The Devil's Dolls (2016) Movie Script

Where do you go
When you die?
Where do you go?
Where do you go?
Where do you go
When you die?
You go down down down
Down down
-Help me! Somebody.
Help me! Somebody,
Please help me!
Help me!
Help me, please!
- He's right behind me.
- You're safe.
Amber, right? Amber Ryder?
All units. All units.
This is Doyle.
10-99 on Begos Road
near the hospital.
I got her. Send medical.
- No, no, no,
we have to get out of here.
He's gonna kill me.
-Amber, listen.
Everyone's been out
looking for you.
The whole area is on lockdown
and he knows it.
Now someone will be
by here in a minute
to take you out of here
and then we'll get him.
I promise.
I'm gonna get a blanket
from the trunk and..
-It's okay.
-Okay, Henry. Okay.
On from here walking
Dreams awake
I think not
I think not
The sky comes king
Blown in every direction
And of no country
I am straw
It is no mystery
I know my way from here
Iron sharpens iron
Crooked wooden
in peacock black
I have your feathers
Slung across my back
I'm not the only one
To help you down the hill
My blue knuckles
Do as they will
It is no mystery
I know my way from here
It is no mystery
I know my way from here
-Yeah. I'll tell him, but..
Yeah, I understand that, Lu,
but you know what he'll say.
Okay, lieutenant.
- No.
- Matt.
- No, Darcy.
- I told him you'd say that.
- Then why the hell are we
still having this conversation?
- So I can follow a direct
order and tell the lieutenant
I relayed his message.
-Fine. Go ahead.
-It is CNN this time.
They are asking
for five minutes, Matt.
-We good?
- You know, it might be good
to talk to them.
- Christ, not again.
- No, not for you. The victims.
- The families deserve to hear
more than
dry line items of the case
- It's over, Darcy. He's dead.
If they can't accept that...
- No, no, no, it's not
about accepting it.
They wanna understand.
What more is there
to understand?
He was random and vicious.
The Garrets want to understand?
The Masons,
they want to understand?
Do the Thompsons really want
to understand exactly
what was going through Henry's
mind as he snatched up
their little girl up
and whipped her to death
with the chain off her bicycle?
- Jesus, Matt. I'm not asking
you to rationalize it for them.
- A lot of kids get knocked
around by their old man.
The problem is how some of them
choose to deal with it.
- It's also a problem when
they choose not to deal with it.
-It's late.
- Please tell me we're not
still talking about this.
There's nothing new.
-Yeah, well..
Must have been Henry's.
-Can I help you?
- You have something that don't
belong to you, detective.
- Wait, I know you,
from Henry's file.
You're that Degraty woman...
-DeGracie, Della DeGracie.
The one who found Henry
the night his father died...
-The night.
And I have to have back
that item.
Henry had a box.
- Look, lady,
it's been a long day, alright.
Anything of Henry's has to be
filed with the police clerk.
You can come down
to the station tomorrow
we'll see what we can do.
-Mom, I'm done. Come look.
- Okay, baby.
Are your shoes on?
- Yeah.
- Okay, because mine are not.
I can't find them, have you seen
my brown sandals?
- Mom?
- Okay, okay, sorry.
-Let me see.
Oh, so pretty.
Nice job.
Okay, get ready.
Here, we gotta get going, okay?
Uh, Buddy, get down.
Sweetheart, we talked
about this when we moved in.
There is no reason for you
to be afraid of Buddy.
He would never hurt you,
I promise. Okay?
- It's daddy!
- What?
-There is my girl!
-I'm gonna keep you, daddy.
- And I'm gonna keep you.
- Forever?
- Forever and ever.
- Look what I made.
-Whoa, that is beautiful.
- I know.
Do you have anything for me?
-It's in the car, sweetheart.
- Jesus, Matt.
We've been through this.
You can't just show up here.
-I needed to see her.
-I saw the news.
- You got him, huh?
- I got him.
- You alright? You seem...
- I'm fine.
-Of course you are.
Well, good for you.
- The shoes you were looking
for, they were, um..
-Thank you.
-Hey, Matt.
- Come on, I'll be
in the car, okay?
- Come on, Chloe,
let's get in the car.
Take care of yourself, Matt.
