The Destructors (1974) Movie Script

- What do you looking at?
- You.
- Why? Have I changed that much?
- Yes.
For the better.
- You want to know something?
- Yes?
- You're better too.
- Yes?
Really? It's nice to know.
Steve, the baby sitter.
I told her that I'd
be home an hour ago.
Ok, I'll take you.
Don't bother,
There's always taxis at the corner.
- Honey, is no bother.
- I'll find a taxi.
Rita, I want to drive you,
I like to be with you.
You really wanted to see me in your car?
I don't know even when he's
coming home, it might be tonight.
We got to talk, we got
things to decide.
You decided a long time ago.
Come on, don't blame
that on me, you made the decision.
- All I did...
- Steve.
- I really have to go.
- I'm sorry Rita, I'm sorry.
Rita, can I, can we see tomorrow?
No, tomorrow I'm taking Kevin to the dentist.
- Maybe Friday?
- Friday I can't, I'm busy.
- The weekend is out.
- Yes.
- So, that makes it next week.
- Next week.
Same time, same place.
And, thank God...
the same girl.
Bye bye.
Mr. Ventura, you are the senior officer of
the Drug Enforcement Adm, of the US Embassy.
For the official record,
is this Frank Matthews?
- Is this Frank Matthews?
- Yes.
- And, do you that man?
- Never saw him before.
And you Mr. Kovakian,
can you recognize him?
No, who is it?
- Charles Vilmet, is from Marseille.
- I never been to Marseille.
- Mr. Ventura...
- Yeah.
There are some questions
I'd like to ask you.
- Right now Mr Briac?
- No.
When would be a convenient time?
- I don't know about, 06:30?
- All right, Raphael bar?
- Ok.
- By the way...
- Your friend was married.
- Yes.
- Do you want me to tell his wife?
- I'll tell her.
- Steve...
- Yeah?
You know who killed
Matthews, don't you?
- Have a pretty good idea Joe.
- That's two in a row.
Look, why we just make Brizzard
disappear, nice and quiet.
- Like how?
- Like killing him.
It's against the law Joe,
especially for cops.
- Steve, what are you doing here?
- Honey, I have to talk to you.
Kevin, would you take
this to the bedroom, please?
This toys...
You know our agreement, you're not
supposed to come here when Frank is away.
Precisely I...
You know, see, last night...
Kevin, why don't you go
out and play with Jean-Claude, Ok?
- Mama, he doesn't speak English.
- You are in his country.
You should learn his language.
Now go out and play, go on.
- Stop this.
- Oh, mam.
Go on, Kevin.
Why don't you shutdown, I make
you some coffee. Just take me a second.
Please honey, please, just a second.
You see, last night...
Frank was killed.
I'll make the coffee.
Sorry I'm late, ran
into a little problem.
- Problem?
- Nothing.
Well, you suggest some questions?
You are a policeman and so am I.
Why don't we help each other?
Ok, tell me what you know first.
All we know is that Matthews was working
for the US Drug Enforcement Administration.
And you've been in charge of the
Paris office for the past six months.
- You really done your homework.
- Yes.
Tell me...
Why was Matthews carrying a false Canadian
passport and a false seaman's card?
He was supposed to be from Quebec.
- Why Quebec?
- They speak French in Quebec.
Of course, and
why that photograph?
He was in Marseille trying to get
evidence against Jacques Brizzard.
- Did he?
- He must've found out something,
- Why did Brizzard had him killed?
- You have proof of this?
If I get you the proof,
would you put him in jail?
Brizzard is, how can I put it?
A very private individual.
Well guarded, personally and politically.
One could almost say
he leads a child life.
So did my cat too, until
somebody killed him.
To get back to Brizzard, if
you invade his privacy...
- he might have you kill.
- He's trying.
I suggest that we begin with
avalanche d'hors-d'oeuvre,
fallow by loup de mediterranee
flambe a la fine champagne
with a Gevurtstraminer 70.
