The Defender (2004) Movie Script

Desert Al Ljaraha, 1991
Speak, sir!
Stand back, please.
Going for that line.
- Dr Jones.
- Good evening.
What do you expect from the Romanian Peace
conference this week?
I think that I can not
At this chvlii say anything definite.
With our allies around the world are looking
new alternatives in Vaic against terror.
We were adamant and says.
Now we'll see
we can do dalhio.
But definitely most importantly,
we were strong.
Yes, it is.
But when this effort inspires fear
and disappointment throughout the world,
we achieve?
- We think that it is time for another attempt.
- Right. Thank you so much.
It was Bezpecnostnhio advisor office,
Jones Robert,
at the annual governor
ball in New York City.
Presidential Peace Initiative was
the Congress adopted with a large dose of skepticism.
Groups conservatives assess peace
initiative as irresponsible and un-American.
Yesterday's demonstration calling for tougher
action against terrorist organizations.
According to reports, the CIA analysis confirms
Having recently discovered Jamarova
Videotape is definitely authentic.
I consider
the president in an attempt
the so-called peace initiative wrong.
... around the world looking for new
alternatives in Vaic terror.
We were adamant and says.
Now we'll see
we can do dalhio.
It was Bezpecnostnhio advisor office,
Jones Robert,
at the annual governor
ball in New York City.
The way Dr Jones was
considered the most important step
to find concrete structures
for this initiative,
establishing contact with other
allies around the world.
Presidential Peace Initiative met
in the House of Congress with mixed ...
Imagine if they really
knew what was going on.
- It's clear, Roberto?
- Quite clearly, Mr. Chairman.
I know that everything in this chvlii
I lay on your shoulders
but I believe that you ensure that all
probhialo as we want.
I know, sir.
We can not afford
to something nevyIo.
- Are you sure that you are going into it?
- Certainly, Archie.
- Newalle, any questions?
- No, we are all ready, sir.
- In that case, good luck.
- Dkiy, sir.
- Bring a few souvenirs.
- Just do all right mantra.
Numerous bombing in London
during the last week is attributed
from the vicinity of a terrorist group
leader Mohammed Jamar.
European leaders have praised
President's peace initiative.
It is the only way forward.
That is the joint communiqu issued by the EU.
Special units searched yesterday
remote mountain hideout in Pakistan.
Continue to look for terrorist leader,
Mohammed Jamar.
Bli house denotes a massive campaign
against presidential peace initiatives
as false, defamatory and
American political scene undignified.
that if the president tries to act
and will not insist,
they will consider our friends
and enemies abroad as a sign of weakness.
video search program?
Fly to Silke
at 22:00 in Romania.
Complete team.
Usual instructions.
Something zvltnhio,
What I meI know?
It should be a routine matter.
- Kaye, we all have a connection?
- Yes, sir.
Morning I pick them up
secret code for that week.
We have allocated directly link
the National Security Office.
Okay. Rockford,
meet me tonight in a hangar.
Yes, sir.
Boss, dkiy,
you have me do it gained.
You know the rules.
I work only with the best.
Yes, sir.
- Newall.
- So flying to Romania.
- Yes, sir. - Okay.
This is perfect for us prlieitost.
- Perform all necessary measures.
- I will arrange it.
- You wanted to see me?
- Sit down.
Tomorrow I will not go to that conference.
It will not be routine, do you?
- Drink?
- Please.
I have an appointment with someone.
With someone outstanding.
Will not tell you the reason why.
Neither will say with whom.
I'll tell you only this:
Under no circumstances, no one except you,
me, your people and the team that gentleman
must know
that this meeting took place.
I can not express enough
the importance of the meeting.
For the meeting never nedoIo.
Sorry, but nelbi like it.
I think you have no choice.
- Time? - Tomorrow.
- Location?
About 60 km from the city, the hotel is near the lake.
Ancient refuge krIovsk family.
Is still in operation.
Tomorrow belongs to us.
- What personae?
- Got the day off.
Knows about the meeting is anyone else?
- Who's all finished?
- I, oddly enough I can call.
And the local authority?
They know only that there spend
few hours before the conference.
But nobody knows
with whom I meet.
- Nobody?
- President, Foreign Minister ...
But I think
that the permit are adequate.
I have asked you,
led to my security,
because I know that you are
I trust in everything.
Have you more,
than men to experience a cIovek.
And you are still reliable.
I need to do your
and your reliability.
It will not be easy.
So what? Hottest
directly from the esophagus volcano?
It's all fairly
Surprise, huh?
We're going to Disneyland.
Somebody needs to rest?
