The Devil's General (1955) Movie Script

A Film Helmut Von Kutner
Based on the eponymous play
The plot of this film is a product of fiction.
Any resemblance to any persons living or dead
is purely coincidental.
Berlin, December 5, 1941 22:30
The Fhrer is always very clever, isn't he?
And a man who works all night ...
If others have something like ...
I say that ...
Who could stop him: Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt?
Yes, there is something there.
Well if they looked into those eyes ...
I could use a mouthwash. Let's go to Otto's.
- Heil Hitler, von Stetten.
- Heil Hitler, Harras!
What is wrong Brauchitsch today? I was very nervous.
Something has happened. Lttjohann is
already trying to find out exactly what.
Heil Hitler, General!
What shall we do tonight? Drinks?
I'm sorry...
I have a small party at Otto's in honor of Eilers.
He's come back so they can decorate him again.
Well, I would also like to congratulate Eilers.
Care to join us?
He already knows my jokes.
All recorded in my personnel file.
There is nothing recorded.
We have a sense of humor.
Praise Himmler! Come, Mohrungen!
It seems we're full.
The Foreign Ministry is already here.
I have my own transportation.
Lttjohann! Let's go!
- What's going on?
- A Fhrer meeting.
- Problems in Moscow?
- That's what I could ascertain.
It's getting very cold there.
General von Bock wants to leave.
They say he shouted into the phone:
"Let me come back...It's not my fault", etc.
No matter what, von Bock will be the scapegoat.
132,000 tons of shipping sunk in the Battle of Britain!
Whenever something happens in the East,
there is an extra edition in the West.
Seriously, Harras. Don't you think something could happen?
I mean, something definitive?
It already has.
You're speaking of the increasing consumption of our material?
I'm talking about Russia.
In strategic terms, if we end up with Russia ...
But we did not, Mr. von Pflungk!
I know nothing about strategy,
just how much it costs...
...from the viewpoint of our military aviation.
You do not think we can do it?
You can do the math just like I
have for the last two years.
We're building bombers when we
should be building fighters.
No, General, you overestimate the production of the Western democracies.
They are psychologically at a disadvantage.
No matter what, appropriate measures
will be taken in plenty of time.
Well, maybe the Ministry has other advice.
In my humble opinion,
there is still a political solution...
...if one can not achieve total military victory.
First: Have Japan destroy America!
Then come to a separate peace with Russia...
...and reach a compromise in London.
Late Harvest 1941, Ribbentrop's plan.
- What is that?
- Armagnac for Harras.
He always starts with a double Armagnac.
Detlev, Francois! What are you doing here?
There's no one in here!
What should I do with three young men
that were in the Reichstag today!
Harras wanted us specifically for his party.
Francois and me. Because he trusts us.
But the place is full of bigwigs already.
Do not get excited, Otto. Be a good boy.
Give a kiss to his aunt!
Under different circumstances,
I would have thrown you out!
Under different circumstances!
- Welcome to my house.
- Otto!
Baron! Captain! It is a great honor, General.
Everything is ready.
The lobster is ready.
Detlev, a double Armagnac!
Here it is.
Please, General, take a look at what we prepared.
It all seems fine. Almost like old times.
Here are always good times, General.
Old times or new, nothing changes.
A good introduction for a book of poetry:
We're all little fatter...
...but we remain the same.
What cable is that in the window?
- What cable is that?
- Why ask me?
The cable goes there.
Ah, it's the radio antenna.
Of course it is the radio antenna.
No radio without an antenna.
We must get the air-raid warnings, General.
Now I'm nervous too.
11:00 already, they're late.
Ah!, there is the enemy! Where are the "reds"?
I must call my children to see if they've left.
Tell your hero son-in-law to hurry...
...or we'll eat everything.
Oh, Daddy, yes.
Yes, we're coming.
Yeah, okay.
We have to hurry up.
Hurry up...
We really have to go?
Of course. Harras always throws great parties.
But we will not stay long, right?
You know, Anne...
...the worst part of being away from home.
Being away from you...the children.
You get used to war, but the time ...
It will not be forever. It has to end.
What counts is now.
Yes, now. And we know why.
Let's go, Harras is waiting.
Oh, look at this. I will have to fix it tomorrow.
- Ptzchen, are you ready?
- Five more minutes.
What's with her engagement anyway?
So, why so quiet?
I'm still not fully here.
Last night I was over London and now ...
It all happened so fast.
Do not think about it anymore.
Keep it with your memories and rejoice.
You're in Berlin tonight and going to Otto's.
Look, no straps.
What are you going to do with
your time off? Any plans?
I wanted to spend the holidays in
the countryside somewhere, in the mountains.
I thought we could ...
You're talking about Garmisch? There's nothing there.
Just the hospital.
Nothing but funerals.
No, you can only really live in Berlin.
Help me out here!
With Baron Pflungk?
Why, Hartmann!
Baron Pflungk is a small fish in the Ministry.
No, I have to find someone different.
Now see here, Ptzchen.
How can you, in these times ...
You understands nothing of this time, do you?
Look at Eilers. He's moving up!
He's become someone!
He knows how to fight!
Until there is peace.
You think Eilers fights because he wants to be someone?
It is a soldier and fights for Germany.
Captain, sometimes you are so adorable.
Ready now?
Friedrich, you are divine!
Quiet! The kids are finally asleep.
I can understand why girls buy
postcards with your photograph on it.
Are you coming?
Go on ahead.
- Quarreling?
- He's being very strange.
Let's go, son.
I'm picking up some friends and attending
the premiere of "Die Fledermaus" at the Metropol.
Close it!
Open! Now only Ms. Geiss.
- Only Ms. Geiss.
- Come with me.
Diddo! I have to give you a kiss!
Open! I mean, close!
- You were fantastic!
- That small role?
Well, you were large in it!
- Open! One more time!
- Not me.
We have to go to a party at Otto's for Gring.
- So long for now.
- Olivia, I beg you ...
Come on! All!
Someone is waiting for you.
- Now? But we have to ...
- I think it's important.
How are you!
Sorry but I had to come here.
I'll change quickly, okay?
There is a problem with Rosenfeld?
They let him out of Buchenwald.
Now he is at the police Hospital on Lehrter Street.
They broke him.
But at least he's alive!
They're sending him to Poland.
Berlin! We should take all our leaves here.
There he is! Let me tell you.
You do not know what you missed.
- Quickly, the taxi is waiting.
- First, I need a beer.
Hold on, young lady. No drinking yet!
Someone must make a toast first!
Francois, serve another.
No more nonsense, but from the heart,
drink the health of Friedrich Eilers...
...the first pilot to receive
the Knight's Cross with Diamonds.
- Congratulations, Commander.
- Thank you.
I feel like a monument.
That's right. You can call me by my first name, Fritze!
- Congratulations.
- Bravo!
I saw you wished to no longer be a fighter pilot.
The attack is always the best defense.
To General Harras!
