The Death of Superman (2018) Movie Script

NPD checkups to Metropolis
City Hall. 2078W in progress.
Kidnapping with advanced weapons.
Got to be Intergang.
They took out half the reserve
with their tech weapons last week.
Makes you nostalgic
for assault rifles.
It's a lab they chose
to blast at, Maggie.
These assholes are expecting something
to wreck, Dan. Probably with a cape.
Lucky me,
I know a back way.
Get Mr. Mayor and his
better half out of here
before we get in trouble
from the man upstairs.
Didn't know you
was a believer, boss.
That ain't the man upstairs
I'm talking about.
Step away from
the Mayor, Mannheim.
Don't give me a reason.
Then you shouldn't
have given me one.
You, make sure they're dead.
Painfully sure.
And you, grab our esteemed
Mayor while I call for a ride.
Okay. I'll get you
out of here.
Come on, fella. You don't
want to be a cop killer.
Yeah, why's that?
Hey, ever wonder what it feels
like to fall from a great distance?
Let's find out.
Oh, looks like it hurts.
Be right back.
Work, damn it!
Stupid piece of crap!
You're supposed to transport
me on my command.
Don't bother. Fried
it with my heat vision.
Only place you're being
transported to, Mannheim,
it's got three squares a day,
and lights out at 8:00.
Son of a bitch!
You know, if there's one
thing I can't stand, it's a bully.
Guys like you
give Metropolis a bad name.
But you should know
by now, Mannheim,
no one tears my city apart
and gets away with it.
I feel like I say this a couple of
times a week but thanks, Superman.
I don't know what
we'd do without you.
You sound like a guy who
wants my vote, Mr. Mayor.
Hey, hey.
That's my friend there.
Hey, it's me, your old buddy.
Bibbo Bibbowski. How is
the unluckiest sailor in town?
Ah, come on. You ain't have to
save my bacon that many times!
Anyway, ain't no sailor no more.
I'm a restaurateur.
Ace O' Clubs Bar and Grill.
How about a picture
for the joint?
Stupid thing. Never works
when you need it to.
I got you covered.
Jimmy Olsen,
you're a lifesaver.
Say Superman!
Thanks, big guy.
I'll make sure to get
this to you, Mr. Bibbowski.
See you down at the joint, kid.
The ribs are on me.
Thanks, Jimmy. I really have
to get going.
Leaguers, is anyone...
- Available?
- 'Sup?
I have to be somewhere. Think you
could help with the cleanup?
Oh, again?
I swear you guys think I'm some
sort of one-man janitorial crew.
Well, while you're at it, my
apartment could use a going over.
Whoa! What the hell
have you been up against?
An Intergang crew that somehow
caught a hold of a mother box.
And that's not all. This
armor's from Apocalypse, too.
How'd you figure?
I'm wearing the same stuff,
Oh, great. Leftovers
from our war with Darkseid.
We need to get this analyzed. Maybe
one of the others could help.
No, we need someone
who's worked with this crap.
Someone who knows it
inside and out.
We need my dad.
I could take it to him if you want.
I know you two don't exactly...
Nah, it's cool. No problem ever
got better by avoiding it.
Well, at least, I won't be
slowing you down on cleanup.
- Later, partner.
- I owe you one, Flash.
You owe me
about 30.
I wonder if it's too late
to join the Titans.
Is there an age limit?
He's gonna take
pictures with anyone who asks.
The guy just can't
help himself.
You said
two minutes tops.
Sorry, Miss Lane,
tech-enhanced gangsters
kidnapping the Mayor and
other sort of distractions.
I know. I saw it live.
Are you sure you're not
just getting old?
You'll have to tell me
what that's like.
Ha! Super touche.
Your stories about Superman
helped me earn the people's trust.
Now it's time they learned
about the Kryptonian tech
that brought the strange visitor
from another planet to Earth.
And here's the compartment that
contained me as an infant.
Throughout the trip, it was
in charge of monitoring
my genetic makeup as well
as my basic metabolism.
Not to mention
midnight feedings.
How did it do all this?
I've only gotten so far
studying Kryptonian technology.
That's why I handed the job over to Dr.
Klyburn and her crew.
Which we were more
than happy to take on.
Only recently have we discovered these
super condensed ionized crystals.
