The Devil and Daniel Webster (2004) Movie Script

I through this place in Manhattan
have a writer
is the name called hero Ci? Si
he isn't a writer of mess
the day knows that he isn't a good writer
but when I meet him
he is become a good writer
have no what than a gift whatter a
mess affair for attend early
Joe Ni think,
he very carefully binds balloon
on his car,
there is this each balloon, his
decision is firmer
if he so and early didn't get that car
in his birthday the first 1 day
if he has never carried Mary to
walk that shortcut
hi beautiful car
if she rode
if she fell down
leave me to far order
have no what
even being a brand-new car will become
the obstacle that he love
then heard the voice of car
his father went home
he has to act quickly some
where did John go?
Bao Bo, John is in the outside
he isn't very happy to say that you
left a house
will not come back any further
he doesn't want that new car because
that is new
car from in push out
he holds breath
in a soft voice pray
begged you God to hope that this balloon
is enough many
then Joe Ni released a hand
John heard, but had no answer
he is too...
not I think that that doesn't go John
and can't so say
the father's voice that is suddenly
make him return to absolute being to come
did he do what?
He how to throw away the parents thus
and hard work to send to his gift
this is make person's perplexity of
world he think
be him to run into granary
then John stretch out a hand
try to hold tight that thing that he
loves and hates
he held tight
John dropped next go to
what is the row?
Then John spoke everything
is his heart to how get hurt
because Mary says her to don't wish to
see him any further
perhaps that car
if he can throw that car to open
perhaps the affair will return to
return till past
they canned be again happy
record a son
happiness has no shortcut forever
raise their heads
in the granary sky
that car flew to walk
leave sweet and then the place of pain
and sufferings
everythings are missing
leave of only have little boy
is become the man's road top
feed hi this be the greatly busy person
we know to solve of end
hi the good heavens what time is it
of Zhu Di2 Si?
Think than you of want a night
open the fourth channel me always to
write in the favour
that is really unimaginable to so fill
a door to meet you
write most extensively lovely
writer nowadays
continue bright one noodles
people will buy a book at least
the affair took place variety
they take care of this affair now
I don't know quite good you don't know
how can you know?
That hasn't publish
that is you whole of problem
you don't know what circumstance
inner part is
the my heel Wei elder brother of one's
father Si said
who is a Wei elder brother of one's father
? Wei elder brother of one's father
are you to say an actual person?
Don't be to publish room?
Quite good
why not?
Zhu Di2 Si, if she doesn't believe
probably in 3:00 A.M.
Everythings all will smoothly go me and walk
is he very happy to see you?
He is very good
write of is better than do of
his work how long do you spend to write it?
Four months
exactly four months
I record sound in person everyday
where writing do you like?
A lot of place sometimeses are on the car
block up a car
really have a lot of energies
sound very difficult
liked Ford
I thought of my own
where did you go?
The inside of the shell is waiting for
subway to stop over there
that is true the United States
good heavens
what is she? 12 years old?
I see
you can look after a grandpa
can help you young lady
I certainly hope thus
can help you Sir
I need a tie to go to a very special situation
your would believe is my 50 years senior high
school celebration ceremony?
That is really good
they ruined a school
so left ourselves
this tie how much?
What does that up say?
Do you want to buy?
How much ain't I that affirmative?
80 a tie?
Can I rent to you?
that person is a customer
Not Si Sir
that be the customer
sexy beautiful
have a heap of credit card
have a headache very much to the shopping
good? That be the customer
this tie
sell at a discount to me price USD 60
you aren't earnest
I am certainly earnest
do you know? I excuse me a Si a Sir very much
because of that discount
sell at a discount just for the employee
are you what mean?
Go out
keep the change
excuse me me to want you to take this tie
don't don't please
I insist
thanks good of
yes I was late
forgot you
the attendant takes a clean cup
sand Di Si
I like sand Di Si
hi the mother tell me that you fixed
bride chamber quickly
yes in a small villa of country
can go to open country to play
also very intelligent continue to
play to fight?
There is also that anniversary party how?
Does the almightiness deal with?
I think that we do together
so quite good
come one cup Su's beating a plan be such
we don't have a meal in the city
but be present at 78:00
around sit top-grade person in the
whole world
very good that my partner?
I think that you can write one good
make a speech
make a speech?
I ask an affair
does this want to spend you how much?
You don't want to know
I can control to tell me not and really
believe me, your doing not want to
know that is similar
perhaps this wants USD 80,000 this
not to consider as what
for the sake of this affair?
I want to work well so for them
but USD 80,000?
