The Death of the Incredible Hulk (1990) Movie Script

David. David.
David, I told you not to take so much time
trying to make things perfect.
There was a spot.
We all want you to keep this job, David,
but you've got to listen.
Now, pick up. Our shift's almost over.
David, how do you feel about sugar?
My wife gave me this whole
extra portion of carrot cake.
It's her carrot cake. I couldn't eat it.
I'm offering it to you.
Now, please don't tell me
that you're on a diet.
No. Thank you, but my hands are full.
All right. There you are.
- David, good night. Have a good weekend.
- Thank you, Dr Pratt.
Thanks, Bill.
Bye, John.
I don't see your new thermos, David.
Did you forget it?
- Thanks, Betty.
- David, your ID, please.
David Bellamy's using
the south exit tonight, Tom.
Got it.
I'm sorry. You OK?
- Are you all right, sweetie? He's OK.
- Bye, now.
OK, honey?
- Hi, David.
- Hi.
100, 200, 300 and ten.
Looks like quite a Friday night, David.
No, I save it.
Don't save too much.
You gotta have some fun, too.
Movies and popcorn.
I know. The American Dream. I know.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Could you spare some change?
- I'm sorry, I can't.
- Why not?
Because you look like you could get a job.
Yeah. Well, thanks anyway.
Maybe I could help.
Why should I get a job when you have one?
- It's payday.
- Don't. Don't do this.
Hold it down down there!
I'm calling the cops!
- I'll count the money.
- Forget it. Here's 50.
- What do you mean, 50?
- Decoy money. All you did was...
I planned this, you pinheads. If it wasn't
for me, you two would still be out...
Freeze! You got no place to go.
Put your hands behind your head now!
Wait a minute, David.
You didn't forget
that thermos again, did you?
David, how did you like that carrot cake?
Well, it was real good, Dr Pratt.
I couldn't taste the carrots.
Betty, secure that accelerator door, please.
David Bellamy's using
the south exit tonight, Tom.
Thymine, cytosine, adenine,
thymine, adenine, guanine.
- Terminate. End of sequence.
- No.
It's adenine, not thymine.
Yeah. That much I'm sure.
- You're killing me.
- You're out of practice.
Always too busy to play.
- Not anymore.
- I've heard that before.
Well, this time it's true.
We're killing this proposal in committee
and then we adjourn.
Confidentially, the strike force is dead...
and I'm free.
When do I start to win?
Later, Aaron. Later we'll both win.
Adenine, cytosine, adenine,
thymine, adenine, guanine.
That's wrong.
Terminate. End of sequence.
You better put this on.
Someplace in my life
should be private, Kasha.
Does a friend need permission?
You didn't tell us you were going away,
Jasmin. Are you coming back?
I have served, Kasha. I have served.
- Why do you hurt her?
- To remind her. Just to remind her.
How long has it been since you felt real pain?
Have you forgotten what this man can do?
He's an inventor.
I have served.
You think of this as an occupation?
You have served what, a handful of years?
- Since I was 14.
- It is our lives we owe. Our lifetimes.
We have three envelopes for you.
This one is your money.
Count it later. There's a bonus.
This one is your next job.
I know what you're thinking.
Once on the job, you will play the chameleon,
your favorite role, and disappear from us.
Look at this one first.
Your sister Bella has weakened also.
She tried to leave us, too.
Now she faces death.
It's not my rule.
There is a new leader of our section.
Ashenko is the name.
Ashenko says that she must die. I say no.
She will buy us something valuable,
she will buy us this job,
buy Jasmin, the best.
Simple theft of information.
This man's experiments
from this place.
We have a floor plan.
We know where the records are kept.
There is very, very tight security.
Help us, Jasmin. For the cause we pray for.
I don't know what you pray for
anymore, Kasha.
And you? Do you pray for survival?
Do you pray for your sister's life?
Do this job and your prayers are answered.
- Don't dismount. I'm not quite finished.
- Dismount? Sounds like I'm in the cavalry.
Not exactly.
There's more worry in the eyes
than usual. Where are you?
Ronnie, what is it?
- It's a mystery.
- I'm good at mysteries.
- You always skip to the end.