We believe they acted as hyperwave
acceleration units for transport.
Oh, the gas.
To put it simply. We pulled it
from the main section of the pod,
the baby's car seat,
so to speak.
It can only be
activated one way.
You might want to look away
for a moment, Miss Lane.
Kryptonian tech
can be a bit overwhelming.
Your identity genome
is confirmed, Kal-El.
I am the physical embodiment of
a personally attuned program
designed as a repository for all
that is Kryptonian in nature.
My sole purpose on this
journey is to inform you,
assist you and protect you
and all Kryptonian life.
- During...
- Wait a second. Is he...
Yes, Miss Lane.
You're looking at the last
son of Krypton's nanny.
Keep watching. I have
also been entrusted
with preserving the history
of all Kryptonian bloodlines.
We will begin with yours.
- The House of El.
- Wait, is that...
There's your headline,
Miss Lane.
I'll like you and the rest of
the world to meet my parents.
So, what do you think?
I don't know what
to say. It's...
Hey, Superman,
looking good.
It's gonna be a reminder
of just how alien you are.
People forget that when you're
saving them from falling airplanes.
True, yeah. I have faith that...
Have a good one, Superman!
Thanks. You do, too.
There's a really
smart woman I know
who always says daylight
is the best disinfectant.
Lift back to The Planet?
And save me from expensing cab fare
to Perry White. You are heroic.
You know me,
always saving the day.
Uh, thanks for the ride.
I gotta go.
- There he is!
- Hey Superman, can I get a selfie?
Me too.
- You're in a rush.
- Got a big story.
I don't want
to spoil your day
but you're looking at the guy
with an exclusive on Intergang.
Well, that's nice.
Come with me.
bigger than Intergang?
You'll find out.
No, right. You had that interview
with your super friend.
I know what that means.
In here.
You're always on fire
after seeing him.
Should I be jealous?
I think it's the tights.
I can pick up a pair
if that's all it takes.
Perfect. Wear 'em on our trip
to the Hamptons this weekend.
Uh, about that...
Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
Do you know how hard
it is for me to get away?
I gave up that interview
with the Secretary of State!
- I can explain.
- Really?
You mean it's not
some secret meeting
with some secret spies
in some secret location?
My parents are in town.
Serious? So,
you buried the lede?
This weekend just got
a whole lot more interesting.
Um... I don't...
You don't what?
Want me to meet them?
Don't you think it's time?
Lois, wait.
It's just that...
Look, Clark, I'm not
gonna waste time
worrying if a guy likes me or not.
We're both adults.
I know it was my idea to keep things secret
at work, but I'm really trying here.
No. No, you're right.
You should meet them.
It's just that this is
uncharted territory for me
and there's some things
I need to get used to sharing.
Clark, it's your parents.
What am I gonna find out?
That you were a huge dork?
I already know that.
It'll be fine. Just fine.
Well, Dr. Stone,
what's the verdict?
It matches what we've seen from other
Apocalyptian tech but not completely.
John, can you come
here for a moment?
I can't remember the last
time you asked for help.
Dr. Irons is one of S.T.A.R.
Labs premier engineers.
If it's about this metal,
Silas, I've been... Oh.
That's him.
- Have we met?
- At a construction site, once.
I had just quite LexCorp and
wanted to get my mind off it.
I remember. Nice shirt.
I wear it with pride.
Oh, can we just
do this already?
What'd you find, John?
It's definitely
from Apocalypse.
But it's been bonded with Earth-based
tri-formulite at an atomic level.
The combination
makes this stronger.
That means it's even
stronger than you, Victor.
Always got an encouraging
word, huh, Dad?
You'll need some very sophisticated
resources to produce an alloy like this.
The S.T.A.R. Labs could do it, but
it sure didn't come from here.
Maybe Wayne Tech. Or even...
Of course. Cyborg,
we'll catch up later.
Thank you both for
your time and expertise.
Your welcome, Superman.
I appreciate you bringing
me in on this, son.
It's been a long time.
Yeah, I know.
Sorry about that.
Dr. Irons, you good?
Better than ever, Victor.
Lose something, Lex?
I'm sorry. What are we blaming
me for now, Superman?
Those weapons
this morning.