- There's my favorite girls.
-Hey, kiddo.
- What's up, Toddy?
You know I have a dolly, right?
- Nope. Did not get
that information.
- So, you're helping
us out today?
- Yeah, I'm making
some stuff, too.
- Yeah? Well, you better
save something for me.
- Uh, guys. Still heavy.
- Oh, alright just take it
in the back, babe.
- Let's go, squirt.
Grab the door.
- You guys good?
- Yeah.
Todd keeps having nightmares.
We're still living in the
one-bedroom shithole he grew up in.
So he's not sleeping very well.
-I'm sorry.
What about the interview
from the other day?
- We're still waiting
to hear back.
God, he's been out of work
for... six months now.
-I'm sorry.
-It's really killing him.
I don't know how
we're staying afloat.
Which by the way,
thank you for..
The extra hours and stuff.
Really appreciate it.
- Hey, don't even.
I wish, I could do more.
He's gonna find something.
Something great.
-We'll see.
I was happy to get him
out of the house.
-Oh, yeah.
- Congratulations on Bale,
-Thank you.
-Mommy, it's cold in this.
-Great, honey.
- Oh, my God, these are so cool.
-That's my daughter, Chloe.
She's a jewelry designer.
And I think she is having
a sale. Two dollars?
- Got a sweatshop goin', huh?
- Obviously.
-Do you have this in a set?
-I'm sorry, just the one.
-That's a shame.
Your father would like one
for his study.
- I can make some calls
and see if I can find...
-No, that... that's okay.
- Listen,
give me your name and email
I'll let you know when we get
more like that.
- Thank you.
- Of course.
-There you go.
-I'll take one.
How's that look, Chloe?
- Chloe-bear,
you've got a customer.
Baby, where did you get
those things?
It's okay, baby. It's okay.
-What happened, seizure?
- It's okay, baby, just...
Just listen to mommy's voice.
Remember, it'll go away.
- Hey, Chloe,
did you make these?
This is so cool.
Can I buy it from you?
- Bye.
- Feel better.
-Chloe, you're a hit.
-That was a tough one.
- Hey, can you go solo
for a bit?
- I'm gonna take her home.
- Yeah, yeah, of course.
-Go home, baby?
- Forgotten how ugly
that wall was.
You okay?
- My father would have been
72 today.
- You still taking Chloe
to Disneyworld?
Happiest place on earth.
You think you can handle it?
- It was supposed
to be Amy, too.
Three years ago, I said,
after I catch this guy..
We can..
I never..
Told you this
'cause I was too ashamed.
The day we found
Tyler Richardson's body
Amy made me promise
to come home early.
Well, we found Tyler..
I forgot all about it.
Got home around 2 AM
walked in, Amy and Chloe
are asleep on the couch.
"Happy Birthday, Chloe Bear"
banner on the mantle.
Presents and cake..
I remember this bastard's
birthday every year.
I forgot my own daughter's.
Amy woke up when I walked in.
We just stared at each other.
Neither one of us said anything.
Guess that's when we knew
it was over.
God, I fucked it up.
-Yeah, you did.
-Here, really?
-Just do it.
- Wouldn't you feel more
comfortable buying this?
- Hey,
I've gotta do the hard part.
-Are you sure?
-I'm three weeks late.
What is it, babe?
-It's a lot to take in.
-It's gonna be okay.
-That'll be $9.94.
Son? $9.94.
Cash or charge, son?
Hey, are you alright?
-Mom, can I have my blanket?
-Of course.
-I miss daddy.
-Come on, Buddy.
-There you go.
-What's wrong, mommy?
-Nothing, baby.
Hey, do you know
who became a professional
jewelry designer today?
You did.
When you sell something,
that makes you a professional.
I am so proud of you.
You know, Aunt Becca says
she's gonna wear hers every day.
You know, maybe you and I
should be business partners.
-Can I be the boss?
-Yes, you can be the boss.
And guess what?
I have a present for you.
Guess who bought the very last
Chloe William's original today?
-I wanna wear it.
- Not while you are sleeping,
baby. It's dangerous. Sorry.
I have an idea.
Give me your wrist.
I love you, baby.
-I love you.
- Sweet dreams.
