The Debt Collector (2018) Movie Script

- He is here? - You know I do.
Can you call it? We would talk.
The class ended for today, boys.
Unless you want to sign up for the next.
- Do you know French? I like you. - Really?
But you can not run a business for nothing.
We do.
Our schools give profit but your traditional teaching
- is becoming more obsolete day. - Seriously? Why?
Why do you spread black belts like candy?
Hears! Tell him keep the tape measure.
It's just a matter of time, French.
I have cash here today.
I can pay for you to transfer the rent to my account.
You can leave a rich man! It is not a shame.
- What do you say? - I mean you say stupid things.
French, ten thousand US dollars will buy your contract today.
Next week will offer seven o'clock.
The following five.
You see where it goes?
Would you mind taking my tatami feet?
For once in life, making a smart decision.
I said to take out my shoes tatami.
Or what?
We could do it the old, right?
You and I could do a little dance on the mat.
See who wins.
If you win, well, I'm moving today.
But if I win,
Largan and you three are not reappear here.
- You wanna fight me? - I will face the three idiots.
How in a kung fu movie?
Yes, that's right, friend. As a kung fu movie.
Let's go then.
Very good!
- How long I was passed out? - It's Tuesday friend.
Leave the ice on the nose. You'll be fine.
Close the door behind you, okay?
Your kick back ...
It is very sloppy, French.
Yeah right if.
That was a great show, French.
Hopefully not the place again and catch fire.
My insurance just defeated.
- You're in trouble, right? - Yes, you could say that.
I guess you did not talk with your man, do not you, Alex?
I mean, I could really use the extra money.
It's not for you.
You're a tough guy. You are also a good man.
I'm not so good, dude. You saw what I did, right?
French, your life would be much easier if shalt cause the rent.
Please! Why ten thousand? What shall I do with ten thousand?
I pay the bank first.
Then I'll have to buy a car, pay the rent and then what?
It's my gym. I built everything from scratch.
I myself revokes those walls. I cut the tatami.
I worked very hard to come and destroy all those morons.
Come on, buddy, I need your help. I'll do whatever it takes to preserve this.
People say that all the time, but rarely serious.
I'm serious. I am willing.
This kind of work does not give you a better life.
It's good money, but it has a price.
It requires your consciousness.
I'm your friend, I will not let you get into this, French.
I am already big, Alex. I can take care of myself.
I remember you said that.
Not really up to me.
Tommy will have to sell.
- Tommy? - Yes, Tommy. It is your business.
Nobody works for Tommy if he does not approve.
I'll introduce you,
but you have to convince him that you are fit for work.
Thanks Alex.
Do not thank me, French. Not that kind of work.
I know you're there, French! I heard it on the fire escape.
You're wearing three-month delay!
I need to call a little cretins to charge you.
The gym is loose, but I hope to rebound.
Who cares? Pay me!
Yes very good. Give me a week. Yes? One week.
Meanwhile, you could fix the place of garbage!
Pay the damn rent!
If, according.
Watch how you behave. No fanfarronees, hurts you.
Speak softly, do you pay attention.
Look at anyone who has real power.
They do not make extravagant gestures. They are terse, concise.
And above all, avoid eye contact.
Because that's your trump card.
Save it for when you want to make something clear.
And do not get a reputation. Leave it to me.
I have a team of lawyers available 24 hours, you do not.
Just tell them to make charges for Tommy.
My name is all you need.
You know take care of yourself?
Speak up other collections do for me.
Yes, I take care of myself.
I was a paratrooper in the service of his majesty, 15 years.
I saw a lot of shootings and brawls, then ...
- yes, I can do it. - Are you sure?
The roads that will cross the doors you call,
They are far from His Majesty's service.
Escuche, Sr. Kowalski,
I need this job.
You do not have to worry about me.
I've been fighting since I can remember
and I will leave one or two skulls if necessary.
I'll keep it in mind.
I have a man who does not mind sharing the Commission.
He has a lot of work this week,
so it's a good time to learn the craft.
Perhaps he comes from a long spree, but it is one of the best.
- Seem right. - And buy yourself a nice suit.
You must look professional when represent me.
- You're early. - It is nine o'clock.
Goes up.
Yes, you'll get used.
I'm Sue.
You do not look French.
I'm not.
Tommy speech made you dress when you represent?
He did, actually.
Do you have the list of the commission?
Skies, Tommy likes to assert your money, right?
It's okay,
but tell me, how did so many jobs?
Actually, no, friend. This is my first day.
Is not it great?
I'll be honest with you, rookie.
It is not easy to earn a living. We earn it the hard way.
Okay, because I'm working.
I do not need a worker, but someone brave and fast.
You're lucky, I have both.
- Agree? - You have it?
- Yes because? Are you going to a gym?
Look, pal, I manage, yes?
No need to worry I'll cover you.
You better. Or this society will be very brief.
I could use a coffee well.
Leads you. I have a headache.
- Have you drove a car like that? - I never saw a car like that, friend.
Treat it with the respect it deserves.
And do me a favor,
careful with the tires.
Anything else?
Yes, we drive on the right side here.
Yes, well said. I had never heard of that.
- Hello. - How are you?
I want two pots and a coffee, please, okay?
Clear. With cream and sugar?
Yes please. One taste Italy and ...
one of vanilla.
Here, Frenchy.
I brought one of vanilla.
You know what? It's a bad idea to me, I think.
I'm fine. You want it?
I'm fine.
Here we go.
Calle Vanowen, 27-31.