Then noir set de Chavrie, grands venner,
and for dessert I
recommend a souffle Harlequin...
with champagne Dom Perignon 65.
- Is that satisfactory, Mr Brizzard?
- Thank you, it's perfect.
The dinner is for charity.
Do you think Lucienne that souffle Harlequin
will make them open their pocket books?
I think it would take a hand grenade
to open some of their pocket books, father.
- What do you think, my darling?
- Pardon?
We're talking about food,
that is important.
For me a green salad.
No, your lavish, we're discussing
what to offer our guests at the charity gala.
If you like it I like it.
Mr. Ventura, its getting to be
up to 6:00 o'clock time.
- Want know who called?
- Sure.
Boman, Evans, Jacobs,
Jones, Henshou.
And last but not least, the ever
persistent, Joe Kovakian,
who will call back later.
- Nobody else?
- No.
There's another glass in there.
Be my guest.
- When you stop torture yourself?
- What you mean?
Come on, we've known each
other for a long time now.
- I can read you like a book.
- Don't tell me the ending.
- What is really bogging you?
- You really want to know?
I hate this office.
Most of all I hate this desk.
I should've stayed out
in the fields.
Even rougher up here.
Sally, what...
what is happening, I used to...
I used to like what I was doing.
You're head of the Paris Office, accept it.
I can't.
- Hi, Janet.
- Hi, oh, Mr Ventura, Mr. Williams isn't in.
- I just want to say three words with him.
- He's really not in.
Where is he?
Oh, he is where
he is every Thursday afternoon
but I'm not going to disturb him there..
- Oh yes.
- Mr. Ventura, what are the three words?
The first one is go.
- I'll take three cards.
- Three.
- One.
- One..
Dealer takes three.
- Fred, I want to talk to you.
- Steve, not in the middle of a poker game.
It'll cost you a hundred.
- Fred I want to talk to you now.
- I call.
Look, you know we don't got
much time to play cards here.
- Are you in or out?
- I already call.
We raise it 250.
We'll make it 250,
then a 100 and 250.
- Fred, I hate my desk.
- Steve, I'll move in a new desk.
Cover or call it out?
- I'm out.
- Are we playing cards or we moving furniture?
- Go and take the pot, will you?
- We bluffed them, eh?
- It's a hell of a pot.
- My deal, me deal, give the cards.
No no, is just this now, will you?
Its important, I really got to talk you.
Can't we do this in
the office tomorrow morning?
- Fred, this is important, I wouldn't be here.
- Why don't you guys go in the bedroom?
You'd be nice and quiet in there.
Its a good idea, come on Kid.
Ok Jimmy, you take the deal,
deal me up for a couple of hands.
Tell him like your desk.
- Steve, what is all this about?
- Fred, I really hate my desk.
I don't like my desk either.
I'm going back to play my poker.
Wait, wait Fred, just, just, get away from
there. Come and make me a big favor.
- Let me go after Jack Brizzard.
- You know I can do that, Steve.
Come on, I know, Now he know,
First was Ed Marcus, right?
And now Frank Matthews, now you
know that Brizzard have them killed.
- Yeah, but you can't prove it.
- All right, you let me go to Marseilles,
I'll bring back the proof.
- Steve, no, no, no, you can't go.
- What the hell he had to do?
Knock off the whole bureau
before I can move in on?
Why you guys ain't shut up for Christ sake?
- Let's get a couple of things straight.
- Yeah.
You know the French Foreign Office called
six months ago
and launch a
complain against your department.
What did they say? They say you were
harassing a prominent French citizen.
I told you lay off Jack Brizzard and what
do you do? You send Matthews down there.
I don't make the rules but
I'm here to see they're obeyed.
That means I go back to that desk?
You better believe it...
and you lay off Jack Brizzard
or I got you transferred out of here.
- Fred...
- Now, listen...
You got a good deal, don't wrack the
boat, you got a good job, a good salary.
You got seniority, you got expense account.
You got that secret funds
you can spend up to a $100,000 a year.
- Yeah, don't forget about the pension plan.