-Hey, over here.
- You gonna tell me
why we're suddenly on top
of the batting order again?
This isn't our case, Darce.
-Just watch.
The kid's name
is Conner Heffler.
And the clerk's Tommy Logan.
Kid goes off camera for a second
to get a pregnancy test
for his girlfriend
who is waiting in the car.
-And where's she at now?
- I had a uniform
take her back to the station.
He goes to pay..
-Why, he tweaking?
- Running a tox screen now.
Girlfriend came up clean.
Same as the car.
Swears Heffler was, too.
You gonna tell me
what this has to do with me?
-Just look.
Comes the store owner.
This has to do with you.
How the hell
did that kid do that?
Henry's calling card
wasn't public record.
It was redacted
from all reports, all photos
specifically so some nut job
doesn't go out and play copycat.
-Where there's a will..
- So what is he, just some
highly resourceful
psycho kid lookin'
to go out in the spotlight?
- Probably.
- Bullshit.
-You don't believe that.
If you did,
you wouldn't be here.
You'd be off doing whatever
it is you do these days
'cause I've stopped
trying to figure it out.
- What the hell
do you want from me?
-I want you to say it.
Tell me the first thing
that came into your mind
when you saw
what that kid drew in there.
Oh, come on, Matt.
The brutality
of that attack, the rage.
That and the mark.
You're really gonna tell me
that's just some
half-ass interpretation
of Henry's MO?
Why are you still standing here?
-Because it was perfect.
-What was that?
She's not in here!
- Alright, I'm gonna
check the other room.
I can't find her.
- She's not in this room either.
God, where is she?
-Oh, my God.
-Where is Chloe?
-Hey, hey, Amy, Amy.
-Oh, my God.
Are you in here?
- Chloe?
- Honey?
Oh, my God.
I'm calling an ambulance.
- What have we got?
- Juvenile female,
eight years old
hypertensive, unresponsive.
Respiration erratic.
She's an epileptic.
- Then?
Mother reports
a regular course of Topamax.
150 milligrams.
Last dose 7 PM.
-Area 1 is open.
- Oh, wait.
You guys can't go in.
She's in really good hands.
I promise
to let you know something
as soon as I possibly can,
- Why don't you come over here?
There is room to wait. Okay?
- We'll be fine.
That's okay.
-Ms. Bayer? Trisha?
I'm Detective Williams.
Believe me, we wanna find out
why this happened
as bad as you, so...
Is it okay if I ask you
a couple of questions?
You and Conner aren't from here.
Why were you in town?
-School's out.
Driving home to Florida,
Stopped on our way through.
- School is where?
- Iowa.
You and Connor ever
take any drugs?
-No. Conner never...
And I'm pregnant.
I mean, I think I am.
That's why Conner,
he went into the store.
- It's okay.
Have some water.
How did Conner
know the store clerk?
-He didn't.
- Trisha, the way
he attacked that man
there had to be
something personal.
-No. Never.
We've never even
been here before.
- Have you ever heard the name
Henry Leonard Bale?
-The serial killer?
- Is it possible Conner
would had contact with him?
-What? No!
Of course, not.
- Maybe followed the case?
Took a special interest?
Not at all.
- Have you ever seen
this symbol before?
-What is that?
What is that?
Oh, my God.
- This officer is gonna take
really good care of you.
- You didn't have
to show her the picture.
- You just wanted
to see her reaction.
-She doesn't know shit.
Where is she?
-They sedated her.
- I don't understand.
The... the dog?
I wanna see her.
-She's in there.
-I should leave.
- Ethan.
- No, he's her father.
- And you're my fiancee.
Stay with me.
- Hello, detective.
I'm Dr. Wells.
- What is this?
- We don't know yet.
- She's an eight-year-old girl
for Christ's sakes.
Did you hear what she did?
-I can't explain that.
-What can you explain?
- The blood we took shows
extremely elevated
stress hormone levels consistent
with an epileptic seizure.
- She's had seizures before.
Nothing like this.
- The nature of seizures
is unpredictable, detective.
Especially in children.
Now, you said she had another
intense episode earlier today?
- Yeah.
- What?
- It was over in a minute.
Like always.
I handled it. She was fine.
