The Devil's Candy (2015) Movie Script

-Ah! Ah!
-Ray? Sweetie?
-Ah, I play it loud.
Like, I can't hear him.
- Pack your things, you're
going back to the hospital.
I'm calling daddy
and he is taking you back.
- No..
-Mom said you have to hurry.
- Is that the thing
for the bank?
- Yeah.
Yeah, that's a commission.
-Butterflies? So not metal.
-I know, I know, I agree.
But most people
don't like metal.
Most people's
taste is in their..
- Have you not showered yet?
We're late.
Killing inside
I am destruction
killing inside
Killing inside
I'm burning fear
killing inside
Killing inside
I am the killer
everyone dies
Look into my eyes
They come to murder
murder now
Everyone dies
Afflict them into a wall
- Guys, can we listen to
just a little bit less heavy?
- I'm not sure that's what
your mom had in mind.
-Wow. It's gorgeous.
Driving down the open road
Full of moonshine
to wear down the load there
When you look so fine
That I wanna
make you mine..
-Lived in Texas my whole life.
It's always been hot
but well, even Satan's praying
for it to rain.
As y'all can see,
everything's true
to the turn of
the century period.
- Yeah, I... I love this
- Special, ain't it?
- Yeah.
- And through here, north
facin', double hung windows.
Sunlight streamin' in.
I'm not one for flowery words,
but tranquil comes to mind.
- Zo, this is twice the size
of the room
that you have right now.
Have fun, you're not gonna see
any of them
with all the posters
that you have.
- If there's even
one teddy left..
You have to buy me some more.
- Yeah. Of course.
- Could make a mighty
fine bedroom
for a teenager down the track.
When she's ready
for some space of her own.
- This is gonna be
daddy's studio.
- Or a studio.
Yes, indeed.
By law I have to fess up
to any death in the house.
And in this case there were two.
-Um, sweetie.
I had left my bag in the car
and it's got some documents
I need.
- If you want me to leave,
just ask.
-And now you can't sell it
which is why the price
is so low.
-Next showings at eleven..
Got 'em lined up all day.
Folks love a bargain.
After all, what are we talkin'
about here?
A sweet little old lady
who accidentally
fell down the stairs,
and her dear old hubby
who couldn't stand
to live without her.
Sad, indeed..
But it's not like
Charlie Manson lived here.
- Can you give us a minute,
Thank you.
You don't find it creepy?
- What?
The couple?
- Yeah.
- No. No, I... I actually think
it's really romantic.
He loved her so much he couldn't
live another day without her.
-You just want this studio.
- What? No. I'm not even
thinkin' about this.
Can you hear that?
- What? What?
- Wait, shh.
- What do you mean, what?
-That right there.
You can't hear that?
- No, I can't hear that.
What is it?
- Buy me.
You don't hear that?
'Cause it's screaming at me
I can't ignore it.
-Can I help you?
I guess
it wasn't meant to be
But now you're gone
It's just
your love is like a drug
Your love..
- Zooey's gonna have to
change schools.
- She'll be alright,
she's a brave kid.
- It's like two buses for me
to get to the salon.
-Not if we get a second car.
- You have to do
more commissions.
We just, we cannot do this
on my salary alone.
I mean rent is one thing
but this... this is a serious
- I know, Astrid,
why do you think
I'm painting fuckin' butterflies
for a bank
even though it makes me
want to puke?
Astrid, please, chill.
Please ju... just,
just take a hit.
Close your eyes.
Close your eyes.
Repeat after me..
We just bought a house.
- "We just bought a house."
- Yeah!
And it's a beautiful
fuckin' house.
- "And it is a beautiful
fucking house." -Yeah.
We're gonna be happy.
- "We're going to be happy."
'Cause we never have to look
at that view ever again.
Come here.
You make my eyes glow
What ever it is
feels like bliss
You make my heart burn
What ever it is
feels like bliss
You'll never know
I adore you
I get this pain in my head
Then comes the time
when I'm near you
I nearly fall on my
head spins meningitis!
