The Deadly Swarm (2024) Movie Script

[water running]
[glass clinks]
[water bubbling]
[insects humming]
[insects creeping]
You don't have to tell me what
you would say because I know.
You would say, do it, Olga.
Do it.
[laughs] And you would be right.
[insects buzzing]
[distant thunder]
Tonight this must end.
[glass shattering]
[liquid gurgling]
Oy, Dad.
Oh, OK.
You're here.
Start a new database.
I've got one.
I got one.
I got what?
What have we got?
Liam, Liam, Liam, my son.
Liam, I love you.
I love you.
- Dad, calm down.
I got one.
Calm down.
What have you got?
A queen.
A queen.
A queen.
You know we've got
to kill it, yeah?
Not possible.
We are too close, Son.
You know how dangerous these
flies are, let alone a queen.
Whatever you're
planning on doing,
it's not going to
bring Mum back.
I know that.
She's dead, Liam.
That is irreversible.
But this queen could be the
answer to curing the disease
that's inside of you.
You don't know that.
I know it is hereditary.
I know your mother got
it from her parents,
and now it's inside of you.
Please, Dad, just--
you don't know that.
So just--
Why take the risk?
I have a queen right here.
The blood flowing
through that fly
has the exact same molecular
build as the disease
that killed your mother.
And it will kill you.
Stop, OK?
Just stop.
So I isolate the exact
molecular structure
of the queen and I mix it with
a very specific blood type
and, voila, we
will have a serum.
What are these flies?
DR. FELDMAN: These flies
are older than man.
They predate us by millennia.
It wasn't the meteor that
killed the dinosaurs.
No, it was the draculas flies.
Draculas flies?
Dracula's flies?
Yeah, you've named
them, of course.
They're attracted
to the human blood.
They drink it.
And in the light
of day, they die.
These are vampire flies.
You realize you've
completely lost it, yeah?
Vampire flies.
Vampire flies, yeah.
Where are you getting
the blood samples from?
It's unimportant.
LIAM: Dad, where
the fuck are you
getting the blood samples from?
Liam, either help
me or go to your room
with your stupid thoughts.
Just tell me what
you've done, OK?
I have test subjects
arriving within a week.
LIAM: What do you
mean test subjects?
Just a few people who will
give a little blood sample
in exchange for a little cash.
And I will keep going and going
and going until I find a match.
What, and they know
about this, yeah?
In a fashion.
This is insanity.
You are going to
get people killed.
And if that thing is released
into the wider world,
then you can kiss
goodbye to humanity.
You ungrateful brat.
I am doing this for
the greater good.
I am doing this for your
mother, and I am doing this
to save your precious life.
You're insane.
It should have been that
died, not your mother.
LIAM: You know what?
Dad, look at me.
Dad, look at me.
Mum would have been
ashamed of you.
where are you going?
As far away from
you as possible.
You know what?
I'm not coming back.
You can't leave.
What are you doing?
Get off me.
[glass shatters]
[fly buzzing]
[fly buzzing]
Do not--
On the count of three, I want
you to run out of this room.
[crying] 1.
Help me, please.
No, no, no!
[fly buzzing]
[dramatic music]
Jesus Christ, Matt!
What the hell are you doing
there, stood like a freak?
You all packed?
Going to be fun, eh?
Mate, what's fun
about a clinical trial?
So what excuse have you
come up with to your family?
Said I'm going to a
Comic Con for a few days.
How about you?
A little weekend
getaway with some friends.
Simple yet effective.
Everyone's outside.
Phil insists on driving,
but I definitely
could have driven us.
It's all good.
I'm just as good
a driver as Phil.
Probably even better.
I'm sure you are, mate.
Why do you always
call me mate?
Because you're my mate, mate.
Sure am.
Should we go then, mate?
[dogs barking]
[birds chirping]
What is he doing?
Still being weird, babe.
All right?
Just give me two minutes.
Just got to sort the
best route via fuel,
because this place is
miles away from anywhere.
HAILEY: How are you doing?
Yeah, I'm good.
A bit skint, but all good.