- To check my guess, which is usually right.
All right.
It's the middle of the night.
Somebody walks through a high-security
facility without being noticed.
Moves through time-locked doors.
Enters my lab, enters my computer
and my formulas, and changes them.
But this somebody
is helping me, Amy. Guiding me.
Figure that one out.
- Did you tell security?
- Would you?
No way. You say this person's helping you?
Every step of the way.
Like an invisible partner.
Got it.
Ronnie, it's a ghost.
Thymine, cytosine, guanine, guanine.
Intron ending. Splice site complete.
Exon beginning.
Adenine, cytosine, adenine,
thymine, adenine, guanine.
Terminate. Who are you?
Who are you?
Who are you?
I don't exist. I don't exist.
I don't exist.
- Hairdresser?
- No.
- Stewardess?
- No.
I'm a licensed contractor, I swear to God.
What do you do?
You guess.
- I figured you for a cop.
- Good. Well, close.
I'm a security guard at the government lab.
That place. What does go on out there?
I don't know. A bunch of eggheads
with expensive toys, you know.
Now, that guy, he's a cop.
Think so?
Bet you the next round.
I'll be back in a minute.
Can't wait.
David, with you cleaning up in here,
he'll never come tonight.
You. Who are you?
- A friend.
- Why do you come here in this way?
I have no choice.
What is it that you want?
David, tell me something.
Something to keep me from calling security.
Banner. My name is...
Banner. Of course.
Dr David Banner. Princeton, Stanford.
Amy was right. It's a ghost.
Much worse than that.
This is going to be good.
I was this far 12 years ago.
I thought I knew so much.
- You were one of the pioneers.
- I was impatient.
I read all of your papers on everything.
Developmental growth factors.
Molecular genetics. Cryogenics.
Even then you were chasing the healing
powers, but I was after the extra strength,
the superhuman strength that all humans
are capable of during moments of danger.
I read all of your papers, too.
You were the first to use radiation.
But I moved too fast.
I experimented on myself, and...
And now you have that strength?
Now I have a mutation
near the rage center of my brain.
During moments of anger or fear,
it secretes a hormone,
and I become a mutant thing,
a beast, until that rage ends.
The world thinks that I'm dead.
They also think this creature inside of me is
a murderer, and they may someday be right.
It's not human.
Maybe it's what we were
before we became human.
Maybe it's the worst in us.
I never see it.
My conscious mind stops.
I can't control it.
But do you know what comes next?
Me. I am your experiment.
I am the strength and the healing.
I can tear down a brick wall, but I can also
mend bone and flesh in hours, minutes.
David, are you telling me
this creature cannot die?
If the damage were
catastrophic, maybe. Maybe.
But I have seen lacerations close in seconds.
Bullet wounds heal. I don't even have a scar.
That's incredible. It's almost immortal.
Incredible, yes. An incredible nightmare.
And I wanna destroy it, be human again.
I must see it, David. Study it.
- Impossible. He would destroy this place.
- What if I could contain it?
Turn its strength back against it,
like a force field. I could do that here.
- I can't take that responsibility.
- I will.
I can't let him out.
You don't understand.
For years, I have tried to control him,
to maintain...
David, please.
There is a chance that
I can rid you of this thing.
A chance.
Now, isn't that what
you've been chasing all these years?
But with your help, I can change
the way we heal ourselves.
I can save lives, David.
But I must study this thing.
I must see it.
David, test it now.
This device will make the incision and release
the tranquilizer. It won't hurt very much.
It's triggered now.
lfl need to, I can put you out.
Please be ready to escape if l...
- We'll be ready.
- Don't worry.
David, begin.
- God bless you, son.
- God bless us all.
David, don't resist.
My Lord.
Now, Amy.
- Pictures of the wound. Ready?
- Ready.
It's amazing. It's amazing.
I've never seen it before.
I have the size and the weight here.
The strength, it was incredible.
I was able to measure...
I still say it's human, David. It's part of you.
Is it?
Dr Carbino, you cannot give me
a gun and no ammunition.
I need the radioactive isotopes to continue
my experiments. I keep very good records.
Your records are fine. It's the direction
of your research we're here to discuss.