If I may ...
To The Fhrer ...!
With empty glasses.
The Fhrer is a teetotaler.
Francois, a round of milk.
Be careful what you say.
I went too far myself.
Sorry, General.
I am very proud of my son-in-law, the pilot.
- We all are, Dad.
- The entire German people.
- Can I?
- Please Miss Mohrungen.
Miss Mohrungen, that sounds horrible.
It's so formal!
Very reactionary.
Call me Ptzchen, as do all my friends.
Seems a bit hasty.
We hardly know each other.
No harm in it...
Health, Harras!
Aren't you engaged to Lieutenant Hartmann?
Engaged? Engaged is a horrible word.
It catches in your throat.
Very reactionary.
What is not very reactionary to you?
Now, Dad. I do not want to spoil
such an enjoyable evening.
Otherwise, I would tell you.
I'm sure Harras understand me.
Completely, Miss.
The girls in the BDM no longer get engaged.
- It's a waste of time.
- Not getting married...
...increases the birth rate.
This is getting dangerous for me.
- Where is my protector?
- Here he is.
Say, Harras, have you found out anything new?
- Are you speaking of...?
- Yup.
I would not take a position on tomorrow's meeting...
...before knowing your opinion.
My opinion. Official or personal?
I think we can trust each other.
What is really happening?
I know very little of these technical details.
Always the same.
This afternoon there was
another message from Dessau:
Two more MO 204 of the V. series
were destroyed in crashes.
This is the fourth or fifth time.
The cause is an enigma.
We must know. As the Director, aren't you
directly responsible for finding out?
I can not examine every piece of aluminum...
...and pull each cable.
I can only design the tests...
...and assign the work
to each department.
Maybe this is a personal question.
These are people that you can really trust?
I do. You know my friend, Oderbruch?
Yes, the chief engineer of the
technical services conducting the tests.
- One hand ... - Yes.
A comrade from the '14 -'18 war. He has an eye for detail.
Compared to him, I'm blind. Nothing escapes him.
May I interrupt?
You're not speaking about
anything secret, are you?
There are no secrets between us.
It's all clear as water.
The director general orders us to build airplanes.
I and my people supervise.
Holzauge, the ever watchful.
Eilers and his boys sit inside...
...and fly through the air with them.
And when they have destroyed enough
ship tonnage or neighborhoods...
...they get to walk around
with a cross around their necks.
The Knight's Cross that is to say.
That's the trick.
It's like a magic trick, where you
pull rabbits out of hats.
For Harras, it's all very easy.
Yes, for him there are
no unsolvable problems.
Speaking of problems...
Is there any explanation for these...
...incidents with the new bombers?
So, my dear?
We will never forget what
you've given us tonight... the toast you gave him.
I mean not only recognition, but the warmth and friendship.
You've said it very well.
I would not have said it better myself.
Yes, yes, yes, I know you like an old book.
But you've always been my favorite...
...despite you not drinking. Come on, make an exception.
If you had heard what he's said
about you, you'd be embarressed.
- Harras is the best ...
- After the Fhrer, of course.
...and then there's a big space between them.
And now that you've personally met old Harras.
You're a little disappointed, aren't you?
Not what you expected in a general...
...and not even a party member.
Well, on that point we differ slightly.
But, essentially, there is no difference.
How is home? And the kids?
The children! They do not stop growing ...
Klaus is 11 already.
Almost ready to join the Hitler Youth.
I have pictures here.
I must have left them in my jacket.
Can you excuse me?
- Of course.
- Thank you.
You should have seen how happy
he was to see the children.
Barely noticed me, only saw the children.
That is as it should be when coming
home to your children ...
Yes, once you're back home ...
Nothing. Excuse me.
I was just thinking out loud...
Captain Pfundtmayer and three pilots of the squadron Eilers.
I have the honor to congratulate
you for your devotion to duty...
...and to welcome you to
our little circle of friends.
Our heartfelt thanks, General.
Pfundtl! Old friend! Each time is better!
Harras, old friend, I say the same of you.
Can I still call you by your first name?
Now that you're an old fart.
We were comrades in the first war.
Yes, the war of 1917.
Where I was shot in the ass.
Then I went to England and Scotland.
But in 1933, I returned to the army.
Captain Hastenteuffel.
First Lieutenant Writzky.
Lieutenant Hartmann.
Oh, so it's you?
Where have you been?
This is the Baron Pflungk.
I told you about him.
Pflungk, comforting widows and orphans.
Except when on vacation or during air-raids.
Harras must offer us a pleasant evening... his famous propellor bar.
I guarantee you it will be very exciting.
You seems to be very interested
in that, young lady.
Harras, is it true that the waitresses...
...only wear fig leaves at your parties?
If so, I'll be a waitress.
That would be a delight on
a meatless meal day.
Eat...before it all spoils.
It's Hermann.
Please, go to the Fridericus room.
The Reichsmarshal has just arrived.
General, if you have a moment ...
I think not.
What does he want with me?
The singer Geiss would like to talk to you.
Go check your jacket. I'll wait here.
- I beg your pardon!
- I beg your pardon.
Hello, Olly.
I must speak to you today, Harras.
- What?
- Not here.
Can you come to my house later?
I'm only staying here fifteen minutes ...
What are you looking at?
I will be at home later.
I have guests.
Bring them with you.
The house will be full of people
because of the premiere party.
I'll try. If it is not too late.
Harras, please come before you're too drunk.
See you.
- Korrianke!
- Here.
Finally, Paule.
It's almost midnight ...
What, no oysters?
Either of you have a 'Der Angriff' newspaper?
- What?
- You have another new uniform.
So? I got it eight days ago.
Your boss know?
This is Kudritzki, waiter for Otto.
And this is Kleinschmidt, driver for Gring.
- Nice to meet you!
- Nice to meet you!
Look! A cold wave in Russia.
Well, if you're getting cold then... time come all dressed in fur.
- Watch out for him.
- Why?
Even Hermann is afraid of him.
- SD?
- Half the people here.
Have a toothpick?
That's right, Detlev.
Attentive as always.
They also need some more to drink.
Aren't you being a little careless?
What can happen to me?
A war needs to be won.
And for that they need me.
No, Mohrungen, when the time comes
that I can not say what I think... all ceases to be worthwhile.
Don't you think?
- Look, Mohrungen.
- It's all about influence, Harras.
I should have thought of that
when got into this business.
When you and others got us funding.
We had no idea.
We were in the financial crisis,
bankruptcy, political turmoil,...
...corrupt liberalism...
We thought we had a strong
hand here and abroad ...
So Mohrungen! You're trying to
make me believe that... did not seem this coming?
Let's be honest.
In 1933, we knew they were
preparing for a world war.
But an air force without me?
No, that wasn't going to happen.
I'm a pilot.
And besides, where else in the world
could I get these opportunities?
The limitless resources, power ...
On that we can agree.
Precisely. Let say our goodbyes.
- You? Home?