You wanna talk about how many
times I've had to handle this
on my own
in the last couple of years?
- Hey. Nobody did
anything wrong.
What's important is that
we're taking care of her now.
-What's next?
- Well, the standard protocols
have failed to lower her pulse
or her blood pressure
as much as I'd like to see.
But she'll level out.
The best thing is to keep her
sedated and let her get a rest.
-Thank you, doctor.
I can't bring her back
to the house like that.
- No, no, I'll take care of it.
-I am so sorry.
- I'll be back as soon as I can.
It's okay.
-It's okay, baby.
Daddy's here.
It's gonna go great.
They wouldn't have called you
again if they didn't want you.
- I'll believe that
when they offer me the job.
- And then we'll have
a celebration dinner.
-It's a good luck charm.
Chloe would want you
to have that.
-How is she doin'?
-She's fine.
She's a tough kid.
I'm gonna go up there later
and bring them some food.
-Oh, shit.
It's Thursday.
I gotta pay Big Al.
- Like we can afford this.
- Hey.
Everything's gonna be okay.
We'll get through this.
- Hey, Bec.
- Hey.
- She's asleep right now.
Actually, they both are.
- No. That's fine.
Don't wake her.
I just wanna
come by later on today
maybe if you could
give me the room number?
- She's in Room 101.
Come by whenever you can.
- Hey, baby, did you
check on Big Al?
Oh, my God.
Todd, are you okay?
What happened?
-All you do is just take.
- What? Todd, I'm gonna
call you an ambulance.
-Becca, you still there?
-There is nothing left.
I am nothing!
Come on, come on, come on.
-Becca? Todd?
Todd, Becca.
-Matt! I'm in the bathroom.
There is something
wrong with Todd!
He's trying to kill me!
-I'm walking towards you.
-It's okay.
Where's Todd?
-I don't know.
I don't know
where the fuck he went.
- No!
- No!
Oh, God. No! No!
No. Hold on.
Todd, buddy,
put down the shears.
Don't do it.
It's okay.
What is it?
- Look!
- It does look like
the ones Henry had.
- Jesus. Chloe.
I need full medical backup.
79/12 Eagle Crest Drive.
I need immediate support.
- When do the new tests
come back?
-A few more hours.
-Matt, where did you go?
- Emergency at work.
How is she?
- She's not stabilizing
like I hoped.
- Doc, is it possible
for skin to contact
a drug or toxin to cause
what happened to Chloe?
-A drug? Matt, what...
- Doc, is it possible?
- Yes.
- Amy, Chloe took something
from the back of my car.
It was a wooden box
filled with figurines.
She might have thought
they were jewelry charms.
- But...
- Amy, charms?
Did Chloe have one?
- Yeah.
She made a necklace,
a... a bracelet.
We turned it
into a bracelet. So?
- EMTs would've removed and
bagged any items on her person.
- I'm on it.
I'll meet you at the car.
- Matt, what is going on?
What... the charms? And you...
- I... I think they're laced
and if Chloe handled them...
- But nothing came up
in the routine tox screen.
But this severe asthmatic affect
it would have been
pretty nasty stuff.
Way out of the ordinary.
-Can you treat it?
- If we knew
what we were treating.
Otherwise we're just
shooting in the dark.
-Okay, I'll find it.
I'm gonna need you
to stay by the phone.
-Wait. I have to tell Becca.
Chloe gave her
one of those things.
What is it?
-Did you tell her about Becca?
-I told her enough.
Becca was Amy's best friend.
-I'm sorry.
- What about you?
You got anything?
- Yeah. The EMT that brought
Chloe in. It's his day off.
His boss is gonna try
to track him down.
- Henry was in and out of backwoods
psych clinics his whole life.
He could have loaded up on all
kinds of psychotropic shit.
-Yeah, but..
I mean, what, are we gonna call
every one of those places
and ask for inventory records
over the last 20 years?
I mean how many of them
are even still around?
-You got a better idea?
- Yeah, I think there's someone
we need to talk to.
-Jesus! Look at this place.
- Well, she wanted that box
so she must know
something about it.
Which is one more thing
than we do.
- I was wondering
when you'd come.
- Miss DeGracie,
we need your help.
-Yes, you do.