- Something like that.
- Cool.
If you Mickey
I be Minnie?
You would also be more
Sleeping Beauty. Good night.
Good night, boss.
Lights out, children. I do not want
You slept through his first mission.
How do you say in Romanian "suck"?
I think that "Stevenson.
I thought that the British have manners.
Even in the service of SAS.
I just try a little
to establish international relations.
Lee, looking forward to it?
- How is it?
- The meeting takes place in an old hotel.
- 60 km in Bucharest.
- And we are ready for action?
Yes, sir.
Still believes that doing the right thing.
Best for this country.
If we are careful
everything will be fine.
The next step will be to eliminate a traitor.
Destroys this country.
That is true.
We must destroy the President.
- The right time. Give us a message
when you know something. - Yes, sir.
This is bullshit. State, supervising,
have your ass freezing.
How are you doing?
I'm really into cool.
Here you will encounter.
Lee and Parker are up,
Stevenson back.
There are only one door.
Behind them is Kaye.
I am at reception,
Scripts in the courtyard.
Your host must pass me.
Withholding his men outside.
- It's toy.
- Toys.
- Boss, guests come.
- Attention, everybody.
Party begins. Be alert.
Kaye, get me.
For sure. Take this.
It is a satellite locator,
works around the world.
Grab it and register as
Emergency signI Bezpecnostnhio Office.
- Is it new?
- According Newalla is the last model.
Thank you.
My name is Morgan.
Very interesting place, very old.
Once again, sir. Okay.
I swear that you are a sadist.
I am glad that you are on our side.
Excuse me, Mr. President?
Foreign minister is calling you.
Thank you.
Tell me, Richie.
If something new,
tell me.
Tom, tell us about yesterday and the expected
Presidential press conference
Eastern room Bliho house.
Good morning, Richard.
The result is a vote
the so-called peace initiative,
thus became the press conference
the President's strategy,
succeed in Congress, even more important.
Hear it chvlii.
Excuse me, Mr. President,
But to make concessions ...
Will not be many people consider
for poltroonery? As he give up?
No, it rkim give peace a chance.
Vike terrorism
not conventional vaiko,
victory and therefore can not be
achieved by conventional means.
We give the president Cathy wingman of contents
and ones with a star of selecting people.
- For this chvlii finished.
- When you ask me, I must say
that his place would nevyjednval.
Ted Sun Not in this chvli.
Showed that America thinks
seriously what rki.
- So how is it?
- Good. Okay.
- So what do rkite?
- What?
It all.
What is our mysterious guest?
- I have no idea.
- Sure.
Do you think that works here
room service?
Well ...
So far.
See you later.
- How you got there, people?
- Cool.
Only if it were not such a hot.
- Stevenson, got a beer?
- No, but Parker ...
- What? - So say Romanian
"Can I suck dick?"
Okay, guys.
Enough, relax line.
Tell me.
Sniper! Lie!
Scripts, get down!
- Kaye, cover Jones.
- Damn!
Damn, boss is away!
Scripts bought it!
Stevenson, get down!
Kaye, cover us!
Kaye, the tower is a sniper.
At eleven.
- What happened?
- Sniper!
Boss, the guy is dead.
Boss, what to do with Silke?
Stay in your seats.
Kaye, call for backup.
You watch the door.
Good, Stevenson, come together.
- I thought about that
meeting is one nevedeI. - Me too.
Also I had lost cIoveka.
Birdcage, here is the delta, over.
Birdcage, here is the delta, over.
Come on!
Relax, it's me.
- Boss, vysliacka is deaf.
- How dumb?
Physically works
but not signI.
If it were blocked.
- Parker, situation?
- West side of clean. There is nothing to see.
- Lee?
- Absolutely nothing.
Search the entire hotel.
From the top down.
- Lee?
- Easy!
- Parker?
- Relax.
- Kaye?
- Relax.
- Stevenson?
- Relax.
Then just listen.
This is a kidnapping, not murder.
We employ a sniper
and zkodnci penetrate inside.
Boss, you know that there are many
ways to keep them out.
- It's true.
- Who is this mysterious person?
I do not know.
All return to places.
Define a free field of fire, guard
groups, which could enter the building.
Be alert.
Do you think they would attack?
Who's your boss?
I can not say.
Boss, I have company.
A not pleasant.
- That was close.
- Yeah.
- Nice, boss.
- Dki.
Stevenson, are you okay?
- I NevedeI that you care.
- I do not care.
Morgan, I'll send one cIoveka.
To assist Stevenson.
Kaye, you have to scheme.
Boss, I do not believe Morgan.
