The Devil Comes to Kansas City (2023) Movie Script

- Hey, Rob?
You ready?
- Man, I've been waitin' my whole life for this, man.
Got my Sunday's best on.
Ain't no turnin' back now.
- Get out there and show 'em what ya made of.
- I'll be back.
- You ready to sign the contract?
And you're aware of the extenuating circumstances?
In perpetuity?
Oh, yeah.
This goes way beyond just you.
Per our previous conversation, my wares.
In exchange for your eternal soul.
You know what to do.
Ah, I like that.
The first prick always hurts the most.
Let me see ya.
You put the sky in the blues, my friend.
Boy, you look happy.
I love making people happy.
Enjoy it.
Wake up!
All right!
How's your corn, Becca? - Delicious.
What's for breakfast, Mommy?
- Well, baby, we got scrambled eggs, potatoes, and bacon.
- Bacon?
Why bacon?
- I don't understand why you don't like bacon.
Everyone likes bacon.
Well, I don't like bacon.
If everybody in the world likes bacon,
there'd still be one person that doesn't like bacon.
Okay, baby, you made your point.
- Good morning, sweetheart.
Good morning, Daddy.
Good morning, baby.
- Paul, I just cleaned the floors.
Take your boots off.
- I wiped 'em, but I ain't gonna take 'em off
when I'm walkin' right back out.
- Okay.
Rebecca, you wanna show your dad what you're drawin'?
- Look! - Oh, look at that!
That's us right there.
- Look, there's even a tractor!
- Oh, yeah, it's good.
It should be a red tractor.
Doesn't she know that? - Well, it even looks
like a tractor.
It does.
- Two scoops?
- Just one, and some bacon. - Okay.
Here, I'll give you two. - Thank you.
- A big day today.
Levi's comin' up to help me bale.
I'm gonna move some cattle across the property.
- How many cows are you moving, Daddy?
I reckon 100 or so.
I can't wait to be a farmer, too!
You're not gonna
be a farmer.
But Mommy, I wanna be a farmer.
I'm sure you'd be a great farmer,
if you weren't gonna be a doctor,
or lawyer, or somethin'. - Mm-hmm.
- Well, I wanna do it!
- Well, what about a farm veterinarian?
A cow doctor!
Go to the farm, help sick cows.
That's a healthy compromise, right?
But what about the horses?
- Yeah!
Horses, and chickens, and goats.
- I want an alpaca!
An alpaca?!
What kinda shows are y'all watching?
- You know she loves the animal shows.
- Oh, that's right, y'all got a big day, too.
Spend the night in Kansas City.
What time are y'all leavin'?
- We're probably gonna take off around five.
The plays at eight, and we need to check into our hotel.
- All right, that's a good plan.
A guy I served with, he's from Kansas City,
lives down there.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah, we used to keep in touch,
but I haven't heard from him in a while, so.
- Rebecca, are you excited to see
"The Forest Friends" tonight?
- I'm so excited!
I wish you could come, Dad.
- I know, me too,
but we have so much work to be done,
if I don't do it, no one will.
- You ready to bale, or are you gonna bail on balin'?
- That's funny comin' from you.
- Levi, no boots on my floor.
Yes, ma'am.
Sorry, ma'am.
- Thank you.
- Morning, Rebecca.
- Morning.
- If I don't see y'all before y'all leave,
have the best time, and I love you both very much.
- Well, if you're not gonna offer me coffee, let's go!
- I'm sorry, bud, no more coffee.
Sweetheart, I love you so much.
Love you.
Bye, darlin'.
Say hi to the rabbit for me.
He's my favorite.
- I thought I was your favorite guy?
No, not anymore.
- Not anymore? - Have fun with the cows!
- We will, sweetheart. - Bye!
- Rebecca, you need to eat your breakfast
so you can take your shot.
- But Mom, I don't like my shot.
- Okay, but you need your insulin shot, baby.
Big bite.
Thank you.
- Randall!
Right on time! - Yeah.
You're not in the office.
- Well, you know, I'm on my break.
Even the Lord had a day of rest.
Ooh, Mom says hello.
- You know, I will never know
what she puts in these things to make 'em so delicious.
- It's nutmeg.
- Nutmeg? - Yeah.
- Well, God bless nutmeg,
and God bless you both.
You know, they love those down at the food drive.
You can just put 'em in a corner.
- Oh, okay.
I'm gonna go ahead and get outta here.
It was good to see you, Reverend.
- You, too.
Randall, just a quick minute.
You got a moment?
- Yeah.
- Wanna take a seat?
I heard about what's happenin' this evenin'.
- The party?
- Well, Ms. Patricia told me
that she was going to a seance
that you were hostin' for Mrs. Marlow.