- Don't you forget the pension plan.
- Thanks for the lesson Fred.
- Good bye, fong go.
- Who said that?
- Me.
Fong go you.
Where we going?
Are you sure about this men?
Briac, I can never
forget faces, especially these.
I just spoke to Marseille.
They couldn't get a track to.
Because they're not in Paris.
As a matter of fact, they haven't left
Marseille in the last two months.
- So, I made a mistake, eh?
- Obviously.
By the way, they
work for Brizzard.
I see. Tell me, what would you do
if somebody was trying to kill you?
As a policeman I'm paid
to control my emotions.
They don't pay me that much.
- Ventura...
- Yes?
I understand your impatient,
your anger, your frustration.
But that is the worst time for a man
to make a move of any kind.
Four years ago, a colleague
of mine tried the same thing.
- What happen?
- I went to his execution.
Are you going to mend the man who hired
a professional killer to do a job for him.
I went to his execution as well.
- The killer?
- No, the man who hired him.
Now, come into my office.
And let forget all this
morbid talk about killers.
A friend of mine sent
me a case of Chateau d'Iquem.
- Have you already tasted it?
- I don't think so, no.
- Take a bottle, is a very good wine.
- Oh, thank you, very much.
You know, all the wines
taste like muscatel to me.
Yes, a wine I used to drink
when I was a kid in Jersey.
We used to, we used to make it in the...
What was his name?
Who? The friend who
gave me the wine?
- The killer.
- You're not serious.
How much would it cost?
Are you asking me to collaborate in
premeditated murder to a third person?
I'm not asking you
to collaborate on anything.
I'm only asking you,
how much it would cost.
But I can't not draw
on any expense account.
I can.
There may be such a man
and he could be hire.
Killing Jack Brizzard has a 50-50
chance at the best,
I'm sure.
But, for the right price...
I suppose a professional
might take the risk.
- Who you have in mind?
- A very cautious man.
We know of several killings
that he was involved in.
When he works, he gets good money.
He has many women,
no one permanent.
Lives alone, he
drives sports cars.
- I'd like to meet him, could be arrange t?
- No problem.
- Un-officially, of course.
- Of course, un-officially.
- How are you?
- Johnny...
I'd be a son of a bitch, It's great
to see you, how long is it been?
- About five or six years?
- Eight, nine years.
God, time flies.
What are you doing now?
Well, I've been moving
around, what about yourself?
Oh, the same old grind.
Johnny, I have an appointment,
I have to meet someone.
- Hey, what about dinner, eh? I am at 560...
- Steve, Steve...
I'm the man you're meeting.
You have and appointment with me.
- What you talking about?
- The contract...
it's me.
Johnny, really now...
Why not? Pay is good,
the hours are short.
And like the fellows says...
we never touch women and
children, we only kill each other.
- You have changed.
- No, I haven't change, I just change my job.
Look, I haven't got a lot of time.
You want someone hit.
Give me my price and I'll do it.
Johnny, I have Briac
meet to deal with you.
- I don't trust cops.
- I'm a cop.
You're my friend.
Mean like the fellows says,
Where our friends roar, eh?
That's right, Steve.
Will be $25,000.
And of course, I have to know where and who.
- The place is Marseille.
- And who?
The man's name is Brizzard.
- Jacques Brizzard?
- Jacques Brizzard.
Well, that would make it $50,000.
Payable in advance.
Johnny I'll meet you here at 5 o'clock.
Oh Johnny, excuse me.
Come on, what really happened?
Steve, nothing happened.
I'm still the same, I like girls,
I like TV, I going to see my mother.
I groan about the traffic, the telephone,
the weather, I'm still the same.
- Where is Kurt?
- Stay in Paris getting rid of Ventura.
With a man in Ventura's position, political
obstacles often are more effective.
Tell Kurt to come back here.
Then go to Lizard and make
certain that he has enough chemists
to refine 400 kilos of base morphine.
Why do you change your mind?
I do not want anything to
interfere with our present operation.