- No, hardly.
I wasl invited to go to the
Geiss house for a premiere party.
Lieutenant Lttjohann had a great story.
- Which one?
- You'll laugh, General.
It's a new one.
In short: A man goes to the doctor.
A wire hangs from his mouth.
The doctor asks him:
"What's wrong with you?"
The man says:
"A very stupid thing, doctor.
"Yesterday I went to a banquet
for a party official...
...and unwittingly took the bread
where the microphone was hidden. "
Anything special in the house of Otto?
Perhaps a conversation with Mohrungen.
We made a draft.
No, I want to listen to everything.
Ah, Harras!
There was no corkscrew
so I had to improvise.
I looked for it everywhere.
The corkscrew is here where
it always has been, dear.
Have you been here long?
I've been very busy with work.
This has to change.
Have enough to eat?
...or should I send Korrianke out again?
I have enough for the time being.
- Is your head clear?
- As clear as pure alcohol.
Well, you wanted to talk to me.
What's up?
Jenny was here.
- Because of Rosenfeld?
- Yup.
And you are the only one who can still help.
So, gentlemen, anyone want to break training?
Captain, how about a little maneuver?
With pleasure.
What great luck.
What do you mean?
I was talking about the luck I've had.
The first night in Berlin and already with ladies of the theater.
- That what I call luck.
- Here's a little more luck.
Jenny knows the chief physician at the police hospital.
Declares people as dead and sends
them out at night in a coffin.
Costs ten thousand.
Already made the arrangements.
She wants to try to go with
him out of the country.
Sound good but how will
they cross the border?
- Jenny learned to fly with you.
- Yes, that is a possibility.
But that would be at night.
Would she be able to do that?
For him, she'll do anything.
- Korrianke!
- I'm here.
Ah, here you are.
I searched all over the house.
I want to dance with you.
I'll be right there.
Excuse me.
I think I interrupted something.
There is nothing more to drink.
See ya'.
...remember Professor Rosenfeld, the surgeon?
The one who patched me up
when I smashed into a tree?
Remember his wife who I taught to fly?
A charming person, General.
- A blond.
- Silence.
You will come get them tomorrow.
- Where?
- Here.
- When?
- Tomorrow night.
At ten o'clock.
For the professor, bring with you... of my old jackets and a cap.
...and for the lady some old
overalls and an aviator's cap.
Say nothing.
- Looking for your glass?
- Looking for a girl.
- Here there are many.
- Someone in particular.
- Who?
- I do not know.
I only exchanged glances with her.
But there was ...
In the midst of all the excitement
and conversation...
...hers was a clear and clean presence.
You mean you fell in love again?
She seemed ... drinking a fine wine.
A "Wehlener Sonnenuhr"...
...on a beautiful Sunday morning.
What year was the harvest?
The very best, a '21..
In this case, one can only say "health" so to speak.
Why do you think she would be here?
She was with you in the hallway at Otto's.
Ah, you're speaking of Diddo.
Diddo, come here.
I present to you General Harras.
This is my niece Diddo.
She's been living with me for six weeks
but you come here so little.
My sister would not let her
stay in Berlin. Says it's dangerous.
- She is in fact only 21.
- I see.
But I promised to take very
good care of her, Harras.
- Tell me, you heard all that?
- Yup.
That nonsense about "Wehlener Sonnenuhr" on a Sunday morning?
- And you did not laugh?
- No.
Because you think the old man
already resembles a monument...
...and you must show respect?
Wouldn't you rather dance?
Whose violets?
Aunt Olly.
And now you've personally met old Harras.
You're a little disappointed, aren't you?
Not what you were expecting for a general?
...and not even not a party member.
Always the same.
Always the same grumbles, always behind
a woman's skirt. Son of a bitch!
Keep the recording?
Yes, just in case.
You never know.
Why is this SS Commander always around Harras now?
That question had also occurred to me.
Can I get the personnel file on Schmidt-Lausitz?
One of Himmler's right-hand men.
He must be on a special mission.
I'm listening, Mr. Schmidt.
I'm not enjoying it but I'm listening.
General Harras, you are making a big mistake.
You do not recognize who your true friends are.
On the contrary, I do rather well at it.
I realize you don't like me..
Get on with it, Commander.
It is not so easy to speak the truth.
I am truly your friend.
You have been assigned the
special duty of being my friend.
In this case, the mission and the feelings coincide.
Unfortunately, I can not
present you with violets.
These are just for me.
Well, perhaps you can
bear with me a little longer.
Go ahead.
The general disorder in aircraft
production is so widespread...
..that it is possible to blame
sabotage in some cases.
According to various reports, the planes
do not work as they should.
Is that so? And now you want
to shake hands in friendship?
As head of the Technical Department,
you're responsible for everything.
But now comes the most interesting thing,
We think you are blameless.
Unlike some of your close friends...
...who maybe one day will
no longer have such a distinction.
I know you do not like the Party.
But I also know that you are
even less sympathetic...
...about the monocle-types on the General Staff.
You abhor convention.
You're popular.
With the potential to be a great general.
...come to our side.
With us, the Luftwaffe can
again be what it once was...
...and more!
Together we will have order... power...the future!
Join us now!
Do not wait until that day when
you are entrusted to us.
The non-Aryan painter Max Liebermann,
a fine old Berliner...
...with a great talent for pointed comment...
...once said the following:
"I can not eat as much as I want to vomit."
Sorry, but I do not understand.
Well, if you use the phrase to apply to me...
...'drink' should replace 'eat'.
But 'vomit' is perfect.
Very funny.
Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf ...
the big, bad wolf ...
Excuse me, I have work
in the morning. Good night!
Heil Hitler!
What happened?
I need to make a phone call.
Anything else, Commander?
Good, inform Gring. Then you should be covered.
Evidence of sabotage is sufficient reason.
I take responsibility, Reichsfhrer.
Thank you. Heil Hitler!
Headquarters Security.
Command Center Street Prinz-Albrecht, Zernick.
B 29-0-6!
B 29-0-6, Zernick.
Right, Commander. Yup.
We have to go get a general without drawing attention.
I wonder how it's done.
Turn off that light!
Some people never learn.
We are at war!
What are you doing?
From one side to the other and back?
I am in a hurry.
Still, from time to time,
could you throw me some kindness...
...with all haste?
When making coffee,
I must focus on it...
...otherwise it won't turn out well.
Well, now you have to stir and
then let it stand.
Add a little cold water and serve.
- Who's recipe?
- Aunt Olly.
And when does Aunt Olly put in the coffee?
Now I will try to concentrate.
The lid.
Now, I have to return it to a boil.
Where are you going?
And if Aunt Olly appears?
And now for the gunner of Lake Peipus...
...who enjoyed three year's vacation... the health of future brats.
What are you all doing there?
A great concert, General and family.
I have news.
The coffee is ready.
Sometimes, I feel very lucky.
I wrote this in a letter to Oderbruch.
