The Delinquents (1989) Movie Script

Hey, don't stop.
Do as you're told!
I don't take orders.
If you were my son...
I ain't.
He started it!
I'll finish it too!
The neighbours!
Bugger the neighbours!
Any more lip from you and I'll...
Leave him alone, Bert!
Everybody sing along
Let's all sing
When any little thing
goes wrong
Do-da-lay, do-da-loo
Sing for me
that simple tune...
You'll ruin your eyes
with all that reading.
He only wants a bit of respect.
He orders me around
like he owns the place.
He pays rent.
So do I.
He pays more.
He gets more.
What did you say?
Where are you going?
"Come, gentle night
Come, loving, black-brow'd night
"Give me my Romeo.
"When he shall die take him
and cut him out in little stars.
"He'll make heaven so fine,
the world will love night
"And pay no worship
to the garish sun."
Isn't that beautiful, Mum?
It's a lovely story.
It's so sad.
You've read it?
Heard it on the radio once.
That'll have to do, or I'll be late.
Enjoy yourself.
Enjoy myself?!
Playing piano
for a bunch of drunks!
Will you be late?
Who knows?
I am doing this ALL for you.
Can I go to the pictures?
Alright, dear.
Sorry, ladies and gentlemen,
but the house is full.
Is there any standing room?
No standing room. Try again tomorrow.
I've waited an hour.
Try tomorrow.
Wait! I was in front of them!
Come on. I've been standing here...
Excuse me.
Will you be getting 'Rock Around
the Clock' back again any time?
Doubt it. Didn't like it.
It was really popular.
Not with normal people.
I've seen it three times, anyway.
Me too!
I'm Brownie.
And you're Lola?
I'm only delivering telegrams
till I can get a job on a ship.
My grandfather was a sailor -
My father is too,
but he's American.
I thought that he was...
God, no!
That's not my father.
That's Bert.
My father's away.
Mmm... So is mine.
I was born here.
After the war, my father
took us back to the States - Seattle.
He was mostly at sea.
One day he didn't come back.
My mum gets homesick
for this place.
My mother teaches piano
and plays in pubs.
We move round a lot.
I read lots of books.
So do I!
I love books!
'Call of the Wild'...
I just read 'Anne of Green Gables'...
'Cruel Sea'...
'Wuthering Heights' is my favourite.
You've read 'Romeo and Juliet'?
Who's that by?
William Shakespeare.
Oh, rock'n'roll!
Little Richard!
What about Bill Haley?
Gene Vincent!
The Platters!
Wait - Jerry Lee Lewis!
Goodness gracious,
great balls of fire!
Those kids are called
bodgies and widgies.
There's tons of them in Brisbane.
There's none in this burg.
We could be the first.
We'd have to dance like that, though.
Lucille, you won't do
your sister's will
She's a lovin' mama
but I got nerves of steel
Lucille, please come back
where you belong
Lucille, please come back
where you belong
I'm begging you, baby,
please don't leave me alone
Woke up this morning
Lucille was not in sight
I asked my friends about her
but all their lips were tight
Lucille, please come back
where you belong
Lucille, please come back
where you belong
I'm begging you, baby,
please don't leave me alone
Woke up this morning
Lucille was not in sight
I asked my friends about her
but all their lips were tight
Lucille, please come back
where you belong
I'm begging you, baby,
please don't leave me alone...
Woke up this morning
Lucille was not in sight
I asked my friends about her
but all their lips were tight
Lucille, please come back
where you belong.
In the hotel lounge!
I have to live here.
What's his father do?
He doesn't have a father.
You know what he wants.
Remember, my girl,
it's a mortal sin.
We only kissed.
That's where it starts.
Life is hard enough as it is!
I am loved.
I am loved...
Are you listening?
I am loved.
I am loved.
I can't hear you what you're saying.
I am loved.
Oh! Oh, Lola!
Apologise! Apologise to your mother!
Hey! That'll do, mate!
Bert! He's had enough.
Brownie Hansen.
What are you doing here?
You stood me up.
I didn't want you to see me like this.
Everyone in town
knows you had a fight.
They reckon you gave
him some back too.
He's a bastard!
Mum just stood there and watched.
After a while it didn't even hurt anymore.
I kept wishing someone could
hold me in their arms.
Your hair's still beautiful.
They just don't understand, do they?
About love.
Yeah. Just like Romeo and Juliet.
But bigger and more exciting
because it's us!
It's all because of you!
Thank you!
Ow! Ow!
I can't help it.