We can not pick and choose.
Silence. What is your plan?
I think that again grouped.
About planning a final assault.
- Meaning? - This means that fast
find his people, and then get out.
Boss, closing.
We have three.
Now two.
Shit! They have grenade launchers!
Stevenson? Go to thee.
Kay Parker, mine!
So ... Nobody knows what?
What the hell is that?
This is jamming MX 64th
Nothing that does not pass.
- Where did you find?
- In the second floor.
- It's not good.
- What you got?
I do not know. Looks
four different nationalities.
Similar uniforms
All American.
- Anything else?
- Yes, we have this.
Tattoo American pilots.
Povedenej gift.
- Stevenson?
- Yeah. - I'll meet you outside.
I'll be there.
Maybe now we zapoj. Come.
- Are you warm enough?
- Just right.
You realize that this is dangerous
action, as we did?
But I think that from this
only get frostbite.
When it fails,
finishes your term.
Archie, neertujte, when it fails,
finishes the entire Western alliance.
- So what do we do?
- It has to come out.
And how much would go
to ensure that?
I lost two, you too.
- Six of us left. Including you and me.
- Against who knows how many?
We can obancovat room.
We have to regroup.
Yeah, I'm for. Stupid is
that still do not have my people.
Under the new perimeter are still
outside. We have a problem.
- Then let us pray that our people
not on the other side. - I think not.
How can you be so sure?
Because if they get them,
sought not to get inside.
Boss, I'm ready.
- It's a good firing position.
- Stevenson? - Come up.
Decides to return our money.
The hotel is below our level.
We will carry it with management.
- Something new, Kaye?
- I signI.
Birdcage, here is the delta, over.
Birdcage, here is the delta, over.
Birdcage ...
Stun grenade ... Lie!
- Boss, I have bought it.
- Back in the conference room.
- Stevenson, Parker will bring.
- Sure.
You too moh few pounds to lose weight?
Pull it inside.
Boss? Look at the pager.
- What is it?
- Satellite locator.
Where is hell?
I do not know, as it should be ...
... right here.
Take a flashlight!
Who has the landmines?
In backpack.
Help him out.
Morgane ...
Kaye, retreat.
Stay here.
Lighten me.
To fire off.
This is chvlii employ him, let's go.
Hey, boss, are you sure?
Do you have a better idea?
- Parker, how are you?
- I got it.
I bet that way are
I krIov crept in devkama.
You know what, Stevenson?
Shut up, please.
Sorry to disturb you, sir.
We have just seen an emergency
signI Bezpecnostnhio Office. Code 42 alfa.
A location ...
60 km east
from Bucharest, Romania.
Relax, Parker.
Boss, I need to change the bandage.
We stay in motion.
Stevenson, with me!
Nice to see you.
Hello, Tom. We're back.
Can we look at another part
yesterday the press conference?
I think it was only the fifth time
during his term.
Yeah, that's true.
Hear it a second.
Until will not solve this situation,
not feel safe
and can not prosper.
Chvliemi debate was full of emotion
and the president justified his actions ...
- Mr President, calls generate Cooper,
said it's urgent. - Patch me.
General, I can now
do for the Pentagon?
Mr. President, we have noted
Emergency signI Bezpecnostnhio radu
60 km to Bucharest in Romania.
- Roger.
I also have an interesting satellite photos,
that you see meI. Same area.
- It seems that there Dosi serious fighting.
- Send them here. Anything else?
Mr. President, you know that the 82nd unit
Airborne Division now operating in Kosovo?
- I think so. What is it?
- If you say, we can immediately deploy.
- Send in what you have.
- Yes, sir.
Connect me with the CIA.
I want director of Willis.
Flew out the window, there were bullets.
TotIn confusion.
Utkiala am one direction,
on the other side.
I raced to the door,
and when I looked back he was gone.
But then I deploy it
not get to you.
So I crawled into the tunnel behind him,
I got over it.
It seemed reasonable.
- So he definitely all about you?
- Absolutely.
- And where is he?
- I have no idea, just disappeared.
- When I came down here, was gone.
- There must still be.
Remember, those rulers slipped
inside, slipped out.
Madam, we have gone quickly.
I appreciate your concern for my safety
and security of us all,
But it depends on more than us.
We must find him and get out.
As I said, no
about the meeting may not know.
You can be sure
Scripts and that Lee will not disclose it.
I do not leave without him.
Okay. If we find him now,
And we get out.
Agree, madam?
Listen, if you find,
you have to forget everything
what do you think you know about the world.
You must not judge.
Continue in its task.
Come on.
