The Devil Is a Woman (1935) Movie Script

Gentlemen, I'm going to be brief.
Tomorrow the Carnival begins.
Unfortunately, every crook
within a thousand miles...
every political offender and exile will try
to take advantage of the masquerade.
If you catch a man stealing, shoot him.
Less trouble afterwards.
But I want no useless arrests.
Last year, the gaol and the hospital
were a disgraceful sight.
I definitely do not want any interference
with the people's pleasures.
If you must make one or two arrests,
because you will not listen to me...
then make them, but no more.
[Playing lively instrumental music]
Say, where are all the pretty girls today?
Pretty girls? Watch this.
Watch this!
[Bell ringing]
Will you please give my card
to the lady of the house?
Which lady, sir?
- The lady who lives here.
- What is her name, sir?
- Look here, your mistress expects me!
- I'm sorry, sir. I'm not so informed.
- Antonio!
- Pascual!
What luck! How wonderful to see you again!
You young idiot. What if you're recognised?
Turn around. Sit down.
Turn your back.
What on earth ever tempted you
to leave Paris?
I'm on my way back there now.
I came to see my parents.
But there's a price on your head.
Don't you know we have a new governor
who eats Republicans for breakfast?
Then I'll risk it until the Carnival's over. But,
how are you, Pascual? Let me look at you.
You've changed. Have you been ill?
My health has been excellent.
I hardly knew you without your uniform.
I suppose it's another one
of your famous adventures...
Capt. Pascual Castellar,
in search of a new beauty.
I've left the army, resigned my commission.
As for the ladies, my friend, for three years
I haven't even looked at a woman.
Enough of my affairs. What of yours?
Why don't you leave while you can
with safety?
Leave? I have an appointment this evening...
with the most beautiful creature
I've ever seen.
The advice may sound strange
coming from me.
I can't ask you to ignore the gentler sex.
Had I to live my life over again...
I'd probably do the same foolish things
once more, but, be careful, Antonio.
The boys in the Club
would laugh their heads off...
if they heard you were offering moral advice
to the young.
But while you're on the subject of advice...
do you happen to know a goddess
in this town by the name of Concha Perez?
The name is not unfamiliar to me.
She lives at the end
of the Plaza del Triumfo, doesn't she?
Yes. Anything wrong with her?
You mean to tell me
you don't know who Concha is?
Concha, the singer, the toast of Spain?
Is she the toast of Spain? Well, I'm in luck!
For the last five years I've known nothing
but gaol, exile and manifestos.
Apparently you don't like her, do you?
She's the most dangerous
woman you'll ever meet.
You must be mad to talk like that!
What's she done to you?
It's no pleasure
for me to talk about the past, but...
I was returning from a holiday in France
about five years ago.
My train ran into an avalanche.
We were snowbound for about three days.
[Train whistle blowing]
[Singing lively Spanish song]
[Speaking Spanish]
- Porter!
- I don't want a porter!
How about an address, Concha,
where I can write you?
Perhaps I can find time
to visit you someday.
What do you take me for?
Come now, stop this nonsense!
Where can I get in touch with you?
Mother says no flies enter a closed mouth.
As the devil would have it...
I was in town one day with nothing to do...
and joined some fool committee or other...
that was investigating labour conditions
in a cigarette factory.
I'd heard there were some pretty girls there.
[Bell ringing]
Now gentlemen, you've heard a lot of stories
about our cigarette factory.
They're not true.
Our girls are all well-behaved.
They earn a great deal of money...
and they wouldn't exchange their position
for any other on earth.
- Something in your eye?
- Not at all.
Now follow me and I'll show you
where we make our shipping cases.
- Do the girls make the shipping cases, too?
- Yes.
The Captain has an eye for the ladies,
hasn't he?
Well, of all people!
How did you get here, Concha?
The Lord knows, I don't remember.
Well, I never expected to find you
in a place like this.
I suppose you must make
quite a lot of money here.
If I work all week, I make enough money...
to bring some flowers to my mother
on Sunday.
- Living with your mother?
- Who did you think I was living with?
Do you know what that is, Concha?
Yes, that's gold.
That's more than I'll earn in a year.
It's yours if you'll sell me one of those
cigarettes you roll with your pretty hands.
Better take two,
in case you should become impatient.
Impatient? Why should I be impatient?
Because I want you to wait for me outside.
So you did wait, didn't you?
- Yes, I waited.
- I didn't think you would.