I'm in love with Brownie Hansen.
Now there
are three steps to heaven
Just listen
and you will plainly see
And as life travels on
And things do go wrong
Just follow
steps one, two and three
Step one -
You find a girl you love
Step two -
She falls in love with you
Step three -
You kiss and hold her tightly
Help me.
And that sure
seems like heaven to me
Sorry... Hang on.
The formula for heaven
is very simple
Just follow...
...the rules and you will see
And as life travels on
And things do go wrong
Just follow
steps one, two and three
Step one -
You find a girl you love
Step two -
She falls in love with you...
Oh, sorry.
Step three -
You kiss and hold her tightly...
I'm sorry.
That sure
seems like heaven to me
Just follow
steps one, two and three.
I waited six weeks just to make sure.
What do you want to do?
Try to get rid of it?
We can't do that.
It's a terrible mortal sin!
I know that.
It's not that we're not old enough.
Romeo and Juliet were teenagers.
Helen of Troy was only 12
when she ran away with Paris.
They started a lot younger back then.
"Dear Mother,
I'm going to have a baby.
"I'm going anywhere
I will not be a humiliation to you.
"I'm well looked after by someone who
loves me and wants to look after me.
"Your loving daughter, Lola."
What have you got?
"Dear Mum,
I've gone away.
"Don't call the police.
"I am alright. Brownie."
Well, at least she won't have
any trouble understanding it.
Only you
can make the world seem right
Only you
can make the darkness bright
Only you and you alone
can thrill me like you do
And fill my heart
with love for only you.
This was my grandmother's.
My dad's mum.
I'd have inherited it anyway, so...
We can do anything we want -
go everywhere in the whole world.
We could go to Norway.
London and Paris...
Every place I've read about.
I want to see everything
and meet everyone
and be with you whatever we do.
Carry everything we own in a bag.
Be fast and free.
But we'll have a baby.
He can come too.
It'll be just the three of us.
Fast and free.
Fast, fast...
Be very fast.
Two minutes!
Train departing in two minutes.
Get chocolates and chips.
Is that good for the baby?
Baby likes what I like.
Here she is!
Lola, we're going home.
Get your hands off her!
Brownie, help me!
Brownie! Brownie,
you've got to help me!
Brownie! NO!
Come over here.
Can't talk to you down there.
You got a name?
Jim Smith.
So YOU'RE Jim Smith?
Can you swim?
Oh, God.
Actually, my name is Brownie Hansen.
I'm going to Brisbane
to see my girlfriend Lola.
I don't know any Lolas in Brisbane.
They said she might be there.
My dad was a sailor.
His dad was a sailor.
Oh, yeah.
Is that right? So you want to be one too?
Get your bag.
From now on, you're down below.
My name's Bosun.
Move your arse.
You'll freeze up here.
How much?
Yes, alright. Alright.
Well, as soon as possible.
Eight weeks.
The day after tomorrow.
I want to have it.
Yes, that's the easy part.
Who supports it? Who feeds it?
I'll get a job.
You're still a baby yourself!
It's not really your decision, Mother.
It's my decision.
You don't know any better, Lola.
You'll ruin your life.
You're not living my life.
It is my decision.
You're still a minor till you're 16.
That's the end of it.
It's illegal here too.
Yes, but nobody knows us here.
Hang on a minute.
Just wait for that copper.
OK. Off you go.
Good luck, son.
Why don't you go to the police?
Yeah. Thanks anyhow.
I don't even know
if she's still here.
It's a big city.
She's pregnant.
You ought to be with her.
I know that.
I've got no job,
I've got no money.
I was coming to that.
Someone signed off today.
Job's yours if you want it.
That would be great, but...
I don't know.
It's over to you, son.
If you still want to be a sailor,
we ship out Friday.
I'm just going downstairs
for a while. Won't be long.
I won't do it!
I'm going to keep it.
Brownie, where are you?
Hey, cab!
The docks, please.
Got the money?
It's all over now, darling.
No luck, eh?
Only woman you can rely on is the sea.
She'll always be there.
Come on. Sit yourself down.
What kind of music
do you like, Brownie?
There's stuff here
from all over the world.
Damascus, San Francisco, London...
I've never seen this.
Here - you might go for this one.
My baby don't stand
no foolin' around...
Here - get this into you.
Oh, yeah, she don't stand
no foolin', my babe...
Don't worry, son.
You'll acquire the taste.
Ain't no foolin' my babe
Truly, baby, my babe
She's my baby...
Where do you think you're going?