- Seance, that ain't...
That's not what this is.
I'm not havin' a...
I'm not having a seance.
That's a strong word. - Yeah!
I thought so, too.
But I just wanna know, what's going on, Randall?
- Well, you know what I'm dealing with, right?
- Oh, yeah.
Your quest to find a good deed, yeah.
Listen, I don't think it's a good idea.
I think you should call it off.
- Well, I thought that if I did this for Mrs. Marlow,
it might help her.
- No, these are old people we dealin' with, Randall.
- Okay.
- Really?
- Yeah, really.
I'll call Ms. Marlow as soon as I get home.
- You promise me?
- Yeah, I promise.
You got my word.
- All right! - Yeah.
- Well, thank ya, Randall. - All right.
- I really appreciate that.
And maybe in not scarin' old folks,
that's a good deed that you need.
- All right.
- You take it easy. - Yeah.
- Hey, hey, hey!
And tell your mom thank you for these pancakes.
God bless ya.
- Hey, buddy.
- What's up, bro?
Help yourself.
Beer's in the door right next to the antibiotics.
- You finished postin'?
- Yeah, well, just about.
We'll finish up in the mornin'.
- Ah, man, I appreciate you helpin' me out.
- You comin' fishin' with us this weekend?
- Oh, no.
Got Sunday service this weekend.
Can't miss out with Jenny again.
- I hear ya, man,
but I'm telling you, once you lose fishin',
slippery slope from there, man.
- Oh, brother, you know about that?
Happy wife, happy life.
- Oh, you would say some shit like that, wouldn't you?
- 'Cause it's the truth,
and you know that.
- Well, if you're free later,
I'm headin' over to my dad's for a bit
while Sadie and Bec are in KC.
A few beers, see who's playin'?
- Well, it sounds like fun, yeah.
Wanna come through? - Mm-hmm.
You and your dad?
You know it's Friday night.
I got "Dancing With the Stars" with Jenny.
I don't wanna sit around
and watch you and your dad go at it.
I know you love that father-son time.
I'll bring Daisy.
She'll come.
Goddamn, that dog loves you.
- Don't need you anymore.
Can anyone tell me,
not just what happened to Monday's shipment,
but what happened to the entire
fucking Tijuana supply chain?!
Get in here!
Now, who fucked this up with him?
Was it you?
Was it you, you stupid motherfucker?!
Was it you?
- No, sir. - You sure about that?
Don't worry, I'm just makin' a point.
Only 'cause I don't know how important you are here.
That guy just loaded the trucks.
The man just loaded the trucks.
I see a few other guys here
who just load the trucks.
This guy loaded the TJ trucks.
Now, guys,
I pay you an obscene amount of money
to just keep your shit together.
So please, for the love of god,
keep your fucking shit together!
You say somethin', Carl, huh?!
- All right.
It's okay.
Carl, where is Fred?
Lead me to him.
Make sure they don't fuck up again.
Everybody, get back to work!
- Who'd he kill, Antonio?
- Yeah.
- Fuck, man!
- Now, Carl, get the fuck outta here.
Now, I'm sure you're walkin' the whole
me threatening your life thing
through that head of your right now, hmm?
- Yeah, pretty much.
- What do we have left?
- Three pinks, two reds, and two blues.
- How bad did the schedule get hit?
- We need a two day gap.
We're fucked till next Tuesday.
- You know what's really bothering me?
I already had a shitload on my plate.
Now, this dipshit no brains has fucked up my flow.
Dipshit no brains.
He never had any brains,
and now he really doesn't have any brains.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Do you have any sense of humor at all?
You know what, Fred?
Just don't fuck up again.
Got it?
Frankly, the turnover of your position
is just a pain in my ass,
and that's only gonna make me wanna kill you more.
You know what?
Take care of this for me.
- Christ almighty, close the door!
Freezin' my nuts off over here.
- Good to see you, too, Dad.
- Oh, grab that blanket for me, would ya?
Still haven't figured out how
to fix that goddamn thermostat.
- I told you, have Ted Flanerly come take a look at it.
- Well, I told you that I don't like Ted Flanerly
screwin' around with my thermostat.
Hire a contractor then, Dad.
- Nah, blankets are cheaper.
What's up with Sadie and Rebecca?
Where are they?
- They got that kids play thing tonight, remember?
- Oh, that "Forest" or somethin'?
- "Forest Friends". - Oh, that's tonight!
That's right.
Yeah, that's right.
How'd the hell you escape that one?
- Are you trying to make me feel bad?
Nah, Sadie likes having girl time with Rebecca,
and she knows I'm not in that kinda thing,
so it works out.