No no. Save it.
I slept on last night lenses. I went to the middle.
Tommy did not tell me you were English.
Yes, I'm English, but do not worry.
I have lived in EE. UU. enough to take it as a compliment.
It was not.
Who do we have?
Oliver Waldstein. Ollie.
Debe 17.500 dlares.
What number next to the name there?
It's a ten. What is ten?
Warning physical injury.
Does it say whether there were other charges of us?
The name beside the text says Serbian ...
- The Serbian is a fucking idiot. - Why? Is that good or bad?
Neither. Come on?
Officially, we are intermediaries, not thugs.
But sometimes the boundaries are blurred and if that seems problematic ...
takes away.
It's easy to say.
Not everyone can.
What if we are armed?
Probably are not. The role would tell.
Do not worry, Doris. You'll be fine, okay?
What do you do? You knock on the door, will you?
Very good.
And then what?
I do not know, ask if Ollie can go out and play or something.
Damn, Clive.
Shut your mouth. There's someone at the door. Be quiet.
One of them seems to Sue.
- Are you kidding? - Sue? Sue? What Sue?
Who is she?
- It's not a woman. Is a man. - strikes again. It was not strong.
Answers the door and say whatever, but stop them. Please!
They are cops?
I wish they were. Big charge for Tommy.
- Is that a gun? - No, Trista is a gun!
Where did you get it? And who is Big Tommy?
- Stay here and serve. - I want you to go to the door
and ... Do not let them go, okay? Go.
- Do not push me! - You will be fine!
I told you no?
Hi dear. Oliver came to see.
He is not here.
We know he is there, then ...
Get out, asshole. You got the wrong house.
By the fund. Dude, for the background!
And, and, and.
- Give me the keys and go after it. - What?
- Go, go! - What do you want? Go after him!
I'll meet you at the ... Give me the keys, rookie! The keys!
holy heaven.
He just shoot me!
Where did he give you?
- Do not! - Then go!
- He just disp ...! - Go after him!
- Dammit. - Go!
Put down the car! Get down, motherfucker!
- Shit! - Damn moron.
- Dammit! - Sit down!
Police will arrive here in a minute, Oliver.
Do I have to worry about what you're going to tell them?
No sir.
You have fun with other people's money, Ollie.
And yet there are the $ 17,500 that we should try.
- Yes sir! - Consider it a warning.
- What's wrong? - I banged my head against the floor.
And my feet are killing me. I did not know we were going to run as much.
You should have left your dancing shoes at home.
- But I bought the suit, right? - You should not do it.
Was it necessary to pull the door against the face of that girl?
Actually, yes, it was necessary.
Taking. Take us to the next.
I thought we were bailiffs, right?
We do not charge anything.
Ten is a warning prejudice.
No commission, but Tommy pays us $ 300 each.
So you already know.
What's next on the list?
Harvey Small.
Bulevar Lankershim.
You should have taken Seplveda. Frenchy, come on.
- Follow the program. - I am sorry. I am sorry.
I'm still trying to recover from the shooting.
I expect in Iraq. Do not expect it in the suburbs.
Wait a minute. Saw action, right?
- Yes, I hurt some feelings. - So what is the problem?
You said it, if they were armed, it would have said so.
Yes? You remember?
A first friend. They were armed.
So you were complaining there?
Okay, here we go. Harvey car financing.
Yes, Harvey has a serious gambling problem.
Should more than one hundred thousand dollars,
that's a $ 4,000 commission number five.
True, it's fine. The lower the number,
harder the charge, but higher pay, right?
Yes, and Harvey, an important type is created.
He hired some cheap thugs South Los Angeles.
He was daring to put Tommy, what ... Tommy did not like.
So we're going to charge $ 4,000 for this work.
The last time came Crazy Alex and Serbian,
but they left with their tails between their legs.
- What took Tommy? - it is the normal procedure.
He climbed the commission and sent to us.
Okay, let me clarify something, Sue, okay?
The last work was a ten, right? It must have been a walk
but I was shot, you ran over an idiot
and dragged me from a moving car.
Now this in five, okay?
But you tell me that the Serbian Loco Alex and threw them thugs.
I am sorry. I know I'm new at this,
but I think Tommy should rethink its numbering system.
Only that.
Ten of a man is the fifth of another, I suppose.
- Yes? - Yes.
The point is that we need to get some documents
and then have everything ready.
It's your turn.
We are looking for Harvey.
What I can do for you gentlemen?
- You're Harvey? - Do not.
- Maybe you can take with Harvey. - He is busy.
Is there something specific that you can help them?
Hey friend. Tell us where Harvey and go. Yes?
llama al Sr. Massey.
I hope that this call is only Harvey.
Hey, Sue.
It's time to show what you're capable, Frenchy.
It's just French ...
No matter how much you pay for it,
I'll double, triple it so ...
Give me your legs. Give me your fucking legs!
I think you broke my nose!
If I were you, I would not move me, Harvey.
Are you going to do something, dammit?
Excuse me! I'm watching Harvey, okay?
- You can not get away with it! - Shut up now!
No no.
- Franchute. - No witnesses.
They could go, leave me alone
and I will make the best financial decision
since I rented a limousine prom night.
Look, tell Tommy that I was not here!
Whatever the commission, I ... I cuadriplicar.
To be honest, Harvey, your commission is not so special.
- What does he want to do? - You do not want to know.
What? What is it?
- It is a ball joint. - Or two.
- No, guys! No no no! - You let me?