That too...
if you don't mind me to write a check to you
go have no matter true of
I know that you can please
and I don't want to talk this
but that look be a very big publisher
they to my the new novel be interested in so
let me do this to please
500 how?
Can help you? Sir
I want to see my to edit
you of who be the editor?
Wei elder brother of one's father Si Sir
there is a writer and see a Wei elder
brother of one's father Si a Sir
what do you call?
good of
is the elder brother of one's father
especially? Si?
Ask the 40th floor Si a Sir
Wei elder brother of one's father Si Sir
H'm? Is the elder brother of one's father
especially? The Si came
Wei elder brother of one's father Si is
the Sir honored to see you me very much?
very happy see your Wei elder brother of one's
father Si the Sir writing a book
hi waiter
you is not is the elder brother of one's
father especially? Si
Wei elder brother of one's father Si is the
Sir honored to see you me very much?
You want how?
Want ~only your dichotomy clock for time
I to handle a Wei elder brother of one's
father Si a Sir
liked you to please with me
for the sake of your fine day
you not wanted to forget this
my book at in I want you to read once
I have important words and say
walk here the Sir wait a little while a
Fu orchid a gram
two minutes
Si Sir
what can I do for you?
I wrote first draft to you
you know that I have everyday how much
mission Si Sir
have no how much can complete
particularly I don't read the work of writer
that I don't acquaint with
I don't serve as what price
sometimes have too many manuscripts
usually is a wave to take a lot of time
I have some things that you would like to read
what? Novel
I know all novelists
all like to be writer but novelist be writers
have ever had to be published?
Have no that you had better at you by yourself
the home call oneself as writer
like to be a writer
a little bit distinguish with writer
like to be...
need to get a prize
the work of others
I once did
40 pages
I say of to? So have you ever written?
I know what that is
particularly is a coda my new book come
out of smoother
display an all affairs
is that a tail?
Look like is true?
You want hang a false tail?
Si Sir
you where made from of? I want
if I have the second-time opportunity
that also wants for several years
that what animal does the body come?
Two minutes Si Sir
we haven't talked my novel
you know all books of Zhao
periodical I once published 5 as well from
cradle to the grave
some have 50 is good
I don't remember
we have more works that the affairs want to
do but is much more than me
go home to write thing Si Sir
write better thing
the public security came
what is that? Take a gun?
We get into 201, have never published of writer
take a lately- write manuscript
actually Wei elder brother of one's father Si
the Sir invite me to his office
small talked in a short while
my day
who is that guy? I don't know
I think that he could not see me
let that look seem really similar
Daniel of legend? Wei elder brother of
one's father Si
quite good did he trade with you?
Have no
again met? Have no
does that consider as what? What do you
get there from he?
He gives me some suggestions
he tells that I go home a writing
write some better works
you are true of will say waiter
hi lo lo you
I know that
can you believe? Quick come quick come
see dear of
I will see you
is that when?
You when know Kang Si especially? Admire Rui?
If I would like to
toast for the sake of the Kang especially Si
editor to purchase a work uninterested
but connect down three novels
are you that real Zhu Di2 Si? Jian3 Sen
for the sake of Kang especially Si? Don't
not admire Rui
for the sake of Zhu Di2 Si? Jian3 Sen
have what differentiation
The first novel
after succeed
that is really the very big change
Zhu Di2 Si
my new way how?
Again good however want champagne?
Don't thank
we want and exceed a gram to sit together
actually they wish to see me
be you to arrive at here hour
I pass by right away
that be a good affair
Kang especially the Si want to compose novel
I went
the felling has a little to enchant
come to baby
come to baby
welcome usage city to trust! The card
inserted you
Be just account rightness?
Jian pen didn't how much
waited a little while my younger brother
to take away money
my younger brother took away money
I even had no money to buy a dog to eat
young man you come dry here what?
Wrap to me not not
you can take any thing but don't take that
that is my book
shut up
the waiter is cool! We walk
this mixs Zhang
see yourself
you and Zhu Di2 Si like this big difference
no one know
these words
he is full of the exclamation of affection
let him restart for own time
Any further don't this!
My day
who to help me
don't please not
my wife
the bearer help me
can you shut up?
The quick bearer help me
quickly open the door
sorry I...
can I help you?
Is the problem it I that can help you?
The quick bearer help me
seem outside someone scream
waited a little while me to remind of you
good disorderly does she still move? Tell me
did you throw a typewriter you to say
on her head?
Good heavens perhaps you should sit down
sit down? I just killed people
I will spend remaining years of life
in the jail
I am understand different to me
so I miss your affair to the occurrence
felling very what a mess
you can so say yes
I should report to the police to have a
little bad still really bad?
