The Delivery Boy (2018) Movie Script

These people may be ignorant,
but they know how to make good food.
Don't you agree?
Are you not enjoying the food?
Hm-hmm. The food is very tasty.
It's time to pray.
Amir. Amir, someone poisoned our food.
We need to warn Mallam Sadan.
Amir, get me the first-aid kit.
Amir, get me the first-aid kit.
Amir, go get it right now!
Close the door, fool!
Nurse. Any donations?
No. The last donation
was the one you made yesterday.
Don't you want to see him?
Greetings, Sister Dorcas.
Good evening, Mallam Sadan.
The final papers are ready.
How do I get them to you?
Please take them to Ofili
at the new house.
He is there from 11pm every day.
OK, what's the address?
Oh, I thought I wrote it
on this writing pad here.
Apparently not.
Don't worry. Don't worry.
I will tell Ofili to send it to you.
OK, Mallam. Good night.
My name is Joseph.
To rest of the world,
you will always be Joseph.
But to me and the rest
of your new family, you will be Amir.
What's wrong? We are father and son now
and everything we do, we do out of love.
I love you, my son.
Sule! Sule!
The stupid gateman is asleep again!
May God punish you for
making me waste my credit calling you.
Good-for-nothing idiot.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
You can take anything you
want, just tell me what you want, take...
What is this? You?
Have you gone mad? Hey?
- Where is Mallam Sadan?
- How dare you ask me that question?
How dare you? What is all this?
You'd better stop this nonsense
right now before I...
Oh, my God!
Tell me where he is.
I swear to God I don't know.
How would I know?
I only handle minor logistics.
He contacts me, not the other way round.
- Stop lying!
- I am not lying.
Wait! Wait!
Sister Dorcas
might be able to contact him.
- Sister Dorcas?
- Yes.
- Sule!
- Boss.
Is he worth dying for?
Sule! Come here.
Sule! Oh, dear. I am finished!
Write Sister Dorcas's
current address here.
Hurry up.
What kind of a night is this?
It is very late. It will be difficult
to go there by yourself.
I can still be useful to you. Let me
take you there. Don't kill me please.
Hello, babe.
How much?
- Six thousand naira.
- You?
Five hundred.
OK, one thousand naira.
Final offer. Take it or leave it.
- Where's my money?
- What money?
You haven't paid me for the sex.
You should be grateful you got some.
Give me my money!
You want to fight me?
What do you want to do?
I need to go to a hospital.
I am losing a lot of blood.
I feel sick.
Stop that guy!
Don't let the killer escape.
Thief! Thief!
Do you know this address?
Take me there.
What's in it for me?
I can't go there looking like this.
My house isn't far from here. I'll stop
there briefly to change my clothes.
Mallam Sadan,
we have a problem. Amir is gone!
What do you mean by "gone"?
He put a sedative in my dinner.
When I woke, he was gone.
That coward probably lost his nerve.
He will cry blood when we find him.
God willing.
We went to a lot of trouble
planning this operation
so we must go ahead as planned.
That package has to be delivered
by tomorrow morning.
I will send another delivery boy
to finish the mission.
Mallam, there is a problem with that plan.
- What?
- Amir took the package with him.
Hurray! The electricity has been restored.
The clothes are safer inside here.
Don't worry, your destination
isn't too far away from here.
Shameless woman!
Close your eyes if it offends you.
You speak the Hausa language?
I lived in Maiduguri for three years.
I understand but don't speak it well.
Take this.
Wash your face and your hands.
Do you know the kind of person I am?
I have my guesses.
Why don't you seem afraid?
Dude, you are paying me to take you
to that address, that's all.
What you're going to do there
is none of my business.
Are you ready to go?
Amir just killed our town scout.
Someone matching his description
was seen running away from the car
where he left his body.
I think he was trying to steal
the book before he escaped.
What book?
The one with the addresses to all
the hideouts we have in this town.
Did he get it?
No, he didn't.
He is just a small boy.
He is no threat to us.
This is serious, Mallam.
There might be more to these events.