Matt, like this
weekend, could you
just be a bit less Matt-like?
That'd be great.
How's your mom?
Yeah, good.
Well, not good, but
you know, coping
as well as you can with cancer.
HAILEY: How are you coping?
Not so good.
I don't want to get
myself worked up,
but bills and mom's bills.
See, she can't work.
I can work, but I
literally do not
have enough time in the world
to work and pay for everything.
She's really lucky to
have you supporting her.
My landlord's being
a prick, and I just
need to get him off my back.
Well, we're all here for you.
This weekend we're going to
get all the money you need, O?
It's a good thing I found this
clinical trial retreat, eh?
Matt, for the love of
God, shut the fuck up.
MATT: Bitch.
It's not the first
time I've been
called a bitch by
some underfed boy
with vegetable oil in his hair.
So let's just drive, get
this weekend on with,
and get ourselves paid.
Everyone OK with that?
Sounds like a plan.
[dramatic music]
Not very medical
looking, right?
Come on, pussies.
Last one there gets paid last.
Where'd he go?
Your guess, Phil.
Anyone else find it weird
there's, like, no one here?
No reception, staff,
no medical staff?
Good morning.
Chill out, guys.
I found the doctor up here.
Everything's set.
[clears throat]
Thank you, Matthew.
Hello and welcome to the first
ever of its kind clinical trial
for colds and flus.
[clears throat] My
name is Dr. Feldman.
First let's get all checked into
your rooms and a few questions
and over the course of the
weekend, the test will begin.
When do we get paid?
DR. FELDMAN: As soon as
the test is complete,
you will be compensated.
[clears throat]
But first, I just
need to know your blood types.
Your blood types.
Well, I'm type O.
I don't know.
I don't know.
AB negative.
Say again?
AB negative.
HAILEY: How the hell
do you know that?
I tried to donate blood to
Mum, but it wasn't the same.
Apparently I'm rare.
Yes, you are.
I always knew you
were special, Ellie.
Right then.
Let's get you all
checked into your rooms.
And this evening, you'll
meet with the others.
[eerie music]
Please take a seat at
the table, friends.
Everybody, welcome to flu camp.
We hope you have a comfortable--
Wait, there's no
one else here, mate.
I can assure you we
have a diligent team
of professionals that will
be arriving in the morning.
And we hope that you
have a comfortable, safe,
and [coughs] ultimately
rewarding stay.
Rewarding in the hope
of changing the way we
combat these
horrendous diseases.
And-- [coughs]
And of course, rewarding
to your bank accounts.
This sounds amazing.
DR. FELDMAN: The invaluable
data that we gather
will help us to understand
and, in some cases,
to cure the acute
respiratory conditions that
plague our species.
Please, [clears throat]
read your contracts
and let me know if you
have any questions.
You know what?
I'm going to buy a car.
That's brilliant, Jess.
Any questions?
What exactly is
going to be happening
over the next few days?
I mean, you said quite
a lot without actually
saying anything at all.
She's got a fair point.
get you all rested up.
We have a pool if
you fancy a dip.
It's heated.
It has a Jacuzzi.
Mr. Feldman--
DR. FELDMAN: Doctor.
Oh, sorry.
What the fuck are we going
to be doing this weekend?
Darling, tomorrow we will
begin with the interviews.
A few standard
questions that all
our patients have to answer.
A formality, so to speak.
And after that, we will
take the blood samples.
HARRY: Blood sample?
There was no talk about
getting a blood sample.
After we've taken
the blood samples
and analyzed them and deemed you
fit to proceed with the camp,
we will inject you with a very
mild version of the flu virus.
So what if our blood test
doesn't match with the blood
sample that you want?
DR. FELDMAN: Then you do not
need to proceed with the camp.
And we don't get paid?
No, unfortunately.
HARRY: I drove 200 miles
to the middle of nowhere
to maybe not get paid for this?
It's all in your contract.
HARRY: And you're just
fucking giving us now.
Where are you going?
Stay the night.
If you really want to leave,
then go in the morning.
Oh, buddy, if he wants to
leave now, let him leave.