The direction is toward
the power of self-healing
as released by genetic manipulation.
It has always been so.
But you've uncovered evidence
that that manipulation
could reshape human beings,
emphasize certain characteristics.
I know what you're driving at.
The Pentagon is full of people like Mr Crane.
They call genetic research
the search for the perfect soldier.
Manipulating the genetic code
to produce warriors.
What's wrong with searching,
and getting there before anyone else?
Because I'll tell you
what the perfect soldier is.
The perfect soldier is a man
who sits around dreaming of coming home,
who writes his girlfriend because he has
nothing to do because there's no more war.
Because we've healed the species.
Healed it of hatred and disease and greed.
The perfect soldier hangs up a sign
and goes fishing because he's out of work.
That's your perfect soldier!
Well, did you give them what for?
They're going to close me down, Amy.
We have to act fast.
Hello, David.
Do you like working outside today?
I like the weather. Inside, there isn't any.
Excuse me a minute.
We've got some shrubbery like this at home...
They'll shut me down soon, David.
We have isotopes enough for one try.
- Is there time?
- Tomorrow.
Tomorrow night you'll be free if it works.
You'll be only human again, David.
And I'll have advanced my research
by one great leap.
Free of him forever. It's hard to imagine.
- Dr Pratt.
- Betty.
- David.
- Hi, Betty.
- I am sorry.
- It's OK.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
I give up. Don't you wish clothes
would come in food colors?
You know you're gonna spill something. I'd
like a marinara-sauce dress, a mustard skirt.
- Red wine slacks.
- No.
I gave up red wine
as soon as I got white carpeting.
If a guest brings over red wine,
I say leave it outside the door. Bye.
What do I owe you?
She took my uniform by mistake.
We haven't discussed the dangers, David.
You know the risks better than anyone.
All the risks are worth it.
- Including death?
- Yes.
Well, if something should happen...
My only family is you and Amy.
There's no one else.
I feel like we've both sneaked into
the high-school chemistry lab.
I made a stink bomb once.
Cleared out the whole school.
What a wonderful fiasco. The whole school.
My friends kept my secret,
but forever more they called me Stinky.
Now slow your pulse
as much as you can, David.
Count, chant. Do whatever you do.
I usually hum.
We go in three minutes.
The dosage will build slowly.
I'll be monitoring.
You may lose consciousness, David.
The whole procedure will take 12 minutes.
- Are you ready?
- Ready.
This is go.
- You're supposed to be on the south door.
- I am.
You take so many breaks.
Betty? Betty?
Betty? Who relieved you?
- Who's on the south door?
- Betty Kyle. Who you think, Tom?
- How'd you get there so fast?
- Did you drink your dinner?
Betty? Betty?
- Betty?
- What?
Don't worry. You'll wake up in about an hour.
- Close that door. Leave here now.
- You're not supposed be here.
Betty, out of here. This is dangerous.
You don't understand.
Betty, what are you doing?
- David, I have to cut the power.
- Please, no!
I have to.
What are you doing, Betty?
Get away from those files.
Alarm in medical research. Code two.
We're on emergency power here.
- What's going on?
- He's got Dr Pratt!
Hold your fire. Don't hit the doctor.
Let him get a little closer.
Code four, red alert.
Location 2489. Repeat, 24...
- Ronnie?
- He's in a deep coma, Mrs Pratt.
Ronnie, they say you can't hear me,
but I know you.
You could always close out the world
when you wanted to.
You'd just blur your eyes
and make everybody go away.
And then you'd travel through your thoughts
until the right words bring you back.
Ronnie, take my hand.
Ronnie, will you rub my back?
You'll let me know
when I find the right words.
Won't you, dear?
We have to talk to you, Mrs Pratt.
I'm Agent Shoup. This is Luanne Cole.
Will you run the tape?
The rest was lost in the fire.
Do you know this man?
I've seen him. David something.
- David Bellamy. One of three infiltrators.
- Three?
One was a female posing as a guard.
And David Bellamy,
who's been posing as a maintenance man.
For three months.
God knows what secrets he's passed on.
- To whom?
- We don't know.
The third was some giant
if I can believe the descriptions.