We need to report it to the council.
We are going to handle this ourselves.
If you had been doing your job,
we wouldn't be in this mess right now.
I'm sorry, Mallam.
But, Mallam, what would Amir
possibly want from a scout?
- Information about what?
- Don't worry about that.
I have a good idea
where he might be going next.
I need to make a phone call.
I will call you after.
Be prepared to move.
OK, Mallam.
Why is he moving so slow?
Insects move faster than this.
Patience is a virtue.
What does a whore
know about virtue?
How dare you insult me?
Your mother is the prostitute!
Yes, you heard me!
I'm sorry I insulted your mother but
you shouldn't have called me a whore.
Isn't that what you are?
Do you think
I'd be doing this if I had a choice?
I don't see anyone forcing you.
My brother is in the hospital
in dire need of an operation
that will cost five million naira.
Where am I supposed to get
that kind of money?
She has needs too,
but she is not a whore.
You are naive to think someone can make
five million naira selling recharge cards.
And have you made it selling your body?
Every man should be able
to take care of himself.
- Your brother is a dog.
- The boy is just 13 years old.
I was a boy
before I was even 11 years old.
The situation isn't my brother's fault.
Every man is responsible for his own life.
Was it his fault that he
came home early from school
to see his uncle
having sex with his sister?
Was it his fault that he tried
to fight for me?
Or that my uncle pushed him down
the staircase cracking his skull?
Was it his fault?
My brother didn't know that the only
reason my uncle paid his school fees
was because I was sleeping with him.
So you whored yourself out
to your uncle?
My uncle had been
touching me since I was eight years old.
Why didn't you stop him
when you were old enough to know better?
One day,
when I told him I couldn't have sex
because I was on my period,
he lost his temper
and burnt my face with hot pressing iron.
How do you stop a man like that?
Everybody from my family...
Every single person
from my family is a nobody.
My mother's last words
were that I make sure
that my brother and I do something
meaningful with our lives.
I tried going to school but it didn't
work out. I just wasn't book smart.
But my brother was always
the first in his class.
Isn't it just right that I do everything
I can to make sure he gets an education?
I have seen many evil things
in this life of mine.
But if that boy dies in that hospital,
then all the things I have
endured would be a waste.
So if whoring myself out
is what I need to do,
then so be it!
Your brother may be in coma,
but you're already dead!
That's the place.
- Do you know the residents?
- That's none of your business.
- Who is that?
- Joseph.
- Who are you looking for?
- Sister Dorcas.
Go wait in the chapel while I fetch her.
Is that you, Joseph, my son?
Joseph, come inside.
You have grown so big.
What are you doing here?
It's so good to see you! Come inside.
It is so good to see you.
You have grown very big.
Amir, you must tell me
all that has been happening to you.
Are you all right?
You called me Amir.
Amir is the name they gave me
after I joined them.
- How come you know that name?
- I don't know.
The Mallam called you, right?
He knows I am looking for him, doesn't he?
Where is he? Is he around here?
When they gave me this gun,
I never thought I would have to use it.
Especially not on one of my own children.
But how dare you repay
Mallam Sadan's kindness this way?
Why couldn't you just do
like you were told, like the other kids?
So you knew?
Why are you working for these people?
When I started this place,
I started it to help children.
But when I ended up having to feed 50 kids
with only enough money to feed 20 of them,
what was I supposed to do?
Or do you think
it's the Indomie and Bournvita
that the celebrities bring
that run this place?
Do you?
All they wanted were the older boys
no one would adopt.
At least they gave you meaning
for your life.
What kind of meaning?
Do you know what they do? Do you have
any idea the things they have made me do?
- We kill people.
- I don't want to know.
He has turned me into an outcast.
It is women like your mother
who give birth to children they can't take
care of that turned you into an outcast.
The rest of us
are just picking up their mess.
You can sit there judging me
as you bleed to death.
But if you had to give one
of your children to the devil,
in order to save the rest, wouldn't you?
Wouldn't you do it?
If I don't do this, they would
no longer support the orphanage.