I hate how early it gets this time of year.
- I do, too, Mom.
- Do you know what daylight savings time is?
- Of course I do, Mom!
- Well, okay, smarty, what is it?
- It's when you save money in the daytime.
- No, baby.
Your daddy is a farmer.
You need to know what daylight savings time is.
- I do.
I just said what it was!
- Okay, we're gonna revisit that.
So are you still excited to see the "Forest Friends"?
- Mom, how many T-shirts do I have
of the Forest Friends.
- Like 50.
- Exactly.
Does that answer your question?
- Okay, well, then, who's your favorite?
- Berry Bear.
- Not Walter Rabbit?
No, he's grumpy like Dad.
- Yeah.
Yeah, you know what?
He is.
Do you know who my favorite is?
- The owl.
- How did you know that?
- You've already said it before.
- So you were listening!
- Baby, we're almost there.
Don't forget to FaceTime your dad.
- Grab me a couple of beers, would ya?
- Yeah, what kind of swill you got in there anyway?
- Well, it's the same old shit.
Don't break my balls over it, okay?
I'm gonna give you one.
- Hey, sweetheart.
- Hi, Daddy.
- Hi, baby.
We're almost there and parked.
- Hey, say hi to Grandpa.
Hi, Grandpa!
- Come on, baby.
We're running late.
You got everything?
- Yep!
- Where are y'all?
That doesn't look like the parking garage.
- No, we're in the overflow lot.
- Overflow lot?
What do you need the overflow lot for?
- Come on, baby, let's go.
Hey, Becca, What's happening?
Hey, get behind me, get behind, get behind me.
Hey, stop!
Mom! - Baby!
- Sadie?
- Paul! - Help!
Let go of her!
Let go of her!
- Stay away from her!
Stay away from her!
Please, please!
Stay off her!
Get off her!
- No!
- Mom?
Mom, no!
Mom? - No!
No, baby, no!
- Mom?!
- No! - Come on.
Come on, Son!
Son, come on, come on.
- No! - Get up!
You listen to me.
You gotta focus.
You gotta focus, okay?
Listen to me.
What just happened,
that's the worst thing that can happen to anyone, okay?
- Oh, my god! - Now, listen to me.
Now, there is a time to act and there is a time to grieve.
This is not the time to grieve!
- Dad, they killed her!
They killed my wife! - Son!
Listen to me!
You have got a clock ticking.
Now, Son!
Listen to me.
Okay, your daughter was kidnapped,
who knows why,
but she has the added burden of being a diabetic.
- Her shots. - Yes!
Yes, you know what you have to do!
- I know what I have to do. - Yes.
Now, you drive as fast as you can.
I'm gonna call Levi and Craig.
Get home, get to the basement.
You have one fuckin' priority!
You bring your daughter home!
Okay, you boys need to hear something.
Now, as you know, my son was in the military.
Things he saw, things he witnessed, he...
Well, he confided in me.
Made him into a person he did not wanna be.
As you also know,
Loraine was diagnosed with cancer
just about the time he got back,
but we did not have enough money to keep his mom healthy.
So Paul was asked to join a special group
of independent, unaffiliated soldiers
in exchange for enough money
to pay for Lorraine's treatments.
- So Paul's a mercenary.
- How did he have time?
He did three tours in Afghanistan
and was home in between each one.
- No, he only did one tour.
He left the country two other times on business.
Now, I need you boys to stay focused, okay?
Stay sharp.
He is going to need you.
Trust me.
- Why don't we just call the police?
- No, no, no, they're just gonna slow us down.
Plus, we don't wanna end up alerting some dirty cops.
- Thank you guys for being here.
I'll make this quick.
People are gonna shoot at us tonight,
and there's a chance you might not survive.
So if you're willing to take that risk for my daughter,
I'll forever be in your debt.
If not, I'll hold nothin' against you to walk right now.
- Where's my vest?
- You're not comin', Dad.
- Oh, the hell I'm not!
- Dad, I need you here.
I need your support here.
- Our mission now is to bring Rebecca back.
- All right.
What's the plan?
- We drive to Kansas City,
go to the Performin' Arts Center,
find Sadie's car, and go from there.
Everyone get a piece you can keep on you.
Long guns stay in the truck.
Let's go.
- Come back home, Son.
- I will, Dad.
- Bring my granddaughter home.
I will.
- It's okay.
Every man...
Every man has their breaking point.
Every man has their line in the sand.
They cross it, and their monster comes out.
Most men don't know of the monster
that lives deep within 'em.
They live their whole lives not knowing.
They die and their devil dies with 'em,
but not Paul.
Paul was introduced to his devil a long time ago,
and that devil can't be killed.
