The Dentist (1996) Movie Script

Ah, there.
Puccini should do the trick.
Let it carry you away.
There, now.
Thank you.
Oh, no. No, I haven't always
practiced here.
My story?
I believe there's a story
to be told on every corner.
I had a beautiful wife.
I had a beautiful home.
We had a perfect life together.
But underneath that clean,
white surface,
there was the stench
of decay.
The IRS?
Yes. Yes, it's me.
Yeah, look, Mr. Goldblum...
No. No, sir, I'm not trying to
avoid you, but I told you before,
all my returns are handled
by my business manager.
It's, uh... i-it's just a mistake.
But it's their mistake.
You can't do this to me.
Yes, we can meet.
My office.
No. No, no.
Not this afternoon.
I'm sorry, but that is impossible.
Fine, fine.
Whatever you say.
Yes, a checkup.
Yes, I could.
See you then.
- What is it, honey?
- Look at this.
- What?
- There. You can't see that?
The stain?
How could you let them
send it back looking like that?
- I can't wear that.
- I'm sorry, I must have missed it.
- Now I have to wear this!
- Well, what's wrong with it?
My diamond cufflinks.
When I wear white shirts,
I wear my diamond cufflinks,
but I can't wear my diamond cufflinks,
because their still at the jeweler's
having the stones reset, unless,
of course, you picked them up for me.
I didn't have a chance.
I've been working on
a fundraiser all week long--
Things are going to hell around here!
This has got to stop, Brooke!
I wanted to wait
until tonight, but, uh...
Happy anniversary.
You are amazing.
- What would I do without you?
- I don't know.
They must have cost a fortune.
I just... I'm con--
Where are we going tonight?
That is my surprise.
You just be ready at seven.
Well, I need to know
what to wear.
- Your black dress.
- Oh, that little black dress?
The little black dress.
Happy anniversary.
- Honey, you know what?
- You're not wearing anything.
Well, I was going to take
a shower after you left.
You were dressed like that
in front of the pool man?
I'm wearing a robe.
Yeah, but... Brooke,
you gotta be careful.
- You know what I mean.
- Alan, don't ruin it.
- You've been smoking.
- I have not.
You're lying to me.
I can smell it on your breath.
Now, I have to
brush my teeth again.
- Just be ready by seven.
- Fine.
Nothing, no matter
how good or how pure...
... is free of decay.
Once the decay gets started,
it can only lead to rot, filth, corruption.
Hey, w-w-what is all that brown crap?
- Make sure you clean that up, right?
- Hey, your filter's shot, man.
You need a new one.
I'll take care of it next week.
No. No, no. Not next week.
I want it done tomorrow.
- Do you hear me?
- Oh, man. I'm busy tomorrow.
If you want to keep your job,
you'll have it done tomorrow.
Hey, like I said...
Tomorrow, man.
The filth was everywhere.
The infection was spreading.
How deep did it go?
Right to the nerve?
Oh, yeah.
Oh, that's good.
Get your filthy hands off her!
I am very disappointed in you!
- Please, Mr. Feinstone.
- Doctor! Dr. Feinstone!
I am a dentist!
And this is my wife,
you filthy piece of shit!
- Please, please.
- Do you know what that means?
It means that she has got
a perfect bite!
Come on, hon!
Show him how good your teeth are!
Show him how good your teeth are!
Show him your teeth!
You lying bitch!
You cocksucking whore!
- Show him! Show him!
- No! No!
- Show him!
- No!
Is the dentist here or what?
If you could just have a seat.
Dr. Feinstone will see you
all just as soon as he can.
Jody has jamboree at 10:30.
There won't be a problem.
We don't want him to miss that.
Oh, could you fill this out
for me, please? Thank you.
I'm sorry.
I can't wait anymore.
He'll be with you
just as soon as possible.
I've been waiting over an hour.
Would you like to make
another appointment?
- I had an appointment!
- I'm sorry, Mr. Schaeffer.
If you could just relax
and have a seat,
I know he'll be with you
as soon as possible.
Mr. Schaeffer?
- Any sign of him?
- No.