I can't let that happen.
I can't do that to the other kids.
You have always been
a good boy and I...
I am no good boy.
I am Amir.
Amir just came out of the house
you sent me to
but he is not alone.
There is a girl with him.
I am going in now to eliminate them.
Follow them to see where they are going
and when you're sure there is no one
else involved, kill them all.
Will you be all right?
It's a flesh wound.
Once the bleeding stops, I'll be fine.
We shouldn't be on the road because
someone must have heard the gunshot.
The residents
of this neighborhood couldn't care less,
but we still need to hurry
in case there are policemen around.
Where are we going?
I am taking you
to see a medical specialist.
What does she specialise in?
Why are we stopping?
You can't go inside wearing that thing
under your clothes.
- Help me remove it.
- What?
Don't worry, as long as you
don't press this button, it won't go off.
Why did you help me?
Why didn't you run away with the money?
How much longer before he wakes up?
Like I told you earlier, I don't know.
You don't seem to care
if he survives the operation or not.
If you wanted care, you should
have taken him to a proper hospital.
- I probably should have.
- Yes, you should have.
We both know they wouldn't have attended
to you considering he's an armed robber.
What makes you think
he's an armed robber?
Whatever kind of bandit he is
doesn't bother me
because I know I am getting paid in full.
Am I right?
Hey, you!
What are you doing out of bed?
Don't you know you'll mess up the stiches?
Take him back inside.
Who is this person?
This is...
I am Matron Dora
of Matron Dora Specialist Hospital.
Specialist without a license!
I don't blame you.
Lie down. Let me check the wound.
Hello, Mallam.
I have been outside the apartment
for a long time
and no one has come in or gone out.
Good. Now go inside and finish them off.
I think we should try
to talk to him first.
Something doesn't quite add up.
There is nothing to talk to him about.
He has declared himself an enemy to us
and to God. Kill him on sight.
Mallam, he could have killed me
but he didn't.
Maybe he was in a hurry. Do you want
to give him a second chance to try?
Kill him on sight
and then kill the witnesses.
Consider it done.
What time is it?
Around 4 a.m.
Where is he going?
You'd better let him know
for this wound to heal,
he has to stay off his feet
for at least one week.
I need to go.
If he reopens his stitches,
You'll have to pay
double the regular rates.
Amir, we need to talk before you leave.
Give us some privacy.
Well, you have been warned.
Where are my things?
Amir! Amir, what is this?
What does it look like?
This place that's circled on the map here,
is that where they sent you to?
What if it was?
Amir, this is where my brother is.
This is the hospital my brother is, Amir.
You can't attack the place.
I am not going to do it.
But I am sure our leader, Mallam Sadan,
already has another person on the way
to finish the job.
Then I am going to the police.
We are sponsored by powerful
people. The police can't help you.
Then you have to kill him.
Amir, you have to kill this Mallam Sadan,
because my brother...
Why is your friend so quiet?
Maybe she is sleeping.
Relax, she is just asleep.
Matron Dora.
Matron Dora.
I told you she is just sleeping.
Kazeem, wait a minute,
wait a minute, Kazeem.
You are not my enemy, Kazeem.
I had the chance to kill you
at the hideout, but I didn't.
You are not fighting the holy war.
Who are you fighting for?
This war is mine and I will not stop
until Mallam Sadan falls.
Mallam Sadan is our father. How can
the servant of God be your enemy?
Mallam Sadan doesn't serve God.
He only serves himself.
You dishonor God with your words.
God would be dishonoring himself
if he chose a filthy mouthpiece
like Mallam Sadan.
The Qur'an is the mouthpiece of God.
But to us, Mallam Sadan
is the mouthpiece of the Qur'an.
He taught us everything we believe.
We killed people
because he called them infidels.
- Amir, it is written in the Qur'an.
- Is it?
It's also written in the Qur'an that
we should live in peace with everybody.
Mallam Sadan is the one who decides which
of those things God was really saying.
What has the Mallam done to you
to deserve such disloyalty?
I am not the only one
he has soiled with his filth.