I seek my lawyer not me to report to the police
good heavens they arrived
I think that you will do any affair
any affair
get away from all these
there! He pointed at me good heavens
please a Si the language of the Sir
you are a person who has the misfortune
to very much a Si a Sir
the affair is so
just stay away bad luck
the police open the door
good heavens how should I do
I think that you open the door
believe me
not not
are you hero Ci? Si?
Do I look like hero Ci? Si?
I have to come in to take a look
what matter police officer?
Tell me how the window break?
Are you what mean?
Perhaps you walk wrong room Sir
good of
sorry bother your young lady
good evening
you can come out
what is the row?
Who are you? Do you want something to drink?
I didn't expect someone to accompany
that typewriter is really a mess
need to write thing
this be a big room
the scenery is quite good
a bed is perhaps quite a few
I don't know that what you are say
I am say the reason that you let me come over
I didn't let you come over
I seem to record what
the book making you sell to Zhu Di2 Si?
Jian3 Sen changes a place
still I walk wrong room?
Who are you?
I think that you know
I order a suggestion to you
you want for you of will do a bargain
in the future
for the sake of all turns
so we don't leave the ticket of season to next
cautiously consider before you answer
this has what another thing in the world
what do you want?
I want to write a book
I can't write a book to need a lot of
talents for you
I have talent very good
very good that we come concentrated in
the in the book
other persons will notice oneself
you need audience
am I understand to still have what?
Appreciate to still have what?
Does the respect respect?
Does the respect whose respect?
You of family's friend? Stranger? Everybody
have no special person to still have what?
What? Your speak will feel quite a few
succeed I want to succeed
you like to be
a successful man
yes you like to be a successful man
your can write a book of greatness but
people will appreciate you
that you sought to the person
perhaps suitable person to sought you
10 years
10 years consider that?
To me
see so
can have much what a mess?
Is all right? I am very sorry
I am just just missing that pitiful woman
die on the street
that pitiful woman meeting how? Si Sir?
How is this... Did you see? Si Sir
the problem which speaks words to come
you disappeared
that what should I do?
Frankly say that you are to say contract?
For example say red-blooded
I have never done before
you certainly have no
you know this is what Si Sir
come baby
Is all right?
Good of
that is that to kiss
kiss of whole life
that pleases and don't touch!
I wanted to walk
I have never wanted to hurt you
can ask your question?
Say what problem?
Are we to finish so?
I back and forth answer you of problem
at your end of the road end of road of
time I will come again
like from is it
Si Sir? Yes
please sign here
mere trifle
The Si respect Sir
I discovered at the time of tidying up a desk
2 you write to prize work in the get of news
agency me to mean before month
I send payment a top now
for-rent car
you are a person
right you are a person
I ain't a person
true of
you have a face
the person's face
Si Sir
see you very happy
hero Ci? Si
please call my"shell Si"
you good"shell Si" nice to meet you
actually I last night heel Zhu Di2 Si?
Sen makes a phone call
have you ever listenned to him?
he since is a bookstore tycoon
is also a well-known bestseller writer
I promise to make you shocked this time
here is all colleagues boss not at
he at the end of the month settle an account
of time come to very free
so Sir
tell me exciting
love story can?
I am glad
don't have to have modifier composition
I want to listen to true words
her meaning is to let you make sex history
give also with dish
actually I am have this idea
single? Always such
oh I like
have in our news agency many similar to you
and the writer of single freedom
oh do I know for example Tai Ji? Gold Si
are many Sis strange? Graceful Si gold
sometimes I take them as glory
stick pole we also worship them very much
have what some demand explain is that we
have to break through an oneself
I am to say write broad literature
I ain't this number person
Wei elder brother of one's father Si the
Sir have the first-class talent
and the affair of so all right book?
Also use to ask I already you of the work
copied up to thousand
the good heavens is too good
And your viewpoints?
What? To the viewpoint of book?
You didn't discover one silk...
disgusted feeling
have no
because we like so just publish
you of the work be certainly such
assistant can I speak a few lines alone
with him?
Continue to say
from last year till this year
in addition to you don't have other persons
write a story of such
but I think that the story is very cruel
true of?
In fine haven't I see
don't play hide-and-seek now
I know but I very would like to copyright
fee concerning work
we will not take penny ten cents more
everything is control by you
I hear here of the building price rise
of fierce
say of right Si Sir because here is a
busy streets
I like
turn over change of world Fu me to want to
celebrate for you
you can't mind of to?
you will also have a work to publish
a rightness
I think to be yes
I believe you
you are the in a dream lover whom God gives me
Are you to say a breather voice?