Great. We're going to have
to rush the morning patients.
I know. I know.
8:30 already left.
This is all going to be
my fault somehow. Watch.
- Good attitude, Jessica.
- Watch.
April Reign?
Where is he?
I'm calling him.
- What are you doing here?
- I, uh... Paula.
I didn't want to call
from the house,
but I'm thinking about throwing Brooke
a surprise party next week.
I wanted to make sure
the time was good for you.
- Yeah. What day?
- Friday.
Friday's good.
You really should schedule a time.
A checkup.
- Oh, God, I hate dentists.
- Yeah, but we've got that filling to redo.
It's only getting worse.
I guess I should.
The office will call, then.
- Matt.
- Hey, what's up, baby?
Did you miss me, baby?
- Welcome to Heaven.
- It's kinda neat.
Well, Dr. Feinstone believes that
it helps to relax the patient.
I could certainly use
some relaxing.
You're a beauty queen?
Just the state fair.
I'm sorry.
The doctor is not in yet.
Okay, fine. Thank you.
Will you excuse me for a minute?
Um, I'll be right back.
Dr. Feinstone?
You know I don't
want you anymore.
You bore me.
Hey, like I said...
Tomorrow, man.
I'll throw her out
into the streets,
where she belongs,
with nothing.
Just fill this out for me, please.
Thank you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- I know I'm early.
- You're not due until 11:30.
- Couldn't wait, huh?
- I know, no more braces; thank God!
And tnight, I'm going to have
this really cool party.
I'd like you to schedule an appointment
for Mrs. Roberts for tomorrow afternoon.
Nope, nope. You've got your
seminar tomorrow afternoon.
See if you can make
it first thing tomorrow.
Oh, Mr. Schaeffer, your 8:30,
had to leave,
but Jody Sanders is ready.
It's his first time.
- Jody Sanders?
- Oh, that's us.
Jody, it's your turn.
Isn't this exciting, sweetheart?
I know you're just
going to do great.
Hi, there.
How you doing today, Jody?
- Fine.
- Is this your first trip to the dentist?
Are you a little scared?
No? Good.
Give me five.
All right, let's go.
Thank you.
I was lying down in my office.
I had a little migraine.
We're just glad
to have you here.
Isn't this exciting?
Jessica, could you help me
with the patient, please?
Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't know you had arrived.
I've been here for almost two hours.
We'll be in the rainforest room.
Jessica, where's
the patient's tray?
It's all prepared.
I'll go get it for you...
...o king of the jungle.
So have you taken
a look around, huh?
We've turned dentistry
into interactive medicine.
What do you think about
this room here, Jody, huh?
Pretty cool?
You see, I think it's important
for the patient to enjoy
a positive dental experience
conducive to continued care.
You ready to get started?
Today, I'm just going to
take a look at your teeth.
That's all I'm gonna do.
Just a little look.
You can hold my hand, honey.
Okay, now, I want you to open your
mouth nice and wide for Jessica.
You've built up
quite a practice, doctor.
A lot of money in
dentistry these days, huh?
I work hard.
Too hard to lose it all.
I'm sure that won't happen.
You're doing really good, honey.
If I kick her out,
she'll take everything.
- What?
- Every penny I ever made.
What did you do?
He's bleeding!
He moved.
He has to learn to sit still.
- Mrs. Sanders, we're very sorry.
- It's okay, Jody.
We're going to go home.
This visit is over, Dr. Feinstone!
- Mrs. Sanders...
- It's over!
Doctor, are you all right?
We can't take children anymore.
That child is spoiled.
Spoiled rotten.
- Wait, Mrs. Sanders, what--
- It's okay, Jody.
We're gonna go home.
They're okay.
I remember my first time at the dentist.
I bit him.
Oh, we charge extra for that.
Keep it under control.
Oh, my God.
Are you all right?
What's the matter?
I'm fine. I'm fine.
What do you want?
Uh, I just finished with Miss Reign,
but if you're not feeling well...
Is there a problem?
Oh, well...
You don't have to see her.
There's nothing major indicated.
Why don't you rest for a while?
Who is this?
It's me.
- Alan?
- Yes.