- Get her outta here.
Got any more blondes?
- I got a fresh pink in the van.
- I like the older ones.
Give me another blonde.
Did Sully ever tell you
how we handle our luggage?
- No. - It's super easy.
The sausage processor at the end of the building,
we just throw the whole thing in.
- The whole thing?
- The whole thing.
P.S., don't eat the sausage in Kansas City.
- Dickless coward!
You're a monster!
Oh, no, no!
Sweetie, are you okay?
Come on, sweetie.
Sweetie, are you okay?
- I'm so tired.
Sweetie, what's your name?
- Bec.
- Sweetie, it's gonna be okay.
Just stay awake, okay?
Just stay awake.
Here's the Performing Arts Center.
I know Sadie parked in a gravel parking lot.
- Paul, easy, we've never been here.
None of us have seen this.
- I saw what happened.
This wasn't random.
Someone knows somethin'.
I bet that guy knows somethin'.
- That guy?
In a rabbit costume.
- Both of y'all stay here.
Hey, buddy.
Sorry, pal, no autographs.
- Oh, I don't need an autograph.
I was just hopin'
we could talk. - Well, if you don't
need an autograph,
then what the fuck-
What the fuck?!
What, what- - I have some
questions for you,
you greasy fuck. - What, what?
Fuck you!
- Did he just pimp slap that guy?
- Yeah.
- Who pimp slaps anymore?
- Hold still, I'm not fuckin' done.
Look, I didn't know!
I didn't know!
I didn't know she was underage.
I didn't know.
- I was just gonna ask you about the parking lot.
- Oh, shit!
- Yeah, "Oh, shit!"
- Oh, shit! - Ow!
- What the fuck, Paul?
- Just grab him. - No.
No, no, no!
No, no, no!
Fuck you!
Are you kiddin' me?
Stop it!
Ow, shit!
Oh my god, oh my god.
Please don't kill me.
- Nobody's gonna kill you.
- Why does he think you're gonna kill him?
- What's going on?
Parking lot, I don't...
- I need to find a gravel parking lot in this area.
- What?!
I don't...
- Tell me! - Oh, my goodness!
- Jesus! - There's only one!
There's one!
There's only one! - Oh, fuck's sake!
I think he shit himself, Paul!
- Where the fuck are we goin', Paul?
- Where is it?
- The north side of the building!
There's a big blue...
Please, please, don't...
- Get out.
Give me your cell phone.
Okay, sir.
- If you ever touch a kid again, I'll kill you.
- Oh, I'm good.
Is there anything in there you want, Paul?
- No. - All right.
We're gonna drive around front and check it out.
- No.
My friends called me Randy.
I ain't talked to you in 10 years.
You can call me Randall.
- What are you doin' here?
- I'm around these parts a lot these days.
- Did you see anything unusual around here
the last few hours?
- Just your ass.
Where you been?
- Look, Randy...
Randall, I'm dealing with an emergency situation,
so it was good seeing you, but I hope you're well.
I gotta get goin'.
- Oh, you convinced me with the
Facebook pleasantries bullshit!
Do I look like I'm doin' well, motherfucker?
- Listen, I can't stop doing what I'm doing,
so thanks, good seeing you!
- You off to kill the bad guys, Paul?
- Look, Randall, if you know somethin',
and you're not tellin' me- - What?
- This is serious!
They killed my wife and took my little girl!
- Who?
Those guys?
- Hey!
Hey, I got some questions for you!
I recognize you.
We heard gunshots.
What happened.
- Get the duct tape outta the glove box.
- Oh, shit!
We gotta get outta here.
- Let's go, let's go!
- He killed my wife.
He took my daughter.
Someone hand me my toolbox.
Give me a hammer.
Two nails.
Craig, pop the hood,
and connect the jumpers for me.
This is gonna hurt a lot.
Give me the jumpers.
We're gonna make this real simple.
Yes is a nod.
No is a shake.
You understand?
This is my daughter.
You remember her?
Hey, hey, look at me!
Look at me.
You remember her?
Do you remember my daughter?!
You remember her.
You remember her.
That's a good start.
Please, no!
No! - No?
Is my daughter alive?
Is my daughter alive?!
She's alive?
I'm a take the tape off.
All right, look at me.
I'm gonna take the tape off,
and I'm gonna need you to stay collected, all right?
If you start screaming,
I'm gonna put a bullet in your head.
- This little girl,
where did you take her?
Put the fucking gun down!
- Not now, Levi. - Paul?
Paul, put it away.
- Come on, boy.
Come on.
She's just a little girl.
She's just my sweet...
My sweet, innocent baby girl.
Tell me where she is.
