The Devil You Know (2013) Movie Script

[ Silence ]
[ Sound Effect ]
[ Music ]
[ Music & Gun Shots ]
[ Music ]
[ Music ]
[ Inaudible Discussion ]
[ Birds Chirping ]
That was okay.
[ Birds Chirping ]
It's Kathryn Vale.
[ Noise & Birds Chirping ]
It's quite an entrance.
[laughter] Hi!
You look so sweet.
Did you see that?
I have like a little
area, so let's go.
[ Noise ]
Is this really
the best they can do?
I wish you could
be more excited.
I came to see you, didn't I?
See me or be seen?
I was watching the monitor.
You're not making
enough for your face.
What do you mean?
[ Phone Ringing ]
Hello? How are you?
Did you get it?
Great. I'll call you back.
I got an audition for
the new De Palma.
Will Bryan be there?
No. But the casting
director will send in the tape.
Oh, that rather
depends on you, doesn't it?
I'll keep my fingers crossed.
[ Noise ]
I brought you something.
What is it?
For the movie, for good luck.
[ Noise ]
I love it.
I love it.
Oh, is it time?
Can't you stay
for the next set up?
This is my big scene.
Oh. We should get back.
I got a million things to do.
But you'll be great.
Bye. Let's go.
[ Footsteps ]
[ Applause ]
Welcome back.
In her youth, she posses one
of the most photographed
faces in the world.
In the passing years, her
beauty has grown more fragile,
more arresting.
I'm honored to say my guest
today is the internationally
renowned star of stage
and screen, Kathryn Vale.
I couldn't put it down.
This is a gripping, brutally
honest account of everything
from your impoverished childhood
in Europe to your success
in Hollywood, to your marriage
to the late industrialist
Maximilian Pierce.
At the time, there
was some speculation
that you were involved
in his death.
Max's killer has
never been found.
In the book, you suggest the
allegations cost you the Academy
Award for Afflicted
which was your last film.
Now, that was almost
10 years ago.
What got you back on your feet?
Time a good healer?
Yeah. And love.
Are you referring to Jake?
Jake Kelly, he wrote the
screenplay for Crazy Love,
which was a big hit
a few years ago.
And the two of you have been
married nearly three months?
[laughs] Now tell me, does
this book signal a return
to public life?
[Background Music] Will
you go back to acting?
And I'm very proud of her.
[ Music ]
[ Inaudible Remarks ]
[ Noise ]
Do you have the diamonds?
I have them right here.
[ Noise ]
Okay guys, let's cut it.
Did you like that?
I just-- this [inaudible]
big gun to me.
Well, I feel I
really hokey you
with the gun in my left hand.
This is really big.
It's truly big.
But I like the acting.
Yeah, let's go again.
[ Noise ]
Go on! Cut!
[ Noise ]
Go on. Cut!
Ted, that was the
last take, right?
No, I can-- give
me one more chance.
I can nail it.
What was wrong with it?
What-- we'll just-- we'll cut
around it, but what's next?
Over these mics, we
better get the lakefront
scene [inaudible].
Moving on.
[ Noise & Music ]
To Zoe.
[ Music ]
Break a leg.
Love mom.
You die. You die.
You die.
You died in my arms.
It was dark, I was driving.
It was dark, I was driving,
and then he put his
hands into my legs
and I took the steering wheel.
[ Music ]
[ Door Bell Ringing ]
[ Music & Noise ]
I forgot, this came for you.
[ Music & Noise ]
[ Traffic Noise ]
[ Phone Ringing ]
I didn't wake you, did I?
I want you to call
Humphrey's office tomorrow.
I need to see him first thing.
[Slams Phone]
[ Siren ]
[ Traffic Noise ]
I really have to play this part.
It's a good part for you.
It's a great part.
Yes. But there'll
be lots of publicity.
The press is bound to
dig it all up again.
They won't.
That's why I wrote the book.
I gave them what they wanted.
How do you think
Zoe will react?
I went to visit her on
the set the other day and
I felt I'm ready
to do this again.
I'm probably better
now than I ever was.
Ha! You never
cease to amaze me.
I'll let them know.
I want the deal
made by Friday.
Now is a perfect time.
[ Inaudible Discussions ]
Just give me a
couple of weeks.
Yeah, I know what I said.
I know that.
I know it's a lot of cash.
Yeah. No, I didn't-- let me
call you back, all right?
[ Noise ]
Yeah, we need to call
Sally to do my hair.
