The Demolisher (2015) Movie Script

Officer requesting backup.
Units, stand by for a hotshot.
Go ahead with the hotshot
in the eleven division.
Weston and Eglinton, assault on code red.
Tell Neil the suspect's on foot.
Units to clear and attend.
11-14, put me on it.
I'm around the corner.
11-36, that's all we saw, over.
11-5, mark me on it.
18 Sergeant on Hyde Park.
And after all that...
I'm still here.
I no longer have any fear of the dark
or even coming home to the dark.
- It's like...
- Thank you, Eric.
Everyone, let's thank Eric.
Thank you, Eric.
Next we have Marie.
It's hard at first to share so just...
you don't have to if you don't want to.
No, no.
I... I do.
I just... I don't know where to start.
Just start from the beginning.
That's a...
that's a long story.
Okay, this is...
this is my first time
at something like this so
bear with me.
I guess I'm... I'm still in
a pretty strange place.
I can't sleep at night
and when I do finally drift off, well...
that's when the nightmare takes over.
And my subconscious it turns angry,
it turns rebellious.
It turns vengeful.
Do you want to stop?
Go on, when you're ready.
I don't have much family around anymore
besides my brother and my nephew.
Most of my friends have slowly faded away.
And those who have stuck around
they handle me like some fragile object
about to break at any moment.
Which is crazy because
before this I had my track,
my scholarships.
I had my health, both physical...
and mental.
Like most people my age,
I honestly thought that I was invincible.
Because you never really
know until you're tested.
And now I know I'm not invincible.
The doctor will be right with you.
Take a seat.
Spring is here.
I hope it passes quick.
Let's just sell the house
and move back home.
You know you can't get
your treatment back there.
I know,
but look at us.
Look at us.
I don't know what else to do.
I just want us to be happy again.
You don't think that's what I want?
I know that's what you want.
So let's just do it.
Oh, I guess I actually didn't tell you.
I went running before
my appointment today.
Oh, really?
Yeah, it was slowest that I've ever ran.
I don't know, I just wasn't
expecting it to be so hard.
Like, I threw up hard.
I don't know. I'd just be devastated
if I couldn't run as fast
as I used to be able to.
I know.
- Want some?
- No thanks.
I hope this one isn't scary.
I should take these home.
If you want to go to the washroom,
- do that right now.
- Yeah, I have to pee.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I found these behind us
in the movie theatre.
I accept you no matter what.
I lost them!
I fucking lost them!
How could I lose them?
- Steve.
- Hey.
I picked up a couple groceries.
Thank you. I totally meant to go today.
Um, listen, do you remember
when I told you
I didn't need you to watch the baby?
Well, I got called in to work
and I need you to watch the baby.
It's fine. You just know I have
that bio exam I have to study for.
You're smart. You'll be fine.
Not this semester. I'm completely behind.
I can't afford to lose this scholarship.
I can't really afford not to go to work.
Look, it's almost his bedtime.
Hour, tops. He'll be out like a light.
Fine. I'll babysit.
Thank you.
You know I appreciate everything
you've been doing for us, right?
- Ever since Tracy left...
- Of course.
Anyways, I was supposed to be there, like,
five minutes ago so I'm just gonna...
How'd your appointment go today?
Yeah, it's fine.
Um... Yeah, I'm fine.
- We'll talk later, you're late.
- Alright.
- Love you.
- Love you, too.
Say bye, bye, Daddy.
Bye, Dad.
- Finally, man.
- Hi.
I've been waiting all fucking day for you.
Sorry I was late.
Like, this is important, okay?
I need to get online as fast as I can.
Do you have any clue
how long this is going to take?
Shouldn't take too long.
You know, I'm a day trader.
You know what that is?
- Yeah.
- I got plays, I got things going on.
If I can't see it...
Looks like you just forgot
to re-set your Wi-Fi connection.
Should have checked that first
instead of wasting your time.
You know your service is as useless
as your fucking wife.
What did you say?
I said, your service,
it's as useless as your fucking Wi-Fi.
I went too far.
What do you mean?
Did anyone see you?
Did anyone see you, Bruce?
I don't know! I don't know.
I don't know what happened. I...
Fucking guy!
He was in my face,
he was in my fucking face and I just...
Just had to...
I needed it to just...
I needed to fucking put him out.
I didn't have any control.
Don't touch me!
I'm not in control.
You know, the weirdest thing
happened the other day.
I was actually cooking bacon
in my kitchen and a fly came down
with tons of other flies that were
flying around in the kitchen.
And this particular fly
was very comprehensive
in the way it was moving.
It was odd, very odd.
Here's our guy.
I worked really hard for this.
It's all here.
Units stand by for the hot shot.
11-18, standing by.
Copy that, officers en route.
I'm sorry, these are very common.
Best I could do would be 20 bucks.
Come on, come on,
they're worth more than $20.
That's the best I can do, sorry.
Looks like you're in a tough spot.
This guy behind you might
be able to help you out.
They're worth more than 20 bucks.
- What do you got?
- I guess I found them...
Guys, outside though, please.
She followed me.
They know who I am.
- They know who I am.
- What?
There you go, buddy.
There you go.
"Deep in the red woodlands of the fox,
his vixen and his pup.
Three days a week the fox would venture
off and hunt for food to feed his family.
On the first day of spring he returned
before dusk and his family ate the fish.
On the second day of spring
he returned right at dusk
and his family ate the fruit.
On the third day of spring the fox
left his den to find some mice.
He returned late after dusk
and his family was gone.
The fox found an owl and asked
if he had seen his vixen or his pup.
The owl turned his head
all the way around.
The fox travelled further down the path
and stopped in front of a wolf.
The wolf snarled but told the fox
he would take them to him.
The fox followed the wolf past
an old barn and eventually a hilltop
overlooking a bright and shining city.
While the fox watched the city lights
the wolf ran back towards the old barn.
The fox suddenly heard a loud gunshot
following by a loud howl from the wolf.
A second gunshot was heard
followed by another howl from the wolf.
A third gunshot was heard
but there was no third howl."
Are you okay? Are you okay?
Who is this guy?
I'm fine.
Well, well, well.
Your daddy know you're here?
Pretty little thing, huh?
You upset about something?
Well, you see, the way I look at it,
you're in pretty good hands here.
Oh, feisty.
Mmm, a virgin.
My favorite.
My... favorite.
Fuck off.
Just trying to welcome our guest.
Can I sit?
Whatever your problems are,
we gotta keep you here
until this deal's done.
I'm not gonna go to the cops, I swear.
I need to get home now,
like, right now, okay?
It's just my nephew, he's all alone.
I just need to get to him.
Okay, I'm gonna help you.
- But you can't talk about anything here.
- No.
Thank you.
Meet me in the back.
I gotta do some things.
We'll leave then.
Looks like we're all alone.
I say we throw a little party.
Where the fuck are you, you fucking bitch?
I got you now.
No, you don't.
No, you fucking don't.
I got you now, I got you now.
Where'd you go?
There you are.
Drop the weapon now!
Drop the weapon and get on the ground!
Drop your weapon!
I'm so sorry.
I know I can be hurt so damn much.
And I can't say that I'm thankful for that
because it is so painful.
But I respect knowing.
I respect knowing that I'm not invincible.
I know that I can handle anything
that comes at me no matter what
because I will fight.
I will fight until my last breath.
And I know that now
because I am a survivor.
What helps me cope is knowing that
every battle won makes me
just a little bit stronger.
And no one can take that away from me.