No, no, it's too dark.
You're off your nut, mate.
Good luck, guys.
[door slams]
Are we hungry?
[eerie music]
[insects humming]
[engine stutters]
Come on.
[engine stutters]
I can't afford this.
Come on.
[flies buzzing]
[flies buzzing]
[flies buzzing]
[ominous music]
[flies buzzing]
[fly buzzing]
[ominous music]
I seriously have no idea.
It's rust.
ELLIE: But you have no idea why?
Not a clue.
That's ridiculous.
And what, you just
decided to keep it?
Yeah, I guess.
I don't know.
I think it's cool.
Not one bit.
Not one bit.
OK, mate.
You got any nicknames?
You have to have friends
if you want nicknames.
No, Matt, come on.
We're your friends.
Those two hate me.
Always have done.
Look at them.
Always rubbing
their relationship
in everyone's faces too.
Ooh, look at us,
we're so good looking
and have great sex and everyone
thinks we're fucking great.
Well, they're not.
Hailey's always having a go
at me for the way I look.
Girls always have done.
She doesn't look
so great herself.
Always wearing makeup.
Mate, I wear makeup.
Please don't call me mate.
All right, buddy, chill out.
Just because I
don't have a six-pack.
What are you on about?
Oh, come on.
Look, you're chatting
to this guy now.
I can chat to
whoever I want to.
But you choose to chat to
the muscly chat over here.
Bruv, you don't know me.
The worst part
is I'm a nice guy.
Literally the nicest
guy you'll ever meet.
Mate, calm down.
Stop calling me
mate, you fucking slut.
What was all that about?
Your mate just went mad.
Little shit.
Are you right?
We must now begin our
test for the weekend.
I need each of you
to come with me--
one at a time, of course--
and [coughs] answer
a few questions,
take a standard health
check, and of course,
take those all
important blood samples.
OK, who will be first?
Very good.
Very good.
Everyone else please
enjoy each other.
Please come.
Please take a seat, dear.
[clears throat]
Don't move.
Everything OK?
[fly buzzing]
You are perfect.
Perfectly formed.
Perfect for this trial.
All right then, let's get
these questions out of the w.
And maybe tomorrow we
could get you paid.
We definitely know you
have the correct blood.
So how would you like
your 5,000 pounds?
In cash or by bank transfer?
Bank transfer.
DR. FELDMAN: Perfect, perfect.
[coughs] Would you mind if
I got the blood sample now?
[clears throat]
Let us begin.
What is your full name?
Eleanor Wilkinson.
Hailey Gill.
Philip Bennett.
Jessica Fishwick.
Look, mate, it's
in the contract.
It's Rust.
Matthew Salisbury.
I'm a student
studying medicine,
and I work a bar job in town.
theoretical physicist.
But I'm kind of in between
jobs at the moment.
I do IT, some
other side hustles.
Musician and singing teacher.
Uh, nothing that's been
life-threatening, no.
But Mum's got breast cancer,
and that shit's hereditary.
So, who knows?
Well, when I was
little, I had chickenpox.
And I've been in and
out of the hospital
with some gastrointestinal
stuff, which the doctors say
was psychosomatic.
I've definitely got
a weak immune system,
and I'm not very muscular.
Nah, I'm all good, mate.
Oh, yeah, I did break my arm
when I was a teenager fightin,
but that's about it.
My daddy died
of cancer, and I'm
probably going to get it too.
Fuck off.
Are you asking everyone this?
And have you
ever paid for sex?
Right, this is over.
What the fuck kind
of question is that?
It's just on the sheet here.
We can skip it.
It's not important.
This is bullshit.
It's not important.
It's going to work.
It's actually going to work.
Just a few more hours and
we will have the formula.
[fly buzzing]
It's nothing.
It's nothing.
Just a few more--
a few more hours.
A few more hours.
A few more hours.
[liquid gurgling]
[ominous music]
Would you fancy a walk?
Yeah, sure.
What's wrong?
Let's just walk.
Come on.
What's up, man?
What's got you shook?
This doctor's
freaking you out, yeah?