- Westport.
- What about Westport?
Hey, Westport, where?
Hey, hey!
Hey, what about Westport?
Don't you die on me, you piece of shit!
Come here.
Dammit, don't you die on me!
Hey, Westport, where?!
Hey, guys, give me some water or somethin',
so I can keep this guy alive!
Come on!
Come on, you motherfuckin' piece of shit!
- Paul?
It's over.
- Before you guys say anything,
- Paul. - think about my daughter,
- Paul! - and my wife!
- Me and Craig, we don't do this.
We've never seen anything like that!
I mean, one second, you're all Paul, man,
and then the next, you're John fuckin' Rambo.
- Craig, you got somethin' to say?
What the fuck are my options, huh?
- I don't know, brother.
What I do know, is this,
this ain't you.
It sure as shit's not me!
I know that you crossed the line tonight.
I know that if you keep crossing that line,
you ain't never comin' home!
I know I want my old Paul back, my buddy,
the one that we used to go fishin' with and huntin' with,
but I don't see him right now.
I just wanna go home.
And let's put this shit behind us.
- You wanna go home?
- Yeah.
- Can you have Jenny come pick ya up?
- Yeah, I'll have Jenny come pick me up.
- All right then.
- All right then.
- Paul? - You know what, Craig?
If you ever had a kid, you might understand.
I choose not to understand.
I ain't never gonna understand this.
Oh, you stayin'?
His blood's on your hands.
God help you both.
- Look, Paul?
I can't pretend to understand
what you're going through right now.
I don't know what's goin' on through your head,
and it spooked me, man.
- All you need to know is I'm doin' everything I can
to get my daughter back.
It's as simple as that.
- I...
I found some stuff on the guy
that you tortured or interrogated.
- Like what?
- Well, for instance,
I found a business card for a dentist at Westport.
- Westport?
- And...
You tired, Paul?
- Is that cocaine?
- Yes, Paul, I believe so.
- Hello?
At my clinic?
Are the police on their way?
Okay, good.
Yeah, look, this is the dentist.
There's been a break in at my clinic,
and I need some people over here.
At my place.
5, 10 guys.
Okay, thanks.
- What did you find?
- An envelope with the dentist's address on it.
How far is it?
It says 12 minutes away.
Take a left.
Take a left at this next light.
Got it.
- Two pinks in one night.
- Maybe I should fuck with them more often?
- Jeremiah.
We got a problem.
- What?
- I was out picking up pinks,
and some motherfucker shot Tommy with a machine gun.
- Anything else I should know?
- The dentist called.
There's a break in at his practice.
He wants us at his house.
- Well, let's go then.
What's goin' on, Paul?
- Who's the dentist?
Are you the dentist?!
Stop, stop!
Who are you?!
- I'm looking for her.
- Who the fuck is that?
- My daughter.
- Oh, fuck!
- Tell me where the fuck she is
or I'll blow your brains out!
There's a T-shirt printing factory.
It's on 58th Street.
It's a front for trafficking.
- How the fuck do you know this?
- I have a stake.
Look, do you think it's normal for a dentist
to live in a mansion?
Come on!
- Get the fuck up!
Let's go!
- She wasn't here!
I didn't see her!
I don't have little girls here!
What the fuck are you doing?!
- I need you to show me that warehouse.
- I think for a lot of obvious reasons,
you know I can't do that.
- I think for a lot of obvious reasons, you're going to.
Go, come on!
Who are you, huh?
- You the guys that are causin' all this ruckus?
- I'm looking for my daughter!
You tell me where my daughter is,
I'll give you your dentist back.
- I don't even need him.
In fact, I'm kinda just hopin'
he gets caught in this crossfire.
- What the fuck?
What the hell are you doing?!
- I'm fucking invincible!
- Take him to the factory.
See what he knows, and then throw him in.
- Get him the fuck outta here.
Come back home, Son.
His blood's on your hands.
- Fuck!
You're all fucked up.
It doesn't look like they hit your lungs.
Ain't no breathin' blood.
Let's go, big guy.
- Mornin', hon.
I hope you're hungry.
Somebody woke up this mornin'.
- Where are we?
- Chateau Marmot.
Now, what does it look like?
- You saved me last night?
- "Saved".
I like that word.
That sounds good.
Hey, you hear that?
He said it, not me.
Hey, Mom's makin' flapjacks.
You hungry?
- No, I'm wasting time.
I gotta find my daughter.
- Okay.
Come sit down, man.
You ain't goin' nowhere fast.
She's still there.
She's still out there, man.
But you can't do nothin' for her lookin' like that, man.
Babydoll, could you get our
guest here a cup of coffee, please?
- Okay, Daddy.