They're based
on alien technology,
but clearly modified
for Intergang here on Earth.
Ooh, that sounds scary.
But as you can see, I spend my days under
house arrest, wearing this crude leash.
I've added a little dash
of Kryptonite green.
Don't worry, it's not real.
Oh, come on.
Intergang has connections all over
the planet. It could be anyone.
We'll get to
the bottom of it, Lex.
And when we do, I'll be back.
You know something
I don't know?
Only that this city's never going
to love you just for hating me.
But Senator, the rents on
those slums were raised 200%.
As the newly disclosed owner, you
must have some kind of a comment.
- I guess not.
- Incoming.
I heard something juicy
and I had to share.
Doesn't, Daily Planet Live
go on the air in two minutes?
Mmm-mmm. I'm not on
until the second segment.
I'm sure it could wait.
So you're meeting
the parents?
Oh, God, make it stop.
Lois, you're great.
I respect you.
I wanted to be you until
I found out on camera
there's more than digging
through government garbage.
- Who told you anyway?
- You did, just now.
I had a suspicion something was up when
you stopped calling him "Smallville."
I did?
Sweetie, the women here notice
everything about tall, handsome men.
And the only competition in
this place is Steve Lombard,
and he makes me feel
like I need to shower.
Hello ladies, did someone
mention the Stevenator?
Yes, I think it was
human resources.
You see my point?
Listen, Cat, Clark and I are
just good friends right now.
You wanna spread it around
the office? Have at it.
- Just let me get back to work, okay?
- Okay, okay.
Just be careful.
You always said Clark seemed different
like he's got a wall around him.
It's like he doesn't want anyone to
get too close, you know what I mean?
Yeah, I guess I do.
We need you
on set, Miss Grant.
That's my cue. See ya.
Dropped something?
As your long-suffering,
devoted wife,
I'm used to your butter
fingers at home
but, Hank, you're setting
a bad example for the others.
Yeah, Commander,
I'm starting to wonder
if we got the wrong
Henshaw in charge.
Guys, I'm happy to let
Terri call the shots,
but I got to warn you, I'm
considered the nice Henshaw.
Yeah, right.
Terri, give Houston a call.
Looks like they were right
about the hydraulic struts.
The launch vibration probably
knocked some screws loose.
Knocked some screws
loose. Very technical.
Well, I'm sure you can science
that up a bit, Madam Engineer.
Houston, this is Excalibur.
Come in, Houston.
Come on,
Space Rangers.
Last looks before
we head back in.
It's your ninth trip up here, boss.
You can't still be dazzled.
I'm just looking
for a red cape.
You can see it
if he's above the exosphere.
He's been up here twice, you know.
Saved my ass one time.
Yes, sir. You can
always count on Superman.
I hate to
interrupt your plans.
How was your night
in the town, Mr. Luthor?
Phenomenal, Gregory.
But then again, every private
performance by the Bolshoi
is a little better
when it's forbidden.
Do you have something for me?
Sometimes I forget which one of us the
government's placed under house arrest.
I don't.
Hank? They need you
back online. Important.
Henshaw here. What's up?
Oh, hell!
We've got unidentified
debris heading our way.
Everyone, back
to the ship. Now!
Leave it!
Always happy to walk among the
greatest minds of this generation.
That's why I bought them.
That specimen's clearly
porphyritic rock.
Read a book, you clod.
At last, someone understands
Euclid's fifth postulate.
Too bad it's not you.
I do not suffer fools, people.
The world is filled
with too many already,
obsequious cretans
who worship aliens,
believing them to be
the agents of justice.
But I have seen the alien's true face.
I understand his threat.
In spite of false conviction at
the hands of these vigilantes,
LexCorp has stayed on mission,
redoubling its efforts
to find the next
alien Ubermensch
and crush it
in its infancy.
- Now, show me what you've found.
- Okay.
They hacked into Houston's
encrypted feed
from the Excalibur shuttle, and
something's heading our way.
We've got 30 seconds.
You need to fire engines now!
I'd like to see what they're running
away from. We have a satellite nearby?
Does that asteroid look
unusual to you?
- It looks lumpy.
- Hmm.
I was going
to say pregnant.
Tether's still attached,
Bay door's open. 12 degrees.