He's fucking weird, man.
And this whole trial thing
is a complete sham, yeah?
It looks like that.
I mean, look at this place.
And he said everyone else
would be here by now.
Where are they?
You're right.
What do your mates reckon?
I haven't spoken to them yet.
Did he ask you weird questions?
Some basic, standard ones and
then some fucking weird ones.
Yeah, like what?
It's my mum and her cancer.
What stage?
I'm sorry.
That's not my business.
Just forget I said anything.
Stage three.
Look, having a conversation
just like this helps, you kno.
It takes the edge off.
My dad, he died last year.
If I had a quid for
every time that he
blamed a nurse for
pinching his ass,
I wouldn't have to be here.
I'm telling you that, man.
I wasn't there in the end.
I got locked up, and they let
me out due to lack of evidence.
You was in prison?
That's where I
got the name Rust.
But not a day don't go by that
I don't regret being by his side
when he passed.
I needed that money then.
And I need it now.
Me too.
Me too.
What are we going to do?
Can we talk to the
others, see what they think?
Maybe even try and find
out what the hell he's up to.
And then we get the
fuck out of here.
I'm going to get that
money regardless.
[inhales deeply]
Why has he only taken her blood?
Because she's special.
You scared me.
I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to startle you.
Let's head upstairs, sweetheart.
What was that?
Nothing, sweetheart.
Please, let's go.
Get your hand off me before
I break your fucking legs, OK?
What the hell was that?
Child, please.
Let's go.
Tell me what it is
before I smash your face
in and call the police.
Tell me what it is.
Tell me what it is.
You filthy fuck.
Quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet.
I'm sorry.
This is your fault.
This is all your fault.
[insect chirping]
Are we hungry?
If you wouldn't mind to head to
the other side of the mansion
to the kitchen and start
preparing the food,
that would be brilliant.
Make our own food?
All right.
No, no.
Sorry, look, the
fact that we haven't
seen a single other professional
here in 24 hours is fucked.
The fact that we
haven't received
a single medical
treatment is fucked.
The fact we've got you
roaming around looking
like an actual zombie
is quite simply fucked.
So we're going to
go find our friends.
I have an announcement.
An announcement?
An announcement at dinner.
We have a very important
breakthrough in our studies.
An announcement at dinner.
At dinner.
Yeah, we're going
to go tonight.
After dinner, though, yeah?
After dinner.
MATT: That's a
really cute mouse.
What do you want, Matt?
You didn't call me mate.
Swap the E for a T.
What do you want?
I wanted to say sorry.
I get quite emotional
when I'm angry,
and that's just who I am.
So yeah, I'm sorry.
Well, the guys say we're
to go to dinner soon,
and apparently Dr. Feldman has
a big announcement to make.
MATT: Cool.
So I'll meet you down there?
[ominous music]
Oh my god.
Are you going somewhere?
What about the money?
And he's got that
big announcement.
What announcement?
HAILEY: Some bullshit
We're just going to hear
him out and then do one.
Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.
[chuckles] Everybody
loves the bullshit.
Please, come and eat.
Where's Jess?
Jessica wasn't compatible.
She left the premises.
What's this announcement then?
Ah, yes.
So from the results of
Eleanor's blood test,
we have had a breakthrough.
Well done, Ellie.
DR. FELDMAN: Yes, yes,
well done, indeed.
I sent this data to the National
Board of Dangerous Diseases,
and they have promised
to quadruple the funding.
Does that mean
we get paid more?
It certainly does, yeah.
No, no, no, hold up, mate.
You just said that Jess
weren't compatible.
Neither was the
fella last night.
They getting paid?
This is so sketchy.
Let's go.
I'm down for more money.
I'm leaving.
I'm driving.
Where are you going to go?
RUST: We'll walk, dickhead.
All right, big lad.
RUST: Bigger than you, mate.
HAILEY: Guys, put them away.
We'll go in the morning.
We really need to finish this.
HAILEY: Matt, you do not
get a say in any of this.
MATT: Says the fucking woman.
HAILEY: Oh, nice one.
Great fucking insult.