- How'd you find me?
They threw me in a van and drove me away.
- I'm pretty good at keepin' tabs on people.
- No, no, that's not enough.
There's no way you could've found me unless you were...
Were you following me?
- No.
- You were following me.
Why are you following me? - No-
Look, I wasn't followin' you.
I just know shit, okay?
- Randall, that's not an explanation.
Now, tell me what the hell's goin' on here.
- Babydoll, could you run along for a minute?
Me and Mr. Paul got some adult things to talk about.
- Okay, Daddy.
Nice to meet you, Mr. Paul.
- Nice to meet you, too.
- Why don't you tell me
why you came out here lookin' for blood first?
- They kidnapped my daughter.
- Yeah, you mentioned that.
- You got a daughter.
You understand.
What's the issue?
- Why didn't you go to the police?
Isn't that what any normal man would do,
instead of comin' down to the city with a machine gun?
- You have been following me!
- No, you still wrong.
- What, you got some magic crystal ball or somethin'?
- Close.
Where you been all these years,
and why'd you fall off the grid?
- It's not important.
- Man!
Do you know what it's like to stick your neck out
for somebody that ain't even talked to you in 10 years,
and then when you try to talk to 'em,
they act all stoic and stone-faced?
Come on with
the bullshit, man! - Randall!
I needed to get away.
I needed to change everything.
It wasn't easy, all right?
- Yeah, and when you came back, it was different,
and then you vanished.
Where you been, man?
- Iowa.
What the fuck is there to do in Iowa?
- Nothin'.
Farm and nothin'.
Pancakes are ready.
- Let's go for a ride, man.
Okay, thank you, Mama.
Let's go do some good deeds.
So are you gonna tell me what the fuck's goin' on?
- Thanks, Randy.
- You first, soldier boy.
You tell me your story,
and I'll tell you everything you wanna know.
- When we were in Afghanistan
doin' the whole grunt life thing, you know,
and we saw action,
but nothin' like them Delta Force guys,
nothin' like the big boys, so...
Thank you for coming.
I'm sure you get this a lot, but I've heard of you.
- While on R&R,
I managed to get connected
with a political figure from Azerbaijan.
He was in Afghanistan
because one of his political colleagues
was assumed to be dealing with a militant group
called the Black Hand.
- I understand you're a go-getter,
someone with determination.
I have a colleague that has been funding adversaries.
We cannot solve the issue ourselves for political reasons.
I'm sure you understand.
And as much as the US would love to get rid of this guy,
it could flare up tensions with the locals.
So we need someone to help us.
- And what's in this for me?
- There will always be more diamonds.
Just do a good job.
- So I hit my mark, got paid, flew under the radar.
- So you became a mercenary?
- That was the only time?
- I went back two more times.
- Oh, shit, man, you're all fucked up.
No wonder.
And here I am, takin' it personal the whole time.
- Yeah, I...
Ain't nothin' to take personal.
- Yeah, well,
it's good to be connected with ya.
- So you gonna tell me how you know my whereabouts, or what?
You won't believe me.
- You believe me.
- Yeah, well, your shit sound like a James Bond 007 story.
My shit sound like a fairytale.
- Randall, at this point, you better well try me.
- Ethel!
- Thank you, Randy.
- You heard the story of Robert Johnson?
- No.
- Robert Johnson was not only
the most famous blues guitarist to ever live,
he was also my great-grandfather.
- So?
- "So"?!
Don't you know what made Robert Johnson so famous?
- What?
- He sold his soul to the devil.
- Goddammit!
I've had...
I had enough of this shit!
I gotta get out of here. - That shit right there.
I knew you wouldn't believe me.
- Okay.
I'm willing to hear you out.
Let's hear it.
- That's better.
Now, listen.
Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil.
He signed a deal of perpetuity,
which means all of his descendants inherit the debt.
- What?
What do you mean, "Sold his soul to the devil"?
- My great grandfather sold his soul for talent.
And his son, he owed his soul.
So he got pyro firepower.
And then my dad got telekinetic power.
- Randall, please quit with the fuckin' bullshit!
- No, I'm serious!
Now, he wasn't no fuckin' Darth Vader, or no shit like that,
but he could move a beer from across the room.
- And I suppose you owe your soul to the devil too, huh?
- Yeah, sadly.
- What's your power?
- Goddammit.
Son of a bitch, Robert Johnson.
You know what my power is?
I can locate things, or people,
here and in the afterlife,
but it only works within a 50 mile radius.
Ain't that some shit?
- Fuckin' dammit,
I've had enough of this shit! - Hey, man,
sit your ass down!
Now, why don't you believe me, man?!
I got it.
Ask me.