- Your husband, Alan.
- I know who you are, silly.
I was just sitting here, trying to
remember our first practice.
Alan, you're not having
a moment, are you?
You know what you get like.
Take one pill.
I love you.
Is something the matter?
Alan, is everything okay?
I'm just running a little late.
That's all.
You'll have to meet me
at the office tonight.
- Tonight then?
- Tonight.
- Our anniversary.
- Mhm.
All right. Buh-bye.
Uh, the doctor is busy right now,
but, uh, he'll be able
to see you next time.
Well, I think Steve, my manager,
wanted to talk to him.
He thinks my mouth
needs a makeover.
It's the only part of me
he hasn't totally rebuilt.
Well, I'll make you
another appointment.
Well, Karen...
Who do we have here?
Uh... This is April Reign.
I'm sorry, doctor.
I thought you were busy.
All the time.
Decay is always busy,
so we're always busy.
How's the patient?
Oh, her teeth look fine, doctor.
Nothing that calls
for immediate attention.
Good, then we'll just
take a little look.
Well, all she needed
was a cleaning.
So I could be irresistible
with all the world at my feet.
There's a shadow here on number 31.
Right there on the X-ray.
Uh, yes, doctor. Um...
There is some abrasion
on the lingual at the gum line.
Tell Jessica I'll need
a filling tray.
You have a cavity on
one of your lower right molars.
It isn't too serious, but we
really should take a look at it
before it gets any worse.
Will you have to drill?
They're your teeth.
You wouldn't want them
to fall out, would you?
Um, it's really not
bothering me at all.
Well, we'll give you
a little anesthetic.
- You won't feel anything at all.
- I have this thing about needles.
- Well, then, we'll give you a topical.
- Needles really freak me out.
Have you ever had nitrous oxide?
Right through the snapper.
Jesus. Here.
All right.
Doggie bursts through fence.
Assailant shoots doggie.
Bullet goes right through here.
I think he shot the doggie.
Elementary, my dear Watson.
You don't think this is
a robber, do you?
- He's never used a gun before.
- He's never had a dog attack him before.
To the lab.
Check out the neighbors.
Cop stuff, huh?
All right.
Is that comfortable?
Just keep breathing.
Nice, deep breaths.
You have an interesting name.
Steve wanted to
call me April Showers.
But I liked Reign, like a queen.
Not just, like, you know, rain.
Just keep breathing normally.
Everything will be fine
in a couple of seconds.
I'm fine.
Why don't you take a break?
You don't want me to assist you?
Not necessary.
Are you sure?
Yes, doctor.
Open. Right.
Right over there.
There we go.
Now, don't worry.
Just keep breathing.
Are you a model?
You look like a model.
Have you ever done
any, uh, runway work?
It ain't easy. No sir.
Those girls got to be very confident
to get up there
in front of those judges.
They got to have the walk.
You want to try?
- No.
- We all gotta have our secret dreams.
Go on, stand up.
Give it a shot.
No, I've never... I don't know how.
I've never done anything like...
Come on, take a few steps
to a new beginning.
Go on.
Go on.
Go on.
That's it, hold your head up.
Like this?
That's it, more attitude.
Throw some attitude.
Lots of attitude.
All right, do a little--do a little
turn right there.
That's it. Beautiful.
Excuse me.
What the hell is going on
with April back there?
- Dr. Feinstone is taking care of her.
- Yeah?
- You okay, Sarah?
- Oh, yeah. I was just stretching.
How are you feeling?
All right.
You don't hurt me, doctor,
and I won't hurt you.
All right, just, uh...
Just relax.
This won't hurt a bit.
That's what men always say.
They're the biggest liars.
Just keep breathing.
That's it.
Deep, slow breaths.
I'd like to speak
to the doctor, please.
He's got to know that April and I
have another appointment.
- And it's getting late.
- I know, and I'm sure he'll be finished soon.
I hope so.
- You got a bathroom here?
- Yeah, down the hall and to the left.
Excuse me.
May I help you?
I was just--I was wondering
where the bathroom was?
It's right over there.
Do it to me, Alan.
Like a big, strong man.