I'll call the police!
You might want to discuss that with Harvey, Jeanette.
No matter the police, Jeanette! Call an ambulance, dammit!
- Okay, you park here. - Why? Not on the list.
Relax, Frenchy. I have to pick something fast.
- Dammit. Sorry. - What the hell did you do?
What did you do? I only asked you to look after the tires, right?
First, my friend, did lead me all the time.
I take you everywhere like you're Mrs. Daisy
because you drank too much and lights and you smell like shit.
Then I ask you to understand a job that never did.
Then, after dodging bullets,
They attacked me the biggest assholes I've ever seen in my life
and it's not even noon!
So forgive me if tires do not mind your damn boat!
Did you finish the tantrum?
No, I think not. Because I do not know if you paid attention,
But I did go through a goddamn wall!
I would not worry so much, boy.
Especially after how you handled yourself.
You're good at this.
And sorry for making you drive my fancy Coup DeVille 1971.
I thought it would be a nice gesture to give you confidence on the first day,
but I think it was not.
It's a very nice car.
When we pass this weekend, we do go this weekend,
we can talk about my tires, right?
That was five, right? Five.
- More than five habitual fought. - Could you repeat it, friend.
I'll tell you, Frenchy. You have a black, brother lake.
You have overthrown those guys like a champ
and like to train every day, I thought you'd appreciate the exercise.
Actually, no, friend. I did not appreciate it.
- Maybe a little. - Good.
Be right back.
Wipe your face, you look like a vampire.
Watch this.
Exciting like a roller coaster FULL OF TIGERS!
Thrilling, is written with "C" right?
- It was you? - Yes.
- Shit. You have been to a movie? - Yes.
A B-movie in the past.
- Yes? - Yes.
What a great friend, but it looks like crap.
Yes, it was, but at least I'm on the poster, right?
It looks like you, friend.
What did you do? They cut their eyes and stuck there, right?
I'm hungry. Let's go eat something.
You were a ninja, right?
Gordon Karp.
What a horrible name, I hope it's a pseudonym.
This neighborhood is very nice.
It should be. Fat is a deuce.
Ten, five and two in the afternoon. It is a hard day.
Gordo owe $ 40,000. We pay half, it's a good deal, right?
Wait a minute. Harvey had a hundred thousand, right?
But what was it? A five?
This type should only $ 40,000 and is a deuce. How does it work?
Tommy puts the numbers based on the level of violence.
There is no logical reason, Frenchy,
so do not waste gray matter trying to decipher it.
Fat is a deuce.
Bake it and take it.
Did you bake and you take him?
Yes. You do burn and you get the money.
You do burn and you get the money ...
Oh my God!
What do you two want?
Not you, queen bee. That is sure.
What did you call me?
For a big guy, you have beautiful eyes. You could be a model.
It is better to come back on Halloween, clowns.
Hey this guy. I eulogies ... no, Frenchy?
You should accept the compliment, friend. He does not say a lot.
I have things to do!
I bet you can change a can. You're big!
There you two met row. Lucky, friend.
Have to disappear, Dumb and Dumber.
Okay, maybe we started badly. I'm Sue. He is French.
Gordon came to see. He is?
No, he is not here.
My compliments are not good for you. Drop dead, Italian sh ...!
- Gordie? - Do not say anything, Angelica.
Good morning, Mr. Karp, Ms. Karp.
I suppose you both know why I came?
- No no.
Forty thousand.
Yes! That is.
Do not you take care of it, Gordie? Silly bastard.
- Gosh, where is Manno? - What's going on here?
Who do they think they are? Forajidas lonely star Are clearer?
Do they come to my house and try to intimidate me?
Do you have any idea who I am? I'm a friend of Big Tommy!
Fat. Big work to Tommy, you fucking idiot.
I guess that changes everything.
Listen, tell me how much I pay
and I will make sure they receive every penny,
tomorrow at noon.
This will be so, Gordo.
You'll take Mr. French Wherever you keep all your money
and thou shalt bring forth all the capital you can.
Hopefully, when I tell him, he will not beat you up.
The Ms. Karp can stay here with me.
If it does not hurt, maybe I start with her.
Okay, dear?
- He will not touch you, honey! - Fat...
I've been doing this a long time. I'll do whatever it takes.
- The safe is in the office. - Angelica!
- Drop dead, Gordie! - That is, die, Gordie.
Come on.
Look, I know I'm late. I can not help it!
Postponed everything.
I do not pay no bills before the last notice.
That crazy to Angelica. No wonder, right?
- $ 40,000, Gordie. Come on. - Yes Yes Yes.
You got a cut, right?
A figure that would be enough, right? An agreement?
You'd I'll burst, Gordie!
Stop negotiate and get the money!
You earn a percentage, right?
Hey, we could make a deal.
Five thousand for you and five for Tommy.
You can buy a new suit with the $ 500 that he would pay you.
Get up.
- Yes? - Yes.
Do you want more?
Of course, why not?
Your man was not a big bodyguard.
Manno es mi lover,
not my bodyguard.
Was he your gardener too?
No, that vacancy is still available.
I wonder ... Are you qualified?
Come on, Gordie.
Vamos, Gordie!
Where is the key, Gordie? Where is the key?
- Give me the key. - It's not there?
No, it's not there! Where is the key?
I do not remember, I'm nervous.
- You're nervous, right? - Yes, I do not remember.
Will not miss much your short-term memory, do not you, friend?
Gordie, I do not have time for this. Where is the damn key?
Date prisa!