I don't care. Initiate
primary thrusters now!
Captain, impact! We're breaking up!
We lost starboard
thrusters and...
Oh, my God, Hank,
we're not gonna make it.
- What do you say, Captain?
- Like hell, we're not!
Superman will save us,
just like always.
We're breaking up!
Stay calm, everyone.
He's on his way. I know it.
- ...lose some thrusters. Out of control...
- Hey, what are you...
It's okay, Terri. You can
always count on Superman.
Terri, no!
Superman, I knew
you'd come.
Mr. Luthor? I have to
hurry before I'm missed.
The meteorite's landed
in the mid-Atlantic channel,
Coordinates 4712 North,
74595 West.
Did you get that?
You son's anti-toxin will
be delivered within the hour.
Congratulations on his survival.
Time to go for a swim.
Clark, flank me!
Seriously, Diana. We need to
use code names in the field.
You just called me Diana.
But that's what you
want to be called.
You want to be called Superman?
Sounds like even your ego
is super strong.
I just don't need
my real name public.
I like Superman.
Because Wonder Man sounds
like we're married?
No. Because
she gave it to me.
You mean Lois?
Yeah, Lois.
Funny how you use her actual name,
but don't allow her to know yours.
It's a complicated
Kind of like ours was.
It was nice for a while.
Yes, it was.
It's just as well.
I wasn't very good at playing
this masquerade of yours.
I don't sweat.
Maybe not on the outside.
Guys, Lennon
finally made it.
We're all in
the meeting room.
down, past 9,000 meters.
2,500 meters. I hear something
off the port side.
I'm paying you for
your experience, Hazelwood.
Be skittish on
your own time.
We're already at
10,000 meters, Mr. Luthor.
Dive deeper. I wanna
find that meteorite.
Uh, Mr. Luthor,
there's someone out there.
Those are Atlanteans,
you idiot. Aquaman's tribe.
Hold on, Lex.
I'm picking up something.
I suppose you want us to find
out where that's coming from.
You suppose correctly.
They stopped.
Something just grabbed them!
I can't get a visual.
It sounds like they're being torn apart.
Mr. Luthor,
are you still there?
We've gotta get out of here!
We gotta... We gotta...
What the hell?
He's gone.
Go back. I want
to see that thing again.
Amazing. A creature
who's traveled light years
through space and survived
a catastrophic entry to Earth.
The Blue Boy Scout could
have some competition.
Okay, next up, the operating budget
for the upcoming fiscal year.
Utilities are above what the
UN cleared for funding, guys.
I'll handle it.
Move on, Cyborg.
Wonder Woman merchandise
did very well this year.
I can step up when the Wayne
Foundation falls short.
You're kidding, right?
Okay, okay. Let's just agree we
have this covered. What else?
Just the Excalibur incident.
Only three bodies recovered.
I've got my guards
investigating the impact area.
S.T.A.R. Labs wanted
some rock samples.
All right. Well, if that's it,
we'll meet next Thursday.
Same Bat time,
same Bat channel.
- I won't be here.
- Why?
Yeah, if I can be here,
you can be here.
Dude, it takes you all of three
seconds to get here and back.
Two at most,
but point taken.
I have a meeting with the headmaster
at Damian's boarding school.
No way! Batman has a
parent-teacher conference? That's great.
Are you in the PTA too?
Tell me you're in the PTA.
I'm Batman.
We need more chaperones
for homecoming.
Who has to be
convinced to sign up?
I'm just joking.
I think that's great.
Is he still
glaring at me?
We could've just pushed the
meeting back to that evening.
Ah, can't. I've got
rehearsal dinner that night.
Is he in a play?
He's getting married. Somehow.
Yup, married the next day.
Limos, banquet hall, DJ,
the whole shebang.
Just the immediate family,
you understand?
Does Iris know?
She better,
she picked the date.
No, I mean, does
she know about you?
Are you kidding?
I told her ages ago.
Oh, geez, Supes. You can't drop a
bomb like that on a honeymoon.
- Aren't you worried?
- About what?
About bringing her
into your world?
The dangers, the sacrifice...
Clark, that's what
marriage is all about.
This calls for a toast. We've
got some beer in the fridge.
I know. Milk for you.
Congratulations. Where you going?