Come on, baby.
Oh yeah, just like Matt.
Just like Matt?
Death is too good for you.
- What?
- The nitrous must have run out.
- I don't feel good.
- You'll be fine in a couple of minutes.
Just relax.
I have to go now.
Please just stay there.
Sit still for a couple of minutes.
Steve. Steve.
Please could you...
Please would you just
sit back down?
Please come back.
This is not what I advise.
Would you just...
You come back inside?
What's the matter?
What's the problem?
- Who are you?
- I'm Steve Landers, doctor.
April is my client.
- Steve.
- Yeah, baby?
Uh, yes... Well, uh, yes...
She's had a minor reaction
to a small dose of nitrous oxide.
That's all.
- Wow.
- No, no, no. It's nothing serious.
She'll be fine in a minute or two.
You're gonna be okay, baby?
- You all right?
- No.
Would you both like
to just come inside
and sit down
until she's ready to leave?
Some... some fresh air, though,
might bring her around a little faster.
Oh, she's... Why don't you
pick her up so she doesn't fall?
I'll be right there.
Okay, we're going to bring you
outside in the fresh air
and you'll feel better.
We, uh... we tried to make her feel
a little more comfortable
when she wasn't
feeling so well.
Uh, this is
the quickest way out.
We'll get you some fresh air, baby.
You'll be all right.
They're dropping like flies.
Candy, one of the tanks
of nitrous is dead.
I'm switching over to the other one,
but, uh, we need to order a backup.
More gas?
Okay, you got it.
Oh... Mrs. Roberts will be
here first thing tomorrow.
She also asked if you'd
noticed anything this morning?
- Noticed?
- I don't know. Her dog was killed.
She just thought
perhaps you'd seen something.
No? Okay.
I'll be right back.
We're almost done.
Then the doctor will see you.
I can't wait.
It's all I've been thinking about,
just being able to smile.
- What? I'm with a patient.
- Look what I found in room number one.
Talk about heaven.
- Did you show Alan?
- What, are you kidding?
Did you see, when the patient left,
how she left?
- He did something to her.
- Maybe they fell out of her purse.
Yeah, right, and I can make
flames shoot out of my ass.
Well, give them to me
and I'll ask him.
No. Um...
I don't want to cause any more trouble.
I'm already on his shit list.
I'll be with you in a moment.
Mr. Goldblum,
Dr. Feinstone is with a patient
and really can't be disturbed.
Look, lady. I'm telling you,
he'll see me right away.
I don't think
this is a good time to...
- Uh, doctor, this is Mister...
- Marvin Goldblum, IRS.
Ah... Yes, well, Mr. Goldblum,
uh... uh...
I was expecting you
a little later.
As you can see, I'm a little
behind here right now.
You know, Dr. Feinstone...
You don't mind if I call you Alan, right?
You can call me Marv.
You got real tax problems.
You need to do a good job for me.
I got a little action back there.
Look, uh, why don't you, uh...
Why don't you just come in back here?
Thank you.
You fucking pervert.
What the hell are you doing?
I ought to kick
the shit out of you.
What you did to April?
We're suing you, man.
- Alan, what's happening?
- This guy?
This guy right here is
a fucking degenerate, a sicko.
We're--we're gonna sue your ass.
Is he all right?
Doctor, do you want me
to call the police?
- No. I'm fine.
- It's really not your day.
I'm fine.
The patient just...
The patient just overreacted.
You don't know what it's like.
The discipline, the long hours,
and the lack of respect
in a world that goes on
ignoring dental hygiene!
- What happened?
- You're okay.
I'm, uh...
I'm sorry, everybody, this has...
This has never happened before.
Why don't you, uh...
all just...
Uh, please, just...
just go home.
This way, come on.
Is he crazy, Alan,
or did something happened?
I told you.
Nothing happened, Karen.
Come on.
You know me better than that.
Look. Tell Candy to close up.
The rest of you take the day off.
- Well...
- Please, just go.
- If it's what you want.
- Yes. Thank you.
Well, my mom isn't
picking me up until 1:30,
so maybe I can wait
in case he can still see me.