I know that you're an important person...
and your friends might not like to see you
in such company.
- Are you glad that I waited, Concha?
- Come and take me home!
[Hens clucking]
Here we are.
Quite a climb.
How does your mother get up here?
Mother can climb anything.
Look, Mamma, I've got a fish.
- How are you going to feed it?
- Don't worry about that, Mother.
Make the gentleman welcome.
He's my friend.
Capt. Castellar.
Charmed beyond words, seora.
Make this humble house your own.
What is the exact relationship
of this gentleman?
Your Excellency, a cousin.
And plenty of garlic. Is it paid for?
And sausage, Mother. Try it.
And look, Mamma. Gold!
- How did you earn all that, Concha?
- I earn anything? Don't be foolish, Mother!
Your Excellency,
if my poor husband were alive...
he has been in the enjoyment of God
for the past 15 years...
he'd have beaten her black and blue.
But don't be deceived by her language.
My daughter is a good girl.
We could be rich, my daughter and I.
We could have mules and necklaces,
and live in the country...
but wickedness has never spent a night here.
How I worry when I see my daughter leave
in the morning.
How can you say that, Mother,
when you sleep all day?
You see what bad examples
these factory girls are!
All ugly words she must hear!
If my daughter had listened to them,
she would have gone wrong long ago.
What makes young girls go wrong,
Your Excellency...
is the advice of women, not the eyes of men.
There's a cure for all ills, seora.
Your Highness, how can I thank you?
I'll take care of that, Mamma.
I'll thank him. You don't need to bother.
I see.
Well, this will be enough for the rent...
- and this, the water, and this...
- The baker.
The baker and the doctor.
But I'm afraid there'll be hardly enough
to keep Concha out of the factory.
I understand.
And the landlord thought
that he was going to throw us out!
It's easy to see who runs this shop.
When the time comes
for a sweetheart to offer himself...
he'll have to talk to you
and not to your mother.
You don't happen to know of anyone?
Let me see now.
- No, I don't think so.
- You think too much!
You know of nobody at all?
Let me go!
Don't you touch me, or I'll call for help.
Are you mad, Concha?
I came here as a friend.
Suddenly you throw yourself into my arms,
and now you accuse me!
I kissed you because I loved you,
for a minute...
but I won't let you kiss me
without loving me.
And so you don't think I love you, my child?
No. I please you. I amuse you.
But I'm not the only one, am I?
Answer me, Pascualito!
- Well...
- I want to know! Am I or am I not?
What happened, my child?
Give a man a finger
and he bites off the whole hand.
Well, I'll go and get dinner ready.
I don't think I wanted to see her again...
but I went there, not once, but 30 times.
She was never at home.
Her mother told me
she was either out with a cousin...
or else was going to her dancing lessons.
Finally, after three months of this...
I told her mother that I loved Concha...
and that although there were certain ties
I couldn't form...
I wished to provide for her daughter,
take charge of her education...
in other words, make myself her protector.
I assured her that she and Concha
need never want for anything.
And to prove my sincerity...
Well, the old lady
got quite a sum out of me that time.
I'm deeply offended.
"I am deeply...
- What did I write last?
- You are deeply offended.
I never want to see you again.
"I never...
"want to see you again."
And my mother
doesn't want to see you again.
"And my mother...
"doesn't want to see you again."
As I write this...
"As I write this..." heart is bleeding...
" heart...
"is bleeding..."
...and my eyes are filled with tears.
When I received her letter,
I rushed to her home...
but they had disappeared...
mother and daughter, bag and baggage,
without a trace.
Then, about three months later
after I'd given up hope...
of ever seeing her again,
she suddenly appeared.
- You, Concha?
- Were you expecting someone else?
Come in.
I thought I'd stop by to see if you were in.
Since you didn't care to look for me,
it's I who look for you.
I haven't slept a wink since you left me.
Why did you run away like that?
Where the devil did you go to?
Why did you send me that stupid letter?
I was angry because you had given us
so much money.
- I only wanted to help you.
- I thought it would spoil our friendship.
Our friendship!
But now that all the money is gone,
and nothing is left but...
my affections for you.
- I can no longer live without seeing you.
- Concha, why did you stay away so long?
What if someone saw me come in?
My name would be ruined!
It was foolish of me to come here.
No, it wasn't. It was wonderful, Concha.
I've been thinking things over
for some time now...
and I'll be happy to make you my wife.