What ever it is
feels like bliss
You're making my teeth shine
What ever it is
feels like bliss
You make me sick
when I see you
I get this pain in my head
Then comes the time
when I'm near you
I think I'm already dead
Already dead
already dead
Already dead
already dead
Already dead
already dead
Already dead
already dead
- County Sheriff's office,
open up.
Can you open up a little
so I can see?
- You know why I'm here?
I got a call
about some loud music.
What's your name?
- You gonna help us both out
and keep quiet, Ray?
- Let me hear you say it.
- I'm gonna help us both out
and keep quiet.
- Good. I don't want to have to
come back.
If I come back, I got no choice
but to give you a citation
or ticket
or worse,
place you under arrest.
I'd much rather not.
- It's never as bad
as you think.
Seriously, you just tough out
the first 30 minutes
and then the rest is gravy.
-I hate gravy.
- Alright,
go forth brave soldier.
Don't let your schooling get in the
way of your education, alright?
-Uh, yeah. I love you, dad.
Hey, Zo.
Oh, my God.
- I haven't gotten you
that good in ages.
- Yeah, that was,
that was hysterical.
That was super funny.
- Thank you.
-How was your first day?
-Sucked big time.
-Hey, hey.
It'll get better, I promise.
Okay, it just takes time.
Yeah, anything new,
it just takes time.
What happened to
the butterflies?
Jess? Jess?
Wh... where were you?
-Where were you?
- I'll get it!
There's someone here
and it's not the pizza man.
-I've got one just like that.
- A flying V.
You got a red Flying V?
I want a Gibson Flying V
like Kirk Hammett
from Metallica uses.
He is my favorite guitar hero.
I mean I asked mom and
dad to get one for my birthday
but you know, Gibsons
are really expensive
so I'm getting
a little cheaper...
-Excuse me.
Can I help you?
- Mmm.
I need to come home now.
This is mommy and daddy's house.
They're dead.
-Oh, my God. I'm so sorry.
- I'm really sorry about what
happened with your parents.
But yo... you don't live here
Okay. It... it's time for you
to leave.
- They won't let me
play it loud.
I need to play it loud.
-You need to leave, now.
- Dad.
- Jess..
- You need to leave
before I call the police.
Alright, that's it,
I'm calling the police.
I'm callin' 'em right now.
- You were mean.
You say, "treat everyone like
the way you want to be treated."
You didn't do that.
- Well, the poor guy, obviously
has something wrong with him
and his parents did just die
in our house.
-We've come to the place
where we joke
about the idea of the devil.
With the horns, and the tail,
and all that.
But that is Satan's lie
to distract us
from the reality of who He is.
He is no mask
in a Halloween store.
He's not what you see
in the movies.
He is an active, violent
anti-God personal reality.
And as much as we refuse to
admit it, He lives through us.
He uses us to carry out
His unspeakable deeds.
For we are His pawns,
we are His demons on Earth
we satiate His hunger.
If you have the slightest bit
of greed, in your heart
He will turn it into
an avalanche.
He will slither into your soul.
- That's really great Zooey
that's not gonna win you
any Academy Awards.
- It's not funny, you're not
supposed to go if you're sick
because everyone else
gets sick too.
- Well, it looks like we got
an outbreak on our hands.
-Oh, my God. Dad.
I said I wanted a flying V
and he's given me his.
And a Marshall, dad,
he's given me his Marshall..
I can keep 'em right?
Please. Please.
I can't let you
keep this guitar.
Hey. Hey.
I'm gettin' you a guitar and an
amp for your birthday. Come on.
- Not a Flying V,
and a Marshall.
These seeds are
what you've sown
Never should have
lit that fuse
Enjoy your paradise
This hell is just for you
- I know that Leonard
already rejected my portfolio.