Is the meeting him?
The The Ring of the Lord host protect
I delivered the person of mail last night
are you to say devil?
connect to listen to quickly
you good
oh thank very much
oh I am very good
oh she is in your etc.
oh oh too good
I am too excited
call me soon afterward very much
what did he say?
The story promised to publish you and I
you joke
They intend to publish you and I of story
too strange
you wait for to see
will there is reporter covering you right away
ask you and my story
yes oh...
very good of
the recent work said you love a night distance
the motive of creations good?
Nightmare work
frankly speaking to make the person
touch eyes very much shocking
I still want to much publish
very happy at your house
oh return to my house next time
what don't take
ages weekly magazine thank
you succeeded
spend to have another with long hours
for just a few weeks
let you how much feel surprised
you are really very good
but I would also new book
you don't doubt to
go to a coffee shop yes detailed talk how
give me
good heavens Zhu Di2 Si's wife also at
Hey the elder brothers
spend a holiday how?
Say the affair of book now
all right
he intends to borrow money for you
borrow how much?
This problem
will Zhu Di2 Si came to question and answer
I also can not remember clearly
particularly is for borrow money toward
a person who don't acquaint with
probably you I before once met
you say what beard words?
At high school of time you still remember
Mary. The girl of Qiong Si?
He forgot to the past affair
because of the book!
I conduct of the bookstore bankrupted
have no penny money to flow a funds now
oh good heavens I decide to pay to help
you right away
the friend needs to give a help to
the Si Sir disturb
I is to send greetings to you once
I am you of book fan
so remember the bookstore that must go to open
at to purchase my work
I not knew to take place what
you of appearance and I the leading lady
of new book resemble
you is really an outstanding writer
the thanks pays attention to the book that
I still have me
I will purchase you for each weeks of work
don't I know this to be what is the row?
Do I have been aming the idol to you
don't just pay attention to my book a fan
Zhu Di2 Si also wants to much and much
pay attention to
I still have a few friends
they don't understand English
good-bye hope the atmosphere
be still harmonious
don't see
all right
you giveed the book title to change
whether a little bit modern behind?
Zhu Di2 Si is recent disappointed
you call for book enchant affection
not is add fuel to the fire
however is a book title just
besides they still don't know to
I feel this very not satisfactory
you will let an affair complication
worked for 24 hours
have ever wanted to seek a cave to relax
the friend congratulates you
don't you think that we are
perfect 1 rightnesses
because the love makes us such
the party is quite good
saw a work?
Certainly saw
naked appreciate
What baby can I also say?
You of bed top technique
can let an impotence one pillar Qing day
the thanks Ji talk
what you say lets me extremely
someone says that I am
"the father of the empress modern novel"
My purse drum bulge not a few
and friend?
My situation to Zhu Di2 Si feels
keenly compunction
I can say what like
market such as battlefield
you can't have the slightest of sympathy
your business to me wants to predict
some kind of?
In fine I the elephant tottering iron ball
the Gao, who climb, fall off of also painful
don't be not so self-confident
you are a gentle and soft plasticity
very strong writer
you get everything that oneself want
now happy just to
I am to feel worry to Zhu Di2 Si's bookstore
took leave a friend will dance
Si Sir
late best
congratulate you
I am proud of for you
you like great Daniel? Wei elder brother
of one's father Si
you admire Di a Sir so
call my"fatty"
you still so humor
I introduce the leading role Si of tonight
a Sir toward you
Si Sir
you should from Can
hero Ci? The Si is a garbage!
My bookstore brush-off sells his book!
Zhu Di2 Si
your Piao takes my to make a product name
I always didn't see you of work
you are that plagiarizes ghost
I ain't really clear you of meaning
the affection enchant
enchant affection
have what dissimilarity
Zhu Di2 Si get drunk
Your meeting in the success...
feel difficult to expressly distress
are you dry to he so?
Did your brain enter water?
I know that your brain entered water
are you good friends?
To Michael
the friend needs a mutual help
say of to
mutual help!
For-rent car!
Zhu Di2 Si that night? Jian3 Sen gets
drunk behind
is knocked down in the street by the car
he is Mr. Jian3 Sen
he really enchanted now
if you the words of understand my meaning
the publication field best news
hero Ci? The Si Sir is still a bestseller
work to lead the way a person
it is said that he started a stock
this be a potential
and the Si Sir pack
also let many youths in street in New
York start imitate
he hero Ci? The Si has already become best
news person in New York
you of felling?
there is no felling?