- But Ventura is...
- Forget about Ventura.
Just make the arrangements with Lazar.
And no guns, please.
Some information on Jacques Brizzard.
Three passports in the
name of John Davos.
You'll find a number, try
not to call me only you have to.
I won't call you.
- Good luck, Johnny.
- Steve?
- Yeah?
- The money.
Oh god, I almost forgot.
- Won't you want to count it?
- I trust you, Steve.
- I want my car painted.
- It's brand new car.
- My wife doesn't like the color.
- I'll show some charts.
Lazar, we're moving in a
large ship of morphine on the 18th.
You'll receive it
between 3 and 4 in the morning.
How much?
Enough for you to produce
about 400 kilos of heroin.
That's mean extra memo,
a lot of pots.
That's your problem, let's go.
Well, If you want to spend
the money, we can do the job.
- Remember, it has to be on the 18th.
- I'll be ready.
I'm sorry, I'm late, I'll put
your bags in my car.
No, I'll keep the taxi really.
- No, no, don't bother, I'm so late...
- Honey, its no bother.
Kevin, Kevin, hurry up.
- When I'm going to see you again?
- I can't see that far ahead.
You know I really have to
settle the things at home first.
How will it take?
Two or three months, I
just don't know really.
- I'll go up to the airport with you.
- Let's say goodbye here, Ok?
- We can't say goodbye like this.
- Please.
- Hey chap, take care of mama, eh?
- Yes, Uncle Steve.
- I, I'll call you Sunday.
- I'll look for it Steve, Ok, goodbye.
- You need some money?
- No really, I can do as fine, do not worry.
- Champ.
- Bye-bye.
- Hi, Steve.
- Nice place to meet.
- Its better be good.
- I think it is.
- What do you got?
- This is real.
You might be able to nail Brizzard.
You see that guy over there?
Ia going to rap, for a $1,000.
- What do he got?
- Wait here.
- Hi, how you doing?
- Ok.
See that man over there in the Pee?
That's the man with the money, Ok?
- This is the man.
- Hi.
- You got the money?
- A thousand dollars is the deal.
Yeah, what's, what's he got?
Wait a minute.
Tell him what you
told me last night.
The ship will leave
Turkey tonight.
- Good, where to?
- Marseille.
- And when is due?
- The 18.
- How much?
- 400 kilos.
- 400 kilos of what?
- Morphine base.
- Who is the buyer?
- I don't know.
- But you knew last night.
- Come on, no muscle, no muscle.
Who is buying?
- Jacques Brizzard?
- Jacques Brizzard.
- Paris is a big place, where's the drop?
- I don't know.
- You don't know where the drop is?
- I don't know.
This friend of mine, he had
a 56 Mercedes, 300 SL.
You know the one you climb
into it through a door on the top.
Oh yes, a beautiful car,
but so hot in the summer.
No ventilation, he spent a fortune
putting in and air conditioner unit,
but there was only a problem, once
you got the unit, any could get into it.
Cash is not allowed,
all that can is a sign.
- As you are not a member...
- Oh, what time is dinner?
Come for cocktails.
- I, I was joking.
- I wasn't.
- How do I dress?
- Anything you're comfortable in.
I think I have the very thing.
- Any words from Deray?
- No, that's why I call.
- Briac, I cancel the contract?
- Why?
I changed my mind.
I'll get Brizzard some other way.
- How?
- That's a good question.
Anyway I want you to call
Marseille and have Deray arrested.
- But in what charge?
- I don't care...
Robbery, murder,
just to stop him.
- Might not be so easy.
- What you mean?
As a policeman I can not
give false information.
But you can
recommend a killer for a job.
You make the call, eh? Stop Deray.
- Mr. Davos, Miss Brizzard is waiting me.
- Yes, sir.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Come in.
- Was the Villa easy to find?
- Well, the camps were easy.
It was the house second find
once I was inside.
My father is very anxious to meet you.
- Welcome to my house Mr. Davos.
- How do you do?
Countess may I present Mr. John Davos.