But I just need... -Leonard doesn't
look at artists twice, Jesse.
-Yes, I know, but please.
This is different.
I've never had a muse before.
I don't remember painting this.
It's like it's,
it's like somethin'..
It flowed through me.
-I'll see what I can do.
- Rocky?
Here, boy.
Come on, Rocky.
Just gonna go get Rocky.
Here, boy.
-What the fuck?
I'm so sorry.
Okay, you know what..
I deserve that.
Okay, totally deserve that.
I'm really sorry, Zo.
-It's only my second day.
I don't know anyone.
And you just left me here.
-I was painting.
I thought that I was in there
for five minutes.
And I stepped outside
and the sun had gone down
and I panicked.
I didn't think that
I was in there for so long.
I just, I... I completely
got lost in it.
- Don't do it again.
- I won't.
- Swear.
- I swear.
-On my grave.
-I swear.
Can we please be friends again?
- Are you gonna let me keep
the guitar and amp?
Hello Austin, it's been a while,
but are you ready to get heavy?
I said, are you ready
to get heavy?
Scissor kick
off the Marshall stack.
Thank you, everyone.
- Throughout the ages, in all
the various religions of man
there is one constant.
The personality of the being
we call Satan.
In Samaria, He was Baal.
In Egypt, Set.
In Persia, Orin.
In China, He was chief
of the warlock, called Wu.
There is always the dark God.
The fallen God.
There's always Satan.
- Did you tell her that
she could keep the guitar
because, you know, I thought
that you said that you..
Oh, my God.
Is that..
-I didn't mean to do this.
-Okay, what's going on?
This, this is our daughter
on fire.
-She can never see this.
- Okay, well then destroy it.
- I can't.
- Because it isn't finished yet.
- No, it is,
if you want it to be.
- No. No, it's not
that simple, Astrid.
It's like these children
are inside of me.
Begging, screaming
to be let out.
And I don't know why.
-Come on.
-He wanted it to be you.
I wouldn't let Him.
'Cause you're a special one.
No. No... no... no.
You can't be loud.
He'll make me do that thing
I don't wanna do
and I don't wanna
do that to you.
Please, please... please.
Please, be quiet.
If I take my hand away,
are you gonna be loud?
- Mm-mm.
-Cross your heart?
And hope to die?
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
-Don't! Don't!
Oh, no!
-Get out!
Right now! Daddy!
Oh. Oh.
-Were the doors locked?
-Uh, yes, they were
but, um, Jess went out
to the studio...
-I'm so sorry.
- It's not your fault.
It's his fault.
Now you mentioned that
he'd lived here before you all?
-Still the same locks?
- Then there's every chance
that he has a key
which means you need
to change them locks.
- And I think it's best
if you folks move into a motel.
Even, just for a few days.
Give us some time
to run the prints
and take a real good look
into this guy.
I'll be stationed outside
all night.
Until you're up
and out in the morning.
So don't you worry.
You're gonna be alright.
-Try and get some sleep, okay.
It's gonna make you feel
a lot better.
-What if he comes back?
- Well, that's why
the police lady is outside.
-What if he gets past her?
-Oh, my gosh.
- Oh, my gosh.
- Astrid.
- I'm so sorry.
I thought that you were...
-I'm okay. I'm okay.
-I'm ready for school.
No, sw... sweetie, you don't,
you don't have to go
to school today.
-It's safer than here.
- If he comes back,
I'll smash him.
-I'm gonna be late.
-Oh. Oh, fuck.
- Jesse.
- Yeah.
- It's Mara.
I showed Leonard your painting.
He approves.
-That's uh, that's...
- He'd like to come by
your studio.
See what you're working on.
-Yeah, yeah. No, definitely.
That's great, any... any time.
- Leonard's got an opening
at three.
- Wait, today?
- Yes.
-No, I... I can't.
I... I have... I have
to pick my daughter up at three.
-I can push it back to two.
But that's all I can do.