That be the tallest state
tonight entertainment news
tonight's leading role
still keep being sturdy hero Ci? Si Sir
his stock just such as his name similar
become this year the most popular
phrase language
the Si stock sells to USD 1001 now
see to still have the buoyant space
yes I am affirmative
Kang especially the Si telephone
hello still thought to forget me
how can baby
you became famous a person now
is all disaster which writes book heat
oh please
I want to know you of the name
of next book
wants to know book title
oh got hero Ci
three year agos you at my company do a
part-time job of time
I but three chapter to your provisional
you will not forget
the affair for several years
you of the story will soon move up the
silver screen
I call you soon afterward
happy birthday
wish the dear Si of your happy birthday
living - the - quick - joy for day
thank aunt
I wanted to walk boss
like her is your daughter?
Is not
she is me the fifth daughter
you is which?
Hello the Hey deep red and big and purple
writer happy birthday
all right... Thank you
if you would like to come at this time
I would be very happy
I think very much but...
know I want to see you very much
if have no time tonight
so give me the arrangement as soon as possible
so tomorrow morning
don't go also don't go tomorrow morning
so on Thursday how
settled so so
know I now 40
understand my meaning
understand yes
I am similar to you is also
also remember rainbow coffee parlor
remember that is the last time I saw you
you are a greatly busy person now
I not much chatted
the imagination absolutely outrun you here
the lo has three living rooms
five bedrooms can satisfy a family all members
and again is lean against ocean
price also very justice
Si Sir?
Say that finish
say that finishing you has intention to
purchase a rightness
go on further
hero Ci? The Si Sir feels with the trade
of devil how?
Everything is too quick
so do you contact me
I want let the day slow down
the other people think of this kind of enjoys
business I don't think importance
I want to be a common run of people
don't want to be what somebody the somebody
of fast food type
I really don't like
previous how are you to request mine?
I once told you and can satisfy your everything
what do you still want to get?
E... Say
fame and prestige
I not is helped you
you now food and clothing without sorrow
even can stir up trouble
can other persons make?
So don't suggest a request with me again
boss Michael wants to see you
openned warm air here
you want and don't take a bath first
excuse me me to still think...
oh incompletely don't
mostly my wrong
come over quickly
you know of Kang especially Si
here just repair soon
Please sit down...
you lead of good Michael?
Your lo? Talk
good of
general sort
should walk boss
also need to visit... Etc.
You see my favour going crazy
you don't want to mind don't tomorrow
morning want how
very good
hold firmly...
hold firmly time
I can'ted wait for quickly
good heavens
really sorry
have no matter
the guest is our God
bearer vomit the thing to the table
to tidy up once
I still walk had better what matter?
Isn't a good time probably and really
is a good time
what is the row?
Shut up
the hero Ci dispassion order
I will give you make a phone call not...
you of the matter be the most important
what matter? You want to tell me what
important matter?
I miss him what all don't know
isn't what?
You want money BE?
I should walk
everyone listens to me saying that what
you want to get
the meaning don'ted understand you
hero Ci enchanted
he the future be living would ever
stand down
so, what do you see now?
, I come to a stop and see the United
States of variety
but, they now what all not concerned
you good
Mary my father had an accident
I early make a phone call to you
but you not at home
wait our arrangement like, I am to you
make a phone call like?
Okay, thank
please take a look a lens
thank you, the Sir congratulates you
Sir, are you lately small to speak now?
Yes, I am compose a novel, is my 1 kind
to lately try
thank you, pleased in the evening
Bao Bo by I want let you see a Si a Sir
...Is really was honored too much
I haven't read a so fascinating book
for a long time
I once told you, I didn't want thus of reward
I with he at enmity with, can't meet with
him blah, he is just jealous of
envy what?
Get a prize international literature
association a prize
will distribute to...
hero Ci? Si, second to none writer
thanks, very thankful
language can't...
have no language
can express...
very sorry
I the last heart put here tonight
I to lose a friend, feel very sad
you know and Michael is a writer
at me...
be I am very young of time he is the
first people
guide the person of my road
he is a very nice person
very what a mess detective... But, he has
a passion for a life very much
that be a very unforgettable day
certainly, within the last few years
I no longer asked for suggest of my friend
because of, he tell I, my book...
is a complete mess, this I have
already known
I just don't want to hurt him
you see and this is the all what a mess
writing to bring me
brought pain and sufferings
I am true happy you arrived here
I am very sorry and my felling seem...
was tired of to the party
you of the price be too high
very small hotel room here in,
I concentrate everyone
I have words to want to spit it out
, my good heavens, this be the wishes
but this is not
contrary, he looked back the life of 79
in the last yearses
and start read aloud
this is me the first public lecture
right I am you here of powder silk
, old friend I swear toward the God
so of the felling is really too like
absolutely let him grow crazy
I like to see these very much
we think of you
so, how is your current situation?