Come. Sit.
- That night
at the old hospital.
You asked about this.
-They're poisoned.
-Yeah. I... I know.
With what?
- Nothing you'll find here
or anywhere else.
- Look, my daughter
is very sick.
So, I need your help.
You said the dolls,
they're... they're poisoned?
- I had the feeling you'd be
more comfortable with that..
Than if I said they are cursed.
Oh, detective, you came to me.
And I can help you,
but only if you really hear me.
You've seen this?
- Henry drew this?
- No.
This was drawn a little bit
before Henry's time.
Have you ever heard
of a worry doll?
- Sure I have they are like
children's toys.
-No. Not all of them.
The night I found Henry Bale..
I looked into his eyes.
He was a broken boy.
Innocence gone.
I could see the darkness
already growing in him.
So, I gave him..
The worry dolls.
The last of the original
worry dolls
and I explained to him
their power.
- Power? Come on. I knew
this was a waste of time.
- Detective, your daughter
must be in great pain.
-What are you doing?
- So young.
She must be terrified.
And you can't help her.
-Help me, daddy.
-It's a paralytic.
Just one drop.
My grandparents
lived in a small village
of Huehue in the...
Deep in the mountains
of Guatemala.
Their medicine woman was named
Delate, my great-grandmother.
One summer,
the women started getting sick.
Many died.
The children were terrified
including Delate's own daughter.
Delate could not
stand to see this.
She believed that every child
should know only innocence.
And so she fashioned
Munecas Quitapenas.
Worry dolls..
From a wood
of a very rare tree.
Delate didn't just
make dolls
that simply calmed fear..
They removed it.
When worries are told
to the dolls
they must be placed in the box.
-The dolls..
They... they take
worries out overnight.
But Henry never slept.
I shot him. Killed him.
He knew we were coming
down on him.
He was expecting to die.
- Oh, my God. Henry was trying
to purge his soul.
-And the worry and fear..
Carried by Henry Bale..
A man who had
only known pain and hate
remains in those dolls.
Expressing through anyone
unfortunate enough to have one.
- So you're saying these people
are experiencing Henry's fears?
Seeing into his mind?
- No.
The fears were their own.
The every day burdens
that we live with
but amplified to a level
unbearable by most people.
This became their reality.
- Dogs.
- What?
-Chloe's afraid of dogs.
-The only way to save her
is to get the dolls and quickly.
- But she doesn't even have
the dolls anymore.
-That doesn't matter.
She's a pure innocent.
Never had to deal with
the fears of life.
Ironic, people who have
suffered the most
have the strongest resistance.
Your daughter is just
gonna get worse.
She'll die.
In the meantime, you gather
all the dolls and the box
and bring them here to me
along with your daughter.
That is the only way.
-How much time do I have?
-Until dawn.
- Amy, do have any idea
where those dolls might be?
-No, I don't.
- Just think.
I need to find the dolls.
- Do you know what's happening
with Chloe or not?
- They're special.
They belonged to Henry Bale.
- Henry Bale?
Are you kidding me?
You're supposed to be helping
our daughter and instead
you're back on your
Henry Bale obsession?
- Wait, wait, Amy.
Just... just hold on.
Becca didn't die in an accident.
Todd killed her.
- What?
- Todd.
He slashed her throat
with trimming shears
and he was wearing one of
those dolls when he did it.
That homicide
at the mini-mart?
He was also wearing
one of those dolls.
I know how this sounds
but I need to find those dolls.
This could be
Chloe's last chance.
Somehow it left
something in her.
And if I don't find them all
the doctors, they're not
gonna be able to do any good.
So hate me, just help me.
Oh, my God.
Help! Help!
- That was fast.
Did you get it?
- Helps to have an evidence
clerk who has asked me to drinks
every week for five years.
What do we got?
- This is it.
It's the only one after Trisha.
If we find this one
the only one left
was the one Chloe had on her.
Any word on the EMT?
- No. Just an e-mail address?
Didn't Amy remember
anything else?
- She said she was with
an elder woman in a wheelchair.
-Let's go.
- That e-mail comes back
to a Brittany Hayden.
There are four
Brittany Haydens in the county.
I cross-checked hospitals
for the wheelchair bound
family members, but no luck.