Take it or leave it Jesse.
-Come on.
- What this is, Jesse,
is a show of faith.
But I'm willing
to take that chance.
Because your latest work is..
Wonderfully disturbing.
- Fuckin' painting
nearly killed me.
- Le sang de la terre.
-I'm... I'm sorry.
-The blood of the Earth.
The world's oldest
unblended cognac.
That's what we've been sharing.
Beside the moment of course.
Now that you're being
represented by Belial.
It's time for you to start
getting used to nice things.
-Uh, Leonard
I'd love to sit here
and drink this whole bottle
with you right now,
really, I would
but I gotta pick my daughter up.
- I'm sure your daughter
won't mind
if you're one
or two minutes late.
-I'm already pushing it.
- What's a few minutes
in the grander scheme?
-Actually it's everything.
I'm not gonna get into it
right now, just trust me.
I can't be late.
- Well, as they say,
"nothing of true worth
"comes without some..
To sacrifice.
-Oh, no.
Come on!
Come on.
- He's right.
You are the sweetest candy
of them all.
I have to do that thing
I don't wanna do now.
Let me go, please!
You swore on my grave.
- Look, um, I know it doesn't
seem like it right now
she's actually very lucky.
When he was twelve,
he did the same thing
to a nine-year-old girl.
Hit her over the head
with a rock
and then he tried to bury her.
Case went to juvenile court
and he ended up
in state psychiatric
for 20 years.
- Does it say in there
why he did it?
"I have to feed Him children.
Because children
are His candy."
He goes on to clarify
who "He" is
none other than Satan himself.
Thanks for your patience.
How's she doin'?
Like I was tellin' Jesse here.
I think
the best course of action
is to put you into
witness protection.
- And how long does
witness protection last?
- As long as it takes
to find him.
-Just the gas?
-Need a hand with that?
-Nope. I got it.
- You sure?
- Yep.
-Okay. Alright.
Thank you.
Your key, officer.
- Thank you.
I really feel bad
for that little girl.
- Yeah.
- It's gonna be a long time
before she sleeps
through the night.
- Now, where is he?
He was just here.
- Aah!
- Aah! Aah!
-No! No.
I'll be right back.
-Zooey! Zooey!
- He's right outside
of our door!
-Zooey, come on!
- No. No. No. No.
Mom! Daddy!
No! No! No!
- Jesse.
Zooey, Zooey.
Please, don't hurt her.
Please don't hurt her, please.
-No, stop!
Zooey, don't.
Shh! Shh! Zooey.
- No! No!
- No, no. No!
No, no! No!
Please, please, please.
Jesse, you have to wake up,
he's got her.
-Where is she?
-No! No!
No! No, no, no!
No, no, no!
-Shh, shh, shh! Shh!
Look, look, look!
It's Him.
-Hang on, Zooey!
-No, no, no!
Ah, daddy!
No, no.
-Zo.. Zooey..
Zooey, you need to come to me.
Just jump really fast.
-I can't!
-Please trust me.
I'm gonna catch you, Zo.
Are you okay?
-Where are you going?
-I can feel them inside me
begging, screaming
to be let out.
And I don't know why.
Make his fight on the hill
In the early day
Constant chill deep inside
Shouting gun on they run
Through the endless grey
On they fight
for they're right
Yes but who's to say
For a hill
men would kill
Why they do not know
Stiffened wounds
test their pride
Men of five still alive
Through the raging glow
Gone insane from the pain
That they surely know
For whom the bell tolls
Time marches on
For whom the bell tolls
Take a look to the sky
Just before you die
It's the last time he will
Blackened roar
massive roar
Fills the crumbling sky
Shattered goal
fills his soul
With a ruthless cry
Stranger now are his eyes
To this mystery
He hears
the silence so loud
Crack of dawn all is gone
Except the will to be
Now they see what will be
Blinded eyes to see
For whom the bell tolls
Time marches on
For whom the bell tolls