No, I need to fly out
early to do work and stuff.
I guess a house in Malibu.
Yeah. I'm excited.
You're excited
too, aren't you?
Of course.
Oh good.
Okay, bye.
It won't keep him, you know?
This has nothing
to do with Jake.
It was a mistake to
quit in the first place.
You didn't have a choice.
Do you think you have
it all wrapped up?
Just call Sally and shut up.
[ Music & Noise ]
[ Noise ]
So tell me what you heard.
I told you, she's
got the lead in a film.
She wouldn't do that.
You've got it wrong.
I know what I heard.
She's making a comeback.
[ Traffic Noise ]
It's been a long time.
We used to [inaudible] here
every weekend, I remember.
[Inaudible Remark]
I told you, it's perfect.
Hey, darling.
You look beautiful.
I prefer the other dress.
I told you, it's
two against one.
What's wrong with it?
Maybe it's just not
right for this evening.
I'll wear the first one.
This makes me nervous.
Oh, Jake, don't.
He's always hanging
around listening.
We're going to get rid of her.
Are you ready?
[ Pause ]
Laurence, I'm sorry
to get you here so early.
Do you have the papers?
Why don't we slip
away and do it right now?
It won't take long, will it?
[ Noise ]
It's not too late
to change your mind.
[ Noise ]
Now, one together.
You do look like
a million bucks.
Now, one with your daughter.
Great. You guys are good.
I meant to tell you guys,
how the interview with Joan.
It was a wonderful
Hi, Jake Kelly.
Of course, Mr. Kelly.
Joan Stone.
Kathryn, gorgeous.
Can I get one from the side?
[ Camera Shots ]
[ Music & Inaudible
Discussions ]
How do you know
so much about women?
I said how do you
know so much about women?
I'm not sure that I do.
Oh, what you do for--
looks like seriously.
You can't say it.
[ Music & Inaudible
Discussions ]
I've seen it a million times.
[ Music & Inaudible
Discussions ]
Buy you a drink?
Sounds good.
[ Music & Noise ]
[ Music ]
I was driving and he--
[ Pause ]
-- put his hand between my legs
and took the steering
wheel and--
[ Pause ]
-- and I saw the lights
and heard the noise.
And he--
He was dead.
[ Pause ]
He died in my arms.
[ Pause ]
That was great.
Can I try one more thing?
It was dark, I was driving.
[ Pause ]
And then he--
he put his hand between my legs.
Well, it was such a
pleasure to meet you.
Thank you so much for coming in.
I am such a fan
of your mother's.
You don't look like her.
I take it after my dad.
[ Music ]
[ Music & Inaudible Discussion ]
It was a great audition.
Bryan was there.
He practically offered
it to me on the spot.
Let's have some champagne.
I want to celebrate.
Yeah, where's Tony?
Tony, hey.
Good evening.
Can I see the wine list?
Of course.
That one.
Expensive taste
our little girl has.
It's okay.
I just came straight
from the set.
Things are going so well.
There is huge buzz
about this movie.
A small independent like that
might not set the world a light.
But it's a great start.
[ Music ]
I'm going to start
shooting in December.
So I'm signing next week.
Why now?
Why now?
Because I finally got a lead?
Your film has
nothing to do with it.
Then why are you
trying to compete with me?
Darling, we're
hardly in competition.
I'm not trying to
compete with you.
You are everything to me.
I want you to be the best.
I want you to shine like a star.
[ Music ]
What movie is that from?
You're so transparent.
You want me to succeed as long
as I don't do better than you.
[ Music ]
I've had enough.
I'm going to the car.
Check, we got the check.
[ Music ]
You'll get over it.
Easy for you to say.
[ Music ]
[ Bell Ringing & Footsteps ]
Maybe I shouldn't do it.
Not a good idea.
What do you think?
I think you're both
as crazy as each other.
[sighs] So that's it?
You don't understand.
She's fragile.
Yeah, so are you.
No. I'm tougher than she is.
After Max died, she
was very sick.
I don't want to put
her off her game.
You want to just
give it all up for her?
I don't believe a word you say.
[ Footsteps ]
[ Slams Door ]
[ Traffic Noise ]
[ Noise ]
Hi. I need to talk to you.
[ Music ]
I need to talk to you.
[ Music ]
[ Footsteps ]
Imagine what the worlds
would be like without her.
You'd be free.
I am free.
Why don't we leave together?
Because I can't afford you.
Oh, is that why you
stay with her, the money?