I'm sorry, honey.
You heard what the doctor said.
I think it may have
to wait another day.
Who do they think they are
with their vile infected lives?
Happy anniversary, Brooke.
Are you here?
Alan, we're going to be late
for the reservation.
My dear.
I wanted you to be the first... see my finest achievement.
Operatory number four.
La Scala.
The home of the Italian opera.
the finest opera house
in the world.
I wanted it to be a surprise for you
for our anniversary.
In a world where romance has
been replaced by technology,
in this room,
the two are wed.
Please, sit.
Just how many pills did you take?
Do you hear how she...
she hits the high notes so... so perfectly
from the depths of her soul?
She sings of love.
All love.
- We're gonna lose our table.
- Brooke, please, humor me.
Well... Alan, I mean, this really doesn't
seem like a good time.
Brooke, it's our anniversary.
Pretty please?
Just enough.
We wouldn't wanna lose you.
You thought you
could fool me, huh?
Oh no, I've been watching you.
I've been watching
what you've become.
Filth, just like
the rest of them.
You, Paula Roberts...
You wouldn't want me to cut
out your tongue, would you?
What would Matt think?
You wouldn't be
much use to him then.
Tonight, you pay...
...for all that you've done to me.
You want me to show mercy?
Not tonight, my sweet.
I never use it.
The pool.
I built it for you.
Maybe I should.
We could swim together.
That's the way
we were meant to be.
No one will come between us.
Dr. Feinstone?
Gibbs, LAPD, aand this is
Detective Sunshine.
Is there something
wrong, detective?
The world is full of wrong, Doc.
May we come in?
I was just having breakfast.
The most important meal of the day.
I'm a fruit man myself.
We've got a couple of questions
we'd like to ask you.
There's been a series of robberies
in the neighborhood,
and we were wondering if maybe
you might have heard something.
- Seen something.
- No, I've heard nothing, seen nothing.
- And Mrs. Feinstone?
- What do you mean?
Well, did she hear or see anything
out of the ordinary yesterday morning?
I don't think so but I could
ask her when she wakes up.
Well, she's a lucky lady.
Soon as the sun
hits my eyes, I'm up.
Here's my card.
Give me a call.
Do either of you own a firearm?
- No.
- You're a dentist, right?
That's a little like a cop.
A necessary evil.
What the...
Oh, God.
Hey, Brooke.
Oh, God!
Shame on you.
No, man. Don't.
It's doctor!
Dr. Feinstone!
And Brooke is my wife!
You filthy piece of shit.
I am an instrument of
perfection and hygiene,
the enemy of decay
and corruption,
A dentist.
And I have
a lot of work to do.
Don't you guys ever
start on time around here?
It won't be long now.
I promise.
- Hello, Sarah.
- Hi. I had to postpone the party.
Paula, would you like
to come in?
Well, this certainly is
a little different.
Uh, you can 86 the tunes, honey.
All right, we're just
going to numb up that molar.
Jessica, we're doing a
replacement on number 18.
I think Dennis shot the dog, Alan.
He knew I'd finally
gotten attached to it.
- What?
- You didn't see anything yesterday, did you?
No. Open wide.
We're just going to let that
numb up for a second, all right?
It happened right
after you left, you know.
Matt didn't see anything either.
You know, the new guy
from the pool service.
That Matt...
He's real good.
Jessica, give me the burr block.
How's he been working out for you?
Oh, we've been having a little problem
with our sludge filter lately, but, uh...
But I think we've got that
all cleared up.
- Doctor.
- What?
Can I speak to you for a moment?
Just relax, Paula.
I'll be right back.
What were you doing
using that doughnut burr?
- You were destroyingthat woman's tooth.
- Are you questioning me?
Don't you think I know
what my patient wants?
- Doctor...
- Don't ever do that again!
- I run this office!
- Yes I know.
When I tell you to do something,
you do it!
Now, get back in there and
take care of the patient.
- Alan, I need to talk to you.
- Do you think that this could wait?
- I am in the middle of a procedure.
- I don't think so.
Candy just got a call
from a Mr. Goldblum from the IRS.