Is that? Give it to me. Come on!
What the hell is this?
God, there are over one hundred thousand here, asshole masochist.
You had the money from the start and chose to take a beating.
What is your problem?
I am parsimonious.
It's not a game, Gordie. Agree? It's not a game.
You have to work more self-preservation. Do you hear me?
- Yes Yes Yes. - Yes?
It's okay.
- You finished, right? - Yes Yes. I finished.
You are very cute. You are good.
Look at that, Frenchy.
Das luck. This does not happen very often.
Yes, I'm glad you enjoy it.
Come on. Who do you spoiled the party? Yes.
I know we had to be tough to type,
but you had to sleep with her?
Of course. She was very sexy.
Opportunities and do not appear very often.
- It's true, I guess. - Y?
I do not know.
I do not want to be the reason someone horrible day, that's all.
Check your conscience, Jiminy Cricket.
Or you have a long weekend, treasure.
I'll keep it in mind.
- she Not easily surrendered, right? - No, no, no, and understand it,
the guy had enough money to be lender.
No one owe.
I still had to hit him, do not understand people sometimes.
Tell me.
Once I hung up the son of a guy by the window until paid.
He had the money from the start. It was his own son.
But you would not have dropped the child, right?
Gosh, I hope not. I do not remember.
But I admit that I was lazy that day.
I should have hung father.
Moral principles in this business are like Granada uninsured.
- Do you still have the energy, Frenchy? - Of course.
Are they.
Come on, Sue. These guys are not on our list, right?
We have the money, right?
We gain nothing metindonos with these idiots.
Yes, we could run away from these thugs,
but if Tommy finds out, maybe we should keep running.
Besides, I hate to be the one to tell you,
but part of your job is to cover me, okay?
Yes, but do not leave everything to me this time, would you?
- Yes? - Yes.
Number 127 ...
127, your meal is ready. And I asked 129 ...
129, your meal is ready.
I will tell you something. Today was unreal to me.
Is it always?
No, I must be frank, Frenchy.
Today we had more than our share.
Yes, you can repeat it. Did you see my costume?
Yes, I saw your suit.
It's the cheapest suit I've ever seen. I would not worry about it.
This suit cost me $ 99, Tie included.
You look like a used car salesman. Get rid of it. Chuck it.
I will use my kimono, yes? Dammit.
I did not have to break as many skulls in Iraq.
Come on. It was not so bad, right?
The first day of all is difficult. You'll get used to it.
As for your technique, it was MMA, okay?
Yes, MMA.
You're a boxer, right? Your footwork is very good.
Yes, I have the strength yet, but ...
I lost speed while.
I'll tell you, Frenchy. Call it a day.
Take me home and pick me up in the morning.
Hey honey! Can you come get this, please?
I'm coming, sir!
What's on the menu today?
Coco got me working on the Westside.
Two Arab sheiks or something.
A lot of money.
Hey, wait a minute. Come here, look what I found.
Is that?
Of course. That's me. I did wrong in this film.
So you write exciting?
Yes, at that time it was different, you know?
They are also low budget, you know how they are.
Hey, dear,
I could use some green.
How much do you need, honey?
You could use about $ 300.
Here you have.
- Thank you. - Let me get on the closure.
Hey, I want you to be careful.
Barbosa called me today.
He was asking about you.
- Thats weird. What did he want? - Nothing, really, but ...
I know well that scoundrel and I know you do not want to mess with him.
He hurt a lot of people.
Do not worry, I'll be careful. Thank you dear.
- Hi, Sean. How are you? - Hi, Sue. How are you?
Lola must be working. Is she coming today?
You know how it is. She will come.
One for the account, okay?
- How's business going? - go well, how are you?
- I'm fine, friend, health. - Health.
You're good?
Come on.
What are you selling? Let me see.
It is already sold.
Do not ask that. Let me see, I see what you sell.
What was it called?
It is a German MP40. I doubt you've seen one.
You doubt it?
Do not be so condescending, miserable pedophile.
- Are you working on my order? - Do not worry, Tommy.
It is a rare piece. It is hard to find.
Better to smile if you're gonna talk like that.
Good job guys. In the three accounts.
I just talked to Rick people in Reno.
Harvey paid it all.
So our reserves rose after yesterday.
I will give this cute little job that fell into my hands.
Hi boss.
Hello, French. I knew you in this.
Hello Friend.
But it is a pity that you put this dirty fossil pee.
- How are you, Alex? - I'm fine.
By the way, we got the call about Harvey.
Neglected. We did the work for you yesterday, then ...
Does not matter. Do you have it, Father?
Let's go out?
Clear. Tommy, French.
Buy a cute copy, Alex. Very expensive.
I understand you need a larger arsenal
how strong must have shaken the cage, you know?
I am sorry. It is a terrible thing to lose courage.
Fuck, man.
I'll show my courage when you're ready.
I greet Lola from you.
Keep drinking falling asleep, Susan,
and remember something, when you kiss,
I had him in the mouth after stuffing it into the ...
You have class, Alex. Very classy. Enjoy the day.
- You're good? - I'm fine, Tommy.
- You can drive? - Come on.
Very good. We talk about the work.
In the Cadillac.
Actually, Frenchie, do you mind driving?
- On the other lane, right? - Yes very good.
I thought you had said that you will buy a nice suit.
The suit did not last the first day, Tommy.
I heard good things about yesterday.
Sue said you behaved like a professional.
- Yes thanks. - Did you enjoy that?