PHIL: Every single time
she opens her mouth,
you got something to say.
MATT: Every time
she opens her mouth,
she's insulting the way
I look or demeaning me.
PHIL: Brilliant.
Every single time
she opens her mouth,
you've got some
stupid shit to say.
MATT: And you're
the one defending
her, because you're the one--
PHIL: Of course I'm
fucking defending her.
[all arguing]
MATT: Every time
she opens her mouth,
she's insulting me or
demeaning the way I look.
[all arguing]
Yes, yes, exactly,
and I'm a gentleman.
[all arguing]
I'm gonna fucking kill him.
Ellie, where are you going?
Get off.
Ellie, leave him alone.
What the hell?
I said leave him alone,
you little fucking--
Are you telling me you never
wanted to do that, huh?
I mean, he's got a point.
Yeah, whatever.
We'll stay one more night, yeah?
One more night and we'll
go in the morning, yeah.
You guys do whatever you want.
I'll be in the pool.
Can you keep an eye on him?
Yeah, sure.
Where are you going?
To find out what
the hell is going on.
[insects humming]
[flies buzzing]
Getting closer.
We don't have time.
We don't have time.
[static buzzing, beeping]
What is that?
The cure.
Hello, my love.
What's up with you today?
Do you not think
everything going on here
is just weird as fuck?
And you're just
fine with that?
Sometimes I wish
you'd say more
than one syllable at a time.
I love you, but for the love
of God, it's frustrating.
You're not funny.
Go have your swim.
Then we've got to pack, OK?
RUST: Oh, he's awake.
MATT: You hit me.
Yeah, not hard enough.
Mind telling me what those
were doing in your pocket?
Oh yeah.
No, no, no.
If you're man enough,
you'll admit it.
MATT: What gives
you the right to go
through another man's pockets?
You're a fucking creep.
That's it, isn't it?
MATT: Fuck off.
No, what, you took
these from her knowing
that she don't like you?
How fucked up are you, mate?
You're embarrassing yourself.
RUST: I'm embarrassing
myself, am I?
You don't understand.
RUST: I'll bounce you
again in a minute, mate.
I'm more of a gentleman
than you'll ever be.
RUST: You already said that.
You'll get what's
coming to you.
You all will.
[ominous music]
Doctor, what is
happening to you?
It's just side effects from
pills I take for headaches.
Please stop with the lies.
What is going on?
Welcome to the first ever
of its kind clinical trial
for colds and flus.
My name is Dr. Feldman.
You don't know how
dangerous it is here.
Pray that you never,
ever find out.
This, this here,
this is the answer.
This, this will save humanity.
Hey, you want to join me?
[ominous music]
[dramatic music]
[ominous music]
[fly buzzing]
No, my god, not now.
You stupid girl.
You're going to get
yourself killed.
You're going to
get us all killed.
You all right?
Did you hear that?
Was that Hailey?
They went swimming.
Come on.
[insects humming]
DR. FELDMAN: Stupid,
stupid, stupid.
We have to save
her, you monster.
I'm not the monster.
She is.
You can't go anywhere.
They rule this place now.
They'll rule this whole
planet unless we do something.
What, these flies?
DR. FELDMAN: The flies.
Let's go.
What is this?
The cure.
The cure for what?
Can we save her?
She's gone.
Let's go.
What happens if we stay outside?
They'll kill you.
Draculas flies, they
thrive at night.
They thrive in it.
What about when the sun rises?
They nest until
darkness falls again.
Ellie, let's fucking go.
What if I smash
this right now?
[muffled screams]
[sinister music]
[clanking, liquid gurgling]
I just beat your boyfriend
over and over and over again
with this.
And I had a lovely time.
It was like hitting a
pinata, but instead of sweets
coming out, blood comes out.
You're sick.
MATT: No, you're sick.
And now you're going to
get what you deserve.
ELLIE: The fuck are
you on about, Matt?
And this is what you like?
This type of man?
He's weak.
Yeah, he's all
muscle, but he's weak.
And that turns you on.
You miserable fucking whore.
You disgust me.