Mrs Pratt, what can you tell us about
the experiment, about what went on?
It was dangerous, my husband said,
because of the radiation.
He wants no assistance
when an experiment is dangerous.
Is that all you can tell us?
I want to go home now.
This is useless! These discs
mean nothing to us without the others!
- How could you leave them?
- The place was exploding. This monster...
Yes, a monster, of course!
Well, don't blame me, Jasmin!
Don't blame me for
what you have brought on yourself!
Zed, you have three minutes with her!
Leave her alive.
Three minutes is all he needs, Jasmin.
Damn you, Kasha. You're only blaming me
for your own benefit! I am your scapegoat!
Watch him, Jasmin. He's an artist.
He's choosing his instruments.
He's very creative.
- You have no right to order my punishment.
- You failed the cause.
These orders come from Ashenko.
Then Ashenko is as corrupt as you.
Look at what you've become.
A rich businessman. If we get this formula,
you'll sell it to the highest bidder.
How much is your split with Ashenko?
A rich businessman, a dozen mercenaries
and this psychopath.
What is the cause, Kasha?
What has it become?
- You are early.
- Leave us.
Leave us.
Save yourself. Save your sister, Jasmin.
I've told you the truth.
If the doctor is hurt as you say,
then there is only...
Only who?
The man who was strapped in,
in the laboratory.
There's only him.
Then find him, Jasmin. Find him.
We'll leave an agent outside.
Want Miss Cole to stay with you?
No, thank you. Good night.
They're watching outside, David.
- How is he, Amy?
- Not good. What happened, David?
I'm not even sure.
Spies, they said. They think you're one.
There was a woman at the lab.
She was after the formula.
And tonight's experiment?
No. We didn't complete it.
Tell me about him.
He's in a deep coma.
Too far to reach, they say.
Maybe you could reach him.
The work's always in the front of his...
Amy, they'd never let me near him now.
- Well, if we told them.
- What? What would they believe?
"It was like having a son after all, Amy."
That's what he said about you.
- I feel the same.
- I know.
There's only one of them. Maybe
I can distract them and you can go away.
I won't go far, Amy.
I'll find away to help, I promise.
I'm sorry he didn't free you. He wanted...
Excuse me. Excuse me,
can I speak to you, please?
Go with them. Tell them everything
you know. It's your only chance.
Kill her now. We have no more use for her.
Kasha said do it.
- Then you...
- Do it!
Jasmin, come out. We're going now.
Come here, Jasmin.
What is it?
Take him. I'll drive the others.
I'm sorry, Jasmin. It's all gone bad.
Tell me, Pauley, will he kill her now?
Will Ashenko kill my sister?
Ashenko... Ashenko is your sister.
She is in charge now.
It was her idea.
The fake photograph. All of it.
- No.
- Would I lie to you now?
He's gone.
You're bleeding a lot.
Go. Go on. They'll be back.
. Go!
And you
I have a place I can hide and wait.
- I have more to do here.
- Yeah.
So do l.
Go. Lose yourself.
Who do you work for?
I'm a doctor. I work for myself.
I'll bill you later.
The bullet went through. We should get
someplace where I can stitch this up.
Why did you help me?
Why should I trust you?
Because I'm on the run.
Just like you.
There's a cabin in the hills
above the laboratory.
I used it to study. I'll show you.
Here. Keep your hand on that.
And keep a lot of pressure on it, OK?
Let's go.
I know who you are.
You do?
Now, hold on.
This is gonna hurt.
You're what they build in that lab.
You're the secret I was trying to steal.
You're the perfect race.
I saw you in the chair, strapped in the chair.
And then I saw the giant there.
They're building the perfect killer,
aren't they?
A race of perfect killers like you.
But I don't know why you're helping me.
I don't know.
You're in shock, and you're dreaming.
You're just dreaming.
No. No. You're a monster that kills people.
You change.
My sister, she changed, too.
Maybe she's a monster now.
Kasha, I trusted him once.
You're all perfect monsters,
and I want you to leave me alone.
I want you to leave me alone.
You know Jasmin won't come back here.
- What will she do?
- I don't know.
You always know, don't you?
She will run if she's not too badly hurt.
And do we let her run?