Exceed a gram of Er also what all
don't mean to say
I think and he doesn't want to speak the
affair of in the mind
I think
believe me
but, you know and my life isn't
always such
so, you speak to listen to to me
complications that is very
isn't a few words spoken at all
can among them the important point
speak to know
everyday morning
you concern most of person...
need to do a decision
seem Michael
by several weeks, he tells me,
he got sick
I don't know
he sees me
but, I connect time that several minutes
talk all crowded don't come out
I am to say and I am always interested
to make money
but, wasting time you can see
I have no time
that is absolutely too precious
what meaning does this have to you?
I think to be yes
you know what?
I even like to be original of I
I is also
I think that you discuss
I am too sad
have no the calmness in 1 to lead
sorry, Sir
the soul of care customer came
step aside to me
I saw
I saw I shouldn't let them bring
calamity up the body
so, are you to want to seek me?
I want to withdraw to come where come
out from?
Trade, everything
I allly render unto to you, also have
that island
you want to get a writer nomination and do you
also want to give up this?
there is also money?
So, and woman?
You to how should they give an account?
I am what a suck so
, I must be to forget and I have
thing to you
a friend, give you
also remember? No one wants to see
you want time to converse and you
found out him
remember, son
have no happy shortcut forever
, Wei elder brother of one's father Si
Sir what matter?
I can with you secretly talk once?
I hope earnestly very much
I need some suggestions your felling
very empty?
Don't is that so
begged you okay, come with me
is a novel, actually is a very
nice novel
I want let you read once
you want to let me to prove, BE?
I am this meaning
I want let your personally tell me,
whether this is good book or not
you don't think very good? I think BE
this is all right already to you
and the many people like you of book
this be the difficult way still not enough?
I am ex- for a long time and the nobody
knows my time to write
before I meet she
I want to ask you once among them of detail
at your thing in the office
is hers?
Is her
is not?
is her
do you want to announce?
I think and you will must be happy
we go out to walk
you why want my to agree with, you
already famous
people's all respecting your what they
respect is my result
see today, isn't this all similar?
Is not
is not
I lost love and lost comity
also have the person whom I concern most
I lost oneself
, any further have no what lose so of, is not?
But, the affair is such
ignored to do what
end will rear at the court on
are you to say a judgment?
I warn you once, Si Sir
this be that is greatly troublesome
did you once do so before? Yes
a lot of time this matter that is few the
before last year ago
certainly is not I either but, though is a
felling to is that so
do you think that we can return to the inside
of the house? Don't wait a little while
She wants to even off with me
do you want to take a risk? This be the
real artist
BE? He is one common guy
your thinking this is in the waste you of time?
You worthy of my wave take a lot of time
Wei elder brother of one's father Si the Sir
hold tight me and you missed opportune moment
so, do you want to beg me what?
Say a little more accurate
is this what you like?
you have already got happiness
I am just not enough happiness
I think and succeed will make me a
little happier
this be the very common standpoint
so, you obtained very great success
you signed on the maxim of soul
I don't know and that is really worthy
but, you should know
this be another one ratio wealth
already very late, I suggest that you go home
I am very frightened
I is also
ask your one more question, Si Sir
after you agree
have what important affair occurrence
on your body?
I ain't understand
have a time, your felling is a terrific value
have no
have no felling is deserve very much
thank you, Si Sir
you good do you get ready, Si Sir?
Yes, very good
do we have an appointment when?
An hour after
we want where go to?
Patiently order, Si Sir
can I ask your some questionses?
I know that what happened to my body
the matter also known you
easy she got some things...
she is ex- and then dream of to get for
a long time of thing
tell me
she got you, you of soul
very of worthy of, Si Sir
I am very frightened to see this
Garden city?
Right all of these affairs be in the
garden to solve
is not?
Wish you to have good luck!
Is this what is the row?
Welcome you very much
took place what here?
Is them? Jury
the time in daytime is very attractive
the circumstance compares what I imagine
to want bad
I recognize these people, that BE...
that be the city of Bo Pu and Susan
my God, that be Hemingway
see there
Pu Zuo
this brigade jury is the most precious
in the world
Zhu Li3 Ya4 Si?