I think you should leave now.
- When is he coming?
- Now, I guess.
Bloodsucking leeches!
- Where the hell is she?
- She insisted on leaving.
You clearly haven't learned what it takes
to perform your duties here.
The patient comes first. You should
have made her more comfortable.
Wait a minute.
Are you blaming me?
Not only am I blaming you,
I am firing you!
And don't expect a recommendation.
I have found your work here
to be thoroughly unprofessional.
You're the one
who destroyed that woman's molar.
What about this?
That woman yesterday,
the one they carried out of here?
What did you do to her?
- Nothing.
- Right.
Like you had to remove these
to fill a cavity.
Everyone else here
is scared to death of you.
But not me.
- I'm gonna shut you down.
- Jessica.
- Nothing happened.
- Bullshit.
I'm going to report you
to the Dental Association.
You filthy pig.
You dirty, disgusting...
Oh, fuck you.
You're the pig.
When are you going to see
a dentist about that tooth?
I'd rather live with the pain.
What have you got?
You were right, Sherlock.
This is not our robber.
A .380 caliber slug flattened
by the dog's cranium.
Surprise me, Sunshine.
Surprise me.
There's about 300 registered gun owners
in a two-mile radius of the house.
Nearer, nearer.
Across the street, a Dr. Feinstone
is a fully subscribed, bona fide member
of the Encino Gun Club
and a registered owner
of a .380 Walther PPK.
- A regular James Bond.
- A James Bond regular.
Sarah, you're up next.
Just go on back
and let him know you're next.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Hi. Remember me?
I'm next.
She's been waiting
an awfully long time already.
- Yeah, two years and one day.
- Kid, you'll understand.
See, Dr. Feinstone
can't kept me waiting.
It's in his own interest.
Or do we start the audit now?
Look, Mr. Goldblum, I...
It's all right, Sarah.
He won't be too long.
You understand.
I can't take this.
Kid, that's nice.
But next time take the money.
I'll let myself in.
Hey, Doc, you got business.
Why don't you go in that
first room right there?
Yes, boss.
Real nice place here, Alan.
Hell, this place is like a palace.
Like your home.
You got all these
beautiful rooms here.
Real special.
You're not going to
put them on, are you?
I was just in the gas closet.
Oh, you're not... "out"?
- What?
- Nerve gas.
I was hoping for a little
whiff of the goof today.
Please, have a seat.
What do you want from me,
Mr. Goldblum?
Alan, I've, uh...
I've seen your returns.
You're doing really well here.
But those deductions...
I mean, really?
You didn't really think...
I mean, with penalty and interest,
it could have cost you plenty.
What do you mean?
Alan, I'm your friend.
I don't have to go to my supervisor
with this, you know?
Lot cheaper to pay me
than Uncle Sam.
How much?
You can start...
...with these.
We'll use laser bonding
to reattach them.
Lasers, yeah.
Make me look nice.
Hey, Doc, don't take
what I'm saying personal.
After all, we don't have
any secrets now, do we?
Got a great marriage?
I can tell by your returns.
You spend plenty on her.
Hot stuff.
Well, is she, Doc?
Really hot?
I'm sorry, Doc.
I know I got a dirty mind.
It's this job.
You spend so much time in the sewer.
You can't help getting a little dirty.
But I guess as a tooth man,
you know all about it.
Mild sedation is called for.
I'm going to be administering
some nitrous oxide.
Great! Go for it, Doc,
seize the day.
I'll take care of your little problem.
Just breathe normally.
And relax.
Such a waspy name.
Oh, those shiksa broads really know
how to do the deed, don't they, Doc?
I love it.
Am I right or am I right?
What the hell?
You'd never
be satisfied, would you?
Much worse than I thought, Marv.
The decay is out of control.
It's gone right through
to your soul.
Come on, Marv.
Open wide.
I'm Matthew Zeigler.
Estrada Dental Supply Company.
- How you doing today?
- Oh, what is today, Thursday?
Thursdays, I'm good.
Great. I'm your
new area representative.
I was hoping to meet
with the doctor today.
You can meet me.
I do all the ordering.