Do you think of me
when you stay with her?
No, I don't.
[door bell ringing] Who's that?
I want to talk to you.
Go ahead.
[ Noise ]
Is this place ever
going to be ready?
You didn't come
all the way over here
to discuss my apartment.
Why don't we just
get it over with?
Meaning what?
Of course, you
should do the movie.
I'm happy for you.
Thank you.
That's not what I
came to talk about.
[ Noise ]
Well, it's not the first time
you've been called a murderer.
It's a little
odd, don't you think?
You told Jake?
I want him to know.
What about Edie?
What about her?
Done anything to
upset her lately?
I don't-- I just-- I
think maybe she's feeling a
bit cutout.
I came over here because
I wanted your advice.
to make sure it's not me.
[ Pause ]
I'm-- I'll call you.
[ Noise ]
What are you going to do?
Nothing at all.
[ Noise ]
Hey! What are you doing?
Nothing Daddy.
You wrote that
note, didn't you?
What? Of course I didn't.
I have no idea who's behind
it, but she's up to something.
[ Noise ]
I got to go.
Don't go.
We need to talk.
[ Noise ]
Listen, I'm-- sorry I
didn't mean to bother you.
I just-- I've seen every
film that you've done
and I think you're amazing.
Thank you very much.
You know, I wrote
you several letters.
[Inaudible Remark]
No. Listen, I wrote
you several times.
You know, I just wanted to talk
to you about something and--
come on Kathryn, come on!
Listen, I just-- why
didn't you read my letters?
Your marriage to the late
industrialist Maximilian Pierce.
Max's killer has
never been found.
[Gun Shot]
[ Music ]
At the time, there
was some speculation
that you were involved
in his death.
[ Music ]
Good morning.
[ Noise ]
There's an article on page
six about your new film.
[ Noise ]
You need to call
Dr. Seger to
make an appointment.
[ Noise ]
[ Music ]
Honestly Humphrey,
they're all girl.
Zoe especially.
No, no, I'm sure.
Yup, let's do it.
Yeah, you're right.
[ Music ]
[ Bell Ringing ]
[ Noise ]
I'm not coming.
What's wrong now Kathryn?
Are you crying?
I have a headache.
Then cancel.
They're your friends.
They're your friends too.
Give Jackie my love,
say I call her.
You know, I've meant
to tell you I can't go
to the country this weekend.
I'm busy.
[ Noise ]
[ Traffic Noise ]
How are Martha and the boys?
Well enough, and Zoe?
She's wonderful.
I'm sorry, Kathryn, but
I'm not comfortable with this.
Why on earth not?
I thought we discussed
reducing the dose,
not raising it.
I told you I can't sleep.
I wish you'd consider
seeing Dr. Faroh [phonetic].
You might benefit--
I don't need a shrink.
For Christ sake,
I have insomnia.
How's the drinking?
I'm asking for your help.
[ Noise ]
[ Music ]
What notes, what they say?
I told you, just threats.
What kind of threats?
It matters.
Where are they?
I burned them.
You hear anything?
No, but--
But what?
I think you should tell me.
Why don't you ask him?
Ignore her.
We should call the
cops, Kathryn.
I already have.
I'm meeting with the detective.
[ Noise ]
[ Music ]
You'd never go to the police.
[ Music ]
Where you going?
[ Music ]
Meet me at the scene
of the crime tomorrow.
No specific demands yet.
They want to scare you first.
You have to do
better than that?
There's no way anybody
has anything on you.
[ Noise ]
Probably just some creep
inspired by your book.
Now, making this
I can't afford to
take any chances.
[ Noise ]
[ Music ]
[ Noise ]
They told me I'm going to
look at the house tomorrow.
You're not spending
the night?
But you haven't
been there since--
I haven't [inaudible]
for it, that's all.
And now, you do?
Yes. I'm done now.
[ Noise ]
What are you doing?
Don't be so dramatic, Zoe.
Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah. You got in.
Yes, good talking to you, too.
All right, see you soon.
Are you sure you don't
want me to come with you?
I'm sure.
I'll call you from the house.
[ Noise ]
[ Music & Noise ]
[ Noise ]
What are you doing here?
I tried calling you.
Maybe I should stay with you.
But I said I wanted
to be alone.
I'll make you some tea.
[ Music ]
I thought you were filming?
We wrapped early.
Would you like some tea?
I'd like to talk to you.
Sure, I'll be right down.