Fiji, Bora Bora, SeaWorld?
Okay, Flash, there
are times when speed is not good.
So, next thing I know,
he's climbed on top of that bull.
It couldn't throw off
my little Clark though.
The kid was
a daredevil.
This Clark? The guy
who irons his socks?
Dad, come on! TMI.
- What's that mean?
- Too much information, Jonathan.
I'm sure Lois has heard
half these stories before.
Not really.
Not at all.
That's because if my folks
have taught me one thing,
it's not to talk
about myself.
That's a parent's job.
Mission accomplished. Sounds
like there's a lot I don't know.
Warn me now, if I should
keep my distance.
Well, you wouldn't be the first
young lady to break his heart.
TMI, Ma!
Oh, now, we're getting
to the good stuff.
Well, first there was Lana,
lovely girl, lived next door.
She'll come over once in a while, not...
Not like Pete Ross.
I mean, he was
there every day.
I always wondered
about that boy.
Well, then there was the girl on the
swim team. Laurel, Laura... Um...
Lori. Lori Lemaris.
I remember her. She was quite a catch.
- Pa!
- Clark's right.
Maybe we shouldn't talk about her.
I am serving halibut.
Come on. Taxi!
Here it comes.
And there it goes.
You okay?
You couldn't wait to get me
out of there, could you?
Well, that's not true. I didn't want
you to be bored by all those stories.
Bored? Clark,
this is the first time
I think I've ever learned
anything about you.
To be honest, it drove home how
much distance you keep between us.
Lois, you know me
better than anyone.
Then that's a real shame.
Nothing is more important
to me than you.
I just have trouble
showing it.
There's something else
going on, and sometimes
I feel like it scares you
that I might get to the truth.
On second thought,
I think I'm gonna walk.
I think I'm at the spot
where the killer emerged.
I don't see
any sign of him.
I need to get
back to the others.
I've got the coordinates.
I'll let everyone know.
Sorry for your loss, man.
I'm sorry.
I guess we talked too
much tonight, didn't we?
You were fine, Ma.
We're getting old.
The secrets, uh...
They don't seem as
important as they used to.
They served a purpose.
Still do.
She's a nice girl, Clark.
You deserve someone special.
The problem is, the more special they
are, the more you want to protect them.
I know. But you should have
choices like anyone else.
We raised you so that
you could be yourself.
We didn't raise you
to be alone, honey.
I've never been alone.
Not since the day
you and Pa took me in.
Cat, please.
At least, let me
have my coffee first.
Abracadabra. Here,
caffeine, ingest and go.
There's nothing to say.
That's never true.
Isn't there a Wayne or a
Kardashian you could be chasing?
You can't.
The Kansas crew.
Was he all nervous
and shaky like he gets?
I gotta start
taking the stairs.
Well, you know, he got here early.
- Clark?
- Yup.
And he keeps finding
reasons to walk by your desk.
Cat, seriously,
can you lay off?
Things didn't go
quite as expected.
Having you press buttons is
really not helping anything.
I stopped and got
you some...
Should I leave?
No, Cat. I was just looking
for a background
on a Congressman
Lois interviewed last year.
Maybe we can meet for lunch.
We need to talk.
Okay. I can eat
around 2:00 p.m.
That'll be great. Whatever
works for you, works for me.
There's a place
in Hob's Bay.
Get the address from Jimmy
and I'll meet you there.
- So, what do you think?
- It's hard to say.
He's nervous, that's for sure.
It could be nothing.
You know how men
are, you never know.
Hmm. Yeah,
you're in trouble.
I'm sorry.
Don't order a lot for lunch. You
don't wanna be bloated when, mmm...
I got the alert. What's up?
Just wanted you to
know there's action in your zone.
- Where?
- I think we're okay for now.
Flash and a few others
are already headed out.
Initial reports are some
kind of creature.
Arthur spotted something
off shore, might be related.
I've got a lunch
with Lois but I'll cancel.
We're good with who we have.
This lunch wouldn't have anything to do
with what we were discussing the other day?
Call if the League
needs me.
Is that your way of saying,
"Mind your own business?"
It killed him. It killed him!
Oh, my God!
If anyone's watching this,
send help.
This monster's
killing everyone!
Oh, no!
It's okay, kid.