Go ahead, ask me.
Ask me where your daughter is.
- Randall, I swear to god, if you know where she is,
and you've been fuckin' me-
- 58th.
58th Street...
And Locust.
- Randall, if you knew where she was this whole time,
and you make up-
What the fuck was that?
- That's your daughter
on 58th and Locust.
Now, you gotta save her,
but you can't save her lookin' like that.
- What can we do?
- I can take ya to meet someone.
- Who?
- The head honcho.
- What's in this for you?
What, man, you want me to spoon feed you
some more of this
hocus-pocus bullshit? - Yes, please, Randall!
I would, please.
- All right, fuck it!
I can break the curse if I do a great deed,
or apparently, anybody can.
If you do a great deed or a good deed,
you can break the curse.
- Yeah, okay, that sound made up.
- No, for real!
- What good deed?
- Shit, man, I don't know.
Maybe helping you save your daughter or some shit?
Or maybe the devil is dickin' me around?
But honestly, at this point,
I don't got no other choices.
I don't care.
- Why would he tell you about that?
I don't know.
Man, he's kind of an asshole.
Come on.
Let's go.
- Don't touch me!
I can get up myself.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
Sweetie, you need to eat somethin'.
- I'm so...
I'm so tired.
- It's okay.
You're gonna be okay.
- Am I gonna die?
- No, no, of course not.
Well, I need my shot.
- What's your shot?
- I don't remember, but it goes in my belly.
- Insulin?
- I think so.
- My gosh, are you diabetic?
- Well, my mom says, if I don't take my shot,
then there's sugar in my blood.
- Oh, no, no, no!
Lay right here, okay?
This little girl is diabetic.
She needs insulin.
Come on!
- What?
- If she doesn't get her medicine,
she's gonna get really sick.
Look at her!
- All right!
- Hurry up! - One sec, one sec!
Come here, come here.
- Hey, Jeremiah.
Yeah, we got ourselves a little situation.
Look, this girl is diabetic.
Yeah, she doesn't look too good.
Okay, I'll be here.
They're sendin' someone with the shots.
- Thank you!
It's gonna be okay.
See, it was easy.
It's gonna be okay.
- Here it is.
- Where is this?
- This is it.
I wanna order a spicy sausage pizza.
Hot as hell.
After you.
- Go on ahead.
- Randall?
- Here it is.
Just always pegged as the suit guy.
And the truth is, I hate suits.
Suits are for suckers.
Cops, FBI, they're all suit guys.
Oh, yeah.
- It's so hot here. - As is.
And then you're putting me in a suit,
and it's itchy.
This feels nice.
Tickles my skin.
I love it.
It's red.
Brings out my eyes.
Well, boys?
- I brought someone to see you.
- Ah, Mr. Pretend Farmer Murder Man.
Big fan.
You've got spunk,
and you've been a real contributor lately.
Lots of souls comin' down because of you.
Thank you for that.
- Gentlemen, welcome.
What are you drinkin'?
- Definitely have a drink before we talk business.
- Yeah, the mules here are pretty good.
- They come highly recommended.
- What is it, Paul?
You seem a little disoriented.
- Am I...
Is this hell?
Well, I mean,
it's definitely part of hell,
and I'd say it's the nice part,
the VIP room of hell.
With enough souls,
this is where you could be as well.
You could hang out with Castro, and Genghis Khan,
H. H. Holmes, who's one of my favorites.
He had the Murder Hotel.
Killed hundreds.
How great is that?
And here's the best thing,
and this doesn't happen often,
but today, you can play poker with John Wayne
and John Wayne Gacy.
Your turn, partner.
- How 'bout that?!
I mean, that's even exciting for me.
- I don't give a fuck
who any of these people are!
- Comin' in hot. - Yeah.
My friend here is kind of on a time crunch, so...
- I need to find my kid.
- Your kid.
Such a funny word.
Well, let me tell you somethin'.
You can't go anywhere with a hole in your chest.
Now that I have your attention,
are you ready to talk business,
or are you still in a hurry?
That's what I thought.
Come on, boys.
So I understand, you'd like your daughter back.
Well, the shoulder was on the house,
but anything else will cost you.
I also understand, that Randall has told you
where your daughter is.
What's her name?
Is it Rebecca?
Yes, ah, Rebecca.
And it'll help you get her back if you can't die.
I can make that happen.
- What's in it for you?
- A myriad of souls,
and most importantly, a favor.
- What's that?
- The captor, the bald guy, Jeremiah,
he's up there on my dime,
and he's trafficking people,
instead of murdering them,
and that's cutting into my numbers.
- So?
- So I'd like him on ice.
I would do it myself,
but there's a loophole, and I can't go up there.