Among his many victims was Malik.
Malik was a blasphemous liar
who deserved what we did to him.
- They were not lies.
- Of course they were!
- Were you not the one who reported him?
- Yes. I reported him.
But my motivation...
wasn't righteousness.
It was jealousy!
No true Muslim would do the things
you are implying.
Mallam Sadan is no true Muslim.
If what you're saying is the truth then...
It's the truth!
Hello, Mallam.
I got them all.
Amir is dead.
God is the greatest.
You must disappear, never to be found.
Where are you going?
I am going to meet Mallam
at the small mosque on Fatai Street.
He is meeting
with some of the brothers there.
Stay away from the mosque, Kazeem.
Because I will be there.
Relax, he's gone.
Amir, who was that?
It doesn't matter.
I am going to kill Mallam Sadan.
Without him to give the final order,
the operation will be aborted.
That will keep your brother safe.
Thank you.
Why are you acting like you've
never touched a woman before?
Wait, you've never been intimate?
I have been intimate before.
But it wasn't with a woman.
I was still with Sister Dorcas.
She was the one who ran
the orphanage that I grew up in.
One day she told me
that I had been adopted,
that she had finally found me a home.
The man who arranged the adoption
was called Ofili.
So Ofili took me to meet my new father,
Mallam Sadan, in his hotel room.
Mallam Sadan is your father?
According to the adoption papers,
yes, he is my father.
But we did things that a father and son
should never do!
He pleasured himself with my body
in different ways throughout the weekend.
He sexually abused you?
I don't know if I would call it abuse.
He was the only man that ever told me
he cared about me.
He looked at me with love,
treated me with affection.
Immediately after the weekend, he sent me
to a jihad camp in Maiduguri
to learn how to be a real man.
They gave me a new name
and a new religion.
And that was where I made
my first true friend, Malik,
who then told me about his own
sexual experiences with Mallam Sadan.
Mallam Sadan is going to be at the small
mosque on Fatai Street this morning.
That is where he is going to pay
for all his sins!
Where is the vest?
The man that attacked us,
was that Malik?
Malik was another boy Ofili recruited
from Benue State.
He came from an orphanage, just like me.
When he told me how Mallam Sadan
had shared with him
the same intimacies he shared with me,
I reported him for telling
blasphemous lies against our leader.
And we stoned him to death.
Mallam was my father, not his!
Was I just a toy to Mallam Sadan?
Didn't I mean anything to him?
He told me I was special.
It's not about being special or not.
The people who do these kind of things,
they know you will be ashamed of it.
And it's that shame
that makes you loyal to them.
It's that shame that makes you
do anything they want you to do.
It's been a while
since you saw the Mallam.
What if he looks different?
I stole this from Kazeem.
How do you intend to
get close to him with that thing?
What if he recognizes you
before you see him?
Thank you, Amir.
There is enough money in there
for you to save your brother.
Make something good out of my sacrifice.
Amir! Amir!
If you're reading this,
it means life has given you
another chance.
I had to leave
after redressing your wound because,
well, I had a place to be.
I left all the money on the table.
Amir, make my sacrifice
count for something.
Save my brother.
Save yourself.
God is the greatest.
A-ha. Good afternoon.
Am I speaking with the proprietor
of the hospital?
Yes, St. Luke's Hospital.
Well done, Doctor! Well done.
I am the uncle of the boy
that you carried out
a surgical procedure on.
The one in the newspaper that was given
a five million naira donation.
Ah, yes. Yes.
Thank God the procedure was successful.
But, Doctor, the truth of the matter
is that five million naira
is too much for that procedure.
Ah! Was it not ordinary concussion?
Or did you replace his head?
I believe, as the uncle,
after the operation,
there will be some change, you see,
for us to take care of the boy
after he leaves the hospital.
You know how the country is now.
Yes, we are expecting some change
from the five million naira.
What? You said what?
Doctor! Doctor!
My God! Look at this.
Who is that? Who are you?
You had better be...
Yes, gentleman, yes!
What do you want?
Who are you looking for?