We're here now.
Flash, civilians!
Hawk's still alive.
We need a parameter.
Like hell! This is no time
for a rope-a-dope.
I'm a member of
the Green Lantern Corp.
We eat monsters
like this for breakfast.
Okay, I didn't see
that coming.
Alert. Three leaders down and we
only just got here. Need backup now.
Dabney Donovan, how's my
hard-earned money being spent?
Lex, why it's all in front of you.
Every penny.
I'll stay here. I don't
do crazy very well.
- Still carrying the gun?
- Oh yes.
You never know when one of
my babies might break out.
They get confused.
Any progress?
Hit or miss, I expect to have more
obedient samples soon. Very soon.
I don't want samples.
I want an army.
It's difficult
replicating DNA.
We need a more
durable code.
Now, that creature
you told me about...
We're tracking it down, Dabney.
Don't count your chickens.
What about this one?
This was to be the prototype.
- It's still growing.
- Lex!
We found it.
Fall, you bastard!
And then I says
to Superman, I says,
"Hit him with an uppercut. Now
counterpunch, counterpunch!"
And that's pretty much how I helped
him save the city, more or less.
That's quite a story.
- I got a hundred of 'em.
- I'll bet you do.
How about menus,
do you have any of those?
Oh yeah. Here you go.
Try the ribs. It comes with super
sauce and a side of super slaw.
Um, super!
I'm sorry. Jimmy
loves this place.
Jimmy Olsen eats
chili dogs for breakfast.
So, what did you
wanna talk about?
The other day you said it
felt like I was holding back,
like something was wrong.
You were right.
Okay. Glad to know
I'm not crazy.
Well, this doesn't have
to be a bad break-up.
I'm still gonna come
to work each day.
If that's a problem,
it's on you to deal with. I...
Wait, let me finish.
There's a reason
why I'm so secretive.
And I think you deserve
to know why.
I'm Superman.
That's... That's good,
Clark. You got me.
Look at me.
Oh, my God!
This is insane. But it makes
total sense. You...
You always showed up around the same time.
It was like you were just there.
And you were good,
too good.
Oh, my God, this is so unethical.
You wrote stories about yourself.
Well, yeah, but only
a couple of times.
I really wanted the job.
You never take vacations, you
never sweat, you never tan...
Are those people
even your parents?
They are, but you know,
it's complicated.
Oh, my God!
You're from another planet!
My boyfriend's
from another planet.
Listen, Lois, I'm just a guy from a small
town who wants to do the right thing.
But doing what I do could
put my family in danger.
I did this so that they wouldn't
have to pay for my choices.
And now you want me
to live with it, too.
I hope you can, because there's been
something else I've been keeping secret.
You want to get that?
Jimmy, I'm busy.
Call back... What?
What? Speak up,
I can't hear you.
Chief wants you on the chopper.
I'll be right there!
- What, why?
- A monster's heading towards Metropolis.
He's already taken out
half the Justice League.
Well, I guess you must have heard...
Can you tell what
he's thinking?
No real thoughts.
It's all aggressive, all about the fight.
Killing machine.
Batman, heads up!
Not looking too good, Cyborg.
We can take this creep.
Come on! Let's...
Come on!
Where is that monstrosity?
South. Heading
towards Metropolis.
We need you, Clark.
I call you out, monster!
I compel you to surrender!
You may resist
the lasso, mindless creature.
But by Hera,
you will fall!
I should have
gotten here sooner.
Not your fault.
You wait here, okay?
Wait. Take him down, Clark.
Don't hold back.
Or he'll kill everyone.
I don't know what hole you crawled
out of or where you came from,
but I'm sending you back.
This creature has not been
identified by the government
and is rumored to have left
members of the Justice League
wounded or near death
in Carlon Heights.
Hey, if you ain't gotta place to go,
you can stay with me while Superman
cleans this clown's clock.
I'll be here for you.
Just like my buddy Supes
is always there for us.
Question is, will
Superman once again
meet the challenge and keep this
Doomsday out of Metropolis?
You heard her, people,
Lois has given
this thing a name.
Doomsday. Let's get on it.
We need a new Page 1.
Yeah, if there's
anyone left to read it.
Superman may be
the only hope Metropolis has.
In the past,
that's always been enough.