I'm lucky to be able to fight for you, the children..
...and for a better future.
There's coffee.
Where is there cognac?
- It was a lovely evening.
- I'm a little confused...
Who is out there?
Lieutenant Hartmann just went out there.
Is he this aloof about his duties?
Quite the contrary. Very reckless.
Always volunteering and always very strict.
As if there is no value in life.
I do not like the sound of that.
Lieutenant Hartmann!
- General?
- Excuse me.
- Something wrong with you?
- Nothing, General.
I want to talk to you about your private life.
Has something happened?
Disappointment in love?
Okay, what's up with Miss Mohrungen?
It's over, General.
We broke off our engagement.
- Why?
- I don't know. Probably because ...
There is a problem with my family history.
It seems that one of my
great-grandmothers was not German.
Ah, you're not fully Aryan?
That's the case with a lot of
families around the Rhine.
But if you can not find the documents.
Now I understand Miss Mohrungen.
You are to her a second class person.
No future in the party.
No, General!
What a tragedy!
These old families Rhine families!
Imagine your family tree!
There was a Roman captain,
a dark-haired boy,...
...who taught Latin to a blonde girl.
And then came a Jewish merchant...
A stern person.
He converts to Christianity...
...before even getting married.
Then there appeared a Greek physician...
...or a Celtic legionaire...
...a mercenary soldier of Grisons,
a Swedish knight,...
a French actor, a musician of Bohemia.
And they all lived on the Rhine...
...fought, got drunk, sang...
...and raised children.
Goethe was born here, and Beethoven,
and Gutenberg,...
...and Mathias Grnewald, and many others.
We're the best.
To come from the Rhine means to be civilised.
It is a natural aristocracy.
It's a good race.
Be proud of it, Hartmann.
So tell her she can stuff your
great-grandmother's papers.
Miss Mohrungen could never understand.
Because she's stupid.
Be glad to be rid of that whore.
She's not worth a penny.
Only fit for a good time while on leave.
At most!
Son! Sorry, sorry.
I do not mean to hurt you.
It was not my intention.
It was an accident.
No, it was no accident.
And you were right.
Come on, boy, let's drink
a nice bottle...
...and talk about it.
I want to stay out here.
- Where are you staying?
- With Eilers.
But I do not want to go back there.
I'll go to a military barracks.
Very well ...
- Korrianke!
- I'm here.
Take Lieutenant Hartmann to my home...
...and make sure he goes to bed.
Yes, sir!
Why are taking the phone to Olivia's room?
I got a call from headquarters.
- So?
- I'm returning the call.
I was looking for you, Harras.
This song always makes me so ...
Me precisely the opposite, Miss Mohrungen.
All Lufwaffe leaves have been canceled.
All members of Eilers' squadron...
...must be ready to leave by 8:30 AM.
And along with army units depart for Smolensk.
To Russia?
- When will we see each other again?
- I know not.
But I know.
In an hour, Aunt Olly will be sleeping...
...and I'll be down there on the
corner in my little sports car.
And an hour later,...
...we will be having breakfast
in Rheinsberg, Prussia.
Or will you have forgotten
all about me in an hour?
In an hour you will be sober and you
will have forgotten everything.
And perhaps that's for the best.
If you think that I'm going to forget one word...
...of what we said tonight, or especially
what I have to say...
No, neither will I.
Has no one ever thought to
give you a new watch?
All the ladies want to but I won't stand for it.
It's the only thing I have that
I could never give up.
Where did you get it?
Someone gave it to me.
The first Frenchman I shot down.
In the forest of the Ardennes. In 1916.
I was at his side when he died.
"A souvenir" he said and offered me the watch.
Then he smiled and smoked a cigarette.
Ever since then, I thought that
nothing could happen to me... long as I kept this watch.
It makes no sense,
it's just a superstition.
Here comes Korrianke.
So, as agreed? In an hour?
If you have time, stop by the theater.
Very well. Greetings to Aunt Olly.
Sleep well!
Oderbruch is in the car.
What's up? New orders?
Yes, turn left.
- Why? I want to go home.
- You cannot go to you house.
- If you do, you'll be arrested.
- That's absurd.
I have my sources.
Someone on Prinz-Albrecht Street.
They can always find a
reason when they want to.
Especially in your case.
I will not deny that.
But between the will and the power there is a slight difference.
I'm still a Luftwaffe general, damnit!
They need me now more than ever.
A piece of advice: Call Hermann!
Always with your Hermann!
Gring is some sort of emperor to you?
Franz Josef on a white horse?
He'll think I'm scared.
That doesn't matter. The important thing is to
stop them from arresting you.
Korrianke! Where are you taking us?
Turn around! I want to go home.
I refuse to accept your pessimism.
Yes, I am a pessimist...
...driven to despair by your stubborness, idiot!
I try to help you and collide with a wall of stupidity!
Stop this or get out of the car!
Korrianke, stop, please.
Karl! Karl! Be reasonable.
I believe he is being reasonable.
- Would not it be better...?
- Shut up! Home!
Okay, now my old friend, go to bed.
It's tough for a family man
to work every night.
Unfortunately, I don't have time.
I have to go have my picture taken.
In case my wife forgets my face.
Korriandoli, we have to change that.
After you, General. No excuses...
Shut up!
He's home now.
Yes, alone.
There was another officer in the car
but he got out on the way here.
Good morning, Hartmann. Did you sleep well?
I'll make us something to eat.
The bathroom is there.
We have to hurry.
You have to be ready to leave at 8:30.
All leaves were canceled.
- We returning to the front?
- Yes, for Russia..
I'm sorry, son.
Thank God!
What was that?
- "Thank God", General.
- What do you mean?
I mean I want to be there with my comrades.
You can stop the pretense, Hartmann.
I want to know what you were
thinking with that "Thank God."
Stop this hide-and-seek!
I thought if I'm not good enough to live...
...then at least I am fit to die.
Listen, son.
I'm an old soldier.
And I've come to understand a few things
about it. Any self-respecting man,... war as in everything else....
...must have hope and a will to live.
No desire to return home...
...when this bitch of a war is over?
I never had a real home...
...before joining the Hitler Youth.
My house has been the training grounds...
...and then my squadron.
Listen well, Hartmann. You are young, but
you do not realize something.
Life smiles at you though you can't see it.
This world is wonderful, believe me.
Even though people do
everything possible to destroy it...
...and have some success at it...
...we can not go against our true nature.
Life is good. Its meaning escapes me...
...but when everything is in
order, it becomes clear.
Come back.
Think no more of death...
...but only of life.
Live long, grow old - a wish for you
as well as for myself.
- Want me to get that?
- No, I will.
Do you know the difference between
Switzerland and Germany?
In Switzerland, when someone comes to the door
at this hour, it's the milkman.
Going to Rheinsberg?
That makes you laugh?
Sorry, Diddo.
My friend Oderbruch will have
to explain why I'm laughing.
General Harras?