The friend wants to help mutually
this meeting started
judgment Si the meeting of started,
judge's adult
also has already judged another world
another a lawyer of world get ready,
judge's adult
prepare Chen2 Ci2, from the Wei elder brother
of one's father Si beginning
judge the member of the adult jury
this kindness that is you
I want give the Si take a look this contract
then can start judge only after this process
within a day
he lost a work, his lowly of work
caused in the meantime, another person's death
then, she appear
promise to give relief to him from these
sad bitternesses
who have thus of courage to refuse thus
of condition?
But my party concerned be very kind
be free from an alluring person, also do
decision of such
made a mistake
in other words, the ladies, the Sirs
hero Ci? The Si is innocent
thank your judge
judge's adult
we are here legal case
apply of just easy contract method
a contract which very easily comprehends
the Si provides soul and also accepts
have no misunderstanding
also do not cheat
the Si Sir accepted item
now needs to carry out item
so very good Wei elder brother of one's father Si
call you the first witness
a little bit quick, I want what to call first BE
exceed a gram of Wales
Wales Sir
the relation between you and Si Sir how of?
How long have we already been the best friends?
I also don't know for about 12,13 years
before he become a person?
Right in those years, before he become famous
isn't a beautiful woman is can pursue?
Sorry, I ain't understand
does the Si have?
The writing skill which has no us to the
Si is very clear
certainly he usually writes a point what
Have some certainly is very like
please answer a question
have a person to want to publish a Si
the Sir's work?
Having no you can describe this now period...
Si how is the Sir's circumstance?
I think and can say...
he very of destitution
period here, before he become famous
the Si is very poor
publicationed, also be free from chemisette
to welcome, I say of to?
Yes is he happy?
Can I see out time of successful
ratio happiness?
Certainly is write his own work
wrote level to raise after he become famous?
Absolutely can't mention in the same breath
so, if Si the soul which exchanged him
be much more than betrayed soul, also
plus happiness
you would say and did he get the thing of hope?
Not, I will not say so that I have to say,
he is cheated
this is beyond all doubt
thank you
had no problem any further
you say you several years are before he
become famous, afterwards successful of
right at the same of period, are you
also Jian3 Sen's friend?
Yes, but, have no how long
three writers which work hard hard,
all like to be big writer
not, he has already become novelist
have moreover 1 to trade
actually, the bargain is three books
Jian3 Sen, judge's adult
completely is to the Wu Mie of my the
party concerned
I understood and let's say
is this possible?
You think and the Si envied
to Mr. Jian3 Sen of successful produced to envy
not is envy you don't think...
Jian3 Sen will join agreement
objection perhaps BE, this judgment
demolished the occupation career of
this person
judge's adult, oppose his terrible death,
may be one of the prices
become a Si successful price
you this broad
I swear, you participate among them
judge's adult, objection so of problem
oppose invalid
yourself are recent now and had
some troublesome
got cancer me to say of to?
be you to discover this matter, what
did you do?
I what all unable to do did you tell
an another person?
Not, I kept secret for a long time
I told hero Ci so, what does the Si Sir say?
Be you make you tell he of disease of time?
I think BE...
very sorry, say what... A little bit big
voice say that exceed a gram
let everyone hear
he gives me some money
I understood
this be Si the Sir can make of, at you
need to be help most of time
his day isn't satisfactorily either
this be to the person's salvation?
There is no problem any further,
judge's adult
the witness canned be next to go to
so, Wei elder brother of one's father Si Sir,
you still have what say?
Judge's adult, lawyer...
sorry, judge's adult, can I say 1 for you?
I have to admit
I long time ago hope this time
great Wei elder brother of one's father Si,
also have helpless time
I am a lot of year agos, the ability distinguishes
success or failure from the person's face
but, be unlike so
isn't hero Ci? What Si see so of
I don't understand the words that you say
this is very simple
judge's adult, if the Wei elder brother of
one's father Si promises to withdraw
don't be a big lawyer
I can use my family background to still
have my whole strength
win this lawsuit
very typical proud and arrogant disease,
judge's adult
I accepted a condition to sit down, Si Sir
please listen to I say, I am an
unworthy salvation
listen to he say, Wei elder brother of
one's father Si Sir
I am false and a feet step to go into to
this affair to come up
I agree a Si the Sir's words
beg you to accept with some, is not for
the sake of yourself
is also for the sake of I
we are wait your speech, Wei elder brother
of one's father Si Sir
to hero Ci? The Si sue
tell me, Si Sir
whether you loves what person or not?
Certainly include yourself yes
sorry, what? Easy problem
there is a women in you of the work
a person whom you love deeply
not yes so you of family?
I certainly loved them
do you when lose to fag your face parents?
I don't know, is in 6 before month
you of elder brother? Also similar
he live of the place be apart from you how far?