I know what you're
going through, darling.
Look, we'll start again.
We'll put it all behind us.
He's forgotten you, love.
You're not the first one
to go through this, you know.
I know it's hard.
How do you know?
I just know.
When I was your age, I made
some mistakes. But life goes on.
Am I one of your mistakes?
Am I?
You're my daughter and I love you.
He's trying to find me. I know he is.
You never even gave him a chance. Don't
make a mess of your life.
Forget him.
Men are all the same.
You're the one to give advice about men.
Goodbye, Mum.
I'll write so that you know I'm alright.
I'm from Bundaberg.
I'm looking for work.
Why come to Melbourne?
My mum's in Brisbane.
Rent's $30 a week, two weeks
in advance, extra for gas and electricity.
Your life's your own business
but if you break the law, I'll call the cops.
Give a reason
to all mankind
And peace of mind
But if it's not asking too much
Please give me somebody to love
Somebody to love
Show the world how
To get along
Peace will enter
Where hate has gone
But if it's not asking too much
Please send me somebody to love
Please send
me somebody to love.
Apple pie, mixed grill, no onions.
And more cups and saucers!
Come on! Get the tables!
I've got to get home tonight!
Can I have that candle?
What's that you're doing?
I'm making a wish.
Today's my birthday.
Monday. Rent's due.
I'll pay on Friday.
Sorry. You know the rules.
Rent's due on Monday.
I've been sick
and not working.
Sorry. You're out.
Somebody's waiting for this room.
I've got nowhere else to go!
Go back to Bundaberg, then.
Feel like dancing?
Been dancing all day.
How about later on?
Where are we going?
Sorry, kid.
I'm meeting a lady friend tonight.
What will I do?
If you're related to the Queen,
Melbourne's your town.
Otherwise, head straight
for the pubs. See you!
What'll it be, mate?
Beer... thanks.
Oh, Brownie!
You're so thin.
You're so strong.
I only started here a while ago.
I've had the flu.
I've still got the flu.
Got kicked out by my landlady.
She's a right old bitch!
They're letting me sleep
in the storeroom out the back.
You've changed.
This is Brownie!
THE Brownie?
Pleased to meet you.
Now she might stop yapping about you.
Want to eat with us?
If I can't get a few beers
out of that bunch I'll join a nunnery.
Hi, guys.
I had an abortion.
Mum dragged me off to Brisbane.
I tried to find you.
I looked everywhere.
It was so hard, Brownie.
You've got a fever.
So, she's a friend of yours?
Yeah. She helped me get this job.
And before that?
What did you do to eat?
We'd try talking them
into buying dinner for us.
Well, you do what you can, don't you?
Is that what you want to know?
You've got no business
asking if you're not here.
I'm sorry.
Sailors are much worse
than soldiers, anyway.
Let's get out of here.
Make love to me.
Put that on your head.
Why is it so dark?
One of the generators is down.
This is your room?
This is like a dream!
It's so romantic.
Where is everyone?
They're... on leave.
They'll be back tomorrow.
Oh, Brownie.
Oh, God.
I know I look terrible.
I've been so sick.
Maybe I haven't always done the
right thing, but I loved you all the time.
Me too. I'm so sorry.
Say you still want me.
More than I ever wanted you.
I hope no union rep finds you.
They got strict rules.
You got a name?
I'm glad you two finally
caught up with each other,
but the union boys won't be.
You'll have to go.
Oh, come on, Bosun.
She's sick.
She just got kicked out of her room.
YOU'RE the Bosun.
Records from all around the world?
You looked after Brownie for me.
She'll hitchhike back to Brisbane.
Not my problem.
I'm not sailing without her.
Is that a threat?
I'm not impressed.
I can look after her in Brisbane.
And when you go back to sea?
God, you've got a lot to learn, kid,
especially about women.
Please, Bosun.
I love her.
Just keep her out of sight.
But let's see YOU
on deck occasionally.
Only you
Can make a change in me
For it's true
You are my destiny
When you hold my hand
I'll understand
The magic that you do
You're my dreams come true
My one and only you
Only you
Can make a change in me
For it's true
You are my destiny
When you hold my hand
I'll understand
The magic that you do
You're my dreams come true
My one and only you
One and only you.
We'll take these.
Tell us when you've started.
Don't hurt him, Bosun!
Care to dance?
Can't, sorry. I've got the baby.
I'll take the baby.
Would you? Oh, super!
This is my husband.
Hi, Brownie Hansen.
This is my girl, Lola Lovell.