We have to talk to you, in private.
Come in.
- Who was that?
- I think it's the police.
The police?
But I must inform headquarters.
I have an important meeting at 11.
Sorry but I can not let you call.
What's happening with General Harras?
- Who are you?
- Dorothea Geiss.
- Secretary or something?
- No, actress.
Ah, I see.
Military ID? On leave?
I do not have to identify myself to a civilian.
Secret State Police.
What do you want with General Harras?
It's nothing, my dear.
We must leave Rheinsberg for another day!
I have a meeting in the city.
I should not be long but I have to go.
Maybe I can make it to the theater tonight.
Can I do anything for you?
No. Well ...
Yes, yes...take my watch to be fixed.
It's making a strange noise.
See you.
Stay well, Hartmann...
...and come back!
See you soon, General!
Of course.
You have not seen or heard anything.
Otherwise, there will be problems. Understand?
Gentlemen, I regret to inform you...
that today's meeting has been
postponed indefinitely...
...since General Harras was
suddenly called away...
for an inspection at the front this morning.
What should we do with him now?
I mean, who should conduct
the investigation?
In which direction should ...
There will be no investigation.
There will be, however,...
...some kind of...
psychological treatment.
- Ah, I understand.
- I don't think you do.
- Today is December 6th.
- St. Nicholas Day.
Take notes.
First: ...
For the first, say, ten days ...
- He is very quiet.
- Now.
But you should have seen
him the first few days...
...after he got here.
He kept asking to make phone calls.
And him with no change, right?
On behalf of the People, Willi Naumann
is sentenced to death for sabotage.
This is not him.
You are called Jolowicz?
What is your name?
Thought so.
Ah, he's quite clever.
He realized we're taking his picture.
And now with the chest plate,
so that everyone immediately knows your number.
Raise your head!
And now profile.
Raise your head!
This goes into the album.
Be not proud of prosperity,...
do not complain in unhappiness,...
bear the inevitable with dignity!
And now we play the piano.
However ...
One of you took my cigarettes by mistake?
We were not even here.
Well, let's have the fingers.
The left first.
What were you thinking?
And two are missing!
You're an expert.
Every one of them robbers...
...whether political or criminal.
It makes no difference.
Good thing he had not
noticed the bottle of cognac...
Has ammonia in it.
We do not have long fingers.
Long fingers are good.
This is the only one?
We looked everywhere.
We have no other record of "Harras".
Then find the record and
take this dog out of here.
I have to leave now on an official trip.
Please, can't you do something?
I've been locked up in here an eternity.
I have no time. Why are you here?
I don't know!!
How can I help...
...without knowing why you are here?
Where is the arrest warrant?
There is nothing here besides this form.
- There is nothing in the entire building.
- No arrest warrant?
And how did you get in here?
I knew it was a big mistake.
Please let me go.
Even if you are correct,...
how can I process a release...
...without an official arrest warrant?
- The car is here?
- In the courtyard.
Glad to get out of this trash for a few weeks.
Merry Christmas.
I will forward your mail to Lublin.
Commander Schmidt-Lausitz? Zernick.
We are ready.
General Harras?
General Harras!
For God's sake, what's happened to you?
How are you?
Tell me, who is his interrogator?
Commander Zernick.
He will hear from me.
Harras, I am deeply shaken.
I will take action immediately.
Catch him!
I still can not believe it.
Of course, we also thought
you were at the front.
I have been.
How? Oh, yes. Of course.
In the past...
But there is one thing I do
not understand, Harras.
Where were your best friends during all this?
You think Karinhall knows?
Of course not.
The Inspector General of the Ministry of Aviation
is expected to go to the front.
Can I shave?
You can use my razor, General.
It's all here.
Your personal property...
Suitcase and wallet.
Count your money, please.
Belt, tie, shoelaces.
- Sign here, please.
- Come on, man!
Very stupid, this whole story.
Shut up and get out!
We'll talk soon.
Damn idiot.
What's wrong with you, Harras?
Not feeling well?
You want a cigarette?
It's been a long time without...
Yes, a long time.
Don't worry. Everything is becoming clearer.
- Shall I call your driver?
- No, better not.
I'll do that.
- And...when will we talk
- About what?
Continue our conversation from the other night... the home of Mrs. Geiss.
Ah, yes...after which
Zernick picked me up.
I will not bother you now.
I know where to reach you.
For the next two hours I will be at the Luftwaffe Ministry.
General! You have returned from the front?
Yes. Is Hermann in?
The Reichsmarshall is in St. Florentin with Ptain.
- Anyone else from the General Staff?
- No one, just me.
- Von Stetten?
- Yes, in a meeting.
What meeting?
But this is a very risky assumption.
This may be just normal wear in the material.
I protest! The material is in order.
None of interests the General Staff.
The only question we have is...
...when will the new model will be ready?
You will assume responsibility for
any accidents at the front?
I will not!
The Technical Department has had two years...
to develop this new bomber.
A year ago, Harras promised me...
...that it was almost ready.
Gring does not know what to say to the Fhrer.
Then tell him the truth.
Good afternoon, gentlemen!
Sorry for the delay...
but I see you have started
the meeting without me.
Maybe someone can tell me where things stand... that I can also join the clamor.
I think our problems are mostly your problems...
...and cannot be not solved with
your well-known good humor.
Okay, no humor then.
No, no. Not that one.
I'm at risk sitting in their midst.
I was serious.
So ...
During your absence,...
...a number of problems occurred with the new bombers.
Based on the test reports...
the inspection committees...
All three failures occurred in Dessau!
The Technical Department
delayed all further deliveries.
That was on the 11th.
Yes, on the very day that
America entered the war.
What? America declared war on us?
No. We on America.
One in every three machines on the production line is now being tested.
With field testing under my direct supervision.
Lieutenant General Von Stetten called this meeting.
During the discussions between the General Staff...
...the production team and
the technical department...
...Mohrungen became enraged...
...and ask to be able to quote ...
I'm happy to say it again!
These were not simple malfunctions due to chance.
In short, sabotage!
You lay the blame for this...
...on the Technical Department?
- Right.
- In other words, me.
This is being said in broad daylight
by my friend, Mr. Mohrungen.
What a strange turn of events
these last weeks.
Sorry for the personal digression.
- You can continue with the report.
- I cannot, please.
No, Mohrungen, continue!
If it was tampered with then
I must find the culprit.
So, gentlemen!
Anyone else need a scapegoat?
I'd rather discuss this issue in a smaller group.
What question remains open?
It is sabotage or negligence?
I alone must make that determination...
...because it's my responsibility.
Of course, if you disapprove...
I am not chained to this job, as you well know.
Maybe there is someone else that you know...
that does not have to travel unexpectedly...
and will accept the responsibility without good humor.
In this case you can have my chair.
Or rather, the two, to sit between them ...
- Sorry, I'm repeating myself.
- Harras! So what is this?
- I beg you.
- You cannot leave.