I'm the office manager,
Candy Wittridge.
Hey, you hear it all the time.
Every dentist has a
screamer or two for a patient.
Oh, God.
This may take a while.
Get your tongue out of the way!
Get it out of the way, God damn it!
- What? What is it?
- Uh, is there a problem?
No, no. Not anymore.
Low pain threshold.
- The patient is fine now.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- Uh, have you seen Jessica?
Oh, she's not here.
I had to let her go.
We're short-staffed as it is.
We'll just have to perform her duties
ourselves for the rest of the day.
- That's all.
- Maybe there shouldn't be a rest of the day.
Maybe we should close up
until things are under control.
Things are under control!
Everything is under control!
This is a business, Karen!
My business!
I cannot afford
to have a bad day.
Go back to work.
I just don't get it.
Why would he
want to shoot a dog?
'Cause he's a dentist.
They're capable of anything.
Did you know dentists have
the highest rate of suicide?
Let's go. Come on.
- Call for backup. I'm going in.
- Okay.
Oh, Jesus, no.
Help me.
It's horrible, isn't it?
The discoloration.
The periodontal deterioration.
The smell.
We deal with this every day.
And we clean it up,
the filth they make.
And they hate us for it.
Filthy whore.
She put his dirty, rotten... her mouth.
Don't fight it, Karen.
The air bubbles
will go to your brain,
and then it will be...
Dr. Feinstone.
- Dr. Feinstone.
- Yes?
Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
- Sarah Andrews is still here.
I'm breaking for lunch.
Karen or Jessica can assist.
- Shall I send Sarah back?
- Yes.
Nothing goes on around here
without me knowing about it.
Candy, have you ever had
the slippery shrimp at Yang Chow's?
Not this week.
The doctor will see you now.
You can come on back.
Hey, can I take your order for a new
tropical flavored dental floss today?
Dr. Feinstone?
What we've got here
is a seriously derailed train.
A man over the edge.
Black and whites will
meet us at his office.
All right.
Wanna take a look?
God, I think they look great!
So sad.
Now, it can only be ruined.
The rest of your life can only
spoil what we've made.
The idea that...
...every second, they're just...
...rotting away.
Can you live with that?
I don't think you can.
Please, somebody help me!
I'm sorry, Sarah.
Let me explain.
Come on out now, Sarah.
You can't hide!
Not from your dentist.
I know where you are.
Come on. Come on.
Come on.
Why didn't you answer
when I called you, Sarah?
So sorry, Sarah.
So young.
So innocent.
But still...
Decay is just
knocking at your door.
Open wide, Sarah.
Let me in.
Do you understand...
...that that's the way it is?
Do you?
I'm sorry.
I won't eat candy.
I'll brush three times a day.
"Pretty please."
Pretty please, Dr. Feinstone.
Three times a day.
Three times a day.
Three times a day?
- No Candy.
- Three times a day.
Three times a day.
No candy.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Just tell me where he is.
You're safe now.
He didn't say where he was going?
Did he say anything at all?
A place, anything?
A good marriage.
A great dentist.
Did he mention a name?
- A respected teacher.
- God, will you shut up?
Don't you get it?
He's a fucking lunatic!
Did you say teacher?
Did you say teacher?
I really think she
needs some anesthetic.
Pain is an abstract emotion.
It has to be managed, shaped,
disregarded as a distraction.
What have we got here?
Oh, a pulsating gum.
A vile and infected
pulsating gum.
Just ready and waiting for lancing.
I want a second opinion.
My second opinion is extract.
- Extract what?
- All of them.
You heard me. Extract.
- I want everybody...
- What is he talking about? extract.
I said extract!
- Oh my God!
- Now!
Extract now!
I said extract!
Why did you kill me, Alan?
You sick bastard.
Drop the gun now!
Move it, move it,
move it, move it!
Go! Go!
Out of the way!
That way! That way!
Enough about me.
You sure want the anesthetic?
You won't feel the pain.
Okay, Feinstone.
It's time for your regular visit.
No. I won't. I won't go.
You can't make me!
I won't. I won't!
Okay, guys.
- Please! No!
- Yes!