Find her, Kasha.
Find her and that other man. Find them both.
The man we need. He may know the formula.
But Jasmin...
End it, Kasha. End it.
But do it yourself, not Zed.
Why not Zed? Zed is very useful.
We should keep him happy.
I want it clean and simple.
And quick and painless?
Are you losing heart?
You're the steel, Bella.
That's what they say about you.
"She's the steel."
"She thinks only of the cause."
"She has
no family."
She is my sister.
And I order her death by you.
You understand the order?
You should be resting.
"Jasmin, I'm going to turn myself in
so I can see Dr Pratt."
"Maybe I can help him.
I won't mention this place."
- Why help him? Look what he made of you.
- No.
He's a healer. He was trying to heal me.
I'm no killer.
Why would you protect me?
Before I changed, I saw when Dr Pratt fell.
- I didn't mean to hurt him.
- I know that.
I saw you pull him away from danger,
away from the flames.
I'm no killer either.
His mind is very valuable.
I want to try and bring it back
for him, for his wife, maybe for all of us.
- Why turn yourself in?
- Otherwise I'll never get near him.
- He's under guard in a hospital in the city.
- So?
- There'll be high security all around him.
- So?
What are you doing?
Paying what I owe -
to you, to the people who used me.
- I'll get you to Dr Pratt.
- How?
Bring this bag. It has my tools.
Bring bandages. Do you have any money?
Yes. Why?
I can see him. He crawled out of a window
on the eighth floor of the hospital.
Now he's on the ledge. Yes.
Good. Now the fire department
will call the hospital.
Where's the jumper? These people know him.
You wait right here till we locate him.
Mrs Pratt, you sent for me.
Yes. This is Dr Keating.
She will be assisting me.
- We'll need to be alone.
- I wasn't told about this.
- My husband's psychiatrist.
- I'll need about 15 minutes, please.
Thank you.
- You're risking everything.
- It's going to be all right. How is he?
Far away. I can't reach him, David.
Can you hear my voice?
He can hear us, David. I feel it.
Amy's looking so pretty today,
but she's worried, Ronald.
And she's tired and she misses you. So do l.
It's not the same world without you
and we want you back.
I suppose you're resting.
It must feel very peaceful
where you are right now.
Here I am trying to bring you back to a place
where people are trying to change your work.
Part of you wants to stay away.
I understand that.
Because there's pain here,
and violence. Confusion.
You're probably off fishing.
Maybe I should leave you alone. But I can't.
It's because you've made yourself
so valuable. It's your own fault.
You're one of the few people that can change
this place for the better. We need your work.
No, that's not it. That's part of it.
It's not for the secrets that are locked
inside your brain. That's not why I'm here.
It's not even for Amy
because she's hurting so much.
It's for me.
It's for family, Ronald.
My only family.
I keep losing the people I love.
The people who love me.
So I'm being selfish.
I need you in this world.
- You're...
- They'll be here.
Do you hear that?
Can you hear that?
Now look what you've gone and done.
Hey, Stinky-
They're emptying the whole school.
What did you put in that bomb?
What was it?
David, look.
You're gonna get it, Pratt.
You're in big trouble now.
That was the worst smelling...
What the hell was in that anyhow?
Pratt, you're a menace.
You are terrible.
- Sulfur.
- They're coming.
Amy, call the nurse.
- Get the doctor.
- Move!
Dr Pratt, can you hear me? Dr Pratt?
Welcome back, Ronald.
Let's go.
- We have company.
- We have to lose him.
Be ready. He's coming toward you now.
Force him into the turn.
Run, run, run.
Please, David, just save yourself. Go. Go.
- Can't you sleep either?
- No.
Is it the storm?
Don't be afraid to hold me.
I'm not afraid.
It's just I haven't had that kind of life
for a long, long time.
Yes, a long time.
Some people live all their lives like this.
It's OK.
We're only dreaming.
Tell me we can just go away.
Tell me we can just leave it all behind
and go away, David.
Tell me we can start our lives
with this morning.
Why can't we?
We can.
We can.
We can.
- I can convalesce at home.
- You can convalesce at the lab clinic.
You need medical care.
He's just practicing being contrary.