Lyle and Mavis Blackmore.
Even though it's not our place -
we're squatters.
Are you?
We found it empty and moved in.
Wish we could do that.
Take one of these rooms.
There's loads of space.
Come on.
Oh, I don't know.
Oh, super!
They aren't supposed to sit up
till they get teeth.
About ten months.
How do you know this stuff?
From baby books.
I'll try this.
She won't like vegetables yet.
Made our nation great.
Here we go.
Do you wanna have kids?
I nearly had one.
I had an abortion.
Your mother?
Yeah, I should have fought harder.
Well, they cut out Sharon Faylene
after five days labour.
Somethin' wrong with me plumbin'.
The doctor said, "Make yer husband
sleep on the roof."
Don't call my name
It makes me feel so ashamed
I've lost my sweet helping hand
I've got myself to blame
Only lived a very fine life
I ain't never done no wrong.
Wait a minute.
What happened?
So we won't have kids.
What the hell is this?
Aah, very interesting.
Give me it!
Obviously, I'm the responsible one.
Well, obviously.
Bosun said it's a three-month cruise.
I can make some good money.
We need money - we're broke.
Three months?
It's not so long.
What about us?
Isn't this what we always dreamed of?
Yeah, but...
But now you're bored and restless.
You want to get away.
Not from you.
Lola, I love you as much
as I've ever loved you,
but without money we're fair game
for the cops and anyone else.
I don't want that.
I just want to provide for us.
That's important to me.
It sails in a week.
So make love to me.
Fact is, sailor's not meant
for the domestic life.
Too hard on the women.
Believe me, I tried.
Had me the perfect woman
in Singapore.
Rich, beautiful, great cook
and she could sing like an angel.
Need some money?
Four beers and two shandies.
She meant a lot to you?
Why didn't you stay with her, then?
Too comfortable.
Not the kind of life I was cut out for.
You understand?
Yeah, I think I do.
Last drinks! We're closing up!
Cops. Cops.
What's the matter with you, pal?
Let's go for a walk together.
Whatever you want, love.
Uh-oh. Come on.
Hey! Hey you!
Come on!
Got something to be afraid of?
Under-age drinking, perhaps?
We're going home.
Don't choke me!
Got any money?
If not, you're breaking the law,
kids your age.
Let's see that bank book.
Look, I realise we're empty right now,
but I'm shipping out next week.
I can get...
That won't be necessary. Come on.
I can walk, you bastard!
Prove it!
I saw that!
Maybe you did!
Who's gonna believe you?!
What you do at sea
is your business.
On land, you must show that
you can support yourself.
Breaking this law, I fine you L10.
Furthermore, I order you not to attempt to
see Lola Lovell for 12 months.
Hold it, girlie!
Come on. Settle down.
They just want to say goodbye!
Get off me!
Let me go!
Brownie! Brownie!
Back off, will you?
I'll look after him, OK?
Normally, for a first offence,
I would fine you.
However, your mother claims
that you are uncontrollable.
I therefore order you to be sent
to a State-approved house of care
for at least 12 months detention.
You are ordered not to contact or see
Brownie Olaf Hansen within that time.
When my own baby died,
I decided to devote my life
to unwanted girls.
I've been aunty to two generations
of poor unfortunates.
I tell them how much happier
one can be in one's own home.
Eat up, dear.
We've got to fatten you up.
Can't it be a bit tighter?
No, dear. That's cheap.
Full is much smarter.
It'd be OK if I was pregnant.
Oh, my!
That's the road to ruin.
I think we'll give you a home perm.
You'll feel like a new person.
I don't want to.
Most girls do,
to feel they belong to someone.
That's why you use that bleach.
What did you say?
Girls live for men, for sex.
It's their downfall.
I'll try and remember that.
You can't tell me you actually enjoy it.
Actually, I enjoy sex a lot.
Love it with Brownie.
Stop it.
Love him pulling off his shirt.
Then he pulls off mine
and I feel his muscles.
Then he kisses me.
My whole body feels it.
That's quite enough, Lola.
What I love most is the way
he looks when he's just about to...
Get to your room!
Look who's here!
You are beautiful!
Where does she get her looks?
We heard from Brownie -
from San Francisco.
San Francisco!
Can I help you?
These are my friends,
Mavis, Lyle and Sharon.
Come in.
I'm sorry.
All visitors need court approval.
But they're friends.
While you are here, I choose your
friends. Give the baby to its mother.
Come on, darling.
Say goodbye to Aunty Lola.