Sorry, but why such a secret?
If we find him, so the same
learn. Why we can not say?
Because no one must know.
What happens when you tell it now,
and you are separating, you did eventually captured?
You'll know
so the secret is disclosed.
I can not risk
that I will get into such a position.
Because you and for myself.
Most likely to know someone.
Can only presume
they do not know everything.
Now they are quiet for some time.
Do you think they left?
Maybe that was captured.
Got beat advisory.
And they know we're here.
Probably want to obstruct the tunnel soon.
It is a blind alley.
Certainly left tunnel
leading from the hotel.
I think so.
I have an appointment with someone.
With someone outstanding.
What is our mysterious guest?
Someone special.
We have to get him out.
He lost too much blood.
I know, but we can not
make contact with anyone.
Vysliacka was
the last explosion destroyed.
it is our only hope.
Hopefully someone listens.
Otherwise it is a kick in the ass out of here
prima vodsad straight to breakfast.
Because we always rkiali SAS ...
- Kaye! Situation?
- We're under fire.
- Go away. The East.
Your only chance. - Roger.
Go! Do not stop!
- Go!
- I like!
Come back into the tunnel.
Here is cut,
will come to you.
- Stevenson, here!
- Move! Move!
Throw me the bag!
- Did you see him?
- Yeah.
Boss, I have a problem.
- What?
- Parker vomiting.
- I have to relax the airways.
- Hold it, Kaye.
Come on, Parker, breathe.
Madam, come with me.
- Come on!
- Come with me.
Need help?
Now to quit.
- Kaye! Situation?
- Distance 50 mA fast approaching!
Watch it back.
Attention explosion!
Come on.
Everybody back!
Lance, wait!
Is on our side.
I believed in you at a time
when nobody else believed.
Now it is up to you to believe me.
I trusted you in time,
when you believe no one else.
Lance, put the gun down.
Put the gun down.
- Information. - We get a black eye.
We will try to get out.
Take this.
He's dead, shot him in the back.
No, wait!
Pick him!
- Up! Up!
- Come on!
Assaulted them.
They got to her?
We noticed signI Dr
Jones. We are trying to find out what happened.
- Roger, sir. - How well do you know, meetings
with Jamar is a very sensitive issue.
- Yes, sir.
- We must proceed with great caution.
Immediately, we connect with the Romanian government.
Once the President gives instructions, initiate action.
- President and I believe you.
You need to find her. - Yes, sir.
Find her.
We have to wait.
You have five seconds to
tell me what the hell is.
I have the same instructions as you.
I am sure that there Mr. Jamar
and Mrs. Jones escaped alive.
I know who you are.
I know what you did.
You admirable man,
Mr. Rockford.
Although each of us on the other side,
I and my people
behave to you the highest admiration.
That's very nice,
But I would like to keep who preseknul
the wires and Parker who killed.
Lance, listen up!
I'm sorry ... Parker
and others. Really.
I be in Bucharest the conference,
Not here.
But if on someone
I think anyone becomes aware
the whole credibility of the United State
will be shaken.
And the stability of the whole world.
May sound exaggerated,
but you know it's true.
So what are we doing?
We think that Mr. Jamar ruled
terror, what nevideI world.
I do.
Not only that we ceased to fight,
we integrate it
in its policy.
- But we nepremohli him.
- No you can not find, therefore oficiIne.
Because, if we find him,
we would either kill him,
or capture and interrogate him.
And do it ... It would be much
more dangerous than when he remains missing.
So what the fuck are we doing?
Because Lee, Scripts
Parker and I think
we have a right to know
Why are we here?
You are here
to buy my invisibility.
So for a price
never appear.
Never find him.
Always remains a mystery.
Gas! Stay down.
- So how it looks?
- Await the report from Romania, sir.
So do not know if the tasks?
No, we do not know if you make contact.
We have her report.
- Still waiting for confirmation sir.
- In this we must not disappoint.
- Once you find something, let me know.
- Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Here is a draft.
East must be close.
Will you be here,
you find the east!
Come on, baby. Go!
Grant, wait!
Come on, wake up!
Kaye, stick to me.
We need to get out, come on!
We can do it, come on!
Lance, I present to you the agent
Grant of ML5 in London.
And Taylor is an agent of CIA.
I know that it is not perfect,
but you must trust me.
This operation is extremely important.
Forget Mohammed Jamar,
leadership of our country is in danger.
Over a year working with the CIA and ML5,
we are caught in a trap.
In Washington there is a group of people
who want to overthrow the president.
They are against the peace initiative.
Want to destroy it, they want peace.