He had its ups and downs but,
it was good.
All right? Not the brightest review.
How about?
- He has potential, Tommy. - The former potential.
- Where is the? - In his lair.
- Tommy, my friend. - Good to see you, friend.
Why not sit down and get comfortable?
Friends, do you want to eat, drink?
Anything to calm your nerves?
My nerves are fine.
How are you?
Dude, I was never a fan of the morning.
I do my best work at night.
But I get out of bed for you, Tommy.
You know why?
Because we are together, right?
We have a history.
That is very important to me.
- It means I can trust you. - Of course.
Do you remember Sue?
Of course yes.
How are you, Chico de Oro?
I manage.
He is French. The man I was talking about.
- Pleased to meet you, Frenchy. - Nice to meet you too.
It's just French, by the way.
What is that English accent and franchute name?
It's a man's world!
Yes, I am different.
- Of course. Mr. French. - still only French ...
What do you have for us, Barbosa?
I have this bastard Irish small and charming.
He ran one of my dives in Melrose.
I discovered that stole my box till you drop.
This cretin was taking more than double tip.
- You know what it means? - That happens.
I can be a reverend bastard! Ask my staff.
Ask them to my girls.
Tome este idiot, the ASEE, the freighter.
I wiped my ass!
This is unfortunate and bites the hand that feeds him.
Where are you going?
You must stay. Listen out.
I want everyone to know that you can not steal
a Barbosa Fabioso.
Not without paying the piper.
How I fuck.
Nurses language.
It was not what you told me when I asked for my hand, my love.
How much did you steal? The approximate figure you figure.
I'm sorry, what does that make?
We work by percentage.
You get him, right?
You must have an idea of how it was.
What has this to do with the way you do business?
I'll pay a hefty sum in advance.
I think I'll take that drink.
What are we dealing with here?
Why do not you take your girls to the pool?
Swim a little.
This is a personal problem and I need you to handle.
So can we proceed?
The boys find it. Remember, we have a scale.
One is the strongest and ten beating is a stern warning.
- Where did you put this guy? - Number one, dammit!
That will cost twenty thousand dollars. Half in advance,
- the rest afterwards. - Billy!
Taking. Give me two.
That's his full name and his last job.
It should be enough to start.
Mr. French, pleased to meet you.
What do you think of this type Barbosa?
Typical of his tavern. You know?
You think you can pay to get out of trouble. And to power.
Twenty thousand. Twenty thousand to slap a guy.
I do not know, no matter how much I win
I never pay to do my dirty work.
I begin to feel sorry for this guy Connor.
I learned long ago to treat these guys like meat.
Yes I know. I'm trying to get into that wave.
So what do you think?
Want to check the address of the last club where he worked?
Give me a second.
Here to the right.
Would not it be better to call these places first?
I think you would save a fortune on gasoline.
Some collectors like to use the phones.
Not me, Frenchy.
I like to go out. Take a little walk.
Knocking on a door
I get more information than those idiots with twenty calls.
Hope you're right.
We need to fill the tank again.
Because you have a heavy foot.
Petting pedal.
It's here then, yeah?
Yes, this is good.
- Are you sure it's here? - Yes.
It's okay. You have the keys?
They do not saw the sign out there? The one that says closed?
No, we just want to talk. It's very fast.
Well, obviously not read or understand English.
It is closed, I'm busy. Agree?
So do me a favor and get out.
You see, why do you have to be so rude and insulting?
- Since no manners. - It must be a tough guy, Sue.
What do you think, you want to get out and enter again?
Would you like that, buddy? Do you bother?
It's okay.
You want good manners? DARE is.
Were so kind, gentlemen,
retiring because of our facility? Please...
The ruined now, friend!
What the hell is going on here?
holy heaven, everyone in this city have bodyguards.
Shit! I know you!
Yeah, you're Suliski. I saw you out there.
- You work for Big Tommy, right? - That's treasure. It is.
Dammit! I do not want to get you, Suliski.
Would you give me a beating. Yes?
But I do not know this cretin.
You're to discover who he is!
- Things get complicated, right? - What do you want?
Are you all right, Frenchy?
You think?
That I'm fine?
This would be a good time to use jujitsu!
Let's talk about Connor Mulligan
and tell me where I can find the elf, right?
Connor Mulligan?
- Is that what it is? - Yes.
Are you kidding?
Connor resigned a month ago. He went to Barbosa.
But I must tell you, he's a good guy.
As Big Tommy is sent you must be a lie.
Heavens, you want to finish?
Well, listen, listen.
He ... He moved a club bartender.
Tell Big Tommy is all I know, dammit!
Stop doing that with the toothpick!
Bite the pipe! Put your face in that pipe!
In the next ten seconds I'll kick the fucking neck.
What do you know? It's solved.
Frog! Come here! You could use your boot!
It's okay. I'll ask again.
- Where can I find this Irish? - Wait, very good, very good!
You answer the damn question, will you?
The guy who lived, Tim. He knows where to find it!
Your damn address
It is on the payroll over the bar, okay?
Was it so difficult?
We're all fine. Good.
Frenchie, are you okay?
Yes friend. I'm great, so I am.
- Dammit. - Good. That's. We did it.
Let's move on.
I'm sick of 20 questions. You can handle this, okay?
- Can I handle this, Sue? - Of course.
Yes? It looks like I'm handling all friend.
Rather do 20 questions to have another terrible fight.
Here you have. You can ask questions.
Well thank you very much.
It's 4:20 somewhere
Who will?