How dare you?
They're my friends.
It's for your own good.
Otherwise you'll go to an institution
and restart your sentence.
Lola, where are you?
Can't I even shit in peace?
"Dear Brownie,
I love you wherever you are.
"Please rescue me
from the above address.
"I'm in the hands
of a terrible woman,
"a doer of good deeds.
"Please excuse incoherence.
"I'm writing in the dunny in great haste -
the only place she can't watch me.
"I had so much to say.
"Now all I can think of is that
I love you and I'm frightened.
"For the first time ever
I'm really frightened.
"Please come back, my love.
"All I'll think of is you.
There we go, Mrs Westbury.
Thanks, postie.
That's quite enough, Lola!
If you'd care to learn proper music,
I'd be happy to arrange it.
There's someone
I want you to meet.
Lola, this is Isobel -
one of my successes.
Pleased to meet you.
Not sure yet.
I sent her to the country.
Now she's married with
a beautiful little girl.
Sounds perfect.
You'd love Isobel's home.
Wall-to-wall carpet, Mixmaster,
electric stove, Hoover,
Westinghouse - it's all a credit
to how far she's come.
YOU deserve all the credit, Aunty.
She left here with
nothing but two frocks.
Aunty, I saw this marvellous dress.
I was tempted, but I bought
linoleum for the kitchen instead.
I'll get the mail.
You and Lola could become fine friends.
Sorry, love.
Nothing from him today.
The travelling feller.
Spain, Singapore, San Francisco.
Hope you're collecting the stamps.
Where are my letters from Brownie?
Excuse me?
What are you talking about?
You've stolen my mail!
What do you mean?
Cut the bull!
You've been keeping my letters.
Where are they?
I only know that they've been
disposed of for your own good.
Disposed of?
You've been throwing them away?
Tell me!
Or I'll smash every dish
in this prison!
Sit down!
What's it going to be, Aunty?
Brownie Hansen was instructed
to avoid contact with you.
My definition includes
written contact.
I was simply carrying out
the court's wishes. Put down that cup.
Your definition?
Lucky the world isn't made according to your definiton,
'cause it would be an ugly one.
With all your cakes and frocks
and olives but no love.
'Cause love the thing you fear most, isn't it?
You're afraid of it, you try and kill it in other people,
But you can't stop people
from loving each other!
You can throw away Brownie's letters but
you can't keep him from me,'cause he's IN me!
You wouldn't understand.
There's no love in you!
You're angry now,
but in time you'll understand.
I'm leaving!
You're not allowed.
I did it for you.
Here! You had such fun running this up on your nice
little electric machine that goes frontwards and backwards
and sideways and all around the town and buttonholes
and god knows what other shit!!
Well, you can stick your stupid little frock!
Going back on the streets again?
Anywhere's better than here!
Yes? Hello?
Mum, it's Lola here.
Lola? Where is she?
No, Mum, I'm here.
I need some help.
Lola isn't here.
Dammit, Mum, this IS Lola!
Sober up, for Christ's sakes!
I just hope he got my letters.
He'll understand.
How does it feel?
A bit better.
Don't worry about Brownie -
sailors always come back.
Lyle, sometimes you're that
stupid, it amazes me.
Time us two went to bed.
We're going for a job tomorrow.
Wave goodnight to Aunty Lola.
She can say 'Mama' and 'Dada'.
I wish she could say 'Daddy-o'.
See you in the morning.
You've got a good man there.
The poor sod's hopelessly
in love with me.
What will you do now?
I don't know.
Go to Sydney, I guess.
I've got to find Brownie.
Want to know something funny?
Today's my birthday.
Did you make a wish?
We have courses in dressmaking,
nursing, weaving, hairdressing.
We also have commercial courses.
I'd really like to learn the guitar.
Typing is more useful.
Might be useful when I write my book
about cops and social workers.
It's called 'Bastards I Have Known'.
Girls smarter and tougher than you
haven't got the better of me.
You'll be here for 12 months.
It's up to you.
I saw you!
It was already like that!
You liar!
Look what I've found.
You know you're not supposed to...
I mightn't be back for months.
I've got to see her. Understand me?
They're not my rules. Visit on Sunday.
Aw! Just this once, please!
What do you want from us, huh?
Ring the alarm!
Well, Lola,
how are you feeling today?
Do we know where we are?
Yes, Matron.
Do we know
what special day this is?
It's my 18th birthday.
That's right, Lola.
It's your 18th birthday.
How would you like to celebrate it?