Oh, please,
cry me a river.
Fascinating. What kind of
civilization would produce that?
It seems its only
function is destruction.
Perhaps it's a weapon. A first
strike meant to wipe out all life
on a planet for
a conquering force.
That would explain
why it's come to Metropolis.
It's drawn to
population centers.
Who besides me would
send an apex predator here
to kill the strongest
thing it could find?
You think it might
kill Superman?
It would save me
a lot of trouble.
But what if the caped
wonder can't bring him down?
Metropolis will still
need to be protected.
Luckily, it's a day I've been
planning for a long time.
The United States
metahuman adviser department
is recommending all civilians
head to safety zones.
Get out of the car, get out of the car!
Come on!
Get out of here!
Joey, no!
help my child!
Get back to your mom, son.
Everything's going to be okay.
Oh, man! Superman's
not looking good.
I've got you.
You've got me?
But who's got you?
We need to call in
the cavalry.
I am the cavalry.
You can't go back after
that thing. It's suicide!
So was following
in a chopper.
I have to get back to work.
Come on, Jimmy.
At this point, it's impossible
to tell who's the victor.
Though Superman has
come from behind before...
Lane, Olsen,
keep the camera rolling.
You'll wanna get this.
You think taking down the Justice
League is supposed to scare us?
That happens once a week.
I don't know where you've
come from, you alien scum.
But you've picked
the wrong city.
And the wrong human.
Metropolis is,
and always has been,
under the protection of Lex
Luthor, you son of a bitch!
Now to get a piece of you.
Step back,
you freak of nature!
No! Stay away from me.
I am Lex Luthor!
I'm supposed to win.
No! I'm supposed to win.
I got your note.
And I love you, too.
Stay with me.
Please, stay with me.
That thing... Is he?
You did it.
You saved everyone.
Good. It's all
I ever wanted.
Except for you.
What a lucky man I was.
No! No, no, no!
Superman was
an example that inspired us
to reach beyond ourselves, to
soar towards a better tomorrow.
He was a hero to Metropolis but
more importantly, he was a friend.
Really, sorry, sir.
I need you to step back a bit.
...his powers
were truly amazing.
Is she gonna be okay?
Yes, Officer. It's just
a big loss for everyone.
Yeah, Superman was kinda
like family, wasn't he?
Of course,
he didn't act alone.
The Justice League also
put their lives on the line
against this brutal,
incomprehensible evil.
In many ways,
I'm sure they feel the loss
of their leader and comrade,
most of all.
And let us not forget the
quick action from Lex Luthor,
who allowed Superman the time
he needed to save us all.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Lex Luthor.
Thank you, Mayor Booker.
It's no secret Superman
and I had our differences,
but this wasn't
always the case.
You would be surprised all
the times he came to visit.
The wisdom he would impart.
I will miss those late night
chats on my balcony.
For Superman,
always in our hearts.
Hail Mary, full of
Grace, the Lord is with thee.
Blessed are thou
among women
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour
of our death.
Why would you
let Superman die
when a washed up old roughneck
like me goes on living?
It ain't right, God.
It just ain't right.
I don't understand
your hesitation, Dr. Klyburn.
If S.T.A.R. Lab's research on
the alien corpse is complete,
Project Cadmus is perfectly suited to
house it until it's ready for disposal.
It's fine here. LexCorp just needs
to get the payload rocket ready
so the government can get
this creature off planet
before it lands
in the wrong hands.
You know I've been
exonerated, yes?
You and your S.T.A.R. bureaucrats
can't keep trying me
for crimes I've been
cleared of.
You may have been cleared, Luthor,
but no one thinks you're innocent.
As far as I'm concerned, Cadmus is a
genetic pirate ship posing as research...
Someone track it.
Where's it going?
Up, up and away.
No one's
touched a thing.
I know. I just wanted to
check in on him.
You know, there's still a lot of
people missing after the battle.
They're being found every day.
Clark will show up.
He's got the best reason
of all to return.
Thanks, Cat.
- Louis! Good you're still here.
- Yeah. What's going on?
Police scanners.
Come on!
Jim, I'm in no mood to chase
a story right now.
You will be. Trust me!
You drive.
- Is it true?
- You tell me.
Oh, my God!