Then no one could ever speak ill of you.
But no one speaks ill of me now.
Did you hear what I said, Concha?
I just offered to marry you...
to give you the honour and protection
that go with my name.
That's exactly what I told Mother.
The moment I came here
you'd become serious.
I didn't want to come here,
only she needs money so badly.
Well, at least you're honest, Concha,
even if you don't love me.
But I do love you! Don't read now.
And I told Mother
I wouldn't accept any money from you.
How much does she want?
She has many debts, she needs a lot.
Well, money means little to me, Concha,
and of course, I'll help you.
You're not helping me.
If you want to help my mother,
that's your affair. She's waiting outside.
You can discuss money with her
just as you did before.
Your Excellency!
Seora. Make this humble house your own.
Your Excellency...
how well you look.
Oh, how good it is to see you again.
My daughter talks of you all the time.
She loves you more than anything.
Excellency, I have missed you so much!
Well, sir, they vanished again.
It was months before I saw her again.
I don't believe that destinies are controlled
by a throw of dice...
but it couldn't have been merely
a succession of accidents.
I'd been sent down to the coast
to inspect some defences...
and while there, it was my bad luck
to run into her once more.
[Singing lively Spanish song]
[People clapping]
[Singing] I'm romantic, so romantic
That I often wish
I had a more discreet heart
But believe me, please believe me
When I tell you
that I haven't got a sweetheart
Do you mean to say that you have none?
Did you hear me say that I had none?
No! I only said I haven't one
Three sweethearts have I
Three handsome sweethearts
- And one is the son of a
- One is the son of a
- One is the son of a
- One is the son of a
A gardener!
A gardener?
A gardener!
He gives me daisies and roses
And orchids regardless of the price
And other things
that are so nice
Three handsome sweethearts
- And one is the son of a
- One is the son of a
- One is the son of a
- One is the son of a
A farmer!
A farmer?
A farmer!
He gives me butter and carrots
And onions no other farmer would
And other things
that are so good
Three handsome sweethearts
- And one is the son of a
- One is the son of a
- One is the son of a
- One is the son of a
A baker!
A baker?
A baker!
He gives me biscuits and cookies
And pastries a queen could even eat
And other things
that are so sweet
Sweethearts three
To all three I'm true
She's faithful to three
And I could be
as true
to you
Arturo! A cup of coffee.
My emotions seem to make
little impression on you.
Aren't you afraid of anything, Concha?
- Have you no fear of death?
- No, not today. I feel too happy.
Why do you ask? Are you going to kill me?
You play with me as if I were a fool.
What I gave gladly you took like a thief.
I thought you would be glad to see me.
I'm sorry I sat down.
Don't go! Please, don't go!
I've looked for you so long.
I've missed you.
I don't want to offend you.
Perhaps I'm a bit nervous.
Don't go, please.
Did I order coffee, Pascualito?
The lady said champagne.
All that night I walked the streets in a fever.
I cursed myself, called myself coward.
I burnt with shame
at the despicable role I played.
I told myself there were only two ways out:
Either to leave her or kill her.
I chose a third.
[People applauding]
Pascualito, this is La Tuerta, the one-eyed.
This is Capt. Castellar.
Welcome to your own house,
Your Excellency.
- You lucky girl!
- She really has only one eye.
- Such a gentleman!
- With that one eye, she can only see money.
Some day,
you will have a theatre of your own.
When I was your age, I...
Yes, I know,
all the men were crazy about you.
Come on, Pascualito!
She packs them in like sardines, Captain,
like sardines.
And some day you'll offer me more money,
eh, Tuerta?
- Who knows? Who knows?
- Yes, who knows?
[Tuerta cackling]
- I should have changed to civilian clothes.
- But I like your uniform, Pascualito.
I forgot to thank you for the flowers.
I love you, Concha.
Life without you means nothing.
One moment, and I'll give you a kiss.
Where have you been for two days,
you bad boy?
Pascual, this is Morenito, the bullfighter.
It's an extraordinary pleasure.
Have you ever seen him fight?
No, but I've read the reviews.
Critics don't value genius. He's such a baby!
Some day all Spain will know his name.
Won't it, Morenito?
[Morenito clicking fingers]
- Have you had anything to eat today?
- What time is it?
- What time is it, Pascual?
- About 9:00.
9:00 and no food?
It's easy to see
why bullfighters don't live long.
Perhaps there are other reasons
for their untimely deaths.