So if this is something that sounds interesting to you,
something that you think you might be able to help me with,
maybe we could come up with an agreement?
How about Jeremiah for Rebecca?
- It's the same agreement,
where my descendants owe you their soul?
- Well, yes, but it's from here on.
It's from this moment on.
I can see that you're worried about Rebecca,
but it's from this moment on, right now.
Do you need a lawyer to get involved here?
Because if you do,
I have one.
I have Hitler's lawyer.
But you don't have time for that,
because Rebecca, her time is running out.
- And what if I can't kill him?
- How could you not?
You can't die.
Don't think so long!
- Okay.
- Okay.
Just a signature, maybe an initial, a dot.
Thank you.
Now, get the fuck outta my bar.
And Paul...
Don't get shot.
- Why's that?
- Well, per our agreement, you can't die.
But if you get shot in the arm, it will hurt.
And if you get shot in the stomach, it will hurt.
You will not bleed out.
And if you get shot in the head, you will not die,
but you can't move,
and they'll throw you in a box,
and then your existence throughout eternity
will be nothing but conscious darkness, which sucks.
So dodge the bullets.
Thanks, guys.
Clown, deal me in.
John Wayne, I see you cheating.
- Hey, man. - Yeah?
- Thank you.
- Don't thank me yet.
That motherfucker is tricky as hell.
Come on, let's go.
Get in the car.
- Interesting spot.
So this is it?
- Well, what is it?
- I got some information
that this is a front for a trafficking operation.
Yeah, I can see that.
- Let's go to work.
- Our Father,
who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Our kingdom come,
thy will be done,
on earth
as it is in heaven.
Give us this day
our daily bread.
Forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those
who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from the evil.
For thine is the kingdom, the power, and glory of heaven,
forever, and ever, and ever.
Go Chiefs!
- Listen, babydoll,
I want you to be good, okay?
Okay, Daddy.
And make sure you brush your teeth tonight.
Okay, Daddy.
- I'll be back in the mornin'.
- Okay, Daddy.
- Look, I love you.
- I love you too.
- It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
- Pull up her shirt.
- What the fuck was that?
- Pizza party's over, you fuck.
Clean this up.
- Baby?
Baby, I'm gonna go.
You stay right here, okay?
No, no, no!
No, no, no, no, no!
You bastards!
She was a baby!
Did anyone else hear gunshots?
Did anyone else hear gun...
Stay close!
Help, help!
That sounded like Carl.
Is any-
That sounded like Steve.
That sounded like Steve!
- Fuck this shit.
I'm fuckin' leavin'.
Fuck that ginger-bearded motherfucker!
Fuck him and his whole fuckin' crew!
- Help!
What the fuck?
What the fuck?!
- You're really becomin' a thorn in my ass.
Stupid motherfucker!
He's gettin' us all fuckin' killed,
and I'm not gonna be here.
Oh, shit!
- Jeremiah!
- What was your name again?
Mr. Hero?
Which one was it, huh?
Was it one of those young, little girls,
or was it a little boy?
You know, I gotta hand it to ya,
you're a lot tougher than all those crying daddies
who come here and try to kill me.
Why won't you drop?!
You went to see him, didn't you?
But did he...
Did he send ya here to kill me?
Some sort of blood contract?
I am fucking bulletproof, bitch!
Why aren't you?
What kinda shitty deal did you make?
Don't get me wrong, I love irony.
Of course it makes sense that I'm vulnerable to punches.
- You all right, buddy?
- Yeah, I think.
I don't think you're gonna make it.
Randall, what's goin' on?
- You're dead, man.
- I can't be.
I made a deal!
- No!
- The deal was for you to kill Jeremiah,
but you didn't,
so you lost your ability to live forever.
Because of your wounds, you bled out.
And Randall, because you did the deed,
I'm gonna go ahead and relinquish you of your contract.
- Is that my good deed?
- Yeah, that was your good deed.
That was big!
Jeremiah and company?
I got what I wanted.
A lot of souls.
A lot of souls.
Thank you.
- What about my daughter?
We made a deal.
That was why I came to see you!
- Oh, yes.
I told you
you needed to hurry.
I said that.
She was sick!
You knew that!
She's gone.
Oh, no, no!
- You brought this on yourself.
It's what does it.
Hell is packed
because of ego.
I like you.
I've always liked you.
I see a lot of me in you,
but you did this.
Look at me.
Turn around.
Turn the fuck around!
Oh, my god!
- Almost a happy ending.
They just never learn.
- I'm sorry.
Rebecca, I'm so sorry.
It's okay, Daddy.
I love you.
I love you, sweetie.
- Let's go home, Paul.