Vike is big business, Lance.
And that means a lot of money.
- Who are these people? - Mercenaries, what will
paid for that kill us.
What do to help?
Kill my people.
Threaten you.
You're a Dr. Jones.
This is ...
We have this charade uhrt, at least until
ti mercenaries strengthening their reporting bosses.
Then in turn, may collaborate.
We should find the exit.
Okay, let's go.
Come on, come on.
Together. Come.
Come on, Kaye, hold on.
Boss, I go.
We go to light.
Good. Goon.
I'll meet you there.
Lance, we know that these people exist
and moving close to the government.
But we do not know who it is.
So we set the traps.
- We have prepared their bait.
- Certainly his.
Yes, him and me.
OficiIn Strategy of the United State
it does not negotiate with terrorists.
I was secretly met with Jamar,
to negotiate peace.
Finds that communicates to the public,
President fall.
- This should never resist.
- Unbelievable.
I've had a good look.
Although the accent I had to rehearse.
Mel should get an Oscar.
Come on.
It is confirmed.
The meeting Dosi hour ago
underground garage in Bethesda.
Three ... We have one.
- Who are the others?
- I will know soon. Speak.
It will not be nice, Mr. President.
Gather advice, download
armor to Romania.
- Oh, I hope that Robert, nothing happened.
- Yes, sir.
- Give me a secure line.
- COMMS Europe.
I'm sorry, Lance,
We had to keep it strictly.
Nobody not allowed to know or you do not.
We have to deal with temi outside.
We must overcome the fucking stairs.
We're almost there, let's go.
Breathe, baby.
Come on, come on.
Boss, we're out.
Approximately 200 m west
from the main road.
But we have company. Looks
the Romanian unit of rapid deployment.
- Still no connection.
- Roger.
- It seems that the trap sprung.
- Yes, someone caught signI.
- We are left just to stay alive.
- Right.
Kaye, we are about 300 m
west of you.
The old water tower.
We will wait for you.
We can do it.
Prepare your weapons.
Wait for my signI.
Nestrliet ...
Kaye, move to the hotel.
Into hiding.
Come on, come on!
Taylor is dead!
- Grant!
- Yeah.
At my direction ... utkiej the tree.
Come on.
Hold your position!
Freeze! You're under arrest!
And you, sir, is down!
Sir, you are arrested.
The wall!
Exactly, and you too!
For me, come on!
All this is completely nothing.
TotIne shitty.
You're right, totIne.
Sorry, dude.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry
to the surprise.
For chvlii to explain everything.
Meanwhile Suffice it to say,
that here we are dealing with traitors.
And if the four in the back ... you
you become involved in a poor country
and ojebvali you
nesprvnho President!
Patriote, this bomb, come on.
Patriote, here puma, come on!
Come on, damn it!
Patriote, this bomb, come on.
Patriote, this bomb, come on.
Patriote, if you hear me,
kraiko is nore.
I repeat, is kraiko nore.
Few people know that I'm here.
Homecoming is interesting.
Does he know several other people.
Kaye, where Stevenson?
Forget about Stevenson.
Is there a few real Americans,
who are sick of lies
sick of your ass,
tired of corruption and mainly fed
such a traitor as she is.
It's not what you think ...
- Kaye, I know how much ...
- You know shit ...
Do not move.
I guess we were too convincing.
Come on, let's go inside.
- Are you okay?
- Yes.
I'll wait.
I'll get a bandage, right?
I'll be right back.
The president praised the joint efforts
CIA and FBI during a secret operation,
resulting in the arrest of several ...
Office zvltnhio applicant will continue
investigation of the so-called "patriotic groups".
The FBI last week arrested
in Washington DC ..
Today, Washington was shocked
Dosi further since the arrest in Boston.
Senator Travis, the main opposition figure
groups against the peace initiative,
was arrested for collaboration
with "patriotic group.
FBI sources testify,
have conclusive proof of the concentration
Senator with the "patriotic group.
According to the director of CIA investigations are still
probhi and one can expect further arrests.
Today congratulated President
British Prime Minister,
and after
Peace initiative has been handed over ...
Special Agent Lance Rockford is
Today rewarded the Medal of Freedom,
and during private
Celebrations in Bliem dome.
And now we must proceed
the appreciation of those who supervise us.
Right slia America is not
in our wealth or military power.
It is simply and mainly in the fact
we know who we are.
And now as to whether we will,
or not free.
Good night
and God bless you all.
It was a Presidential speech
morning from Bliho house ...
I hoped
that it might change your mind.
Good luck, Lance.
- I will miss.
- I know.