Oh, no. A jealous man is no more dangerous
than a blind bull.
Here, darling, buy yourself something to eat.
This Morenito, this genius of yours...
what exactly does he mean to you?
Oh, he's so young and so poor.
I hardly know him.
I gathered as much.
You're so sweet, Pascualito.
How much do you want to release Concha
from her contract?
I said, how much do you want
to release Concha from her contract?
Before she came here...
my house was emptier than a bull ring
when it rains.
She is having a great career here.
I'm not interested. How much?
What will she say
when she hears about this?
- She has a temper, as you probably know.
- I'll take care of her.
Think it over.
[People applauding]
I'm exhausted.
I'm going upstairs to lie down for a while.
- Why don't you go back to the hotel?
- No, I prefer to wait here.
Then why don't you go out
and get some fresh air?
- It's raining. I'd rather stay in.
- Do as you like!
- Is Concha still asleep?
- Asleep? How should I know?
Come on! You're going with me!
I'm not going to hurt you, but come on!
I'm not going to leave here
and you're not going to touch me.
Don't you dare advance another step!
Well, what have you to say?
Invent something! Defend yourself!
Lie some more! You lie so well!
First I want to know what you mean
by breaking in here like an assassin...
and causing this utterly ridiculous scene!
You've gone too far.
You're not going to play with me anymore.
This is superb! He threatens me!
What right have you to tell me what to do?
Are you my father?
No! Are you my husband?
No! Are you my lover?
Well, I must say
you are content with very little.
Am I?
[Concha screaming]
I wanted to leave the country,
leave everything.
Try and forget her and myself.
But you don't know this woman.
She wasn't through with me yet.
Good morning!
[Shouting] Good morning!
I came to see if you were dead.
If you had loved me enough
you would have killed yourself last night.
Bad. Not made properly.
I can make much better chocolate!
Want another beating?
Haven't you had enough?
I'm through with you!
Why did you come here?
Poor Pascual!
You haven't much faith in me, have you?
I haven't much faith in anything.
But I love you, Pascual. Look at me.
Look at me!
Look, Pascualito, I'm black and blue.
I know I've been cruel, but I'll make up for it.
Tell me what you want me to do.
- Concha, let's leave this miserable place!
- But I can't. My contract.
- What about your contract?
- It doesn't end until the season's over.
We'll see about that.
I'll have to close up.
And poor little Concha. Such a success.
Stop that cackling! How much do you want?
I don't want to be in your way, Captain.
- I realise that, but I haven't much time!
- What?
I said I realise that, but I haven't much time!
- And Concha, does she agree?
- Yes, yes, I tell you. How much?
Pascual! Angel! You did buy off my contract!
Did the old hag tell you?
I was going to tell you myself.
- Will you be content now, Concha?
- Of course, Pascualito.
Come, give me a kiss.
Be careful! You'll mess up my hair.
You know, sweetheart,
I need a rest after all this excitement.
I think I'll take a little ride.
But I'd planned to leave town with you
in an hour.
But didn't you hear what I said?
I want to take a little ride.
- All right, I'll be ready in a minute.
- No. You're not going with me.
- Why not?
- Because I don't want you to.
But I'll tell you what you can do.
You can throw me a kiss from the balcony.
Goodbye, Pascualito.
If I'm not back in a week, don't wait for me!
I was laughed at, of course.
There was rather a big scandal.
There were questions in Parliament.
And investigations.
I resigned my commission.
That made it easier for everyone.
I've told you all that's necessary, Antonio.
That woman has ice
where others have a heart.
Not only did she wreck my life,
there were others as well.
The man she ran off with killed himself.
Saved trouble for the bulls.
Antonio, forget about her.
What a devil of a woman!
Did you ever see her again?
No. I hardly wanted to after that.
What if you ran into her now,
with both of you in the same town?
But for your own sake,
don't you go near her.
I wouldn't go near her for anything
in the world. I'm leaving for France tonight.
- Swear it.
- I'll give you my word.
Well, I'd better be going.
Goodbye, Antonio,
and think of me once in a while.
Goodbye, Captain.
Good evening, stranger, you're late!
So that's what you're like.
- Are you disappointed?
- I wanted to see your face.
I wanted to take a good look at the woman
who broke the heart of my best friend.
I've broken so many hearts.
Who is this friend of yours?
Don Pascual.
Pascualito. Did I break his heart?
I could kill you in cold blood
for what you've done to him.