He's been away.
I'll be following you.
Got him secured?
- Why is he turning right?
- Because it's shorter.
- Now he's speeding up.
- Relax. He's just trying to make the light.
Cut that one off!
I know where we can get a passport for you.
How do we travel? They'll be watching.
We change our faces.
I'll make a new man of you.
Is there someplace you always wanted to go?
"Was injured in the break-in
at Genecore two days ago.
FBI sources report that Pratt was kidnapped
as he rode in an ambulance...
- ls there?
- What? No.
No, I don't care where we go.
I don't either. What's wrong?
- We should go now.
- After night, you said.
Please, David. Let's go now.
I'll work on your face.
I'll make you into an old man.
- Jasmin.
- No.
Call me by my new name. We're new people
and there's nothing we can't...
David, they've taken Dr Pratt and Amy.
Kasha has them. I just heard.
A special report on storm damage
will be broadcast beginning at 2pm.
I can't leave here now.
I can't stay.
I can't.
Choose someplace in the world
you wanna run to.
I'll join you there when this is over.
No, you won't.
We were just dreaming anyway.
- Where have they taken him?
- They'll kill you.
- Jasmin, do you know?
- No!
But I can find out.
I won't ask you to be part of this.
Just tell me where they are.
Why? Why not ask me?
It's what I do best.
He is giving us the formula.
Our scientist says it is all logical,
but it is coming very slowly.
Perhaps Zed can speed him up.
He's weak. The more frightened we make him,
the longer it takes.
Leave us alone, please.
Forgive us. Please forgive us.
Doctor, Mrs Pratt.
I'm so sorry we had to take these measures.
Are you all right?
They haven't harmed us.
Doctor, you must tell them all you know.
You must tell them by morning.
At dawn we leave, and if we have to take you
with us, I cannot guarantee your safety.
Do you understand?
Take a rest now.
I'll make them leave you alone for an hour.
I can control the situation until morning,
but you must tell them everything by then.
If you do, I guarantee your release.
My word.
- Sounds like a nice woman.
- Yes.
- Do you trust her?
- Not for a minute, Ronnie.
- I beg your pardon. Are you a salesman?
- Yes.
Well, I am dead set on driving
one of these home today. Dead set.
- Now, which is the top of the line?
- This one, sir. It's the very top.
- Wrong color.
- Well, we can...
How's the trunk space?
Well, we can get to that later.
- May I drive it?
- Of course.
The wife. Get in, darling.
- Now, where shall we go?
- Well, drive around the...
- Let's go visit our friends, shall we?
- Can you tell us the way?
- The way?
- The way to Dr Pratt and his wife.
Hello, Brenn.
Tell us where the doctor is or die.
The airfield.
Now we can check the trunk.
Now, show us how roomy it is.
Is that him?
Brendon Ashley, known as Brenn.
Ten felony warrants outstanding.
- He was delivered to us.
- Delivered?
Found him tied up
with this note taped to him.
- Do you know where this airstrip is?
- I know the area.
Do you believe this?
No choice. Let's go.
When I start a diversion, go for the doctor
and his wife. Get them out and don't stop.
- And you?
- I'll find you.
- We'll wait for you at the car.
- Yes, but not too long.
Why did you come here?
To free these people before you murder them.
What are they to you?
Have you become so lost?
Have you?
- The cause we pray for...
- Revenge. That's all you pray for.
We were fed it all our lives, Bella.
We thought it was enough.
We thought it nourished us.
But all the while it was feeding on us.
It eats the soul, Bella.
Is your soul all gone?
Can't you see your sister?
Finish it, Kasha.
Zed will finish it.
If you have lost the steel, Bella,
I humbly offer to take your place.
Let it be Zed, then.
I only need one minute with you.
What did you take?
Police out there! Police!
Get behind the desk. Get under it!
Get the doctor!
They're gone!
Open the doors!
Where is she?
Hold fire! We don't know
if the hostages are on that plane.
What are you doing? Take off. Now!
After she's dead!
Take us up. Zed!
David, you'll be killed!
Take us up. Zed!
Shake him off!
I can't.
No. The fuel!
David, don't. Don't die.
We can be free now.
I am free.