I'd like to live to see 19.
Very clever, Lola.
I hope for your sake it comes true.
You've only two more weeks left
of your sentence here.
I trust they'll go quietly.
Happy birthday, Lola.
Look what I brought home!
Well, look at this!
Oh, Mavis!
You're not pregnant AGAIN!
Just my luck to marry a bleedin' rabbit!
It was a horrible place.
Shh. We're together now.
I never want us to be apart again.
Promise me we'll always stay together.
Of course.
I don't think you understand
what being together means.
Wherever I am, I still love you.
That's not enough anymore.
The only way we'll survive
is if we stay together.
I'm not cut out to be a sailor's girl.
I don't have the dream you do.
But we were going to see the world
together. Remember? Fast and free.
I've changed.
I'm sick of the world
kicking me in the face.
Brownie, we've always done
what YOU wanted.
Now I have to do what's best for me.
She wants me to give up the sea
and stay with her.
I love her so much.
I miss her when
I'm away from her, but...
Well, I've been where
you're standing now.
I chose the sea
and I don't regret it one little bit.
Something to remember, Brownie -
if you feel any resentment towards
Lola for making you a landlubber,
you'll end up hating each other's guts.
Same goes for the sea.
You're a born sailor, kid.
She's started labour.
What's happening?
There's complications -
they'll have to operate.
Lyle isn't a very strong man.
If anything happens to me...
Mavis, don't be silly.
We'll just stick together.
Stay with me, darling.
I'm right here, love.
I'm OK with you.
I got your note.
How is she?
They had to operate.
The baby died.
She wants to see you.
Can't bear it.
It's alright.
Are you staying in Brisbane
for a while?
I don't know.
I don't know
what our next step is.
How's it going?
I might be going back
to Bundaberg, though.
Well, Mr Blackmore,
the child looks very nice
and clean and healthy.
Your wife obviously cared for her.
The State will ensure that she'll be well
looked after. You can visit her regularly.
Our visiting privileges
are very generous.
But I love her
and I intend to care for her.
But you're unemployed,
Mr Blackmore,
and your employment history
is patchy.
We'll take care of her.
Are you working now, Miss?
I provide for her.
But you're not married, I think.
That's none of your business.
We place the child's welfare
above all else.
That includes moral welfare.
Unfortunately, the poor little thing
has no suitable relatives.
If we were married?
The Department would take
a different view.
Well, I think that's everything.
You can bring Sharon Faylene
to my office tomorrow afternoon.
Or an officer will call...
I'll fetch her to you.
I love you, Brownie.
As much as ever.
I love you too.
Coming aboard?
He'll be back.
He's a sailor, is Brownie.
He wasn't a sailor when we fell in love.
Are you off too?
I've got to leave.
Everything reminds me of Mavis.
Where will you go?
Mount Isa first - there's jobs there.
When I've made some cash I'll move on.
I'll see the world, if I do nothing else.
I'll never marry again.
No, I don't think you will.
Will you take her
to the welfare place?
I don't think I can do it.
I'll write.
Good luck.
And you too.
You're not going in for neglect,
that's for sure.
They look after you in those places.
You'll have a good time, won't you?
Come on.
Hey, taxi!
What are you doing?
Lucille, you won't do
your sister's will
Lucille, you won't do your sister's will
She may now be married,
but I love her still
Lucille, please come back
where you belong
Lucille, please come back
where you belong
I'll be good to you, baby,
please don't leave me alone
I woke up this morning
Lucille was not in sight
I asked my friends about her
but all their lips were tight
Lucille, please come back
where you belong
I'll be good to you, baby,
please don't leave me alone
I woke up this morning
Lucille was not in sight
I asked my friends about her
but all their lips were tight
Lucille, please come back
where you belong
I'll be good to you, baby,
please don't leave me alone
Lucille, baby, satisfy my heart
Lucille, baby, satisfy my heart
I'll live with you, baby,
and give you a wonderful start.
You don't
remember me but I remember you
'Twas not so long ago
you broke my heart in two
Tears on my pillow
Pain in my heart caused by you
If we could start anew
I wouldn't hesitate
I'd gladly take you back
and tempt the hand of fate
Tears on my pillow
Pain in my heart caused by you
Love is not a gadget
Love is not a toy
When you find the one you love
to fill your heart with joy
If we could start anew
I wouldn't hesitate
I'd gladly take you back
and tempt the hand of fate
Tears on my pillow
Pain in my heart caused by you
Tears on my pillow
Pain in my heart caused by you.