I am sick. The meeting is over.
Ah, pardon. Today, I do not
chair the meeting.
Please, Von Stetten.
Of course. Thank you, gentlemen.
Good afternoon, gentlemen. Come on, Karl!
- I must speak to you, Harras.
- Go on.
I know you must despise me right now
but there was nothing else I could do.
It's because of you that I'm
in such a terrible situation.
Our conversation at Otto's was overheard.
They searched my house.
Please understand me.
Just like you, I do not
believe it was sabotage.
I fully understand when a
person wants to save his ass...
...if you have a family.
It's not just me and my family.
It is much more.
It is Germany, Europe. Now that America ...
We must unite despite all doubts...
...if we want to save anything. yourself Mohrungen.
And above all, save your place in
this council with all its dividends.
They are also ideals that are at stake.
Then save them too.
My God! Is there even one single person...
...who can admit to just wanting
to save his own skin?
I know I'd really like to.
I know we are all headed for ruin.
We no longer have our own will, nor honor ...
Exactly. Remember to save them too.
Good afternoon, Mohrungen.
Go get something to eat.
So, you're all still here?
What? You cannot speak anymore?
Sure. I was momentarily speechless.
A little embarrassment.
Well, then tell me. What happened here?
Anyone comment on my vacation?
A deathly silence.
No one else knew anything...
except him, of course.
Come on, Karl. Let's call Olivia.
Oh, these meetings.
I wish I could kill myself after each one.
Don't you want to go home first and get some sleep?
I do not want to be alone right now.
How bad was it?
I'll tell you about it later.
But I have determined
that you're one smart fellow, Karl.
From now on...
...I will always follow your advice.
Thank God!
Yes, of course. When?
For lunch?
With pleasure.
Very well. Let me speak with Diddo ...
What a shame. What time is it now?
It is now 11:20.
In an hour.
No more interruptions. What is it?
That's another thing.
I just wanted to know
how you were feeling.
Glad to hear it.
Tell me...can we have lunch together?
It has to be today?
Well, at three o'clock.
2:30 if you prefer.
No, my house is better.
Half....past....two...o'clock. 14:30
So we can inform the Fhrer at 16:00.
Whatever the result.
Gentlemen, thank you very much.
What are you thinking?
I try to imagine how you would look in black.
Black with lots of silver ...
And ... skulls.
So all of you will come with me...
...when I set up an air force for the SS?
You, Lttjohann and Korrianke.
Bring my car!
Be serious! Explain yourself.
On the eve of my sudden departure...
...that is what SS agent
Schmidt-Lausitz offered me.
You see, you were worried about nothing.
Already returned. Already at the Ministry.
He asks for Korrianke.
Isn't that what I told you?
No sense worrying about it.
Come, eat something quickly.
You must have worked up an appetite.
Yes I have but I can not now.
It's like with you. When you're happy, you cry.
Be well, dear.
I'm going now. Come on, smile!
This was the reason for my arrest. Not my jokes.
Neither the alleged sabotage.
They wanted me to give up.
That I should realize I had no choice.
The bill collector comes at half past two.
- What should I do?
- Be punctual.
- What should I say?
- That you agree!
There is no way I could do that.
I've heard you say that before.
When Hitler and Gring invited you to join the Ministry.
I can still hear you in the bar...
Olivia was there: "There is no way!"
"These types want war. No way."
You refuse then you do it.
You shake your head then you accept.
Two weeks later, you were appointed
Inspector of fighter planes.
That was completely different.
Yes, it was the first step.
And now you gallop.
- Like everyone else!
- And you in front of everyone!
Because who does not want to get ahead?
And now you ask me what to do?
Do what you want.
What has happened to you?
Usually it is you who pours the drinks. you believe it was sabotage?
Excuse me. An urgent telegram.
Korrianke brought this.
Take care when opening. It's ticking.
What time are we going to Rheinsberg?
What is it, Karl?
Twelve new bombers were sent to the front...
...before any testing.
Despite protests from the supervisor.
- Who ordered that?
- Von Stetten.
This morning...after the meeting.
Behind our backs!
Why are you worried?
This time, the General Staff is responsible!
Us too! We must call Hermann ...
Now I have to eat lunch. Good afternoon!
- Then I will call ..
- Good afternoon, Lttjohann.
Good afternoon, General!
It is best to take a blanket.
Today is for woollens.
For tonight, I planned a surprise.
Something at Otto's.
A welcome back party.
Only we, the General and their ladies.
Nothing fancy. Only appetizers.
At six. And go to bed early.
What do you think?
Count me out.
Harras returned. He did not call?
Maybe he'll come to eat with us. What should I wear?
Aren't you excited? Why are not you happy?
I'm terribly glad. I'm all flustered.
I think when he walks through that door...
...I will simply throw my arms around him.
If you please.
Olly, this wasn't fair.
I couldn't get a word in edge-wise.
Well, come on, embrace already. Otherwise, he will.
Therese, when can we eat?
Mr. Harras is in a hurry.
Cooking takes time.
Higher. A little to the left.
What's this?
Just like I saw you that night.
But I can not see you.
No need to worry.
I'm very handsome.
Even better on the radio.
That must have been during
the time of silent films.
You gave a speech for young aviators.
And they were overjoyed.
What are you thinking?
I had a conversation with a young pilot.
I told him that everything works out...
...if it has a purpose.
I almost forgot that.
Lunch is ready.
Would you like to take off your coat?
Roisterer brought your ticket.
17:30 at the Anhalter station.
- Sleeping-car to Vienna.
- Why did you take this?
I told Roisterer an hour ago
I wouldn't be going anywhere.
What will you do in Vienna?
Roisterer got her a fantastic contract
to appear at the Josefstadt theatre.
Starring role.
It's perfect for her.
There is no danger...
This "none" is me?
Miss Mohrungen again.
No, Harras is not here.
Ah, I thought he was with you.
I believe he's back.
That great.
So you won't need to call us again, right?
Of course.
May I will give him your compliments if I see him first?
Yes, please. Don't forget.
I have a good memory.
My compliments to your aunt...
and the Rosenfelds. Heil Hitler!
You know what she said?
To say hello to the Rosenfelds.
How does she know of the Rosenfelds?
The Rosenfelds are staying here.
Where else could they go?
Everyday thought we could get them away from here.
This is dangerous.
Nothing happened until now.
Only the young Mohrungen came
here and saw them.
Ma'am, lunch is ready.
Shall I serve?
Yes, Therese.
Go change clothes and call the Rosenfelds.
Since coming here, they hardly dare
leave the room. Fear.
Fear. There is fear everywhere.
If my plane is in order, I can fly them out today. must escape too.
Take Diddo with you and stay there.
Switzerland, Sweden or anywhere else.
You have friends everywhere.
Start a new life somewhere else.
An honest living.
Yes, I fear for you.
You keep thinking that you can play
around with those upstairs.
But it is they that they are playing with you!