But my friend Savannah
works in the city zoning office.
Yeah. Address?
In the past ten years, only one
household with the resident
named Hayden
had a zoning permit issued
for a wheelchair ramp.
I can stop crying
Over you
Can't sing half smiling
Now I'm so sad and blue
- Sweetheart, is your
father home yet?
That's too much water.
- Lodge Street.
Says it's a mile up ahead.
- What time is it?
- Midnight.
- Shit.
- Hey, we'll be fine.
There's time.
I can't stop praying..
- Sweetheart,
well, what's wrong?
- I can't see it.
Dammit, can you see it?
- No.
- Dammit.
-Wait, wait, wait, wait.
It's okay.
Hey, hey, look at me.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Alright? We're gonna get you
to a hospital, okay?
- She's in there.
Thanks, guys.
- Still no word
from Chloe's EMT.
-She's all I got left.
- Hey, we will find the doll.
Chloe's gonna be fine.
Where's the EMT?
- I don't know.
- Is that it?
- Yeah.
I didn't touch anything
just like you said.
-That's not it.
Ames, are you sure
you don't know...
- I don't.
I don't know where doll is.
If I knew I would tell you.
If he doesn't have it,
I don't know.
- Sorry to interrupt.
You... you said it was a doll?
- Yeah.
- Yeah I remember that thing.
I... I bagged it.
I gave it to her father.
-Her father?
Ethan. Where's Ethan now?
- He went to clean up the mess
and get Chloe's blanket.
He's at the house? Now?
Anyone home?
The door was open.
It's Darcy.
Matt's partner.
-Darcy? Ethan?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Let her go, Ethan.
- You... you have any idea
how much I love her?
But it will still not be enough.
-Ethan. Please.
- You have caused them
so much pain.
-Drop the glass.
-And still, I will not
have her like you had.
What? Huh?
What do I...
What do I need to do?
-He thinks I'm Amy, Matt.
Please, you are making
a mistake.
-Ethan, listen to me.
This isn't real.
It's not Amy.
You need to fight this.
-No. I'm on to you.
I'm on to you.
-Ethan, Amy loves you.
Chloe loves you.
You've always been
a better father.
Tell him.
-Ethan, it's true.
Sweetheart, I love you.
I love you so much.
Please, please, sweetheart.
You're hurting me.
Please, let me go.
-That's it. That's it.
I love you, Ethan.
Don't doubt that.
Never, never, ever worry.
I love you.
-Let her go.
No! No, no, no!
- Oh, my God.
What happened?
What the hell are you doing?
- You gotta trust me.
Just trust me.
-Where are you going?
- Jesus.
-Call Security!
- It's okay, baby.
It's gonna be okay.
Hang on, baby. Hang on.
It's okay, sweetheart.
Hang with me.
Don't you die on me.
Stay with me.
Come on, now.
Come on, sweetheart.
Put her here.
-You need to stop this. Now.
- I'm finishing up the quemara.
Did you get them all?
- Yeah.
They're all there.
Look, it's almost dawn.
-You're in time.
You've got blood on your hands.
-Thank you.
What's next?
- Because, you'd never
let your daughter die.
I must make that
decision for you.
- You were never going
to destroy the dolls?
- All that's happened
since Henry's death
what these dolls have caused.
The bloodshed, the madness..
Your own heartbreak..
It is my fault.
It will haunt me the rest
of my life, burden my every day.
- You wanna use them
for yourself..
To cleanse your own soul.
Destroying the dolls
was my intention.
But as I saw their full power..
Think of it.
Henry was the extreme.
His innocence lost before
the dolls could help him.
But there are countless
innocent children suffering.
The dolls can help them.
-My daughter will die.
Yes, so that others can live.
I know how you feel.
And I am truly sorry.
We all have our cross to bear.
It's almost dawn.
Be comforted.
She'll be at peace soon.
-No. No!
-It's okay, baby.
Okay, baby.
Daddy's here now.
Daddy's here.
No, no, no, no, no.
Come on. Come on.
Come on, come on, baby.
-I wanna keep you, daddy.
-And I wanna keep you, baby.
-Forever and ever.
-Come here. Let's go.
Okay, here you go, sweety.