Hello Friend. I saw smoke coming out the window. Everything is alright?
Smoke out much the kitchen window, my friend ...
Okay, do you see? Do you see how I did it?
Cute and easy. No tears, no blood. No one was hurt. All right.
Who of you is the lucky Tim?
- You can not go like that! - It's okay.
- I'm going to crush your face! - Is the! He is Tim!
- Is the. Tim? - It's not me. Please no!
- True. We will deal with this. - Outside.
- Come on, get out of here. - Sure, you do. Scram.
- Get up! - Get out of here!
Wait! No, I tried to call them for more than a week, right?
I swear to God, I have no drugs.
I sold almost all the rest and smoked. I am sorry.
I am so sorry. Look at me, I'm pathetic!
If they kill me, they would do me a favor. Agree?
Look, I'll pay to Davey. Yes? I swear.
Davey sent, right?
Well, heavens!
What do you want? Who made him angry now?
We are looking for Connor Mulligan. You saw it?
To who?
Gosh, enough! He no longer lives here! It's okay?
He no longer lives here!
Wait. Why seek to Connor?
He's a good guy, he would not hurt a fly.
Yes, everyone tells us that, what good is this guy thief.
Do not! Connor is not a thief, friend. Look...
Take, look. He is an honest man!
I'll stick with this.
Come on, no. That's the only photo he ...
Wait a minute...
That son of a bitch Barbosa sent you two?
Connor Mulligan, where is he?
No, Barbosa is the guy who needs a spanking!
The bastard should have a slow and painful death.
And you know what? That damn Amanda,
she is the cause of all this.
Very interesting, my friend, but I'll ask one last time.
Otherwise, my man will break his head blows.
Where is Connor Mulligan?
Good good.
He moved with a girl.
In Topanga, you know? One of those communities of artists?
A bunch of rich white hippies
They are living trust fund in Cambodia.
What a charmer. This Connor has a girl in every port.
No, not you, friend. He's a good guy.
Where is the honest Connor? Do you have an address?
- An address ... - Come on, buddy! One direction!
- Yes, yes, take it. - Do something!
- Hurry up. - No, no ... Take that.
Be fair, guys, okay?
He deserves nothing of what you go for.
Hey friend. I'd stay away from drugs if I were you.
It's okay.
I do not understand this to give you a number one this guy Connor.
I think it's a prince.
not for us to question it, I just find him and beat him.
Yes, but how you can not question it?
We are not maniacs out there looking for prey, right?
Debts are supposed to charge not we give beatings at will.
Remember those blurred lines?
Today, we are goons. Yes?
This job can be a roller coaster, Frenchy.
By the way, you assume the lead in this.
- As expected. - You can quit anytime.
You are not right. I'm ready for that.
I like that because of the smoke. It was good.
Yes? You liked, right?
- If I liked. - Yes?
But not leave you always get.
Wait. Come on, friend. What do you suggest?
Besides, of course, break the door down,
What is the best way to go?
Give it a blow to the head. Just one tap. Yes?
Just one tap. You do not want to crush his nose
because you keep it for when you need it. True?
True. As you did to that guy in Tim's house.
- Just one tap. - Just one tap.
Cute and simple.
A simple tap. Very good. I understood.
simple tap.
Just one tap.
It's here.
Hello Friend. We are looking for Sandy.
Who asks, doll?
Damn, it was a bit harsh.
Heavens, friend. Said a tap, not to kill him.
I tried to hit him, but it's not so simple.
I have much experience, let me see.
- Who the hell are you? - Are you Sandy?
Tell me where I can find Connor Mulligan!
Hey, take it easy. She is small.
I'm Sue, he is French.
Can you please,
tell us where Connor Mulligan?
I will not say anything.
If you two fucking arrogant, they are now going
perhaps we not denounce.
So get out of here.
I do not know. Did I do something to offend you?
Was I a little rough? What do you think, Frenchie?
- Was I a little rough? - Take me to your Pit Bull off.
Wait wait!
You really gonna shock desmayarla?
Do not touch me, neophyte, and let the professional work.
Only weak men hit women!
Already Shut up, Sandy! Agree? Shut up.
Because I can not stop you from breaking your sharp tongue.
It is not the time to be brave, okay?
It's time to be sensible.
Sanctus Heavens!
You're not being sensible!
Connor has a heart of gold.
He picked me up when I was wrong and I settled here.
He is kind, compassionate and caring.
Something that you two would never understand.
Although I knew something,
I would not tell you a couple of cockroaches like you.
Yes Yes Yes.
Tell us all the wonderful little angel who is this guy,
but we want to know is where he is.
In the end of the rainbow iris perhaps?
This whole nightmare began when she dug her claws.
Who is she?
Amanda Barbosa's fiancee.
That snotty badgered Connor until he relented,
but that was not stupid enough to like her.
She had to tell Barbosa to please her.
Please, can you tell us where Connor?
No, I will not say, Sue.
I will not tell you anything.
The first blow you give a woman, perhaps resist.
But there is a coup ...
breaking the bone ...
and clear the cartilage through the muscle.
Lose leg permanently.
Yes. Do this permanent damage usually it works.
If anyone knows where he is, I bet it's that stupid.
I bet my life that she is still trying to see him now.
Do you disapprove? You wanted this job.
- it is. Get used. - I did not say a word.
The last two days had no trouble to burst everyone.
- Yes, it was different, right? - I do not see how.
Every guy I fought so far
He had tried to take off my head, right? I can handle that
and I'm ready to deal with those idiots.