Only 10 street areas, but, I very of favour...
this Sir, all don't see close relatives,
only have 12 minutes for-rent car road
also don't know to have any correct
the mistakes
so, and friend?
The many people is my work, but have
no real of...
friend, I...
yes, I see your affection to him
so, we can say so...
you are in the life have no real like
of person?
Yes, you think so on the hoof is
very successful?
I am a person who fall to the ground
there is no problem any further, thanks
I did to trade with you, will get
now deserved of
can I say so, Si Sir?
Yes, I am an unworthy salvation
I say of to?
Yes you really admit
in addition to yourself, you what
persons all don't love
for a long time is all such
is so?
Right thank
had no problem
the witness canned be next to go to
judge's adult
each colleague of jury
people to beg me a help, because of,
think that God gave their enough of
what they want is more they want
give than God of want to have another
they request of want to have another than me
God can't satisfy one by one
see your surroundings
God can't create 1, can satisfy
the world of owner
he can create a world...
have no point of dispute
there is no pain and sufferings,
have no death
did he create what?
All reality of existence
he gave we what?
greedy, selfish...
thing desire the world of the crosscurrent
now, judge's adult
I don't need to post notice my material
these obviously enough knew
the Si wants to succeed
I gave he
he... Need
all right
Wei elder brother of one's father Si
judge's adult, jury associate
this Sir
is succeed blunt fainted brains
ever, a lot of door closed in his in front
his in front appeared a window
he time and time again of diligent
irony of BE, he pursues from cradle
to the grave
became a famous writer to finally succeed
then a living creature appeared
this living creature
became the thing of his judgment
he had money, fame, also have...
the woman is a very beautiful thing
is who give this living creature thus
of strength?
Our of course not's ising God is her
she isn't born and then have divine power
is not
matter in really
all of his strength
all from we since then
you think, she why want to spare no
effort so of work?
Make an effort of acquire more mankind's souls
he does so, because of, she have no
my opponent Tan speech say, the Si finds
out her, because of...
what he own isn't enough
he wants to be more
more of what?
More money, more sex? More powers,
more controls?
You don't think this is cheat?
Was a Si a Sir to find out him her to give
the Si of my customer
he is true just going to of the thing
be a reading
he wants the work that the people meet him
he is a writer these be what writer wants
audience, the audience is the meaning
of his existence
for the sake of his true value
do my words say that finishing someone
wants these?
1 relates our feeling and we believe in...
an opportunity that is so
our facts are what kind
this is what he do
this is that you want of this is to exceed
a gram to want
did he get what?
Did they get what? Give he what to exchange...
Yes, she gave he...
the fame, the strength, gives him money
yes, she gave to have another so an audience
but, an audience why?
Did he have no soul, would also say what?
There is no soul, how will the audience
also see a work
there is no soul, the whole world is all
of no account
because of, there is no soul, hero Ci?
The Si can't write
suddenly, what all of no account
suddenly, the fact is of no account
yes, God can create a lot of things
but, he also created this
the birth, pain and sufferings, die
pain and sufferings reminds our existence
the conflict is to our challenge,
we than imagination of stronger
the death gives us the opportunity,
let the new hope conceive
leave of more
stay in our lifes
this be a world of pain and sufferings
be like hero Ci so? Si such person
can face thus of pain and sufferings
describe toward the civilian ordinary
re- mold thus a person's value
preach a reason, have faith
leader manner...
words and actions, bearing...
so a thus virtuous person, use common sense
judgment, will not do ill public
are 1 like hero Ci? Si such person
we need for the sake of him but struggle
not because of what he say
but, for the sake of ourselves
"now ofJohnny was full of tears a
flower in the eyes"
"turn round to face his face of
father's kindly"
"his father's handle knob put on
Johnny's shoulder
"say, remember a son"
"have no happy shortcut forever!"
Tonight, you have an opportunity to send
out an information to her
see what effect! How do you dare to say so?
Tell her, everythings all should end, if
this continues can't
judge's adult, this is mislead judgment
what he say BE, have no happy shortcut
certainly, the judge know and the all people know
sit down
this is worthy of think of
let some people nearby be very happy
remind us
thank, the ladies, the Sirs
judge adult before the jury do a decision
I need speak a few lines, do to correct
I think, you a day after the fair jury has
already stood up
there is judgment result?
Have a result?
All together stood up
the jury consistently thinks
this soul's selling contract is invalid
I believe, the that time waited, Si Sir
on their Gao Gao's head, the clouds pass
the happy place flown to there
everythings all don't reply existence and
left that little boy
the road grown up at him comes forward a line
you good
was the Hey, the good heavens, what time?