I should like some coffee before I die
and in your soothing company, if possible.
I regret to inform you
that my time is limited. I'm leaving tonight.
Come, I'll take you to the train.
After the coffee.
[Playing classical instrumental music]
Bring me some cards, Pablo.
- Cards, seorita?
- Bring me some cards.
Why don't you take off your mask?
Dodging the police
or are you ashamed of being seen with me?
I have nothing to be ashamed of.
You're very fortunate. I have.
You're a very beautiful woman.
It's easy to see why men
should lose their heads over you.
Is it easy?
- Good evening. Good evening.
- Good evening.
Nice of you to honour us with your company.
The honour is all mine.
Your box is next door, sir.
Come on now, take off your mask.
I've waited long enough.
When did you say
you were leaving for France?
I'm fairly certain
I'm leaving within two hours.
We'll see. Shuffle them.
You're not going to play cards with me,
are you?
You see, we had to meet.
You're the Jack of Spades
and I'm the Queen of Hearts.
Hold them for me.
I don't like those black cards.
Two kings, too.
Clubs and Spades.
The King of Spades.
Now, who can that be?
The King of Clubs is my old friend,
Pacquito, the governor.
He's been a lot in my cards lately,
but never quite so close.
You are afraid of the police.
Well, to tell you the truth,
I'd prefer to avoid them just now.
- What did you do?
- Politics. A little bit revolutionary.
Is that all?
I thought it was something important.
[Knocking on door]
Don't shoot! I know that knock.
The note arrived a half an hour ago, Concha.
There's no answer, Maria. You can go home.
Life is difficult, isn't it,
with so many admirers?
- Sometimes it is.
- On the other hand, life is very easy for me.
[Music stops playing]
I'm going to leave you now.
I must say I'm grateful to Pascual
for his warning.
[People applauding]
If it hadn't been for him
I'd have fallen madly in love with you.
If this letter is causing your departure,
I'll read it to you.
"Dear Concha, I must see you again.
I am at your feet.
"I love you more than ever."
And do you know who sent this?
Your friend, Pascual.
You're a liar! Let me see it!
He must be mad!
Why, he told me that you destroyed his life!
If I destroyed your life...
- you couldn't write such a letter, could you?
- I'd wring your neck.
Kiss me, Antonio.
The King of Spades.
Did you write this letter?
A little earlier in the day,
you took an oath not to see her.
Answer me, Pascual.
Did you write this ridiculous letter?
I hope it provided you both
with amusement to know that I still love her.
Leave town, Antonio,
before I lose my temper and call the police.
I wouldn't put anything beyond you now.
All you wanted was to keep me
out of your preserves.
I'm going to stay now in spite of
your petty jealousy.
Call it what you like.
I'm not going to lose her.
How can you lose
what you never possessed?
I used to have a lot of respect for you,
Pascual, but you're behaving like a fool!
You young puppy!
How dare you talk like that?
We were friends, Pascual. I'll forget the blow.
- Your new victim, Concha, is a coward.
- I don't think he is.
You know better than to think me a coward.
And if you can find any friends
to act as your seconds, I'll be happy...
to discuss that point with them at the hotel,
tomorrow morning.
- Weapons?
- Pistols.
Reading the cards is one of her virtues
I forgot to tell you about.
[People screaming in panic]
- Who fired the shot?
- Was there a shot?
This card belongs to your deck, doesn't it?
[Whispering] It's Concha.
Concha, how marvellous of you
to come here. I hope no one saw you.
I was here before. Where have you been?
I was out arranging the duel.
- Why don't you leave for Paris tonight?
- Alone?
- I'll come with you.
- You can't.
The borders will be watched.
Besides, we need passports.
Then there's the trifling affair
with Pascual in the morning...
which I have no wish to dodge.
All right, then you'll be killed.
Pascual is a dead shot.
You mean he used to be.
Right through the heart?
Nonsense! That shot was an accident.
He won't hit me.
If you die, Antonio, I'll kill myself.
Let's forget about the duel.
Tonight's the last night of the carnival.
Tomorrow will be time enough
to think of death.
You, too, were thinking of death.
Those letters are farewells.
I wrote them anyway. They're not important.
- Whom did you write to?
- Lots of people.
Any women?
Yes. There's a girl.
- Where is she?
- In Paris.
Do you love her?
Why do you ask?
You're not interested, are you, Concha?
No, of course not.
You wouldn't care if I were in love
with someone else, would you?