And I also fear for Diddo.
She risks everything staying with you.
Olly! Do not worry, dear.
I always find a way out.
Don't kid yourself, Harry.
This isn't like before.
You know too much.
I'm afraid.
Go away.
Run away? For them? For me?
Not a chance.
At least send the girl to Vienna.
- The Rosenfelds are not in their room.
- Rosenfelds not there?
Therese said they wanted to walk a little.
They never leave home. Until when?
They did not say.
They can't be far.
The professor took no hat.
- Therese, what's on the menu?
- Turnips, General.
Aunt Olly is increasingly nervous.
- My aunt wants to send me to Vienna?
- Yup.
- And what you do want?
- I do not.
That's nice!
You still do not obey me?
Obey? I will do whatever you tell
me as long as you do not send me away.
- Going to snow. You'll catch cold.
- I feel warm.
- Still want to go to Rheinsberg?
- Yeah.
Well, I still have a little meeting...
...a sort of whispering but with fireworks.
But afterwards, we get in on my sports car...
...and head west.
That won't work. It will be dark before we get there.
We can also see Rheinsberg on the return trip... the morning.
Here comes Korrianke.
Hey, Willi, at Hagenplatz.
There are two people sitting at the
bus stop with the Star of David.
Isn't that forbidden?
No, it's not permitted plus they're dead.
What are you looking at? Go away, go away.
- What time is your train?
- 17:30.
Go to Vienna. Maybe I can go with you.
Might go after you. Go to Vienna.
- Why is this not locked?
- They're doing cleaning.
Hopefully the idiot is punctual.
- Want to make coffee?
- For Lausitz...
...and whoever else?
No, no. But stay here just in case.
- Good afternoon, General.
- Good afternoon, Auguste.
- What are you doing here?
- Don't you see?
Until next time, General.
I vowed that I would visit your notorious lair, Harry.
Want an Armagnac?
Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye, Miss Mohrungen.
Finish your drink. Let yourself out.
What now? What is this?
I promised myself that today would
have a serious talk with you, Harry.
Miss Mohrungen, I do not want to be rude.
Maybe I do.
Why do you want to ruin your life, Harry?
Why is that any concern of yours?
There are not many men in the world...
Real men.
You are one of them.
I do not know you well enough
to know if that's a compliment.
It is. Rise to the top
and join the ranks.
You can make something of yourself.
You are neither Jew nor communist.
You could one day be the greatest.
The first after the Fhrer. You can eliminate all opposition.
Join us.
Do you have a fever?
Temperament, Harry! That is what you lack.
You need a woman who pushes you to get ahead.
I'll find someone myself.
So now, Miss Mohrungen,
having seen my propellor bar...
...and my bedroom.
Please go back to your home.
Greetings to your poor father and tell him...
...that he should give you a
good spanking from time to time.
Harras, I'm warning you!
I am not easily dissauded.
Perhaps I am young but I know what I want.
What does that mean?
Beware ladies hiding Jews in their basement...
...for humanitarian reasons or whatnot.
You may find it charming but I know and you do too...
...there are those who do not.
This is blackmail!
Why be so dramatic?
Those who will not hear must feel.
Out of here! Otherwise I cannot
answer for my actions!
- Schmidt-Lausitz?
- No, Captain Lttjohann. Could you please...?
An accident?
Yes, with one of the planes that Von Stetten sent.
- On the first flight.
- Horrible.
I thought to bring you the news personally.
The phone is like a leaky pipeline.
Everyone on Prinz-Albrecht
street already knows.
Schmidt-Lausitz say anything?
The Technical Department has
formally expressed its condolences.
Very moving.
He has not come here?
Not yet. If he does, tell him
I'm at the training center.
However, I'm going to the North field.
- You forgot your watch.
- Thank you.
- The next-of-kin informed?
- Yes, Stetten himself called...
with a proud, trembling voice.
I would have gladly kicked him.
We have to go immediately to your sister's house.
Friedrich Eilers is dead.
I'm so sorry. You know how much I loved him.
I still can not tell the children.
His life had a purpose.
His death had meaning.
It's beautiful fighting for an ideal... the point of leaving this life for it.
Yes! And mourn the dead with pride and love.
Harras, can you stop those
empty phrases, these lies!
I know you have the best intentions
but I can no longer bear it.
I myself have lied too much.
All these years I spent at the side of Friedrich.
I never believed in these these false gods.
He did but I didn't.
But I could never tell him.
I loved him too much!
I always had hoped that later...
...after this damned war is over...
...I could talk to him, set him straight,... him how it was wrong.
He never knew that you ...?
How could I shake his faith, disappoint him?
I wanted him to hold his head high.
He was a soldier and this is war.
He was so happy, fighting for a better world.
For us - the children and me.
I could not tell him that he was fighting
in the name of madmen.
And now he's dead...
for nothing.
A needless death.
You have nothing to worry about.
You are blameless for his death.
You were right to lie.
No, Harras! I should not have.
Today, I realize that.
We must not remain silent, lie, connive.
But what is a woman to do?
But you do nothing? You men!
You all know this! Better than me!
Why do you do nothing?
Klaus, Erika, go to your room.
There are some gentlemen
here from the General Staff.
Thank you for visiting and for listening to me.
I have no one else.
Thank you, Anne.
I wanted to help you and it was you who helped me.
Please come in, gentlemen.
VL41 just arrived.
- Hofrichter!
- Yes, sir General.
Do you have one of the same planes that Eilers had?
Yes, sir.
At the end.
- Dive tested?
- No, sir General.
- Warm up the engines.
- Yes, General.
Greater Germany in mourning for Commander Eilers.
- Korrianke, go to the barracks.
- No, I'd rather stay here.
I'll just sit quietly in a corner.
- I won't even blink.
- Anything else?
- You're not going to say "Shut up".
- Shut up.
What does it say about Eilers?
I was just reading his last letter to me.
Was it our fault, Karl?
Were we negligent?
I told them not to send these
aircraft to the front!
It's as though I killed him.
You? That's crazy talk!
I need to know what happened.
Whether it was coincidence or intentional.
Come on, Karl.
- You? What do you think?
- I'll get the plans.
What happened to the Schmidt-Lausitz?
He never showed up.
What? He was so insistent.
Yes, I left Lttjohann waiting for him.
I'll make coffee.
Have Strickmann send a bottle of wine.
And I want a good one!
What are they doing with that MO-168?
Who could be flying today?
You are not flying that plane!
We have to learn what happened!
Perhaps, but you won't live to tell anyone.
Don't be ridiculous.
I've done things like
this all my life.
In your condition!
After two weeks with the Gestapo!
Come on, go get the plans.
Strickmann should send a bottle of wine to the chief.
The Lieutenant here wants to talk with General Harras.
Not right now.
- About work?
- Actually, no.
The general knows me.
Allow me to introduce myself: Lieutenant Hartmann,
...of the Eilers squadron.
Do you know something about his crash?