But hitting a hippie to find out where your ex-boyfriend,
no thanks friend. I do not care, fuck!
Not interested.
Guess what. You better find a new interest.
Because this guy does not like to waste time.
I think you do not understand me.
We are in trouble if we do not find this idiot and give it to Barbosa.
Forget all smiles, handshakes all.
This Barbosa is a fucking demon.
Fuck me.
Yes, Barbosa could fuck you. If I were you, back to work.
Started this job you wanted, you finish it.
I will tell you something.
We call it a day, go home, think again.
Let me at home and pick me up in the morning, okay?
You do not want to drive?
You can not go with a hangover, right?
If you drink as much as I surf ever happens,
but I'll tell you something. If it's too much work for you ...
No, it's okay, buddy. You're right.
Anyway, I like it now.
It distracts me from all this shit.
What do you think, Sue?
Do you think this girl is worth all this trouble?
I think it's a slut.
Yes, you must be right.
We have a shitty job here, do not you, friend?
Our job is to help the lunatic Barbosa
keep the shackles on the dregs of his fiancee.
Yes, it is a well paid job and did not think much if I were you.
A week ago, I would have done anything for this job,
but after the last two days ...
I do not know if you've been doing this so long it does not affect you.
It affects me, do not worry.
Yes? I did just two days and I want to drink himself to death.
Why you drink, right?
Does drinking helps you numb the pain you caused shit?
I not think there's much alcohol in the world.
Do me a favor, do not judge me, okay? Die.
You think I do not care about the horrible things I did? I care.
It is one of the reasons why I drink myself to sleep every night.
What does your wife think of this?
I am not married. I was, but not anymore.
Why do you keep using the alliance?
- As a reminder, I guess. - Of what?
Not get close to anyone again.
That seems to me a lonely life, friend.
Well, it's my life.
It sucks, it's ugly, but it's mine and I like it, yeah?
I have a sort of girlfriend.
She is a prostitute, works at the club
and I doubt he cares if I was on fire, but ...
Frenchy, you know,
it is rare that certain people like people like us.
US? No friend. Do not.
- You, you mean. Yes? - Yeah, well, I accept.
What happened to your wife?
I'm sorry friend. I do not want to intrude.
No, it's not okay. We got married young.
It was almost finished when we lost Milly, our daughter.
Shit. I'm sorry I brought it up, buddy.
Do not regret it. he did not cause leukemia, right?
She was six when she could no longer fight.
I do not know, after that, it was all over.
All that remained was the memory of losing the most beautiful ...
from the earth. Then yes.
So it seems I drink myself to sleep every night,
because if not, I only see the face of Milly and sorrows I caused.
So think about it, Frenchy.
Yes, you have to see all this.
Let's see if you spend today.
There she is.
She has a hard life, right?
Personally, I do not think there are enough shopping in the world
to compensate live with Barbosa, but ...
Yes, maybe you're right.
What's your story, Frenchy?
Who said you have one?
You're here, right?
I made some mistakes.
I joined the military.
I had the best intentions.
It did not work out.
I was not the only one who suffered for that either.
Collateral damage? My specialty.
This is not the Paseo del Rodeo, Frenchy.
What is she doing here?
I do not know, my friend. She does not seem very happy.
- Die! IRISH idiot! - This could be good.
Too good for you! damn fool.
Yes Yes! Too good for you! Do you know who the hell am I?
I'm the best you'll ever have, darling!
Die! I'm done with you anyway!
What the hell are you doing here?
Making sure you're all right, Amanda.
- I'm fine. Now, get the hell out! - Come here, damn ...
Get your hands off me!
You know what will make you my promise if you learn?
Also tell you were outside the apartment Connor.
What? Did you talk to your ex stupid?
- Chinese aspiring artist? - You have nowhere to run, Amanda.
You should not have off the bus in this city!
I will tell you something. You have two options.
You can go back to that bus or you can marry Barbosa.
The boy Connor is not for you.
Second thought,
Maybe he has always been too good for you, right?
Scram, grandfather.
As if I need to take the bus!
Conduzco a Maserati.
I think you did not understand what the bus, dear.
Then, they found.
My fiance will enjoy their subordinates.
Apartment 610. Do what you can.
And Send her affection.
- Pass, ma'am. - Thank you!
After you.
- Thank you dear. - It was a pleasure.
The elevator is here.
No, no elevators. No elevators use.
Come up the stairs.
- Are you sure you can handle it? - If I can.
Who are you?
Wait, wait, wait a minute! I know what you ...
Please wait! Wait a minute! I know what you want!
Stay here.
I know what you want. Listen, you can not be here.
You can not be here.
Please, for God's sake, let's go outside.
You know why we came, right, Connor?
Yes. Amanda burst intercom, right?
Hey honey. Come here. Everything is fine.
Dad's just you are playing with your friends, right?
Dear, do not panic. Do not panic, do not panic.
What happens? Who are these men, papi?
They are friends dad, okay? We're just chatting.
Lainie, honey, look at me. Look at Dad.
I want you back to your room to play. It's okay?
Okay, but ... Hey, honey?
These are adult games, okay?
It's a fun, Lainie game. Do you want to play?
Come on. Everyone, kneeling, right?
I'll tell you how to play, Lainie. We all took hands.
And we closed our eyes, and someone is hiding.
Can you sit sh ...?
Can you sit down, please, Mr. French?
There is.
You know what? That means you get to hide, Lainie.