Countess d'Orville,
and Madame Apkar.
My darling I'm sure that
your friend would like a drink.
Straight whiskey, please.
Are you in Marseille for
business or pleasure, Mr. Davos?
Well, both really.
I hope that you'll have a
profitable trip on both levels.
Thank you, I sure it will be, Mr. Brizzard.
That's why this year
charity ball should be called...
Survivor 74.
Bravo Mr. Brizzard,
you will have whole support
and a suitable donation.
Are you interested in
surviving Mr. Davos?
I never think of anything else, Countess.
And what aspect of the
environment problems concern you most?
Over population.
Did you know Mr. Davos,
that at the time of Jesus Christ
there were 100 million people in the world
and 17th century there were 500 millions?
People will always make love.
- What is the solution?
- I have a solution.
No birth control or abortion I trust?
Is that what you have in mind?
- No, nothing like that.
- Then what?
I think that some people should be killed.
- Yes, but which ones?
- The bad ones.
- But, who would be the judge that?
- But me of course, Countess.
Otherwise, you might choose you.
You should take tap dance.
I never make love on television.
Oh, we have them all over
the house, for insurance.
You can't be too careful,
can you sunshine?
- Have lunch tomorrow with me at the club.
- Fine, but this time I'll pay.
I'll see you at 1.
A large shipment will arrive
on Marseille the 18..
- Where?
- I don't know.
- You are sure is the 18?
- Sure.
- Yes?
- Davos real name is Deray.
He's wanted in Paris for
bank robbery and murder.
- Are you certain?
- Yes, I'm absolutely certain.
- Where are you?
- Near the new building.
- I be right there, wait for me.
- Yeah.
You must excuse me ladies,
something has come up.
Will you care to take the ride with me?
We could talk on the way.
- Will be right in time for coffee.
- Excuse me.
Shall be a moment Mr. Brizzard.
Most of us are creatures
of habit, don't you agree?
We stay with the same products,
we drive the same cars...
- we eat the same foods.
- We all fall into a pattern.
I've been to the
same tailor for 30 years.
When I'm comfortable
with certain things, I stay with them.
Yes, so do I.
In your case I'm quiet sure you that
always use the same kind of gun.
- Well, it depends.
- What kind are you carrying now?
I admire your choice.
I have to go see
my foreman, come with me.
I hope you are not afraid of heights.
- Why have you lie to me?
- What do you talking about?
The police are looking for you
for bank robbery and murder.
I don't rob banks, that's not my line.
- What is your line?
- That depends on what you want done.
- Kill someone.
- How much?
- 50,000, dollars.
- When?
I meant, when do
I get the 50,000 dollars?
Which one?
Not the one on the right, that's Calmet
He's the one who's going to pay you.
Calmet tells me that you've
done a good job.
I wanted personally to
see that you are properly paid.
Thank you Mr. Brizzard, thank you.
He will pay you, Calmet.
Mr. Brizzard said you have my money.
Get me out your billfold.
When the police find him,
your billfold will be in his pocket.
- I can still be recognize him.
- Not when I'm done with him.
Ok, what's all this?
Well, you said you
hated this desk, didn't you?
Yes, it's very funny.
Is very funny, what else is new?
Ah, nothing but much.
Except that Williams and the
auditors are hot in your trail.
- I'm one, your department is 25% overbudget.
- Ah, the hell with them.
- Worth 50,000 dollar is...
- I'll take care of that.
- Now, you can tell me, Steve.
- No.
- What did you really do with the money?
- Start its way in Switzerland, Kim..
Go and get to work.
- Hello, Mr. Ventura's office.
- Mr. Ventura.
- Who's speaking, please?
- Inspector Briac.
- Inspector Briac.
- Ah, good.
- Hey, how are you Briac?
- Deray is still in Marseille.
- Pick him up, eh?
- You could say that, yes.
He went up to the
top floor of a 35 store building.
He's int the morgue.
Do you hear what I said?
Yes Briac, yeah, thank you.