If you want to keep
your secrets,
you have to go to the country
house alone.
Be there tomorrow.
It reminds me of this sort
of pranks you used to call.
Mom, it's not me.
What about Edie?
What about me?
[ Noise ]
You know what I think?
Stop it!
I trust him.
[ Noise ]
[ Music ]
[ Wind Gust ]
[ Noise ]
[ Music ]
What are you doing here?
I thought we could be alone.
I'm going to change
for dinner.
[ Music & Noise ]
Hey, where are you going?
Take your hands off me.
[ Music & Noise ]
After dinner, we should
walk around the house
and discuss renovations.
[laughs] Oh, we had such
a wonderful times here.
I know we can again.
[laughs] Remember Zoe,
when you were like--
I'm not participating
in this performance.
Why is it impossible for you
to acknowledge what's
really happening?
What did it say?
More of the same thing.
Tell me what it said?
She's being blackmailed.
That's why she's here.
Zoe? That's enough.
[ Music & Noise ]
This whole thing
is just a sick joke.
If anyone was coming,
wouldn't they be here by now?
Not if it was one of us.
Shut up.
One of us wants
to hurt you, but why?
Let's examine our motives.
I already have my
suspicions, but how about you,
Jake, who gets your vote?
My motive would
obviously be revenge
for all this getting eclipsed.
And Edie's would be jealousy.
You've been green with envy
ever since she got married
which brings us to Jake.
Good. Well, if
anything happens to mom--
Zoe, I want to talk to you.
[ Noise ]
Why don't you go
and clear the dishes?
I'm not your fucking servant.
No, just hers.
I care about her, unlike you.
I hope you're not going to carry
on with Zoe while we're
all under the same roof.
What did you just say?
Perhaps, I imagined it.
Perhaps you did.
Then you won't mind
if I tell Kathryn?
[ Noise ]
Do that again
and I'll kill you.
You don't need to come
between me and Jake.
Why haven't you
told him the truth?
I'll tell you, if you don't
trust him, you shouldn't.
[ Footsteps ]
What happened?
Zoe, what happened?
What's wrong?
What's going on?
It's not important.
Tell me what she said.
What makes you think
she said anything?
[ Noise ]
You told her about us?
I didn't.
Why would I do that?
Beause you want to hurt her.
She killed Max, didn't she?
I should have guessed.
Max wasn't my father.
I loved him.
[ Music ]
[ Noise ]
It's not going to work.
What are you talking about?
She's not going to go for it.
She doesn't trust
him for a second.
I should have never
let you talk me into this.
[ Noise ]
That's enough now.
You've been drinking.
I want to know something.
Why do you and Zoe
dislike Jake so much?
Don't talk.
Close your eyes.
She's jealous of them.
And she was jealous of Max.
[ Noise ]
[ Hushing ]
[ Noise ]
[ Wind Gust ]
[ Music & Noise ]
[ Gun Shots ]
[ Noise ]
Jesus Christ.
What happened?
Where is Zoe?
Where is she?
Kathryn, I need
to talk to you.
Something's happening.
I think we all
need to stay calm.
Oh, Kathryn.
Hey, hey, hey.
Put the gun down, come on.
Did he say that I did it?
I heard Zoe threaten to
tell you they were lovers.
He said he would kill her.
Whoa. Hey, hey Kathryn,
don't listen to her.
I saw them together.
He killed her.
Hey, gun down.
Come on.
Kathryn, put the gun down.
Where is she?
Where is she?
[ Noise ]
[ Gun Shot & Music ]
[ Noise ]
I thought you would kill him?
[ Footsteps ]
[ Music ]
[ Noise ]
I'm not going to jail.
I can't protect you anymore.
[ Noise ]
I'll tell him it was you.
[ Noise ]
I don't care.
[ Music & Noise ]
[ Music & Noise ]
In entertainment
news, it's turning
out to be a bittersweet
Oscar season
as Hollywood still mourns
the loss of scriptwriter,
Jake Kelly, who's killed in a
bizarre [inaudible] last year.
While recovering
from tragic loss,
actress Kathryn Vale
was receiving high marks
for her role in Restricted.
When asked about her
impressive come back, she says,
"I took the pain and
made it into something."
Well, that's something
has already turned
in to an Oscar nomination,
and Vale is considered
to be a sympathetic favorite
among members of the academy
who may see this
as an opportunity
to finally recognize
her long career.
In other news--
[ Music ]
[ Music ]
[ Music ]
[ Music ]