That isn't true, is it, Concha?
You would care, wouldn't you?
There, gentlemen, you've done it.
I hope you're pleased.
No consideration for me.
Close your umbrella.
It's not raining anymore.
The Carnival is over, but not for me.
I told you to be careful with your arrests,
and what have you done?
Turned this peaceful gaol into a madhouse.
There, gentlemen, is the direct result
of listening to my plea.
[People murmuring]
Stop them. Tear their masks off.
Take their tin horns away.
Remove every vestige
of this nerve-shattering carnival. Go!
What are you waiting for?
I'll teach them to behave!
Let those balloons go.
Order my carriage.
I want to go home and get some sleep!
- Your Excellency.
- Who are you?
I've had just about enough of this.
Take off your mask.
Come at once. By this time he may be dead.
Perhaps they're both dead.
Who may be dead by this time?
Make yourself clear.
- A duel.
- A duel?
They wanted me to drive them. I said no.
To arms! Guns! Horses!
Why don't you put up your umbrella?
It's raining!
We will have to hurry, sir.
The police might come.
If there are no further objections,
select your pistol.
You'll be placed back to back.
March 12 paces.
I will count three and you will then
be at liberty to kill each other.
I hope your injury will be slight.
Well, Concha, I might as well say goodbye.
One never knows.
Anything I might want to say to you now
would sound silly.
If we had never met,
this couldn't have happened.
Oh, Antonio!
You forced this on him, Pascual.
This is murder!
Listen to me, Pascualito.
- You never loved me or you couldn't do this.
- You know very well that I loved you.
You've always mistaken your vanity for love.
Make your final mistake.
Go and kill the only man I've ever cared for!
I won't permit this, Antonio.
I want you to leave here at once!
Now, gentlemen, when I say go,
march 12 paces...
and turn to face your opponent.
At the count of one, cock your pistols.
At two, raise them.
And at three,
take aim and fire at your own discretion.
Are you ready, gentlemen?
One. Two. Three!
Antonio! Are you hurt?
He didn't even take aim at me.
Morning, gentlemen.
A pretty mess. Arrest everybody!
Why don't you gentlemen go
to Madrid or Barcelona...
where they have the proper police
to cope with these things? Don Pascual.
Gentlemen, this is a serious matter.
I could have hushed it up
if it were anyone else.
But Don Pascual hurt?
There'll be the devil to pay.
Stop them! Arrest them!
I thought I made myself clear.
I want everyone arrested!
- Here! Where are you going?
- Good morning, Pacquitito!
I should have known!
You're the only woman in town
worth fighting for.
I'm sorry, Concha,
but I'll have to arrest this gallant gentleman.
Arrest him, I said! Take him away!
If only you knew
how willingly I'd exchange places...
with either one of them for your smile.
Do you still like me, Pacquito?
Concha, I haven't slept for 72 hours.
This carnival has been purgatory.
I'm about to go home to my wife...
which doesn't make my condition
more pleasant.
But if you smile at me once more,
I shall nevertheless be in heaven!
Go home to your wife, Pacquito.
I, too, haven't slept.
- Maybe we can meet tomorrow.
- I dream of the moment.
Every profession has its compensations.
Even mine.
How is the patient, Doctor?
Not serious, I hope?
It's my wish that the whole affair blow over.
There are some things
beyond even your wish, Don Pacquito.
My patient is seriously hurt.
I'm taking him to the hospital, and...
if I get him there alive, I'll feel very pleased.
Very pleased, do you hear me?
To the hospital!
- Concha, how is Pascual? Is he badly hurt?
- I don't know. I don't think so.
I went to the hospital,
but they refused to let me see him.
Why didn't he tell me
he was going to fire into the air?
I did my best to kill him before he killed me.
Only Pascual can do such things,
and now you're in gaol.
Why didn't you listen to me
when I told you to leave?
I wish I had listened to you. Now I've got
to get away before they find out...
who they've arrested or I'll never get out.
Although you don't deserve it
I'm going to see Pacquito, on one condition.
Concha, how can you joke at a time like this?
- Will you take me to France with you?
- You know I wouldn't leave without you.
In that case I'm going to see the Governor.
Gentlemen, I'll attend to you later. Leave me.
Most beautiful of women.
I'm so unhappy, Pacco.
I see. Sit down.
Draw up a full account
of this distasteful affair.
Get a statement
from everybody you can find.
Have it sworn to before a notary.