No, I wasn't there.
Just a moment. I'll notify the General.
Just a moment.
Take these!
I will not let you fly this plane.
And how do you intend
to do that, Engineer?
Then I'm going with you.
No parachute? Are you crazy?
You knew that the trim compensator does not work.
- How long?
- From the beginning.
- Design error?
- Design error.
- And you did not report it?
- Correct.
- So it was you?
- Yup.
I'll be in my office, at your disposal.
You see the boss?
I going to his personal plane in hangar 35.
Why won't you say something?
Hangar 35! Tell him that!
You keep watch...and you leave.
By order of the Fhrer, the State Security Service...
...assumes responsibility for the investigation
of all aircraft accidents, effective immediately.
The Reichsfhrer has placed me in charge personally.
Very well. At least I know the reason...
...for you not showing up at my house at 14:30.
Our conversation became irrelevant.
The Fhrer assumes direct command
of all the Armed Forces.
This restructuring of the armed forces...
...will automatically improve efficiency.
I doubt it.
You have become superflous.
"To err is human," said the cock
and killed the duck.
With regard to our conversation,...
...we must reach an agreement quickly.
I'll give you two hours.
At 18:00, bring me the culprit... matter if sabotage or negligence...
...or sign this statement...
resigning from your department.
The reasons why are identified.
Which is practically a confession.
That will allow you to declare me guilty...
...and rid yourself of an inconvenient Luftwaffe witness.
You know I do not like much your sense of humor.
Anything else to say?
And if I present you the culprit now?
You have suspects?
What would happen then?
In that case? It would completely end the situation.
Really? End it?
Well, I have to ask one thing.... suddenly, when pressured,... could produce in two hours...
...what you failed to do in two months.
Bravo! Exactly what I wanted to hear.
Thank you. I'm satisfied.
Right. Me too.
Tell me something, Schmidt-Lausitz.
You're not going to shoot me?
You are not an enemy.
Why would I dirty my hands?
I have everything I came for.
The car outside is waiting for me.
You have not had to give me anything.
Even so, if need be, I will do
anything to keep you from harm.
Same here.
But before I go, listen to me. I want tell you something.
- Thank you. But don't bother.
- Even so, you will hear me out.
It's high time for people like you to go!
It's time we rid ourselves of the dead weight
in anticipation of what awaits us:
The new order in Europe, the conquest of the East,
building a true "New World".
Thank you, I read the newspapers!
You and your stupid jokes! There is no place for
them or you in our Great Fatherland.
What did you say?
Fatherland? Was that it?
What does that mean to you?
Let's see.
V for ... Volksgericht
[People's Courts]
A - auffing [imprison],
T - todesurteil [death sentence],
E - executions, R - racial extermination,
L - lager [camp]
Auschwitz, Neuengamme, Dachau
...all concentration camps!
Here is today's Germany, your "Fatherland"!
Now get out of here. Out!
Are you mad?
The overnight train to Vienna, passing through Dresden,
with departure scheduled for 17:36
will leave immediately because air raid danger.
Passengers should board and close the doors.
I assume you need details to your report:
The gearbox connected to the trim wheel...
...turns very easily.
With too much grease, what happens
on most planes... that the trim wheel spins freely... a nosedive causing a crash. That's all.
Who else knows this?
Just me.
Who did you do this for?
For England? Russia?
For Germany.
For the Fatherland.
That's the excuse for everything now.
But why?
No interest in politics since 1933.
You had a Jewish wife?
Lost someone in a concentration camp?
What was the reason?
It was nothing personal.
One day, I began to be ashamed of being German...
...that "on behalf of the people",
and in my name...
...we do such injustice to other people.
- And so you decided.
- No, not yet..
I could not.
But it haunted me.
Until chance came to my aid:
A spinning wheel to be exact.
And you think with a wheel... can make things change?
You are among those who oiled the wheel.
I could only stop it. You greased it!
Others might think we should wait...
...until everything falls down of it's own accord.
But I could not do otherwise.
The evil of the world does not
come through what we do.
By being passive, we encourage evil.
We must put an end to this madness soon.
Why do I need to tell you all this?
- And your friend Eilers?
- Eilers.
You know that all pilots have order... bail out when they lose control of the plane.
We never lost a man before.
But for Stetten, that damn Stetten ...
I did everything to make sure
those planes were not to leave.
Those planes were not operational
and should have stayed that way.
But Eilers is dead.
Only I can blame myself for his death.
Not you!
His hesitation, his collaboration...
are responsible for the death of millions.
Why didn't you tell me all this before now?
I've tried but you wouldn't listen.
You rose so high that your
conscience was in the clouds.
I decided to keep quiet.
It was better that way.
Today, I finally said all I had to say.
To save my life!
And you answered me...
...with that pistol.
I wanted you to...?
What have we come to?
It wasn't meant for you.
For God's sake, Harras.
Sorry, if I ...
Forget it, Karl. You are right.
No one really knows me. Not even me.
I have a hundred different faces...
...but none my own.
Neither the enemy nor friend of anyone.
Between two chairs.
Stuck in the middle. The end.
Yes, Harras. This is the end!
The end of doubt, weakness, and cowardice!
The same thing that happened to me.
It's a new beginning!
Sounds pretty, Karl, the songs and poems.
We are not Goethe...Faust.
No! We are at an airfield.
And outside in the darkness...
...among the bats of the twentieth century... the bill collector.
It is time I pay my debts ...
... and for my sins.
Hartmann! Where did you come from?
The canteen, General.
I thought if I brought wine
they would let me see you.
They were right!
What happened to you?
Nothing serious.
I've been for a midnight swim in the Black Sea.
I remembered what you said.
I wanted to come back.
I probably won't be able to fly any more.
So I wanted to ask, General...
...if you could find me a job somewhere?
Something technical?
But really, I'd like to stay close to you.
Excuse me.
You do not have to cheer me up any more.
I know where I'm going now!
If I've talked nonsense...
...I'll thank you to give me a slap.
Well, Harman, I'm leaving...on a very long trip.
Think you can give him a job?
Come talk to me when you're healed.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, General.
It was good to see you.
If I ever fall into a Black Sea...
...I will think of you.
Do you have a watch?
Unfortunately no.
Filled with water, General.
It was a gift from Ptzchen.
It should be about six o'clock now.
Take this.
But do not lose it.
A souvenir.
Stay well!
Come on, Karl. A glass!
No one can say that I left a full bottle.
What will you do?
Korrianke is waiting in hangar 35.
Get your plane, fly to Switzerland.
She couldn't imagine it!
Whoever get's in the way of
the Devil's General on earth...
...should go to hell.
Slight wind Northwest.
Smells like seawater.
They are coming. Don't get caught!
Guards! Zernick!
Come here!
General, here!
The window?
Who was guarding the window?
You, sir!
Call the fire brigade!
An ambulance!
General Harras died in the line of duty.
Yes sir, a test flight.
What a pity...
State funeral.