Pick me a ticket to Marseille.
I believe that he may be useful,
but I would like to know more about him.
I'm not asking for your opinion, I am simply
requesting information about a new employee.
Deray, alias Davos.
D - A - V - O - S.
Yes, like the town.
I will expect the call.
Do you think you'd
like working for my father?
Why not? The money is good
and there's fringe benefits with it.
Let me ask you a question.
- Do you like being your father's daughter?
- I love it.
It's everything you said,
including the fringe benefits.
- Is your father still alive?
- No.
Do you miss him?
I used to miss him when he was alive. But
now that he's dead, I can't remember him.
- Are you afraid of dying?
- I never think about it.
Why bother about something
is bound to happen?
That's the trouble with people, they do
too much thinking and too little doing..
For example?
A photographer once explained to me...
the difference between an
amateur and a professional.
He said, the amateur thinks first
and the moment is gone.
The professional takes the moment
and thinks about it after.
Which are you?
Let me put it, let me put it this way...
If we, should find a moment...
I will suggest that we take it
and think about it afterward.
About 2 miles south of the main road
there's one of the Maginot line bunkers.
Near Myloise.
And you'll be met by a man called Rouget,
who will take you to the rendezvous.
And you'll not turn over the
money until admit the pick-up.
Roger will then drive you to Lyon, where
you catch a train and return to Marseille.
- I will like you to leave, now.
- Ok, I'll get my jacket.
Hi. Listen, I have
to go away until the morning.
- Where are you going?
- Just out of town, but...
I'll call you when I get back, Ok?
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
I've made the guest
list for the gala.
- Oh, great. Am I invited?
- Of course.
You do understand well?
The timing is all importance.
Of course.
Everything is been arranged.
I want nothing left to chance.
Saturday night is my charity ball,
I must be there at the beginning.
But I could be with you at
11 and stay until midnight.
Which will give us time enough to
complete financial arrangements.
I suggest that you meet me outside
the Buenos Aires at 11 o'clock precisely.
No, not in the Buenos Aires, outside.
Very well, I see you Saturday.
Calmet will drive you to the airport.
Let me know when you get back.
Police Headquarters.
- Rouget?
- Right.
Wait for me, Ok? Understand?
Mr. Marsac...
I have information a large shipment
of drugs is coming into Marseille.
- What kind of drug?
- Base-morphine.
- How large?
- 400 kilos.
- Do you know who's buying it?
- We both knows who's buying it.
Who, Mr. Ventura?
Who buys all the
junk that comes into Marseille?
Jacques Brizzard.
Jacques Brizzard is buying.
- Do you have any other information for us?
- It arrive on the 18th.
Mr. Ventura, you told us to say you
had important information for us.
400 kilos of base-morphine
is not important?
We already know about the shipment.
- You already know?
- Yes, we know.
Fargas was told the
same date by an informant.
What else did he tell you?
Nothing, he was shot in
the street right after left him.
- What's your next move?
- Don't worry.
We have Brizzard
under 24 hours surveillance.
Ah, under surveillance?
- All we can do is wait.
- I see.
Well, while you're waiting,
you mind if I look around your city.
Oh course not, I hope
you don't get lost in Marseille.
I have a map.
Right on time.
- You got something for us?
- Do you have something for me?
- You're under arrest.
- What for?
Illegal possession of dangerous drugs.
You have a room, please?
And a telephone?
- Lucienne?
- Yes?
- I want you to meet me.
- Why don't you come to the villa?
No, not there, at the yacht club.
I'll meet you there about, in 45 minutes.
In the parking lot, Ok?
- All right.
- Right.
Deray is going to meet my
daughter at the yacht club.
Why didn't you come back to the villa?
Father and I worried about you.
Tell your father I'm fine.
- Why don't you tell him yourself?
- I will when I see him.
Lucienne, you won't happen to know
where your father is right now, won't you?
Yes, at a meeting and then
he's coming here after.
- What time?
- Soon.
Why don't have a drink
and eat with him?
Oh no, I want to see him alone.
