr. Ross, it's Dr. Graham.
Any news on that missing body?
'Actually, we do
have some news.'
They found Michael Clark,
but it's not what you think.
'There's been some kind
of mistake, but he's alive.
'He's been in
the Psych Ward here.
'They're releasing him today...'
[Woman babbles rapidly]
[Anne] Sweetie, I can't help you
if I can't understand you.
Talk slower...
Anne, where's her list
of medications?
It should be
in her file there...
My bed's too close to the door.
When people walk in,
I hide under the sheet.
It hurts my eyes too much.
Your bed is too close
to the door?
It's too close to the door
[Man shouting]
I will not wait! I wanna see
my son right the hell now!
I know, I know,
but you're early.
- Early for what?
- [Sarah] Mr. Clark...
- Mr. Clark...
- What is this? Where's my son?
If you could just come with me
and sit here...
I don't wanna sit down.
I wanna see my son right now!
Calm down, calm down.
They told me my son was dead.
Did you know that?
They showed me pictures...
pictures of him dead.
Just let him go. Just let
him go. Give him the space.
Anne, can you sit down
with Mr. Clark,
help him fill out
all the paperwork...?
- Is he awake yet?
- Not yet, Dr. Grey.
I did give him
a strong sedative.
OK. Er... well,
if he does wake up,
just contact the front desk,
they'll know where to find me.
- We'll take it from there.
- Yes, ma'am.
Hopefully, there shouldn't be
any more problems.
Hello? I'm Dr. Grey.
Your father is here
to pick you...
You feeling OK?
Help me... [Groans]
[Honks horn]
[Coughing and retching]
Hey, Dr. Grey, I just
finished up with the father
and he should
be ready to go anytime.
What's the matter? Are you OK?
- I'll walk them out, Anne.
- Good. Thanks.
[Indistinct overlapping
[Man] Nothing helps here.
I'm gonna die. You're gonna die.
Nobody ever gets better.
I can't stand this place.
Nothing helps here.
I'm gonna die. You're gonna die.
Nobody ever gets better.
I can't stand this place....
Where is he?
- Where is he?
- He's gone. Released.
- Where'd he go?
- Released.
Where's Sarah?
Where's Sarah, Anne?
Where's Sarah?
Where's Sarah?
Sarah? Sarah!
- Sarah, look at me.
- [Gasping]
Can you talk? Can you tell me
what's wrong? Sarah?
Staff! Staff!
Staff! Goddamn it!
I need help in here!
Oh, my God!
[Nurse] Dr. Grey,
can you hear me?
- [Anne] What did you do?
- [Nurse] No motor sense...
[Grandfather] Hey, kids, hey.
Hey, hey, hey!
I gotcha, I gotcha, I gotcha.
Hey, kids.
Dad's not feeling well.
Go inside
and you can talk to him later.
Give me your hand.
Give me your hand!
Kids, inside now! Go.
Go on!
That's it. OK.
It lands on this car,
and then it flies and takes the
car with it and the butterflies.
[Grandfather] What are
we supposed to do?
Leave him in that hospital?
- He shouldn't be here!
- I had no other choice!
Look, you know what?
- OK...
- [Grandmother] Eat your dinner.
[Grandfather] There you go.
- All right. Thanks.
- Sorry.
[Children chatting]
[Girl] Stop!
[Overlapping chatter]
[Muffled background
Mike! Mike! Mike!
- Hold him. Hold him.
- [Gasping]
- Hold him.
- Ben...
- Mike!
- [Groans]
He's having a seizure! Mike!
Mike? What the hell?
It's OK, it's OK.
[Intense roar]
Just get the kids outta here!
[Intense reverberations]
[Roaring stops]
[Muffled screaming]
[Screaming and crying]
[Michael roars]
[Tires screech]
[Hinges creak]
[Breath quickens]
What is it?
What is it you want?
[Sirens wailing]
[Agonizing screams]
[Distorted police radio signal]
[Man] All right. Sir, can you
tell me what's going on?
Can you tell me your name?
Sir, can you tell me your name?
You got a pretty good cut
on your forehead here.
You need that patched up.
It's gonna be OK, sir.
[Echoing whispers]
That's right
This is a sad... true... story
My heart, unsatisfied
Once upon a time,
you know I wanna die
And that ain't right
It's a shame,
but I was trapped in my game
I was mean and dull
and all these so and so
Mean mistreater
and genuine faker
But I got struck by lightning
And now I glow
You gotta get right with God
Fill your heart with love
I couldn't sleep at night,
I was filled with fright
Everything I've done
and everything I ever was
Coming back, tormenting me
Gnawing at my guts
like some hungry ghost
I had to go-cat-go,
get away from myself
My whole heart ached,
I was so sad and low
But one thing changed my life
And now I know
You gotta get right with God
Fill your hearts with love
We ain't got much time
We only got one life
Oh, tangle!
Get down!
Do your thang
Yeah, down on the street
Everybody loving me
They know something
has changed
Eyes shining bright
I got the shining light
You got to get right with God
Fill your heart with love
We ain't got much time
We only got one life
Baby, get right with God
Fill your heart with love
We ain't got much time
You know we gotta do,
do what's right
Yeah, I said I got love,
I got love
Now that wasn't
such a sad story
I said goodbye to a mean heart
Goodbye to bad luck
Too much stress and worry
I got to get right with God