A full account by each witness,
the names of the coachmen...
and then return it to this office for revision.
I was just going to talk to you
about this matter.
I implore you, don't talk to me
about this confounded duel.
I am a man of lightning decisions.
These troublemakers can't fool with me.
Don Pascual might die!
Don't shout at me, Pacquito.
I'm afraid of you anyway.
- I thought you were fond of me.
- It's useless, Concha.
I know what you want. I cannot release him!
So you can't release him?
Of course you can! You can do anything.
Do you want me to lose my respect for you?
Come on, Pacquitito.
Two little pieces of paper. Two passports.
Two passports? Who's the other one for?
There's a girl mixed up in it.
A cousin of mine, Manuela.
I regret to inform you, Concha,
I still think it's you.
How silly! I hardly know him.
I am happy to hear
that you hardly know him.
This person has been wanted
by the police for five years.
He doesn't think that we know,
but it's unwise to cross my path.
Take a look at this. I found it in my files
with the following information.
Republican. Revolutionary.
One of the leaders.
We'll put him up against the wall
and shoot him.
He's much better looking
than his photograph, isn't he?
Well, Pacco, I must go.
I don't care about this Republican.
But that you, Pacquito, should refuse
such a small favour to a lady...
is distressing. Very distressing!
Don't go, Concha, please.
Ask me anything else, anything!
But this affair has kicked up
too much excitement!
And all I asked for
were two little slips of paper.
What a pity.
Two little slips of paper
from a man I so admired.
Come away from the door, Concha.
Come away from the door.
Farewell, Pacquito. I might have loved you.
You can have your two passports.
I'll hush up the affair, too.
You're a magnificent woman, Concha.
Let it never be said of Don Pacquito
that he didn't know how to value beauty!
You here again?
Haven't you caused trouble enough?
Doctor, please help me to see
Don Pascual. I'm leaving town tonight.
I don't know why I should help you.
One 16th of an inch more
and he would have been dead.
- I'll give you two minutes, no more.
- Thank you, Doctor.
How'd you get in here? I gave orders
that no one should be admitted.
But, Pascualito,
I came to find out how you are.
Getting yourself shot for me.
I didn't think I meant so much to you.
You might have been killed.
Well, what of it? My life's worthless, anyway.
No, it isn't. You're wonderful.
And I came to thank you
for sparing Antonio's life.
Don't bother.
You wanted another proof of my love
and I gave it to you.
As for your thanks, keep them.
I suppose I deserve this.
I know I've always done everything wrong.
Will you forgive me, Pascualito?
And then I'll go.
Will you get out or must I call the attendant?
No, I'll go.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
Told you I'd bring you here on time.
Still 10 minutes.
Hurry them through, Inspector.
They want to make connections
with the Paris Express.
- Here. Here.
- Thank you.
Thank you, sir. I hope you have a nice trip.
- There you are, sir.
- Thank you.
- Anything to declare?
- No, sir.
- Thank you. Anything to declare?
- No, thank you.
- Good morning.
- Porter!
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Name?
- Miguel Rivera.
- Your name?
- Manuela Garcia.
- Place of birth?
- Granada.
- Place of birth?
- Sevilla.
- Married or single?
- Single.
- Married or single?
- Single.
- Destination?
- Paris.
- Your destination?
- Paris.
- Reason for journey?
- Business. I sell wine.
- Reason for journey?
- Pleasure trip.
- You're free to go.
- Thank you.
- The train only stops 30 seconds.
- Thank you.
Good morning.
Have we time enough
for two glasses of wine?
- We're taking the first train out.
- Yes, sir. Sit down, sir.
Well, Concha, we had an easy time of it,
thanks to you.
Yes, we had an easy time of it.
Come. Let's forget everything
that belongs to Spain.
Give me a cigarette.
Here's to the future.
To the future, and may you be happy.
You better hurry, sir,
the train doesn't stop very long.
- Where's the porter?
- Thank you. Porter!
- A pleasant journey to you, sir.
- Come on, Concha. Thank you.
Better get in. We have to leave.
I'm not going. The gentleman travels alone.
Forgive me, Antonio.
I'm going back to Pascual.
Don't forget me, Antonio!
- I thought you were going to Paris.
- I've changed my mind.
Did you wait? Will you take me back?
One minute and I'll take the feed bags
off the horses.
There's no hurry. Let them finish.
Have you a cigarette?
You know, I used to work
in a cigarette factory.