I never liked him.
He's not my type.
He's not your type?
Come on.
I never liked him, Matt.
You don't find him sexy?
All that muscle
doesn't turn me on.
MATT: What turns you on?
Nice beard.
I like it when
you're mean to me.
You do?
I like it when
you call me a slut.
You're a fucking slut.
Say it to me.
You're a fucking--
You little bitch.
We need her.
She is the cure.
She has the most special blood.
It will save the world.
It'll save me.
And it'll save him.
Sir, can we kill him?
We don't need him.
He is food.
He is food for him.
[ominous music]
[screams] Dad!
You know this thing?
He's the reason I'm here.
It's his son.
He's my best friend.
It wasn't supposed
to be like this.
I was just supposed to
find a group of normies
who were poor and stupid enough
to come and give blood samples.
Fuck you.
You used the fact that my
mum's dying to get me here.
I don't care.
I hate you.
I hope your mum has
a horrible death.
One less slut.
Oh, don't bother.
We're all going to die
here one way or another.
I could just extinguish
your life now.
Or maybe I do him first.
You lied to me.
The formula.
Give it to him.
[cries out]
Kill me.
Just go.
Just go.
No chance.
He's still got a gun.
You're bleeding.
Are you OK?
You both just need to die.
Say sayonara.
[flies buzzing]
[flies buzzing]
He's fucking crazy, man.
He's the only one
that can stop this.
[insects humming]
DR. FELDMAN: Please.
The formula.
My mouth.
You really think that's
going to save you now?
You're dying.
Too late.
Give me strength to fly.
Why should I help?
It's because of you that
my friends are dead.
It's because of you
that I'm going to die.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I was selfish.
I was blinded.
I just-- I just
wanted to save my son.
I just wanted to save my son.
I can see now that was futile.
I can see the
damage I have done.
You do the craziest
things for family.
Can I make it up to you?
I'll see you soon, my dears.
He's dead.
He's gone.
He's fucking dead.
Let's go.
As soon as we move, that thing
up there is going to eat us.
This is our--
Let's go.
[flies buzzing]
They're trying to get in.
I fucking see them.
They're trying to eat us, man.
We can hide.
Just till the morning.
Look, they're all going to die
as soon as the sun comes up.
Fucking vampire flies?
They must have a nest
on the ground somewhere.
Let's just hope he keeps
that big one distracted.
[dramatic music]
They're going
back to the nest.
It's almost sunrise.
Do you trust me?
If you're thinking
about running out there,
then I'm coming with you.
[suspenseful music]
Come on then, you
ugly motherfucker.
You want my blood?
RUST: Yeah, come on.
Come and get us.
I'm the only can
kill your species.
You want to be extinct?
RUST: Are you sure about this?
If you really want to save
the world, now's your chance.
Come on.
Do it for humanity.
Do it for your wife.
Do it for Liam.
Ellie, get out of the way.
[triumphant music]
[birds singing]
It's fucking crazy.
We'll go to the first
police station we find
and we tell them
absolutely everything.
Dead bodies?
They ain't buying
none of this, man.
What else are
we supposed to do?
How are we supposed to
live lying about this
for the rest of our lives?
What am I supposed to say
about my missing friends?
They're going to think
you killed your friends.
We go to the papers.
We go to every news
outlet in the country.
Radio, TV, papers.
That's fucking stupid.
All right?
Get that idea out of your head.
Look, regardless if
people buy it or not,
that's going to sell.
Look, you're going
to be in prison,
and they're going to think you
fucking murdered your friends.
I don't care.
The money's going
to help my mum.
No, look, I ain't
going back to prison.
Not for you, anybody.
No, no.
But your story's
got to match mine.
We're just going to have
to split at the next town.
We can't.
Look, I'm going to
disappear, yeah?
You should do the same.
You're right.
Stupid idea.
So like, the next town
is couple hours over.
It gives us enough time to
plan and get that money.
We're going to help your mum.
Is this BBC?
My name is Eleanor Wilkinson.
I've got a story for you.
[ominous music]
[water rushes]
[glasses clink]