We have some private business together.
- I stay here with you until he arrives.
- No, I have a very much better idea.
Why don't you go home, get in
a nice hot bath, turn the light down low...
cover yourself with lots of
perfume and silk sheets...
And I see you when I
finished with your father.
Can you tell how to get
to New Deraricks?
Yes, it's right there.
Find out what happened.
Find him.
The other night a small amount of
drug was confiscated by the police.
- How small?
- About 12 ounces.
Marsac, I'm
looking for 400 kilos of junk...
Let me finish.
Two of the men involved have
worked for Brizzard.
Oh I see, you mean it
could've been a decoy, eh?
And even more stranger,
the third man who got away...
is a killer named Deray.
- Deray?
- Does it mean anything to you?
- Means that I'm a dump cop.
- I often feel that way about myself.
Marsac, do you know something
that you're not telling me?
- Why?
- Because, I warn you...
I'm a bad looser.
- Is Mr. Ventura there?
- No, he's not.
Well, when you find him and
ask him to call room 10
- at 432-721, in Marseille.
- Room 10.
And will you tell him
it has to do with the contract?
- The contract.
- Yes, that's right.
Thank you. Goodbye.
Open up, police.
Come in.
What now?
Jacques Brizzard is no longer
under surveillance.
No is anyone connected with him.
- Why?
- Brizzard is giving a charity ball.
So the drug are not coming in tonight.
- You really believe that?
- It doesn't matter what I believe.
I've been told to leave him
alone, those are my orders.
I say, forget the orders.
Come on, help me to get him.
I got a family.
I can't change the world.
Maybe I can.
- Yes?
- Don't talk.
Come to the Grand Hotel, room 112.
- What happened?
- Somebody just drop in.
I be over as soon as I tied it up.
No, no, the gala is this way.
- I have to see someone.
- Later, come with me.
- But I'm not dressed for the occasion.
- It doesn't matter..
Oh, thank you.
- Look what I found.
- Oh, the population specialist.
- Are you still killing people?
- Whenever I can.
Where were you?
Something came out I couldn't told you.
Where is your father?
- He went to the phone.
- Will he be long?
Who knows? One time
he was gone for two weeks.
- I'll be back.
- When?
I'll be back.
- I never leave my key in the door.
- Forget the keys.
Are you pushing drugs for Brizzard?
- What the hell have you been smoking?
- Don't you laugh at me.
What about the
junk you have at the bunker?
Oh, Brizzard set me up.
I'm clean.
I never push drugs, also for your
information, I do not rob banks.
- You only kill people, no?
- Yes Steve, that's my living.
Which is by the way, why I called you.
I'd set Brizzard up for tonight.
Forget it, I change my mind.
Besides, I won't need you anymore.
Oh yes? What about the contract?
I'm not giving you the money back.
You can shove the money,
I'll get Brizzard myself.
- Yeah, you you better kill Brizzard?
- Why? You think I can't?
No, but you'll need a little help, Steve.
Everybody need a little help.
Got any ideas?
It is not my style to accept money for work
that I haven't done. A professional pride.
And besides, what the friends for?
You know our guy is downstairs
right now enjoying himself in a party.
Oh, you can use some help.
You aren't listening, don't you?
He's not downstairs.
- No? I just, I just...
- No, no, no.
He is meeting someone near a joint
call the Buenos Aires...
right now.
- He works for Brizzard.
- Yeah, we've met.
Please hurry, I have to get back.
Don't be so impatient, Brizzard.
Are you arresting me, Briac?
No, no, I'm going to
kill you, you and Calmet.
- So then, you're left with the shipment.
- You're dead right.
Ventura will think that
Deray killed you.
The case is over Brizzard.
Like I said Steve...
We can all use a little help.
Tomorrow we'll take the yacht
and go for a long cruise.
Some warm, safe place.
- Are you against pollution?
- What?
Are you against pollution?
Oh yes, of course, that's
exactly why I'm here, thank you.
- Can you dance?
- Yes.