- How long do I have? - Let's count to 50,
then we're all going to get you, okay?
Find a good place to hide.
- Wait a minute. What is that? - What?
Whoops! Where did that come from?
It's magic, love. Yes? Now, go inside and hide.
It's magic, love. Go inside, take that.
Let's get you into a weirdo. So one ...
of ...
Let's get something clear.
You understand that you can not run forever?
I'm not running away.
Just I am trying to get on with my life. With my daughter.
And where is his mother?
- She died. - How touching.
How did you get into this mess?
How a guy like Barbosa is hunting you?
I managed a few clubs in Dublin
and when I got here, I got a job at a club Barbosa.
- I came with ideas, friend! I ... - Come on, tell me more, what?
To sum up,
I fell in love with one of the dancers Barbosa.
She was perfect friend.
It was perfect for me, at least.
But the problem was that Barbosa, he's a ...
is a possessive idiot, right?
He hated that she was in love with me instead of him.
Crystal was pregnant
and when he discovered it, he gave him a terrible beating.
Even he stabbed! Yes. Can you believe it?
Damn snake stabbed a pregnant girl.
Lainie, she was born very prematurely. She was in the ICU long.
Crystal ... She never left the hospital.
- She died shortly after birth. - Where does Amanda in all this?
She wanted a bite of the forbidden fruit, I guess. I dont know.
She is the one who told him to Barbosa and that caused his psychotic rage ...
and here we are.
Listen to me, listen to me,
I beg you,
I beg you, please. For the sake of my daughter.
- Very good. Listen to me, okay? - Yes.
You'll leave the city, right?
Never again you will tread Los Angeles? You understand me?
- I swear. - Yes?
Wait. I go slowly here.
You're in no position to make that decision.
Agree? Do not do that!
- Sue, if what he says is true ... - You have no authority!
If what he says it is true
and yield to Barbosa, we are terrible stupid,
it is not true?
And the girl?
If we let you go,
you go now.
- Thank you! Thank you. I get it. - Do not thank us.
We are ruined to let you go. Save your daughter, right?
Get out of where you are, Sal! You can not be far.
You walk by a line you should never cross.
It is the line between being respectable, serious,
and be a complete son of a bitch amoral
and if you soften it,
it's over.
It was what had to be done, Sue. You know that, right?
Murete, franchute!
What do you think when you discover Tommy?
Amanda saw us in.
She'll give us away. Die!
At least I can live with myself.
Maybe not for long, silly bastard.
I should my head examined for listening!
It could be good, right?
For once, to look in the mirror and not feel nauseated.
She was the same age of Milly. You know, Frenchy?
I could not.
I could not. I could not let her see us beating his dad.
I just could not.
What are you doing here, Amanda? You should go home!
What are they doing? Where is Connor?
He was not there.
Of course it was! I talked to him.
No, not you speak. It was not his voice.
I recognize his Irish accent when I hear it.
In addition, none of that matters.
Barbosa is here. They set a trap, morons.
They came to kill Connor and blame you two.
- They already went up the elevator. - And you're happy about that, right?
Damn bitch.
Have we got a set for this?
She set us up for this! Damn bitch!
I can not believe it.
What do you think we should do, Sue?
I do not know, beginner. I never went through this until you came.
We could call Tommy, gather the boys.
Let them know what plot Barbosa and obliterate their offspring.
And the boy?
They have guns, Frenchy.
They have weapons.
No no no. We can with them.
We can with them.
We hit them hard, fast. True?
I took the gun,
I shot a few shots the rest, they get scared.
We have to go find Connor and the girl. Then we go.
We can do it, buddy.
- Well, of course. - Yes?
Come on. We can.
Hey, Sue. We work well together this weekend, my friend.
But I do not think you come to work on Monday.
This is by far the worst job you've ever had in my fucking life.
I wish I'd had your wisdom 20 years ago, boy.
Come on?
French, I warned you. It is a ruthless business.
Connor, open the door now!
- Get in there! - Fast fast fast!
Lainie, come here! Come here.
Is there another way out of here?
Over there. The fire escape across the room Lainie.
It will take the stairs to the lobby.
You go down. Take it to her and see now. Go.
Sue, cover yourself with something!
Sue, you're not half the man that Tommy thought you were.
Look at that, friend.
You had've been gone.
Sorry formed with a knockout,
Golden Boy.
Your boys, friend. They began.
It was a bloodbath. I tried to stop them.
That's why I called you.
- My guys did this? - Yes.
As always says Sue,
There will always be a bigger and meaner cat waiting defeat.
we have a history.
Do you think I know that You stretched a trap?
What really believed would kill a man
as Golden Boy Suliski Baker and you away with it?
Not after all these years, he was good to me.
- Your! Put a SWAT on the radio! - Yes sir!
You two, when I say!
I need SWAT in Eastside, 5610. Full equipment. Over and out.
Here they are!
- Thank you very much. Thank you. - You're welcome!
- This looks lovely. - Here you go, honey.
- Can I serve you something else? - No that's all. Thank you.
You let me cut it for you, okay?
You must not atragantarte after all.
Hey, eat spinach. It's delicious, right?
Do cows have a good life before becoming steak, papi?
Yes Yes Yes. Of course, dear. Yes.
Cows do fun things they love to do. You know? As...
Like eating daisies, wallowing in the grass. Like you.
Then, you know, he reaches the farmer.
He looks at the cow in the eye and says:
Time roast!
I'm glad they have fun, Daddy.
Yeah, me too, dear. Me too.
As dinner.